A dark and sadistic tale set in Victorian England

Written by Dickins 

This story is a work of erotic fiction. All names, characters, places and 
incidents are either a product of the author's imagination or are used 
here fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events, locals or persons, 
living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

Story Codes: ped, medical, bdsm and torture  

Chapter 12, Cruel Experiments

Doctor Jeremy Stevens was astounded to see the large number of people who 
had gathered in St Saviour's purpose built lecture theatre. The three 
tiers of seats that rose in a horseshoe from around the tiled floor were 
now full to capacity and the excited patrons and governors were eagerly 
awaiting the first of Doctor Steven's experimental lectures. 

Men and women of acquaintance nodded to each other, often surprised by 
each others attendance while others whose long term friendships had been 
built upon their clandestine meetings and the pooling of funds to afford 
such delights, talked and laughed, sharing flasks of good brandy, whiskey 
or port.

Mirrors, used so effectively in many of the other rooms to focus light 
from the large windows in the ceiling, were now drawn to one side to 
allow the limelights forward. Newly powered by gas, the lights were 
backed with mirrors to give just as strong a light onto to where the 
large examination table would have been. 

However, in its place was a mere skeleton of a table, with cleverly 
turned tubes of metal that didn't seem capable of supporting any weight, 
let alone that of a growing child.

Entering by a door at the rear of the theatre, Jeremy strode in followed 
closely by Nurse Anne Bishop and two of her assistants to rapturous 
applause from the eager audience. Doctor Stevens smiled shyly and nodded 
to the surrounding faces, some of whom he already knew. 

"Thank you, thank you," he called. Slowly the applause stopped and then 
silence settled onto the room. 

"As you are aware," Jeremy told them, "Tonight, is the first of many 
lectures that I intend to give in order to determine the response in 
children to forced sexual stimulation." 

"Many other doctors such as the eminent Doctor Samuel Croft are also 
conducting similar work in private institutions and sanatoriums, but 
thanks to our Miss Marchant this is the only establishment that permits a 
discerning audience such as yourselves to watch!" 

There was laughter and much applause. Jeremy smiled and waited for it to 
die down before he continued. 

"Tonight, I will conduct some experiments with electricity," he told them 
and smiled as the sound of the audience's excitement rippled down to him.
"As with all my experiments, it will be detailed and very intimate so 
those of you who are not of a strong disposition should leave now."

No one did.
No one moved other than to lean forward to watch as Doctor Stevens and 
Nurse Bishop, spread the straps that would support the child. The 
assistants stepped out of the room and returned with a little girl, who 
looked very pretty dressed in her sailor's uniform.

"This is Dawn," Jeremy told his audience. He had her journal open already 
to record each of the tests and her many reactions to them. "She is 
thirteen and well developed for a girl her age. She stands five feet 
three and measures 34 inches across her breasts, 30 inches at her waist 
and 32 inches about her hips. 

"You will notice," and Jeremy gave a signal to the two assistants who 
held her to remove her uniform, that she has no distinguishing marks and 
in accordance with St Saviour's rules, she has had all her body hair 
removed apart from that of her head."

They did indeed, and stared down at the pretty girl avidly, drinking in 
the small pudding breasts she'd developed with large pink aureoles that 
dominated the cone-like growths, then hungrily looking downwards, past a 
belly that was slightly rounded to a fatty mound that was still red from 
the plucking of her pubic hair, the crushing of her thighs failing to 
hide the smooth cunt peeking out at them.

"Dawn is both healthy and bright with no history of madness or fits in 
her family." Jeremy concluded and looked at his audience again. 

"This is a serious experiment and I would ask the audience to refrain 
from crying out, passing vulgar comment or attempting to request certain 
acts," he told them. 

He smiled when his audience laughed and applauded, then turned to his 
helpers and nodded. "You will notice," Jeremy called out over the cries 
and struggles of the girl, "that she has a very healthy aversion to being 
restrained. Also please notice, that each of the leather restraints has 
little studs of metal to which the electric current can be fed."

The girl was staring in wide-eyed horror at them as he described them, 
screaming and flaying in an attempt to keep them from her wrists and 
ankles. But with so many adults restraining her she was forced into the 
frame, and with the basic restraints limiting her, the additional ones 
were added. 

