While walking home from school Jenny glanced at her watch and
knew she was in trouble. Her step-father, Tom, had warned Jenny
that if she was late home from school one more time, he would
give her a punishment that she would remember for the rest of her

Jenny could see her step-father sitting on the living room couch
as she approached the front door of her mother and step-father's
small house. Jenny's mother was not home from work yet. Jenny
opened the front door screen and let herself in.

(From this point on I'll use Tom instead of Jenny's step-father).

Tom glanced at Jenny as she put her books down on the coffee
table. Tom adjusted himself on the couch and said, "HMMM late
again I see. Remember what we talked about last time you were
late young lady."

Jenny quivered a bit and replied with a, "Yes Sir". Jenny knew
better than to not treat Tom with respect. Jenny's mother had
punished Jenny in the past with a straight slap across the face
at time of incident and grounding for periods of time for
disrespect to Tom. Although Jenny's mother punished her daughter
(mostly grounding and the occasional slap), Tom never did punish
Jenny directly himself.

"I've been putting up with your disrespect for my rules for
awhile now. I've been letting your mother punish you when she
catches you. Today, young lady, all that is going to change. I
think you have been acting like a spoiled bratty child and need
to be punished like one" Tom scolded to Jenny. "Get upstairs to
your room".

Jenny thought of disobeying Tom but reluctantly walked up the
stairs to her room murmuring all the way. Tom warned Jenny to be
silent but Jenny continued murmuring all the way up to her room.
Jenny closed the door behind her and sat on her bed grabbing a
hand-held video game in route.

It was only about 10 minutes later when Jenny heard some noise
from her mother and Tom's room. Jenny thought that is was too
early for her mom to be home and wondered what Tom was doing.
Soon Tom returned to Jenny's room, opened the door, and closed it
behind him. Tom was carrying a small box with him.

"Ok, young lady, put down that game and stand up here." Tom
ordered. Jenny put down the game and did as she was told. "Now
turn around and face the corner. Come on hot-pants. Let's go!"
Jenny starred at Tom blankly.

"Go!" ordered Tom. Jenny almost ran to the corner. Tom was a
large burly man (about 6'3 and 220 pounds) which could easily
overpower Jenny (5'5 and 145 pounds). Tom undid his belt and
folded it in half and cracked it.

"Now, young lady, I want you to pull your pants down so I can
give you a good belt whipping right here in your own bedroom.
Come on pants down". Jenny was embarrassed and wished her mother
was here to stop Tom from doing this to her. Jenny's mother had
threatened Jenny from time to time with a belt spanking although
Jenny never got one.

Jenny knew her best friend Tina got a belt whipping from time to
time by both her mother and her father. When Tina's father gave
her a belt whipping she couldn't sit for a week and had to be
excused from PE class so that no one would see all the belt marks
he had left on her back side. Jenny always felt sorry for Tina,
but today Jenny was going to get her own, but worse.

What Jenny's mother did not know about Tom was that he was a firm
believer in corporal punishment and insisted on obedience from
minors. Tom refrained from giving Jenny a beating until today
because Jenny's mother had punished Jenny in some way and that
Jenny was not his biological child.

"I said, pull your pants down. Now!!" and with that Tom grabbed
Jenny and pulled Jenny's pants straight down to her ankles,
panties and all. "I wasn't going to have you remove your panties
but well you deserve a bare bottom whipping and your going to get

Jenny was very embarrassed standing naked from the waist down.
Tom raised his hand with the belt in it and began whipping Jenny
at full force. Again and again the belt strokes kept coming.
Jenny moaned and screeched and after about 25 strokes ran from
the corner clenching her bottom with both hands. All modesty was
gone from Jenny as she clenched her bottom. Tom allowed Jenny the
moment to recover from the first 25 strokes. Then order her back
to the corner for more. Jenny pleaded with Tom, "I'll be good, I
promise." but Tom was not done yet with Jenny.

Tom was loosing patience with Jenny and grabbed her around the
waste and pushed her on to her bed face down. "Don't you move
from their young lady or I'll tie you to your bed". Jenny still
quivering fell on to the floor as Tom began whipping her again.
Tom's strokes were hard and Jenny was stubborn.

Tom grabbed a pair of handcuffs from the box he had brought in to
Jenny's room earlier and attached Jenny's wrists to her head
board frame. Jenny pulled her arms while kicking her feet. Then
Tom tied her feet to the foot of the bed with rope so that Jenny
could not move and kick. Tom enjoyed this alot.

Tom and Jenny heard the front door open for Jenny's mother was
home from work. Tom left Jenny tied to her bed and met Jenny's
mother in the living room downstairs. Jenny could hear them
talking and soon her mother returned with Tom to her room. Jenny
hoped her mother would help her but in actuality her mother
agreed with Tom and was glad he was taking these harsh methods of
disciplining. Jenny's mother stood their as Tom whipped Jenny
over and over again with his belt. Tom was just beginning to
pause after about 100 lashes but her mother insisted on another
100 for her naughty little girl.

At this point Jenny was crying out load and for good reason. Her
backside was beginning to turn black and blue especially on her
butt and the back of her legs. Tom whipped thoroughly and made
sure she was whipped from the top of her bottom to the seat and
upper thighs down to above her knees.

"My naughty little girl. Finally in the position I've been wanted
to put you in for so long. Hand me that paddle Tom" Jenny's
mother insisted. "How about some of this young lady. Now keep
quite or you'll be tied to this bed all night."

With that Jenny got fifty paddle spankings. Jenny's bottom was
now bruised with belt stripes along her upper thighs. Jenny
sobbed quietly as her mother and Tom stood back and admired what
they had done to Jenny. "Thanks Tom for starting this. I've been
wanting to do this for a long-long time"

Tom and Jenny's mother untied Jenny from the bed. Tom left the
room. Jenny's mother hugged Jenny and kissed her on the cheek.
Then she laid Jenny on her back, lifted her legs, and slid a
diaper under Jenny. "All naughty girls need these" Jenny could
not believe her mother was going to embarrass her like this. "Get
up and put these shorts on and go down stairs and apologize to
Tom for being disobedient, unless you want more of his belt". As
Jenny was dressing her mother belted her a few more times to
hurry her along.

Jenny hurried down the stairs embarrassed and ashamed. Jenny was
whipped and paddled severely and diapered like a child and now
was going to have to apologize for her misdeeds. Jenny's mother
(belt in hand) close behind Jenny told her to get down on her
knees and apologize to Tom. The idea of doing all this was to
belittle her daughter and embarrass her in front of her
step-father. Tom laughed at Jenny in her diapers and shorts with
belt marks showing on the back of her thighs. Tom said "I like
this honey. We should have done this much sooner instead of
putting up with her unacceptable behavior." Jenny's mother

Tom accepted Jenny's apologizes and sent her to the corner to sit
in a chair for an hour. Tom instructed her not to move a muscle
or he would whip her ten times for every time she moved and start
the clock over again. Jenny got whipped 10 times once by Tom for
turning her head to see what was on the television. These 10
lashes were probably the most painful. After the 10 Jenny had to
apologize and sit back in the corner with the time started again.

"She'll learn now. I'm sure of it" Tom assured Jenny's mother.
Time ran out and Jenny was excused from the corner and read her
grounding rules. Then Jenny was excused without dinner and sent
to bed. Today was a day Jenny would never forget. Tom was now
authorized to discipline Jenny whenever and wherever was
necessary. Jenny was under his strict control and he was going to
keep a short leash on her.

Needless to say Jenny will try much harder from now on to obey
Tom's rules and orders.