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When my sister had her breakdown, there wasn’t anything else we could do but take my niece in to live with us.  Ten- year-old Jessica had her share of emotional scars but basically was a good girl.  Besides, without children of our own, when she called me “Auntie” it sounded an awful lot like “Mom” to my ears.

Since it was summer and still several weeks away from school, I took a leave of absence from my job to stay home with Jessica while my husband, Mark, worked his usual long hours.  My first challenge was to get the girl to eat.  I wasn’t sure if her food fussiness was new or long-standing.  No bullying, yet no caving in either.  Jessica was thin and needed good food to thrive.  After a couple of weeks, we decided she still wasn’t ready to visit her mother, and she didn’t push for it anyway.  I was pretty happy that she began to smile more often, even laughing at some of Mark’s lame jokes.

One morning after Mark went to work, I noticed Jessica, still in her pajamas, absently rubbing her chest with one hand while the other was nestled in her crotch.  Since I’d been very sexually inquisitive at her age, I understood the need for a young girl to explore her body.  However, my first foray into masturbation came when I was older than ten, well after puberty, pubic hair, and growing breasts.  Jess certainly wasn’t there yet, or was she?  I left her alone, paying no more attention to her touching herself that day.

Three days later, again after Mark had left for work, Jess and I were in the kitchen when I decided a treat was in order.

“Jess, honey, instead of cereal, how would you like waffles for breakfast this morning?”

“Wow, I like waffles!  Do you have one of those waffle thingys?

“I not only have a ‘thingy’—called a waffle iron, by the way—but I have some whipped cream and strawberries too.  That’s what I put on waffles.”

Her eyes lit up.  “Sounds good!” she said.

I got out my supplies and a mixing bowl and went to work on the batter while she watched in fascination.  “Would you like to help?” I asked.

“You’ll let me?” was her answer.

“Why not?  Always good to learn new stuff.”  I didn’t think anything of what I was wearing.  I usually slept in nothing but one of my husband’s old t-shirts, and that’s all I had on that morning.  To me, this was my pajamas.

When I got out the step-stool and climbed up to get the waffle maker, Jessica tittered and then said, “Auntie, you don’t have panties on!”

Just as how silly we are to look back at the sidewalk for what may have tripped us, I looked down at my tush, exposed because the t-shirt rode up as I reached and stayed there.  I knew I hadn’t worn panties but I had to look anyway, like at the imaginary sidewalk crack.  I pulled down the shirt and smoothed it out as I descended the stool with waffle iron in hand.  “That’s right.  I never wear panties or a bra while I sleep; only shirts like this.”

“Can I?” she asked.

“Well, I don’t see why not.  But you’ll still have to wear something,” I said, plucking at my t-shirt-nightgown for emphasis, “since you can’t walk around naked in front of Uncle Mark.”

She laughed at that, before saying “I wish I could be naked all the time.  I like it.”

“You do, huh?  Why is that?”

“I guess, like, it just feels good not to have clothes on, now that I’m…”  She didn’t finish her sentence.

“I know; changes.  You must be hitting puberty.”

“My mom explained things like that to me, like having a period…and growing boobs, though she didn’t like talking about it.”

“She probably couldn’t handle the thought of her little girl growing up.”  I asked, “Have you had your first period yet?”

“Not yet,” she said, “but I think my boobs are growing.  Wanna see?”  She didn’t wait for a reply, pulling up her pajama top to show me her chest.

Except for a cute puffiness around the nipples I didn’t see much growth.  I said “You want people to look at you, that’s why you want to go naked, right?”

With her top still up, she blushed and said, “Yeah, I guess so.”

“And I bet you know a few boys at school you’d like to have looking at you.”

She blushed again as she slowly let her top fall back down.  “Some girls,” she said.

I thought, holy shit, a budding lesbian, even before puberty.  “Ah, you like girls instead of boys.  Is that why you want me to look at you?”

Her blush grew ever deeper.  “Maybe.”