Her thighs were strapped and the crank-handles turned until they'd been 
drawn from each other. Arm restraints were added and then a band placed 
across her brow to keep her head from jerking, followed by a metal and 
leather bar forced into her mouth.

"The blindfold," he told his audience, "would not normally be needed, but 
I feel she may be inadvertently affected by seeing some of the equipment 
before it is applied to her, giving false readings from the subsequent 
tests," he explained. 

Nurse Bishop applied the blindfold over the girl's widely staring eyes 
and tightened it while the child screeched uselessly around the bar in 
her mouth.

Then the machine was wheeled in from the adjoining room, a large machine 
that was attached to its own trolley that had a large turning wheel at 
the back. On the front were a number of dials and selectors, along with 
two prominent slots into which a selection of different terminals could 
be fitted, each at the end of a long electrical lead.

His assistants had been well trained and knew what was expected of them. 
Taking turns, they took hold of the wheel at the back of the unit and 
began turning it until a fair speed was reached.

Jeremy watched the needle come round and nodded his satisfaction. Anne 
passed him the first of the tools, a flat piece of copper an inch square, 
and Jeremy took it and applied it to the child's inner thigh, then 
stepped to the machine to take hold of the large switch.

"Are we ready?" he asked everyone. 
There was a complete silence from the audience, so deep that all that 
could be heard was the nervous breathing of the girl through her gag and 
the whine of the machine as its handle was turned. 

Turning his attention to the girl suspended by her restraints, Jeremy 
flicked the switch and then watched with unsuppressed excitement as her 
body was jerked upwards, bowed in her restraints, every muscle in her 
legs and torso dancing tightly under her skin while a high pitched 
screech issued from between her teeth.

Doctor Stevens flicked the switch again and the girl slumped, drawing in 
a huge breath before she began to shake and cry. Jeremy nodded and 
started to make his notes, the audience forgotten as he concentrated on 
what he'd learnt and what he still needed to know.

He transferred the copper plate to her arm and flicked the switch again, 
nodding as he saw her body suffer the same reaction, but with a more 
prominently lifted left arm. "Good, good," he said to himself, moving it 
again, now to her left breast, just above the soft little nipple. 

The girl jerked as if bitten and whimpered, tossing her body in an 
attempt to dislodge it. Jeremy meanwhile, attached another plate to her 
other little breast and fitted the plug into the other socket on the 
machine. With his finger resting on the switch, he waited for a moment, 
and when the girl seemed relaxed, he flicked it on again.

Once again her body jerked upwards, bowed and taut, her nipples suddenly 
swollen and erect while her legs trembled with the play of muscles in 
them. A screech grew from her mouth, swelling and swelling, growing with 
the excitement of the watching audience who were spellbound by the vision 
of her on the table.

The current was turned off again and she fell into her restraints, 
sobbing and panting, muscles jerking uncontrollably on her legs and arms. 
Jeremy would have personally liked to see her eyes and feed on her 
expression, but he had to keep up with the pretence of conducting proper 
tests, at least for the beginning at least.

There was a fine sheen to her skin now, a layer of perspiration that gave 
her a marvellous new look. Her nipples were taut and the thick lips of 
her labia had taken on a new firmness, each distinct and separate from 
its twin.

Turning from her, Jeremy looked at the tools he had to hand, those he 
himself had designed, and a slow smile crept over his face as he decided 
it was time. He picked up his favourite tool and held it up for all to 

A ripple of interest swept round the audience as they looked at the long 
slender probe that was a sandwich of copper, rubber and copper. A sly nod 
towards Nurse Bishop and the woman turned the handles that drew the 
girl's thighs even further apart.  

Jeremy anointed the probe, and then knelt to deftly insert it into the 
crying girl's anus, pushing it in despite her sobs until the pink ring of 
her stretched anus was clenched around the copper at the probe's base.

Now the room was quiet again, just the girl's constant sobbing to be 
heard as Jeremy stood in front of the machine, turned the current down, 
and rested his finger on the switch. 

Everyone but the girl waited with bated breath, even Anne who had knelt 
between the girl's legs for a really close up view. The switch was 
flicked and current was sent into the tool, the AC current sending fierce 
jolts from each of the electrodes, through her body and out again.  

