Part 2

Once I'd had my first nude spanking, I held out a faint hope that
things would go back to normal. Alas, this was way too much to
hope for. In our household, I'd expect to get about a spanking a
week. I thought of these as my "regular" spankings. They could be
for all manners of offense but mostly were doled out for
rudeness, something that I seemed to take a long time to learn.

Regular spankings occurred instantly upon whatever the offense
was, at least when I was at home. If we were away from the house,
I might be told to 'wait until we get home!' which was a sentence
to be avoided.

After that fateful day when wearing my once piece bathing suit
meant that baring my bottom required baring my everything, I was
a good as I could be desperately trying to avoid another
spanking. The pain of that naked punishment went away in an hour
or two as it always does but the profound embarrassment that I
experienced from having to strip my pubescent body bare in front
of my Dad stayed with me for days.

That very night, I lay in my bed wearing my long t-shirt, unable
to sleep. I tossed and turned, remembering my father's voice
saying, "Caroline, put your hands on your head." Each time I
remembered it, I shivered. I remembered over and over, what it
felt like to stand, naked in the corner knowing that he was
watching me.

Finally, long after midnight, still unable to sleep, I got out of
bed. I stood in the middle of my room for a moment, not sure what
to do. I listened as carefully as I could for any sound of my
parents. No, they had clearly gone to bed a while ago. The house
was silent.

As quietly as I could, I pulled my t-shirt over my head and let
it fall to the floor. I was now left wearing only my white cotton
panties. Before I could debate it much more with anyone, I pulled
them down too. I was naked, once again.

Quiet as a mouse, I tip-toed to the corner of my bedroom. My
heart was beating so loud, I was sure it could be heard
throughout the house. I knew this corner well. Many was the time
that I'd been spanked and then put in this very corner of the
house. Even with the lights out, the street light creeping
through the curtains was enough to make out the layout of my

I leaned forward and pressed my nose right into the corner. I was
bare again, showing my naked back and bottom to my room. I
imagined my dad looking at me again, sitting in an easy chair and
letting his eyes roam up and down my back.

I'd only been in the corner a minute or so when I turned around
and faced the room. I put my hands on top of my head and clasped
them firmly together.

'Elbows back, Caroline', I imagined him saying and I pulled my
elbows way back to more fully display my budding breasts and
their very erect nipples. I moved my feet first a tiny bit apart
then much more, imagining that I'd be told to spread myself on
display to my father.

It was exhilarating. I could feel my breath coming in short
gasps. I don't know what the connection was but imagining I was
being observed made me blush as deeply as I had earlier that day.
I could feel the flush of heat move down my face and onto my bare

Suddenly I held my breath… What that a sound in the house?

I leapt forward and scooped up my t-shirt and panties. I threw my
panties into my bed and yanked my t-shirt over my head. A second
later, I was under the covers, listening with both ears, still
holding my breath.

It was a false alarm. I was the only family member awake and I
let my breath out in a slow sigh.

I was experiencing thoughts and feelings I couldn't explain. What
on earth was I doing? I felt an itch, a tingling between my legs
where I didn't know what to do. I fell asleep that night with my
hands jammed together up between my legs, holding my recently
exposed pussy as though to keep it from exploding off of me. My
panties stayed off all night.

The next day at breakfast the spanking was still on my mind but
nothing was said about it at the table. It was as though it was
no different a day than any other day after a spanking. Had my
father even explained this dramatic moment to my Mom? It seemed

While my parents seemed to be back to normal, it took several
more days for me to get there. I was the most helpful, polite,
easy to manage soon-to-be-12-year- old that my parents could
imagine. There's no doubt they noticed the all new me.

Unfortunately, I may have been trying to be good but at the age
of 11, it was impossible to stay that way forever.

It was almost two weeks before I got my next 'regular' spanking.
This time it was my Mom who would do the honors. She was getting
supper ready and had already asked me twice to help by peeling
carrots and setting the table. 'In a minute,' I'd replied each
time. I was watching TV. The 3rd request was more of an
instruction and, again my getting in trouble was completely

"Caroline!" my Mom exclaimed. "In the kitchen right now!"

"Oh give me a break!" I said to myself but to my horror, the
words escaped my mouth as my mother was walking into the living
room. She hear them as clear as day.

"Right," she said, her face becoming firm. "Well, you're getting
too big for your britches. You like being here in the living
room? Well, you can stay here, right in the corner!" Mom's finger
was pointing to the all-too familiar corner which meant I was in
for a spanking.

Choking back a sob, I got up from the sofa and walked towards the

"Aren't you forgetting something, young lady?" she asked.

My heart went into my throat as I slowly turned and looked
questioningly at my Mom.

Your father has explained how your new spanking routine is much
more effective and I think you know that's how you'll be spanked
from now on. Get those clothes off."

"Oh God! Oh no, Mom! Please!" I pleaded.

"Off, young lady, right now!"

The tears started trickling down my cheeks as I reached down to
pull my t-shirt up and over my head. I kicked my flip-flops off
and my shorts were next, leaving me in my cotton bikini panties
and my white training bra. I hesitated, dreading what would come

The voice was low, firm, commanding… "Everything, Caroline,"

I couldn't hold back a sob as I reached up and pulled off my
training bra. It was strange. It was just my Mom, not my Dad and
still, exposing my bare breasts and their tight nipples to the
room. I reached down and dragged down my panties. The second they
were down, I was turning around and rushing to the corner,
happier to show my bare bottom and have my front hidden by the
corner than to let my Mom see my whole bare front.

"You can just stay there until I'm ready to deal with you," my
Mom announced as she headed back into the kitchen.

I could hear her setting the table, doing the work I was supposed
to do and it was maybe 10 minutes later that I heard her coming
back into the living room. Her hand was on my arm and I was
pulled as usual from the corner and over to her on the chair. She
pulled my right over her lap where the spanking started

As with both my parents, the spanks started out hard and
lightning fast, raining down on my unprotected bottom.

For a couple of minutes, I didn't think of my nakedness at all,
just the burning, searing heat building in my bottom and my
intense desire to have it stop for a second, even a nano-second
so I could catch my breath.

That never happened when my parents spanked. Spankings seemed to
go on forever. In fact they were probably very short but they
were very intense each time. Only when I was unable to catch my
breath from the sobbing or when breathing had been reduced to
hiccups would the spanking wind down.

I was pulled to my feet and then pulled back to the corner to
wind down. "Sixteen minutes Caroline" Just like the first time,
it took a few minutes to calm down enough that my complete
nakedness once again became the focus of my attention. This time
the effect was compounded by my thoughts racing and racing ahead
of myself. I wondered if I would once again feel the unbearable
itch between my legs and, no sooner had I had that thought than I
could feel something starting there. That made me blush even
more, if that was possible.

My sobs had dwindled down to a sniffle before I heard my Mom
returning from the kitchen.

I could feel her look on my bare back as she took a seat.

"Alright Caroline," said my Mom.

I turned to face her. I was dying to put my hands up to cover
myself as I'd tried in front of my father but somehow I willed
them to stick by my sides, imagining them to be glued there. My
Mom was sitting in the easy chair, waiting for me to present

I walked over to her slowly and then, without being asked did one
of the hardest things I've ever done in my life. I closed my eyes
and raised my hands up, up until they were firmly clasped on my
head with my elbows well back then opened my eyes.

My mother was looking right at me, one eyebrow slightly up,
interestedly seeing how compliant this new type of spanking had
made me. Just like my father had, her gaze deliberately left mine
and traveled down my naked body. It wasn't sexual, well not
directly anyway, but it made me feel so incredibly vulnerable as
though she could see right through me. My embarrassment was
profound. I knew I was blushing a deep red and, while my sobbing
had stopped, the shear humiliation of the moment continued to
cause tears to stream down my cheeks.

"Well?" she asked. "Why were you punished?"

I apologized enthusiastically and promised she'd never have
trouble from me again. Once I'd wound down, my Mom told me to get
dressed and the punishment was over.

I pulled my clothes back on and, still blushing, headed into

Dad was home a half-hour later and, at the dinner table, Mom was
happy to share with him how my punishment had gone. The effect of
my nakedness was talked about as though they were talking about
the weather. I kept my eyes on my plate and choked back my tears
as the conversation went on. It was clear that both my parents
were delighted about this new aspect of my discipline routine and
now entrenched it as a standard exercise.

I suddenly had a terrifying thought. On rare occasions I had been
spanked in front of my aunt and uncle. When this happened it was
already a mortifying experience. Three or four times I had been
turned over a parent's knee when either my aunt or uncle or both
had been there. True I had been younger at the time but what if
they were visiting now and saw me completely naked? I couldn't
help myself. I had to know what would happen.

"Um, with this new spanking, um, plan. What might happen if Uncle
Joe or Aunt Sue were here? I mean, um, you wouldn't let them see
me… you know, completely naked? Would you?" My voice was very

My father looked up in surprise as though the idea hadn't
occurred to him. He opened his mouth up to say something but my
Mom jumped the gun. "You'd just better be sure you're well
behaved if they're around, young lady," she said looking at me
firmly. "If you're naughty when your aunt and uncle are here,
they're going to get a good long look at every part of you!"

I gasped. My eyes were wide and my jaw fell open. Even my father
looked a little surprised by which I guess he'd had a more
lenient plan but sentence had now been passed and I would live in
fear of that day for months to come.

There was no doubt. My life had changed forever.