“You know, I think going naked is a cool thing myself,” I said.  “Let’s do it!”  No one could see in any of our windows during the day and so, on a whim I pulled my t-shirt sleeper off over my head and tossed it onto a chair.  Jess was so flabbergasted staring at my nakedness that she didn’t move.  “What are you waiting for?  Didn’t you want to go naked?”

She giggled and began taking off her pajamas. Once her panties were off her prepubescent nakedness did something to me.  I had a flashback to my youthful experimentation with my girlfriends.  Long dormant feelings came back to me.  I felt flushed, so maybe it was my turn to blush.  “You’re…very…cute,” I managed to blurt out.  We sort of stared at each other for a while.

“I’m not cute,” she finally said.

“You most certainly are,” I said before impulsively picking her up and kissing her lightly as I held her to my bosom.  “I want your mom to be better, but I am so glad you’re here with us.”

“Me too,” she answered, nestling her skinny frame between my breasts and apparently liking it.  “Auntie, I like being naked with you.”

“Hey, what about those waffles?” I declared, and she giggled again.  With neither one of us really forgetting the other was naked, we set about making them.  I got out a can of instant whipped cream and sprayed a dollop on our waffles along with the fruit.  The stuff wasn’t as good as real whipped cream but it sure was easy.  As we ate on stools at our kitchen’s island, she stole looks at me between bites.

“Auntie, how come your hair is funny down there?” she asked when she was nearly finished eating.

“By funny, I think you mean my landing strip.”  I explained the bikini trim and what I had to do to accomplish the small patch of trimmed pubic hair.  “Yours certainly doesn’t look funny.  Nice and smooth.  Maybe I’ll get rid of it all and be like you.”

“I always wished mine would grow down there.  That way I’d be grown up, like you and Mom.”

“You’ll grow soon enough, in the meantime enjoy what you have.”  She nodded, pondering the enigmas of teen growth while I pondered the surreal tableau of the two of us eating breakfast in the nude.  When finished, I said “I’m glad you told me about your liking going naked.  Nudity shouldn’t be frowned upon by society.  I’ll tell you a secret.  When your Uncle Mark and I were on our honeymoon we went to a nude beach, and it was the most fun to walk around and swim in the nude.  I miss that.”

What I wouldn’t tell her about was the girl I met and bedded; on my honeymoon no less.  It was clear to me you never lose those cravings, and I had them now.

“There really are places where everyone goes naked?  Wow!”

I said, “More than most people think.  Not just beaches, either.”

“I wish I could go to one,” she said wistfully.

“Maybe someday when you’re older, but for now you’ll have to settle for here in the house.”

She came off her stool and hugged me tightly, saying “I love you Auntie.  You’re the best!”

The whipped cream can was within reach, so I picked it up and playfully squirted some on one of her nipples as soon as she broke the embrace.  She giggled, and so I put an equal amount on the other nipple.  “Now your breasts are good enough to eat!” I said.

“Oh Auntie, you’re so silly.”  Not so silly that I let the opportunity pass.  I pulled her to me and licked the whipped cream from first one nipple then the other, lingering on the second one to suck lightly on the breast-to-be.  Her giggles of delight morphed into a hiccup before becoming a soft moan.

When I stopped, I said “You like that.  I can tell.”

“Yeah, it felt good,” she uttered.  “Can you do that again?”

“I’d love to.”  I sprayed more of the aerosol whipped cream over her chest, but didn’t stop there, squirting some at her pudgy little labia and pubic mound.  I licked and sucked and ran my tongue all over her lithe preteen body, and by the time I got to her pretty cleft she wasn’t giggling any more, she was breathless. I was too.

“Auntie…” she mewled as I sat her upon one of the stools and got between her stick thighs.  I licked all the whipped cream before beginning to ‘whip’ some new cream from her.  I worked my tongue over her immature clit but mostly tongue-fucked her as deeply as I could go, which was at her hymen.  She asked “Auntie, what are you doing?” before repeating “Auntie…;” alternating it with moans and little kittenish sounds.  It took a while, however I was patient, and my patience was rewarded with a cute orgasmic shiver and spurt, coating my tongue with whipped cream of a different sort.