Dawn's pelvis rose and then moved up and down with each of the stabs of 
current that entered her bottom. She gasped and whimpered, tossing her 
hips as the magic sensation continued passing through her.

Doctor Stevens slowly turned the dial that sent more and more current 
through the electrodes and Dawn's hips rose higher and higher, driven to 
it by a need she couldn't explain.

Jeremy turned it off and nodded for Anne to remove the probe. As she did 
so, he prepared another similar device in size and length, but with only 
one electrode that ran down the length of the column. When Nurse Bishop 
stepped away, Jeremy stood over the collapsed girl to expertly draw her 
labia apart and then insert the column into her gleaming cunt.

The audience watched excitedly, every one of them on the edge of their 
seats as the column was embedded into her until just the lead extended 
from her pursed sex. Jeremy then attached clips to her breasts, each 
affixed by a cable to the machine. The girl began to pant and shake, no 
doubt aware of what was about to happen.

Anne threw the switch allowing Doctor Stevens to stand over the girl as 
the current sped through her, cunt to nipples, nipples to cunt, it made 
her squeal and lurch, it made her test the firmness of her bonds as her 
body tensed and shook. It made her sex blossom, clitoris extending as it 
felt the edge of the spiralling current passing through her, and it made 
her cunt open and flood with wetness, one orgasm coming on the throws of 
the previous one, uncontrollably.  

Dawn succumbed to unconsciousness, yet her body continued to jerk with 
the electricity passing through it, until the nurse turned it off. Jeremy 
removed the device from her and held it up so that all could see how wet 
it had become, thickly coated with wetness of the girl's forced orgasms.

"That concludes the first of my experimental lectures," Doctor Stevens 
told his appreciative audience and took his bows as they applauded him. 

The unconscious girl was then removed, along with the table that had held 
her and Miss Marchant announced the date of Doctor Stevens next lecture.

As part of his ongoing medical experimentation at St Saviour's, Jeremy 
had left Martin with soreness in his balls. As he woke he threw the bed 
covers off his nakedness and glanced down, licking his lips as he saw the 
swollen state they were in. Molly, just passing from having brushed her 
teeth, stopped to look.

"Wow Martin. They have got to be the biggest I've ever seen!" The 
thirteen year old told him, her eyes gleaming with the beginnings of 

Karen hearing the older girl's astonishment, trotted over from her own 
bed to look down and nodded. His balls were certainly overly large, the 
skin tight around the egg shaped balls.

"What did Doctor Stevens do to you?" she asked. Martin licked his lips. 
"He had this hollow needle thing and pushed it into my balls, then he 
squirted something into me. I don't know what and it didn't really hurt," 
he admitted. His handsome cock had begun to stir, as it always did when 
Karen was nude and close to him. As his cock rose, the ache in his balls 
changed to fire, a feeling that both hurt and excited, making his cock 
swell and ache.

"Shall we go test it in the little'uns?" Molly asked. Martin grinned.
Molly was forever wanting to try things on the younger children in the 
dormitory next door. Sex, punishment, cleanliness or obedience, it didn't 
really make any difference to Molly, just as long as there was some 
sexual content to the whole thing.

"Doctor Stevens didn't say you weren't to use them?" Karen asked.

"No," Martin shrugged. Doctor Stevens had just done it, watched him for a 
little while and then told him to go on his way.

"Come on then. Matron will help us," Molly told them. She waited for the 
other two to join her. They had no modesty left in them and the orphanage 
was kept at a warm temperature to nurture their nudity. So they marched 
along to the other dormitory where the younger children were being woken 
from their sleep, to be masturbated and then sent to Matron for their 
morning cleansing. 

Rebecca Bolton was in the large bathroom along with Alice Dewhurst one of 
the patrons trying out some of her new enema nozzles. While Molly was 
asking for permission to play with a few of the children, Karen went 
across to watch Miss Dewhurst at work. 

She had experienced various nozzles and routines since arriving at St 
Saviour's, but she had never seen them as long as those Miss Dewhurst was 
holding. They were strange in another way too, with a small tube running 
back alongside the water tube that Karen couldn't quite understand.

