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None are clear enough to reveal which boy is doing what, but it is just enough to show the viewer glimpses of what to expect. The images only last for a few seconds before the next comes up. A boy's eyes opening wide in shock A boy's mouth slowly opening A boy's eyes wincing shut in disgust A boy's little cock hardening A boy's ass being slapped hard A boy's mouth open in a scream as he yelps A giant man-sized dick, slapping across a face, splattering cum A little hand on a giant daddy dick A boy's tongue licking underneath a man's nut sack A boy's closed eyes, covered in cum Two globes of a little smooth boy ass being pulled apart, roughly Dylan's face appears. He's got a new outfit on for this round, even sexier than what he had on for the intro. Now he looks like he's been to the beach. He's wearing ripped denim shorts that do nothing to hide his young, muscular thighs and calves. A sleeveless T with a football number on the front, his biceps and forearms bulging like crazy. A backwards hat and sunglasses. Dylan: Gentlemen! Welcome back to the long-awaited Amazing Boy Race, Season 9! Boy do we have some great footage for you. Hundreds of you cast your vote, and we have tallied the results. The boys will return in the order of who received the most votes, and the boy that received the least...well you'll see what happened to him. Now, before we head to visit the boy who came in first this round, I want to remind some of you newer viewers about the way things work. All of our boys were put through their first challenge. While some of the boys were given relatively easy tasks (at least comparatively) many of the boys were given obscenely difficult tasks. The Amazing Boy Race isn't always fair, but it is ALWAYS HOT! You'll see boys this round encountering their first man penises, and for the first time in their young lives, they will feel what it's like to let their inner slut out. For some boys, it's natural. For takes more convincing. And for one unlucky boy...well one slut didn't complete his task fast enough to move on to the next round. Now, it's time for us to bring in the winning boy. And remember, after this show, you'll be able to take part in our new poll, as we like to get a good grasp on what our viewers think. Last but not least, I want to remind our viewers that we have assigned each boy an adult mentor. Their mentor will be with the boy every step of the way, to coach them along and encourage them to keep going. The mentors spent months with their boy, learning about him, understanding his psyche. And they used that knowledge of the boy to design each challenge according to their boy's abilities. So without further ado...let's meet our boy winner! We go now to the 1st Place Boy: Robby, 5-year-old Five-year-old Robbie's mentor stands on the designated platform in a small room. There is no way to tell where in the world the room is. He is smiling, buck naked except for his cock ring, which matches Robbie's bright red collar. Of course, the 30-something stud is rock hard. He looks a lot like Robbie, smooth, skinny and innocent in the face, almost as if he could be Robbie's father. But something about his smile tells you that he's anything but innocent. He'd have to be pretty evil and dark, being chosen as a mentor for this show -" most of the mentors have starred in some of the finest kiddie porn films sold in stores. Robbie's Mentor: Hello out there in TV land! As you may already know, I'm Robbie's mentor! I'm proud to say that my little boy who I've been traveling with over the past few days has completed his task first, making him the winner of the first round of The Amazing Boi Race! As the audience cheers, Robbie's mentor gives his big cock a stroke to show how proud he is of Robbie. Robbie's Mentor: Now that doesn't mean Robbie didn't have a hard task. Oh no, we made sure that our youngest contestant got a good taste of what he'd be in for if he keeps winning the rounds. See, I based this challenge on the fact that Robbie has no father. I figure, with no father, he must have no father figure. And that means he must have NEVER seen a cock before. Well...let's just say we decided to focus Robbie's attention on cocks. Yes...he got more cock than he could handle. Come on out Robbie! A door opens, and the exhausted child nearly falls onto stage. He is buck naked, and first seen from behind. Immediately the seasoned viewers know that he hasn't had his virgin cherry popped yet. It looks like the little Tyke's first challenge didn't involve any anal torture. When he gets to his mentor, he turns to face the camera, standing by the man's side. Now you can see that the boy has definitely sucked some dick. His mouth looks as though he's been drinking fruit juice -" he's