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	(Opening music : Louie, louie or some other college thing)

	Jock Georgetown lay on his bunk reading a porno mag, he sighed as
he came to the last page, shut the book and sat up.
	"Hey, Rob, you awake man?" he whispered.
	"Rob!" he whispered harshly.
	He leapt down from his bunk, landing softly on the floor.  Jock
was a big guy, naturally well muscled, he often worked out. He had been the
High School Quarterback at his old High School and had gotten a scholarship
to Pitman College - one of the finest schools in America according to this
father.  Despite his size he moved with the skill and grace of a cat, skills
that made him appear dangerous no matter what he was doing.
	"Rob," he whispered again, flicking his bunkmates nose.
	"Wha...." muttered Rob, coming awake suddenly,"Shit, what is it
	"I'm horny...." started Jock, Rob's eyes flew wide open and he sat
up in the bed, making a fist.
	"Keep the fuck away from me......"
	"No you dumb asshole, I'm horny for a chick, you wanna go scope out
some of the Freshmans?"
	Jock and Rob were Freshmans themselves, and as such were not yet
members of any Fraternity, although Jock's father had assured him that he
was guaranteed membership in Alpha Phi Beta.
	"Shit man," said Rob, relaxing,"I'm tired, you go."
	Jock stood back up, he grabbed a dark shirt and a pair of Jeans and
slid them on.
        "Your loss man," he said, walking out the door.

        He made his way out of the dorm easily enough, slipping through an
unlocked window, dodging campus security he was heading towards where he
figured the chick's dorms were when he heard the music.
	"....louie, louie, hey baby......."
	"Louie, louie?" he muttered and made his way towards the source of
the music, finding himself outside Delta House.
	Delta House was the primo Sorority, all the most popular chicks were
known to hang out there.  He slid quietly to the window, risking a glance in
he was pleasantly surprised to see about twenty chicks  walking about in
their underwear.
	He moved away from the window, which was facing a campus security
house, and moved around towards the back, he was in luck, there was a tree
about fifty yards away from the house with a branch directly adjacent a
lighted window. (convenient that)
	He moved up the tree like a monkey, coming to the branch he settled
down, looking down at the large window on the first floor.
	He caught a glimpse of a couple of chick's bare legs, then one
approached the window, grabbing the curtains, she was wearing only bra and
panties, he was given a fine view of some nice cleavage, then the curtains
were pulled shut.
	"Fuck," he muttered, and looked up at the adjacent window, the room
there was empty.  He began to slide off the branch when the door opened and
two girls entered, laughing and giggling - both were naked.
	He stared hungrily at the first ones tits, they were large and firm,
then she turned from him to face the other chick and he realized he hadn't
had a chance to see her face.  She had long blonde hair down to her ass,
which was firm, and tattooed with a small spider on the left ass cheek.
	He watched in surprise as she leant down to kiss the other girl, who
was a shorter brunette.  The two kissed briefly, then the brunette lay down
on the bed, which was facing Jock.  The blonde sat up on the bed on her
knees, then bent down over the brunettes laps, her head beginning to bob
up and down.  Jock instantly realized that the blonde was tongue fucking
the brunette, and he found himself wishing that he had brought a camera,
the sight of the blondes fantastic ass had given him a hardon struggling
for freedom in his restrictive jeans.
	The blonde suddenly moved forward, so that now she lay on top of
the brunette, she began rubbing up and down, giving the shorter brunette a
body slide.
	Jock looked down as he noted a light, a Campus Security man was
wandering the area with his flash light, and Jock noted with fear that he
was shining the light into the trees as well.
	He quickly slid down the tree and rushed back into the surrounding
buildings, moving as quietly as a cat, but apparently not quietly enough.
	"Who's there?" came the Security Officer's voice and Jock instantly
made a break for it, the officer bellowed and gave chase.
	Jock was fast, damn fast, and he outpaced the officer, sliding
into the space between a research lab and medical facility, the man rushed
past him, and he quickly made his way back towards the Freshmans Dormitory.
	He found the unlocked window and slid it open, as he went to leap
up to it, he heard a crunching noise, and saw the light from a torch spill
around the corner, he was caught!