I clutched her close to me as I led her trembling little body toward the master bath—and the shower. 

“That was a very grown up thing we just did,” I said to her as I got the shower going.

“That was like sex, wasn’t it?”

“Yes.  Did you like it?”

She nodded and said “A-huh.”

Once the water was the right temperature, I entered the shower stall and pulled her in with me.  “We’ve got to clean that sticky whipped cream from you,” I said.  Besides being an obvious exhibitionist and a budding lesbian, Jessica liked being touched.  Though she wasn’t aware of the concept, washing her—simply touching her—was foreplay.  She didn’t understand sex, but she knew what she liked, and that was good enough for me.  As I swirled soap over and around her tiny chest bumps, she kept her eyes closed.  The heat radiating from her body was not due to the shower spray.  “Are you having fun?”

Her eyes flew open and she nodded vigorously in answer to my question.  Then she asked, “Can I touch you, Auntie?”

“Of course you can!”

Touching didn’t mean sexual to her, though it was perhaps a small element in her subconscious.  Her touching me was educational, studying my body as insight into how hers would be someday.  She rubbed and squeezed my breasts until my nipples ached.  When she spent more time feeling my taut nipples I almost screamed. As much as my brain shouted out for me to do so, I didn’t force her into anything.  I let her hands and fingers go wherever they wanted.  Therefore it was an almost painful interlude before those fingers found their way to my vulva.

The build up to this point was excruciating, already having the pleasure of tasting her sweetened pussy, that when her precious fingers insinuated themselves between my hot and wet labia, with her warm body against mine under the equally warm shower spray, the orgasm simply exploded with the heat of a neutron bomb.  “Ohhhhh, Jessssssssss, ohhhhhhhhhh,” I cried as my knees weakened and my body shook.

“Did I hurt you?” she asked, her concern obvious though misplaced.

I explained what she’d done to me, and compared it to what she experienced earlier when I licked her.  “That’s the best ‘hurt’ a woman can have,” I said.

We exited the shower, dried off and went back to the kitchen to clean up from breakfast.  As I cleaned the waffle maker to put it away, she asked me, “Auntie, can we have waffles again tomorrow…with whipped cream?”

I stopped to look at her sweet little naked body standing there, flushed red from obviously thinking of what I’d done with the whipped cream earlier.  “We can have anything you want, sweetheart.  Anything.”

The rest of the day was our own two-person version of a nudist colony.  I remained amazed at how easily she accepted our nakedness as we did routine activities throughout the day. I caught her once standing in front of the big hall mirror, admiring herself, tweaking her nipples enough to make them stiff and stick out more.  I wanted to touch her again, make love to her, but I left her alone in her reverie.  As it grew closer to the time Mark would be home, she kissed me and said “Thank you for this,” before going to her bedroom to dress.

As I dressed, I went through my clothes and pulled out a few t-shirts that would make good nightwear for Jessica.  After dinner and before she got ready for bed, I gave her the shirts and she tried them on.  They were perfect.  “No panties?” she said.  I nodded and she giggled, taking her panties off.

“Be careful around Uncle Mark, okay?”  She assured me she would.

My husband was curious about the new ‘pajamas’ but I explained that Jess wanted to emulate me.  Mark looked dubious but said he understood.  Later in bed, he asked many questions about how Jessica was adapting to us and how we spent our day.  I told him about breakfast waffles but of course said nothing about the nudity.

The following morning, after I watched Jess stop and admire herself in several mirrors around the house, I had an idea.  Together we browsed the Internet for naturist sites.  I found one that featured DVDs of nude beauty pageants.  The sample snippets showed all ages, though the video emphasized young teens and preteens.  The DVD was pricey, but Jess was so taken with the idea I had to order it.