Seeing herself being watched, Alice stopped to smile at the curious child 
and seeing where her interest lay, lifted it up to show her how it 
worked. Using a small fist pump, she quickly inflated a rubber flange 
half way along the nozzle.

The young girl immediately understood and grinned. 

"How far will it go in?" she asked.

"Quite far," Miss Dewhurst told her, pumping more air into the flange, 
only stopping when it had inflated to the size of a small orange.

"Can I try it please?" Karen asked.

Miss Dewhurst beamed and stood to one side, openly inviting the little 
girl to administer it to the next waiting child, already bent and 
waiting, his legs spread, the base of his bottom parted enough to expose 
his dark anal ring.

"No. On you Miss," Karen said boldly.

Miss Dewhurst, caught her breath in surprise and stared at the nude form 
of the young girl. She often gave herself enemas, and sometimes tried out 
a new nozzle on herself. 

But it had been years since she'd been given an enema from someone else. 
And yet, the thought of having this slender girl administer an enema on 
her was sending strange thrills through her body, making her open like a 

The others had gone off to watch Martin, so Alice Dewhurst patted the 
bottom of the waiting boy, telling him he was excused and could go and 
join the others. 

That left the tiled room empty but for the two of them. "You can insert 
it up to about here," Alice found herself telling the child, her heart 
beating madly as she then began sliding out of her clothes. Undoing the 
hooks and eyes she watched with growing excitement as the young girl 
lovingly fondled the long nozzle and inflatable flange. 

It made her breathless; the way the child stroked what would soon be 
sliding into her own bottom. The woman found herself nervous and yet 
excited as she finished undressing, then turned to the bar to lift it 
into a better position for herself.  

The tool in her hand, Karen watched the woman step to the bar and raise 
it to her waist. Karen liked the woman's bottom. Unlike those of the 
other children, it was full and heavy; her stout hips giving it weight 
and a depth Karen found very tempting. She would love the lady to sit on 
her face one day, pushing that big round bottom down on either side of 
her nose and mouth, suffocating her with her flesh.

Miss Dewhurst felt the cold wings hanging from the bar ease her legs 
apart, the move so subtle she hardly realised it had been done. Until she 
bent forward then she became more aware of how exposed she'd become and 
groaned to think her open slit was visible to the young girl, and the 
meaning of it.

Auburn curls adorned the woman's cunt but couldn't obscure the gulf they 
wove across, nor the pink gleaming flesh that would otherwise be hidden. 
Karen had had little opportunity to fondle a mature woman's sex and took 
a moment to stroke it, watching it part even further and expose the deep 
pink mouth of her love tube.  

There was an invitation there, an offer that she'd didn't always have 
with other mistresses. However instead she remembered her purpose and 
used her fingers to further part the full cheeks of the bottom and fully 
bare the woman's anus. 

As the cold nozzle touched her knotted hole it opened. Bent over the 
pole, Alice groaned and bit her lip, sobbing with delight as, once again, 
another person gave her an enema and this time with her very own 
invention. She quivered over the bar and sobbed as it went deeper and 
deeper, then stopped.

She knew what was coming, but even knowing didn't stop the sudden start 
she gave as the flange within her began to swell, filling with air and 
pushing her colon out, sealing her for a good dousing of cleansing fluid.
"Oh yes, yes, yes!" Alice Dewhurst softly sung, feeling the warm soapy 
water begin to flow into her from deep within.

With the nozzle tightly fitted, Karen used her fingers to pull the 
woman's cunt apart. The lady gasped, then began to pant as the pulling 
continued, stretching her inner lips like those of wings. There was 
pleasure in the pain and Alice began to keen as the water kept filling 
her, and her labia kept being pulled.

Little Karen grinned and took a fresh grip of the woman's labia, pulling 
and pulling while the woman now screamed her pleasure, pulling until the 
flesh grew too wet and slippery to be properly held and her cunt was an 
open hole she could have put all of her fingers into. 

Then she let the flesh loose and pinched the swollen bulb of flesh at the 
apex of her open slit, twisting it the way her own had been twisted a 
half turn and a pull. Alice Dewhurst screamed and jerked, her mind 
splintering under the most intense orgasm she'd ever experienced.