red around the lips, and his little mouth-hole looks a bit swollen. He rubs his little lips. His eyes are blood shot, and he winces every time he swallows. MENTOR: Congratulations, Robbie. You've made it through first! Robbie manages a meek smile. It shows that he knows he survived the first round, but he's doesn't look too thrilled about moving on to his next challenge, which will begin very soon. Still, he looks better than most boys do after their first experience. This is likely because viewers want him to keep going, so the game creators are going easy on him....for now. MENTOR: Before we talk with you, little guy, let's give our viewers a look at exactly what you have been through! The screen cuts away, and we see the words "ROBBIE: CHALLENGE 1" scroll across the screen. Little Robbie, fighting back tears from his confusion and fear, is blindfolded and being brought onto a boat by his mentor. He sniffles and wipes away tears as he is brought into a room. The camera zooms in on his face as you hear his mentor speak. MENTOR: Robbie. Welcome to your first challenge! We couldn't wait to get you to a destination before we started your first challenge, so we're going to begin here, on the open sea! As you sail to your next location, you're going to have to complete a task. And that task, little boy, is to be introduced to dick! Robbie's blindfold falls away and the camera focuses on his eyes as they widen in shock. Then the camera shows his pink mouth, still pristine and tiny, fall open in disbelief. The camera pans back, and we see what Robbie is looking at. Along the wall, 5, enormous cocks hang through holes. The holes are tight around the cock, so that the only thing visible is the penis and testicles. There is nothing else, just dick and wall. They are all soft, but all ENOURMOUS and thick. They range in color and size, but they are all masterpieces of cock. MENTOR: These, Tommy, are man cocks. These are going to be your life from now on. If you make it off the show, maybe you can give up cock. But judging by your age and size, you may not make it past this round. So Robbie, get used to dick, because if you'll never know anything else but cock. ROBBIE: What---what do I have to do, Mr. Mentor? Robbie's voice is tiny, high pitched, innocent as all fuck. He has no idea what he's in for. Though he's spent weeks with his mentor, it looks like he's learned NOTHING about what he is expected to do on this disgusting and wonderful show. But he's about to find out. MENTOR: Robbie. Each of these dicks is here to teach you a lesson. You are going to learn a special lesson from each of these dicks. If you can learn all five lessons before we reach the shore, then you'll go on to the next level. If not...well...let's just get started. The mentor leads the trembling little boy over to the cock all the way to the left. The stats of the cock scroll across your TV screen. It's a 9 incher, 5 incher when soft, uncut, belonging to a 45-year-old Latino man. It has lots of foreskin, and looks like it will get very thick if it grows. MENTOR: Your first lesson, Robbie, is to learn about foreskin. This is a cock with foreskin. You'll see a lot of these. I want you to take that cock into your tiny hands, and see if you can understand what I might mean by foreskin. Go on. Robbie's loving mentor shoved the little boy forward. Robbie fell on his hands and knees, and then he made contact with his first dick of many. He was shoved so hard his face slammed right into the gargantuan uncut dick. He slowly looked up, and knowing that he had to hurry or else he'd be eliminated, he picked up the dick and started examining it. Men across the country started to masturbate as they watched on TV little Robbie lifting and inspecting the very first penis he had ever touched. At only 5-years-old, Robbie turned the cock over and over. He smelled it, tugged on it, and finally he started pinching the foreskin Soon enough he had pulled it back, and he gasped as he saw his first cock head pop out from the foreskin. A bell rang. MENTOR: Congratulations Robbie! Now you know what foreskin is. ROBBIE: That wasn't so bad! MENTOR: That's the spirit. Let's move on. Come on. The mentor yanks Robbie roughly over to the next dick. This one doesn't look as big, but it's still huge. The stats roll across the screen. The man meat belongs to a 38-year-old Caucasian stud. MENTOR: Alright kiddo. It's time to learn about erections. Big, throbbing, scary, pumping erections. Go ahead, you know what to do. Again, the mentor shoved the boy who fell into the next cock. The young boy started to fondle the dick again, fighting back tears as he examined the second cock of his life. What man could have a 5-year-old handle his big cock without getting excited? Soon, Robbie watched in awe as he saw