--------Stories Available Upon Request------------------------------

	   Star Trek : DS9 - Immortal Voyagers (M/F F/F oral) - Security
Agent Russell Nash arrives on DS9 to pick up a prisoner, but Odo discovers
that Nash and the prisoner are Immortals, and they share a mysterious
connection with him.  In the meantime the Station is crippled and boarded
by Cardassians, who take a special interest in Kira and her holographic

	   Star Trek : DS9 - Logic (M/F F/F FF/F oral) - Quark's wheelings
and dealings bring him into possession of Vulcan Fire Gems, said to carry
the souls of long dead Sorcerors, when the most powerful and corrupt of
these Sorceror's escapes, Kira's body is taken over as he searches for a
new, male Vulcan body so that he can take over the Universe....the only
problem is, he can only swap bodie's at the point of Orgasm with another
being, and he is most definately straight!
	   Star Trek : TNG - Complexities and Paradoxes (M/F F/F oral
orgy) - This story takes place directly after the events of Star
Trek : First Contact, the crew of the Enterprise find themselves locked
in timepockets from the future and past, if they do not escape
the timepockets soon, they will be trapped forever.
	(Note, this story makes use of scenes in planned future stories
of mine and in past episodes of The Next Generation)

    	   Star Trek : TNG - Shadows  (M/F, F/F, oral, orgy, female
masturbation) - The Moriarty Cube has been rediscovered, and Picard and
his crew find themselves in a strange new Universe where Riker is a mad
dictator and Picard an outlaw of the Marqui.

       Star Trek : Voyager - Temptation (M/F, F/F, oral, anal) - A
sequel to Immortal Voyagers, Norman Masters is discovered unconscious
on a Federation Shuttle deep in the Delta Quadrant.
	When Norman's ancient adversary, Conner MacLeod, arrives on
the scene, Janeway must try and decide which of them is telling the
truth, or the fate of not just the ALpha Quadrant, but the whole
Universe may be in jeoprady... and to top it off, a special guest
star shows up just to make things more confusing for her.

	Star Trek : TOS - Future Imperfect (M/F, oral, fem. mast.) -
An old nemesis from the past casts Captain Hikaru Sulu twenty years
back in time onto The USS Enterprise, then leaves him and his companions
stranded there.  When a mysterious alien ship attacks The Enterprise,
can Captain Kirk defeat it's superior technology? and can Captain Sulu
survive a confrontation with his old Captain?

        Star Trek DS9 : Operation Trojan Horse (probably m/f, f/f and
oral) - Set at the same time as Shadows in the Real Trek Universe.
	After leaving Officer Valdez and the Enterprise Crew in the
holo-suite, Odo runs into more and more bizarre characters on board the
Station, and information begins to (literally) fall into his lap.  A
strange, unexplained power failure befalls the Station (with only the
Holo-Suites left operational and strangely inaccessible) and the
Cardassian No'Kase escapes confinement - his main concerns, revenge on
Major Kira and Odo, then escape from DS9.

	X-Men - Something Sinister This Way Comes (M/F, F/F, f/f
female masturbation, oral, anal, orgy) - For fans of What If? The Watcher
stares into an alternate reality where Magneto was banished from Earth by
Xavier instead of being mindwiped.  But Xavier falls into a coma and the 
X-Men find themselves having strange dreams that seem to come true, while
Sinister and Apocalypse gather their forces and Wolverine hunts down the
mysterious X-Man. 	   

	   Marvel Universe - Herald Of Armageddon (M/F, F/F, f/f
oral, anal, orgy, fem. mast., FF/F, M/FFFF) Magnus - The New Herald of
Galactus - travels to Earth to destroy his former enemies, the X-Men.  The
only thing standing in his way are the Heroe's of Earth and the Silver
Surfer.  But does Galactus pull Magnus' strings, or is the former mutant
a puppet of Thanos?

        Excalibur - Inner Circle (M/F, F/F, oral, anal, orgy)- 
	Continuing the story started a looong time ago in Herald
Of Armageddon, eXcalibur find themselves the prisoners of The Inner Circle
Of The Hell-Fire Club.  
	And as the heroes are manipulated and played with, one member of
The Inner Circle plays her own dangerous game for high stakes.

	Spiderman - Manipulation - Set during Herald Of Armageddon, this
story explains what happened between Mary Jane and Norman Osborn between
the time she was knocked out by Magnus' E.M Flare and when she suddenly
reappeared during Paradox's Orgy.

        Age Of Onslaught - (M/F, F/F, f/f, oral, anal, orgy, fem. mast., cons,
non. cons, M+/F) Sequel to Herald Of Armageddon, Onslaught - a mysteriously
powerful being, weaves an intricate web of intrigue which results in
a return to the Age Of Apocalypse, but with a difference.  Now, selected heroes
and mutants of our Earth find themselves in the Age Of Apocalypse, now
ruled by Onslaught, trying to convince thier AOA counterparts to help
them wipe out their own existance for the greater good, something that
they're not too eager to do.