Molly smiled at each of the beds occupants as she made her way down the 
length of the dormitory. "You-are-it!" she cried, stopping in front of a 
ten-year-old girl's bed. The girl was already naked. The bald curve of 
her pubis stuck up in front of the junction of her thighs, her slit a 
pretty inward fold of her flesh.  

She had no tits, only little baby pink nipples that were still tender 
from the pinching and pulling they'd received that morning. 

She saw Molly, and then she saw the boy behind her, his cock sticking out 
of his smooth loins, the tip looking an angry red.

"What?" Mary asked.

"We want to test Martin's balls out," Molly grinned.

Mary looked past the older girl to the tall boy whose cock stood out like 
a truncheon, the flesh of his ball sack stretched taut by the two overly 
large testicles sitting within.

"We've decided you're to be the one," Molly told her.

"I've got to go see Matron," Mary told them, a terrible dread making her 
body feel heavy and hard to move.

"She won't mind," Molly grinned, and moved quickly towards the little 

Mary shied away but Molly's arm shot out, capturing the girl's hair and 
pulling it spitefully towards her. With a loud squeal, Mary was forced to 
follow her hair, stumbling half bent across the room to run into the end 
of another's bed.

With the nimbleness of someone regularly taught to jump into the saddle, 
Molly jumped astride Mary's back and shoulders, pushing her head down 
into the bed while reaching forward to grip and part the girl's buttocks.

"Which hole are you going to take Martin?" she asked eagerly, her smile 
broadening as the young girl heard and fought to escape.

An audience had grown around them, children who came nervously forward, 
well aware Mary's fate could be any one of theirs, yet driven to watch by 
something deep within them.

Martin felt a certain amount of pride as the little children looked at 
his cock, standing proud erect in front of him and elected to take Mary's 
hot little cunt first.

"Good choice," Matron told him. 

"It will lubricate you ready for taking her little bottom later," she 

Martin stepped up to where Mary was kicking and eased himself between her 
knees to then help Molly hold the flesh of her slit apart. Then, bending 
his knees, he fitted his tender cock head to the little hole and pushed. 

There was a very long satisfying wail from the ten year old as Martin's 
adult sized cock stretched her little cunt to either side of him. 

Martin sobbed, her tightness hurting him, yet he pushed on, stopping to 
take quick breaths before pushing deeper, each little bit gained inside 
the little girl bringing fresh wails from her that died away to racking 

Nearly in, Martin pushed once more, his legs straightening as he levered 
himself into her tight little cunt. Then he was there and the sight and 
knowledge of being buried in such a little body brought him off. 

With a wail of delight he was coming, his head flung back as he felt his 
seed rising from the very depths of his swollen balls, a flood that burnt 
a sweet agony all the way down to the tip of his cock, there to splatter 
her little insides.

Those around watched wide eyed as Martin gripped Mary's little bottom and 
thrust yet again, each drive into her little body bringing a fresh wail 
from the little girl. When he drew out, a flood of pearly seed followed 
him, pouring down Mary's thighs. He looked at it in surprise and then 
followed Molly's eyes to his balls.

"Your balls are a little smaller, but not much," she told him.

"Here," Matron told them. Standing and watching with the other children, 
she picked Fanny from the small crowd of watchers, one of several eleven-
year-olds who had been eagerly masturbating themselves while watching 
Martin fuck Mary.

The child paled, but followed Matron obediently to a spare bed where 
pillows were thrown at the bottom so she could lie back and let her lower 
body hang over the foot of the bed. Lifted by the steel bed-end, it 
positioned her perfectly for Martin to fuck her.

Others joined in now, their grins feral and sadistic as they held little 
Fanny down, stuck fingers covered with their own slime into her mouth, or 
helped pull her thighs wider so her little cunt was presented.

She began to struggle, trying to evade the big cock Martin was holding 
down towards her livid gash. Molly was there to urge him on, kneeling 
beside the girl and pulling on her labia, stretching the tender skin 
outward until her little bright pink cunny was opened.

Once more, he punched into young little cunt with his cock, listening to 
her screech and watching her arch as he straight away met with her 
cervix, the rest of her tightening around him in an attempt to push him 
out. He grinned down at her and pressed himself harder against her. 

Martin preferred them to be on their backs. He could thrust hard and with 
a hand held flat just above their smooth Venus Mounds, he'd be able to 
feel his cock slide in and out of them.

