Translated by Patrick W. Smythe

Part 1


The manuscript to The Breeding of Slaves for Sexual Pleasure is a
disturbing account, marked by the author's ambivalence to
conventional standards of morality. Anyone who is at all
disturbed by deviant behavior should NOT read beyond this point.
Many will be absolutely horrified by the detailed account of the
old aristocrat, which reputedly is an authentic first hand
account. There are mixed opinions about this, however. All that
is actually known is that a sheaf of papers was smuggled out of
Thailand or Burma just before the fall of Saigon, and they were
spirited to the United States when it pulled its Armed Forces out
of Vietnam in 1975. It was first circulated in a limited circle
of bohemian types, in the original French, which resulted in
several English translations. At this point, fact and fiction
seem to come together to create an almost mythic reality: Did the
Empire of Antoine's father exist, or was it a wild fantasy of an
old storyteller? Experts in north Africa, who claimed to know the
d' la Raz family, declared the tale to be true; while authorities
in Paris are soundly on the record declaring the story to be
false. Regardless of whether it is true or not, it is a historic
document just because of the controversy it has raised. Yet it
contains a story of sexual relations that are illegal in most
countries, and certainly immoral. The publisher does not condone
the sex acts the author describes, and does not espouse anyone to
engage in any kind of sex act, whatsoever. Because the factual
basis of the story cannot be proved, the publisher is hereby
opting to publish it as if it is a work of fiction, and readers
are urged to keep in mind that French authorities have insisted
that the work is not based on true facts. It is up to the reader
to judge for him or her self.

Origins Of An Industry

I was born in Marseille in 1880. My parents were brother and
sister. As a result of this I had only two grandparents, the
father and mother of my parents, one of whom -- my grandmother --
was herself the offspring of an incestuous liaison between my
great-grandmother and her own father. I had fifteen full brothers
and six full sisters, and then my mother had eight additional
sons (my half-brothers), who were sired by my oldest brother; and
three more daughters, sired by my half- brothers with my mother.

Our happy home life came to an abrupt halt when my oldest sister
turned nine and openly became our father's lover. When news
reached our mother she staged an elaborate public wedding to
marry her own oldest son, my brother Pierre. They consummatted
their marriage by copulating openly in the town square. My
parents were already famous for their openly incestuous family,
but this merely added notoriety to their otherwise pornographic
and exhibitionist display; especially when our mother turned up
pregnant, while her son was her only lover! Our father avoided
the whole scandal with his sister by moving down the road, where
he lived with his daughter as his wife. She dutifully proceeded
to bear children sired by her father without interruption, for
the rest of his life. She was never NOT pregnant, except for the
brief interludes following the birth of a most recent child. My
father, however, sold the children he'd fathered with our sister,
as sex slaves, so none of us thought of them as our brothers or
sisters (they were rarely given christian names, and they lived
out their lives perpetually exploited as slaves). The sale of
these children exposed our father to the thriving international
market for children, which existed solely for their exploitation
for purely sexual purposes by adult men.

When our six sisters were between the ages of five and eleven,
our father took them down to the docks and pimped them out to the
sailors. They soon became skilled at performing sex acts. Eager,
willing and able to engage in full-scale penetrative sex with all
the local men and boys, and travellers passing through. This
became the de rigeur "occupation" of all the women of our family,
as available prostitutes. The known proclivity of sailors for
sodomy lured our father into "renting" out his young sons too,
often against their will; he would strip them naked, tie them
face down to a bed and lube-up their rectums to prepare them for
easy anal penetration. Sodomy was so commonplace and casual that
few noticed it, especially when full-grown men sodomized
youngsters. (My father soon took to drinking the semen of
virgins, which he continued all his life, which encouraged his
slave breeding). This business of renting out his sons and
daughters for the sexual use of adults was so successful that our
father became a rich man. This made it possible for him to open a
palatial brothel that featured live sex shows. These shows were
specialized exhibitions of incest wherein my brothers and I were
initiated into the world of sex with our sisters. My father also
had a penchant for viewing bestiality, and he loved to sponsor
voyeuristic spectator sports wherein the virginity of slave girls
as young as seven years, was taken by a variety of animals from
dogs and apes, to goats, horses and bulls. (The sailors had
access to slaves in the course of their travels, many times
buying young children from their impoverished parents, who were
only too willing to sell the youngsters into slavery, even when
it was made very clear that they were being purchased for sexual
exploitation! Many men even went so far as to violate their
daughters themselves, as a demonstration that they were useful,
and worth the asking price! It was common for a man to double the
price when he sold a daughter he'd made pregnant himself, because
the buyer was buying two slaves instead of one! Early on my
father started to accept slaves from the sailors, as payment
against the bills they ran up in his brothels).

My father also revealed his patriotism by renting slave girls out
to the Army, who provided them for the sexual use of the common
soldiers. A couple of girls would service several thousand
soldiers over the course of a week, none of them over the age of
ten! An observor once counted the number of cocks several of the
girls were violated by in one day: A nine-year-old took 90 cocks;
an eight-year-old girl took 105 cocks; twin semen-soaked
seven-year-old girls engaged in a playful competition, and were
fucked by an incredible 190 and 204 cocks respectively! Needless
to say, our family became very rich while the little slave girls
became pregnant, which only increased our wealth. (Of course, the
children of slaves were also deemed slaves, subject to the use of
their owners in any way the owners saw fit).

My father loved promotions and he would give away newborn virgin
girls, such as to the millionth customer of the brothel, or to
the winner of a contest (like to the customer with the longest
penis during a particular month.) Any established customer who
referred new customers to our brothels was rewarded with two
hours of screwing a virgin eight year old girl. My father always
kept a supply of virgins on hand, because they brought in the top
dollar; of course, he BRED THEM HIMSELF. (My oldest sister told
me that her babies by our father were often sold to men who paid
for sex with newborns; often deflowering them prior to their
being sold OR traded to African chiefs -- who could only afford
violated pussy -- for the pleasuring of their sons, and horney
packs of dogs. ) One promotion involved the genuine kidnapping of
virgin Gypsy boys and girls from Spain, between the ages of six
and twelve, and their brutal, actual (NOT staged) gang-rape by a
couple dozen well-hung, 200 lbs. muscular YOUNG men, in sadistic
live sex shows that were shockingly explicit. When the show
closed the Gypsy boys and girls were used to breed a beautful new
line of prostitutes; the Gypsies always fucked like bunnies, and
seemed to enjoy even the most brutal treatment. (They always sold
well too).

As our fortunes rose my father expanded, investing in farms to
breed slave- children. This enabled my father to raise slaves
from childhood, meticulously trained under detailed plans to
exploit them in the sex markets. Efficiency was increased by the
introduction of standard production quotas and assembly line
procedures, including the use of a single male to impregnate many
women and girls; which increased the yield of virgin cocks and
cunts born and bred with no other purpose than to suck and fuck
for a living. (One of the best functions of incest is that it
reduces the tendency of the uterus to reject the fetus as a
foreign object, making it easier to carry babies to term). Those
children not sold as slaves were prepared for lives of
prostitution. (The children were named after body parts, which
roughly translated from the French as "Big Cock," "Little Cunt,"
"Little Slut Loves BIG Cocks," "Wet Pussy," "Cockhound,"
"Cocksucker," "Dog Cocksucker," "Daddy's Ding-Dong Girl," "Dog's
Bitch," "Girl-on-All-Fours," "Boy-Who-Swallows," "Sodomy-Boy,"
"Daddy's Bitch," "Mother's Penis," "Motherfucker,"etc).

The process of enslavement involved BREAKING the independent will
of the child, especially before it was allowed to form. This was
why it was important to break them in while still children,
because once a slave attained a certain age it became virtually
impossible to turn one into a valuable sex slave. The most
important initiation was done through the deliberate suppression
of the child's self- esteem, similar to the breaking in of wild
horses in order to make them suitable to ride: obedient. This was
done by keeping the children NAKED at all times, and forcing them
to perform menial tasks and sex acts. Hours were spent drumming
it into the children that they were stupid, and lucky to have
beds where they could sell sex by turning tricks. At all times
the children were reminded that their principal asset was their
ability to sexually gratify adults with their sex organs. The
final act of submission occured when the virginal children were
forcefully raped, one at a time. The sexual penetration of the
children by long thick adult cocks was the ultimate violation
that removed the children's last remaining sense of safety, and
ALL hope that resistance could be successful. This is
particularly true of teenage males, to whom the virginity of the
asshole is sacrosanct. The anal rape of a heterosexual male is
the ULTIMATE assault, often leaving the male victim
psychologically handicapped and unable to resist any further
sexual violations of his person. In a state of complete defeat
and surrender, there is in fact nothing more demeaning to a
heterosexual male than the sexual violation of his anus by
another man's erect penis!

The females were even more vulnerable because they were usually
impregnated soon after their initial deflowering. Little girls
were raised believing that they had NO VALUE to anyone until they
had lost their virginities, and were pregnant. Girls who were no
more than seven and eight years old, regularly seduced 25, 30, 35
year old full-grown men, who never hesitated to pop-open virgin
cunts regardless of age! Sex became the family business for a
family that had come into existence as a result of keeping sex
inside the family circle. New brothels were opened in the capital
cities of Europe. Moscow, Rome, Madrid, Athens, Vienna, London,
Paris; soon expanding into the colonial backwater, New York, San
Francisco, Hawaii. It was out of San Francisco that my father
bought a large "shanghaied" family from Cochin China (Annam).
They had been enslaved by Chinese drug-traders who took
possession of the whole family as slaves and sold them in Saigon
in payment for a small debt of a long dead ancestor. The
Vietnamese were all very small and tight, and very willing to
please cash-paying customers; they commanded a good price. The
young boys HATED to yield to passive sodomy unless the price was
right, because their butts were so small and tight it was
painful; but when the price was right and they DID submit to
being buttfucked, it was unequalled. Asian boys also excelled in
the art of fellatio, and the swallowing of sperm; on the other
hand, the tightness and fertility of Asian girls was legendary.