        Marvel - Evolution (M/F, cons, nc, F/F, M+/F, F+/F, oral, anal,
fem. mast. orgy) - It's the sequel to Age Of Onslaught which was sequel to
Herald Of Armageddon which in turn was a sequel to Something Sinister This 
Way Comes.  Back in SSTWC, The Beast cured The Legacy Virus, as well as 
Cancer and Aids with a remarkable new vaccine derived from Cable's T.O
virus.  Now the vaccine takes a sinister turn, beginning to force the
Evolution of it's recepients beyond man, beyond even mutant, to a new
lifeform that is not necessarily friendly towards those they consider
to be inferior to them.  The Marvel Universe is faced with a deadly
choice, evolve now... or die.

          Celebrity Rapist - How Gary Fucked Up (M/F, MF/F, anal) - A 
Celebrity Male, disgusted with the feminist movement, joins a corrupt
Organisation that deals in the sale of Celebrity Sex - stars Teri Hatcher,
Gillian Anderson and Demi Moore. 
	Celebrity Hypnotist - Corruption in Hollywood (multiparter) (M/F, 
F/F, oral, anal, MF/F, FF/F, orgy) * - A sequel to the Celeb. Rapist story
that stars an as yet unidentified Celebrity male who hypnotises and then has
sex with Celebrity females, selling the tapes to the corrupt Organisation.
        (Parts 1 - 18 are available, part 19 is in progress, there will be
20 chapters in total.)
Highlander/X-Files (M/F) - Investigating a tip from Mr X, Scully and
Mulder meet Russell Nash, an antiquities dealer with some unknown 
connection to an international assasin.  Scully returns later that night
and discovers that Nash and his cousin, Duncan MaCleod are Immortals, and
she is captured by another of their dangerous race, to be used for who
knows what foul purpose. Scully travels to Paris to find Duncan MaCleod,
she discovers she is a consort, a human with a genetic makeup
that creates unbeleivably erotic feelings between herself and
Immortals - Duncan escapes with her from another Immortal, but Scully is
soon captured by a mad immortal with no desire for anything but pleasure.
          Hypnotic Revenge - Payback (m/f, hypno, humiliation) - A young
man learns the price of arrogance when he is hypnotised and sexually used
by a woman who has,"Had enough!"

	      Superman/L&C - Superman Meets Reality (Real World Series)
(M/F, F/F, oral) - Clark Kent snaps suddenly, throwing aside his former
boy scout attitude towards humans and joining forces with Lex Luthor
after being urged to by his father, who is in fact a homicidal maniac.  As
he and Luthor take over the world, Lois begins to plot on her own.

		  Dr Quinn - Dr Quinn Meets Reality (Real World Series)
(M/F, mF/f, humiliation) - The good Doctor discovers what the Wild West
was really like when she is forced to become a whore and is captured by
Indians (This is a basic re-write of the pilot)

	             X-Men - Prof. X Meets Reality (Real World Series)
(M/F, F/F)  - The Professor chucks in his original plans of being a mutant
benefactor and begins recruiting beautiful female mutants, but Stryfe has
a few plans of his own and begins his powerplay.
	 Infinity Gauntlet - Thanos Meets Reality (Real World Series)
(M/F, M/f, f/f, oral, anal)  - Thanos overcomes his own psychological
problems to wield the true power of the Cosmos, to stop the heroes from
stopping him, he interests them in........other things......and Adam
Warlock races to stop him.

	      Infinity War - Universal Doom (M/F) - As the Magus begins
to cement his power, Doom begins to play his own strategy against the new
Lord of the Universe, while Warlock finds himself enraptured by a female
called The Goddess!!!

	          Seinfeld - The Blowjob - (M/F, oral) When Elaine dates a
pervert, she complains to Jerry and George that men lack sensitivity.
Jerry tries to get together with a supermodel, George becomes a sensitive
new age guy in the hope that it will get him a blowjob, and Kramer takes
advantage of Jerry's relationship problems.

	Seinfeld - No Man's Land - (M/F) - Elaine goes on a quest to
discover if she has large breasts, George unsuccessfully tries to
break up with his girlfriend so he can pursue a non-existant relationship
with Elaine, Kramer is writing a book on New York's top psychos and Jerry
inadvertantly plays into a insane man's ridiculous conspiracy theories.

        Smurfs Meet Reality - (M/F, F/F, oral, orgy, fem. mast., cartoon
violence, humour) -  When toxic waste from the future is spilt over the
Smurf's village, they begin to act in strange new predatory ways.  Brainy's 
intelligence brings him unwanted attention as a highly muscled, stogie 
smoking, uzi toting, Smurfette f**king Papa Smurf decides to,"Take that Fag
Gargamel out once and for all!"

              College Haze - (f/f, m/f, oral, fem. mast., orgy,
voyeurism) - Having seem too many college movies, BMOC Jock Georgetown
bullies local nerd Sebastian Howards into hooking up video cameras to a
girls frat, but get's more than what he bargained for.

	   Carmen Sandiego - The Sultan And The Seductress  (M/F, F/F,
oral, anal, orgy, female masturbation) - Acme's best detective team, Zack
and Ivy, are split up.  As Zack tries to find out why, Ivy investigates
Carmen's apparent connection to a White Slavery ring.