Hands were fondling his bottom, driving him to quicken his pace, to 
ignore the crying girl he was fucking and think only of his own pleasure. 
Breathless with that pleasure, he fucked the girl hard and fast, jerking 
as Matron whipped his handsome bottom with a martinet.

The pain made him jerk forward, burying the whole length of his cock into 
the little girl on the bed. Her cervix pinched his cock and the hot pain 
of the martinet acted together to bring him sobbing to ejaculation, once 
more feeling it growing deep inside him, feeling his balls tense a moment 
before erupting.

Screaming his pleasure, he flooded her cunt, spurting and spurting so 
that, when he finally pulled out, it flowed out like a river, a pearly 
sea tainted with a little of her blood.

Molly was straight away at his side, bending and holding his cock so she 
could lick and suck the thick juices that coated him, another to feel his 
swollen balls and squeeze them, intent on finding out if he had any more 
held in him.

"Well?" Matron asked.

The girl panted from her avid sucking and nodded.  

"At least one good fuck left," she announced.

"Then let's give Mary that double dose I promised her," Matron grinned.

"Nooo!" They heard from the edge of the crowd and turned in that 
direction as the children parted to show the naked little girl struggling 
to escape from the grip of two others who held her, both grinning 

"Well done children. Now lay her over, her bottom well presented," she 

The boys, their little cocks sticking out in front of them, gleefully 
pulled the squealing young girl to the nearest bed and pulled her over 
the end. While they continued to pull on her arms, two other children 
quickly scrambled forward to take Mary's kicking feet and kneeling to 
either side of the bed, held her ankles well apart and still.

Now Martin could see the sore little cunt he'd fucked earlier, the flesh 
a deep crimson of tender flesh gleaming with the seed he'd poured into 
her. Above it, half exposed by the parting of her little round buttocks, 
her anus lay clenched, a tight little knot he'd soon invade.

Molly was there; grinning as she forced the firm little bottom cheeks 
further apart, her expression curiously loving as she looked closely at 
the little anus that was to be his. She fingered it almost tenderly, 
humming softly to herself and all around her fell silent to watch as, a 
tiny bit at a time, she eased her finger into the sobbing, raging girl.

"See, She likes it really!" Molly giggled, her finger embedded inside 
Mary's bottom while the girl screamed and fought, struggling hard to 
escape. Martin grinned and edged forward, bending his knees and looking 
down at the tiny anal ring he was now going to stretch and enter.

Mary was begging now, her words rushing over each other, offering them 
anything through the tears she shed. Older boys, watching, tapped younger 
girls on their shoulders and the girls obediently knelt to take their 
little cocks into their mouths, their heads and eyes half turned trying 
to watch the show.

Martin's cock bowed with the effort of entering such a little hole. He 
held it to stop it bending too much and gasped as the bulbous head of his 
cock pushed its way in. Mary wailed, her wet and gleaming eyes searching 
those around her for some compassion.

Now knowing how hot and tight she was, Martin leant against her little 
hole and slowly felt himself sink into her little bottom. The feeling was 
ecstatic; as her tight and rippling anal ring slowly succumbed to his 
cock and her sobs and squeals communicated directly with his throbbing 

Once in her, buried inside her spongy depths, he panted and began to pull 
and push on her tight flange, letting those around him see how far it 
could stretch as he tried drawing slightly out, then in again.

Mary fell into constantly wailing, tears streaming down her face and 
seemingly unaware of Martin's hot gaze down at her as he forced his cock 
back and forth in her tiny rosebud. 

Molly spat on Martin's cock and his pace quickened to match his breath. 

Around him, less well-trained boys came prematurely and unwearyingly let 
the girls kneeling at their feet focus totally on Martin. Another stroke, 
another long press into her fundaments while her crying and sobbing ran 
directly from her body into his, through his cock and up his loins.  

It was once too many and he sobbed, his legs giving way as the gates to 
his balls opened and the hot seed within started flowing up his cock. 
With a cry that took the last of his breath away he leant over her little 
sobbing form, jerking as his body pumped his seed into her, jerking as 
her anal canal seemed to respond and milk him, her anus finally opening 
to let him pass.