She was a bundle of nervous energy waiting for the DVD to come in the mail.  Although we spent many a weekday hour naked around the house, Jess didn’t spend all her time with me.  I was so happy when she began to explore the neighborhood and met a couple of girls her age to hang with, which prompted me to think of school if her stay with us became long-term.  I’d have to register her pretty soon, I thought.

We hadn’t had any sexual contact after that first time until the waiting for the DVD got the better of her.  She may not understand the concept of horniness, yet she was as horny as could be.  Everything began when she turned very touchy-feely with me one morning after Mark had left for work.  She touched my nipples and wanted to know how sensitive they were.  “Mine feel good when I touch them, but I really don’t have much…not like you,” she said as she sat beside me on the sofa and played with my (sensitive!) nipples.  “I liked it a lot when you…kissed mine.”

“I think you can tell how sensitive mine are,” I said.  They were as taut as wooden dowels when she touched them.  “Would you like that now?” I asked.

She nodded vigorously and so I began sucking on her budding little nubs.  As I went from one to the other and back again, she moaned softly, and I noticed that she’d arched her back and pushed her pelvis out in a subconscious pantomime of the sex act that must be embedded in humankind at the most primitive level.  Since it was offered, I touched her vulva with my fingertips as I kept licking and sucking on her nipples.  I worked a finger between her pudgy young folds and massaged her immature clit.  It didn’t take long.

“Auntieeeeeeeeeee,” she groaned as the girl juice flowed from her pussy.

“Now it’s my turn,” I said as I coached her on what to do.  I taught her where my clit was, and then taught her how to use her tongue on it.  The build up to this moment overcame her inexperience.  I came very rapidly, and my pelvic tremors that accompanied my orgasm startled her.

After I came down from my orgasm high, I further explained sex, both man-woman and woman-woman, getting into the minutia of body parts and penetration.  She listened closely, absorbing it all, until she declared, “I don’t think I want boys sticking their things into me.  Auntie, I like what we do better.”

“Me too,” I said.

When the DVD arrived in the mail, Jessica was ecstatic. “Can we watch it now?” she begged.

She was entranced by the video, especially when the girls in the pageant were her age or younger.  I was turned on too.  I imagined all that young girl-flesh in my bed and I nearly creamed. The whole videotaped event took place at poolside of a nudist resort purported to be in Russia, and each girl wore nothing except the numbered sheet of paper they held in her hand as identification. They strutted around no differently than a Miss America contestant would in the swimsuit competition, though these girls were in their birthday suits.  Some of the teens were shaved but most had natural, untouched pubic hair.  The younger girls appeared just as comfortable prancing and posing nude in front of the camera as the older girls and women, their smooth little cunts and near-flat chest bumps proudly displayed.

Mesmerized, Jessica murmured, “I wish I could do that.”

I said, “If you did, you’d win for sure.”

She brightened.  “Do they have contests like that around here?”

“I’m sorry sweetheart; the video was taken in another country. I don’t think they have things like that anywhere around here.”

“Could we, like have one here?”

I was momentarily floored by her idea.  Had she been talking to some new neighborhood friends about nudism?  Or did she know girls from her old neighborhood who would enjoy being naked?  I knew I’d find out soon enough.  In the meantime, with the video still playing, she walked and posed around the room, pretending to hold a numbered sign like the girls in the video.  I once more told her she was a winner in my book.

Nothing more was said about us having a nude beauty pageant until Jessica asked me if she could call some of her old friends and invite them over.  It wasn’t that far away so picking them up and bringing them here wouldn’t be a burden, so I agreed.

“Oh Auntie, thank you so much!” she said, giving me a big hug.

What was I getting myself into?

I found out soon enough, as Jessica’s calls had me bringing three friends to my house.  The mothers all seemed happy to ‘get rid’ of their girls for one summer day.  They were the cutest little things; a blond, a redhead and a brunette, all with delightful smiles and an obvious mischievous streak to match my niece.  I wondered how long it would take Jess to bring up our nudity compact, and it turned out not to take long at all.

I overheard them talking and giggling before Jessica approached me and asked, “Auntie, can we go naked, like we usually do?”

I looked from one girl to the other.  All looked eager, so I said “As long as we make promises not to tell anyone.”

“We won’t.  We promise.” said Delia, the redhead.  Megan (the blond) and Heather (the brunette) emphatically agreed.

“Then, I guess we can take our clothes off,” I said.

“You’re gonna go naked too?” Heather asked.

“Of course I am.  It’s fun, after all.”

There we were; one woman and four giggling girls pulling off our clothes as quickly as we could.  One look and I wanted all of them!  Megan, Delia and Heather were quite interested in my body too, especially my breasts.  Megan said, “Wow, yours are much bigger than my mom’s!”  She looked like she wanted to touch them.  In time, I thought.  In time.

Speaking of time, seeing the enthusiasm of Jess’s friends for the nudity I didn’t think it would take long to be asked about the DVD.  They talked, giggled and sort of explored their bodies with more curiosity than anything else.  I had no way of knowing whether they’d done this sort of discovery in the past, or if Jessica had filled them in on our own sexual exploration.  When the DVD entered into the conversation, I was ready, my pussy unexpectedly very wet.

Before I could say it, Jess reminded her friends that they could never tell anyone about being naked, and especially not about watching the movie.  I started the video.  We sat around the living room; Megan and Delia sitting very close on either side of me, stealing quick glances at my body every once in a while for comparison, I guessed, to the nude women in the video.  Just thinking about it had me making a puddle under me on the sofa.  They had lots of questions about the older girls and women, such as the various pubic hair ‘styles.’  Unlike what you might see if the video had been made in the US, most of the girls and women had full bushes, with very few completely shorn. 

The girls started discussing their mothers.  Delia said her mom didn’t shave but her red hair was not very thick, unlike some of the women in the video.  Heather said her mom had a small strip of hair only, like mine.  Of course that got everyone looking at my crotch.

Delia gasped, then said “Did you pee?  The sofa’s all wet.”

I hesitated, formulating my thoughts on how I could answer her, but Jessica beat me to it.  “That’s not pee, silly. That’s her juice from inside because she likes having us naked around her…because she likes girls, you know, for sex.”

Heather and Delia had puzzled looks on their faces; however Megan looked up at me and said, “You really want to have sex with us? Like, between two girls? Are you a lesbian?”

“No, I’m not a lesbian,” I said, mostly speaking directly to Megan.  “I have sex with my husband and I love it.  It’s just that, like I’ve told Jessica, I like girls too, and you all remind me of girls I…I had sex with when I was a girl myself.”

Delia exhaled a “Wow!”

Heather’s jaw dropped.

Megan smiled, possibly knowing more about sex than the others, or me when I was her age.

Jessica blew them away when she declared that she and I have had sex together.  I would have gotten many more questions if fortuitously the nude beauty pageant hadn’t got to the point where the youngest, prepubescent ones were up.  The girls quickly turned their attention back to the TV screen to watch.  Jess piped in, “Let’s do that.  Auntie, will you be the judge?”

I really couldn’t pick a winner from this pretty little foursome, so I contemplated how I could tactfully have all of them win.  Needless to say, a win for me would be to have them all in my bed.  Like a pro, Jess dug out some sheets of paper and had each of them put their favorite number on their sheet.  While keeping one eye on the girls in the video, they walked around the room and posed for me.  It was hard to judge puberty with this group.  In my mind none of these girls were old enough, but I knew that puberty came much earlier now than in my day.  Heather already was growing a little pubic hair, having a small patch of fuzz at the top of her vulva.  The others were still bald.  Except for Megan, they all had some growth on their chests, though not much.

Megan stood out in their little beauty parade.  Maybe it was the tan lines.  Maybe it was her blond hair.  Maybe it was that she made what I’d call provocative moves while posing.  Since she was the one who ‘got’ my sex reference, I wondered about her experience, and wondered about molestation, not once thinking that’s what I had done with Jessica, and imagined doing with the others.  I didn’t think of my actions that way.