	WonderWoman/Captain America - Alpha Child * (M/F, F/F, oral,
anal, female masturbation, orgy, tentacle sex) - A Mysterious German
Countess strives to defeat the Nazi armies two greatest Allied foes,
Captain America and Wonderwoman - she plans for the two to come together
in the hopes that they will give birth to the Alpha Child, and that he
will become the perfect Aryan soldier.

        TombRaider - Lara's Defeat (M/F) - Before Lara was hired
by Jacquline Natla to find the Scion, she defeated the Bigfoot, and while
celebrating finds herself in an affair with Pierre DuPont, adventurer and
treasurehunter extraordinaire.

        JLA/Avengers - The Forgotten (M/F, F/F, oral, anal, fem mast)
When Earth's Mightiest Heroes - The Avengers - recieve a distress call
from Mentor the Titan, trapped on a mysterious planet - they rally and
head to the rescue... only to be  challenged by... Earth's Mightiest
Heroes! The JLA?
	An ancient, forgotten evil has been unleashed on both thier
Universes and the two teams must reluctantly fight each other for
the ultimate prize, the salvation of thier own history!

	JLA - Dark Angel (M/F, F/F, oral, anal, fem. mast, orgy)
A chilling new villain appears and systematically takes apart The
JLA before unleashing an energy field that will take control of the 
minds of every single citizen on the planet.  With no free will, 
there can be no resistance.  But the world should relax, after all
The JLA is on the case.... oh yeah, that's right.... The JLA are
already under his control.

	X-Files - Grandmaster (M/F, oral, anal, female masturbation)
	Mulder starts getting leads that bring him ever closer to
'the truth', but Scully suspects that he's being manouvered like a 
chesspiece, and her suspicions deepen when she meets Mulder's 'source',
an arrogant young man with a strange secret.

	Crimson Dawn (M/F, oral, anal, cons, nc, rape, f-dom, m-dom)
A What If? based during my Age Of Onslaught story.  Pheonix, Cyclops 
and Angel are pulled into a nightmare world of treachery and deceit 
by Psylocke, who has become the Ultimate Undercloak Of
Kuragari - Proctor of the Crimson Dawn.

    Cliches - (Humor, sex) A good-natured parody of sex on the
Internet, meant to amuse rather than arouse.  It does contain sex,
but that rather takes a back seat to the story.

------------Up And Coming Stories--------------------------------------------

	Marvel - The 13th hour - (Lots of naughty things)
The first of the last two stories in my epic Marvel Saga, bringing
together plot-threads laid down waaaaay back in Something Sinister
This Way Comes and Herald Of Armageddon.  The Heroes of The Marvel
Universe have defeated everything that's come at them, and now
things have become too damn quiet, where are the world's Supervillains?
And more importantly, what are they planning?
	It's the start of the last day The Marvel Universe will ever know!

	JLA - To Hell And Back - (M/F, F/F, oral, anal, cons & nc)
When a madman tries to mystically use the Earth's magnetic field
to shift the entire planet into the same dimension as Hell, Various
assembled heroes of The DC Universe band together and successfully
stop him... but at a price.  A number of Heroes and Heroines are 
sucked into The Realm Of Hell before the villain can be stopped, 
and it's up to The JLA to go into Hell itself to get them
back.... just as Neron has planned.

	Seinfeld - The K-Man Cometh - As George laments about the
fact that he can't get a woman to go out with him, Elaine and Jerry
flirt with the idea of renewing their relationship and Kramer
accidentally becomes a porn star.

        Star Trek Voyager : Prime Repurcussions (most likely M/F, F/F,
oral, anal, fem mast. cons & nc) - Shortly after saying goodbye to Kes
and hello to 7of9, a mysterious spaceship boards Voyager and starts
taking over the ship deck by deck, it's occupants sharing a peculiar
history with two crewmembers in particular, eventually leading Janeway
to recall just why The Prime Directive is The Prime Directive.

        Star Trek Universe : The RedShirts Are Coming! (oooh, a whole
damn lot of things!) - After yet another Red-Shirted Security Guard dies
whilst on an Away Mission with Kirk, Spock and McCoy, the Security Staff
lose it and stage a mutiny, taking The Enterprise and flee through
both time and space to escape the repurcussions.

	Highlander - Memories (Alphabet soup later) - The last in the
Star Trek/Highlander Trilogy (which began with DS9 - Immortal Voyagers 
and was continued in Voyager - Temptations).  The last two Immortals
find themselves the prisoner of an insane artificial intelligence that
is planning on flying into a sun because it can't fulfill it's purpose
and find love.  The two enemies are forced to work together, knowing
that not even their Immortality can save them from vaporization.  They
begin telling the AI stories of love and lust from thier past in the
hopes they can stall it's suicide long enough to over-ride it's
programming.  Features an appearance by Agent Scully from X-Files, as
well as a story set on the Titanic (yep, I've been caught up in Titanic
fever too!).

	Generation X/New Mutants Crossover - Recounts what happened to
Generation X, Blink and Holocaust when they disappeared into one of
Gateways portals during Herald Of Armageddon, features the New Mutants.