	Sebastian Howard only contemplated for brief seconds before deciding
on a course of action, he leaped away from his computer, his foot tangling
in a wire and tripping him, as he fell he reached out wildly and grabbed a
book shelf, which spilled to the ground too.  He scrambled up and pushed
the second floor window of his dorm room up, stuck his head out and made a
strange ululating noise.
	The Security Guard below him, who had been about to step around the
corner, stepped back in shock and looked up at him.
	"Wha da fuck cho tink you doing boy?" he cried out, Sebastian noted
with approval that the Campus Security man was part of a breed
of Neanderthal that only found employment as security men or for genetic
	"Sorry sir," he said, knowing that men like this loved being called
sir,"I was simply engaged in mimicking the mating call of that beloved
animal, the horned owl."
	"I was making bird noises, sir."
	"Don't be tinking about doing it again!" yelled the security man
and continued his way forward, Sebastian rushed back towards the monitor,
the window was reclosed, their was no sign of Jock.
	Jock also head the noise, and then the Security Guards voice yelling
at some dumbass Freshman, he moved quickly, sliding through the window and
closing it, moments later a flashlight washed over the space where he had
	He made his way back towards his room, noting that one of the doors
was open, he happened to look in - a geek was looking back at him.
	"Felicitations, Mr Georgetown," he said,"I trust that your endeavors
were successful?"
	"For some reason, you left the dorm, if it wasn't for my cameras,
you would have been caught by Campus Security."
	"That was you making the noise?"
	"Yes, you can thank me for saving your proverbial bacon at some
future point."
	"What cameras?"
        "Hmmm? oh, my reference to my other eyes? I see, yes, I have indeed
patched into Campus Securities video cameras, through which I can keep track
of what goes on around the general area."
	"You mean I'm on a campus tape?"
	"No no no," laughed Sebastian,"When I took control of the cameras,
I recorded an initial five minutes of uneventful viewing time, then looped
the information, so that the security guards see nothing of what is going
on, should any ne'erdowells happen to come onto Campus, I will of course,
relinquish control to Campus Security in order to......"
	Jock moved forward and grabbed Sebastian by the collar,"You saying
that you got me on tape?"
	" manner...of speaking....."
	"Yes or no, nerd boy!"
	"....I..would answer in the affirmative....."
        "Yes or no, just say yes or no."
	Jock released him and Sebastian was left gasping for air.
	"Delete it," said Jock,"And count yourself lucky I didn't hurt ya."
	He walked out the door and went back to his room.

	A couple of guys from Alpha Phi Beta came into Jock's room the
next day.
	"What were you doing out last night?" asked one of them.
	"Huh, I don't know what you're talking about?"
	"Last night you made your way out of the dorm, and you went
somewhere, we were hoping to find out where from campus security tapes, but
they don't show you anywhere."
	Jock looked at them, weighing up what they were saying, then sighed
and said,"Okay, I snuck out to see some girls in the Freshman dorm, but I
got sidetracked at Delta House."
	The first looked at the second, who took a brief look at a small
notepad and nodded,"Security guy chased someone away from there last night."
	"What'd you see?" asked the first.
	"The girls were all half naked, they closed up the curtains, but I
saw a couple of them fucking each other upstairs."
	The two Alpha men smiled at each other,"What'd they look like?"
	"I missed the brunette, but the blonde was tall with long hair and
a spider tattoo on her ass."
	The first Alpha man smiled,"That confirms it, Melissa Davenport,
when she was wearing THAT swimsuit last year we all saw that tattoo."
        The second nodded,"Upper Echelon?" he asked his companion, as if
Jock wasn't even there.
	"Indeed," replied the first, then turned back to Jock,"You're
guaranteed entry," he said,"Because your father was a member of Alpha Phi
Beta, but you still have to go through the technicalities, Hell week
etc.....but how'd you like to skip all of that?"
	Jock smiled,"Sounds great, what do I have to do?"
	"There is an Upper Echelon in Alpha Phi Beta - an inner circle if
you will - of the very best, but to gain access to it you need something
special - you proved you had it last night by evading security.  To gain
access, you are given a week to perform a task given to you by another Upper
Echelon member, who will then vouch for you, a vote will go forth, and you
will either be admitted or forced into hell week with the other pledges."
	"What do I have to do?"
	"It's quite simple, the two of us are Upper Echelon members, my
task to you is this, the girls of Delta House are notoriously hard to crack,
no one has ever fucked one of them, no one has ever found out what goes on
in their Sorority House, you found out last night, and that alone would be
worth membership, but without proof it's nothing - get evidence of what is
going on in there - and you're a member!"
	"How long do I get?" said Jock, standing up.
	"Pledges are chosen by next week, hell week begins the following
week, you have until then to get the evidence, or else you're a normal
pledge like everyone else."
	Jck smiled, and extended his hand to the Alpha man, who smiled at
him and shook his head,"Don't take it personal, I can't shake your hand and
tell you my name until you're a member or pledge - when you have the
evidence, come to Alpha house, knock on the door, and ask for Bif."
	He turned and walked away, the second Alpha man right behind, and
left Jock thinking.