We became so rich that my father bought a castle and the Pope
gave my father his own title of nobility. About that time, when I
was about 17, I fell madly in love with my little twelve-year-old
sister, Paullette. We had an intense sexual affair and we moved
into our own home, with plans to marry. Our daily fucking-ritual
soon led to my sister's impregnation, and she gave birth to our
daughter on her own 13th birthday. A month later the affair ended
and Paullette moved back to the chateau, to be the mistress of
another brother, David, leaving our daughter for me to take care
of. I immediately began to enjoy mutual oral sex with my
daughter, who I married when she became five years old. (We were
married by an obscure sect known as the INCEST PRIESTS, because
their Pope was the direct descendant of 1,000 years of
brother/sister, father/daughter and mother/son incest! They were
generally called the Priests of the Order of the Virgin). I
deflowered my wife on the night of our wedding, in St. Tropez.
While I had taken the virginity of perhaps hundreds of little
girls, my daughter and wife, Angelique, was the most
exhilirating. There is no parallel to describe the unimaginable
TIGHTNESS of a five-year-old's virgin cunt wrapped around a man's
hard penis (except, perhaps, for the tightness of the male anus).
Of course, with time and the birth of our ten children,
Angelique's love tunnel loosened up. I had begun dating our
eight-year-old daughter, Marie, at about the time our tenth child
was born. Even though I took Marie to be my mistress my marriage
remained steadfast until two years ago, when Angelique passed
away from old age.

The Incest Priests possessed a secret formula of herbs which
created a potion that, when ingested by girls as young as nine,
began their ovulation and made them fertile for impregnation. My
father had no problem acquiring it, and it was very effective.
(Today, however, the formula is lost!) All my daughters were
given the potion, including Angelique (which made it possible for
her to conceive our other children). They were all healthy and
beautiful, as were all the children I sired. Angelique and I had
eight daughters and two sons. Each of my eight daughters bore a
child by me (three of them had twins); with Marie, I sired two
sets of triplets! (Angelique had two more sons who were sired by
our teenage sons, who took to screwing their mother when I took
Marie to my bed).

During all of this my mother had been renting out the use of my
half-brothers, for stud service. They were all over 6' tall,
blonde, blue-eyed, muscular, hung gods! Even the 13 year old!
(Some of the customers were so aroused by viewing the act of
insemination of the "cow" by the "bull", especially by the sight
of the naked muscular and manly buttocks of my studly brothers,
that they forcefully took their pleasure in the vulnerable
exposed anal orifices, loading my brother's butts with semen).
Meanwhile, my full-brother Pierre (the father of these boys, my
half- brothers), took a mistress who was ten-years-old, who he
had kidnapped from a local town park and raped. He fathered six
children with the girl and then sold her into slavery to a tribe
of African negroes whose average penis length was 14", and which
was in the market for a fertile white girl (who they intended to
keep pregnant for the rest of her life). Like so many in my
family Pierre had a true penchant for virgins, which,
consequently, none of his daughters remained for very long. When
he ran out of daughters to fuck he would swoop down on the
surrounding countryside, kidnapping little girls with virgin
cunts anywhere he could find them, raping them mercilessly. The
girls were then sold as prostitutes in the Far East to men who
prized the tightness of young girls. (Because my family was so
feared, not one child was claimed missing).

My mother was sexually serviced by all eight of her sons by
Pierre, who were all as extremely well hung as their
stallion-like father. She had three daughters by the boys, never
knowing which of my half-brothers was the actual father of any of
the three girls. Our mother's sexual appetite was so voracious,
she would line up the boys every morning and every night, and
they would each take a turn screwing her. (Not one of them had a
penis shorter than 7").

Pierre became aware of the presence of the three virgin cunts --
his granddaughters -- and all three girls were soon impregnated
by him, for the sole purpose of his obsession with deflowering
virgin cunts. He kept them pregnant like cows. He pimped out all
of his daughters. The abundance of virgins usually filled his
needs, and he only went out kidnapping and raping children when
it was his fancy to do so, more for the thrill of the hunt than
the gratification of mere lust.

All the male members of my family possessed a powerful animal sex
drive which found expression in the desire to rape women,
children and even men. The men of my family have a sadistic
streak that enjoys the exploitation of a dominant position to
deliberately inflict humiliation on persons of a subordinate
status, which was the most gratifying when the object of that
humiliation was male. In my country, women don't count, and the
greatest satisfaction was to be had through the violent violation
of the biggest, toughest, meanest men. Of course, even though
ejaculation took place during these rapes, they were emphatically
not sexual; we all preferred women on a daily basis, for
pleasure. They reflected more our sense of power and domination.

Men believe in their minds that to be manly they must be in
control, and that they must fight off (physically, if necessary),
any effort by anyone -- especially other men -- to limit their
control. Even if a man's control is limited to a small space, the
focus -- the essence --of the man's space is his own body. To
bodily overpower a man, in order to restrain him externally -- TO
experience. THEN, if his clothes are removed leaving him
COMPLETELY NAKED, another layer of defenses has been removed
which prevented the SEXUAL penetration of his body, leaving his
rectum unprotected, the ultimate vulnerable opening of a young
man. His sense of vulnerability and helplessness explode his
self-image of masculinity, in an anxiety attack of insecurity as
the last repository of his manhood is threatened by the imminence
of another man's penis. This is the power of the penis as a
weapon, a tool! When a prone man's anus is penetrated against his
will by another man's cock, there is the overpowering reality
that the violated man MUST SUBMIT INVOLUNTARILY to his rapist.
This is akin to the breaking in of horses, to prepare them to
accept riders: the man whose butthole is violated being forced to
reluctantly ACCEPT the Rider who has "mounted" his butt. The
conquoring penis becomes a weapon, a device of assault and power,
as the helpless victim's asshole is filled with fresh sperm.

The sensation of victory is not the same when raping children. A
child can service a horny cock, and the main enjoyment in raping
children derives from their firm, perky flesh, and tight sex
orifices (which is why all normal men fantasize about fucking
their budding daughters at the first sign of their breasts), but
the sheer feeling of triumph cannot be equalled when, after
defeating a full-grown man, one establishes one's supremacy over
him by using one of the most protected parts of his body -- his
asshole -- without his permission. On the other hand, the true
thrill of hunting children for sex is the reality of their
virginity. Their wide eyes and total surprise when they see or
feel or taste a long thick, horney adult cock for the first time,
is all by itself intensely arousing. The sport of stealing the
child's virginity from its rightful owner, the father, was one in
which all the males of my family excelled at an early age. My
nephew Albert, (Pierre's son by one of our sisters), possessed
the highest score for the most rapes, and his doctoral thesis was
based around his premise that gang-rape had a socially beneficial
value which should be promoted and encouraged.

Males in their minority effectively have access to unlimited sex,
because teenagers are rarely held responsible for raping other
minors, and when they are punished it is a slap on the wrist.
"Bad Johnnie, you're not supposed to fuck your little sister..."
This is beside the fact that most rapes are NEVER reported. In
groups of two or more, teenagers have successfully gang-raped
full grown women, as well as young girls, which is always a
character building experience for the females. (Especially when a
girl is made pregnant by rape). Our father encouraged us to rape
our sisters, to help us hone our cutting edge instinct. He said
it was a "man's sport." I, in turn, encouraged my sons to rape
their sisters, and their sister's little friends, for as Albert
wrote, "The Slut of Tomorrow Was Fucked Today". (A girl has no
practical use for her maidenhead).

Short of breeding children for sex teenagers are the easiest way
to find available children, because they have no compunction
about selling themselves, or about pimping out their sisters.
Several young men recently became notorious for raping their own
mothers, and then selling their pussies for pennies. For one
thing teenagers run in circles frequented by underage females.
Adults are at a marked disadvantage prowling around for young
girls, whereas horney teenagers are on their own turf. (Most of
the young girls we knew were eager to engage in full- penetration
sex by age 11, and the boys were always willing to sell their
girlfriend's pussies for ca$h, even if the girls were reluctant
and had to be forced). One 17- year-old drugged his 13-year-old
girlfriend, tied her up, and let any guy with $5.00 have a go at
fucking her; when she got pregnant, he started to pimp out his
own sister.

My brothers and I preferred raping little girls. We all agreed
that the best pussy belonged to eight year olds. But on a few
occasions we raped the mothers of several of our friends, and
many male and female teenagers we picked up. (It was always
exciting to watch a kid panic when he realized that he was about
to be forced into a sexual encounter from which there was no
escape; teenage guys were always the best for buttfucking.)
However, my personal favourite was the regular sleep-over parties
my sisters would hold. My brothers and I could not believe our
good fortune when the house would fill up with 30 to 40 eight and
nine year old girls! It was open season on baby cunt, and those
little girls didn't stand a chance! We locked the doors and just
started tearing into those tiny pink twats, amidst shrieks of
horror and terrified crying; tying them up, we would go from girl
to girl, penetrating each cunt only deep enough to pop their
pussies open. Then we would go back and screw them all at our
leisure. My brothers even made extra money by meeting up with
some of them later, and pimping them out to old men in bars. It's
hard to believe but not one of those little girls left any of
those parties a virgin; every last one of them got fucked. But
that was many years ago, when we were kids. The innocence of
childhood; it was all fun and games...

