The Happy Headmistress

By Tommy

Part 3

Miss Hadley watched as young Trevor left her office, his face
blotched from crying and his hands clutching his small bottom as
hard as he could. She snorted in disgust. What a fuss he'd made!
She'd only given him six strokes, and had used a fairly light
cane. Silly boy really needed to have his pain threshold

She quickly made a note of this in the large leather bound book
on her desk and returned the cane to its correct position on the
rail. Of course, she'd known immediately that it was another case
of Mrs Benson over-reacting. The poor boy hadn't really deserved
it and besides, she'd noticed from the marks on Trevor's buttocks
and thighs that Mrs Benson had already administered punishment.
Nevertheless, rules were rules!

The clock struck twelve. What had her diary said? She checked it
again. How could she have forgotten?

A knock at the door.

Miss Hadley opened it herself and a mass of long blond hair
jumped into her arms.


"Oh Rosemary, how you've grown! Here, let me look at you!"

Elizabeth looked at her niece with interest. A miniature version
of her own sister, Rosemary was even more beautiful, piercing
green eyes partially covered by her fringe, her cheeks decorated
with freckles.

"Gosh, you must be what... thirteen by now, so..."

"Oh Auntie, I'm fourteen!" Rosemary laughed. "Oh, mummy sends her

Elizabeth looked at the door. "Where's your case?"

"The taxi driver took it to my room. Miss Turner showed me where
I'm staying."

"Well, lunch is in an hour" said Elizabeth, giving her niece
another hug. "Then you can meet the others."

She laughed. "I must say Rosemary, it's very nice of your
governess to let you come. Shouldn't you be studying for exams or

"Oh, mother had a word with her. Besides, the exams aren't for
ages and she thought that I'd benefit from some work experience
here. Anyway, Madame Chantal wanted to visit her brother in
Paris, so it worked out quite well."

Elizabeth nodded. "Well, you're very welcome and I hope you'll be
happy here."

Another knock at the door. "Oh goodness, who can that be now?

Auntie and niece watched as a rather podgy boy entered, a small
envelope in his hand. Elizabeth sighed. Not Craig again?

"Please miss, I...I...Miss Stenton asked me to give you this." He
handed the envelope to Elizabeth, his hand shaking slightly. He
noticed Rosemary and swallowed nervously. Who...? His mind worked
quickly. Perhaps...perhaps if Miss Hadley had a visitor, he might
get away with a telling off ...or...

"Up to your old tricks again I see then!" Miss Hadley read the
short letter and put it in her pocket.

She turned to Rosemary. "This young man is a bully. Thankfully,
we don't have many at this school. The reason for that is because
most boys learn very quickly that it can have very painful
consequences. Unfortunately, some boys need reminding of this
more often than others."

"Well, Craig, what do you have to say for yourself?"

The young boy fidgeted nervously. "Sorry miss. I won't do it
again..I promise."

"Isn't that what you said last time?" said Elizabeth angrily.
"How many strokes did I give you?"

"I..I think... nine miss."

"Yes, nine. Nine strokes on your bare bottom! Clearly, that
wasn't sufficient!"

She pointed to the cupboard where she kept the dreaded
instruments of pain. "Bring me the third cane from the left!"

Craig looked the tall lady and her niece in horror. The girl
didn't look a lot older than him - perhaps three or four years
older but not more. Surely Miss Hadley wouldn't cane him in front
of the girl? Even if she did, she wouldn't make him take his
pants down, that was certain... wasn't it?

Rosemary coughed and felt herself reddening. "Auntie, perhaps I
should..." She nodded at the door.

Elizabeth smiled at the look of confusion on Rosemary's face and
winked. "Of course not. While you're here, you'll be treated as
one of the staff. Besides, you have to learn how things work
here. Not that different from your mother's school."

Rosemary nodded. Her own education was provided by a very
expensive governess and a small French school near Geneva, but
her many visits to her mother's school in Scotland had left her
in no doubt about the style of discipline used on boys. She
shuddered. The worst punishment she'd ever had from Madame
Chantal had been to write two hundred lines.

She took a deep breath and tried to look older than she was. She
watched the boy fumbling with the canes hanging on the rail and
licked her lips. Perhaps she was going to enjoy herself after

Craig brought a cane to Miss Hadley and handed it to her, his
hand shaking more than before. He glanced quickly at Rosemary.
She wouldn't stay, would she?

"Okay Craig, you know the procedure. Shorts and pants off - now!"

The boy stared at her, tears already forming, cheeks crimson with
embarrassment. "But miss...I mean...I mean...what about her..."

"Since my niece and I both share the same name, you will say
'Miss Rosemary'" retorted Elizabeth angrily. "For your
information young man, Miss Rosemary is now a member of staff
here and will be treated as one. Is that clear?"

She chuckled silently at the look on the boy's face. What the
poor boy must feel like!"


"Yes miss. Sorry miss."

Craig sniffed and began to slide his tight grey shorts down. He
could feel the eyes on him. This was awful! He folded them
neatly and placed them on the desk.

He took the waist band of his thin white underpants in his
fingers and felt sick. This couldn't be happening, surely! Wasn't
fair! She was just...a girl!

"Come on!"

He stepped out of his pants and placed them with his shorts.
Through his tears he could see the girl staring at him, then her
eyes lowering to look at his...

Despite having done this countless times before, he couldn't stop
his hands from moving to his groin.

"Hands by your sides immediately!"

