The Rare Girl Who Likes Punishment


Note 9

I did require the minders to inform me when a rare girl did not
appear to be greatly deterred by a threat to punish her with "The
Oyster Clamps", which I do describe in Note 8, so I would know
those few special girls who might enjoy such extreme punishment.

When that I did employ this severe and agonizing torture on a
girl for her pleasure it was alway in sight of visitors in the
punishment room.

I did find that the donations were then alway exceptional great,
as the gentry who came to view these special punishments were
indeed most strongly moved by the scene of a young girl in agony
as her teats and other delicate parts was gripped in excruciating
pain when oysters did clamp themselves to pinch and squeeze her
most tender places.

Not often did I have this punishment given to a girl for the
enjoyment of our visitors in the viewing chambers, for it took
the girl some two week after to lose the black bruises and cuts
to her young breasts and other places.

There was a man and one woman amongst our gentry who did give so
freely of their time to punish the girls of the Great Orfanage
out of their very great charity and love for those so much less
fortunate than themselves, who did become especially adept in the
use of live oysters to clamp themselves most painfully onto the
tender flesh of a young girl.

I did instruct them both they were never to clamp an oyster to
the girl's labia as I did not want that part of her to be too
much comforted and soothed after her punishment, for she may then
gain over much liking to have a tongue in her cunnie.

They were free to clamp the oysters on any other parts of the
girl as they did punish her.

I did alway select for this punishment one of the rare girls who
did seem to care little for threats of punishment with "The
Oyster Clamps".

I did myself test the girl first with hard pinches to her tits
and bottom with my finger nails to ensure her liking for extreme
pain before assigning her to be subjected to the oyster clamps in
the punishment room.

One such was Anne, age nine, a nicely rounded girl with a full
bottom and breasts that were just beginning to form. I had
noticed in the punishment room, since she did start to come the
year before at age eight, that her dark eyes did take on a
sparkle of excitement as the cane did bite into her bottom even
while she did weep and cry out in her pain.

Anne had responded the same when that I did pinch her little
teats one day, with eyes that did sparkle in pleasure even while
she did shout in pain.

I thus chose Anne to show this punishment to our visitors and she
was taken one day to the punishment room where Lord George
H---did await her.

"It is written on your slate that you did not clean the dishes
well Anne, and would not wash them again when told by a minder.

"Is this true Anne?"

"The minder did say they were not clean, Sir. But they did look
clean enough to me!"

"You must do what the minders tell you Anne. You sound obstinate
and I must teach you to change your wayes Anne.

"Your punishment will be severe. I want you naked and with your
wrists tied to the bar that hangs from the ceiling above you and
I am going to have oysters clamp themselves to your most tender
parts then beat you with a cane while those mollusks do hold you
in their painful grip.

"Do you have any question Anne?"

"Sir I only do beg of you remember my tender age: I am only nine
years of age Sir!"

"I will hurt you no more than you deserve Anne and I hope you
will come quick to see the error of your wayes!"

The minder did strip Anne of all her clothes and tie her wrists
to the wood bar that hung from the pulley above. She then pulled
the bar up by its cord, up but not tight, and tied it to a cleat
on the wall.

"Thank you. You may go now. I will ring when next I need you.

"Anne, I am first going to take the cane to your insolent bottom
to help you understand to obey your minders"

With no further ado Lord George did take a thin cane and lay it
briskly across Anne's bottom. He struck upwards with the cane so
Anne did dance in the air to lessen the pain, and he did strike
the sides of her well rounded cheeks so she did turn herself to
show different views to the visitors.

When that her bottom had been well covered with stripes from the
thin cane, Lord George did stop and say:

"Anne, I have here a pail of live oysters in sea water. I am
going to fasten them to you in wayes that will hurt you greatly
and this will help you further to see the error of your wayes".

"Oh! Sir, I have heard of this dreadful punishment. It can kill
me I am sure! Please have mercy on me and do it but lightly Sir.

"I am only nine Sir.

"Please Sir!!"

"I will punish you only as much as I have to, Anne!", and Lord
George did take the first oyster from the pail and press the open
shell to Anne's left breast then tap the shell with his finger.

At this the oyster shell did close hard on Anne's little teat and
she did let out yells of pain and surprise, for it was greatly
more painful than she ever had imagined.

Lord George did tug at the oyster, which hurt Anne e'en more, and
found it well fastened.

After a little time her breast did become slightly numb and her
shouting did lessen somewhat. The Lord George did then take a
second oyster and fasten it likewise to Anne's right teat and
pull at it to make sure it fastened firm.

This did cause her shouts of pain to start afresh and she did
wrythe and twist her body and turn herself around in her agony so
the viewers did see her from all sides with the oysters gripping
hard to her two little breasts and sticking straight out to her

Lord George did next take an oyster with open shell and press the
opening deep into the left cheek of Anne's plump bottom where it
did pinch hard into her tender flesh, and Lord George did pull
hard at the shell to ensure it well fastened to her soft cheek.

Her noise was now even greater as the pain did spread through her
lower body and she did dance greatly and kick her legs in the air
but to no avail: the oyster did grip her tender flesh most firmly
and there was no loosening it.

Anne did continue thus for many minutes to tug at her bindings
and jerk her body while she did twist herself round but all in
vain to ease her great hurt.

After some minutes a little numbness did set in to lessen her
agony and she did stop to twist and jerk as at first.

Lord George did then fasten a large oyster covered with barnacles
deep into to Ann's other buttock so the shell went down between
her well rounded cheeks and blood did come from where the
barnacles cut into the tender skin there in the cleft of her

Young nine-year-old Anne was near hysterical in her pain as she
did screem and dance with the great pain to her tender young
bottom and I saw she did bring tears to the eyes of some who

But I did see Anne's own eyes were shining through her tears with
her great arousal at being punished thus, and many faces did
flush with excitement amongst those visitors who were
connoisseurs of such pain.

Lord George did lift the fifth oyster and hold Anne's head while
he did press the opening of the oyster to Anne's left ear lobe.

This was a surprise to Anne and she did yell with the pain to her
ear and shake her head so the oyster did wave around but this did
only hurt her the more.

Anne did jerk her head and try to rub the oyster on her arm to
free it from her ear, but its grip on her was too firm.

At last her ear did stop to feel its first great pain and her
cries sank to sobbing, though with her eyes still shining bright.

Lord George did take another open oyster and hold her head with
one hand. Instead of fasten it to Ann's other ear lobe as she did
expect he did push one half of the open oyster into Anne's mouth
so it did clamp itself shut on Anne's lower lip.

From the screems that Anne did make, the pain of this last oyster
as it did clamp itself to her lip was more agonizing that any
before and her noise did echo to the very roof of the building.

While she did still howl in pain thus, Lord George did take the
thin cane and once more briskly beat her plump bottom while
careful not to strike the oysters that were clamped firmly there
to her chubby and well rounded buttocks.

Anne must have felt herself in Hell with so many pains to her
body at one time and she did dance and twist and jerk herself in
all directions to try ease her hurts while Lord George did
continue to cane her bottom most sharply.

Onlie her eyes did sparkle to betray an excitement that was
beyond pain as she did dance and screem in her agonies from the
cane to her bottom and the oysters clamped and pulled exceeding
painful on her most sensitive places.

Anne's punishment with the oyster clamps had been well advertised
before, so many of our visitors who had this interest were there
in attendance and could well read the signs of her ecstasy.

Lord George did cease to beat her with the cane and turned Anne
to face the visitors while he slipped his hand down to tease her
little clitoris and brought her ecstasies to a climax which did
cause her to jerk helpless in spasm until she fell exhausted as
the visitors did watch her face frenzied in its excitement, and
her weight did then hang by her wrists from the cross bar above
her head with no more noise from her than a faint whimper.

Lord George did then ring for the minder and take a knife to cut
the hinge of each oyster and so release its grip from Anne's
bruised and aching body.

The minder did come with a dish onto which Lord George did place
each of the opened oysters after that he had separated the meat
and placed it on the half-shell.