	Two days later he had come up with nothing, he couldn't leave at
night because of the cameras, and he couldn't trust that nerd Howards to
save his bacon a second time, he'd probably want revenge for
being threatened..........that was it!"
	"Revenge of the Nerds!" he yelled, startling Rob, who was idly
leafing through a Playboy.
	"Wha....?" he started, but Jock was already through the door.

	"It's possible," said Sebastian, stroking his chin thoughtfully,
wishing he had a pipe to smoke to look every bit the genius.
	"So you could do it?" Jock asked hopefully.
	"I didn't say that, my cranially incapacitated comrade, I said it's
possible, but it would take nearly a month to complete safely...."
	"I got one and a half weeks....."	
	"What?" cried Howards,"I thought you were delivering me
a hypothesis, not an ultimatum!"
	Jock grabbed Howards by the collar once more,"Can you do it?"
	"Yes......" gasped Howards,"But I'll need help."
	"Who from," Jock asked, dropping him.
	"You namely, I can get the equipment, but I can't install it
myself, I'm neither a ninja nor an architect, this isn't Revenge of the
Nerds you know!"
	"Just tell me what I gotta do!" laughed Jock, sitting down on the

	Four days later, all was in readiness for Operation : Dyke Catch,
as Sebastian had come to call it, all that remained now was the distraction.

        "Exterminators?" asked the Sorority Girl, her hands on her hips, she
was wearing a white halter top and extremely small jeans.
	"That's right ma'am," said Joe Bloggs with a grin,"We were called in
to fumigate the three surrounding buildings, you'll have to find alternative
residences for the next three days."
	"No way," she replied, she turned and looked back into the Sorority
house,"Girls, this guy says we'll have to move out for three days while he
gases the place."
	"Bullshit," came a call,"Tell him to go fuck himself."
	"Nothing I'd like better," said Mr Bloggs,"But I have my orders!"
	The girl smiled, then stepped back as a stunningly beautiful blonde
girl stepped into the doorway.
	"What's the problem, I'm Mary Davenport - student liaison."
	"You gotta be fumigated, the work order says so."
	Mary sighed,"We're not moving," she stepped forward,
bent down - giving him a view of her massive cleavage,"We weren't given any
notice, surely there is something you can do?"
	Joe gulped, then stammered,"I....g.g.g..guess, that..we...we could,
um, ahh, um, we could actually check it out first to see if you need to
get the full works."
	 She smiled sweetly,"Of course, now wasn't that easy?"
	Joe grinned weakly,", you'll still have, vacate
the premises for three hours or so."
	Mary sighed,"All right, give me a few seconds," she turned and
called out to the other girls,"Find someplace else to be for the next three
hours," then she turned back to Joe,"I'll be in contact with the Dean to see
what's going on here."
	Joe smiled,"You do that ma'am, we'll try to get out of your hair."
	Joe and his two assistants, Ralph and Howie, watched as forty
incredibly beautiful woman walked out of the Sorority house and headed in
different directions, then they walked into the house.