While we boys raped girls as a hobby -- as a pleasant past-time
and recreation -- we all knew that there were limits to what our
father would tolerate. Our father had developed a lifelong
disgust with true sadism which his father taught him, who was
related to the Marquis de Sade, (our family descended from the
offspring of the Marquis' union with a female cousin, who had
drawn his attention because she was the daughter of a girl who
had been impregnated by her father). One of our brothers was
foolish enough to disregard our father's limits, terrorizing
northern Spain. He rounded up hundreds of children after
descending onto their towns with powerful gangs, distributed them
among his men for mass gang-rapes, and then sold them into
slavery; but then he went too far and started to butcher them, to
sell their meat back to their parents as steaks and roasts. It
took several years before anyone broke the news to my father,
because no one wanted to give a man like the Baron bad news. It
was like a storm had moved on land from the Atlantic. It was like
a force of nature, watching my father assemble his warriors north
of the Spanish frontier in the dead of night and with great
secrecy. He called up thousands of slaves from his vast
slave-breeding network, from Brazil, India, Africa, Russia and
America. Every 10 warriors was provided with one prostitute
because regular sex was deemed as essential and necessary as food
or water. When permission arrived from the President of the
Republic, enabling the vast horde to cross the frontier to aid
Spain in getting rid of my brother, the mobilization began
majestically. My father bore the pretense of a great tribal king
as the thousands of people he BRED, who owed their lives to his
sperm, went forward to do battle under his sole command
(something the governments of Europe were quick to notice and
distrust). We quickly found my brother's camp. There, my father
made quick work of him by luring him out with promises and
beheading him on sight. The look of surprise was still on his
face as his head was mounted on a spike, which struck such fear
in his followers that they fled into the night.

We were not back long before the gathering storm clouds started
to close in on us. A deputation arrived representing the Army,
the Church, the bankers and the Government in Paris, accompanied
by diplomatic agents from the United States and Germany. I was
not privy to the discussions but after the men left we all
attended meetings where our father told us that the Governments
of Europe were fearful of the strength of the Incest Nation, our
invisible secret empire hidden within the kingdoms of Europe like
a Fifth Column. Because the vast armed host my father raised was
fresh in everyone's memory the Government was cautious not to
give any ultimatums, but it was clear to the senior advisors to
the Baron that our days in our ancestral homeland were numbered.

To meet this challenge my father went to Paris and took up
residence in his town house, which he had inherited from his
grandfather and which had once been the principal town residence
of the House of Conde. He took his wife (he married his daughter
when the Pope made him a baron), and a large retinue of virgins,
which he used as barter to bribe and blackmail politicians. The
French have a true penchant for young girls, and when the
President of the Republic impregnated a ten year old nymph, my
father had enough evidence to temporarily back the Government
off. Even so, we were already transferring most of our money
overseas. We closed the domestic slave farms, sold off the slave
children at a discount, or sent them to farms overseas. (Many
people were held as sex slaves secretly all over the world, even
in countries where slavery was illegal.) The brothels we owned in
France, however, were far too profitable to shut down, so they
were transferred to a charity controlled by our family set up to
provide for old prostitutes in the name of Mary Magdalane. (Our
grandfather and grandmother -- we only had two on account that
our parents were brother and sister to each other --drilled it
into our mother and father that the nobility had an obligation to
give something back to the nation).

My father knew that it would only be a matter of time before the
reactionaries would cause us trouble, so he doubled the armed
security that surrounded the Chateau. He began to send his sons
off with their families, to head up the different operations of
his empire that spanned the globe. We had over 403 slave-breeding
farms and over 3,010 brothels operating 24 hours per day in every
time zone. When a slave acted up such as by resisting having sex
on demand, the slave would be quietly drugged and transferred to
another country where disciplining slaves was socially
acceptable. Inevitably the slaves found submission to be the
least painful route to take, especially if particularly stubborn
slaves turned up missing or dead. Everywhere my father sent one
of my brothers a sizeable community of relatives developed,
largely because the men in our family lacked any scruples in
using our own daughters, sisters and mothers -- or the daughters,
sisters and mothers of other men -- for sex. There are towns in
Asia with thousands of relatives of mine; but because the levels
of incest run so deep, going back so many generations, we really
don't know exactly how we're related.

Right after my brother Francoise left to run our operation in
Ireland (where they are so poor they are AS eager to sell their
firm young sons into sex slavery as the purchasers worldwide are
to buy them and buttfuck them), the Priests of the Virgin gave
official canonical authority to a NEW FORM of marriage-in-incest,
which had originally been pioneered by the Priests to enable
openly incestuous marriages to take place. The first Incest
Priest was a Catholic Bishop who passed his episcopal authority
to the son he had by his sister; this son then married his own
mother, who bore him the son who succeeded him as bishop. It was
felt that marriage was essential to a legal succession, so the
special "marriage-in-incest" was developed, a union despite the
fact of incest. Because of the peculiar feudal relationship
between the local manor lord, the several medieval kingdoms and
the Roman Church, the church property of the Incest Priests was
securely under local control, subject only to the Incest Bishop,
who handed the insignia of his office to the son of his
incestuous affair with his sister. The fact that the manor lord
was copulating openly with his own mother also came to help the
Bishop in his conflict with Rome, and eventually an incestuous
origin became a requirement for the succession to what later
became the Papacy of Incest, the center of what became basically
a new church. The widespread existence of rampant incest among
the people of Europe gave the Incest Priests and their Cathedral
a central role in the Incest Community or Nation, as thousands of
brother-sister, father-daughter and mother-son couples travelled
for months to be married, often to prevent the child growing in
the woman's womb from being born a bastard. Soon the Priests of
the Virgin had churches in the richest provinces, and Rome chose
to look the other way.

The new form of marriage the Priests developed was called
"MARRIAGE-IN- UTERO." This made it possible for unmarried women
to literally grow their own husbands in their wombs, from sperm.
Men who felt that their daughters or sisters, or even their
mothers, would be unable to find suitable husbands, could now
impregnate them and then marry the woman to her unborn fetus
(providing it was born live and male). The birth of a girl or
stillborn baby automatically worked to annul the marriage, as if
it never happened; but on the birth of a healthy male these girls
actually gave birth to their own husbands. Once the husband
matured sexually his wife was required to introduce him to sexual
intercourse, in order to bear him many children. (Wives were
obliged to orally service their husbands until the boys were old
enough to fuck. A wife was also required to refer to her spouse
only as "husband," never as son).

This reinforced the incest tradition that encouraged women to
marry one of their own sons, which developed as a result of men
unloading their wives onto their sons for sex, to be free to
seduce and fuck their own daughters. However, the
marriage-in-incest did not stop women from sleeping with men
other than their husbands. Even though a woman might at times
have sex with her son exclusively, to become pregnant by him, she
would also feel free to have sex with ALL males, including her
brothers, father, uncles, cousins, etc. lWe were raised to be
true wanton sluts, freely fucking and sucking and ready to
explore all avenues of sexual gratification.

We were taught to turn ourselves over to the pleasure of sex and
orgasm, which each of us was introduced to by being raped once
we'd been seduced as far as we would go on our own. This was one
of the positive values of rape, because the pleasure of sex was
so great that it overcame the side-effects of the rape itself. It
can also open up avenues of career advancement through
prostitution, especially to the poor. A handsome lad would be a
fool not to let some guy suck his penis for cash, because money
IS hard to come by. The poor know this and often encourage their
children to exploit their bodies while they are still young. The
fact remains that regardless of taboos and punishment,
prostitution -- like incest -- goes on as a thriving activity,
basically disproving all the social theories that label it as bad
or immoral, or even as an activity only some odd minority is
involved in. All the printed literature discourages prostitution,
and encourages individuals to feel guilt and shame if they sell
sex acts, because social control is the real aim, and the way to
control the individual is to have an influence in the shaping of
his values and appetites. People who refuse to settle down into
traditional man-woman-breeder family relationships, to breed
obedient new church-going/tax-paying/laborer- purchasers, are
attacked because they are viewed as a bad precedent of defiance.

The reality is that most of the sexual activity people are
involved in is NEVER talked about. It is not admitted to in
"anonymous surveys," it is not admitted to in private
conversations, it is SECRET. This is because the authorities have
been successful in making individuals feel ashamed about their
natural internal sex drives. It does not mean that they won't be
involved in unapproved sex; it only means that they will do it
secretly. That is the essence of the black market, or any illegal
or so- called "immoral" activity. The problem for those charged
with enforcement is always that control escapes them, control
that could easily be theirs IF a more tolerant attitude
prevailed, that only viewed abuses or violence as immoral or
illegal. To illustrate, 90% to 95% of all males fantasize about
ALL-MALE SEX at least ONE time in their lives; they contemplate
what it must feel like, and most young men have their first
sexual encounter with another male, because adolescent youths
have usually not learned how to relate to women, and the first
hole accessible to the youth for purposes of fucking is usually
the asshole of another horney adolescent teenage boy. Also, at
critical points in life males are often segregated away from
women, such as in college dorms or military barracks, or prison,
and historically for thousands of years, otherwise heterosexual
men engaged in and ENJOYED homosexual sex acts repeatedly, which
they would never admit to another living soul (especially women).
This also occures every day with startling regularity in every
prison in every country. In the military academies it has been
said that there is so much sperm shot all over everywhere that
the chaperones are almost slipping in it, and yet they remain
blind to the obvious. Yet only 10% to 30% openly admit to having
homosexual sex... In preliterate societies it was deemed normal
for ALL men to sodomize young men and boys, especially during
initiation rites. In Egypt all Siwan fathers still regularly
"rent" their sons to other men for purposes of sodomy, in an
ancient practice that the Egyptian Government is powerless to

Incest is going on worldwide on an unknown scale because the
participants are NOT INFORMING ON THEIR SEX PARTNERS! Incest is
reportedly one of the largest scale "crimes" in many communities,
as the sexual drive cannot be neutered casually. Girls who are
sluts are so inurred to all the cocks that they almost invite
penetration by the incestuous penis of a brother, father or son.
They make no effort to hide their tits and pussies, often
brushing them directly on the male with little concern as to
whether he becomes aroused, for ultimately a cock IS A COCK...
Horney bitches will often accept any penis inside them, providing
it's long, stiff and nearby. As evidence of this tribal boys from
north Burma regularly fuck their own sisters because the sleeping
arrangements set up by their parents encourages the children to
engage in brother-sister incest on a nightly basis. While most
incest taboos forbid marriage, they rarely forbid the sex act.