"Yes, that's done it!" Molly giggled, seeing Martin achingly rise to his 
feet again, his balls returning to their normal size again.

Doctor Stevens was thrilled with the slender child Nurse Bishop brought 
in to him the next morning. Her uniform already removed, she was lithe 
and slender, flat chested, flat bellied, and just her proud Mons-Venus 
rose, a lovely mark of her girlhood.

"This is Susan Tate Doctor," Nurse Bishop announced, helping the nervous 
girl to climb up onto the examination table and then securing each of the 
child's slim limbs in turn to the its corners.

Jeremy nodded and watched her limbs part while he rubbed a light ointment 
into his hands, a recent innovation from the chemist in the kitchens and 
something he'd been told he would enjoy. The lotion made his flesh tingle 
slightly, but not unduly. However, he could well imagine what it might 
feel like placed on more tender flesh and grinned in anticipation.

"Miss Marchant had requested that Susan should have clitoral 
development," Anne murmured, also eyeing the cute little chink between 
the girl's legs. Her labia was hardly pronounced at all, and the child's 
inner lips were slender petals that almost naturally stayed flat to her 
skin. At the apex was the little sheaf of skin that protected her labia 
and in this case, it truly was small, hardly rising at all and in little 
need of those full lips to protect it.

Sitting himself between Susan's legs, he began to stroke and pet her pink 
slit, intentionally coating her crotch with the ointment on his hands and 
holding his breath as he waited for a reaction.

It didn't take long. Almost before he was finished her breath had 
quickened and her young loins had begun to squirm, turning in her bonds 
as the irritant burnt into her sexual parts. 

A glow came to her vulva that had not been there before and the little 
hood of her clit swelled, her clit appearing a moment later, an 
infinitely smooth bulb of flesh swollen with blood but still only a 
little larger than a match head.

Inflamed, she whimpered in her need, lifting her crotch in an effort to 
have him touch her sexually. With a finger still retaining the ointment, 
William wriggled it up against her moist little cunt, then pressed it 
into her, parting her hot slippery little vagina to then press upward 
with his fingertip and grin at the look of delight on the child's face.

"Like it?" he asked, stretching the roof of her birth canal. Eyes bright 
but breathless, the child nodded and tossed her hips again, her legs 
straining to open further for him.

She gave a little cry and Doctor Stevens felt the flood of hot wetness 
about his finger and then watched the child strain against her bonds, 
driven to it by her pleasure. He was almost tempted to mount her; she 
looked so vulnerable.
Instead, he ordered the extra restraints that would hold her sex immobile 
and prepared the tools he'd need.

Anne wound the middle of the table upwards, lifting the child's buttocks 
and crotch higher than the rest of her and stretching her in the process. 
But to further keep her from swivelling her crotch, she picked up a small 
metal device, four inches long and L shaped. At one end it had been 
fashioned into a bracket that would attach to the tabletop. At the other, 
it was moulded like the head of a cock.

Parting the child's moist little chink, Anne firmly pressed the cold 
metal cock head into the child, then fixed the other end to the table, 
fastening it into place and affectively holding the child's crotch 
completely still  unless she wanted to tear her cunt open of course. 
Anne licked her lips as she thought of that, of what it might be like to 
actually see it.

Jeremy was ready and sat between Susan's legs. With the tip of a hook, he 
had caught the top edge of the child's clitoris and pulled it back 
sharply, exposing the tender and timid little tip of her bulb. Jeremy 
slid it between her body and her clitoris, and then slid the cotton sheaf 
over the little bulb, pulling on the fastenings that closed it over her 

Susan was gaping now, her eyes wide with fright and her body shaking with 
her nervousness. Jeremy knew that this would pass as she became used to 
this. He might, of course, put a ring in her hood to make it easier to do 
this if her course of treatment took longer than anticipated. If this 
approach didn't work, he thought to himself as he attached the cord and 
weights to the loop on the end of the clitoris cover, then he might even 
try putting a ring directly into her sensitive little clitoris.

He let the weights hang loose just under her bottom and smiled as he 
watched them pull on her clitoris. At the same time, Susan gasped and 
jerked, her body shaking uncontrollably as the sensations shooting 
through her body brought on a second orgasm.