When that Lord George had cut the hinges to remove all six
oysters from Anne he waved the minder away and she did take the
dish to the viewing chambers where the oysters that had given
Anne so great torture were offered to be eaten by the visitors
who did each in return make a most handsome gift to the Great

Lord George did address himself to Anne who was still tied naked
to the cross bar above her head:

"Anne, I hope you do now see the error of your wayes and will say
you are sorry for failing to obey the minder, and tell me it will
never happen again?"

"Indeed Sir I do! I am most deeply repentant of my behaviour and
I promise you it will not happen ever again Sir and I thank you
most sincerely for your time and patience in correcting me Sir",
and her eyes shining still from her excitement.

"I am most pleased to hear your words Anne.

"Let me now try to show that I have no feelings for you Anne
except the same love and affection that I have towards my own

Lord George did then go and kneel behind Anne to kiss and nuzzle
her sore bottom where the oysters had buried their fierce shells
deep into her soft and tender cheeks.

After much time spent to sooth Anne's painful bottom thus he did
stand before her and bow his head to kiss and soothe with his
tongue the places where the oysters had been so cruelly clamped
to her breasts.

Then next her ear lobe and last all her mouth, though her lower
lip was already swollen and disfiguring her sweet face.

As he gently kissed and sucked the sore places on Anne's young
body and face, Lord George did stroke and fondle her sweet cunnie
until she did almost croon her pleasure to him, her noise was so

"Sweet Anne, please be sure I do not have to correct you in this
way again", and Lord George H--- did give her a parting embrace
before he did beckon to the two minders who did help to untie
Anne from the cross bar and throw her dress over to cover her
nakedness then did between them support Anne to make sure she did
not fall after her ordeal, and they did both help her to walk out
through the door.

The visitors did show their appreciation of Anne and the ordeal
she had suffered by long and loud applause.

The lovely and irrepressible young Anne did turn at the door and
bow her thanks to them, though somewhat stiffly, with but a half
smile but excited and flashing eyes, which did draw renewed
applause and cheers too.

Such rare girls as Anne were most highly prized by some select
few of the viewers who did then make most generous gifts after
they had watched the agonies of Anne that morn, and bountiful
donations also to the Great Orfanage when that they did take such
a girl as Anne to work in their house.

Our visitors had seen Anne and other girls enjoy punishment with
the Wheel and with the Battering Ram, where the miscreant is
beaten with a cane after that her bottom has completely swallowed
a large dildoll of smooth varnished wood.

But only Anne of all the girls in the Great Orfanage at that time
did relish such severe pain as the punishment with oysters.

The following year when Anne was ten I again arranged a most
severe punishment for her, so her liking for great pain should
become well known to those of our visitors who might employ her.

A Mr. Jack Feather was expert with the so-called bull whip, made
from long thin strips of leather that were braided together and
extended some ten feet from the handle to a fine and narrow tip.

He did show me how the whip could be made to lash a wood post
with mighty great noise.

He showed me also that if a person did stand by the post but to
one side of it, then the whip did wrap round the person, and the
tip did strike with a loud SLAP upon the wood post, but the
person did feel but little harm from it.

We did devise a scene where Anne would be seen to get a most
severe whipping, without any lasting damage to the girl, and it
played as follows:

Anne was brought to the punishment room where awaited three men
wearing simple leather tunics who did sit one side of a table.
They had cropped heads, (as they had removed their wigs), and
Anne was brought in by one of the charitable people who give so
freely of their time to teach discipline to the orfan girls, a
Lady Frances, who stood Anne to face the men across the table.

The Captain:

"Ma'am, be this your daughter, Anne?"

"Aye, that she be", Lady Frances did answer.

"Then go stand ye against the wall there, ma'am and keep silence.

"Anne, we wish to know, and think ye careful: When did you last
see your father?"

And all did recognise the waye the Roundheads did oft quiz and
trick the children of Royalists little more than a hundred year
past, so to easily capture and behead their fathers.

"That I can not say, Sir!", quoth Anne, bravely.

"Jack, pray show Anne how we help younge people to remember".

The man to his left did stand and walked to the middle of the
wall that faced the visitors and all did see that he held a

To the other man the Captain did say:

"Tom, prithee take the top from that lectern".

Tom rose from the table and removed the top of the lectern that
stood about ten feet from the visitors' viewing windows.

With the top of the lectern removed it did leave a heavy pillar
about a foot across and the top at the height of a man's chest.

As Tom returned to his seat behind the table, Jack played his
long whip toward the pillar of the lectern. He then took aim and
struck the pillar with the whip as though to strike a beast of

The whip did strike the wood pillar and wrap itself around with a
mighty CRACK! that did deafen in its loudness.

The Captain:

"Anne, if you can not remember, we will take your blouse off so
your top is bare, and strap you to that pillar.

"The whip across your back will help your memory!

"Anne, When did you last see your father?"

"That I can not say, Sir!", quoth Anne again, with a determined
quiver in her voice,

"And Mother: say nothing, though they kill me!"

"Brave words, Anne!

"Tom, strap her to the post, then remove her blouse, and tie her
hands to the beam above".

Tom rose and seized the nine year old Anne and dragged her to the
post, where he used his wide trouser belt round her slender waist
and the post to hold her facing it, which placed her chin but two
inch above the top of the wood post.

Tom then tore Anne's blouse from her shoulders so it dropped to
her waist, and took cord to her wrists so her arms stretched up
toward the beam above her head.

Anne's 'mother' Lady Frances did watch with horror on her face,
as she saw the fate about to befall her sweet young daughter,

"Sir, I do beg of you!

"Beat me in place of my innocent young daughter!"

And she flung herself weeping to the floor before the table where
sat the Captain. "Tom, tie the woman to yonder chair!", was all
the Captain said, and Tom dragged the mother away and tied her in
place, and Anne awaited her torture with the raw- hide bull whip,
strapped to the wood post, naked from the waist up.

"Now, I ask you one more time, Anne: When did you last see your

"I can not say, Sir!", said Anne in a high determined voice,

"And Mother, you say nothing either!"

The Captain gave Jack a signal and he did swirl and crack the
whip fearsome loud behind Anne's head.

Anne said nothing: but hunched her shoulders in readiness for the
stripe that will tear skin from her shoulders, and the visitors
could see she set her mouth firm, but with eyes that did sparkle
in anticipation.

Another signal from the Captain, and Jack did lay the bull whip
full and hard across the frail back of the child, and that whip
did make a most deafening CRACK! as it struck the slender frame
of the ten year old girl.

Anne's head did jerk back in agony but she gritted her teeth and
made no sound. Though unable to stop herself from weeping, those
in front of her did see her dark eyes shine bright with her

Again the Captain signaled, and Jack did again rip the bull whip
across Anne's young shoulders with noise like unto a pistol shot.
The angry red welt was this time lower than the one before.

Anne's head did again jerk from the torture, but she still made
no sound - and her eyes flashed once more with her excitement.

The pillar of the lectern was half way along the row of visitors'
windows, so half saw Anne's face, and half saw the stripes on her

Seats had been removed for the morning, so visitors were free to
walk between the closets and see Anne from different wayes as her
agony did mount.

Another signal from the Captain, and Jack laid the whip e'en
lower across Anne's rib cage with the same noise of a loud
explosive CRACK! from the braided leather as it struck.

This time, Anne could bear to keep silence no longer and did
screem out loud but with eyes bright and wide in her joy.

"Anne: When did you last see your father?"

A long pause, then:

"I can not say, Sir! And say you nothing either, Mother!

"Sir! You do this oft to young defenseless girls, Sir?"

"The Devil! Tom, remove the rest of her cloathing!"

The younger man Tom, rose with reluctance and tore the skirt and
undergarments from Anne, so she was naked and wore nothing but
the leather belt that held her fast to the wood post.

Then he returned to his seat beside the Captain.

Anne's mother turned her face away, as she sat tied to the chair.

"Turn ye your face and see your daughter's punishment for failing
in her duty to our Lord Protector, Ma'am. Else I shall have your
head tied in position so you *will* see it!", and the Captain
signaled again to Jack.

Jack aimed the whip this time so it cut Anne full across her
buttocks with another pistol-shot CRACK! and the visitors saw the
flesh of her round young fesses flattened with the force of the
heavy leather whip.

Anne screemed again in agony and terror, but said nothing, except
her eyes did flash bright.

Another signal, and Jack again lashed Anne across her buttocks.

And the same place a third and fourth time which made Anne to
shriek in agony each time and wriggle and squerm violently to
ease her great pain from the raw red stripes across her back and
fesses - and her face which she moved all the time in every
direction did show the visitors her frenzied rapture from the
whipping that the handsome young Jack was giving her.

The Captain did point downward and Jack aimed the cruel whip this
time across Anne's thighs to make a barbarous mark across the
backs of her legs.

Again Anne screemed loud and tugged at her bindings, with a choke
in her voice. She spoke no word but showed a face flushed and

"Anne: When did you last see your father?"

"No!!", from Anne.

The Captain signaled to strike Anne's back again, and Jack
complied with a fierce blow with the heavy leather whip across
her young shoulders.

Anne shrieked high and long, then her head fell to one side and
her legs buckled under her as she fell unconscious, held up by
the cords to her wrists from the beam above.

Anne's mother had fallen sideways in her chair, in a faint.

"The mother will never talk now!

"Damnation to the obstinate child!!

"Come, we can waste no more time here.

"Bring your belt, Tom, and we must go!"

And the three men stamped out angrily.

A girl enters and silently puts out the candles.

The door opens in the half-darkness and a man enters with a
candle. The mother must have untied herself: she is gone.

The man sees Anne, laying on the floor and moves quickly to kneel
beside her.

"My darling Anne! My brave sweet daughter! Naked and whipped by
the beasts! And they got nothing from you, my dear loyal

"Oh! How they must have hurt you, sweet Anne!

"I heard all from the priest's hole in the wainscot.

"I owe my life to you, darling Anne".

Her father stands and stoops to lift Anne, carrying her from the
room, clasped lovingly to his breast.

Whereat the visitors did break into loud applause.

Anne, outside the punishment room, leaped down from her father's
arms and dragged him by the hand back into the room, where he
followed her lead as she bowed many times to the visitors, and a
wide joyous smile upon her face, to e'en louder applause and
cheers from the visitors, until at last Anne did lead her father
out again from the punishment room.

The visitors did make most generous gifts to the Great Orfanage
that day, as it did excite them much to watch Anne and her wild
enjoyment of the whip.

Some six months later, when Anne had turned eleven, I bethought
to ask would she like to play the same scene again, for I told
her it had brought large gifts on monies to the Great Orfanage?

"Aye, 'twas a rare game Sir!

"Would't perhaps be possible to pad the hard pillar somewhat, and
the fastenings to my wrists, so they bruise less?"

"I'll think on't Anne and show you when I have made them less

"It was good the waye you did call a halt to the whipping when
you willed it, by feigning a faint.

"Do ye so again, Anne, so you say when your whipping is to stop.

"You may try the pillar and the wrist cuffs when that I have had
them padded".

I had the pillar covered with a wool blanket, then leather sewn
over, smooth so no stitches did shew, and leather also to protect
Anne's chin as it jutted over the top of the pillar.

To make this leather cover to fit tight, a narrow batten of wood
was slid up one side, under the leather. This did make a ridge in
the leather that Anne could pleasure her cunnie against.

Anne saw the final pillar padded with leather over a wool
blanket, with the ridge up one side. She did like it and the soft
padded fastenings to her wrists, and Anne found it easy to dangle
herself from them.

I was able to secure the same people to act the several parts,
and I had the notices sent out that we did plan to re-enact in a
month: "Anne: When did you last see your father?"

The notices went to those who we did know had a special liking to
see severe punishment to a young girl whom it did excite, and
invited that they bring friends of like mind.

When the morning came, Anne was greatly excited at the prospect
of another fierce use of the bull-whip upon her naked back as she
was held helpless, strapped to the wooden pillar.

Lady Frances did again throw herself to the floor and plead with
the stern Captain:

"Beat me in place of my sweet and innocent young daughter!",

and was tied to a chair for her trouble.