We have no reliable figures on the number of people selling sex
for a living, except that we do know that the number of
prostitutes is in the tens of millions (there are at least one
million child prostitutes in Asia alone). The opportunity to
enjoy sexual gratification and make money doing it ALSO, is
almost impossible for horney teenagers to pass up. More than one
heterosexual teenage guy -- when out of the sight of his macho
buddies, in the privacy of a car or bedroom -- has submitted to
receiving a blowjob for cash, ejaculating freely into the buyer's
mouth; or eagerly agreed to BARE his firm YOUNG butt, and lay on
his stomach with his legs and butt-cheeks spread, for the quick
10 minutes it takes to earn lots of cash using no muscles other
than those in his greased anus. The easy money more than makes up
for the initial shock that is experienced when all that comes out
of his asshole is another guy's semen!

Selling sex for cash is so lucrative that the whole social system
is constantly threatened by the perpetual waves of teenage boys
and girls with firm, horney and eager bodies, for sale for sex on
the open market. Men who are tired of their sagging, nagging
wives cannot resist the anonymous nubile eroticism of young girls
and their virgin cunts, or young boys and their tight rectums.
(When given a choice men throughout history have always chosen
sodomy, usually because sex with other males was engaged in for
the sex alone, no strings attached, and the typical mode of
buttfucking is face-down, butt-up, enabling the man doing the
buttfucking to concentrate solely upon pumping himself to

Prostitution should be openly encouraged as a viable opportunity
for attractive youth. My youngest sister was five years old when
our father pimped her out to a 20 year old sailor, who fucked her
in the alley; she felt fortunate to be able to use her pussy to
help the family out. Yet it's always risky for any man to rent
out his children for sexual purposes. There are always
self-appointed guardians of the Prude's Morals, who are offended
by sex in general, including male-female copulation for
reproduction. When those kinds of people bothered the Baron they
inevitably simply disappeared, and if they ever re-surfaced it
was usually in an African tribe near the Equator, as an object of
anal adoration by all the men of the surrounding tribes. (Some of
them were eaten after a long career of buggery, and of being
fattened for the slaughter. My father did not approve of murder,
but he was never above defending himself).

The beginning of World War I saw the start of the unravelling of
the Empire my father had carefully created, which unfortunately
seemed to coincide with the decline of my father's health. He'd
stopped selling the children he'd been having with his wife
several years earlier, so that he had three or four children
living with them. When he took to his bed, even though he was 71,
he took those children to his bed with him, and he fucked each
and every one of them!

The death of my father was surrounded by mysterious
circumstances. The last time I saw him I left him in good health.
I departed France for New York to oversee our vast profitable
American operation about 1910. Three and a half years later a
gnomish figure approached me with all the drama of a military
spy, to tell me that we had powerful enemies who were preparing
to strike. Then, the report came in that the Baron had had a
stroke and was bedridden. Six months later he was dead, and his
four daughters had been married-in-utero to the fetuses he'd
impregnated them with. I returned to France to wind up his
Estate, but my father's body disappeared! There was no record...
that he had ever lived! I had not been in France more than 48
hours when our entire family was ordered to quit the country, or
suffer arrest and forfeiture of our property.

As we sailed into the cool Mediterreanean night onboard the yacht
"Fatherlust," I looked at my father's pregnant widow, my six
sisters and their husbands (their sons), with their multitude of
incestuous offspring, and I knew that the era of power we'd
enjoyed under the Baron's reign had ended. The new order would
have to be underground. We needed to "contract out" our breeding
needs under a new home breeding program. Any man with sperm and
an available fertile cunt, could now fill the demand for sex
slave babies... Sex slaves for whom there were CASH paying
customers lining up, just waiting for the opportunity to buy
eager young slaves, skillfully trained to SUCK and FUCK with
total abandon.

Part 2

The Invisible Incest Empire

Every day millions of people openly engage in incest, imitating
the animals, to whom there is no such prohibition, and whose
offspring are not only sound, but often prize-winning specimens
of husbandry. A growing contingent of fathers firmly believe that
ALL fathers should fuck their own daughters by or before their
third birthday. Some men have been known to fuck their daughters
on the day they were born... Little girls can be very
cooperative. They love daddy's lap and daddy's snake; the time,
attention and warm sperm he showers on them. They never hesitate
to SPREAD their legs to keep daddy happy! Once DADDY gets on top
of her, even though it hurts a little as it goes inside, little
girls like to say "YES" to daddy always. Usually the girl's
mother, if she discovers her husband fucking their daughter, is
happy to be relieved of her "duties," and is ambivalent that
incest is being openly practiced before her eyes. More than one
incestuous child has been fathered this way.

Horney mothers who found themselves ignored by their husbands
(who were busy fucking their own daughters), began letting
themselves glance a little longer at the morning tents in their
teenage son's pajamas or underwear, and even sought out excuses
to go into their son's rooms just as the boys' straining dicks
unloaded a flood of sperm from a little hand action too late to
hide it. It didn't take too much coaxing to get junior to let mom
lick up the messy, sticky puddle of fresh jizm; and with a little
licking and sucking action, more than one woman discovered the
ability of teenage boys to regain erections and FUCK without
inhibitions when they got their OWN teenage sons to fuck them
right their in front of their other kids... More than one nympho
got gang-fucked by her own sons, like our mother often did.

Teenage boys at their sexual peak cannot help but "cream their
jeans" when little sister finally gives in to sex games in which
she lets the boys touch, fondle and enter her pussy, in exchange
for being allowed to play in the tree fort or clubhouse. The
little girls who don't PUT OUT always remember the girls that
DID, because the girls who let the guys DO IT TO THEM had the
attention of the boys; and the boys always let each other know
which girls put out. (Many of the sluts took to wearing NO
underwear, which is the most common fantasy of horney young
males). A teenage boy doesn't think about what makes his cock
hard. His cock simply gets HARD, even if what is making it hard
is the sight of the exposed breasts of his own mother, or the
very pussy that gave birth to him, wet and glistening with cunt
juices. They didn't stop and think. They got horny and FUCKED and
had NO regrets that they went ALL THE WAY!
These practitioners-of-incest became the foundation of our
re-organized underground market for specially bred sex slaves. We
sold the breeding farms in France, while retaining breeding
facilities in Asia, Africa and Latin America. (One of our highest
production breeding farms during the 1940's and 50's was in
Mexico, where American men brought the daughters they
impregnated, to give birth). The chateau in France became a
museum to the very President who gave the order to kill our
father (the President died after impregnating his own
granddaughter). Our brothels continued to bring in big money,
keeping our trust funds for the charity literally full of money,
which kept our hand in the sex markets of France, which NEVER
failed to prosper. (We French DO like to fuck!). My father's
death had the effect of freeing the colonies from the Fatherland,
the Empire of Incest built on the fertility of sperm. My
brothers' were firmly in control of clearly defined areas, and
they had little interest in cooperating with each other for any
purpose. Each became an absolute ruler of what seemed to be
almost independent kingdoms. There was a vague memory of a united
Empire, but as a practical reality the old man was dead, and so
was his power.

My mother and half-brothers fared well, for she became a widow
when her husband and son, Pierre, was killed in the war, and she
remarried a high-ranking general (who befriended Pierre because
he supplied him with virgin pussy). My mother only lived about
another year, however, when she died in an accident, leaving her
husband free to screw her twelve and thirteen-year-old
granddaughters, who were married to their fetuses upon his
impregnation of them. When the 13-year-old's marriage was
annulled by the birth of a girl, the general married the newborn
infant himself, fucking the baby only hours after she was born,
fresh out of the womb. Within a week the 13-year-old was pregnant
again, the use of her cunt being sold on the open market to 22
studs between the ages of 13 and 60. She was finally successfully
married-in-utero to the fetus growing inside her womb, and she
gave birth to a fine husband who, at twelve years of age, started
to sire many children with his wife. (The General used both girls
as sources of cash, letting his subordinates fuck them at a
discount during the maturation period, when the girls' husbands
were too young to fuck. Each girl bore additional children which
the General sold at birth into sex slavery, often to the men who
fathered them).

Five of my half-brothers married daughters they had with
mistresses, and three married sisters of mine. The three girls my
mother bore, sired by my half-brothers - - who were the mothers
of the two granddaughters in the custody of the General -- all
married-in-utero their oldest sons, who were all fathered by
Pierre. They all left France, joining me in New York, except
Jacques, who remained behind to assume the baronial title of our
father, purged of the taint of open incest. My remaining brothers
lived like medieval potentates, running regional breeding farms
and brothels in places like Calcutta, Belfast, Laos, Cambodia,
the Phillipines, Peking, Rome, Cairo, Rio de Janeiro, Mexico
City. (Latin men are ALWAYS very horney, and that is why you
often see them openly playing with their own COCKS... They love
young virgins -- boys and girls -- and they rarely care if
fucking one's own daughter is incest or not).

I lived in New York with control over our North American
operation (which controlled Canada too). It was the most
successful operation of all. (No one knows how many men fuck
their own daughters in America, and sell the babies they sire
from their incest as slaves... In many towns it's the only
commerce keeping the town solvent. More sex is SOLD in America
than given away, but that should surprise no one). Yet the day of
the united empire was gone, when all the parts acted as one
global system. The slave farms that had bred so many gorgeous
whores and well-hung bulls were shut down, and the farms were
leased to sharecroppers. The breeding of slaves was now carried
on in private households wherein individual men bred children for
sale using their own daughters, often starting wit a slave girl
purchased from a local closing slave farm. When a girl became
pregnant it was planned that when she gave birth, the infant
would be sold to our syndicate, which now only dealt in the
business of "placing" children for a fee. (The sexual use of the
children was not discussed, although everyone knew why the
children were being sold, and what purposes they would be put to
once bought).

As we became more dependent on breeders who we had no centralized
control over, we developed a standardized guideline. Incest sex
was not to be conducted on a random basis, but with the specific
purpose of causing impregnation. The deposit of sperm in the
uterus MUST take place about 14 days before menstruation. The
sperm swim at 2.7 mm per minute into the Fallopian tubes, where
fertilization takes place a day after ovulation. There are about
400 million sperm per teaspoon of fresh semen (an average male
the window of opportunity is not taken advantage of, pregnancy
will NOT occur. It is an art, however, matching the cow to the
bull, and few realized that after the trade in slaves stopped,
the ONLY way anyone could increase his stock of slaves was to
breed them. More than one "stud" slave had to patiently wait
while the slavemaster casually reached inside the slave's pants
and stroked his penis, to determine its length and size aroused.
If ejaculation occured it was considered a good fertility omen,
and the slave was then required to clean up the sticky mess with
his own tongue. (The clean up, if done well, was often followed
by a rousing act of sodomy, during which the aroused master
relieved himself by buttfucking the helpless slave's available

Pains were taken to publish materials refuting the myths that
incest causes deformities in the offspring. These myths are pure
fiction mean't to coerce people into not engaging in incest,
deriving of the era when famines and locusts were blamed on
activities deemed taboo. In reality, the whole profession of
breeding, from show-dogs to milk cows, is heavily dependent on
incest, especially incest that leads to impregnation. Without
incest, the production of meat and the making of milk, and milk
products like cheese, would come to a roaring halt. Few people
who drink milk realize that the ONLY way to keep milk flowing
year round is to keep cows PREGNANT all year round. (The market
for bull sperm is one of the most universal).

In ancient times there were many cases in which people were not
allowed to marry anyone OTHER than a brother or sister,
especially twins. So many children have been born from
father-daughter sex that it is common knowledge that the
offspring of this kind of incest is almost always healthy and
normal. Some families, like ours, have practiced incest for
generations, which has led to the development of a whole
underground world designed to support the unique desires of
incestuous families, like "Mother's little Boy societies",
father-daughter sex clubs, rape and bondage groups, as well as
live performance clubs, where voyeurs can pay to watch LIVE
porgnographic shows of explicit hard-core incest. (There has also
always been an enormous contingency of men who drink the semen of
virgin boys; others were not concerned with virginity, but needed
-- even craved -- a daily fix of fresh sperm for purposes of
consumption. More than one teenager made a handsome profit
selling jizm to such men). Most of the "abuse" theories about
incest concern cases involving the rape of mentally retarded boys
and girls, and do not reflect those cases wherein the incest was
engaged in voluntarily and eagerly. The same "professionals" who
make a big case against incest, are often discovered indulging in
it too.

To replace our father's unitary empire we evolved a kind of
syndicate, which we informally referred to as the Invisible
Incest Empire. (It's funny how things get their true title
after-the-fact, so that when it gets a name, it's a name that is
already obsolete). The "theme" of the Incest Empire drew the
attention of families engaging in incest everywhere in the world,
like a magnet. The slogans, the sex trade, the publications, all
caused a stir which resulted in MORE families registering to
breed slaves. Now isolated families engaging in incest sex were
able to link up through the Empire to expand the numbers actively
practicing incest, and to establish sanctuaries where incest was
protected, and where the sale of sex was commonplace. To openly
engage in forbidden incestuous sex and marriage had an intensely
arousing impact on those doing it. (There is always a powerful
reaction when a full-grown man OPENLY gropes the breasts of his
13-year-old daughter, french kisses her, performs oral sex on
her, and then FUCKS her -- all in a public place -- especially in
small towns where a girl openly dating her own father, who is
obviously made pregnant by him, cannot be hidden). More sex has
been engaged in by people specifically seeking to break taboos
than perhaps any other...

Families wherein the girls were coming up pregnant as a result of
regular sex with a brother, father, uncle or son, were happy to
sell the offspring of their incest into lives of prostitution.
ALL poor people universally regard $ex-for-money as an important
opportunity they DESIRE their own children to take advantage of.
Millions of children around the world are being OFFERED to
tourists by their own parents, who know that their children will
be forced to FUCK and SUCK with the tourists, once they pay for
their sexual use. They don't care! Many of them fuck their
children themselves! The kids, on the other hand, were perfectly
willing to fuck and suck with adults; they knew that they had to
WORK to pay their fair share, and their working skill was sex.

The new Baron, Jacques, fully disassociated himself from his
inbred family. Pierre was our father's oldest son. On his death,
his oldest son with our mother, Jacques, inherited the title,
along with an ancestral title that had belonged to some old
family pervert. Jacques had married his own oldest daughter whom
he had sired with one of my sisters (his half-sister, Jane). He
impregnated his daughter\wife 14 times, and then left her to
marry a Bourbon princess (who was also the offspring of incest,
her parents being cousins). Jacques had five sons with the
princess, all of whom had claims on the throne of France (if it
were brought back). He set aside his fourteen children (all of
whom he PERSONALLY fucked and DEFLOWERED), sired with his wife
and daughter, as bastards, in order to become an upright citizen,
anxiously hiding the fact that his family tree lacked "branches."
The history of the family was tailored to look neat and clean,
and the greatest feats accomplished by our father, the Baron,
either disappeared from the pages of history, or were narrowly
described. Thus farms for slave breeding became "plantations for
the raising of special livestock." My father perfected the
breeding of boys and girls for SEX, with perfect, firm butts,
long penises, tight cunts, large firm breasts, and talented lips
and mouths, and very tight assholes. By careful selection and
inbreeding my father cultivated and bred the most erotic and
wanted sex slaves on Earth. The proof of his art can be seen,
even today, in some of the most beautiful people in pornographic
films, brothels, and whole villages in Asia, Africa and Mexico,
where men still sell their sons and daughters to tourists.

In order to produce a uniform product in terms of sexual quality
an operating guideline was developed for breeders registered with
the syndicate. Conferences were held to gather together the
expertise of the most successful breeding houses, attended by
breeders who practiced incest regularly in every country.
Breeding methods and results were discussed in depth in order to
establish uniform requirements, so that a consensus was developed
as to the very best ways to grow, harvest and sell sex slaves.
The standard that came out of the conferences became a rallying
point for solidarity in the Incest Empire. A motto for the Empire
was adopted, which read: "KEEP THE SECRET!" (For years the
letters KTS was a signal that the bearer engaged in incest, or
could be trusted by incest practitioners). Whenever a family
breeder was discovered it always shocked the local powers that
the children all actively kept family sex secrets, and even
enjoyed the sex they had with adults. "Liberated" children were
invariably turned over to someone who then began to fuck the
children himself, or who made them available for money, because
the children were trained, ready and WILLING to arouse anyone to
"go ALL the way" and FUCK!

The World Incest Conferences led to the establishment of a kind
of "feeder group" to attract the more sexually liberated types,
enabling us to identify individuals who were vulnerable to being
persuaded to engage in incestuous sex. Once these people were
introduced to the money that could be made, it was easy to coax
them to go all the way... The feeder groups were called,
"Sanctuaries of Sex," enabling individuals to declare their homes
"FREE SEX ZONES," where sexual experimentation was openly and
aggressively encouraged and engaged in. The Zones went under the
slogan "Anything Goes" and the national motto read: "GO ALL THE
WAY." It turned out that more than one father had fantasized
about fucking his daughters, and the Zones gave them the
opportunity to follow through and DO IT! (New Sanctuaries are
still being set up by individuals seeking sexual freedom,
supporting and promoting nudism, promiscuity, and the DEFLOWERING
of virgins).

The standard of incest in the Empire was based on sex practices,
rather than beliefs. As long as man --the animal -- has been in
existence, he has gone to his daughters late at night to fondle
their budding breasts and grope their virgin pussies. As his
long, thick adult cock stiffened with the desire to FUCK his
daughters he became obsessed by the need to fuck them, even if he
resisted the temptation to screw his girls the first time he let
his hands wander over their perky young tits. Men look for
reasons to go into the bathroom when their daughters are bathing,
many times starting to bathe them himself so that he has all
kinds of opportunities to feel up their virgin cunts. Many
fathers start their daughters out at three years of age; others
wait until their girls are nine or ten to fuck them; and still
others wait until they are 12 or 13... Some fathers take the
initiative and discard ALL their daughter's panties so that when
the girls sit on their laps there is NOTHING between their
erections and the young virgin cunts, except the fabric of their
father's shorts. It's not long until the girls feel obliged to
lie still at night as their father climbs on, ejaculating on
their bellies until each girl is mature enough to take his hot
hard manhood INSIDE. When he can get his penis IN his daughters,
they feel pride at being able to accomodate their father's cock,
especially when they do their duty and became pregnant. When
families practice incest and encourage the children to suck and
fuck, they learn to enjoy sex, and rarely suffer from the
hysteria of the anti-sexual world.

After extensive deliberations the following guidelines were
established in the Summer of 1945:

1. A father OWNS the product of his sperm, his children, and he
alone possesses the RIGHT to deflower them (i.e., take their
virginity by fucking them for the first time), both boys as well
as girls. He may use this right, sell it, trade it, or give it
away, because it is his property.

