A dark and sadistic tale set in England during the First World War

Written by Dickins 

This story is a work of erotic fiction. All names, characters, places and 
incidents are either a product of the author's imagination or are used 
here fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events, locals or persons, 
living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

Story Codes: ped and sm 

Chapter 2, June Parker

Two weeks have now passed since Mrs Webb brought her sons Robert and John 
to Birchwood Grange to earn their dowries.

June Parker, like all the staff, listened intently to all the gossip that 
John Marks, the butler, or Walter Smith the chauffer could tell her, and 
to the inside information that Mary Smith was able to find out about Miss 
Victoria, their new mistress.

"Are they the going to stay?" Mary asked, on one of those very rare 
occasions when all the staff was gathered together. 

"That's none of your business," Mr Marks, the butler said. "And you 
shouldn't be asking such impertinent questions!" he warned, looking down 
his finger at her.

Like the rest of the staff, June had seen the state of Mrs Web and the 
boys after their ordeal. They had to spend two days in bed, and their 
mother looked little better, walking slowly and moving with care, as if 
every movement caused her pain. 

When they finally recovered, they said little of what had happened to 
them, and refused to say anything at all about how much they had been 
able to earn, although they smiled when asked.

"Are we expecting any more visitors?" June asked timidly. Somehow she had 
missed out earning a dowry, or perhaps it was because she hadn't been 
eligible, no one seemed to care. 

Her family came from Rochester, where her parents operated a ferry across 
the Medway. When she was ten a ship ran into the ferry and her parents 
drowned. Mr Marks the butler, a distant relative offered to take her in, 
but that was two years ago and she had hardly ever seen anything of his 

Being the younger and less experienced of the two chambermaids meant she 
got the dirty jobs like cleaning the fireplaces and washing all the pots 
and pans that cook was forever dirtying. If she saw the lord or his lady 
at all, it was from a position on her knees, scrubbing the floor.

"If there were, they would have been brought here by now," Mary told her 
She envied Mary, not only because of her better position, but because she 
had parents. She also helped Miss Victoria to dress, and would be able to 
tell her what she had seen.
Mary was also able to describe things so well, and it was like she was 
there herself, combing Miss Victoria's silken hair, or helping her step 
from her dress to reveal her underwear, the seat so tight that the 
material moulded itself between the cheeks of her bottom.

"Never you mind, whose coming or not. You've got the stairs to polish 
today girl. I want to see all twenty five gleaming by the time lunch is 
served," Mrs Smith told her, smartly depositing the polish, brush and 
rags she was to use in front of her.

June sighed and took them, then hurried off to work, knowing from 
experience that any tardiness would earn her yet another whipping.


June had just reached the fifth step as the grandfather clock chimed ten 
o'clock. As she worked the polish deep into the wood, she tried to work 
out how much longer she had, but she kept getting different answers.

She was still trying to work out how long she'd taken for each step, when 
she became conscious of a person standing in front of her just two steps 
higher up. 

The fine shoes and rich hem of the skirt could only mean one person, and 
she tried to make herself smaller as she nervously peered up at Miss 
Victoria, her new mistress.

"Hello. You must be June Parker, is that right?" Victoria asked.

"Yes Miss," June said nervously. 

Miss Victoria had a nice voice, all soft and burnished, and her face 
seemed to glow as she smiled down at her. 

June looked all around in case Mr Marks was close by, as she didn't want 
another whipping.

"It's all right June, I told Mr Marks that I want to get acquainted with 
you, so don't worry," she told her.

"Come!" Victoria said. 

June stared at the hand that was being offered to her. It was smooth and 
pink the fingers long and slender. She reached out and took hold of the 
hand and was helped to rise from her work, and was then drawn after Miss 
Victoria to her private quarters.

