Knox Carlton had inherited his plantation in 1801 from his
father. It sat on the Savannah River in Georgia, and produced
cotton, hemp and rice. Knox had been 21 when he inherited the
place, an orphan on his father's death. But he didn't need a
wife. Not with all the young black pussy he could handle.

At 16, he had raped the first of the negro women on the
plantation, a beautiful girl fresh from Africa who was only 12 at
the time. His father had been off to Charleston at the time, and
he had had the overseer bring young Tallie to his bedroom. She
was a lithe wench, with pert, small breasts sticking out from her
chest, pushing out the cotton shirt she wore. He had torn off her
clothes, thrown her on the bed, rammed his finger into her to get
her wet, which she had immediately obliged, then mounted her and
spent his seed in her almost instantaneously. He kept her in his
room all night, raping her repeatedly, despite her cries of pain
and for mercy. That morning, he had had her locked in the cellar,
to keep her for himself after finding that she was a virgin. That
afternoon, after his rest, he had called for to be brought to him
again, and he spent the next eight hours raping her repeatedly.
He loved the feel of her tight little pussy, and he loved to
fondle her small titties as he raped her from behind.

His father was gone for two weeks, during which time, Knox spent
most of his waking hours raping young Tallie. He knew his father
would never know, but he also knew he wouldn't care. After all,
she was just a nigger slave.

When his father returned, Knox had Tallie moved to her own hut,
and he told the overseer to warn all the black bucks on the farm
that, if they touched Tallie, he'd have them whipped until death.
Every day, he'd visit her several times to spill his seed in her
young, fertile womb. She was also made a house servant, working
in the kitchen, which was much lighter duty than field work.

Soon, Tallie began to show the effects of her repeated rapes. Her
small tits began to enlarge, and her belly began to swell.
Eventually, Old Mother Sally, the matriarch of the female slaves,
was called to Tallie's hut to deliver a baby girl, whom Tallie
named Molly. At 13, she had become a mother for the first time.
But Knox made her a mother again before she reached 14. He loved
to lie on her, sucking milk from her engorged breasts, then
ramming his hard cock into her, making her cry in pain as he
again impregnated her. She delivered a boy before her 14th
birthday, but was pregnant again from repeated rapings before
that day.

Meanwhile, Knox went to Savannah and bought two more young negro
wenches. The first, he named Missy. She was a dark girl of 11
from the Ivory Coast. Her small breasts were to Knox liking, and
he figured, once bathed, she'd be a good fuck. The second was
from further inland, and Knox named her Darsey. She was 12, with
firm young breasts and a hair-covered mound. Both, he was
assured, had their periods, and both could bear children. He had
them sent back to the plantation and bathed.

He sent for Missy first. He tore her clothes off immediately and
fell on her. He pushed his hard cock into her with no wait for
her to get moist. It took ten minutes of her screams to finally
work his tool into her young, virgin pussy, but he finally got it
in, spilling his seed in her immediately. He raped her five more
times that night, then had her led, crying, bleeding and his cum
running down her thighs, to Tallie's shack. Tallie comforted her
as best she could, but the young girl was near comatose with fear
and pain.

The next night, Tallie and her babies got another occupant. Young
Darcey, who had tried to resist master's efforts to rape her, was
beaten severely on the back and the ass. After that, she had been
raped repeatedly, and now also carried master's seed.

Tallie continued to bear master's children. After her son, she
bore Knox another daughter, then another, and finally another
son, before he tired of her. She was returned to field work. In
the meantime, Missy, who Knox preferred above all, bore him two
daughters and a son after repeated rapes. Darcey, who continued
to try to resist her rape, bore him one daughter, but was
considered by Knox as too much trouble. She was turned over to
the field niggers, and her screams could be heard every night as
they drove their huge cocks into her tiny pussy. She became a
baby maker, turning out son after son for field work, and forced
by Knox to nurse his other daughters.

In the meantime, he purchased two more young black girls, one he
named Polly, and the other he named Bessie. They were both 12,
both fertile, both small in stature, and both raped repeatedly by
master. And both produced only daughters, though not quite as
rapidly as Missy.

Finally, the day came when his oldest daughter, young Molly, was
eight. That night, he called Tallie and Molly to his room.
"Tonight, I'm going to start raping our daughter," he said.
Tallie fell to her knees and begged him not to. This was exactly
what he wanted, and he got a huge hard-on. He forced Tallie to
strip, then he fingered her furry pussy as he sucked milk from
her titties. Little Molly sobbed silently, not yet aware of what
awaited her. She was just slightly brown, her father's genes
showing in her. But at only the age of eight, she was already
showing breast development. Her tiny nipples protruded from her

When Knox was finished fingering Tallie and sucking her tits, he
told her "Tell Molly to have off with her clothes." Tallie,
afraid of a beating, told the young girl to comply. "Does she
bleed yet?" the master demanded.

"Nosir, not yet," Tallie said, tear streaming down her face. "But
please don't rape her, sir. Please fuck me instead."

Knox smiled at her. "Not only am I going to rape her, but I'm
going to make you watch and participate." With that, he watched
the young girl, his daughter, take her clothes off at her
mother's command. Then he told Tallie, "I want you to tell her to
lie on the bed, spread her legs, then I want you to lick her
pussy until it's ready for my cock."

Tallie hesitated for a moment, but when master raised his arm to
strike her, she dove between her daughter's thighs. The little
girl squirmed at the feeling, but, without knowing why, suddenly
convulsed around her mommy's tongue. She had an orgasm. Her
virgin pussy ran with juice, and she grabbed her mommy's head and
held it into her slit until her orgasm quit.

She knew Knox was her daddy. Mommy had told her. And now daddy
stood over her with no clothes on. She had seen daddy's dick
before, but now she knew daddy was going to put it in her little
hole. "Okay, little girl," daddy leered, "Get ready for a reaming
and a raping." With that, he lay down on top of her and began
working the head of his dick into her.

Molly screamed. "Ow, it hurts! Stop!" But daddy kept working it
in, inch by inch.

"You little nigger bitch," he murmered. "I'm gonna fuck you until
you can't stand up. Daddy's gonna knock you up and keep you that

The pain, as he broke her hymen, was incredible. Molly screamed
and tried to writhe away from the master. But he held her firmly
by her shoulders and began to thrust in and out of her 8-year-old
cunt. Blood covered his dick as he raped his daughter. He turned
to Tallie. "Get over here, bitch," he sneered. "I want to suck
your titty while you finger my asshole." Tallie hesitated for a
moment, and Knox raged, "Get over here and do it, bitch, or I'll
have you flogged to death."

Tallie came over to where her beautiful daughter was being
viciously raped. She saw the blood, but she offered her tit to
the master, who began sucking her milk while he pumped in and out
of his screaming daughter. She took her finger, wet it, then
slowly worked it into the master's asshole. He put his seed into
her little girl immediately.

Then they did that four more times. Little Molly was almost in
shock by the end of the night. And that was only her first night.
She learned all the pain of rape. And she found out that
9-year-old girls could get pregnant, especially if master raped
them four or five times every day.

When Knox Carlton got back to his plantation from his
slave-buying trip, he found that much had happened.

First, Molly had given birth to her sister. The nine-year-old had
had a horrible time with birth, but she had succeeded in
producing a beautiful daughter, who looked the color of creamed
coffee. Mama Sally had spent over two days with the young girl,
and finally had all but pulled the child from her with her bare
hands. Molly had nearly died, but her strong African heritage had
helped her rebound well. Tallie had nursed her young daughter
well, though going into labor herself two days after Molly had
given birth. Knox named the baby girl Dianna, and welcomed her to
the family by sucking some of Molly's milk, then having Molly
guide the end of his prick into the newborn suckling's mouth so
she could start life by sucking Daddy's prick. He then put it in
Molly's mouth and let her finish sucking him until he came.

After that, he went to see about Tallie, who had had her baby
just hours before his arrival. She had produced a boy, black and
loud, fathered by one of the field hands. Knox kissed her gently,
sucked her milk, then made her suck him gently until he came in
her mouth. Then, though she had just given birth, he allowed
three of his field hands to fuck her while he watched, listening
to her screams and watching her young body writhe.

Now, he though, to Amber. But first, to her mother.

He had Missy brought to his bedroom. She was near delivering
herself, pregnant with one of the field hand's bastards. He took
a drink of her milk, then had a field hand brought in. She was
terribly frightened of this African, who had been bought only a
month ago from another plantation. He spoke no English, so Knox
kept Uncle Felix in the room to instruct him. Then he had little
Amber brought to him.

He instructed her to undress, as her mother was, then told her to
lie on his bed. He applied some lubricant to her young pussy and
prepared to rape the little girl. Before he did, he instructed
Uncle Felix to tell the African that when master gave him the
signal, he was to rape Missy as he wished. The African smiled and
leered at the pregnant 18-year-old, who immediately knew what was
about to happened to her.

Knox told Amber to get on hands and knees, presenting her firm
little chocolate ass to him, and he began to finger her young
7-year-old pussy, getting her ready for his cock. Then he
signaled the African, who immediately grabbed the pregnant
18-year-old and shoved her to the floor. She screamed as he
pushed her into the "doggie" position, then, already being naked,
began to work his 10-inch, thick cock into her small pussy. Missy
screamed in pain, and Amber began to sob. As she did, Knox began
to work his own 6-inch cock into her 7-year-old pussy.

The African gripped Missy's titties tightly as he thrust in and
out of her, occasionally taking a hand to massage her swollen
belly. He mumbled things in his language, but never stopped
thrusting his huge cock in and out of her stretched-out pussy.
Finally, he came in her as she wept in pain and terror.

Watching the African come in Missy, Knox couldn't hold back. He
shot his seed into his daughter, plugging his dick against her
cervix so that his seed spewed into her young womb. She might not
be old enough to conceive yet, he thought, but by golly, he was
going to try.

And try he did. As he watched Missy alternately suck the big
African's cock, then get it shoved into her sore pussy, he raped
little Amber five more times that night, leaving her bloody and
sobbing by morning.

But that morning, his two new purchases arrived.

When Knox got back to his plantation, after eating and washing,
he sent for Missy and Amber. The young girl was hauled into the
room, kicking and squalling, knowing what was in store for her.
Uncle Felix, the master slave of the house, was holding her
wrenching body. Missy followed forlornly, her big belly
proceeding her, her cunt still sore from the reamings she'd had
that day from some of the more horny bucks. Knox saw that she
walked splay-footed, and knew she'd been sport for the field
hands. He smiled at what horn bastards most of them were. He had
designated eight women, including Darsey, Tallie and Missy for
their use, and they were very good at creating field hands for
him. He guessed that between the six children each had born him,
and the ones now fathered by the field hands, Missy and Tallie
had never been without a child in their bellies for more than a
few months since they were girls. Why even Uncle Felix had
fathered one each with them. That was one o! f the ways he kept
Uncle Felix so cooperative, in that, when he was done with them,
he let him fuck the still-young girls.

Even Mama Sally got to use the girls once Knox was done with
them. She was empowered to have them to her room in the attic,
where she forced them to eat out her fat, old pussy. He had heard
the sounds of her love-making from the stairs to her room once.
That couldn't be a pretty sight, he'd thought, but it keeps her
happy, so I'll allow it.

Young Amber's tears were falling like rain, and she whimpered
over and over, "Please don't hurt me no more, massa." Knox got a
raging hard-on from her fear, and he turned to Missy and Felix.
"Get the little wench ready for me," he barked, then left the
bedroom to go to his sitting room. There, as he listened to the
young girl's cries and pleas, he undressed slowly, while enjoying
a glass of claret.

When he returned to his bed chamber, he found Felix hold the girl
in the bed by her shoulders and arms, while her mother's head was
buried in the girl's slit, licking her to prepare her for her
master. He noted that Missy, anticipating him, had also stripped,
preparing to give him a drink from her milky titty as she watched
him rape their young daughter.

Amber was stiff with fear, and his hard-on stiffened even more to
see the fear in the 7 year-old's eye's. And he noted with glee
that, despite of her terror, just then the experienced motions of
her young mother made her orgasm in a racking fashion. Her thighs
clamped her mother's head, and her hand involuntarily grabbed the
back of her mother's head, pushing her mother's face and tongue
tightly against her hairless pussy.

Then suddenly, it wasn't her mother between her spread legs, but
her father. His big cock was already pushing to penetrate her
tiny fuck hole. She screamed something incomprehensible, but it
was too late, as the big rod split her open again. He began to
pump her, not quickly, but steadily, and her tight young pussy
involuntarily gripped his cock in almost a painful vise. But it
was painful for Knox Carlton. Until Amber, he'd never spent his
seed in girl's he didn't at least suspect could conceive for him.
Even Molly had appeared ready to breed at nine, and he'd been
right. But raping this 7 year-old had turned out to be delicious
fun, and he decided that only the very young ones would be out of
bounds in the future. He reminded himself, however, that he
couldn't forget his duties to impregnating those who could
produce for him. In this part of Georgia, good field hands were
needed, since the diseases of the low land claimed their toll
every year. It was cheaper to ! grow your own than to have to buy
them on the market in Savannah or Charleston.

Missy presented her engorged tit to him, and he had a suck of her
milk, as he continued to pound away at the screaming little girl.
Finally, it was too much, and he shot his load into her tiny
pussy, so small that it could hold very little of his cum, the
rest leaking out around his shaft, down her slit and asshole and
onto the sheets.