Craig forced himself to do as she said, exposing his small
privates to their gaze, his short regulation shirt and vest
allowing an unrestricted view. He bit his lip and felt tears of
shame running down his cheeks. He'd never cried like this before.
After all, like all the boys, he was used to being naked in front
of the ladies and during his visits to the Headmistress it was
rare for him to shed a single tear before at least the third
stroke had landed.

Yet here he was, already crying, just because of a girl. He
sniffed loudly.

"I imagine you've seen this sort of thing countless times,
haven't you?" asked Elizabeth.

Rosemary nodded. "Oh yes. Mummy's very strict with the boys." She
felt her cheeks redden slightly. Yes, it was true that she'd
witnessed quite a number of punishments over the years, but
always through windows or at a distance. Certainly never this
close. Her mother had always been so protective of her.

She couldn't tear her eyes away from the small dangly objects
hanging forlornly between the boy's legs. Madame Chantal had
never been very good at sex education and most of what Rosemary
knew came from her long chats with the other girls.

Elizabeth saw where her eyes were fixed and tried not to laugh.

"Okay then, bend over!"

She moved a low wooden stool away from the wall and watched as
Craig assumed the position he knew so well, forearms flat on the
stool, back arched, bottom thrust out.

"Some teachers prefer to have them simply touch their toes" she
said, smiling at her niece. "There are no end of positions I've
tried, but I think I prefer this one."

She tapped the nervous boy's backside with the cane, making him
flinch. "Legs apart! Further! That's better."

If his embarrassment wasn't already acute, Craig felt the tip of
the cane suddenly between his legs, prodding his private parts.

"It's very important to make sure that their testicles are not in
the way" continued Elizabeth. She saw Rosemary's eyes widen and
laughed. "They're only boys! You may as well learn how to deal
with them properly."

Rosemary felt her heart pounding hard. Her aunt was talking about
these things so calmly! She took a deep breath. She did so want
her aunt to treat her as a grown-up.

"Yes, of course auntie." She forced herself to smile, hoping that
her aunt wouldn't guess how it was affecting her. A most
delightful tingle between her legs was slowly growing stronger.

"As a general rule, although all members of staff may punish the
boys in any way they feel appropriate, I am the only person in
the school allowed to use the cane" continued Elizabeth. "When
used with force, it's far more painful - and potentially
dangerous- than a slipper or hair brush." She paused and flicked
the boy's sweaty buttocks again.

"I do insist that all punishments are applied to the uncovered
buttocks." She looked at Rosemary and then at Craig. "The
humiliation adds to the effect of the punishment, the boys learn
that modesty must be earnt and it allows us greater control in
monitoring the effect of the punishment."

Rosemary was so busy thinking about what she was hearing that she
didn't notice her aunt's hand moving.

A loud swishing noise was followed by a sharp crack.

Craig clenched his teeth and gripped the edge of the stool, his
knuckles white. The pain was intense but he was a strong boy.
Despite the agony he was strangely looking forward to showing off
his stripes in the showers later.

Rosemary watched in astonishment as a thin red weal appeared
across the middle of the boy's large bottom. Gosh, that must have

"Oh, don't worry. I must admit that I'm caning him quite hard,
but he's used to it now" said Elisabeth, having noticed her
niece's expression.

She ran the cane over the boy's expansive behind.

"The most sensitive place is around here" she explained, tapping
the top of his thighs. "I usually save that bit for last. It
helps to get the message across."

She smiled at her little joke, then had an idea.

"Tell you what Rosemary. Since you're no doubt going to be a real
teacher one day, perhaps you should see what it's like."

The young girl felt the room spin. What? What had her aunt said?

Elizabeth smiled. "After all, your mother and I had to learn
somewhere didn't we?"

"It's really not so difficult once you've got the hang. Come on,
I'll show you!"

Rosemary felt herself being positioned on the place her aunt had
been, just behind and to the left of the boy.

"Okay, hold the cane here, that's right, a bit further. That'll
give you more control."

Craig looked round and his eyes nearly popped out of his head.

"Now then, position the cane so that the tip touches the middle
of his right buttock. This ensures that the full force is spread
right across his bottom - otherwise the tip would curl round and
nip the side of his leg. Yes, like that. Good."

Elizabeth nodded and winked at her niece. "The unwritten rule is
never to raise your hand higher than your shoulder, so..."

She took her niece's hand in hers. "Keep your elbow close to your
side, swing your arm back, then use your wrist - like this."

Another swish and a crack filled the air, though not as loud as

Craig gasped and tried not to cry. Please... mustn't let the girl
see him cry. He had to take it. Had to!

"Hmm, not bad." Elizabeth released her niece's hand and looked at
the long weal they'd placed just below the first one.

"See if you can space them out. Oh and a bit harder."

Rosemary felt her hand shaking. She couldn't believe what she was
doing. For a second she considered just putting the cane down and
running out. Her aunt would understand. But.... The tingling was
still strong and try as she might she could not deny the fact
that she was secretly enjoying herself.

She saw Craig quickly look round at her. Poor boy must be so
embarrassed! She gripped the cane and slashed it down hard across
his quivering buttocks.

Craig yelped with pain. The tip of the cane had caught his right

"Hmm, stand back a little" said Elizabeth. Oh, and make sure you
tap where you're aiming first." She paused. "I think the best way
is for you just to practise on him. Just keep going till you feel
you've got the hang of it."

Rosemary needed no second bidding. Soon the room echoed to the
sound of swishes and cracks, punctuated by the occasional yelp of

Craig grit his teeth. His bottom felt as though it was on fire,
but...he couldn't help but admit that the strokes were nowhere as
painful as they'd be if it were Miss Hadley yielding the cane.

