The Masseuse


A Short Story by


Donna M.


Let’s get one thing straight before I start.  I’m a licensed masseuse in two states.  I don’t work in a ‘parlor,’ so I’m not one of those kinds of masseuses.  I’m good at what I do and have a steady clientele.  Every once in a while a man will ask for a happy ending.  I remain professional and remind him that massaging genitals is not part of my service.  One guy admitted afterward he was a cop and thanked me for both my service and professionalism.  I was pissed off, demanding to know if I’d been targeted.  He said no.  He admitted that he did want a massage but then decided to test me because he liked my looks.  I was still pissed at him when he left.

I take my job seriously.  It’s not about sex.  I never looked at any of my clients lewdly as they lay naked on my table.  Certainly I’ve admired a few for their physiques, though not individual body parts—even the man who had at least a fourteen inch penis.  He spent the whole session flaunting what he had.  I simply thought of him as a freak and left it at that.  He’s never been back so maybe he wasn’t happy with my massage.

Then I met Jude.

Let me tell you that Jude is a woman.  Her name is short for Judith (“Please don’t call me Judy”), which she told me she detested.  She was on-time for her first session, and we talked for a while as she undressed.  Jude had a body worth admiring.  She explained that she taught aerobics and yoga, and was working her way toward a black belt in karate.

“May I call you Lila,” she asked.  “After a few days of work and karate I need a massage,” she said with a tired sigh.

“What sent you to me?” I asked.  “Have you been seeing someone else?”

“Wow, that sounds like a man’s pickup line” she said, and then laughed.

I knew I was blushing; I felt the heat.  “Just a business question, that’s all,” I managed to blurt out.

“No harm, no foul.  Though you are pretty enough so that I’d let you pick me up if it was.”

I had no words for that.  She got up on my table, face down, as I oiled my hands and began the massage.  There was something weird going on inside me.  I may not be still blushing but I still felt the heat.  Was it her comment about letting me pick her up that did it?  As I kneaded tight muscles, moving toward her lower back, Jude moaned.  She had to be a lesbian based on the way she talked and looked at me, so I wondered if she’d surprise me by asking for her very own happy ending.  What would I do if she did?  You see, the ‘something weird’ was surely sexual.  Jude must be exuding some strong pheromones.  And maybe a not-so-subliminal musk scent as well.

Something definitely was happening to me.  I was wet as I pondered never having slept with a woman, nor ever having the urge to do so.  I tried to concentrate on my job but the closer I got to her buttocks the harder it became.  When I began working on her thigh muscles the proximity of her sex had me shaking.  It had to be pheromones.

“Are you okay?” she asked.  Before I could answer, and perhaps overcome enough not to be able to answer, she said, “Maybe I should turn over now?”  She turned onto her back without a sound emanating from my mouth.

I lost it.  I froze, not knowing where to start as I stared at her breasts and puckered, taut nipples.  “Jude, I’m sorry but I can’t do this.”

She said just above a whisper, “Sure you can.  Anything you do would be natural.  What if I tell you I wouldn’t get off this table without the rest of…the massage?”

“You’re doing something to me,” I muttered.

“I can see that, and I’m excited about it myself.  Somehow you’re doing something to me, as I am having that same effect on you.  Look,” she said, pointing to her vulva as she slowly eased her legs apart.  She was dribbling her arousal, the moisture glistening under my bright halogen lights.  “Please continue the massage,” she begged.  “I really need it.”

Her muscles were indeed knotted tight.  I wondered whether or not that was due to sexual tension instead of the usual kind.  I started at her neck but couldn’t ignore her fantastic breasts.  All my training to the contrary, that was where I concentrated my effort.  I used my trained hands to knead every inch of tissue, thinking only about her influence on me.  I understood pheromones in the animal world, but was that how she was driving me mad with arousal?  I didn’t realize I’d stopped at her nipples until she moaned.

“Don’t stop,” she begged.  But I did.

I tried like hell to remain professional and ignored her plea, moving my hands from her nipples and breasts and moving them downward.  As I worked toward her hips, another musky wave hit me and had me believing in human pheromones.  It was my turn to moan, and it wasn’t lost on her.  She whispered “Lower.”

She didn’t beg anymore though it took time, and tons of willpower, to keep me from going straight to the junction of her parted thighs.  By that time though, willpower was gone.  I massaged her inner thighs but kept my thumbs making rhythmic contact at her vulva.  I didn’t notice the signs until she groaned loudly and her hips bucked off my table.

“God, that was a good one,” she declared just as her hand darted out to touch my groin.  That’s when she asked me what I thought of Nuru.  “I hope you know what I’m talking about,” she said as she used her hand wedged between my thighs to pull me closer to the table.  We were kissing before I knew what was happening to me.  Her touch and now the kiss opened a floodgate.  My panties were soaked through, and she felt it.

Without a word she slipped off the table and undressed me.  Her musk or pheromones or whatever she was emitting had me helpless.  I let her undress me and get me onto my own massage table.  She massaged me now, mostly with her lips.  She sucked on my nipples, licked my navel, and eventually arrived at my clit.  That’s when she straddled my face and lay atop me in the opposite direction of my body.  Honest to God! Trickles of her juices rained on my face.  I opened my mouth and drank in the nectar as she began eating my pussy in earnest.  I’ve never been a quick cummer, but overpowered by her musk and her tongue I climaxed in seconds.

