Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Little Marissa and Kathy By: "Dylan Murphy" mff, pedo, cons, (PLEASE NOTE THIS STORY IS 100% FICTION, REPEATING 100% FICTION. IF STORIES OF UNDERAGE SEXUAL CONTENT DISTURB YOU, PLEASE DO NOT READ THIS STORY.) It's kind of weird how everything started, but I've known my neighbor girls for several years now, and always kind of found them attractive. I've actually masturbated to them before. Nothing unusual with that right? Well, their 13 and 16, and I'm 23. That's the only problem. They are absolutely amazing girls, both well developed for their age. Marissa is a cute 13 year old blonde, who come up to my chest. A little over 4 feet tall I'd guess. She has a tight little body, little breasts beginning to sprout, but right now just little nubbins. And an ass, let me tell you, I've been hard pressed to see an ass like hers on anyone, grown or not. Kathy, the older of the two at 16 is a beautiful brunette girl, who is about 5 feet tall. Little a-cup titties adorn her chest, and legs that seemingly have no end. Like her sister, she also has an amazing ass. For several years I have fantasized about them, longing to be with them, to teach them, to taste them. But I've always put it in the spank bank and went about my business. Hell, I used to watch them from our kitchen windows when they were outside playing and rub one off to them. This is the story of how my fantasy became a reality. It was a nice fall afternoon, pretty nice out, leaves changing colors, just an all out nice day. I had been out late the night before boozing it up with my buddies, chasing tail, all the norm for me. Since I was out late, I slept in, longer than usual. I managed to get up and around by noon, and got dressed and headed outside. I headed to my car and saw Marissa and Kathy playing in the front yard, having a good time. The weather was still warm, so they were both wearing short shorts, like they have worn all summer. They were out jumping rope in their skimpy little outfits. Marissa was wearing a nice little white tank top and tight little short shorts with the word "Juicy" printed across the ass. Indeed I thought to myself. Kathy was wearing plain tight black shorts and a black sports bra, which attempted to push her little boobs against her chest, but the sports bra was about one cup size to big, so it did little good. She bent down to tie her shoe, and the sports bra fell with her, exposing her breasts. I felt my cock grow with desire as I got an eyeful of Kathy. "Hi Dylan! How are you?" Asked 13 year old, blonde headed Marissa. "I'm fine, how are you girls doing today?" I politely replied. "Good, Hey, I think Mommy wants to ask you something" 16 year old, tall, slender brunette Kathy stated. So I went to the door, knocked and opened and went on in. "Hey Lisa, the girls said you wanted to ask me something." I said. "Hey, perfect timing. Yeah, I know you're off tomorrow, and Jake and I were wanting to go to a concert in the city tonight, and were wondering if you would be interesting in watching the girls overnight. We'll pay you." Lisa said I found it odd that Kathy, being 16 couldn't watch her younger sister, but then again Jake and Lisa have always been a little strict. Oh well I thought. I've been waiting for this moment ever since I laid eyes on these beautiful underage girls, but I didn't want to sound to over-excited. "Well, I was going to go out with a gal I met last night, but you guys have helped me out before, so yeah, I can watch em. What time do you need me to come over?" I said "In about an hour if you don't mind" Lisa replied "Sure" I said. I went outside with the biggest hard on I have ever had, I hoped Lisa didn't notice it. I went out and told the girls the good news, and they both gave me a huge hug. I think Kathy noticed my little friend protruding as she hugged me, as she was the older one of the two, and I had previously caught her masturbating one night when she was at my house. She knew more about sex than everyone thought. I ran my errands as quickly as I could, so I could return to the girls' house and `watch' them all night long. I rushed Lisa and Jake off as soon as I could, and then I had my beautiful little prizes all to myself, I think tonight will be the night. We go outside, to the fenced in back yard to play. We play some tag, and some other games they wanted to, when I made the suggestion we play wrestling. "Why wrestling" Marissa asked "So I can see how strong you girls are" I said "OK" they both replied. They charged at me and tackled me to the ground, knocking me down onto my back. Marissa climbs on my chest in an attempt to `hold me down', while Kathy straddles me directly on my growing cock. She must feel it growing as she starts grinding her perfect pussy on it. Being 16, and the fact that I once caught her masturbating, I know Kathy knows what she's doing. I can see the look of ecstasy in her face as she grinds on me. I then gain control of our little match, and get Marissa on the ground. I get her on her back, and force her legs apart, and get in between them. As I grab her arms, my cock rubs against her thirteen year old pussy through our clothes. I can only imagine what that feel like without clothes. As we wrestle, it begins a sudden down pour. The three of us are soaking wet. I can see Marissa's pink little nipples perk up through her white tank top as the rain hits it. I can't take it anymore. "Let's go inside and play a special game girls, what do you say?" "Sure, what is it?" Asks Marissa We go inside and I explain the game to them. "Well first, we're soaking wet, so let's take off these clothes. I'll undress Kathy. Kathy, you undress Marissa, and Marissa you can undress me. Ok? Both of the girls have a look of uncertainty on their face, but I quickly re-assure them. "Come on girls, it will be fun. It's the adult version of playing house." I said. "It'll be fun Marissa, I promise, but we can't tell mom or dad anything we do once our clothes are off. Ok." Kathy tells her younger sister. "Ok, let's do it. I've always wanted to see a boy naked anyway. Do you think I can play with it?" asks Marissa "Play with what sweetie?" I ask as I take Kathy's shirt off, revealing beautiful breasts. For a sixteen year old, she had quite the set of titties on her. "You're penis silly. A girl in my class told me about a special game her and her uncle play. Are we going to play that game?" "What game is that dear?" I ask "Well, she told me that her uncle kissed her in her special place, and put she put his penis in her mouth and it gave her a special liquid. Then he put it