	Once inside, Jock immediately fell back to Sebastian,"Okay, Howards,
what now?"
	"Seal up the curtains first off, then find me the main junction
	"Ralph" made to remove the make up and added features that Howards
had painstakingly added to each of them, but Jock grabbed his arm,"We still
have to get out Rob!"
	Rob smiled weakly,"Uh..yeah, sorry man."
	They quickly closed up the curtains.
	"Hey Howards, what about the Dean?"
	"It's taken care of," he laughed, then added under his breath,"I
	Mary pulled the head out of her lap,"Not now," she said.
	"But, zose awful men tell us to keep busy for half an hour, no?"
said Yvette, her pretty French face covered in pussy juice,"What better way
to keep busy then you say, get busy?"
	"I gotta talk to the Dean," Mary replied with a grin,"Keep yourself
	As she pulled on a pair of pants and picked up the phone, she
watched the French girl start to slowly finger herself, it was getting her
wetter already, and she hoped the Dean wouldn't notice when she talked on
the phone.
	"Dean's Office, may I ask who is calling?" came the
pretty Secretarie's voice, Mary had eaten her out a couple of times, so came
straight to the point.
        "I gotta talk to the Dean about some assholes wanting to lay down
extermination gas in Delta House."
	"Mary? I'll put you through."
	A second later the Dean's voice came over the phone.  Dean Jeffry
Jones was nearing his early fifties, but was still young at heart, or so he
liked to say, Mary had been sure he wanted to get into his pants, until she
found out his interests lay in.....other areas.
	"Ms Davenport? How can I help you?"
	Yvette's fingers were slick with her own juices, and she was slowly
and erotically licking the cum from them, Mary suppressed a shudder of
sexual excitement and kept her voice calm.
	"I had a man from Blogg's Fumegators show up today wanting me and
my girls to leave for three days while they fumigated the house."
	"I didn't hear anything about that," muttered the Dean,"Just a
second Ms Davenport."
	"No rush," replied Mary sweetly, fingering her own snatch now as
she watched Yvette slide a dildo in and out of herself.
	The Dean frowned as he punched up information on his computer, he
found it instantly.
	"Ms Davenport, I am sorry, your house was indeed marked for
exterminators, and the information should have gotten to you."
	"Thank you very much for your time," now Yvette's head was once
again buried in her lap, and she wanted to get rid of the idiot on the
        "No problem, I can check out who was supposed to get the information
to you if you would like....."
	"No, no, that won't be.....ahh....imm," she clenched her teeth as
she felt an approaching orgasm,"...immmm....ahhh....that won't be necessary,
it just seemed a little strange to me..........oooh!"
	"Are you all right, Ms Davenport?" the Dean asked in concern.
	"You wouldn't believe how right I am," Mary moaned as Yvette tongue
fucked her,"I have to go now Dean Jones, thank you so much.............." as
she hung up her orgasm broke through and she screamed,"YEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS!"
        The Dean put the phone down,"Strangest reaction to being gassed I've
ever heard."

	At Sebastian's instructions, miniature fibre optic cameras were
set up all over the house, he opened small patches in the wall, attached
them to existing wires and then resealed the wall, allowing for the
necessary pinhole to allow the camera to see through, no one who wasn't
looking closely for it would ever see it.
	"Where'd you learn all this stuff?" said Rob as he moved a bookcase
back into place.
	"I researched it, it's easy when you know how."
	"But where'd you get the time?" asked Jock as he moved a plant back
to its original location.
	"Oh, there's always time if you make up a time budget, I have one on
my wall, don't you?"
	"A TIME BUDGET?!?" exclaimed Jock and Rob at the same time.
	"Yeah, it just makes sense."
	Rob and Jock looked at each other and shook their heads sadly.