“Oh, Lila, you squirted!” Jude exclaimed.

I don’t think I ever squirted while having an orgasm before today.

While my spasms subsided I buried my tongue within her hot, wet folds.  “Yes, yes, yes…” she sang as I performed cunnilingus for the first time in my life.  I knew what I liked, after all, so that’s how I did it.  I was so overcome by her scent of arousal that I think I came again.  I wasn’t sure if I was concentrating on her enough but I needn’t worry.  It was her turn to climax.  After she stopped shaking and mewling, I turned myself around and lay next to her, facing each other.  Her hand moved to my vulva and bang, I came again, shaking the massage table like an earthquake would.

Jude read my mind.  “That was quite an earthquake we just had.”

I sighed and agreed that it was all good.

“I knew we had the right chemistry as soon as I entered your shop,” she said.  We’ll need to do this again.  After all, you massaged me expertly.”

The musk in the air was still strong.  I murmured, “Yes, make another appointment…and I’ll be ready.”

“I think I just creamed up thinking about it.”  And she meant it because the pheromones in the room exploded once more and made my knees weak.  She winked and said, “Or maybe you can make a house call?  I have Nuru oil and a space to use it.  What do you think?”

I told her I’d think about it but my pussy had already made up my mind for me.


She called me a week later and asked me if I’d decided.  After spending every night since the first session dreaming about her and masturbating plenty of times to the memory, I told her I was ready.  There was no reason to wait, I thought and so we set a time for later that evening.

As I drove up to the address she gave me I was surprised at the house’s size.  More like a mansion, I couldn’t imagine she lived there alone and so I grew nervous.  She answered the door in a dressing gown.  Her musk hit me as soon as the door was opened.  She welcomed me in, and probably seeing the nervousness on my face was quick to explain the house.  It became hers as part of the divorce settlement.  She knew it was too large for her and intended to sell it someday.

“But in the meantime, I enjoy it to the fullest.”

She poured me some Merlot from a crystal decanter before leading me up the impressive staircase.  I was already drunk by the time we got upstairs, not from the wine (which indeed was incredible and must have been an expensive vintage) but from her natural scent.  What she exuded didn’t come from a bottle.

When we got to the master bedroom, she unceremoniously dropped the dressing gown to the floor and invited me out of my clothes.  She helped.  I thought we’d lie on her bed, instead she led me to what proved to be the master bathroom to end all master baths.  The room was nearly half the size of my entire apartment.  One corner had a marvelous Jacuzzi-style tub with gold fittings while another corner was covered with a large mat like you’d find in a gym.

I asked, “Yoga in the bathroom?”

“Not exactly,” she answered as she pulled a large canister out from under the vanity sink.  “Nuru massage.”

She took me into her arms and we kissed long and deeply until we were both breathless.  She uncapped the canister and poured the super-slippery massage oil over the mat and over each of us as we fell to the mat’s surface.  This kind of massage hadn’t been part of my training but I knew what to do.  Jude lay on her back as a knelt astride and facing her, slowly sliding back and forth from her thighs to her chest.  When I slid back down I made sure I massaged her breasts along the way.  After several circuits I stopped when our pubic arches touched, grinding mine into hers until she gasped.

“Oh dear, Lila!  I’m cumming already!” she proclaimed as her hips shook and her body heaved.

I poured more oil on her and went back to work.  I got off my knees, stretched out and slid down until her gathered toes hit my vulva and it was my turn to gasp.  Now that she’d climaxed her musk was overpowering and unnatural.  That word bounced around my brain—unnatural.  What power did she have that eluded almost all women?  She insinuated a big toe between my swollen labia at the same time I inhaled a deep breath of her.

It was my turn.  “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!” I wailed in a seemingly never-ending orgasm.

While I was still cumming, Jude flipped me onto my back and she did the slip and slide massage.  Unlike what I did, she wasn’t as subtle.  Eventually she slid up and planted her lips on mine.  While we kissed her movements were restrained but no less sensual.  When she pulled her lips from mine she turned herself around and straddled me with her ass practically in my face.  She slid around in circles rubbing my tits into her vulva, and when I was hit with another whiff of her amazingly arousing musk I knew we were both going to orgasm again.

When she began to cum anew, she slid back and mounted my face while at the same time stretching out her body and reaching for my pussy.  One touch and I was over the edge, just in time to have her convulse around my tongue.

We rolled around and around on the oiled up mat until we each had two more orgasms.  After that we were in the Jacuzzi, and another great cum.  Before I dressed I offered to help her clean up but she said no.  Instead she commented on how big the house was and how much less lonely it would be if I moved in with her.  “We could do this all the time,” she cooed.

I told her I needed time to think about it, but then I got another strong whiff of her magical scent and I was captured.

I never went home that night.  By morning I was the one needing a massage of all my tired and aching muscles, tired from the marathon sex in her bed.  I moved in the following weekend.

Jude was now a non-paying client of my excellent services.




Donna M.


© 2014


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