He raped the little girl two more times that night, then felt
tired and ready to sleep. He told Felix that he could have a go
at her if he wanted to, but then to send her home with her mama.
The lascivious Felix took Amber to his room, and from the sounds
he heard before he went to sleep, must have taken him up on the

Next day, Paulette and Greta arrived and were taken to the
kitchen for Mama Sally's inspection. Sally came immediately to
Knox with her report. "Da one named Paulette look ready, but da
one name Greta is having her lady's time," Sally said in a
businesslike fashion.

"Well," Knox said after a moment, "then bring me Paulette and
lock Greta in a room until she is done with her time. Make sure
she is bathed and well-taken care of, well fed. If I'm gonna
breed her, I want her healthy."

"Yessir, massa," Sally said, and went away. In about two hours,
she returned with young Paulette, who was bathed, perfumed and
dressed in a light robe, nothing on underneath it. She was awed
and frightened in the presence of her master, still confused by
all that had happened to her since being sold into slavery by her
uncle, who had killed her father and sold all of his children to
Arab slavers. The sheikh who had bought her knew she would be
worth more as a virgin, so he had protected her on the voyage to
Georgia, then sold her to Knox at a premium for her breeding
capacity. She thought her protected status would continue. But
Mama Sally, who spoke a language she understood, had told her she
had to do everything Massa Knox told her to do. Mama Sally was
there to interpret the strange language he spoke.

Knox looked her over. She was obviously uncomfortable that he
could see through the robe. Her young breasts were standing at
attention, the nipples hard and taut. Her young cunt had the
barest beginnings of a bush, and her little ass was boyish and
firm. Her legs were slender, those of the young girl she was. His
cock begin to get ready for her rape. "Tell her to take off her
robe," he demanded, and Mama Sally complied. The girl looked
confused, and did nothing. Knox waited a moment, then commanded
again. Again, the girl only looked from face to face. This was
what Knox was hoping for. He strode to the girl and ripped the
robe from her even as she tried to hold it in place. He slapped
her, then grabbed her shoulders and pushed her toward the bed. He
fondled one of her young breasts as he pushed her down on the
bed. Mama Sally told her to lie on the bed as she was told. She
huddled there in fear as the big white man took his own clothes
off. She shuddered when! she saw the big, erect cock, and she
knew now what he meant to do with her.

But then he was suddenly gentle again. He pushed his face between
her legs and began to lick her girl parts. It felt good, and he
was caressing her thighs as he did it. Soon, she was feeling
pleasure like she'd never felt before. It felt so good that she
could think of nothing else. Then suddenly, it was like a
starburst in her head, as she writhed in pleasure under the
tonguing of the master. He was making her feel so good. She
finally felt her orgasm end, and she lay back on the pillows,
limp with pleasure.

Then, suddenly, he was pushing that big cock into her. The head
was against her girl hole, demanding entrance. She'd seen men do
this to girls before, and she knew it hurt them. She put her
hands up to push him away, but Mama Sally was now above her,
grabbing her arms and holding her down. The big cock was now
entering her tiny hole, stretching her entrance and causing her
agonizing pain. She screamed "No!" in her language, but the big
man only smiled at her. He said something she did not understand,
and Mama Sally's translation was vague, but she did catch the
words "rape" and "baby." She tried to move out from under him,
but by now his weight was on her, pinning her to the bed. Then
that big cock was pushing into her. She screamed in pain, then
screamed in agony as the head pushed through her membrane. He
shoved it cruelly up her passage, slamming it against her cervix.
She didn't know these words, but she felt the searing pain of
that huge shaft ripping up her passage.

Then he began to piston the big thing in and out of her hole,
putting her almost over the edge with pain. She was even tighter
than Knox had hoped. "Damn," he thought, as he thrilled to the
tight little 11 year-old cunt grasp his cock, "she's only a
little bigger than Amber at 7." It didn't take long for Knox to
come in the little girl's pussy, shooting a huge load of his
potent baby-making juice directly into her cervix.

She lay limply when it was over, and she couldn't even respond to
Mama Sally's demands that she "clean massa wid yo' mouth." Mama
Sally had had to perform that chore, getting Knox ready for round
two. And there was not only round two, but rounds three and four
that night. Then the girl was carried to a room, laid on a bed
and left to cry herself to sleep when the pain finally subsided
enough to allow it.

Then, next day, in the afternoon, a new game began. And it went
on everyday like that for two straight weeks. Then it was the
other girl's turn to scream and cry herself to sleep. But
Paulette still had to show up once a day after the first night of
the other girl's screams, to present her girl hole to the white
man. By now, it didn't hurt as much, and sometimes it even made
her feel good. Another girl was always there to lick her girl
thing after the first night. He never did it again, but it was
easier to take his thing in her now.

Then she began to throw up in the mornings. She had to lie in bed
for an hour or more each morning until she threw up in the
chamber pot. Mama Sally just smiled and told her she could now
start working in the kitchen. She also noticed her little titties
had become very sensitive. And she could still hear Greta's
screams and her crying in the mornings when she was locked back
in her room.

Knox was happy with the way things were going. The plantation was
making good money, and he was raising a new crop of hands,
foregoing the cost of buying them at auction. He'd impregnated
little 12 year-old Paulette very easily, and her belly was
swelling nicely. He enjoyed the occasional fuck with his pregnant
girl, rubbing her belly and her swelling titties as he raped her
from behind.

Greta had been interesting. The African girl had been
terror-filled from the moment she was brought to him. She knew
what the meaning of the naked white man was, and she knew he was
not a Muslim, as she was. She had fought to keep him from raping
her, and eventually, Felix had tied her, arms and legs, to the
bedposts. Then the man had disgraced her by licking her girl
thing, but, despite her fear and loathing, it had felt good, and
she couldn't help feeling something all over and making her girl
juice. Then he had cruelly forced his big white thing into her.
She screamed for help, but she knew no one would come. She had
finished her girl time nearly two weeks ago, and she knew from
the older women that this was the time when she could become
pregnant. She didn't want an infidel bastard in her womb, and she
tried to wriggle out from under the big man, but his weight and
the bonds prevented her from doing it.

His big cock felt as though it was tearing up her insides. She
screamed again as he burst her hymen and rammed the big shaft all
the way into her. She begged Allah to make her die, to remove
this infidel from her body. But her screams only made him thrust
harder, and he grasped her young breasts as he thrust into her.
She screamed so loudly that her voice finally became faint, and
she felt she would faint away from pain and shame. Then she felt
him shudder, and then she felt his seed pour into her womb. She
knew she was defiled, and she lay still, feeling the hateful
sperm work its way into her baby-making works.

Knox enjoyed the fight in the girl, and he loved shaming her.
Felix had been able to translate some of the words she had
screamed, and he knew now that she was a Muslim. He raped her two
more times that night, then had her locked back in her room. Over
the next month, he had her tied down and had raped her
repeatedly, her screams of pain and shame only fueling his lust
for her. Then Mama Sally had delivered the news that she was
definitely with child.

Fearing that she would do harm to the child, Knox had had her
tied to her bed, only allowing her to be released for toilet,
baths and food, always watched by Mama Sally. And that old woman
had used the girl mightily to pleasure herself, forcing her old
pussy into the girl's face time and again to bring her off.

In the meantime, Knox had brought back little Molly, now 10, whom
he raped repeatedly for another fortnight, until it was certain
that she was going to produce another child. He always had a
naked Tallie, the child's mother, there when he raped the little
girl, sucking the mother's milk-filled titties as he pounded his
shaft into the girl.

Amber, now 8, also continued to get his attention, since she
always screamed and cried so nicely and he rammed home into her
young pussy. She had become submissive, but he knew he hurt her
badly every time he raped her.

Then, something very interesting to Master Knox Carlton happened.
His brother, Newton, shot himself. He did so because he had
gambled away all of his fortune, and, destitute for money, he'd
taken the coward's way out. Knox and his father had always known
that Newton was a lout. His father had nearly denied him
entirely, but Newton was a suave fellow, and he had managed a
marriage that gave him a fortune from her side of the family.
Martha, however, soon learned of her husband's debauchery, and
would have nothing to do with him. That did not stop Newton from
running through all of her inherited money, and now, with him a
suicide, she was destitute, with two young daughters.

Two days after learning the news of his brother's suicide, Martha
and his two nieces showed up at Knox' door. She flung herself
upon him, crying and sobbing her story. Knox let her weep herself
out, holding her, but eyeing his young nieces. Andrea, the
oldest, was 13, while Virginia was 11. They were not overly
pretty girls, but they had lithesome bodies, and Knox felt a
stirring in his groin. He developed a plan right then and there.

He told his sister-in-law that, of course, he would take her and
her children in and provide for them. Then he had them settled in
rooms. Martha was constantly telling him how grateful she was,
and he let her feel the warmth of his compassion for her and her
girls. In the meantime, he had Greta moved to Tallie's hut, where
her screams would not be heard in the main house as he raped her
and felt her swelling belly.

Martha began to give him intimations of her sexual interest in
him. Knox was a strong, good-looking man, obviously a catch for
any woman. Martha began to scheme to get him into her bed, and he
toyed with her as she played for him. He pretended to be totally
unaware of her wiles, acting the noble protector. All the while,
he was raping young negro girls out in the slave quarters for
hours every day.

Martha, thinking she needed this man as a husband, finally threw
herself at him one night. She all but stripped naked before him,
showing off her slim, 30 year-old body. It was a sexy sight, Knox
had to admit, and he took her that night and every night after,
though fending off her talk of marriage. Finally, she told him
she was pregnant and that he must marry her. He laughed at her.
She raged at him that she would not bear a bastard, that he must
marry her.

Knox sat behind his desk, smiled and looked at her furious eyes.
"Martha, I will marry you and legitimize the bastard you so
wanted in your belly, but only on certain circumstances," he

"What circumstances," she demanded.

"Well, first," he went on, "you will be a dutiful wife and do
what your husband, the man who is providing a wonderful life for
you, so you, a penniless woman, don't have to sell yourself in
the taverns of Savannah, you must do what your husband orders."

"I was always a good wife to your worthless brother," she spat.

"My brother was a worthless lout," he said in an even tone, "but
to be my wife, you will have to obey me at every turn. I'm not a
man to be trifled with."

"I know a wife's place," she said, in a much more submissive
tone, her eyes on the carpet. "I will be a good wife to you, Knox

Thus a local judge was brought to the plantation, and Knox and
Martha were wed. There were only her two daughters and Burton,
the overseer, present to witness the event. Afterward, Knox had a
fine supper prepared, and his new bride and her daughters were
sat to supper. After champagne had been drunk, Knox insisting the
two girls partake as well, Knox announced, "Girls, did you know
your mother's pregnant with my child?"

Both girls looked quizzically to their mother. Martha scowled.
"Knox, this is no time to talk of that."

Knox went on, "And did you also know that your mother in without
a penny, and that, if I turn you out, your mother will have to
deliver that child on the streets of Savannah, and that she'll
have to sell you girls as common whores to survive?"

Martha went pale. "Knox, what are you saying?"

"I'm saying, my wife, that you promised to obey me in everything,
were I to marry you after you shamelessly gave up your cunt to me
to get me to do so," he said, his eyes looking directly into

The girls looked stunned. They had no idea what he was saying,
knowing nothing about sex. Martha could barely get words out of
her mouth. "Knox," she repeated, "what are you saying?"

"I'm saying that, since your only other choice, in order to live,
is to sell these girls as whores, I'll continue to supply you a
life, but they will be my little whores," he said, in a quiet

Martha was near to fainting. "Knox, no," she whispered.

"Oh, yes, my dear, I'm quite adamant about that," he said, a grin
on his lips. "These girls are part of the deal, or I'll throw you
out to starve."

"Knox, you can't mean it," she stammered, her hand to her throat,
her face drained of color.

"Oh, I do quite mean it, madam," he said, "and you'll do whatever
I say for as long as you wish to stay under my roof."

"You wouldn't hurt your own nieces, would you?" Martha croaked.

"Oh, yes," he said, raising his wine glass to his lips and taking
a sip. "And I'll put bundles in their bellies the same way I've
put one in yours and a lot of the slave girls around here." He
offered his glass to her in the manner of a toast. "You and your
girls may consider yourselves my property, with no more right to
refuse me than the nigger slaves."

Martha, Knox' new sister-in-law-turned-wife, bolted from the
table and started to dart from the room, forgetting her two
daughters, Knox noted. But he'd prepared for that. As she pulled
open the door from the dining room, she ran full into Mantee, one
of Knox' most obedient field hands, a man of darkest color and
great strength. He grabbed her full up, careful not to hurt her
as his master had ordered. Knox didn't want his child hurt, but
he had little more use for Martha.

The girls, Andrea and Virginia shot out of their chairs as they
saw their mother taken into the arms of the large black man. They
both screamed, as their mother was doing. But Knox had planned
for that as well. Pushing past the struggling Martha and Mantee,
two other large black men, Dirk and Foster, both born on the
plantation under his father, and like Mantee, given full use of
the black wenches, grabbed the young, fairly drunken, but
well-dressed young girls and subdued them. Under orders given
earlier, Martha was taken to his bedroom and secured to the bed
with silk ropes. The girls were each taken to spare bedrooms and
secured like wise.

Knox could hear the girls sobbing as he passed their rooms, but
he proceeded on to his own bedroom. Martha was lying still, but
her breast was heaving from her deep sobs. Knox stood over her.
"You said you'd obey me," he said. "Is that your vow?"

"Oh, Knox," she sobbed, "what do you want of me and my girls?"

Indeed, he thought. "I want your total obedience, or I cast you
out, penniless, to fend for yourselves."

"You are a heartless bastard," she spat, and he struck her a
stunning blow to the face which silenced her.

"You don't have a farthing to your name, you're an ungrateful
bitch, and unless you pledge total obedience to me right now, I
may do more than simply turn you out, you faithless cow," he
hissed right in her bruised face.

"What do you want of us, Knox," she said, a small trickle of
blood at the corner of her mouth.

"I want your pledge of total obedience," he said, his face only
inches from hers.

She hesitated for a moment, and Knox drew back his hand to strike
her again. She spewed the words, "Yes! Yes! I'll obey!"

He stayed his arm, then smiled evilly at her. "Say, 'Knox, I will
obey whatever you say.'"

She shuddered visibly, then said, "Knox, I will obey whatever you

He stood. "Good," he said. "Then I'll tell you what is going to
happen here. First, you will never leave this plantation again.
Second, you will never speak of what happens here. Third, you
will have sex with whomever I say you will. Fourth, I am going to
rape Andrea tonight and every night from now on until she
produces my child. Then, I will do the same to little Ginny."

"Oh my god," she shrieked, "no!"

"Oh yes, Martha," he smirked. "You and your daughters are now no
more than little nigger slaves, and will be treated as such
around here. Good night, my darling wife." Then he turned,
motioned to Mantee, and moved away from the bed. The large negro
moved to the bed and began tearing off Martha's fine clothes.

She screamed, "What are you doing?"

He leaned against the wall. "Watching Mantee rape your pregnant
white pussy," he said, a smile on his face.

She struggled against her bonds, her breath coming in gulps, as
she felt the rough hands tearing off first her bodice, then her
undergarment, revealing her smallish breasts. Then his cruel
mouth was on her tits, sucking them painfully, as he pushed her
skirts down. She screamed for mercy, but Knox only stood against
the wall, watching the scene play out. Mantee got her skirts torn
to shreds, revealing her underpants. He wrenched them off in one
motion, revealing her furry mound. Her belly was already
swelling, revealing her pregnancy, and the big black man rubbed
her pregnant belly for luck. Then he put his finger into her
writhing pussy and began to massage it, muttering words in his
own language meant to soothe the woman as he prepared for sex.
Master had revealed the plan to him just the day before, and
after Master had gone away, it had only take one touch of his
hand to his swollen, 10-inch member to make it spew his seed. He
loved to look at the naked white wom! an beneath him. He loved
her screams of terror, for he resented all white people other
than his master. Now his master had told him that he could rape
this white woman any time he wanted to, as long as he didn't
damage the baby in her belly. He knew how to do that.

He untied her, holding her tightly as she struggled. He looped
one of the ropes around her neck, then tied it to the headboard.
Then he moved her to her knees. "You move too much, you choke to
death," he commanded, while attaching ropes to her ankles and
tying them to the footboard.

Martha was all but faint, feeling the rope tight around her neck
and the strong hands holding her in a kneeling position. Then she
felt his finger in her cunt again, gentle, but probing. She cried
out in fear again. "Knox, pleeeeease don't do this! Pleeeeease!"

"Oh, I won't do anything to you, dear wife," he said with a grin.
"Mantee and you will do all the work." She screamed again. "But I
wouldn't try to resist him, dear," Knox said. "He's a very
powerful and determined man."

She screamed an unintelligible plea, but then she felt the big
black man remove his finger from her now wet pussy. Despite her
fear and loathing, she had gotten pleasure from his stimulation,
and she realized she was near dripping pussy juice. Then she felt
it. The head of his massive cock. And he didn't wait. She felt
it, and then it was in her, thrusting up her channel, filling her
to overflowing. She'd had sex for years, not always with Newton,
but she'd never had a cock this big. She screamed in pain as it
hit her cervix. The big black man held her under her belly so he
could leverage deeply into her pussy. He pulled the big shaft
out, then rammed it home again, muttering, "Oh, missy, you is the
best pussy ever."

She couldn't scream anymore. She could only sob in pain and
shame. Then she looked up. Feeling the big black cock piston in
and out of her pregnant pussy, she saw Knox, his pants off, his
dick in his hand, watching her get raped by the big field hand.
Her vision blurred with the tears. Then she felt the big black
cock shoved deeply into her wet cunt stiffen and enlarge. Then
she felt hot cum hit her cervix and the black man grunted and
sighed. She'd just been fucked by a field hand.

And then it hit her. An orgasm of her own. Totally involuntary,
but an orgasm nonetheless. She milked the big black cock of the
seed she so hated. The thought occurred to her in her pleasure,
"Thank god I'm already pregnant, or this black bastard would be
doing it for me." She writhed for a moment on the end of the
black pole buried in her white pussy, then collapsed on the bed.

"Well," she heard Knox say, "looks like you and Mantee will get
along after all. That's good, since he'll be here all night. He
needs to get a few things worked out of his system." Then he
walked close to the bed, his own erection standing at attention.
"Meanwhile, I shall be down the hall raping Andrea, trying to get
her in the same condition as her whore mother."

He turned to leave the room, Martha's scream of "God,
noooooooooo!" ringing in his ears. But his erection only got
bigger thinking of the 13 year-old down the hall.

Knox went down the hall to where his young 13 year-old niece
Andrea was tied to the bed, frozen with terror, stripped naked
and watched over by a menacing black field hand named Dirk.

Dirk still wore his loose pants, but Andrea could see a bulge in
them. When Uncle Knox came into the room, the large black man
left, giving her a measure of relief, though not much, since
Uncle Knox was naked, and his large cock was at full attention.
"Well, little niece," he said, sipping from a champagne glass,
"let me explain the new arrangements since me an mama are

"Uncle Knox," she whimpered, "please let me go and be nice to me
and mommy."

"Oh, little lass, I'm going to be nice to you," he sneered. "I'm
not going to throw you out for whorin' in Savannah," he crowed,
then laughed, head thrown back. He approached the bed, and she
tried to crawl inside it. "You stupid little wench," he spat,
draining his champagne and setting the glass aside. "You and your
pretentious mama don't have a pot to piss in. All you have is
what I'll give you. And I'll give you meals and a roof over your
head. But in return, you'll give me what I want, and your mama's
already giving it."

His face was only a few inches away from hers, but she felt his
hand start to stroke her belly. She was both appalled and pleased
by it, her first instinct to shrink from it, then, realizing her
bonds held her, knowing she couldn't, she allowed herself to
enjoy it. She had heard her mother's screams, and she asked, in a
worried tone, "What's happening to mama?"

Knox stroked her soft flesh. Though not a beauty, her body was
comely enough to arouse his desire. He stroked himself with one
hand, while moving his other hand up to stroke her small breast.
They were small, cone-like tits, and he flicked and massaged the
little nipple, making it rise in spite of the girl's fear. "Your
mama has Uncle Knox bundle in her belly," he cooed, "but right
now, she's getting raped by one of my big nigger field hands."

The girl instantly burst into tears and fought against her
restraints. "Why would you do that?" she shouted.

He pushed her down, then bent over her. "Would you like that to
happen to you?" he asked, leering purposefully at her.

"Nooo!" she screamed, again, bucking at her tight restraints.

"Then you'd better listen to the rules from now on, hadn't you?"
he asked, coyly.

She relaxed for a moment and realized he meant what he said.
She'd better listen well, or he'd have that monstrous black
sticking his big thing in her girlness. "Yes," she whispered.

"You are going to take Uncle Knox hard cock into your little
pussy everyday until he knows that you are pregnant with his
child, then you will still get fucked every day, as I rub your
swelling belly, until you deliver me a child, just like the
nigger wenches on this plantation," he said, in a soft voice.
Then he leaned close to her ear, "And if you don't agree, I'll
let the niggers have you."

She moaned, feeling his hand now slip into her girlness, pushing
her legs apart and starting to finger her labia. It was
revolting, but it was also pleasure. Her mind reeled from all
that was happening. Her uncle was sitting in front of her,
showing her the first grown up cock she'd ever seen. It was huge
to her eyes. She knew about sex, having heard it all from one of
the black servant girls when she lived in her father's house. It
had been a whispered secret, but now she was faced with the
prospect of having it done to her. She had taken her clothes off
once for the boy who lived next to them in Savannah, and he had
showed her his little petey, but it was nothing compared with the
size of Uncle Knox. (She didn't know it, but Knox' cock was only
average in size, which was why he didn't care for mature women.
It was only slightly longer than six inches, even at its most
aroused, but for young girls it was the same as the ten-inchers
of the field hands were to her mo! ther.)

Andrea could hear her mother screaming again, and she knew now
why. She could only imagine what pain she must be in, not to
mention the shame. She looked over at the black man leering at
her, and she knew her only choice was to give Uncle Knox what he
wanted. "Okay, Uncle Knox," she whispered. "I'll be good. But
please don't hurt me, and please make the nigger leave the room."

Knox smiled, turned and motioned Dirk out of the room. Then he
turned to his niece and said coyly, "You have nobody in the world
to turn to but me. I am in total control, and you will do
everything I say, or I'll turn you over to Dirk and his friends.
Do you understand?"

She could barely move her head in assent, but she managed. Then
he abruptly left the room. She didn't understand what was
happening, and she lay there whimpering for another fifteen
minutes. During that time, she couldn't control herself, and she
peed the bed. As she lay in her own wetness, her mind reeled
nearly out of control.

Then the door opened, and Uncle Knox reappeared, his erection
still prominent. He was followed by an obviously pregnant young
black girl, who didn't appear any older than her. Uncle Knox led
her next to the bed. He looked down. "Oh, you've pee-peed in the
bed. That's a naughty girl. You'll have to be punished." She
didn't know what that meant, but it had ominous tones to it. He
untied her and told her to stand up. She was embarrassed by her
nakedness in front of the other girl. "This is Paulette," Uncle
Knox said. "She's having my baby right now," he said, and stroked
her bulging belly. "This child will be a half-brother or -sister
to your baby," he said, smiling at Andrea. Her horror was
apparent on her face. "You see, all the women here have to
produce something of worth. Paulette is making either a potential
field hand, if it's a boy, or another breeding slave for me, if
it's a girl." Andrea's eyes filled with tears, though she could
say nothing as her terror clutched her throat. "You, on the hand,
will make either breeding girls for me or boys that I can sell."

She finally was able to speak. "What do you mean?"

"I mean, my little niece, your job is to make either other young
girls for me to breed or boys which I can sell," he said.

"What do you mean, sell?"

"Well, you see, I know some men in New Orleans who will pay good
money for young white boys who they then sell to men all over the
world who like to do nasty things with them. It's not to my
liking, but at least I can make a profit off of them." He didn't
tell her that as soon as her young pussy bored him, he'd turn her
over to the field hands too. No sense not getting some good field
hands out of her when he was done with her.

"My god, Uncle Knox!" she shrieked. "You're a monster!"

He slapped her so hard that she went over backwards onto the bed,
bounced off and fell into a crying heap on the floor. He stood
over her and said, "You're right, little girl. And now your
nightmare is about to start." He turned to Paulette, who was
totally confused by all of this, not understanding more than one
word out of ten as she was just beginning to understand the white
tongue. He pulled her close to the bed, then looked down at his
niece, crying on the floor. "Get up, little wench, and undress
Paulette." She hesitated for only a moment, but it brought a
solid slap across her butt, and she jumped up, terrified of his

She slowly undressed the sheer blouse the black girl was wearing.
Paulette had nothing on underneath, and her shiny black breasts
were swollen with her pregnancy. Her belly protruded out over the
top of the skirt she wore, not as large as it would be, but
obviously holding her baby. Andrea hooked her fingers into either
side of the black girl's skirt and slid it down her slender
thighs, revealing her hairless black pussy. At that, her uncle
laid the girl back so that her hips were on the bed, but her legs
hung down to the floor. "Your punishment for wetting the bed will
be licking Paulette's pussy until she comes," he said. "Now stick
your tongue in her pussy and start licking her. And if you don't
start right now, your punishment will be a lot worse."

The girl felt almost nauseated with revulsion to so touch a
nigger, but she feared her uncle greatly. The nigger's legs were
spread, as if she knew what was coming, and Andrea slowly
positioned her head between the ebony legs. She hated the smells
coming from the black girl, but she took a deep breath and pushed
her tongue between the lips of the slave's pussy. The servant
girl who'd told her all about sex had described men doing this to
women, but never a woman to a woman. Her tongue penetrated the
lips of Paulette's pussy, and she tasted the black girl's
moisture already coming out of her fuck hole in anticipation of
what she was about to receive. To her horror, the black girl
grabbed hold of the white girl's head and pressed her young cunt
hard against the tongue she knew would give her pleasure. She
began using the white girl's head for her pleasure, rubbing her
pussy up and down the girl's face. Sometimes the tongue was in
her channel, sometimes it was rubbing her clit. She loved raising
up to look down and see the blond head rubbing between her black
thighs. Only black girls had done this to her before, and she
loved the color difference. She moaned as she built to her

Andrea felt that she would vomit. The black girl was using her
like an instrument of her pleasure. She was moaning and sighing,
while rubbing Andrea's face up and down her smelly pussy. But
Andrea kept her tongue out, as instructed, and she felt it
alternately rubbing the black girl's button and sticking into her
hole. Paulette was producing large amounts of pussy juice, and it
began to drip off Andrea's chin. Then suddenly, the black girl's
thighs gripped the sides of Andrea's head so tightly that her
hearing was muffled. But even with that, she could hear the near
scream of pleasure the black girl let out, in words Andrea didn't
understand, other than that she knew they were of pleasure. The
black girl continued to rub her pussy hard against Andrea's face,
and the pussy juice flowed from her cunt, running off Andrea's
chin and down the crack of the black girl's ass.

Finally, after she felt she would be smothered between the black
girl's thighs, with her face buried in the young girl's crack,
the thighs released her, and she pulled her head out quickly to
gulp air. The slave's wet pussy was still wide open for all to
see, and Andrea couldn't believe she'd just licked a nigger
slave. Then she heard the voice of her uncle behind her. "Well,
not bad for a spoiled white girl. You made Paulette feel pretty
good. Now I want you to switch positions with her."

He forced his niece onto the bed in the same position Paulette
had been in, then, through motions and positioning, made it clear
to Paulette that she was to start licking the white girl's pussy.
She, being conditioned now to do whatever master said,
immediately stuck her face into the white girl's equally hairless
pussy. She began to hungrily lick her, feeling grateful for the
orgasm the white girl had given her.

Andrea tried to get away, but Uncle Knox held her firmly on the
bed. The cream- coffee colored black slave began to eagerly lick
her girlness, spreading its lips and diving her tongue deep into
her virgin hole, actually touching and pushing her hymen. She
screamed in rage and tried to shift her hips to get the vile
tongue out of her, but just as her uncle was holding down her
torso, the black girl was holding her thighs tightly, and
continued to invade her channel with her tongue. Then she moved
it up and began to lick Andrea's clit. The sensation was
immediate and as powerful as anything she'd ever felt. She
screamed again, but not in pain, just surprise at the feelings
going through her body. Involuntarily, her pussy began to produce
its juice, and her spine began to tingle as she arched her back.
Suddenly, without warning, she was engulfed in a wave of pleasure
she'd never known. The black girl continued to lick the white
girl's clit, as she'd been taught, and the girl came over and

After what seemed and eternity, the black girl finally removed
her tongue, and Andrea's spasms ceased, though she was
temporarily sorry they had. She'd never felt anything like that.
But she was about to have another sensation she'd never had.

Even as her orgasm faded, she was suddenly full-length on the
bed, her bottom resting in her own pee, and her legs were
wrenched apart. Then suddenly the head of that terrible cock was
pressing at the opening of her now sopping hole. She was so wet,
that the thing began slipping in instantly. Her tiny pussy was
suddenly stretched to the point that she screamed involuntarily
in pain like she'd never known.

Knox shoved it in hard, ripping through her membrane on the
initial stroke. He was so aroused after watching the two girls
eat each other, that he knew he had to get it inside her or waste
his load. His dick slammed against her cervix and she screamed in
abject pain. She was near to fainting, he knew, so he pushed in
and out quickly, thanks to her juicy pussy. It was tight as a
glove, but sopping wet. And in three strokes, he shot a hot load
of his potent baby-making juice directly against the 13
year-old's cervix. He knew enough would be in her womb shortly to
get her pregnant if she was ovulating. And if not now, he had

He pulled out of his now-sobbing niece, noting the mixture of
blood, cunt juice and cum on his still hard dick. The girl went
into a fetal position, one hand holding her smarting slit. She
was crying inconsolably, but he knew she could hear him as he
whispered to her, "Get a little rest, little girl. After you've
had a chance to recover a little, I'll be back to rape you
several more times tonight." Her eyes opened in terror, and she
put her hands over her face.

He got off the bed and told Paulette, who'd watched a scene
similar to her first rape by master, to get dressed. But he
didn't. His erection, despite his ejaculation, was still up and
ready to go down the hall to see his other niece, 11 year-old

Knox Carlton could hear moans and cries from the room where
Martha was. What he didn't know was that Uncle Felix was having
his way with the mistress right now, just as Knox had told him he
could, and that Dirk was waiting in line to appease the erection
he had built looking at the young white girl. Martha would have a
long night, until Knox, satisfied at last, stopped the negroes
from raping his pregnant wife.

His own erection was ready for his 11 year-old niece, who lay
tied to the bed in the room he now entered, guarded by the large
field hand Forrest, whom he dismissed to go have a go at the
white master's wife. His large cock had formed a tent in his
loose slave pants, and Knox knew that Martha was in for one hell
of a reaming from this horny buck. Good thing, he thought, that
he'd never have to fuck Martha again. Her cunt was going to be so
stretched by the nigger cocks she was taking, just tonight, that
she would never be able to provide him the tight feeling he liked
again. And since she'd be offered to all the bucks, under the
rules that they didn't hurt the baby in her belly until it was
born, she'd be wide as a road in no time. He also couldn't wait
for when she would start producing nigger babies for his
plantation. She'd be kept locked in a hut in a remote part of the
place and used by every black buck on the place. She'd proven
already that she was fertile, and! he knew she could make some
fine negro children for him. And he knew how humiliated she would
be from that. "Bitch," he spat.

Little Ginny was tied to her bed, obviously in abject terror. Her
tears were streaming down the sides of her cheeks. She had
obviously heard her mother's and her sister's screams, and she
had no idea why they were hurting. She suspected something bad
because of her nudity in front of the big slave, but she knew
nothing about sex, so the tent pole in the nigger's pants meant
nothing to her. But now, as he came into the room, she saw Uncle
Knox' big erection, and she was filled with horror. She'd seen
her father nude once, when he lay drunk in bed and she had
accidentally walked into the room. He was snoring drunk, and his
thing between his legs was limp and tiny. But now she saw her
uncle's thing was long and hard, and he was smiling in a way she
didn't like.

"Uncle Knox," she wailed, "what are you doing to mommy and us?"

Knox loved the look of her small body. Though tiny for her age,
she was already pushing her tiny breasts out of her chest. He
knew for a fact that she had begun having her period, even at her
young age, and her tiny nipples puffed seductively out of her
thin torso. They looked very suckable, and he bent now and took
one in his mouth. They were obviously tender, and the little girl
howled and tried to squirm away. But her uncle held her tightly
until he had licked and sucked the little pink nipple as much as
he wanted. Then he raised up and looked at Ginny, saying, "Uncle
Knox is being as good to you as anyone would." The little girl
looked puzzled, and he continued. "If I had not rescued you, your
mother and your sister, you wouldn't have a roof over your head
or food in your belly without all of you whoring yourselves in
Savannah. So, I give you a roof, food and protection from the
kind of men you'd get on the Savannah waterfront. And you, your
mother and sister d! o your whoring for me."

This didn't make any sense to the little girl. "But why do you
have me tied up without my clothes where that big nigger could
see me."

