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“This is great!” Eric shouted as he pulled a beer from my fridge.

“You’re not gonna get drunk here!” I said to him.  “Old Billy next door was good enough to buy a case for me, knowing my folks would be gone for the weekend, but there’s no saying he’d do it again.”

“Don’t be a wuss.  There’s enough here, we won’t make a mess, and whatever happens we’ll get it all cleaned up before your parents get back from their weekend getaway.”

“Yeah, don’t worry Davey,” my other friend Jack said.  “Now all we need are girls.”

“Fat chance of that happening,” I muttered.  The three of us were fifteen, and I was still shocked my mom and dad let me stay home alone while they went away for the weekend.  It was some kind of second honeymoon for them, though the thought of them having sex turned my stomach for some reason.  Eric and Jack weren’t supposed to be here but who would know?

Eric said, “For a dickhead, you sure were cool enough getting your neighbor to buy beer.”

I was pretty proud of that.

We had bathing suits on and were hanging by the pool, drinking beer after beer.  I was already feeling it after a couple, and my buddies were slurring a few syllables themselves when we heard the giggling.

“Who’s that?” Jack asked.

“Oh, it’s probably Tina and one of her stupid friends spying on us through the fence.”

“Davey boy, you mean there’re girls over there?” Eric said.

“Don’t get a stiff dick.  Tina’s like ten or something.”

We heard more giggling.  Jack got up and walked toward the sounds.  “You girls want a beer?”

A voice said “You’re teasing, you won’t give us any, I know.”

Jack looked back at Eric and me as if to ask for our permission, but he didn’t wait for it.  “Come on over.  We’ve got plenty, and we’d never tease.”

We weren’t sure what was happening until the gate opened and they entered the poolside patio.  Tina had on a denim skirt and a camisole top.  Julie was dressed similarly, though her denim was a pair of short-shorts.  Both had long blond hair, and both had tiny bumps showing on their chests, though not enough to for them to be called boobs.  I pulled out two more beers and offered, “Here you go,” handing each of them a can, adding “You have had a beer before, right?”

Tina was quick to say, “Of course,” but we doubted it.

Us three guys felt real cool having beers with two girls, even if they were way younger.  I guessed that Tina and Julie felt cool hanging with three older boys, even if we didn’t think of ourselves as particularly being that cool.  Must be the beer.  I was taking it easy on the brewskis, but Eric and Jack were guzzling, and the girls were trying to keep up with them.  It didn’t take long for Tina and Julie to get drunk.  They slurred their words so badly I could barely understand them.

Tina said, “You guys rrrrrrr lucky you ave bading sooooots on to go zwimmin in da pooooool.”

Okay, I got that.

Jack said, his level of inebriation matched by the boner that was evident in his shorts, “You can like go swimming in your panties.  No one will see.”

Julie giggled and said “But zoo guys’ll thee.”

And that was, after all, the idea.

We coaxed Tina out of her skirt and Julie out of her shorts and top.  All three of us had boners then, but the drunk, giggling girls didn’t have a clue.  Tina’s panties were bikini-cut pink, while Julie’s were blue and were more like a thong.  Before we jumped into the pool, I began to worry that they might drown they were so drunk.  In the cold pool water, Julie’s nipples puckered and stiffened, and I couldn’t take my eyes off the little buds.  I’ve seen women’s tits on the web, yet this first time seeing the real thing, even if they’d barely begun to grow, was amazing.  I wanted to touch them.  I resisted the urge.  For now.

The water shocked them a little toward sober, but not much.  They still giggled like crazy as Jack, Eric and I swam around them and gawked.  Eric must have brushed against Tina (surely on purpose) since the tone of her giggling went up an octave and she said, “You have a stiffy, I feeled it.”

Julie was all ears as she first looked underwater at the front of Jack’s swim shorts and then at mine.  “Ooooo!  Davey!  Can I touch it?  Yours looks bigger.”

I was embarrassed but I got over it fast and nodded my head.  Giggling louder, Julie first touched my erection on the outside before sliding her hand under my waistband and palming me.  “It feels so cool!” she proclaimed.  “And it’s hard!”

It sure was.

That’s when I couldn’t resist the urge any longer and touched her little tits.

“Hey!” she said, and pulled away.

Before I could say anything, Tina laughed and said, “You touched him so he can touch you!”

Julie must have thought her friend was right, since she waded up to me and practically put her chest into mine.