June knew the room well. The fireplace took hours to clean using a small 
brush to get into the depths of the cast iron mouldings. Then there was 
the brass work on the large bed, not to mention the door handles, or 
forget the newly installed bathroom where copper piping replaced the old 

And yet the room looked different, more homely and comforting now that 
Miss Victoria had rearranged the furniture.

"Do you like it here at Birchwood Grange?" Victoria asked, as she took a 
seat beside the window and picked up her sewing.  

"Oh yes Miss, Lord Holmes was very kind to take me in," she said.

June stood before her mistress with her hands clasped tightly behind her 
back and her shoes pressed together, a pose that had been taught to her 
as soon as she arrived.

"You're an orphan, is that correct?" Victoria asked, stopping her sewing 
to softly stroke the pretty girls face. 

"Yes Miss, my parents died two years ago," she said trying to hold back 
her tears.

"My mother runs an orphanage?" Victoria told her curtly.

"Yes I know Miss," she murmured, remembering some of the things that Mary 
Smith had told her about St Saviour's. 

Victoria heard the knowing of it in the child's voice and she laughed 
gaily. She enjoyed hearing children talk about St Saviour's with such 

"You mustn't believe all that you hear," Victoria warned, but with a 
twinkle in her eye.

"No Miss," June mumbled, afraid that her indiscretion would get back to 
Mr Marks. He would be furious to hear that she had spoken out of turn.

"So! You preferred to stay here, rather than go to St Saviour's," 
Victoria asked, sliding the needle once more through the cotton to pass 
more coloured silk thread through the fabric.

"Oh yes Miss!" June gasped.

"Well! There are going to be many changes here," Victoria warned.

"The War will change everything Miss, so says Mr Marks," June said 
wondering whether she had spoken out of turn again.

"No doubt Mr Marks is correct," Victoria agreed.

Victoria felt it was time to start making some of those changes and put 
aside her sewing.

"Are you willing to obey me?" Victoria asked her. 

"Yes Miss!" June gasped. 

"There are many who wouldn't," she told the child, smiling even more 
brightly, as she sat up in her chair.

"But I'm sure, you will be a very willing student," she said looking the 
child directly in the eyes.

"Yes Miss! I'll do anything," June vowed.

Victoria smiled.

"Very Well! Come and stand by the window," Victoria told her.

June walked nervously over to the window, and couldn't help wondering 
whether she could be seen from the grounds below.

"That's better! Now I can see you properly," Victoria explained.

"Lift your uniform!" Victoria said sternly. 

Although it felt terribly naughty, June did as she was told and lifted 
the hem of her uniform until it was just above her knees.
"Higher!" Victoria snapped.

June blushed brightly as she lifted her uniform up further but was still 
not sure how high Miss Victoria meant.

"Where are you drawers, girl?" Victoria asked. 

"Oh! I've only got the one pair, and I keep them for special," June said, 
blushing brightly. 

Victoria smiled. 

"I said, Higher, I won't tell you again girl," she told June sternly.

An intense wave of guilt, nervousness, and passion, all intermingled as 
she shook and licked her lips, and then slowly drew the hem higher up her 
thighs, beginning to quiver, as her mistress looked her over.

Miss Victoria's wandering eyes settled on her lovely hairless cunt and 
June jerked as if stung. Her slender thighs tensed while she was sure she 
could feel the eyes sliding over the smooth skin to touch her, deep 
between her thighs.

"Please Miss," she whimpered. 

"You must learn to display yourself," Victoria said, her eyes now finally 
rising from the girl's vulva, and back to her pretty face with those 
fluttering brown eyes.

"Now, Turn around!" Victoria told the nervous girl.

To Victoria, June Parker looked idyllic, a perfect young and innocent 
girl of twelve, who had a deliciously firm and round bottom that she was 
pleased to see was covered in welts.

"My, they look painful!" Victoria said, as she cupped her bruised bottom 
cheeks, and roughly massaged the welts under the pretext of trying to 
soothe them.

"When were you last whipped?" Victoria asked.