2. The purpose of a womb is to give birth, and all males are
obliged to employ all innovations available to increase the
fertility of the uterus, to start ovulation early and to prolong
it; males are obliged to keep all the wombs of their daughters,
sisters and mother active and pregnant, growing new virginal
cocks and cunts for harvest. Any male who fails to keep the
maximum yield of cocks and cunts growing, (approximately 1.3 per
year, per pussy), may be disciplined by the whole Incest

3. Every man has the right to use all the wombs of all of his
daughters to father children. Men may marry as many wives as they
desire with no age limitations, and may divorce any wife at will;
men are entitled to marry-in-incest their own daughters and
require them to bear children. Men who marry their daughters
shall call them "wife"; and the wife is required to call her
father husband. The girls must do their duty and submit to sex
with their husbands, and must not have sex with anyone other than
their husbands until they conceive children. (If they are sold,
they must submit to being fucked by anyone their father sells
them to).

4. Unmarried women are obliged to marry-in-incest their oldest
son or any other son, and bear as many children by him that he
can father. If a woman has no son she may marry her father or
brother, or, if they are married already, they may provide the
woman with a husband by impregnating her with a male fetus and
marry her to the fetus in-utero. (The birth of a girl annuls the
marriage). The woman MUST always refer to her son as her
"husband," and she must suck her husband's penis every day from
the day of his birth; the son is entitled to refer to his mother
as his wife, and he is entitled to fuck his wife as soon as he is
sexually mature enough to physically fuck. The woman is REQUIRED
to become pregnant by her husband, and to give birth to as many
children as her husband(son) desires.

5. The man who starts the incest sex in the family shall be
recognized as the officiating INCEST PRIEST of the Order of the
Virgin, in which he shall be immediately and spontaneously
ordained upon the ejaculation and conception of his first child
as a product of incest sex. This empowers him to perform
marriages- in-incest, divorces, and to ritually sacrifice the
virginity of virgins. There is only one Incest Priest per family
and it can only be a male, the erect penis being the symbol of
the office. Being hereditary the oldest son by incest succeeds
when the office of priest falls vacant for any reason. The Incest
Priest's word is law: If he says fuck, the others must fuck. His
semen, also, must be swallowed by his followers as the MAIN
sacrament of the Incest Church.

6. Sperm is a sacred juice and all people should drink sperm
daily. Young males should be encouraged to freely donate their
sperm to anyone who desires to drink it, and they should be
encouraged to drink it themselves from other young males. There
should be NO STIGMA associated with fellatio. BLOWJOBS ARE GOOD!

7. Boy-girl twins must be married to each other at the time of
birth. They should be encouraged to live as man and wife, to
sleep naked in one bed, and to engage in oral sex until they are
old enough to fuck. At puberty, the boy should be compelled to
fuck his sister/wife daily, until she becomes pregnant. Upon the
birth of a boy and a girl, the twins should be divorced, and the
male-twin should be married to his daughter, and the female-twin
should be married to her own son (even though the twins shall be
compelled to have at least 8 or 9 more children together during
the time they are waiting to have sex with their new spouses).

8. Every father should encourage his sons to fuck their sisters
by making the girls available to them through the sleeping
arrangements. The father should also encourage his sons to fuck
their mother, and make her available by switching places with a
different son each night, who is then able to slip his penis into
his mother's cunt while she is asleep. (It might be easiest to
encourage the boys to rape their mother, if they are capable of
holding her down while they take turns fucking her).

9. Impregnation must become a TOP priority as the end purpose of
male/female sexual intercourse. ALL women with fertile wombs must
make themselves available for impregnation, especially from
incest sex. Once a female gives birth she has no more than 45
days to become pregnant again. Children conceived with the
benefit of incest shall be part of the breeding stock by marriage
to the father, or the mother; or to a sibling.

10. Home nudity made all else possible. If nudism was practiced
at home correctly, SEX was the natural outcome, and if planned
correctly INCEST SEX. Women, men and children, when nude,
aggressively pursued opportunities to engage in open incest sex,
and to breed children through incestuous sexual intercourse. Any
person discovered engaging in incest must be encouraged to
continue, and to seek impregnation. No child should remain a
virgin beyond the age of eight. (The ancient standard of puberty,
about age 12, is acceptable).

11. The main purpose and function of the Incest Nation is to
provide young, firm-bodied males and females for prostitution,
and the use of adults for sexual gratification. The breeding of
new prostitutes is the highest priority of the Incest Nation, so
that no woman can be allowed to use birth control. All fetuses
are required to be carried by the pregnant women to term, to be
delivered, regardless of incest, rape, or lack of an identifiable
parent. (Only deformed fetuses should be aborted, because they
have no value as prostitutes). ALL people should accept
prostitution as a legitimate form of commerce with no negative
stigma, and the youth should be encouraged to USE their YOUNG,
FIRM NAKED bodies to make money SELLING SEX ACTS. (Sex acts
performed for the purpose of making pornography, or in live sex
shows, is valuable PAID employment).

At the time of the conferences (when this list was devised), the
teenage boys of the Incest Empire went on a RAPING spree,
ruthlessly competing with each other to collect "points" for the
most rapes. (A cash reward was given to the guy who scored the
most rapes, especially if he successfully fucked his own
sisters). It became a holy crusade to save young girls from
virginity. Horney youths lured their sisters and local girls into
gang-rapes, which opened up lucrative opportunities for the girls
as prostitutes. (Many boys earned small fortunes renting out
their sisters' pussies). Fathers around the world actively taught
their sons that it was OKAY to rape women AND men, and many even
showed them how to rape effectively. Groups of young men and boys
started to go out "raping" as a form of Saturday evening
entertainment. In fact when a few youths got arrested, they were
released by sympathetic judges and police, who felt that rape was
a perfectly normal and healthy form of male sexuality. One group
even started to give awards to those men and boys who excelled in
the art of rape. Awards for the most rapes were given annually,
with the top rapists screwing about 2,500 girls a year each. (The
number of entries eligible for the Rape Awards increased every
year after the introduction of the Award. There were usually
about 10-30 men who successfully raped girls in the top
percentage of rapists who made entries for the Awards; which
mean't that 25,000-to-75,000 girls got raped by those men! Then
there were usually about 90,000 to 120,000 awards entries which
represented rapists who each raped 5 girls each, or 450,000 to
600,000 raped girls. (Of course, the fact that rape was still
listed as a crime in some countries made it necessary for the
Awards sponsors to guarantee the anonymity of the Awards
recipients). The prizes given to the winners of the Rape Awards
were trophies in the shape of erect phalluses, as well as cash,
which was the best incentive motivating the boys to increase
their scores.

The idea of breeding sex slaves involved using sperm and a handy
fertile womb, which by impregnation would grow a newly enslaved
human being, who upon birth would have no other purpose than to
be trained exclusively to suck and fuck on command. As incest has
grown in popularity -- especially in the West -- MANY men have
used their own daughters to breed generations of sex slaves.
(However, they didn't breed children to sell or rent them, but
instead bred them for their own sexual use, because they
preferred virgins). As the Western world became more rigid in the
middle of this century, sex with children became criminalized --
along with the prostitution of children -- which established
incest as a viable alternative, making it possible to breed
virgins, enabling men to have access to an endless "in- house"
supply of children for sex.

An actual sex slave, however, is not the same as the mere use of
a child for sex. A slave is the property of its owner, the sex
slave deriving from actual slavery, when men used their slaves
for sexual gratification. It involved detailed training sessions
which exposed boys and girls to sex practices, in order to teach
them how to give sexual gratification consistently, without
hesitation on demand. Some people think that men who fuck their
own children are subjecting them to the treatment of a slave,
because in the West the law almost allows men to "own" their
children; but the fucking of children by their fathers only
became another issue for the government to deny men of the
ancient right to deflower their sons and daughters.

Incest is so forbidden that the act of penetrative sex itself
attains a whole new level of excitement. The fact of INCEST --
the undeniable realization that having GONE ALL THE WAY, that
there is no way to reverse the impact of the sperm one's father
or brother or son, has just pumped into one's uterus -- is so
overwhelming, that few people can hold out long before having a
massive orgasm. Once the incest taboo is broken the whole family
becomes aware that something is up, and curiosity leads others to
join in the fucking and sucking, especially with a little
coaching from the Incest Priest. Cases have been documented of
9-year-old brothers innocently engaging in sex play with their
younger sisters, and after repeated episodes they have been known
to discover intercourse ( i.e., the boy fucks his little sister).
My children all had sex together at my insistence; but only after
I had deflowered each one. (I took great delight in watching my
two teenage sons buttfuck each other, because there is nothing
like horney teenage boys engaged in sodomy for a good show.)

It was easy to join the Incest Empire. In order to set up a
colony of the Incest Nation there had to be an "instigator," a
man who planned and arranged the acts of incest sex in advance,
and who prepared the seduction of that female selected for
impregnation. The instigator had to be a fertile male because he
had to conceive a child by an act of incest sex in order to be
became ordained as the bona fide Incest Priest for the household.
It didn't matter if the male was a son, father, or brother of the
female who was impregnated. All that mattered was that the sperm
had to be delivered to the uterus on a timely basis so that the
act of incest resulted in impregnation. The ordainment occured
instantly at the moment of ejaculation AND conception. There were
no papers to sign, no secret ceremonies, and no elite handshakes.
The act of impregnation-by-incest was effective alone.