	"Okay Ms Davenport, as a favor to you, I'll tell you the truth,"
said Jock (still in the Joe Bloggs disguise),"There is little evidence of
any infestation whatsoever, in fact, I'm going to recommend to my boss that
this place not be fumigated."
	"So we can stay here tonight?" asked Mary, trying to suppress a
	"Yes ma'am!"
	"Good, come on girls!" she walked past Joe without a look, but he
didn't really care, he had done what needed to be done, he'd be a member of
the Upper Echelon easily now.

	That night he sat down on Sebastian's bed and stretched,"So, when
does the show start?"
	"I'm just creating a taped loop for the Security guards now,"
Sebastian said with a grin,"I'll wait for the right opportunity to splice
it in, then use their network to patch into our cameras in Delta House."
	Jock lifted his beer and emptied it with one chug,"I don't know what
the hell you're talking about geek, how long?"
	"Five minutes."
	Jock smiled and lay back on the bed,"You know, when I'm in the
Upper Echelon, I believe I'll go easy on you, you'll be a member of the
Computer Club or something, one of those guys that never joins a Frat, but
I'll see to it that you don't get bullied by any of my Frat. Brothers as
much as everyone else."
	"Gee thanks," Howards muttered sarcastically,"You're a peach."
	"Yeah, I guess I am at that," he belched and laughed.
	'Sanctimonius asshole,' thought Sebastian,'Sure, you'll be BMOC, but
we'll see how you do in the real world, I'll be making millions as a
software designer, you'll be the High School Janitor, reliving your old
Football glories with the old hag cleaning lady!' it was thoughts like this
that kept Sebastian going, a feeling of superiority over the neanderthals
that had bullied him since childhood.
	"Is it ready yet man, Rob will be back with the popcorn soon."
	"Here we go," said Howard, pushing the enter button on
his computer,"Viva Los Deltas, heh heh heh."
	"Fuck up man," said Jock, pushing Sebastian aside, he looked at the
small screen, he could see several girls, sitting around in short skirts
and halter tops, playing poker.
	"Where's the sound?" he moaned,"And don't you have a bigger
	"Not here," replied Sebastian,"If you'd move out of the way, I'd
turn the sound up."
	Jock grudgingly moved aside as Howards punched the F1 button on the
keyboard, suddenly sound blasted into the room.
	Sebastian cut it off, then adjusted the volume controls on his start
menu before bringing the sound back.
	A knock came at the door, Jock wheeled his chair back and asked who
it was.
	"It's me man, hurry up, I got the munchies."
	"Shit, I told you not to blaze up tonight."
	Rob walked through the door as Jock unlocked it,"Easy for you to
say, I was feeling a little down....."
	"You know that that stuff destroys thousands of brain cells...."
started Howards.
	"Shut up dweeb," snapped Rob, digging into one of the popcorn boxes
he had brought with him.
	"Listen," yelled Jock,"Look at what's on screen," they looked back
and saw that some of the girls playing poker were now down to panties and
	"Flick through some of the other cameras, huh Seb?" commanded Jock,
who quickly did so.
	They saw a few girls asleep in their beds, some were nude, other
weren't, one girl was masturbating in the shower, using the shower hose to
penetrate herself.  They stayed on her for several minutes, then flicked to
another shot, a lot of the girls had gathered in the main sitting room,
where the poker players were.
	"Turn up the sound," said Rob, Sebastian quickly did so.
	"......come on Darlene, take it off."
	A brunette girl - Jock wondered briefly if it was the girl Mary
Davenport had been tongue fucking - laughed and removed her bra, large tits
browned by the sun popped free and several of the girls gave hoots of
approval, one of them walked over and pulled shut the curtains.
	"Shit, they must do this shit every night?" whispered Jock, then
settled back to watch.

        Darlene won a couple of hands after that, much to Mary's amusement,
they all knew the prize for the big winner, a prize that Darlene had won at
last weeks tournament.  But she misread a move by one of the other girls,
thinking that she was bluffing, and suddenly lost everything.
	"Oh shit, no." she muttered.
	"You know the rules," said Mary with a smile,"And you are the first
one to lose everything."
	Darlene frowned, she had never lost outright before, usually she
broke even or managed to get slightly ahead, last week she had won, now she
was the first out.
        "Come on, it's my first loss, can't I take a loan?"
	"'fraid not," laughed Mary,"Take her girls."
	The other girls quickly rushed forward and grabbed her naked body,
pulling her down to the carpet, many of them stripped of their own clothes
while the others gathered around the remaining players, who continued on as
if nothing was happening.
	Darlene was pushed down onto her stomach, she knew it was useless
to resist, she had participated in this many times, but always as one of the
other girls, now she was their sex tool, to be done with as the others saw
	She felt a finger slide into her cunt, her muscles instantly
tightened around it and the girl laughed.
	"Can you imagine a guy fucking her, she'd rip his dick of she's so
	"Let's loosen her up some!"
	"Yeah, all right!" cried the others voices and one of the other
girls rushed away, returning soon with a large black dildo and a smaller,
thinner metallic one.
	They spread her legs, pointing and looking at her pretty pink pussy,
then began rubbing the head of the dildo against her cunt lips, spreading
them open and sliding between them, she felt the head press against her
opening, then slowly slide in.  She cried out slightly in fear, she wasn't
a virgin, but she'd never taken something so big before, her cunt muscles
stretched around the black phallus, and she closed her eyes to strain
against pain she kept expecting to come.  Then she felt a hand grab her
chin, opening her eyes she saw a beautiful blonde staring at her.
	"Tracy?" she asked.
	"Yeah, this 'll make things easier," Tracy leant forward and
kissed her, sliding her tongue into the surprised girls mouth, Darlene was
at first shocked, she had fucked other women before, but never kissed one.
Then she melted into the kiss, and didn't even notice as the dildo made the
rest of it's way into her cunt.
	The other three girls watched in amusement at the look
of disappointment on her face as Tracy pulled away.
	"She's got a great tongue, huh?" laughed a tall red head
- Vivian,"But then, so do I," she slipped the dildo away and turned Darlene
over, bent down and began to tongue the breathless girl's pussy, biting
lightly on her clit as her tongue slid into her cunt.
	The other two girls, Harriet and Sonja, busied themselves with
Darlenes large breasts, fondling the mam-meat and licking and sucking on
the nipples.  Darlene squealed out and came
	"Like that? huh?" said Tracy with a grin, she moved around until
she stood behind Vivian's ass, the squatted down next to her, straddling on
Darlene's thigh, she began to rub her cunt against the limb, the her juices
leaving a trail over Darlene's leg.

	Back at the poker table two other girls had lost everything and
were now standing topless with the others, having their tits sucked.
	"Raise you my bra,"
	"See your bra, raise my panties," replied the other girl, a short
hispanic girl with large breasts.
	The other girl hesitated, she was a peroxide blonde, and had a
serious thing against the Hispanic girl, but if she lost, that made her the
runner up, and the runner up shared the same fate as the first loser.
	"Okay," she said at last, making up her mind,"I'll see your
	The Hispanic girl - Rosa - smiled and lay down her cards,"Four
	The Peroxide blonde - Gina - let out a gasp of air and dropped her
head to the table.
	"Looks like Rosa wins!" laughed Mary,"Ready to grab your prize?" she
put a hand on Gina's shoulder,"And are you ready to receive your dues?"
	Gina lifted her head,"I'm sorry, I'm not depressed, I'm relieved,"
she lay down her cards, a straight flush - Ten of Diamonds to Ace of
	The girls hushed for a second, then cheered and began clapping,
Mary smiled and took Gina by the hand,"Come upstairs,"
	"No!" cried Rosa,"I won.....I...." she looked around and saw the
other girls approaching her, eyeing her large tits appreciatively, Yvette in
particular was licking her lips.
	On the ground Darlene was moaning in ecstasy as Vivian fingered her,
Tracy lay next to her with the skinny metal dildo, too late Darlene realized
what it was for as it was slowly pushed up her anal passage, it was
incredibly cold and her sphincter muscles tightened protectively about
	"Shit, you really could rip a guys dick off couldn't you?" laughed
	Mary led Gina upstairs, smiling at her as they held hands.

	End Part One...