Hey there, this is Dimitri, author of the 
stories in these directories.
	Just in case anyone is interested, I run a
mailing list (wait wait, don't run! This next bit is
good) which is free & private (and I mean that, no
little join up fees, no sharing names with those
scam artists and con-men....yeah I hate Microsoft
	Basically the list sends out advance copies
of my stories as I finish them, the pros? You get the
full story without doing anything more than doing
e-mail, you don't pay a cent, it's private and you'll
see my stories before anyone else (big thrill!)
	Cons? Every so often you'll recieve stories
from me....no...wait, that's the whole purpose.
	If you're interested, just e-mail a message
to :


	with the subject mailing list and 
type,"sure, put me on the list," in the body of the
message, or even just type,'sure, put me on the
list," in the subject.

	And even if you're not interested in joining
the list, drop me a line and tell me what you think
of my stories, I do this for the feedback, so tell me
if you liked it, hated it and why.

	Thanks, see you around...