Body language told me that each of them was getting aroused in their own way.  Megan was flush, Heather was panting, Jess was noticeably wet, and Delia kept a hand at one of her nipples, absently tweaking it.  With the four of them now standing before me, Jess said, “Auntie, who won?”

“You all are winners,” I said lamely, and I knew they wouldn’t buy it.

“But you’ve gotta pick one,” Megan said.  “We can’t all win.”

I said, “Sure you can, sweetheart.  You all have qualities that make each of you nude princesses.  Let me explain.”  I beckoned Delia closer.  “Delia, you have the most beautiful nipples.  And I bet they’re very sensitive,” I said as I touched one of them.  Her response was electric.  “And your breasts look like they’ll be nice and round too.”  Next, I called Heather over.  “Heather, your hair is beautiful, and I mean down below too.  In a few years you’ll have that decision to make about shaving.  Either way the boys will like playing with you.”  As I spoke, I reached out and ran my fingertips around the small tuft of new growth.  Whether or not she knew much about sex, my comment about boys playing with her hit home, as she moaned audibly.  Now it was Megan’s turn.  “Megan, you have the prettiest bottom!” I had her turn around so I could highlight her shape.  “See here,” I said as I cupped her cute ass cheeks to show them off.  “Your bottom has the nicest curve, and your tan line there says you must look good in a bikini.”  My touch and my words had her whole body blushing, but I wasn’t done with her yet.  I turned her around to face me again, “But the sexiest thing is that you have a magnificent clitoris. It’s bigger than most and look at how it sticks out! I’ve never seen that before.”  I lightly touched it with one finger, and when I did, Megan’s eyes grew wider still, and she groaned “Oh.”

Heather and Delia were quick to check out Megan a little closer, but I needed to finish my judging duties.  “Jessica, you’ve got the prettiest little cunny a girl could have.  It’s just so cute and squeezable…and lickable too,” I said, then added, “and so deliciously juicy too.”  My comment drew Heather and Delia’s attention from Megan to Jessica.

“Juicy?” said Delia.

“Lickable?” said Heather.

“Oh Auntie!” said Jess as she hugged me.

“That’s sex stuff.  Remember we talked about it,” said Megan, while she glanced down to where she held her labia apart to gaze upon her light pink, amazingly erect clitoris.

“Will you lick me, Auntie?” Jessica pleaded.

“Me too!” Megan was quick to add.

I had the two sit next to each other on the sofa as I got on my knees between Jessica’s spread thighs.  Her pussy juice was extraordinarily sweet, I guess happy that her fantasy had come true.  Heather curled up at my feet to watch what I was doing while Delia was on the floor at Megan’s feet, studying the young blond as she began to tentatively touch herself in a way that told me she hadn’t quite learned the techniques of masturbation yet.

Heather was agog watching me bring Jessica to orgasm.  She may have had a small one of her own from watching Jess twitch and convulse with a grin on her face.  I turned to Megan and said, “Can I show you now?”  She smiled and nodded.  I got between her cute legs and wasted no time sucking on that torpedo of a clit she had.  She yelped with delight, though her initial reaction was to push me away.  I didn’t let her stop me, going back on the attack of her marvelous clit.

“Oh…oh…oh…” she moaned over and over until she uttered “That feels GOOD!”  Then she let out one very loud moan as her hips trembled and bucked forward.  I used the motion to allow her tight little pussy to swallow my protruding tongue.  Her moan turned to a loud cry as another quaking orgasm took her.

Seeing the ecstasy of their friends up close, in unison Delia and Heather yelled, “Do it to me!”

Before I could choose which one to get off next, Megan decided she had some unfinished business.  She suddenly fondled my breasts while giving me a kiss a girl her age shouldn’t know how to give.  “Will you teach us how to do that?” she cooed in my ear after her lips fell from mine.

I looked at this beautiful, young, unformed girl/woman and whispered, “For you I’d do anything.”  That had her smiling.