How many strokes was it now? Must be twelve, surely? He hadn't
cried. Craig felt a glow of pride.

"No, carry on!" Elizabeth nodded at her niece. She wasn't stupid
and knew exactly what Craig was thinking. "These are only for
practice and certainly aren't as hard as I'd give."

Her niece grinned, the tingling between her legs almost too great
to bear. Oh this was great! She looked at the weals
criss-crossing the fat boy's bottom and frowned. Surely she could
do better than this!

A swish, crack and suddenly Craig leapt in the air, a high
pitched scream ripping through the air. He turned round and bent
double, his hands thrust deep between his legs, tears running
down his face.

"Whoops, I think you caught him in a rather tender place" said
Elizabeth, a thin smile on her lips. She shook her head. "Don't
worry, it happens sometimes. You probably moved back a bit too

She saw the puzzled look on her niece's face and explained. "The
tip of the cane went between his legs and nipped his testicles.
No, it's okay. It's incredibly painful for a minute or so but
doesn't usually do any harm.

Rosemary watched the young boy groaning and looked at her aunt.

"Is that enough auntie?"

Elizabeth laughed. "Yes, I suppose so. To be honest, he's got off
rather lightly."

She waited another thirty seconds for Craig to regain some
composure. "Okay young man, here!"

Rosemary handed him the cane and watched as the sobbing little
boy replaced it in the cupboard. She couldn't understand which
she found more exciting, the sight of a well thrashed bottom or
the mysterious soft looking objects hanging miserably between his
legs. How she'd love a closer look!

"I think we should examine him to make sure it's nothing serious"
said Elisabeth. She guided her niece to the sofa and called Craig


"You should check his testicles for any damage" explained her
aunt. "Best to be safe."

Rosemary sat down, trying hard not to shake. Check

"Hands on head!" ordered Elizabeth, as the tear stained boy

Craig obeyed instantly, totally defeated and just thankful that
Miss Hadley hadn't decided to finish off the caning with a few of
her famous and excruciating slices across his thighs. Gosh, those
were unbearable!

It took a few seconds for him to realise what was going on, but
all became clear when he suddenly felt his privates being
caressed by a much softer and smaller hand than usual.

He stared at what the young girl was doing and felt his cheeks
glow. Oh no, please!

"First of all, make sure that there are no obvious marks or
bruises on his penis" said Elizabeth, pointing at the boy's small

Rosemary felt as if she were floating. Her clitoris cried out for
attention. This was just amazing!

"You should be able to pull his foreskin back all the way to be
absolutely sure" continued her aunt, trying not to laugh. "Look."

Poor Rosemary! Her beloved niece was trying so hard, but it was
so obvious!

Craig watched in horror as the young girl's fingers explored his
most private parts. Then her fingers started to explore his
little sack. Her fingernails caressed the back and the sides of
his small testicles. He shivered. Of course, he was used to these
examinations, as were all the boys, but never done in such a slow
gentle way.

"Auntie, is his thing... I mean, his it normal for it
to start growing like that and...?"
Elizabeth sighed. Craig was not on any of her lists of boys to
watch, and in fact, his penis was one of the smallest and most
unresponsive in his class. But to be honest, how could any boy
not react in such a situation?
 "Hmm, he's showing an unacceptable lack of self control!" she
snapped, glaring at the red faced boy.

To Craig's horror, her fingers squeezed the tip of his fast
stiffening sausage.

"You have to remember that boys often have erections for mainly
two reasons. When waking up, with a full bladder and sudden
changes in temperature. However, at any other time, it's a
totally inexcusable thing to happen and we cannot tolerate it."

Her finger squeezed harder, and Craig started to squirm.
"Please...miss.. owww!"

Elizabeth released his small penis. It was already shrinking.

"You see? That's how to deal with boys like this!"

She looked at her niece and pretended not to notice how red the
young girl's cheeks had become. Secretly, she was delighted, not
only because a nasty bully had learnt his lesson, but also
because she understood why her sister had agreed to let Rosemary
spend some time here.

Memories returned. How had she been at fourteen? She chuckled.

"I tell you what Rosemary. You probably want to unpack. Why don't
you pop over to your room and get sorted out, then I'll see you
at lunchtime. Won't be long now."

Her niece seemed to take a while to understand, then suddenly
wiped her brow.

"Oh, I.. yes auntie, of course. I... I'll go and unpack. I...I...
er yes..okay then."
Elizabeth waited for her niece to reach the door. "Rosemary?"

"Yes auntie?"

"I was very impressed how you handled this situation. I look
forward to you assisting me in my duties."

" you auntie."

"Sometimes I simply don't have time to deal with disciplining the
boys. Perhaps you could help me."

Rosemary had to check that she'd heard right.

"Oh yes.. I mean... of course auntie..I mean..."

Elizabeth grinned. "Thank you. So if I send one to your room just
before dinner tonight, would you deal with him for me?"
The room seemed to sway again. Rosemary blinked and tried to keep
her voice steady. "Yes auntie."

Elizabeth nodded and heard the door shut. She looked at the
scared little boy standing before her, his formerly proud manhood
now returned to its previous miniscule state. She sighed. Boys
with big willies were much more fun!

She rose and walked to the cupboard, thinking about her niece.
Who to send to her? A smile spread across her face. Oh yes!
Laurence, the eleven year old in 5B. Not one of the strongest
candidates for her sister's school, but interesting nonetheless.
Quite a tall boy for his age, he was obviously having a growth
spurt. She chuckled. One of the biggest boys in the school - in
more ways than one!
Rosemary should have fun!

"Right young man!" She selected one of her favourite canes and
sliced it through the air, enjoying the way Craig jumped.

"You know very well you have not been sufficiently punished, so
let's get a few more lines on that bottom of yours, shall we?"

Craig opened his mouth, but then thought better of it. It was
true! Besides, what about the other boys in the shower later?
They'd be expecting large bruises!

Quietly, he bent down over the wooden stool and stuck his already
bright red bottom up. At least that awful young girl had gone! At

All thoughts disappeared, his whole attention taken up by the
searing pain as the long swishing cane planted some new and much
deeper weals across his young buttocks.

On the other side of the quadrangle, Rosemary, spread out on her
bed, groaned and writhed for the third time as her fingers worked
their magic deep between her legs.

She lay for a few minutes waiting for her breathing to get back
to normal. Oh shit! That was so good! So good! She looked at her
watch. Ten minutes until lunch. She'd never felt so hungry!


"So what did you think of her?" asked Elizabeth, sipping her
tea. She looked at Marjorie and Joyce enquiringly. Rosemary had
spent the whole afternoon following them around the school,
watching lessons and learning the ropes.

"Certainly a very bright girl" said Marjorie. "She seems quite at
home already."

Joyce nodded and then laughed. "She's the spitting image of her
mother, isn't she. It'll be so nice having her here for a while."

Elizabeth looked at her watch. The boys would almost have
finished their showers and would be starting their quiet hour
before going to bed. Suddenly she saw the boy she wanted and

A thin rather lanky eleven year old approached her, his unease
evident. Laurence had been racking his brains for the last
fifteen minutes, ever since being told that the headmistress
wanted to see him after his shower. What he done? A summons from
the Head usually meant only one thing! Surely not that last test
in Maths? Yes, it had been the second test he'd done badly in,
and he fully expected to have to repeat the tests during a
detention any day now, followed as was customary, by a long
slippering from Miss Taylor.

He saw Miss Taylor talking to Miss Hadley and felt his face going
red. Yes, he'd been spanked by her for years, but it just felt
different now. It was so embarrassing when he felt his thing
slipping down between her thighs while he was over her lap,
especially when she pressed her legs together and held it in a
vice-like grip! Despite his sore bottom, his thing always went
hard and tingled like crazy. Why did it always do that? The last
few times had been exceptionally embarrassing though to his
astonishment, Miss Taylor had actually been quite understanding
and hadn't sent him to the Headmistress as he'd assumed she
would. 'Boy-milk' she'd called it.

But not the cane, surely? He shivered. Please not that! The last
visit had been unbelievably painful and the bruises had taken
over a week to go!

"Ah, Laurence, here you are."

Elizabeth smiled at the nervous boy. Not the most attractive of
boys, his mop of rust coloured hair and orange freckles
nevertheless made him instantly recognisable. As with most of the
boys, his stretchy pyjamas looked slightly too small for him and
his light blue pyjama trousers hugged his pert buttocks like a
second skin. That's not all they're hugging, thought Elizabeth,
eyeing the front. It was at times like this she was glad they
rarely had visitors staying. The material was thin and certainly
left nothing to the imagination!

Laurence saw her smile and he felt a huge weight lifted from him.
Thank goodness!

The Headmistress tousled his hair. "Laurence, you know that my
niece is going to be working here for a while, I presume?"

The boy nodded. "Yes miss." He hadn't yet seen her, but a teacher
had told them in class.

"Well, she's never worked in a school before, so I'd like you to
take her these."

Elizabeth handed him a large paper bag. Laurence looked inside
and saw a letter, an old worn gym slipper, a wooden hairbrush
and... he swallowed... a leather tawse. Like all the boys, he
knew the implements very well.

"A few things, Laurence." Her voice was kind but firm. "You are
to demonstrate to Miss Rosemary how these are used. Is that

Laurence nodded. "Yes miss." The implications of this took a few
seconds to sink in, and his eyes widened.

Miss Hadley smiled. "Since she hasn't had chance to supervise the
showers yet, you may also tell her about the spot checks. Did Mrs
Benson check you tonight?"

He shook his head. "No miss. But she checked me a few days ago

"Okay, well in that case, it will be good practise for her. Off
you go!"

She turned back to the others, indicating that their conversation
was at an end. Laurence walked down the corridor and turned into
the narrow passage that connected the building with the

He knew that Miss Hadley's niece was staying in one of the guest
rooms and made his way up to the second floor. What had the
Headmistress said? His mouth felt dry and he felt his cheeks
redden. Then he shrugged his shoulders. Best get it over with.
Perhaps she'd be really bored and he'd be finished in a few
minutes, then join his friends for some TV before bed.

As far as he knew, the apartments on the second floor were all
empty, so it should be easy to find the one he wanted. Sure
enough, he heard music coming from behind one of the doors. The
new teacher must have the radio on.

He knocked twice and stood up straight. What had Miss Hadley
said? Show her how to 'use' the things in the bag? Just tell her

The door opened and Laurence's heart missed a beat. Who was this?

"Er, Miss Hadley asked me to bring these to her niece" he said
shyly. He looked past the girl waiting for the lady to come. He
hadn't realised that she'd brought her daughter with her.

Rosemary smiled. "I'm Miss Hadley's niece. Are these for me? Oh,
thank you."

She took the bag from the confused boy and opened the door wider.
"Come in."

Laurence followed, his head spinning. This was Miss Rosemary?

The apartment was in fact a large studio type with one main room
consisting of bed, table, and cupboards. He looked around him
with interest.

He watched as Rosemary took the letter and opened it. How on
earth could this girl be the new teacher? She didn't look grown

Rosemary read the note from her aunt and had to stop herself from
giggling. She glanced at Laurence and swallowed, the tingling
between her legs returning. Any nervousness she'd initially felt
had evaporated during the course of the afternoon. The other
teachers had been incredibly kind and the boys had all accepted
the fact that she was now one of the teachers.

For the first time it dawned on her that Laurence was in his
pyjamas. Of course! Nearly their bedtime. They did look a bit
small for him and.... She looked at his trousers and the room
seemed to spin. Oh my.... His bulge was just so....obscene? Huge?
His thing was quite clearly outlined. Disgusting! Yet..... The
tingling grew stronger.

Laurence watched as she took the other objects out of the bag and
placed them on the bed. Over the years, he'd come to know each of
them very well indeed.

Rosemary turned and tried to look older than her fourteen years.

"So Laurence, Miss Hadley said that you're going to show me how
to use these." She nodded at the objects on the bed, then picked
up the slipper. "This for example. How many do you get usually?"

Laurence looked at her, his cheeks red. "Er...I...I ...
er..sometimes twenty miss, sometimes more..and less....and..."
Rosemary nodded. "I see. How is it applied? Do you have to bend
over or do you go over the teacher's knee?"

" it depends miss. I mean..." Laurence tried to
think. His mind was confused. She was behaving like a teacher,
and she was Miss Hadley's niece so... But..but...


"Er...some teachers make us bend over miss put us
over their lap"

"Over your shorts?"

She saw his face turn a deeper red and had to stop herself from

"Er..not really"

"Well, how then?" She was enjoying herself.

"On our...our...bare bottoms miss."

Rosemary nodded, trying to give the impression that she already
quite an expert in such matters. "Good!"

She picked up the tawse. "What about this? On your bottom as

Laurence nodded. "Yes miss, and...and sometimes on the hand
miss." He shivered. Although worse than the slipper, generally
speaking he always found the tawse slightly less painful than the
hairbrush and nowhere as painful as the cane. However, in the
hands of some of the more sadistic teachers, and when applied
from certain angles, the tip often reached rather sensitive

"Okay. The hairbrush?"

"On the bottom as well miss." He remembered that particular brush
very well. The worst hairbrushes yielded by the teachers were the
heavy wooden types with smooth varnished backs. The sting they
imparted when brought down hard was almost as excruciating as the
cane - though with without the accompanying weals and bruises!
Thankfully, most teachers preferred to use either their hand or a

Rosemary looked at him thoughtfully. "Miss Hadley also said you
should demonstrate how they're used, didn't she?"

"Sorry miss?" Laurence at her nervously, slowly realising where
this was leading.

"She smiled. "Don't look so worried. I just need to have a short
demonstration, that's all. I have to practise." Her eyes narrowed
slightly. "Or should we go and ask Miss Hadley first?"

The thought of disturbing the headmistress and the consequences
of such an action were sufficient to drain his cheeks of colour.

"Okay, so let's pretend that you've come to me for the slipper"
she said, picking it up from the bed. "Should you go over my
knee, bend over a chair, or just touch your toes?"

Laurence swallowed. "Um.. sometimes a chair..or over the depends miss...sometimes..."

"Okay, okay. Let's forget about the chair." She slapped the
slipper into the palm of the hand and walked away from the bed.

"Okay!" She pointed at the piece of carpet in front of her.

Laurence blinked and realised what he had to do. Obediently, he
stood in front of her and bent over.

Rosemary felt she was floating. Such power. She flexed the thin
slipper and licked her lips. The boy's pyjama trousers were
stretched so tightly over his buttocks!

"I thought you said you get it on the bare bottom?" she asked,
keeping her voice steady.

"Sorry miss?"

"Miss Hadley told me that you were an obedient boy and that the
demonstration should be realistic."


"I'd like to tell Miss Hadley tomorrow that you were a good boy.
How can I do that if it's not true?" She paused. "Take them off
please, Laurence."

She bit her lip, trying to stop the huge grin that was spreading
across her face.

Laurence slowly reached behind him and pulled his pyjama trousers
down to his knees. The cool air wafting between his thighs made
him shiver. His face was burning with embarrassment.
"No Laurence. I said take them off! Now, please!"

Despite his embarrassment, Laurence was a pragmatist and after
years at the school he'd learned that it was extremely unwise to
discuss anything with a teacher. If this girl was Miss Hadley's
niece, then....

Rosemary watched with amusement as the boy quickly slid his thin
cotton trousers off and resumed his position, in such a way that
he had his back to her all the while. Never mind. They had plenty
of time!

"Okay, that's better. Oh, legs further apart please, Laurence. My
aunt told me all about that!"

She surveyed the boy's bottom with interest. Not as large as the
fat boy she'd met in her aunt's study, Laurence's backside was
somehow cuter. Between his thighs she could see the back of his
little ball sack. She felt her heart pounding faster. Her fingers
itched to explore them and...

"Hmm, okay. Now then Laurence, tell me if I'm not doing this

She started to slap the slipper gently against his buttocks. Then
a bit harder.

"Okay, I think I've got the hang of it now." She stopped. "Can
you put this back on the bed please and bring the tawse?"

Laurence straightened up and blushed as he realised his
predicament. Part of his brain was telling him to stop feeling so
embarrassed. After all, she was a teacher. A very young looking
one, but a teacher nevertheless. Besides, she was bound to
supervise the showers sooner or later, so...