for the first time a cock get hard. This cock grew and grew, and soon it was at least 10 inches and enormous. Robbie just watched, fascinated and somewhat terrified, as the cock grew from a manageable soft penis to a giant, terrifying fuck tool right in his little tiny hands. He looked back to the cock before him and saw that it was now hard as a rock too. In fact, all of the cocks in the room were raging, including the mentor's. Speaking of which the mentor grabbed a fistful of Robbie's hair and threw the boy at the next dick in line. MENTOR: Ok Robbie. Now you understand how dicks get hard. But now we're going to learn about what comes out of dicks. ROBBIE: (through sniffles and tears he protests) But I already know what comes out. Pee pee. MENTOR: That's right Robbie. But do you know where pee pee goes? ROBBIE: In the toilet! Robbie's almost giggling at this idea as he answers what he thinks is an obvious question. But his mentor laughs and shakes his head. MENTOR: Not any more sweetie. Not on this show. From here on out, you are the toilet. ROBBIE: Wha-?!? Before Robbie can speak up he's being splashed in the face with hot, yellow piss. The hard cock shoots a heavy stream onto the kid, who is now being held in place by his helpful mentor. Robbie is trying to cope with what he heard, that cocks will be pissing on him, all the while his face appearing front and center on the screen. The mentor reaches forward and grabs Robbie's tiny jaw in his meaty man hand, then squeezes until the boy's child mouth opens up wide. The piss starts flowing down his throat. Robbie struggles, but he knows he must learn this lesson if he wants to go on, so he doesn't scramble away. Instead, he gulps down piss as fast as he can, while the rest of the yellow stream pours down his miniature body. Finally the piss stream stops, and Robbie falls to the ground, gasping and coughing and gagging up piss. Looks like this isn't going to be as easy as the boy thought. MENTOR: You can rest, Robbie. But remember, all of the other boys are already working on their challenges, each trying to finish first. If you rest too long, you may come in last...and then you'll be eliminated. You don't want that do you? ROBBIE: No! I...*cough cough* I will keep going. lesson please. Robbie's mentor lifts the exhausted boy up off the ground and places him infront of the fourth cock. This one, a rager at 10 inches, belongs to a big black man. The balls are enormous. MENTOR: While piss is important, Robbie, it's time you learned about cum. That is the better thing that comes out of dick and it's pretty much all you're going to get for food for a while, so you better enjoy it! have to get the sperm out, so just reach up there and start playing with that cock, see if you can learn how to make it shoot the other delicious stuff! Timidly, Robbie's tiny trembling hands reached up and grabbed the big black monster around its base. He squeezed it, then started moving his hands up and down the throbbing beast, watching as it bobbed and drooled at him. The boy put on his strongest face as he struggled with the lesson that would change his life -" the lesson of massive cock. The camera zooms in as the child's face of frightened curiously turns into one of incredible shock. ROBBIE: The thing is - growing! OH! The 5-year-old's wonder is cut short as his face is splattered with the first rope of hot cum he's ever felt. Not only has the little boy never seen cum, he probably doesn't have any idea what it is, and he can only sit there in wonder as rope after rope, gob after gob, splatter after splatter of the white milk coated his face, hair and tiny little chest. And yet, viewers, notice that Robbie keeps holding on to that cock. Notice that Robbie doesn't move out of the way of the fire-hose spray of jizz. Note that the little virgin sits there and allows himself to be drenched with semen.. Even if the cum is making little Robbie want to cry, viewers, notice that he is a total slut. Which is why he to be on this show. Once the jizz stops flowing, Robbie falls to the ground and begins sucking his thumb. The little boy whore now tastes his first drop of man cum, as his little thumb and lips are covered in white splooge. He seems to be out of it, but a gentle slap on the ass from the mentor jolts the boy awake. ROBBIE: What was that? I wanna go home! MENTOR: That, little boy, was sperm, cum, jizz, splooge, man milk. Get used to it, and don't whine! You know that boys who complain don't do very well on this show, do they? Robbie shakes his head, no. He knows the whiner boys get voted off by the viewers quickly. MENTOR: That's right. So you need to pick yourself up, wipe the cum out of your eyes, and learn your last lesson. Robbie half walked, half crawled to the final cock in the room. After