inside her and it made her feel all tingly and stuff." Oh yeah, cake I'm going to fuck these little angels. "Sure baby, we can play that, I'm going to play with your sister now, I want you to watch ok." "Ok." I have Kathy on her back, and slide her tight short shorts off of her long sexy legs, where I am met with a cute pair of hello kitty panties. I slip those off and come face to face with a beautiful pussy with a landing strip of hair on it. I wanted to taste it, I had to taste it. I gave it a little kiss, and then worked my tongue into her sweet slit. Kathy began breathing really heavy, and grabbed my head, pushing my tongue deeper into her tight hole. "Come on guys, what about me?" The younger Marissa asked. I instruct Kathy to undress her sister and she obliges. She pulls her shirt off, exposing her little nubbins, mostly nipple. Then she gets her shorts and panties off in one pull, revealing a hairless mound. I was in heaven. "You're turn Dylan; I want to see what you got." Kathy says. Marissa grabs my shirt to pull it off, but first I give her a kiss on the lips. Then I manage to slip my tongue into her mouth, and we make out for a few minutes. I can see Kathy playing with herself out of the corner of my eyes, which gets me even harder. I start rubbing on Marissa's cute little pussy as I continue to kiss her, which she seems to like. The girls get my shirt off, and I help them getting my pants off. When my boxers come off, they both look in awe at the size of my eight inch penis. "Go ahead, play with it Marissa." I say She takes it in her hand, acting a little nervous, but soon finds her rhythm as she begins stroking me off. "Kathy, I want you to eat your sister's pussy. Marissa, I want you to put my penis in your mouth and suck on it." I instruct the girls. Kathy slides underneath her sister and begins licking on her tight little snatch. Marissa nervously places my hard cock into her warm, moist mouth and proceeds to start giving me head. After a while, I can tell Marissa is really getting into it, and I'm ready to fuck the hell out of these little girls. "Ok, you can stop girls. Marissa, are you horny? Do you feel all funny?" I ask "Yeah, my privates are all wet, and I want more of what sissy was doing to me." She replied. "What I want you to do is lie on your back and spread your legs. I'm going to put my cock into your pussy. I'm going to fuck you. Is that ok?" She nods. She gets on her back and spreads her legs. I can't believe I'm about to molest my little neighbor, but, I'm at the point of no return. I look at her little nubbins, her bald little pussy, and smile. I put my cock insider her slowly, breaking her hymen. She whimpers a little bit, but that quickly goes away. As I get her wetter, I manage to get more cock into her. I plunge my hard cock into this small-framed little girl, getting closer and closer to Cumming. I feel it getting closer; I pull my dick out, and grab Marissa by the hair and pull her closer. "Put it in your mouth, and swallow my cum" I order her. She devours my cock, and in a huge explosion, I fill her with cum. She struggles to swallow it all, but manages to get most of it. "That was good. Can I have more?" She asks. "In a little while, it's your sister's turn." Kathy gets a little red-faced as I make my way to her. All innocent, sitting there with nothing on but a smile. "Kathy, you remember that day I caught you over at my house playing with yourself on my toilet?" "Yeah, I do. Why?" "I've wanted to do this to you ever since that night." I grab her from the back of her neck and draw her face into mine, where our lips meet. Our tongues enter each other's mouths, and I am in absolute heaven. I lay her on the ground, and start kissing her on the neck, making my way down to her developing breasts, down to her beautiful pussy. I start playing with it with my tongue, and I can feel her get instantly wet. Out of nowhere she shoves me away and starts sucking on my cock. "I'm not as innocent as everyone thinks. Dylan, I've wanted your cock for a long time now, I just didn't think you would want a little 16 year old like me. I've seen the women you've fucked. I used to watch through your bedroom window and play with myself." Kathy stated. Holy shit, I'm really excited now! She puts my cock back into her mouth and begins sucking on it again. She's doing a wonderful job, my eyes start rolling into the back of my head. I motion for Marissa to come over to Kathy and me. I direct her to sit on my chest. As she does I start licking her pussy. It tastes so sweet. I feel the blowjob stop, and I feel my dick getting manipulated into a very tight spot. I move Marissa to one side, and I see Kathy on top of me, putting my very hard cock into her very virgin pussy. I felt her hymen break, and the virginal blood started flowing. It was wonderful. Kathy began getting tired, so I told her to sit in the reclining chair, and told Marissa to sit on her lap, legs spread. They did, and I could then fuck both of them. First I would penetrate Kathy for a little while, and then I would pull it out and put it in Marissa's tight box. The sweat is pouring off of me and the girls alike. Seeing these beautiful young girls in this stage is euphoric to me. They continue to pant and moan, each wanting more. Each never experiencing these amazing feelings before. "Oh, I'm getting ready to cum, who wants it?" I said. They both get out of the chair and on their knees as I stroke myself to an even bigger orgasm. Jism goes all over the girls' faces and in their mouths. As I catch my breath, the girls lick my cum off of each others faces, and kiss each other a little bit. Alright! I've created a sexual tool to serve me for years to cum! We all head to the shower, and take a shower together, making sure to fondle and kiss and grab each other everywhere in between. After the shower, we head to the girls room where we push their twin beds together, and curl up to each other completely nude. (That's another story in itself). The End. "Dylan Murphy" is an up and coming Erotic story writer, and the name is just a stage name, bearing no resemblance to any person alive or dead sharing that name. The author also does not condone exploitation of children, sex with children, or otherwise doing harm to children. The author further more understands the desires some people, like him, have towards children. Erotica is the way to release without having to harm the precious gems. This story was a complete work of the author's imagination and should never be assumed as true or lived out. Thanks for reading. ANY SUGGESTIONS FOR MY NEXT STORY? EMAIL ME AT: