Part 1 

FIRST, this is FICTION. Totally. It concerns the extended
sexual punishment of a prepubesent girl by her father.

Susie's friends were all envious of her - when talking about
getting punished, in that giggling way girls have, she had to say
that she only got spanked once a month or less, while her friends
seemed to get turned over a knee at least every other week.

She hadn't, however, told her friends just how *bad* her Daddy's
spankings were - they seemed to think that over the knee, a quick
flurry of smacks and a hug was all there was to a spanking, but
Susie knew differently. Her Daddy never spanked hard, but he
spanked long - very long.

Susie's "Spanking Times" were formally announced to her and the
family several days beforehand, for starters. Friday afterschool
and evenings was the usual Time, with the announcement coming at
supper Wednesday night, usually, giving her two long, long days
to anticipate her upcoming punishment.

Her schoolfriends were also envious that she said her Daddy used
his hand, mostly, and sometimes a very light paddle or a small,
skinny strap. *They* all seemed to get big paddles or the hand -
one girl's Daddy sometimes used a belt. But Susie's Daddy had
big, hard hands, and he could spank a tender girl-bottom
*forever*, or so it seemed to Susie...

On "Spanking Day", Susie would hurry home from school - she
didn't want to, but the idea of being late was more than she
could think about. Her Daddy sometimes worked at home, and he
*always* was at home when Susie arrived on Spanking Day. He'd
take Susie into her room, and start with a lecture, on all the
things she'd done bad since the *last* Spanking Day. Then she
would be over his lap, pants down, bare bottom being stung by his
big hand, in the first of many spankings on Spanking Day.

It wasn't a long spanking, just enough to give a pink bottom and
sniffles. Then Susie's Daddy would undress her, becuase during
Spanking Days wearing clothing was rarely allowed. Then Susie's
Daddy would take her into the bathroom, for one of the parts of
Spanking Day she especially hated: a great big, steaming hot
soapy enema, squirted into her bottom hole through an
uncomfortable nozzle poked up into her.

While the big enema was filling her up with water, her Daddy's
hand would be landing on her bottom, as she lay over his lap and
squirmed. He would keep her there for one hundred smacks, hot and
squirming with the water in her guts and the nozzle in her bum.
Susie knew better than to try and force the nozzle out early,
now, having done it only once.

After releasing the big enema with an embarrassing splash into
the toilet, Susie's Daddy would wipe and dry her pink-spanked
bottom, then take her back over his lap, to make sure the big
enema had really cleaned Susie's insides out. Susie wriggled when
his slippery smallest finger went in - it was still a big finger
to a girl's bum, and her Daddy put it much farther into her than
the enema nozzle had gone, to make really sure she was all washed
out inside. Usually her Daddy was satisfied and finished with the
examination, but sometimes he gave her a whole second enema, just
as hot, soapy and uncomfortable as the first, and gave her
another inspection afterward.

Today, however, one enema was enough, so Susie's Daddy took her
back to her room and begin the first of Susie's 'special
spankings'. She would have to spread her legs as wide apart as
she could, lying on her belly on her bed, with pillows under her
hips to raise her bum into the air. Her Daddy then used one big
hand to spread her bottom-cheeks, and with the other would give
Susie twenty or thirty licks with the little strap he used -
right onto her little tender bumhole, so recently opened by the
enema nozzle and his inspection, and all up and down the tender
cleft between her bum-cheeks, making Susie bawl and sob.

The skinny little strap left her bumhole even more tender,
criss-crossed by the strap's pink marks, and Susie knew the first
rule of Spanking Day was: No Rubbing Without Permission! So she
lay on her bed and squirmed, sobbing slightly, after her Daddy
stopped and left, keeping her hands lying near her head, because
she knew that rubbing would just make the sting worse if her
Daddy caught her!

Before Susie could screw up the courage to do just one *little*
rub, her Daddy came back into the room and lifted her back over
his lap, bum pointing skyward and legs and head dangling. His big
hand began to land on her buttocks, starting the first of Susie's
long, long spankings. Susie's Daddy never spanked hard, but he
certainly spanked long. He spanked her bottom, and right down the
backs of her thighs, for nearly ten minutes, leaving Susie
sobbing great sobs and bright red from tailbone nearly to the
backs of her knees.

Afterward, her Daddy let her rub her bottom for a few minutes,
then made Susie *sit* on a little chair in the corner of her
room, hands on her head and stinging bottom firmly on the
unpadded wooden seat, for one whole hour.

After Susie's long hour sitting very uncomfortably in the corner
of her room, her Daddy came back in, and led the naked,
pink-bottomed girl back to her bed. *This* time, he laid her down
on her back, with a pillow under her bum this time, pushing her
hips into the air. Sitting down beside his daughter, Susie's
Daddy ordered her to raise her knees up, then to spread them far
apart while keeping her feet together, leaving Susie feeling
terribly exposed and in position for the second type of 'special
spanking' she got on Spanking Days - her Daddy paddling the
insides of her thighs and right across her hairless pubes. The
small thin plastic paddle he used weighed practically nothing,
but it moved quickly and stung terribly. Susie's Daddy held onto
her ankles with one hand, swinging the paddle with the other. He
called this 'spanking from knee to knee', and that's exactly what
he did, starting just above Susie's left knee, spanking the
tender insides of her thighs all the way up, right across Susie's
hairless little pubes, and right down to just above her right

Susie bawled and writhed, especially when her Daddy's paddle
stung and pinkened the tender lips of her privates. She really
started to sob and cry when her Daddy reached her right knee -
and started again at her left knee, laying down another layer of
paddle stokes with the stinging little paddle, right across her
even- more-tender crotch and back down to her right knee. Her
Daddy finished with a quick flurry of extra strokes across
Susie's pink-paddled privates, then stood up while Susie writhed
and sobbed on, hands still held up near her head but legs
flailing to try and work the terrible sting out. Her Daddy left
her to go finish making dinner, with a final warning that rubbing
was quite forbidden. Susie now had a stinging, spanked front to
match her stinging, spanked rear, so she lay on her side
tearfully, careful to keep her spanked thighs apart because of
the discomfort.

About fifteen minutes later, Susie's Daddy came back into her
room, to give the final part of her punishment before dinner -
more after dinner, of course. He turned the girl over his lap
again, then gave a short bottom-spanking, just enough to renew
the sting and heat from Susie's bottomglobes. Then Susie heard
him opening the drawers beside her bed, preparing the portion of
her Spanking Time that would carry on right through dinner.

Susie felt her Daddy spread her spanked bumcheeks with one hand,
then shuddered when the cool lubricant cream was applied to her
tender anus, her Daddy's finger sliding into her just a little
bit. Then her Daddy's finger withdrew, and Susie began to cry
again, knowing what was coming. The hard rod that slid up into
her was actually a rounded candle end, slightly thinner than her
Daddy's finger. The wax didn't have any sharp edges - the reason
her Daddy used it - but the candle end was so stiff sliding into
her, and it went in and in - as deep as her Daddy had inspected
with his finger but even more uncomfortable. Susie shifted and
cried as her bottom was filled, continuing to squirm when her
Daddy gave the candle a final small twist to settle it and lifted
his girl back to her feet, then slid a t- shirt over her head for
dinner. The red wax candle stuck out from between Susie's round
bottomcheeks, jutting down and out almost six inches. It waggled
when Susie walked, inside her as well as outside, forcing the
girl to take tiny tip-toe steps to minimize the discomfort. Her
Daddy gave the candle one final twitch, then steered Susie out
from her room down to the dining room for dinner.

Tiny steps might have eased the discomfort of the candle filling
Susie's bum, but nothing could ease the embarrasment. Her t-shirt
was deliberately short, leaving *all* of her spanked areas
showing, and one of the Rules was that hands had to be by sides,
always, so she couldn't hide anything at all. Susie knew her
brother would be watching her all through dinner, the fact that
he'd recently had a Spanking Day of his own forgotten temporarily
in his gloating and avid observation of his sister. (To be fair,
Susie had been a rat during his Spanking Day as well...)

Dinner was terrible for Susie, as it was supposed to be. Becuase
of the candle, she had to eat kneeling on a chair, her pink spank
marks exposed to her brother's peeking. Her Daddy made her eat
everything on her plate, too, altough he deliberately didn't give
her much. Susie didn't have an appetite in any case, being
distracted by the spanks she'd recieved, the immediate discomfort
of the candle filling her bum, and the knowledge that she'd be
getting more after dinner.

Susie's Daddy made her help her brother clear the table
afterward, too, so she shuffled between the kitchen and dining
room, candle waggling, her brother watching her every chance he
got. He even got her alone in the kitchen for a moment, long
enough to deliberately tweak the protruding candle and poke her
spanked bumcheeks before Daddy saw anything.

After clearing the table, Susie's Daddy half-bent her over a
chair, carefully spanking her bottom around the candle until she
was pink and sobbing, then gave the candle a small twist and
ordered the girl back to her room until he was done dessert.
Susie's brother watched his sister's pinkening, writhing bottom
intently, spooning into a bowl of ice cream. Susie shuffled off,
mincing up the stairs to her room to stand in the corner, tears
leaking down her face. She tugged her t-shirt off, risked a quick
rub, then tried - and failed - to make the candle more
comfortable in her bottom, twisting it around a bit with her
hands and managing only to make it *less* comfortable.

Peeking over her shoulder at the mirror above her dresser, Susie
could just see her bottom, thighs, and the hated, intruding
candle. She realized how silly she looked, with white skin on her
back, red and pink spanked bottomcheeks and thighs, and the
short, solid line of the candle, bright red wax that waggled
every time she moved. Then she heard her father's tread on the
stairs, and hastily turned to the wall, placing her hands on top
of her head in the way her Daddy liked.