Tina took that moment to say, “I want another…beer,” interspersed with a hiccup and a belch.  That got all five of us laughing hysterically.  We climbed from the pool; boys checking out girls’ wet and clinging panties, and girls checking out boys’ bulges.  Cans of beer were passed around and the two girls didn’t hesitate to guzzle theirs down.

Julie was the first to put into words what we were all thinking, though slightly slurred.  “Can I see them?”

Jack was first and I was last in removing our shorts.  Tina gasped when she saw our erect dicks.  “Your weenies are much bigger dan my lil brudder’s!”  Oh God, she was definitely one beer away from passing out.

Julie was looking at mine when she said, “Davey’s…the biggest…way bigger.” I’d seen the guys’ dicks in the gym locker room, but I never thought to compare sizes.  I looked.  Julie was right.  I was proud.

I said, “And now you have to take everything off too.”

Tina looked around first and then staggered out of her panties before peeling off her wet cami top.  She was basically flat-chested though her nipples looked like they were starting to push out a little.  However, it was her crotch that I stared at, until I realized Julie had removed her thong panties too.  Tina’s was little-girl bald, but Julie had some not-quite-blond, light brown fuzz down there.  I didn’t know which one I preferred, though I wanted to touch both of them in a bad way.

Besides the mere fact of getting in trouble, I was glad no one could see us, thinking of the sight—five naked virgins with beer cans, and all afraid to make the first move.  The girls were staring at our precum-leaking hard-ons while we stared at their budding, mysterious body parts.

I’d had the same amount of beer as Eric and Jack, yet they seemed drunker than me.  I guess I better take charge.  “Hey, why don’t we all go inside and get another beer?”  I had to help both tottering girls inside, and don’t you think having a naked girl on each arm didn’t just about make me shoot my load!  My friends were blitzed but they managed to wobble inside too.

We managed to dig five beer cans out of the fridge.  Falling to various places around the living room, we drank.  I still couldn’t believe we were all naked, and that Tina was practically in my lap.  She looked into my eyes between swigs of beer, and then touched my rock hard cock like she was assessing its heat and texture.  I didn’t say anything; I simply slid my hand between her thighs and touched her.

“Davey, do you, like, have a girlfriend?” Tina asked.

How much younger is this girl than me?  “Not at the moment.  Finish your beer.”

She guzzled the rest, belched and then slurred “Can I be yur girlfriend?”

“You have to kiss me first.”

“I never kissed a boy before.”

It’s not like I was a fountain of kissing experience, but I said anyway, “I guess it’s time to learn.”

She was so drunk that our kissing was too sloppy to be romantic, though my wilting erection sprang back to aching life again.

“That wuzzz cool,” she announced.  “Are we gonna have sex?”

Oh God!  She just asked the question I refused to think about.  “W……w…what do you know about sex?”  Probably as much as I do, I glumly thought.

She hiccupped then said “I saw my brother do it wid his girlfriend.”

“Where?” I asked incredulously.

“In my house when mum and dad were gone out.”

Her brother was seventeen. He was a big jock in our school.  “You saw them fucking?  For real?”

She giggled uncontrollably.  “You said ‘fucking!’ that’s like sex isn’t it?”  She suddenly looked like she was going to be sick.  “I’m drunk,” she declared.  Please God, don’t let her puke all over the furniture, I silently prayed.

We looked over at our friends to find Jack had dozed off, and Julie looked out of it too.  Eric was almost there, but he still was managing to assault oblivious Julie’s vagina with a finger.  He had semen all over his belly and crotch so I assumed he masturbated or that Julie had done it for him.  When Tina looked back at me, the look was priceless.  I know I keep repeating that I didn’t have experience, but I intuitively knew her gaze was one of arousal.  The way her lips went for mine I knew I was correct.

 “I like kissing,” she said after we stopped.  “I like that too,” she added as she palmed my excruciatingly rigid cock.  “I’m your girlfriend,” she declared with a head nod.

She ran her palm over my length a couple of times.  I felt the inevitable happening.  “Oh, Tina, I’m gonna cum!” I groaned before spraying several shots of semen all over the both of us.  Some coated her face and hair while one shot hit her square on her little titties.

Tina squealed in high-pitched laughter, “Hee-hee-hee-hee…” as she started rubbing her fingers through the cum on her chest.

“Let me do that,” I said, and began my own rubbing of her nascent breasts.