The openness of the practitioners of incest attracted new members
ready to join the Incest Nation every day. The sale of children
continued under the guise of "special adoptions," and very
confidential arrangements for their delivery to buyers who used
them for sexual gratification. There have always been men who
desired sex with children, and purchasing them guaranteed these
buyers a steady supply of virgins. We guaranteed our stock by
agreeing to buy back children once they had been deflowered; of
course, they were substantially depreciated after losing their
virginity. (Once penetrated by penis, the children appreciated in
value only once they reached adolescence and became fertile,
because then they could be re-used to breed NEW children.) The
Incest Priests knew all about the money being made selling
children into slavery and renting them out as prostitutes, which
was a powerful motivator that encouraged them to steel
themselves, to go ahead and PUSH their penises INTO the forbidden

In order to take advantage of the lucrative money-making
opportunities open to the Incest Priest, the instigator had to
CHOOSE which pussy he wanted to be the mother of his child. He
had to PLAN on fucking one of the women in his family, to make
her PREGNANT on purpose: his sister, his daughter, his mother, a
cousin, or neice. This involved the systematic and intentional
seduction of a woman based on the standard romantic expectations
of women, which usually were centered on their desire for
attention. It required that the man romance the woman, by a slow
process of dating: wining and dining. At first, all contact had
to be innocent and non-sexual, but aimed at developing a sexual
relationship on a first name basis; words like "mom" or "dad," or
"son" or "daughter," "brother" or "sister," ALL had to cease. So
that when dating one's own daughter, one called her by her first
name, and she called her father by his christian name. The women
were always encouraged to disrobe and remain NAKED because female
nudity was the easiest way to arouse young males to engage in
acts of incest. Males always responded to suggestive behavior
with erections, and it was not too difficult to coax the girls to
dance naked in front of the boys of the family on a regular
basis. (One 35-year-old father who was openly sleeping with and
fucking his eight-year-old daughter in the guest room, started
giving his wife enough attention to get her hopes up that her
husband was coming back to her bed. She thoughtlessly allowed him
to open her blouse in front of their 14-year-old son, who watched
as his father felt up his mother. Then the boy's father offered
to hold her down, inviting the horney teenager to fuck his mother
on the floor of the living room. The youth didn't hesitate. He
got down on his mother and guided his hard dong all the in her
cunt, fucking her until he filled his mother's pussy with semen.
The boy proceeded to move into his mother's bedroom and started
screwing her regularly).

The first dates between a brother and sister, mother and son, or
father and daughter were formal, with flowers and candy and NO
TOUCHING! After two or three nice dates, the guy proceeded by
asking the girl to "go steady," and to be "his girl," implying
that she should not date other guys. To be effective, this had to
be led up to with the Courting Ritual: regular dates, compliments
on how SEXY she looked, how jealous he was, and constant
reminders that he loved her in a "special way." He had to start
relating to her as his girlfriend, and insist that she share this
outlook, even if only to indulge him. As the male imposed the
boyfriend/girlfriend romance on the incest-target, he would get
progressively more demanding and forceful.

The fifth or sixth date would end with a kiss on the lips, and
the following dates would each involve the male PUSHING
AGGRESSIVELY for a new level of intimacy with the female. During
the goodnight kiss he would COP A FEEL, by fondling her breasts.
(A little wine or alcohol was usually necessary to help both
parties throw inhibitions to the wind). By the seventh and eighth
dates the couple would usually be making out like horney high
school kids. Fondling systematically accustomed the girls to
being groped by family members, and each new exciting contact
always opened the door wider to further exploration. The guy
could never rush the pace, however, because the female had to
decide at what point she would invite intercourse. As the
fondling heated up, the dates started to take place in
increasingly isolated spots, where going ALL THE WAY was a
definite possibility.

The groping would eventually lead to disrobing, with unbuttoned
blouses giving access to firm tits, and unzipped pants giving
access to rock hard COCKS. Cunts without panties were spread and
probed by masculine fingers, while he sucked on the tits of his
new girlfriend. Once a guy has gone so far as to penetrate the
pussy of his date with his finger, and sucked on her tits, he can
begin to insist that she submit to him, and let him FUCK her. "If
you loved me, you'd let me DO IT TO YOU..." This insistence
increased with each successive date -- WITH A CONSTANT INCREASE
OF PRESSURE -- until the woman felt that she had no other
alternative but to GIVE IN. Once the woman becomes accustomed to
the companionship of her new boyfriend, it must be made clear
that if she does not agree to sexual intercourse, that he will
date a new girl ("I have needs, you know..."). Women in a family
are very jealous of each other, and will break most taboos to
best a competitive female; often mother and daughter can be
pitted against each other very effectively. The first fuck had to
take place in a special setting, because it had to perpetuate the
sense of romance that women love, and which they enjoy rewarding
by SPREADING THEIR LEGS. Young girls adore their fathers and
brothers, and are easily lured into incest. It's very common for
girls to want to marry their own fathers and brothers, starting
at the age of five and lasting to about the age of 12 to 15
years. The dating approach works well with girls whose ideal
fantasies are easily disclosed and discovered. While it can also
work for a son seeking to fuck his mother, often a little
friendly force is necessary to help the more inhibited females
overcome the incest barrier.

To break down a woman's resistance to forbidden fucking, the men
had to "take over" the house. Preferably, the father was actively
fucking his daughters, so that he wanted to distract his wife
with sex with their sons. The father was in the best position to
influence the status of the mother. By openly agreeing that the
mother should enjoy getting fucked by the dicks of her own sons,
the father became someone she knew wouldn't protect her when her
sons started doing it to her, so that she would feel compelled to
resign herself to incest. The "take over" started with the boys
going about their home in the nude most of the time. After their
showers, upon arriving home from school, the boys would often
hang out covered by nothing more than a towel, which opened
regularly to give everyone present a clear view of their youthful
genitals (often erect). The towels were allowed to "fall off"
routinely, which gave everyone flashes of perfectly proportioned
naked bodies of well-hung muscular youths, which often led to
open jerk-off sessions in the den or living room, and flying
streams of semen that would literally cover a boy's mother or
sister, soaking them with warm, sticky milky white sperm. When
incest occured openly, like when a brother was caught with his
penis inside his sister in the living room, such as by a parent,
it was an open invitation for the other members of the family to
experiment with fucking too. As an icebreaker the boys started by
fondling their mother's tits by just grabbing them, using force
to open her blouse and feel up her breasts. When the boys became
aroused feeling up the breasts of their own mother or sister, it
encouraged the women to feel possessed, so that they were the
more easily influenced to resign themselves to their fate. By
walking about the house sporting naked erections, taunting the
girls with their true desires to be fucked by them, the
environment was created of sexual indulgence. The boys got more
aggressive, begging their mother for sex, as they would rub their
hard penises directly on her, morning, noon and night. Then,
mysteriously, her bedroom door would disappear, along with her
bathroom door, removing every iota of private space the woman
had. She was now totally at the mercy of her horney sons, from
whom there was NO escape. All of a sudden she had no more
underwear, because her sons took and sold it, and they destroyed
all pants in her wardrobe, leaving her with only skirts and
robes, all of which could be lifted to give instant access to her
CUNT. Once the doors were gone the boys started getting their
mother drunk, so that she would fall alseep with her horney,
naked sons ready to exploit her pussy. She would eventually wake
up one night in a h puddle of warm semen, with her naked sons
asleep all around her, and often with the penis of one of them
still inside her. She KNEW that she had been penetrated, and
could no longer effectively resist. The woman then resigned
herself to enjoying the pure sensual thrill of being fucked by
young vigorous men, with long thick HARD cocks, the incestuous
cocks of her own sons! The very cocks that had been gestated in
her uterus, which she gave birth to, were now the horney penises
of full grown men, ejaculating an ocean of semen into the same
womb where they were grown.

When it was women who wanted to do the seducing, they quickly
learned that by exposing their breasts and cunts to the boys, the
boys responded immediately. It also helped to rub them on the
boys directly, because a wet pussy or pair of naked tits touching
the hot flesh of the average teenage boy was guaranteed to
produce a mind-numbing hard-on in the youth's trousers. By not
wearing panties, and actively searching for opportunities to bend
over, or to spread their legs to flash the boys with PUSSY, some
girls became very popular. By spending liberal amounts of time
NAKED when the boys were present, openly encouraging them to
fondle their breasts and probe their cunts, most boys didn't
hesitate to go for a home-run. One effective strategy, especially
during the hot summer months when the boys wore shorts, was for a
woman to get her cunt wet from masturbating (or by oiling it up),
and then straddle the bare leg of a young man. This positioned
her wet cunthole right ON his leg, which absolutely produced a
boner so hard, he'd fuck any pussy that was near-by, no matter
whose it was. Naked women have been so effective arousing males
(even sons, brothers and fathers!), that many fathers who were
eager to initiate family gang-fuckings, accomplished this by
inducing their daughters or wife to strip naked, (usually after
getting either female drunk.), to put on live sex shows in front
of the other members of the family. Some men were known to go so
far as to ban the wife to a guesthouse, or even the garage,
FORCING her to submit to being fucked by her sons as her ticket
to being allowed to re-enter the house; and more than one little
girl was "given" to her big horney well-hung brothers, by their
father, for them to FUCK. There were as many routes to starting
incest as their were people turned on by it. Because it is so
taboo, it has always been underground; especially where it's not
legal. Yet most of the anti-incest laws were never enforced; and
incestuous couples were known to flourish, and have big families.
Most people had no knowledge of the incestuous status of their
neighbors, and those that did just accepted it. Whole villages
were the offspring of incestuous sexual intercourse: Mothers and
sons; fathers and daughters; and brothers and sisters. The
numbers were once known to the clergy of the Incest Church, but
they will not divulge them, for they fear a rampage if the masses
discover the large-scale networks facilitating the breeding, sale
and use of children for sexual purposes. Our numbers, for the
Incest Nation, were never truly accurate, but the last figures we
had revealed that there was something like 25 million men
worldwide who'd conceived children with a sister, mother or
daughter; just the basic dynamics of exponential growth would
lead one to conjecture that 25 million men could breed 25 million
babies every nine months, for years, until the first stock of
females came of age and could be used for impregnation. A never-
ending sex circus, offering every possible sex act under the sun,
with NO INHIBITIONS; an endless supply of eager young virgins,
ready to surrender their firm young bodies to SUCKING and
FUCKING. It became a third world tradition that young girls were
to be FUCKED by their own fathers first..