Jack did use the long bull-whip expertly again and it made even
greater noise each time as Anne's shoulders were cruelly beaten
and scourged by the heavy whip, 'cause the tip did strike CRACK!!
against the padded leather on the wood post.

After Anne had replied to the Captain's question with:

"I can not say, Sir! And say you nothing either, Mother!

"Sir! Do you oft bravely flog defenseless young girls, Sir?"

"The Devil! Tom, take off the rest of her cloathing!

"Anne, you will answer me: When did you last see your father?"

Tom did rip the dress from Anne so she stood naked except for the
wide leather belt that held her waist to the post and the straps
around her wrists from the beam above.

Jack aimed the whip this time so it cut Anne full across her
buttocks with a pistol- shot CRACK! and the visitors did see her
round young bottom flatten with the force of the heavy leather

Anne did screem in agony and terror. She threw her body back and
her knees came up to grip the post between then.

Her weight did now hang from her wrist fastenings and her cunnie
did hit against the ridge in the leather.

The Captain signaled to Jack to speed the whipping of Anne's back
and buttocks.

Anne's eyes sparkled in her lust and she did begin to move her
hips quick and fast to pleasured herself most wildly against the
leather covered post.

She did screem and squerm and wriggle her cunnie against the
pillar in a wild and frenzied fandango of delight as the whip did
rack and shake her young frame again and again.

Anne's head was thrown back and her eyes did flash as her
squerming grew fiercer and her ecstasy did mount while she was
struck again and again on her back and bottom by the CRACK!! of
the whip to make her shout loud in her pain.

The wide leather belt held Anne while she did bang her cunnie
against the pillar many times and quick with each CRACK!! of the
leather whip across her back and bottom, and her legs did jerk to
help bring her cunnie against the ridge of leather.

There was no more thought to asking Anne when did she last see
her father: The visitors were every one deep enthralled by the
naked eleven year old girl lost in total ecstasy as she pleasured
herself against the leather-covered wood post while the heavy
whip descended again and again with the noise of a pistol and bit
hard into her slender young back and her succulent round bottom
while she did yell in her agony.

All too soon Anne gave a final rapturous screem of abandoned
extasy as her body stiffened then collapsed as though dead, to
hang by the leather belt around her waist and the ties to her

Tom undid Anne's wrists and supported her body while he took his
belt from around her waist and laid her gently upon the floor,
and the three men did leave in high dudgeon, greatly frustrated
in their failure to extract from Anne the whereabouts of her

The play then continued as before. Ann's father entered the
darkened room with a candle and made much endearing words as he
lifted his dear and naked daughter to bear her off to her bed.

The visitors burst into the loudest clapping and cheering that we
had ever heard in the Great Orfanage. Anne again pulled her
father back into the room by his hand, and she had her mother
Lady Frances by her other hand, and bowed triumphantly to the

She bowed low so all could see the angry marks of the whip across
her back, and she then turned to show the wealds across her
bottom also, then turned and bowed again.

Anne all the time as she bowed and turned herself in front of the
visitors, had some smile on her face and bright flashing eyes
that left no doubt of her high excitement from the fierce
whipping she had just been given.

Overcome finally by her great pain and excitement, Anne fell and
would have hit the floor if her 'father' had not caught the naked
and beaten girl up to his breast so the visitors did once more
see her beaten back and bottom while he did kiss her long and
lingering full on her lips then marched out with her in his arms,
followed by e'en louder applause and cheering.

The gifts of monies from the visitors were great indeed.

Anne herself did leave the Great Orfanage when she was twelve and
go to one of the visitors who had seen her tortured with the
oyster clamps, and her most painful scourgings with the bull
whip, a single gentle man.

Her new master did take for her also the leather-covered pillar,
as a present to remind her oft of her early sensuous pleasures.

Anne did work in his mansion only until she was old enough to be
married to him, which then became the talk of the coffee houses.

Sweet Anne and her husband were oft seen together in a box at the
Drury Lane theatre for many long years after and with no eyes for
any but each other, Anne grown to be tall and slender, and most
attractive withal.

Anne wore alway simple jewelry that included a chain hanging from
her neck like unto a maiden in an Eastern slave market, except
the chain was of solid gold.