She moaned around saying, “That’s what makes babies!”

“I guess you do know about sex,” I said, realizing too late how lame that sounded.  Good thing she was too drunk to care.  I enjoyed rubbing her tits.  Though she looked flat, there were bumps there, and I felt every glorious ounce of them.  My semen-coated fingers worked their way down her tummy and to her cunt.  This would be my first touch “down there.”  What surprised me more than anything was how slippery it was.  It felt slick like my precum, and so I figured it was part of her arousal like my re-growing erection was part of mine.  I worked my finger between her folds and into her vagina.  It felt so hot in there.

Her eyes refocused long enough to catch mine, while hoarsely saying “You’re not suppose to be doin’ that…but I like it.”

I went deeper until I hit something.  Guys always talked about a girl’s “cherry.”  I knew from Sex-Ed that it was really called a hymen.  Was this flap of skin my fingertip was touching really that?  It did seem to be blocking the way.  I stopped pushing my finger, not wanting to hurt her, and kept rubbing it more toward the outside of her.  Tina was murmuring things I couldn’t understand; however occasionally she opened her mouth like an “O” and whimpered that it felt “good.”  I’m a smart guy, so it didn’t take long for me to learn where all the “good” places to touch were.

Suddenly, Julie cried out in startled pain.  I looked to see that Eric had tried to stick his dick into her, and now it had blood on it.  “You dumbass!” I yelled.  “What did you think you were doing?  She was passed-out drunk, so you figured you’d rape her?”

“It’s not rape.  I mean, like, they came over here looking for sex.”

“How do you know, dipshit?  They came over here to have beer and feel cool, that’s all.”

Julie was discombobulated, still drunk and not knowing exactly what happened.  She blinked back tears and looked to Tina for an explanation.  I whispered to Tina, “Go to her.  Tell her everything’s fine.  Have her come sit next to us.”  Tina did just that.  Julie moved to join me and Tina on the sofa while I gave Eric what I hoped was an evil-eye stare.  He left the room with a scowl on his face, probably getting another beer.  Jack was still passed out, snoring loudly.  I asked Julie if she was okay.  She answered “Sure,” still not figuring out what happened to make her uncomfortable.

Tina was still looking at me with a starry eyed look.  “Davey is my boyfriend now,” she said, most likely for Julie’s sake.  Julie seemed to think that was cool, so then I had two naked girls hugging me close, one on each side, and my erection was back.

“How about we go back to the pool?” I said.  Both girls giggled.

“Will anyone see us…we’re naked!” Tina exclaimed.  Julie giggled some more.

“No one will see us, unless they peek through the fence like you two did.”

Maybe it was the thrill—like a dare—but Tina seemed to brighten at the thought, and pulled me along outside while Julie followed us.  Tina giggled, and pointing to my erect cock said, “Davey has a stiffy again!”

“Yeah, and if you keep laughing I’m going to use it, and have sex with you,” I said, only half in jest.  Tina’s expression was amazing, like she actually was thinking about it.  What was I going to do, having her right here, naked, her little bare pussy ‘staring’ back at me?  Daring me. 

“Can we have more beer,” Julie asked, and I said yes.  The cooler still had a few cans in it, so Julie and Tina each took one.  I didn’t.  I didn’t want to get so drunk I’d do something stupid like Eric did.  Or was that exactly what I wanted to do?  They both took long swallows before we jumped into the swimming pool.  After we swam around a while both girls climbed up on the pool rim and sat down next to each other, with their feet dangling in the water.  I stayed in the pool and waded up to where they sat.  I grabbed one of Tina’s feet and began kissing it for some reason, though my eyes were focused somewhere else.  She raised her legs so they were on either side of me, and I had a clear, close-up look at her pussy.  The folds of skin were a little apart now, and the dark cleft that led to her vagina was the mother of all mysteries.  I was drawn to it, and before I knew it I was kissing something besides her foot.

“Mmmmmmm…that tickles…” she said, but she wasn’t acting like she was being tickled.  She liked it!  I kept licking her as if I were licking an ice cream cone.  She sort of let her head fall back as she slid her butt a little closer to the pool’s edge—and my mouth.

I snuck a look at Julie and found her staring in wonder at her friend’s pussy and what I was doing to it.  “Can you do that to me too?” she asked, her breathing strained.  This must be something girls like a lot, I guessed, though I liked it so much my stiff cock ached underwater.  I moved over from Tina and did the same to Julie.  She tasted different, and that made me wonder if all girls had their own taste.