"A week ago Miss," June, replied.

"Part your thighs," Victoria told her.

With a start she realised that her mistress was waiting for her to 
shuffle her feet apart, and her cheeks grew hotter the further she spread 
her thighs, the eyes of her mistress shortening her breath.

"You Know! Mary is a lot more cooperative," she said offhandedly.

"Mary?" June gasped.

"Yes! She doesn't struggle, and she has learnt to please," Victoria 

"Have you ever been brought on?" Victoria asked. 

June blushed hotly, shaking her head as she gulped her understanding.

'Diddling' Mary called it, in hushed whispers when they were outside on 
the lawn where no one could hear.
'Self Abuse' Mrs Harris the cook called it, waving a wooden spoon and 
threatening to use it, if she ever caught either of the girls abusing 
themselves in that way.   

"Yes, Miss" June said in a whisper and blushing brightly.

"Do you like being brought on, June?" Victoria asked.

"Oh Yes, Miss!" June said with a jerk, as she felt her clitoris being 
scraped by her mistress's fingernail.

June struggled to keep still as Victoria continued to roughly massage her 
bottom, then to caress her anus with one hand, whilst teasing her lovely 
hairless cunt with the other.

"Very nice," Victoria told her.

"You are a very pretty girl June," she told her, watching the child's 
reaction to her praise.

"Come here!" Victoria ordered; a hint of sternness in her voice to ensure 
the girl complied. 

June shuffled forward; her thighs wide apart as she had been ordered, and 
with her nubile cunt clinging to the underside of her pelvis like an un-
ripe fruit slowly developing into full ripeness. 

When she was beside her, Victoria's hand reached out, finger's curved to 
run down the child's curved pubis.
"Please, Miss," the girl whined as the pressure of the fingers on her 
fledgling cunt began to have its affect on her.

Victoria understood and moved her fingers between the child's legs to 
then press inwards and feel the warm wetness within her. 

She enjoyed the feel of warm flesh giving way, her fingers parting the 
folds to help release the sticky warm wetness that soon coated the 
crotch. June's quickly rising excitement was quite evident, a clear 
virgin finding herself for the first time. 

"There. Wasn't that nice?" Victoria asked. 

June blushed and nodded, chewing her lip, unsure what to do or say. 

The thunderous wave of pleasure had gripped her for a few moments, then 
flowed through and out of her, leaving her mellow and warm. 

"Come," Victoria told the young girl, and standing, led her to the large 

Mrs Smith, the housekeeper had made it earlier, but Victoria pushed the 
young girl roughly onto the covers, sweeping her uniform up and over her 
head, so that she was unable to see what was to happen next.

"Now! Part your thighs as wide as you can," she told her.

June parted her thighs as she had been instructed to reveal a pretty 
little vulva still flushed with her recent pleasure. Victoria traced her 
cunt, testing the lips firmness before parting them to judge how pretty 
the interior was. 

June fought loudly for breath, panting and shaking, jerking with Miss 
Victoria's detailed examination.

"Very pretty," Victoria murmured.

Victoria reached over to open the bottom drawer of her dresser where she 
kept all her special toys and implements, extracting a strange little 
whip; a wooden handle onto which a tongue of leather had been fastened, 
six inches long and half an inch wide. 

Sitting astride the child's chest, she had an uninterrupted view of the 
child's cunt, and once again started to stroke the moist flesh between 
the child's thighs.

"Is that nice?" she asked.

"Yes Miss," June said, wanting to say more, wanting to say that she 
didn't mind, that the touches weren't hurting her at all. In fact, the 
touches were exciting her, building a tenseness within her that she knew 
would lead to an explosion of delight. 

Victoria smiled to herself as she detected moisture leaking from the 
girl's cunt, gleaming in its slow passage towards her half hidden anus. 

There were going to be many pleasures to be had with this girl, but not 
yet, Victoria decided.

"Place your hands firmly under your bottom," Victoria said, stroking the 
short leather whip over her cunt. 

June did so, her slim pelvis rising slightly making her pubis more 

"Now! Keep your thighs apart, and your hands under your bottom, do you 
understand?" Victoria said sternly.

"Yes Miss," June breathed.

Victoria smiled and, with a twist of her wrist, flicked the little whip 
down vertically into the girl's delicious cunt.

June gasped, the shock of the pain taking her by surprise. 

"Count the strokes," Victoria told her flicking it again, aiming a little 
lower, watching her pelvis jump and the smooth unblemished flesh of her 
pubic mound brighten.

"Well?" Victoria asked.

"Two!" June panted, the sensations building, as the pain faded to leave 
an insidious burning. Then it struck again, lower still this time and she 
groaned and squirmed as the sensations flowed into her.

"Three!" she cried out, aware that her mistress was waiting for her to 
count the stroke. 

And as soon as she called out, the leather struck her again, fierce 
sensations crowding into her, forcing her to lift her pelvis and swivel 
it about, making her pant and whimper and wish she could use her hands to 
rub her burning cunt.

"Four!" she called, and the next stroke made her body arch upwards and 
strain, seeking that pleasure she'd felt before, now so elusive.

"Five," she gasped, panting breathlessly and whimpering wantonly.

Victoria saw the child's thighs arching outward and the girl's labia inch 
open. She saw the bright little tip of the girl's clitoris peek from the 
folds and the hood protecting it. 

Hence she aimed for it, her breath held as she delivered the sharp stroke 
directly where she intended.

June screamed and flayed from side to side, the pain of the little whip 
searing deep into her, like a knife driven along the line of her 
clitoris, deep into her belly. 

Yet arriving there, and all in the space of a heartbeat, the terrible 
pain became more of an intense pleasure and she was jerked upwards once 
more, forced to arch and shudder, to shake and sob through the orgasms 
claiming of her body.

Victoria waited for June to grow calm, admiring her pretty cunt that now 
looked much more appealing, the skin having been made tender by slapping 
leather into it.
June had calmed making no effort to hide herself. She was bathed in the 
warm afterglow of having spent twice and the emotional turmoil of having 
been touched intimately by another woman. 

"Turn over!" Victoria told her as she got off the bed to stand over her. 
June did as she was told and then felt her uniform being gathered up 
behind her and hid her face in the lovely bedspread.

"Keep you bottom up!" Victoria told her, as she roughly caressed the 
smooth cheeks.

"You have a lovely bottom," Victoria told her, admiring her smooth and 
firm skin. Her attention was then drawn to the crease, the dark crack 
that, in June's case, was short but deep.

"Now! Lift your bottom and part your thighs," Victoria told the girl, 
licking her lips as her excitement began to grow again.

June obeyed, if a little slowly, and Victoria roughly pinched her thighs 
until they had parted enough for her purposes. Now June's pretty cunt was 
visible, her labia gleaming still, her pink slit still partially open.

Victoria pulled on the flesh bordering it and the little mouth to her 
cunt opened, her hymen lying just within, deep pink and moist, just 
waiting to be ruptured.

Victoria shook as she imagined the many ways she could use this tart, 
which way would last the longest and which would cause the child the most 

Then her attention rose and her thumbs drew higher, parting the base of 
the girl's bottom to reveal her anus. Sensing itself exposed, the anus 
clenched, then slowly relaxed again.

"Now! Reach between your thighs with your right hand," she ordered.

June passed her hand slowly back and then waited.

"This finger," Victoria said, as she stroked it liking how slender and 
dirty it was.

"Place it into here," she whispered, tapping her little anus.

"That's dirty Miss!" June gasped.

"Are you going to disobey me, child?" Victoria asked.

There was silence, so Victoria spanked June's bottom hard enough for her 
to squeal and squirm, until she changed her mind and then timidly pressed 
her finger against her anus.