I led the quartet to my bedroom, where I alternated between Delia’s and Heather’s pussy until they were both creaming and wailing.  Jessica then wasted no time in having at me, while Megan watched studiously and the other two basked dreamily in their orgasmic aftermath.  Jess was a fast learner; my climax was coming on rapidly. I blinked my eyes open to see Delia leaning over me.  I didn’t hesitate to pull her to me to suck on her beautiful girl-cones, one after the other, until I was cumming and lost all concentration.

The world spun until I came down and realized the immensity of having four luscious, naked girls arrayed around me on my bed.  They kept touching me and each other, still exploring the wonders of the female body.  Soon the girls were doing each other and I was a horny spectator. 

When Megan’s wet little pussy went unattended for a moment, she was mine.  Her amazing girl-clit was wonderfully swollen already from multiple climaxes.  It was my turn to give her another.  I treated her clit like a small cock and sucked it good until she was squealing loud enough to stop the other girls from doing what they were doing and watch.  She had already been soaked in pussy juice, however her pudgy pussy gushed a torrent as her squeals turned into full-fledged wails.

Once we were all exhausted—and sated—I got the girls taking about the experience, maybe just to be sure they wouldn’t talk about it to anyone else.  Jessica’s “Auntie, you’re the best” made my day.  Our first day of Auntie’s Nudist Camp was a blissful success.  Jess was on a cloud after I took the others home, bugging me ceaselessly about when we could do it again.  We set a date for the following week and she called her friends.

In the meantime, we registered Jessica for the upcoming school year at our neighborhood school.  She was sad to have to attend a new school away from her friends, but I promised that we could still find ways for them to hang out together (I didn’t mention nudity and the other fringe benefits).

When I made my rounds and picked up the girls the following week, I saw right away that Delia was the horniest.  I swear I could even smell her musk!

We played the video again after we’d stripped.  With this second viewing, the girls picked up on other sights besides the pageant.  The men and boys in the crowd solicited many questions about male anatomy and sex.  Three or four times I paused the video so they could study particular cocks that caught their attention. “Look at him,” Heather said, pointing to one boy, “He looks like Billy Jones.  Oooooh, do you think Billy’s is as long as his?”  They giggled at the small ones and marveled at the big ones.  They asked about circumcised versus uncircumcised dicks.  One man was so exceptionally hung that they wanted to know if I’d ever met a man that big.  I assured them that I hadn’t but it was some women’s dream, which solicited more questions about the benefits and pitfalls of size.  I kept drawing their attention back to the girls; I wanted them thinking girl-girl, not about dicks.

Horny Delia was in my lap the whole time.  I lazily played with her, first her little breast bumps and then with her vulva.  When I asked the girls which one of the older teens they would want to touch, Delia groaned and squirted all over my fingertips.  Hearing Delia cum, Jess, Heather and Megan began to touch each other, breathing hard while declaring to each other the answer to my question of which girl in the video they’d have sex with. 

Delia went bananas when I whispered in her ear that I liked redheads and began to seriously finger-fuck her.  This was my first real penetration of any of them, and I felt the slight tug of her hymen when I tore it to shreds.  I saw her flinch but basically she was responding to being fucked like a girl should.  I thought Megan’s cum last week had been a loud one, yet Delia torched my eardrum with her piercing scream.  In the meantime, her hips bucked wildly and she shook all over.  This was one, mighty orgasm; one I figured she’d never forget.  The other three were cumming too in rapid succession.

At the end of the day, when the satisfied—and clothed—quartet walked into the garage toward my car, Megan said, “Is that a tent over there?”

I told her that it was and that I loved camping.  Jessica asked with glee, “Auntie, can you take us camping before we have to go back to school?”

I thought about it.  Mark and I weren’t “RV” type campers; I still liked to rough it, finding the remotest spots in the national forest.  Maybe we could have a little nudist camp of our own in the woods.  On the way to bringing Heather, Delia and Megan home, I thought about it: what a grand adventure that would be.  My panties were soaked.


To be continued…



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