“Ohhh yessssssss,” Julie hissed between clenched teeth as I licked her. 

Besides taste, Julie’s opening had different folds of skin than Tina.  Also, near the top of her opening she had a little round bump of skin that seemed to physically respond to my licking tongue.  Julie’s response was magnified when I slid my tongue against it, so I kept doing it there.  And Julie’s noises grew louder as I did so.

All of a sudden Julie went rigid and her body trembled.  I thought I’d hurt her, but one look at her face told me it was just the opposite.  Her voice told me too.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” she moaned, loud enough that Eric and Jack came out of the house to see what was going on.

It was so obvious that they’d jerked off, with cum still dribbling on the end of their dicks.  For a second I pictured them doing it to each other, but I quickly banished that thought from my mind. They may have just come, but the sight of the naked girls got them to stiffen once more.

Jack had gotten a sampling of Julie’s vagina (and had probably taken her virginity without even knowing it) and now wanted more, sitting next to her and putting his arm around her.  She pushed him away.  No ‘taste’ for Jack; I’d had the real, literal taste, which still lingered on my tongue.

“I don’t like you,” Julie said.  “I like Davey.  He’s sweet.”

Tina said, “Davey’s my boyfriend, you know.”

Both Eric and Jack scowled at that before jumping into the pool.  I was outnumbered as they managed to pull Tina and Julie in.  “Stop it!” I hollered as I turned to confront my friends.  I suppose it’s hard to talk sense to males with erections, but I tried.  However, it was the girls incessant cries to leave them alone which finally began to break through their beer-induced haze.  “Get dressed and go home, guys.  No sex today,” I hollered.

Eric said, “You just want them for yourself.  We saw you.”

“I said…NO SEX TODAY!”  It took more coaxing than that, but eventually I got Jack and Eric out of the pool and leaving my house.  Tina and Julie thanked me.  Then they wanted another beer.  “”Maybe you’ve had enough.  I can’t carry you home.”

Julie said “Awe, one more will be okay.”

Tina said “Did you mean it…no sex today?”

Kind of difficult saying I meant it with an aching erection and unmet needs.  “It’s not a good idea.  You’re too young, I think, and besides we don’t have any condoms.”

Tina looked positively devastated, and I thought about how I’d get a condom, pretty sure there’d be a next time for us to be together like this.  We climbed out of the pool and fetched beers from the cooler.  After taking a pull from her can, Julie said, “I liked what you did before.  Can we do it again?”

We went into the house and proceeded to the living room, where I sat the two girls next to each other on the sofa.  I got between Tina’s legs and began licking her pussy like I had in the pool.  My stiff cock ached so much I desperately wanted to put it where my tongue was.  Tina had finished the latest beer and was pretty drunk, but not drunk enough, I guessed, to fail to enjoy what I was doing to her.  Julie begged for her turn, but I didn’t want to leave the sweetness of Tina’s beautiful pussy, so I reached over and put my finger in Julie while I licked Tina.  Tina’s opening grew tremendously wet, and it wasn’t from my saliva.  She began moaning loudly at the same time Julie’s fingers joined mine, mutually rubbing her ever faster.

Before I knew what was happening I had two writhing and moaning girls wetting the sofa.  They made so much noise I knew I’d pleased them.

When I stood up, they both focused their gaze (as best they could being drunk) on my erection.  Tina said, barely above a whisper, “Julie, I think we need to make Davey feel good too.”

How they knew what to do at their age was beyond me, but they took turns putting my cock in their mouths and sucking on it.  Within minutes I unloaded several cum shots all over their pretty faces as they smiled in triumph.

“Wow, Davey, that was a lot!” Julie said.

“Why not?  I’ve been building it up all day looking at two beautiful, naked girls.”

“You really think we’re beautiful?” Tina said.

I leaned over and whispered in Tina’s ear, “Especially you.”

Both girls fell asleep (or was it ‘passed out’) on the sofa.  I put my shorts back on and went about the house and patio picking up.  I gathered their clothes and laid everything out on a chair so they could get dressed when they awoke.  I lifted each of the girl’s panties in turn, holding them up before sniffing the aroma, an aroma so new to me, so wondrous.   Like a drug addict, I needed another fix.  I spread Tina’s thighs and got between them again.  I licked her pussy, pushing my tongue as deep as I could inside her.  I savored the taste, and knew I wanted to make this girl my first.  Today, beer-fueled, she may have let me.  What about when sober?  I was determined to try.

As I used my tongue, she groaned and moved her hips; even when out, her body still responded.  Needless to say I was hard again.  I dropped my shorts, went to sit in a chair, and looking at the naked girls side-by-side with their legs apart began to rub myself.  It didn’t take long for me to cum.

I let them sleep it off and after a while they both came-to, disoriented but otherwise not distressed at being naked.  “Are you both okay?” I asked.  “Maybe it would be a good idea to take a shower before you guys went home.  You don’t want to smell like beer, right?”

Tina said that was a good idea, and then she wanted to know if I would shower with them.  Julie giggled, and I thought it was a great idea, so that’s what we did.  The girls took turns washing me, mostly my cock, which grew stiff again of course.  My concentration was on their chests, studying the nuances of their beginning-to-bud breasts.  I don’t know how much cleaner we got but it sure was fun.

We got dressed.  Before leaving, Julie told me how much she liked me.  Tina kissed me, and then said, “I meant what I said before.  Will you be my boyfriend?”

She was so cute for a younger girl, and I could not forget how sweet she tasted—the promise of virgin sex for both of us.  “Yes, I’ll be your boyfriend.”  Another kiss from Tina and they were gone.

Everything that happened today weighed heavily on me.  Would Jack and Eric stay mad at me?  Would the girls change their attitude and rat us out?  Would my parents find out about the beer?  These were the kinds of things that troubled me.  I was so distracted by these thoughts, that I almost didn’t hear the doorbell.

“Are you alone?” Tina asked as I let her in.


“Look what I have,” she said, cupping the secret object in her hand.

It was a condom.  “Where did you get it?”

“I stole it from my big brother’s stuff.  He won’t miss it.”  I didn’t move, so she asked “Are we gonna do it?”

My girlfriend!

We walked to my bedroom, where she immediately began undressing.  I was more nervous now than earlier, but I got undressed too.  When she laid on the bed, she asked me to eat her pussy again.  I got between her spread legs and started licking like I had earlier.  So far it looked like it hadn’t been the beer’s doing, and this would be a further test.  I licked and nibbled.  It took a while longer than it had on the sofa earlier, but eventually she was wet, moaning and trembling all over.  Oh yeah, I was rock-solid-hard.

After declaring that she felt good, she tore open the wrapper and unrolled the condom onto me like she’d done it forever.  I wondered about that but didn’t ask.

Right there on my bed, in my house, I had real sex for the first time.  She spread her legs and I climbed on top of her.  When I started to push it in, she gasped, so I asked if she wanted me to stop.  She said no, so I went in some more.  I was expecting her to maybe bleed like Julia had, but she didn’t, though there was a moment when she gasped again.  Before I knew it I was inside her.  This feeling wasn’t anything like jerking off.  Her vagina was slippery and warm, and while I tentatively began going in and out of her, Tina’s eyes were meeting mine, reflecting the intimacy of this special moment.

“Does it feel good?” she whispered.

“You feel as beautiful as you look,” I said, wondering where that line came from.

I couldn’t help myself; I began moving my hips faster and faster.  Tina rolled her eyes back, and that let me know she was feeling good too.  She was moaning softly, and besides the sight and feel of her, the noises she made drove me over the edge.  I was cumming.


Her eyes flew open, and she groaned “Oh Daveyyyyyyyy…you’re—”  Yes I was, her tight and warm and wet vagina making me squirt so many times I couldn’t count them.

I rolled off her and she snuggled against me.  “Now I’m really your girlfriend,” she declared as she pulled the condom from my wilting cock.  She held it up close to her face and studied the amount of semen that was inside.  It looked like a lot to me.  “That was so cool.  It wasn’t anything like I expected,” she said, her face all scrunched up like she was thinking hard.  “I think I liked it better when you used your tongue on me before,” but when she saw my disappointment, she quickly added “but it’s not your fault, Davey.  Maybe we both need to…practice…I guess.  Maybe if we do it again I’ll know what to expect and like it more.  Can we do it again?”

My spent dick and no more condoms put an end to that thought.

We kissed for a while and touched each other before we got dressed and she went home.  My first sex!  The rest of the day and night every time I thought of Tina, remembered how she looked naked, and reminisced the feeling of tasting her and sliding into her, I got hard.  I jerked off so many times during the night my dick was sore the next day.