"What a lovely child," he murmured, standing to watch her better and to 
see how her head tossed and her eyes darted wildly back and forth, as the 
small weights constantly pulled on the tip of her little love button.

"One hour for the first session, then thirty minutes for each of her 
subsequent sessions. I'll do a visual inspection of her in one week," he 
told his nurse as she made hurried notes in the child's journal.

Doctor Stevens's next appointment waited for him in the basement tied 
with her arms behind her and fastened to the wall by her hair. She softly 
whimpered and sobbed around the gag in her mouth, brought on by the 
beating she'd been given, her developing body showing the marks, mostly 
on her bottom, her budding breasts and the smooth ball of her pubis. 

There were also many red lines created by the slender crop that Jessica 
still held in her hand. Lady Jessica paced back and forth in front of the 
child while her father remained in a chair, watching with a smile on his 
face and stroking his erection with his hand.

"What can I do for you?" Jeremy asked. The girl's sobbing grew when she 
saw him, her eyes begging him not to hurt her. Jessica grinned 
sadistically and licked her lips.
"She's wet herself," she told him.

Jeremy looked down at the girl's gleaming thighs and the pool of wetness 
around her legs and nodded. "They do sometimes, when they're really 
hurt," he agreed. 
"You want me to stop her with a plug?" he asked. He could do it, or even 
insert a tube into her and direct it elsewhere.

"No. She pisses like a little girl. I want it to rush out and spray 
everything around with it." Jessica told him, a gleam in her eye.

Jeremy grinned. He could do that too, and liked the woman's imagination.

As with all the rooms at St Saviour's, there was a whipping horse in the 
corner, the wooden seat covered with soft leather. Jeremy went over to it 
and pulled out parts of the seat, turning and rearranging them so that 
the sculptured ends that had been hidden within the seat, now stood 

Lady Jessica moved forward to watch and her face gleamed with excitement 
as she saw what the doctor had created. 

"Will she fit?" she asked.

"We can but try," Jeremy told her. 

"Both the plugs have been sculptured off-centre of the base, so we can 
just rotate the base until we have a perfect fit," he explained.

"Perfect!" she purred and quickly went to the sobbing girl to release her 
from the wall so she could be taken across and lifted onto the horse.

Jeremy showed them how best to force and position the girl, ignoring the 
high pitched squeals that came through her gag as her bottom was forced 
down on the anal plug. 

It wasn't overly large, but it served to position and hold her for the 
other sculptured tip. It rose from the back of the horse like a cone, no 
more than a point at the tip, then broadening to nearly half an inch at 
its base.

The girl struggled to avoid it, even as her bottom closed over the anal 
plug, but Jeremy had practiced and taking her thighs and parted them, 
forced her down onto it.  

Eyes wide in terror, the girl squealed as the tip invaded her urethra. 
Her attempt to get off of it made her cry out in agony and she was forced 
to stop, to squeal and cry as her body slowly descended, stretching her 
apart like nothing had ever done before.

"You'll notice her begin to remain completely still. It hurts less," 
Jeremy explained, watching intently as the child did just that, sitting 
very cautiously in place and trying not to make any move that would cause 
her to move on the plugs that now impaled her.

Jessica grinned and picked up her father's belt, removed by her earlier 
when she'd opened his trousers and licked his cock into stiffness. Now, 
half wrapped around her fist, she let the child watch as she drew it 

The little girl stiffened and began to cry anew, unable to do anything 
but wait for it to strike and hope she could remain still. 

It came, slicing across her little breasts with a satisfying slap of 
leather on flesh, and the girl cried out, her cry rising to a screech as 
her involuntary jerk made her urethra burn. 

"Well done Doctor. You can leave us now," The old man told Doctor 
Stevens, as he waving urgently to his daughter to attend him while his 
eyes devoured the pretty child as she struggled in agony astride the 

Jessica eyed her father's erection and beamed proudly as she began 
gathering her skirts. Straddling him, she looked into his face as she 
brought her cunt down on his large throbbing cock.  

There was a pleasure there no other man had been able to give her, of 
sinking down on her father's silken cock, the very one that had created 
her. With her father watching the child's painful ordeal, Jessica rode 
her father until she felt that lovely bloating of his cock, followed by 
the pulsing of it that told her that he had spent.