He took a deep breath and took the slipper from her, not even
attempting to hide his privates from her. Rosemary felt herself
trembling. She had won! The boy knew he was beaten! She tried
desperately not to look at his thing, but it was impossible. Her
eyes widened. Compared to the boy she'd seen before, this one
was...enormous! But... but! Her head span. She really had so much
to learn!

Laurence returned with the tawse and handed it to her, his
expression showing his resignation.

Without even being asked, he touched his toes, then opened his
legs wider.

Rosemary examined the tawse with interest. She'd heard about them
from her mother. Apparently they were still used in Scotland to
punish children on the hand.

She gripped the end and swung it down across the lad's bottom.
The last few inches curled round his thigh and he flinched,
though not from pain.

"Hmm, I can see that this must take quite a bit of getting used
to" she said, standing back slightly. The next stroke landed
right in the centre. She hadn't put much force into the blow so
she was surprised when the boy flinched again.
"It didn't hurt, surely?" she asked. "I'm only practising."

Laurence turned his head slightly. "No miss, sorry, it's just"

"What then?"

"I mean ...that the end sometimes goes...I mean...the bit at the
end goes between and..." He looked down at the carpet too
embarrassed to explain.

Rosemary understood and ran the tawse slowly up the boy's crease,
enjoying the way he clenched and relaxed his buttocks.

"Oh yes, I see" she said, hoping that her voice sounded
sufficiently grown-up. "You're worried that the tip will catch
you... just here."

Laurence felt her hand slip between his thighs. A finger suddenly
stroked the back of his little testicles and he yelped.

"Oh miss..please...I..."

"Don't be silly Laurence! I have to make sure everything's okay."

She continued her exploration for a few more seconds, then stood
up straight and tried to keep calm. Her heart was beating faster.
This was so...

"Okay, stand up. Bring me the hairbrush!"

Laurence did as she said, glad to be free of her probing fingers.

At the very threshold of puberty, he was still ignorant, at least
most of the time, of the changes occurring and was thus
blissfully unaware on returning with the brush, that his young
manhood had lengthened slightly and was no longer pointing
straight down.

Rosemary pretended not to notice and was relieved when the lad
was bending over again so he couldn't see her face. This was
incredible! Of course, she'd learned all this in her biology
classes and the frequent giggling discussions with her friends
had provided much information, but .....!

The three slaps she gave him were very light. She was eager to
move on.

"Thank you Laurence" she said, smiling at him and putting the
three implements back into the paper bag. "That was very

She sat on the edge of the bed and kept her back straight. Had to
show him who was in charge!

"Miss Hadley also said you'd show me about the shower
inspections" she said, nodding at the letter. "Do you have one
every time you have a shower?"

Laurence shook his head. "No miss. Just sometimes...once a week
His hands had moved instinctively to cover his privates. Of
course, normally he wouldn't dare to do this, but well, she was a
new teacher, wasn't she and wouldn't really mind and...

"Okay then. Let's pretend you've just had your shower shall we,

Pulling the timid lad closer, she undid the buttons on his pyjama
top and removed it. The young boy was completely naked! For a
second she felt giddy. The tingling between her legs was

She grinned at the boy's red face and then laughed. "Not cold are

"N..No miss."

"Well then, where do we start? Hair, ears?"

"Er..yes miss....ears, and..and nails and..."

"Okay, let's have a good look shall we?"

Rosemary ran her hand through his hair. "Looks okay to me. Hmm,
ears as well. Show me your nails."

Laurence placed his hands in hers, reddening a bit more at having
to uncover his privates.

"Well, these look very clean indeed." She kept a firm hold of his
hands and smiled.

"What else do the teachers check?"

Laurence looked as if he wanted the ground to swallow him up.

"Er...our..our bottoms miss and...and know

Rosemary nodded. "You mean your privates?"

His mouth felt dry. "Yes miss."

"Okay then, let's turn you round shall we?"

She gently turned him so he had his back to her. "Bend over!"

The sense of power over the young boy was intoxicating. She
closed her eyes for a few seconds.

"Open your legs more please."

Laurence felt her hand running over his buttocks. So soft! Not
like the other teachers at all! Mrs Benson was so rough!

"Hmm, what a nice clean bottom you have, Laurence."
Rosemary slowly parted the boy's buttocks and gazed with interest
at his small puckered anus, then ran her fingernail over it. She
felt the boy shudder slightly and understood. Boys might have
very different parts to girls, but they reacted in the same way.

Laurence waited for her to finish. Mrs Benson never spent more
than a few seconds doing this. Why was this girl taking so long?
Her fingernail stroked him again and he felt a strong tingling.
Miss Turner and Miss Stenton did this to him sometimes when he
was over their laps. He never understood why, but it seemed to
make the spanking less painful.

"Well your legs look fine to me as well" said Rosemary quietly
slipping her other hand between his thighs. "It looks okay here
as well."

Laurence felt a finger touch the back of his little sack and

"Quiet please, Laurence. Almost finished. There, stand up and
turn round!"

Her eyes nearly popped out of her head. The boy's thing was
pointing straight at her and had lengthened considerably. So this
was a proper erection? What her aunt said when the fat boy had
started to have one? They weren't allowed, were they?

Pretending not to notice anything amiss, she took the lad's stiff
little manhood in her hand and pulled him a bit closer.

Laurence looked at her, tears in her eyes. "Please...I'm sorry
miss...please...I don't know know...I...."

"Shhh, it's okay." She smiled and caressed his sack with her
other hand. "Just checking, that's all."

