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	Embarrassment - A Tale of Hypnotic Revenge.

	"You may be wondering just why in the hell I'm standing in front
of class naked today, well before Mrs Appleby recovers and wakes up, let me
        It all started in, of all places, the mall.  I was sitting around
with a couple of buddies, this fat bitch walked past and I called out to my
buddies that I had a sudden hankering for beef after seeing that cow.  They
laughed, the bitch turned red and ran off, if I'd known that Maggie was
watching I probably wouldn't have cared, but within the next 24 hours I'd
learn to pay attention to Maggie.
	About six I decided to go home to get to work on my assignment, it
was due in tomorrow and I hadn't even started.  When I got to the parking
lot this girl ran up to me, she was short and a little dumpy, she looked
damn scared,"Help," she said, panting,"Some guy is following me, I need a
	I looked round and saw a big guy in a leather jacket staring at us
from next to a tree, he looked like a real knuckle dragger so I pulled her
with me into my car.  We pulled out of the parking lot and the gorilla shook
his head angrily and wondered off.
	"Thanks," she said,"Can you drop me home, I live on Clayton," I
nodded agreement.
	"Why was that guy after you?"
	"I don't know, he just started chasing me, if you hadn't of been
there.... I was feeling really, really sleepy, my eyes began to get heavy
and I was thinking I was about to fall asleep."
	I yawned,"Guess it's contagious, I'm feeling a little sleepy
myself," I didn't realize till later how steady and monotonous her voice
had become.
	"I kept expecting him to PULL me over," she said, emphasizing
certain words, I didn't really notice, I was getting sleepy,"PULL me right
OVER AND do who knows what, YOU came along though, CAN you believe my luck,
FUCK I thought, lucky ME."
	I dimly noticed that she was talking in the completely wrong frame
of voice for what she was saying, some part of me was telling me that, but
she kept speaking for nearly five minutes and I slowly began to pull over.
	"Into that alley," she said, I nodded dully and got out, leaving the
keys in the ignition, I wondered into the alley and stood still.  I couldn't
for the life of me think what to do unless she told me.
	"My name is Maggie," she said,"Look at my body," I did, she was
fantastic, she was short, about five foot five with short, straight black
hair, her breasts were beautifully rounded, her waist impossibly thin and
her ass impossibly tight.  She was a cross between the babe from Weird
Science and the chick who played the new Lois Lane, in fact I had often
dreamed of fucking both of them, now here was a babe I could, it was a dream
come true.  Strange though, I had thought she was short and dumpy.
	"Do you want me?" she asked, hands on hips.
	"Yeah," I said, my voice seemed dull and lifeless to me.
	"What would you do to fuck me?" she asked.
	"I'd do anything."
	"So of your own free will, you would do anything I told you to do
just to get what you see in front of you?"
	"And you will?"
	"Come on then," she said,"But don't cum in your pants before you
get them off."
	She removed her top, her large, firm tits bounced free, I fumbled
with my belt and stopped suddenly, I grunted and came in my pants!
	"Come on," she said, pulling her pants away, revealing a nice
trimmed cunt,"Fuck me, but don't go cumming again."
	I pulled my pants free and rushed towards, I stopped again, grunted
and came again, I collapsed to my knees, reveling in the
pleasure, agonizing in the embarrassment and aching in slight pain.
	"If you don't fuck me within the next ten seconds, you'll come
again, and you'll keep cumming until you get your cock into my cunt, no
matter how much it hurts."
	"No," I said, realizing that somehow she had hypnotized me, but I
was free now, my voice was my own, she couldn't make me do what I didn't
want to do, then I came......and kept cumming, I gasped in pleasure and
pain and stumbled towards her, but she closed her legs together and shook
her head, a slight grin on her face.
	My cum kept pumping out, I tried to scream but she shook her
head,"Keep quiet now, and don't touch me."
	I stopped where I was, my cum kept flying out, my cock spasming
wildly, I pushed forward slightly and she grinned,"You have a strong will,
come on," she spread her legs and raised her hips,"Please," she said,"Don't
fuck me."
	But I felt my muscles free up, and I knew I was truly free of her
control, my cum slowed to a dribble and I felt only pain now, but I meant
to fuck this bitch and fuck her good, even if it killed me.
	I positioned my cock and rammed into her, she groaned in pleasure,
she rammed her hips upward, slamming against my groin, I felt more pain but
dismissed it, my mouth ran over her tits, licking at her nipples, she tried
to scratch at me with her nails but I thrust her hands back against the
ground.  My cock continued to ram into her cunt, she pleaded with me to stop
and I laughed,  this bitch was going to learn that it was her place to be
fucked.  I stopped, thrust forward hard, and came, I felt no pleasure
physically, but mentally I felt like a God, I withdrew and grinned,"How'd
you like that you fucking whore?"
	She started laughing then, I shook my head, and suddenly I saw,
she wasn't my ultimate woman, she was short and dumpy, her tits sagged and
her cunt was like a thick black hole, her pubes looked filthy.  She
grinned,"No boy, you're my whore."
	I pulled my pants on and ran.

	"This morning I awoke, all pain was gone, I decided to go to
school.  Before first class I felt a sudden need to go to the toilet, I
went in and started pissing, I had a sudden memory, I was in my car with
Maggie, and she was speaking with me."
	"Before first class you'll realize you need to urinate, afterwards
you'll remember this conversation, you're skin will grow hot, the only way
to stop this heat is to remove your clothes, then you'll go to class and
greet everyone."
	"But what Maggie doesn't realize is that she made a mistake,"I told
the enraptured class, almost unnaturally enraptured, almost like they
were... hypnotized?
        "She inadvertently taught me how to hypnotize, and they may arrest
me, but not before I tell the lot of you all about Maggie, and how much you
would enjoy gang banging her................."


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