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I didn’t realize he was in the shower until it was too late.  I walked into the guest bathroom to find him coming out of the shower stall and reaching for a towel.  With all modesty he immediately covered himself with the towel, but not before I got a good glimpse.  The man was sculpted!  Every muscle, every inch of skin was perfect.  His cock was a thick sausage, slightly engorged, probably from washing himself.  It was beautiful, and I grew flushed in its afterimage. 

Still dripping wet and uncomfortable in my presence, he said, “What’s up?”

“I’m sorry for barging in like this.  I was looking for my deodorant.  I think it’s in here.”

I grabbed it off the vanity and got out of there with another embarrassing apology.  As I finished dressing, I kept reliving the sight of him in my mind.  I grew aroused, he looked that good.  Evan was my brother Mike’s best friend.  Mike said he was “safe” so I let him crash at my place while he was passing through town.  I wished Mike had warned me how gorgeous the guy was, but why would he?

We did our own thing, Evan going out to do some sightseeing.  When he returned, I was back also, and making dinner.  I explained the chicken dish to him and he said it sounded “tasty.”

Over dinner, I asked as casually as I could if he had a steady girlfriend.  He told me no, and I left it at that.  My heart leapt a bit when he asked me if I was seeing anyone special.  My answer, sadly, was the same as his.  I asked him if he had any plans for the evening.  He mentioned a TV show he wanted to watch but that was it.  I said I liked the same show and that we could watch it together.  When he helped me clean off the dinner table, his proximity had its effect on me.

We cracked open beers and watched the show.  During commercials, we chatted about other shows we liked as well as movies and such.  No heavy subjects, just small talk.

Two more beers and another TV show later, he headed off to the guest bedroom while I undressed and hit the shower.  I never heard the bathroom door.  Suddenly the shower curtain was pulled aside and there he was in all his naked glory.  He didn’t say a word, just smiled.

 “What…?” I sputtered through the shower’s spray, momentarily dumbfounded by his presence.

“Can I join you?” he said, as matter-of-factly as could be.  When I didn’t answer, he added, “Come on, I saw your face when you burst in on me this morning.  I know what you want.”

Maybe he did.  He got into the shower stall behind me, picked up the soap and began washing me.  I didn’t protest; I was so damned aroused, and he noticed.  When it was my turn, I took the soap from his hand and washed his magnificent body, working my way to his splendid cock, which grew nicely erect at my touch.

I whispered, “Take me.”  He bent me forward and entered me from behind.  My God, I never had anyone that big before!  He really stretched me!  His hands were firm at my hips as he thrust away; his iron-like grip made all the sensations that much better.  The only thing missing was being able to watch his muscles ripple as he fucked me.

With a loud groan, he came with explosive force.  I felt every throb as he filled me.

He pulled me from the shower, both of us dripping wet, and laid me down on the bathroom floor.  He went down on me.  He was good; after the fucking it didn’t take me long to orgasm.  He said I tasted good.

He spent the night in my bed.  We made love again and again.  I never thought of myself as being good at fellatio, but I tried hard to please him, though his size made it as difficult as it was gratifying.  I swallowed.  He fucked me missionary the next time, and unlike the first time in the shower, I got to watch all his muscles flex.  He held my legs high, taking a slow and sensual pace.  Almost physically disconnected from the whole experience, I enjoyed watching him while he did me.   I watched his eyes flutter and roll back as he experienced my tightness.  I watched individual muscles clench and relax on each thrust.  I saw veins in his neck throb.  I scrunched forward and grabbed his ass.  Even the feel of his fantastic glutes contracting did something to me.  He grunted and came.  As he did, he lightly caressed the right spot and I came too with a delicious shiver and moan.

Even with his light snoring, there was something quite comforting in having a man sleeping next to me.

We were both still tired and maybe a little embarrassed when morning came.  I put on a robe when I got out of bed, but told him “Please don’t put anything on just yet.  I want to see you…have another lasting memory of you.”

He stood there, naked behind me as I made the coffee.  “Did you get everything you wanted?” he asked before kissing the nape of my exposed neck.

I turned to face him, and once more couldn’t help but look down as his fantastic cock.  “Maybe not,” I said.  I sank to my knees and took him into my mouth.  I tried, I really tried, but as he grew erect I couldn’t take him without gagging.

“That’s okay,” he said, helping me to my feet.  He pulled at my robe and let it fall.  “I don’t think I’ve had enough either.”

He turned me and bent me over the breakfast nook.  He was fast and ferocious and I loved it, even if his size stretched me to the limit.  He held me with his strong hands as he thrust in and out of me.

Evan sighed and muttered, “there’s something about you…I’m cumming already!”

I was filled once more.

As he drank coffee and had some toast before packing his things to leave, I showered, cleaning his latest creampie from me though not the memory of it.  “Maybe someday we’ll do it again,” he said before kissing me at my door.  “Say hi to Mike when you see him.”  My brother said he was safe, and I trusted Mike, not having used a condom at all during Evan’s stay.

Before he walked away, he said, “Tell Mike I think his little brother is some special dude.”

Yes, I felt very special.





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