"Oh, you are innocent, aren't you, child?" he crooned. "Well, do
you know what a whore is?"

"It's a bad woman, I think," she said, still looking on the verge
of tears.

"It's a woman who sells her sex," he said, lightly rubbing her
hairless mound, as she squirmed to avoid his touch, "letting men
inside of her down here for money. Your momma is a whore who gave
me her pussy for my money and a home. That's why she's pregnant
with my baby now. And now she's got what she wanted. And now I'm
getting what I want."

He was now probing with a finger between the girl's labia. She
was dry as a bone and doing all she could to avoid his touch.
"Stop that, Uncle Knox," she said in the voice of a young girl
used to ordering servants.

Knox realized she had no idea of her current situation. An idea
occurred to him, and he got up and left the room. Little Ginny
had a mixture of relief and fear. She was glad he was gone, but
she was still tied to the bed, and she didn't know what to
expect. She found out in less than ten minutes.

Knox returned, his thing still highly erect, but he was followed
into the room by the two field hands, Dirk and Forrest, who were
leading her mother by a rope around her neck. Her mother was
totally naked. Ginny could see her slightly swollen belly where
she knew momma's baby was forming. But she could also see that
her momma was sweat-soaked. Her hair was damp and lying close to
her head. Her breasts were slightly pinkish, though the girl
didn't know it was from brutal sucking by the negroes. The hair
around her girl thing was damp, and some sort of liquid was
running from her girl thing down the insides of her legs. She
became immediately filled with dread.

"Say hello to your mother, Ginny," Uncle Knox instructed, moving
and sitting next to her on the bed.

Martha looked at the girl, then at Knox. "Oh god, please, Knox,
no more. Just let us go, and I'll say nothing."

Knox ignored her. "Your mother has spent the night so far being
the whore that she is, and now she will demonstrate for you what
a whore does for a living." Knox motioned to Dirk, who grabbed
Martha, and as she screamed for mercy, forced her into a kneeling
position. Forrest removed his trousers, revealing his huge, black
hard-on and got on his knees behind her. He took firm hold of her
legs, while Dirk held her shoulders and the rope. Forrest then
began working that big black snake into Martha's pussy. She
didn't scream anymore, though the pain was tremendous. She was
screamed out, and she was so humiliated having this happen in
front of her little daughter, that she could only sob quietly as
the big nigger pumped in and out of her. It was her fifth rape of
the night by black men, and she was near comatose from pain and

Forrest moaned in pleasure, feeling the white pussy he'd wanted
for days, since Master had told him he would have it. Though
Martha had been stretched by Dirk and Felix, to him she was a
tight cunt. And, she was white. He pumped eagerly, adding to
Martha's pain. In less than a minute, he grunted loudly, shoved
his big cock deep into the white woman, and shot his load deep
inside her pregnant pussy. He shot four squirts before he
finished, and again, Martha had another involuntary orgasm,
clamping on the big black dick and milking it for all she was

Ginny watched the scene in total horror, not able to comprehend
what she was seeing. Knox decided to help her. "Forrest has just
raped your mother. He has shot his cum into her. He can't get her
pregnant, because she already has my baby in her belly." He began
to fondle her little pussy again, and this time she was too numb
to resist. "Now I'm going to give you a choice. You can either
let me rape you, for the little whore that you are about to
become, or I can let Forrest do to you what he just did to your

She looked at him in blank terror. "Uncle Knox?" was all she
could say.

"I take that as a yes," he said, then turned to Martha, who still
was on her knees with a big black dick in her cunt. "I'll let you
watch as I deflower your little Ginny." With that, he untied the
girl's ankles, spread her thin legs and put his face to her
hairless pussy. He thrust his tongue into her eagerly, lapping
between her labia, into her pussy hole, and began running in and
out of her virgin channel. She screamed in terror, squirming to
get away, but he held her tightly, and her hands were still
bound. Her uncle's tongue moved back and forth from her hole to
her little button. She had no knowledge of what or why he was
doing what he was doing, but to her astonishment, it started to
feel very good. Some of the tension of terror began to go out of
her, replaced by wild sensations when his tongue touched her
little button. Then he put a finger in her now-wet hole and began
to run it in and out. Then he moved his tongue to her button and
concentrated on it. In ! less than 30 seconds after he began that
dual operation, her whole body locked in the spasm of her first
orgasm. Her back arched, and she let out an almost animal moan as
her second, third and fourth orgasms followed directly upon the
first. His tongue kept licking her, and her body felt almost like
it was on fire. She went limp with desire.

Then, suddenly, his tongue was out of her, and he was on his
knees between her legs. He untied her hands, and held her arms
down. Then his big thing was pressing between the lips of her
pussy. "Momma?" she screamed, looking over to where her mother
was now standing, more liquid running down her legs. Martha
couldn't manage a word. Ginny felt a searing pain in her loins as
her uncle shoved his huge thing into her tiny hole. "Ohhhh," she
cried, as Knox pushed against her hymen. With a hard push, he
broke it, blood flowing immediately onto the sheet beneath the
young girl's shapely buttocks. He pushed all the way in, and she
screamed something unintelligible, but it meant pain like she'd
never felt before.

Knox loved the mask of pain on the young girl's face, and as he
began to pump her he said, "Get used to this, little Ginny. This
is what you'll do for a living from now on. You'll make babies
for me, just like your sister. And I'll rape you whenever I want.
You'll be just like one of the slaves. And you'll get to watch
your momma get raped by the niggers every night." With that, he
came hard in the little girl's pussy, as she moaned in agony and
confusion. She didn't understand what he was saying, but she knew
he was going to do this to her again, and she dreaded the moment.

Knox pulled out when he was finished squirting his seed into the
little 11 year-old's pussy. Then he turned to Martha. "Now, dear
wife, you can clean my dick with your mouth, or I'll have Forrest
give you another." Martha was now too far gone to fight. She
knelt, negro cum running down her legs in torrents, and presented
her mouth to Knox. He stuck his softening prick in her mouth, and
she began to lick. "Suck it too," he commanded, and she sealed
her lips around his shaft and began to suck and lick. His manhood
began to rise immediately, and soon she had swallowed all the
blood, pussy juice and cum from his dick. His erection back to
life, he pulled from her mouth. "Okay boys," he said to Dirk,
"she's all yours until dawn."

Dirk led her back to the bedroom where she had come from, his
erection already up for some more white pussy. Forrest was erect
as well, looking forward to his next entry to the white mistress'
tight pussy.

Knox locked the door to Ginny's room, leaving her sobbing in a
fetal position. Then he headed back to rape Andrea again, and
teach her how to suck him back to erection after each rape. There
were three of them before he locked her door and went to his own
room to sleep. Felix led Dirk and Forrest out at dawn, locking
the door on the still-naked and whimpering Martha. Knox slept
until noon, then got up to plan his day.