drinking piss, taking a mysterious white liquid all over his face and in his mouth, what more could he possibly do with these strange things that smelled so funny and were so frightening and intriguing all at once? The boy was a trooper. He slowly looked up at the dick in front of him. This final cock was the biggest yet. The dick hole through which the cock protruded had to be cut extra wide to accommodate the girth of the tool. The hole was also lower, right at mouth level for Robbie as he sat on his knees. MENTOR: Just one more lesson, kiddo, and we'll see if you made it to the next level! So far no boys have rung their bells, so if you can complete this task quickly enough, you'll be the first. Let's do it kiddo, we're almost at our destination, so you better hurry. Now, this lesson is going to hurt, but you need to be a big boy if you want to win. The cum covered kid just nodded yes, ready for his challenge. The mentor grabbed the back of the little boy's head, and squeezed the 5-year-old's smooth cheeks, causing the boy to open his mouth. MENTOR: This, little Robbie, is called "Sucking Dick." Now suck! His biceps bulging, the helpful mentor pushed Robbie forward, teaching the kid a crash course in throat fucking. Now it was clear to viewers that Robbie's first challenge wasn't as easy as previously assumed. The child's cheeks puffed out as he tasted a huge cock for the first time, feeling it slide down his throat. The mentor was eager for his boy to win, so he didn't waste any time really shoving the 5-year-old down, ignoring Robbie's gags and yelps, knowing that the boy wanted just as badly to win and survive this round. More and more of the porno-sized penis rammed into the boy's opening throat, as he quickly learned of all of the horrible, wonderful things penises could do. Faster and faster Robbie was shoved on to the adult cock, until he was red in the face. Viewers across the nation gasped as the little boy was impaled, spit falling down his chin, eyes bloodshot and running with tears, until, with one mighty thrust, the boy was shoved forward withal the might of his Mentor, and held in place. The scene falls so silent that you could hear a drop of cum hit the floor. And then the coughing starts. Robbie starts coughing so hard it's a little scary, and it's unclear why, until every viewer sees it in super slow-mo. The boy is coughing up cum. Yes, the little 5-year-old slut was not only getting a throat fucking like some champion prostitute, but he was also getting a healthy portion of cum down his innocent throat. The little kid, who until recently had clung to his mother's side, had known no man in his life, was now having so much cum shot down his throat that it began to pour out his little nose. Finally the onslaught of jizz ended, the mentor let go, and little Robbie fell to the ground, gasping for air, sputtering, and coughing up cum. As the camera zooms in on his little face, he looks up with cum-covered eyes. ROBBIE: Did-did I win? The screen cuts back to the studio. A split screen shows Robbie and his mentor in the top-secret room, and Dylan, who has now removed his shirt to show his rippling pecs and abs. His big young cock is out and raging hard, and it's obvious both he and Robbie's mentor have been jerking off while watching Robbie's ordeal. The kid, however, just stares blankly at the screen. DYLAN: Yes, Robbie, you certainly did! Congratulations! You made it to the next round! The crowd cheers. Robbie's face lights up. ROBBIE: I get to go home now! Dylan, Robbie's mentor and the entire audience burst out in laughter that lasts for minutes. Poor Robbie just looks around confused. DYLAN: I suppose being such a little guy it's kind of hard to understand the rules. No, Robbie, you're very far from home. You'll be moving on to your next challenge! Who knows what mysterious land, and mysterious sex acts await you next! ROBBIE: But I just finished! MENTOR: Off we go, my winning boy! The confused and bewildered Robbie disappears off screen, followed by his hunky mentor. The screen zooms in on that hottie Dylan. DYLAN: Wow, what a round! I think this season's boy race is off to a great start! I can't believe our youngest slut was the one who came in first! Looks like little Robbie is showing lots of promise. Viewers, you'll have to wait a few episodes before we see what Robbie is up against next. But am I the only one who noticed that there was one lesson Robbie didn't learn from those cocks? Hmmm? Dylan gives the audience a wink, suggesting that there may be something very exciting coming up for Robbie next. DYLAN: Next week, we'll meet our second place player and see what that little boy was up against! But until then, we want to hear from YOU viewers again! 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