"Obey me!" Victoria said.

Her slipper came off and she delivered a sweltering blow to June's 
bottom, one that caused a loud slap of leather on flesh, then a scream 
from the struck girl.

Victoria once again pushed June's bottom apart to take a look at her 
puckered little anus. Gently sobbing, June had pushed the tip of her 
finger into her bottom, where she held it trembling at the entrance to 
her anal canal.

"Deeper!" Victoria urged.

June wept and cautiously pressed the tip of her finger a tiny bit deeper 
into her bottom.

"No, not like that!" Victoria told her.

Victoria used her slipper to spank June's bottom hard again, and the pain 
seared into her, shooting deep to then change into a fiery itch she 
couldn't reach. Crying fitfully she pushed her finger deeper into her 
anus, burying half her digit and trying not to think of what she was 

"More!" Victoria urged, watching it press in, drawing the pink flange in 
with it.

"Please Miss!" June begged.

The slipper swung once more, landing with the same loud slap, even though 
its aim took it further down her bottom. 

June squealed with the pain, shaking and dancing for a moment before 
wailing as she gave in and pushed her finger all the way into her anus.

Victoria parted the girl's bottom so she could fully admire the sunken 
finger, and then lovingly stroked the girl's flesh for a few moments.

It was long enough for June to cease her crying.

"See? It's not so bad now, is it?" Victoria asked lovingly.

Victoria stroked June's cunt, crooning with pleasure as she heard the 
girl mew with her rising pleasure. 

"Now, don't displease me. Move your finger in and out," she urged.

June sobbed, then cautiously moved her finger a little out, then in 

"Faster!" Victoria urged, her hand spanking her bottom to remind the girl 
what she would receive if she didn't obey her.

With a sob, June buried her head into the bedcovers and more forcibly 
pumped her finger in and out of her bottom.

"Harder!" she heard her mistress call again, and another hard spank 
brought new tingling pain to her bottom. 

She pushed her finger deep into herself, and then drew it out again, the 
strange sensations vying with those of her mistress's fingertips playing 
with her cunt, stroking and pinching the lips in such a knowing manner.

The filthiness of what she was doing soon became lost among the growing 
sensations accumulating in her belly. Panting and gasping, she worked to 
build them up.

With a groan she spread her thighs and welcomed the pinches and pulls of 
Miss Victoria. Her finger slurped in and out of her greasy anus, sliding 
easily now back and forth, even bending inside her to add to those 
feelings she so much wanted. 

"Now! Are you ready," Victoria teased her, a finger pressed to the 
underside of her clitoris, lifting and pulling on it all at once.

The girl stiffened and, for a moment, was silent. Then her orgasm erupted 
from within her and she was shaking and sobbing, crying out with the 
repeated waves of pleasure crashing through and over her.

June slowly sank upon the bed, her finger timidly leaving the opened 
flower of her anus. Victoria wished that the girl was better educated in 
the ways of giving pleasure, but that would be a challenge for the 

As it was, she waited until June was sane once more before telling her 
she was excused, and once more returned to the bottom drawer of her 
dresser. She had brought along her favourites, and would arrange for the 
others to be brought soon, now she had definitely decided to stay.

Withdrawing a rubber phallus from the other toys, one with a smaller one 
branching upwards from its big brother, she hiked her skirts up long 
enough to press the unforgiving object into her moist cunt with the 
smaller branch positioned against her clitoris, then replaced her skirts 
and sat down once more on her sewing chair. 

Rocking back and forth, the smaller branch stimulated her clitoris, 
quickly bringing her pleasure, and she imagined all the changes she would 
make at Birchwood Grange and the pleasure she would have with those who 
disobeyed her.

It was now time to find Simon to start making plans, Victoria thought as 
she returned to the library, passing a delightfully embarrassed but 
radiant looking June Parker polishing the stairs.