I called Tina early the next day, afraid that she’d changed her mind about me, or worse, that she told somebody.  Instead she seemed so upbeat and happy, and talked about things we could do together.  I wanted her so badly even as I pondered our age difference and the improbability of us being boyfriend and girlfriend.  Thoughts of sex banished all other concerns from my mind.  We got together and walked to a local store where I got up the nerve to go in and buy a box of condoms.  Thankfully Tina agreed to wait outside, since her presence in the check-out line would have caused a whole bunch of questions to be asked.

We went back to her house.  She snuck inside and got an old musty blanket and a couple of Cokes.  We walked a few blocks and entered the neighboring woods via a popular path.  When in the woods, we left the well travelled path and climbed a hillock through the trees to a small clearing that no one could see unless they stumbled over it.  I knew about the spot because my friends and I used it a few times to ogle some old men’s magazines one of the guys pilfered from his father.  Tina got a kick out of that story.

“Did you guys, like jerk off?”

“Hell no,” I said, “That would have been kinda gay, I think.”

She laughed and said she would have liked to watch if we had.  That surprised the shit out of me.  We’d spread out the blanket and sat down with our Cokes.  Tina was still interested in what I told her.  “Boys really do that, huh, like look at naked pictures of women, and like jerk off?”

I laughed, “But now there’s the internet.”

“Do you still do that, look at pictures I mean?”

I sensed a trap, and told her I didn’t.

“All those girls have big boobs and nice bodies, but I don’t; I’m just a skinny girl.  Do you like me instead of those girls on the internet or in the magazines?”

I looked at her, with those big, pretty eyes looking back at me, and said “I like you a lot better.”

She jumped me and kissed me.  While we kissed, we clumsily undressed each other.  Soon, still kissing, she was rubbing my stiff dick while I was fondling her nipples.  When I picked up a condom wrapper, she stopped me and said she wanted me to lick her first.  She spread her legs wide and I settled between them for my feast.  I felt a little bolder and wasn’t so tentative anymore.  I licked and nibbled all around her pussy, sliding my tongue into her and getting a taste of her juicy vagina in return.  She gave me hints on where to lick her.  I’m a good listener.

She began moaning louder and louder.  I whispered “Shhhhhhhhhhhh,” not knowing who might be in the woods and hear her.

She put her hand at her mouth to otherwise stifle the sounds she knew she couldn’t stop making.

When she had her orgasm her hips bucked so much my jaw got twisted up and hurt a little.  She was like kicking and twitching, all the while trying not to let sounds escape her open mouth.  This orgasm must be a good one.  After about a half a minute she said, “Hurry,” and ripped open the condom wrapper and unrolled it onto me.  She pushed me onto my back and got on top of me.  She got me sliding into her in a well-oiled flash, and started slamming her pelvis against mine.  She was fucking me!

I’d seen porn videos of girls riding guys “cowgirl” but having it done to me was beyond amazing.  Her hurry must have meant she was real horny and needed it, like sometimes when my erection ached so badly I had to jerk off.  I never considered that girls can be like that too.  It was fun watching her bounce upon me, her eyes closed and her tongue sort of lolling at the corner of her mouth.  My cock was having fun too.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh…” she moaned, and so I pulled her down on top of me, mostly worried that she’d make too much noise, though I was also about to cum along with her.  I stifled my own moan just as she was stifling hers.

Lying on the blanket afterwards, she said “Isn’t sex great!  I’m so happy you’re my boyfriend and making me feel so good.”

It wasn’t just ‘great,’ it was surreal, losing my virginity and having sex with, not a teenager but a girl around five years younger than me.  I told her how special it was, and I meant it.

The funny thing about our ‘picnic’ in the woods that day was after we dressed, we stayed on the blanket and talked for the longest time.  Our age difference melted away as the sun moved across the sky.  We failed to realize how long we were there until she giggled and said she had to get home, looking at her watch to see how late it was.  As we walked out of the woods, I ruminated on how I thought of Tina.  I was now seeing her as a person and not just for sex.  I thought about the kidding I would get for having a girlfriend her age.  I thought about how difficult it might be to patch things up with Eric and Jack.  Yet with all these worries, I thanked God for having this girl peek through my fence, and liking beer.

Davey and Tina—it had a nice ring to it.  And we still had a box of condoms to use!


The End



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