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[Authorís update 2017: I've lost touch with her so if you know where she is now (she was working in Connecticut) please shoot me an e-mail, as I would love to reconnect with her]


Iím a ího.í

No, really I am.† If it sounds derogatory to you, be assured I donít feel that way.† Itís just who I am.† A whore is someone who rents her body for sex.† Iíd much rather be called a whore than a slut.† Sluts give their sex away for Ďloveí or whatever.† I demand more.† Itís my business, and Iím pretty good at it if you ask me.† I know how to use my body, and I make a good living.† Of course, if I didnít love sex, I couldnít do this.† Thankfully, I do love sex.†

Ever since I can remember Iíve been sexual.† When people say that prepubescent kids donít have sexual feelings and canít have orgasms, donít believe them.† Even before I went to school, I masturbated. My first experience with another girl was at seven, as our exploratory touching turned into much more, and I had my first ďBig One.Ē† Even while Iím Ďworkingí I masturbate at least twice a day.

As with my first sexual experience, I prefer being with a woman to being with a man.† Thatís my inclination, but I like men too.† So maybe I was predestined to work at something I enjoy.† Isnít that what most people strive for?

Like most of the girls in my profession, I donít intend to do this forever, yet I have no timeline.† If and when I get sick of it, Iíll do something else.† I donít do drugs.† Thatís the biggest downfall for a girl in this life.† Drugs are what turn girls like me into streetwalking scags.† When you need a fix of whatever your poison is, you arenít very selective of your clientele.† Then your livelihood, if not your life is at risk.

I am selective.† You wonít find me posting on every escort site on the web.† The photos I use show all sides of ďme,Ē like my innocent side or my seductive vamp side.† Different men want different things, and I try to be flexible in my role-playing to meet those needs, as long as theyíre reasonable.

Oh, there have been some unreasonable ones thrown my way, but I handle what I can with a dominatrix role.† Why a grown man wants to be pissed on is way beyond my comprehension.† Instead of getting buggered by a strap-on, why donít men seek out a t-girl?† I know several, and they would be willing to fill your asshole for your money. †Iím not complaining; Iíll take the money anyway.† And while on that subject, I donít do anal, and the reason is very simple and practical.† Iím petite, and I donít want to be hurt.† Thatís it.† I donít have any other qualms.† No pain and no scatological stuff, though other fetishes I can accommodate.

Donít get me wrong, most of my clients are good guys.† For the most part theyíre married men who donít get it from their wives, though I do see a number of single customers.† Many of my customers are repeats too, so I must be doing something right.

With me being petite, a few are getting off on a pedo vibe; they can fantasize Iím the teenage girl they couldnít get to first base with when they were that age.† With me, they can dream they hit the home run.†† And yes, Iím a Grand Slam!† Others get off on my dominatrix persona.† The incongruity of being humiliated and dominated by an innocent-looking, petite girl instead of some big, dyke-a-like really does it for them.

I pride myself on my oral skills.† My throat does a good job!† A man must be covered though; so no, youíre not going to cum in my mouth.†

Iím not like most of the escorts youíll hook up with.† If you know what youíre doing, and Iím in the right mood, Iíll cum.† And when I cum, youíll know it isnít faked!† After all, I need to cum; itís in my DNA.

Please donít insult me by trying for a Ďspecial.í† You donít negotiate with your dentist, do you?† Thatís one of the reason I prefer older men.† They understand that Iím a professional, and pay me what Iím worth.

I get great reviews, so that makes me proud of my service.† Here are a few:


Saw Alana's ad, checked out her TER reviews and decided to try. I am the happiest man in the world for trying this one out! If I lived in Boston I think I'd end up broke as I'd see her every chance I could get. I've used the phrase "all time favorite" very rarely but she definitely takes the spot as of last night. This girl is worth every minute of your time!


Absolutely gorgeous absolutely real ABSOLUTELY worth it!


I saw Alana for the fourth time, and I'll see her for a fifth and a sixth and...
This girl is a very special provider. She's the most real escort out there. By that, I mean she is genuine, down to earth and open, and her personality is reflected in her exemplary service. A living doll, through-and-through...


I texted her when I got to the hotel and she replied with the room number and that the door would be ajar. When I entered the room I held my breath, since I saw a girl before me who HAD to be underage.† She assured me she was old enough, so we got comfortable. What an unbelievable experience! Her oral skills are unmatched!...


Found Miss Alana on a local site. A young looking provider (girl next door) providing S&M. She also sounded very intelligent on phone. Easy to set up an appointment, located in a discrete suburban hotel, easy to find. Called from lobby and she gave me the room number and I went right up. Met by a small thin cute looking provider in street clothes. Very relaxed and friendly. If you are seeking a 'girl next door' look coupled with a dominant no-nonsense yet sensual attitude Miss Alana is a great find


Her photos are amazing, yet the real thing is even better! From the butterfly tattoo to the perfect little ass, Alana is a prize, like another reviewer wrote, a living dollÖ


Sure, I worry about the law, but Iím not stupid.† My biggest worry is getting pregnant.† Iím VERY careful with condom selection, and no fucking way would I ever let the customer use his own.† Iím more fearful of getting pregnant than getting an STD.† I donít want to bring a kid into THIS screwed-up world.

Please donít try to analyze me, though.† Sure, my family has been a little dysfunctional, but so arenít most families from what Iíve seen.† In their own way, my family knows what Iím doing even though they may not admit it to themselves.† Itís like the dirty little secret.

Like most in the business, I have a few variations on my professional name.† One of my on-line monikers has ďVegasĒ in it.† The name was given to me by a customer for some strange reason I never figured out.† I felt if I had the name I might as well use it for a while.† Most of the time I go by Alana.† If youíre in the Boston area and look for me, sooner or later youíll locate my web presence.

Iím telling all this to Donna over a frappuccino at a shop on the North Shore.† How we met is probably too bizarre to explain, and although I know she is writing this down for posting on her erotic story site, Iíll leave it up to her if she wants to tell that part of my life.† [Authorís note: Iím not]

I look at it as good advertising.

By the way, Donna is quite the writer.† I love her stories, and most have gotten me off.† [Authorís note: I wasnít going to leave this part in, but she insistedómy Ďgood advertisingí]

If youíre in the Boston area and youíre a nice guy, Iíll give you the service you deserve.† Like I said, Iím good at what I do.† Iíll leave you smiling, and I bet youíll see me again and again.


[Authorís note: She is real.† I know her.† She used the moniker missalanavegas, among others. This is not fiction]


Donna M.


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