Laurence stared at her. Her reaction had confused him. "B...But

"It's okay Laurence. I know this happens to boys sometimes. I'm
sure you're not doing it on purpose, are you?"

He shook his head slowly, his brain overloaded with the powerful
sensations coursing through him. Soft fingers were stroking the
sides of his sack. So, so...

Rosemary examined the erection carefully. It felt rock hard now!
So that must be the foreskin! It had slipped back so easily. The
tip looked quite yucky - yet exciting. Funny how it bulged at the
end. This part felt much softer. Her fingers explored it,
pressing and prodding. A drop of fluid appeared and her mouth
fell open. What?

"Oh miss...I....Miss!"

She watched fascinated as the boy's legs started to shake. She
felt his penis throb and gripped it tighter. A small drop of
whitish liquid shot from the tip and hit the front of her dress,
followed by a second drop that landed on her wrist.

Laurence's face was a sight to behold, the effect of his sudden
orgasm mixed with the growing realisation of what he'd done and
fear of the consequences.

There was silence. Rosemary's head was spinning. He'd
just..just... her memory grasped for the word. Ejaculated?

Laurence came back to earth and terror gripped him. What had he
done? Miss Hadley's aunt! And now....

He saw the young teacher take a handkerchief from a side pocket
and wipe off the offending drops of sticky fluid.

"I think young man, before anything else, we should get you
cleaned up, hmm?"

He felt as though he were in a dream. Although one of the oldest
boys in the school, he suddenly felt a lot younger than his
eleven years. Propelled to an adjoining bathroom, Laurence stood
obediently in front of the washbasin while the girl washed his
small now-soft penis with soap and water.

She spread some soap over his little sack as well, noticing how
the boy's penis reacted. So much to think about. So much to

"Okay, finished." She quickly dried him and marched him back to
the large room where she sat back on the bed and took his hands
in hers.

"Well, do you have anything to say?" she asked quietly.

Laurence looked down, his eyes full of tears. "Sorry miss."

She paused. "Tell me the truth Laurence. What will Miss Hadley do
when she finds out?"

She saw him swallow. Poor kid was terrified.

"She'll...she'll cane me miss." He didn't want to think about it.
Just the fact of being in the final year was enough to ensure the
headmistress used one of her biggest canes! Added to this his
actual crime and the fact that Miss Rosemary was her niece. He
felt suddenly very cold. A tear rolled down his cheek.

Rosemary smiled, her mind already working fast. The boy was in
her mercy. She looked at his penis hanging pathetically between
his legs. Oh yes. She definitely wanted to play with that again!

"You know Laurence, perhaps I don't have to tell Miss Hadley."

She saw his eyes rise up to meet hers and grinned. "Obviously
you'll have to be punished and oh, I forgot this..." She reached
for the letter. "Miss Turner also mentioned some tests you'd
failed and asked me to punish you accordingly. I'm sure you know
exactly what I mean."

He nodded. "Yes miss."

"So what would you like me to use?"

"Sorry miss?"

Rosemary pointed to the objects on the bed beside her. "I'll let
you choose."

Laurence sniffed and wiped his eyes. "Er..the slipper please,

"Okay, the slipper it is." She picked it up and licked her lips.
How she'd love to put him over her knee! But he was so big.
Impossible. But perhaps another position and...

"Come here on my left and kneel on the edge of the bed please."

Laurence did as she said, resigned to his fate. Over the years,
he'd been spanked in just about every position imaginable. Every
teacher had their favourite.

"That's right. Head down, elbows on the bed, yes like that. Good
boy. Knees further apart. No, further! Bottom up more please!"

Rosemary whistled silently as she positioned the boy next to her
on the bed. She turned side on and tapped his thrust-out bottom
with the slipper, then ran it down over his thigh. Licking her
lips, she slipped her other hand under his tummy.

The slaps were light. Still not sure exactly how hard she should
use the slipper, Rosemary decided to err on the side of caution.

"Is this hard enough Laurence?" she asked teasingly. She tickled
his soft tummy and started inching her hand past his belly

" of..I mean not really miss." Laurence was confused.
Teachers never asked him if they were spanking him hard enough.

"Okay, a bit harder then." Rosemary laughed and increased the
force of the slaps just very slightly. Her fingers inched further
inderneath the lad until....

Laurence gasped as the young girl's fingers found his penis. Lots
of teachers did this during punishments, but none had hands as
soft as Miss Rosemary.

The fingers stayed where they were squeezing and exploring his
fast lengthening manhood. All thoughts of his reddening bottom
disappeared as the girl's fingers teased him, gently pulling his
foreskin back and at the same time tickling his little sack, then
squeezing and feeling his small testicles inside.

When other teachers played with his privates he almost never
noticed, his attention being taken by the pain emanating from his
rear end and his thing almost never reacted - except recently of
course. But now...!

He started to panic. Why was his thing doing this? It seemed to
have a mind of its own! Her fingers felt so.... So very

"Oh... please miss. I...please don't. I think it's...please

Rosemary giggled quietly. Time for her little plan! With one
movement, she dropped the slipper and picked up the small camera
from her handbag next to the bed, yanking the scared little boy
up and off the bed as she did so.

The flash illiminated the room, once, twice, then a third time.
Laurence blinked. What...?

He looked down and swallowed nervously. His penis was sticking up
pointing at the ceiling, obviously only seconds away from what
would have been his second orgasm.

But why...?

Rosemary chuckled. Gosh, the boy looked quite obscene, his thing
pointing up like that and swaying slightly. She tapped the

"So now I have proof, don't I!" she said quietly. The look on his
face was priceless! She saw his lips start to quiver and his
hands moved to cover himself.

"Oh no you don't!"

She sat back on the bed and tapped his hands away before taking
hold of his penis and pulling him closer.

"Hey, don't start crying!" She smiled at him and winked. "It's
okay. I won't let Miss Hadley know about this, okay!"

Laurence felt confused and scared. Very scared. She'd taken
photos of him with his...with his thing sticking up! Thoughts of
the potential consequences filled his mind. His legs felt like
jelly. He looked down at the girl's hand, gripping his thing
hard. What did she mean? Surely,...

"Listen very carefully, Laurence!" She squeezed his now-soft
sausage to get his attention.

"If you promise to do whatever I say, and I mean whatever, then I
won't say anything to Miss Hadley, and I won't develop these
photos. That's a promise! Understand?"

A glimmer of sunlight seemed to suddenly appear. Laurence looked
at her, eyes full of admiration. She wouldn't tell the
Headmistress? Wouldn't make any photos? He'd do anything.

"Yes miss. Promise!"

"Okay. From now on, these little things here belong to me,
understand?" She squeezed his penis hard and poked his little

Laurence swallowed and nodded. At that moment he was ready to
agree to anything!

"Yes miss."

"I decide when it goes hard and when it stays soft. If I want to,
I will make your juice shoot out like before. Okay?"

Laurence bit his lip and blushed a deeper red. "Yes miss."
"Good boy! Because...." She smiled and shifted position slightly.
The tingling between her legs had never been so strong. She
really had to.....

"Because we're going to have a little test now to see how
obedient you are."

Her fingers started to undo the buttons on her skirt. With her
other hand, she started teasing the little boy's penis and
stroking the sides of his small testicles. Boys were such simple
things. So easy to manipulate!

It was already starting to harden again. The room seemed to spin.
Oh shit! She could feel the front of her knickers were absolutely

She looked up at the boy's pink tongue, then down at his fast
lengthening penis. Poor boy had no idea that there was no film in
her camera.

What was the time? The boy had to be in bed in... thirty minutes.
Oh, just enough time for....

She looked up again at the boy's mouth and squeezed his manhood.
Rock hard! Hmm! But his tongue would be fun! Which one to choose
first? Which one?


Joyce Turner poured Rosemary another cup of tea and sank back in
her large armchair, smiling at the young girl sat opposite.

"Thank you so much for dealing with Laurence. His marks were
pretty awful recently and he needed a sharp reminder!"

Rosemary nodded, hoping that her face wasn't going red. "Oh
that's okay. I'm sure he'll do okay in the next test."

She looked at the clock on the wall. What a day! The evening meal
had been delicious and her aunt and friends so welcoming. Now,
alone with Miss Turner, she realised that she felt quite at home.

"I had a quick look at his bottom in the dormitory" continued
Joyce, grinning. "To be honest Rosemary, I think you were a bit
easy on him. These boys have tough backsides you know. What did
you use on him?"

Rosemary felt her heart beating faster. She still hadn't got used
to the way they all talked so freely about the boys' punishments.

"I, er.. I did use the slipper, but decided to try out the tawse
as well."

"Ah yes, the good old tawse." Joyce chuckled. "A bit of advice
though. Next time, try and swing it a lot harder!"

Rosemary nodded, images of Laurence still vivid in her mind. She
swallowed and hoped that Miss Turner wouldn't notice anything.
The last half hour with the boy had been just amazing!

"You know, if you like, perhaps you could give him a bit of extra
tuition every evening" said Joyce thoughtfully. "They always have
some free time between the shower and bed. What do you think?"
She looked enquiringly at the girl, a twinkle in her eyes.

"Erm, well... I think... yes, of course. That sounds a great
idea." Rosemary's whole body seemed to tremble. Had she heard

"Good. It will give you the chance to practise your own teaching
skills. Oh, and don't forget to use those implements a lot more!
Boys with sore bottoms learn so much faster!"

Rosemary nodded and looked again at the clock. A few more minutes
and she'd excuse herself and go to bed. The tingling was starting
again. After such a busy day she knew that sleep would not be
long in coming. Nevertheless, she was quite sure that before
sleep came she'd have no choice but to give her clitoris some
more attention!


Laurence turned over on his side and looked at the curly hair of
the boy in the next bed. He yawned and slipped his hand furtively
down inside his pyjama trousers. It was too late for any spot
checks. His willy felt a bit sore at the end. It reacted to his
touch as he knew it would and he quickly pulled his hand out of
the covers. Many times in the past he'd spent a happy ten minutes
making it tingle - as did most of the boys. But now it was
getting too dangerous. The teachers examined their pyjama
trousers and the bedclothes every few days and woe betide any boy
with suspicious stains!

He thought about the last few hours, trying to make sense of what
had happened. Miss Rosemary had made him do such strange things.
The cloth band she'd tied round his eyes had scared him at first.
Why didn't she want him to see what he was doing?

He knew that it was her private part that she made him lick. At
least he thought it was. So salty! What strange noises she'd
made! Then she'd made his thing go hard again and... what
exactly? Her legs had pulled him really close and made his thing
wiggle in her private bit. That had felt weird. Nice, in a way,

Then the tawse! She said he deserved it and it had stung, though
not nearly as much as when the other teachers used it.

His eyes closed. Memories of the way her soft hands had played
with his private bits during the spanking tried to compete with
the waves of drowsiness. At least she'd promised not to say a
word to the Headmistress. That was the main thing!