Part 3

The Art Of Fucking: Pornography Is The Only Aphrodisiac

Few people know how easy it is to seduce human beings into
engaging in sex acts. Virgins are especially easy, largely
because they have no prior sexual experience by which to judge a
proposition to have sex. The curiousity over what sex is,
combined with the desire to NOT be left out of adult activities,
to say nothing of the pleasure in being touched, licked and
fucked, all overwhelm the young virgin, motivating him or her to
get naked and get fucked. The remarkable thing is that children
are often still virgins as late as 18 and 20 years old! (However,
almost all sex surveys are inaccurate, because people, especially
in the Western World, lie about what they actually do when they
have sex).

Even at the height of the middle ages, when the Catholic Church
dominated the world in what is universally called the Dark Ages,
incest was commonplace. Young girls regularly turned up pregnant,
and everyone knew that their own fathers sired the unborn babies,
through secret sex they had with their daughters. So MANY babies
were sired through incest with a father or an older brother out
in the country, where ALL the girls were openly pregnant most of
their fertile lives, that incest sex became an accepted fact of
every-day life, and no cause of concern to anyone. (Cleopatra VII
was a child of a brother-sister marriage, as were most of the
pharoahs of ancient Egypt). Even though no society on Earth
formally accepts father-daughter, mother-son or brother-sister
marriages, they have occured in every generation for thousands of
years. Every sign indicates that incest is on the increase. In
the mammal family it's conventional wisdom that the fathers, if
left alone with their offspring, will devour them; it's a step UP
that human male mammals only fuck their kids.

What was commonly called "romancing" involved horny young males
attempting to cater and pander to the desires of young girls, in
order to entice the girls into sacrificing their virginities, to
go all the way and have penetrative sex with them. By
impersonating intimacy to discover the inner-most thoughts of the
girls, the boys appeared to be fulfilling their desires
sufficiently to convince the girls to CONCEDE to demands for sex.
Young guys have been very successful getting in the pussies of
millions of girls this way. Once the girl surrendered, spread her
legs and let the boy DO what he wanted, the DEED WAS DONE, and
most boys dropped the girl in order to pursue a NEW girl, whose
virgin territory suddenly became more exciting than the newly
USED pussy. (The used girl would now be passed around from guy to
guy, or be pimped out). Many, many teenagers formed local clubs
wherein status was solely based on the number of girls each boy
fucked, or raped. (Sometimes, the rapes were witnessed to
guarantee the authenticity of the report). Rape has definitely
been on the increase for decades as more young, horny studs
realized how easy it was to do, as well how easy it was to get
away with.

Since I entered my senior years I have not enjoyed as much pussy
as when I was younger, but I still enjoy the tightness of an
eight-year-old girl at least weekly (it keeps me young!) At 75 I
still have much energy. I once fucked two or three times a day!
Alas, that is impossible now. I am healthy and happy, and that is
all that matters. I had to leave the United States for the
northern regions of Siam, or rather Thailand, as it is called
now. My pregnant granddaughter -- bearing my child -- was
interrogated by the gendarm and forced to inform regarding the
whereabouts of the newborn infant, which had been sold to a
fifty-year-old industrialist. At the invitation of my brother
Guy, I fled to Siam accompanied by Anne, (the nine-year- old girl
I sired with Marie, who replaced Marie as my mistress when Marie
married our 14-year-old son). We settled in Bangkok, where
Bangkok means BANG-COCK! Due to the fecundity of my family, and
the excellent sexual training used to prepare the children for
prostitution, I was able to spirit away a fortune of several
millions. As it turned out we were able to live like emperors on
that money, because all the expenses are so low in Siam. I was
able to continue making money because the Siamese encourage sex
between adults and children, and the large number of trained sex
slaves at my disposal enabled me to make money on a continuing

When I left America, about 1953, there were about 20,000 children
nationwide bred from home-based incest, every month. By 1955,
this figure had jumped to about 39,000! Incest was -- and
probably still is -- the big American dirty little secret. We
don't have the figures because our records were seized in a
crackdown (they just disappeared into thin air and no charges
were filed, and the whole matter was allowed to quietly drop) but
incest is one of the most popular sexual activities practiced by
people everywhere! (The Siamese don't cooperate with foreign
states, but pressure was brought to bear in the witch-hunt for
incest practitioners, when in 1950 a family in Arkansas was
exposed). We continued to successfully breed, sell and exploit
children in the vastly profitable Asian sex markets, and we not
only provided a good, clean, wholesome product, untainted by the
sadism and violence employed by so many traders in children, we
set a new standard that enabled the children to enjoy their lives
in prostitution.

The entire business of sex is dependent upon seduction. This is
not merely the persuasive power possessed by some eloquent pimp;
no, indeed, sexual seduction requires the ability to perceive the
desires of those one desires to seduce, in order to fulfill them
at least superficially. It is a form of charisma or charm, which
not all people possess. Even the transitory condition of beauty
cannot mask a lack of real sensuous power. The individual has to
actually ENJOY SEX. Many very attractive people are perfectly
awful sexually, because they have no ability to tune themselves
into the desires of the other partner. This is very sad because
someone God graced with beauty SHOULD know how to fuck well too.
Mon Dieu! But we humans are a funny lot! We desire sex above all
else, our bodies burning with lust, but we will not openly
acknowledge this to another living soul for fear that we might be
considered obsessed with SEX! The churchmen -- those slumlords of
God -- prey on the weak and the idle; horny peasants who prefer
to play with their own cocks than work in the fields, the
harvests of which enrich the church. The prizing of work above
fun -- such as sex, or dancing and singing -- was the enslaving
aspect of the church, which it did not hesitate to use to fill
its coffers with silver. Today, only the Roman church remains of
the ancient titanic struggle between the Church and the Empire.
But like the Romans, the Roman Catholic clergy have a universally
renowned appetite for sodomy. (Sodomy was particularly popular in
ancient Rome and Greece, a legacy of the most ancient fathers of
the race, for whom there was nothing more natural than a man
fucking the tight, firm ass of a young slave boy).

Sex as a professional skill required the professional prostitute
to practice seduction as an artform, requiring the development of
enticement as a sixth sense. Those people who were inclined
towards a dry, self-conscious non-sexual lifestyle, could not
attain the skill to seduce because it was dependent on the
ability to BECOME sexually aroused. Only by having an
appreciation for what stimulates the sex drive in one's OWN self
can one be "in touch" with sexual desire, and only then can
sexual desire be identified in other people. Nudity is an
essential component of successful seduction, for it involves
exposure of the genitals, the SEX organs. Because the genitals
are generally hidden, exposing them only increases their power to
arouse and stimulate. The unconditional arousing power of nudity
is the real reason the church condemns it, for it unleashes the
actual energy of sexual desire, without the restraints of
marriage (matrimony is nothing more than a harness of the church
and state, to enable them to exert control over individuals). In
the animal world ONLY man demands a ceremony that celebrates
monogamy! All other species are born bastards, which never
bothers them at all! All other species remain naked for their
entire lives, with no serious repercussions other than SEX on
demand, and continuous total animalistic sexual FULFILLMENT.
(Just the thought of humans being happy and fulfilled is enough
to drive most nuns absolutely into fits).

In terms of mechanics all a horny man has to do is stick his
penis in a hole... Almost ANY HOLE has the power to STIFFEN the
penis of the average male, if he will allow his imagination to
picture the act of sexual penetration in enough detail. Many,
many young guys have been caught with their cocks in all sorts of
devices and orifices, because when left alone they could not
resist the temptation! Animals on farms are not safe from the
probing curiosity of male sexual desire, because at some point in
time just under HALF of ALL farm-boys fuck a farm animal! Every
human orifice certainly is within the realm of possibility for
FUCKING. Gender as a basis for selection is alien to the sex
drive in nature, because horniness is BLIND. Given the
opportunity horny guys will fuck anything that MAKES THEIR DICKS
HARD, anything that excites them. There are beautiful youths who
are able to approach totally heterosexual men -- MARRIED men with
children -- and enchant them until those married man are so
obsessed with desire that they will stop at nothing to engage in
sexual intercourse with the youths. This is because these youths
have a power to allure which is uniquely their own, unrelated to
any criteria or label defined by the sex acts they indulge in.

Sex is merely the physical union of two people through their sex
organs, and when viewed as that instead of as prohibited acts of
copulation and self-indulgence, sex can be engaged in without
shame or guilt and be ENJOYED! Seduction involves reassuring the
desired TARGET for sex, the other individual -- one's sought
after SEX PARTNER -- that it is NOT wrong or immoral to GO ALL
THE WAY and engage in a sex act.. It MUST be emphasized that sex
acts cause unparalleled physical pleasure and ORGASMIC
GRATIFICATION that fulfills the most fundamental biological
sexual needs of human life: Without regular orgasms, life loses
its purpose.

Sexual desire is infectious, which is why pornography and
exhibitionism are effective means of sexual seduction, because to
view OTHERS HAVING SEX also causes sexual stimulation. Humans are
fundamentally voyeuristic, we enjoy watching others. This is also
the real key to the popularity of the cinema. Viewing the lives
of other people, we are drawn into the drama of life. It enables
us to contemplate thoughts we may never have been able to
originate ourselves, in order to get in touch with our own
feelings and sentiments. By allowing ourselves to experience
sexual desire, we can learn from nature; but if we accept the
stunting influence of the church, we can never discover all the
financial opportunities open to that youth who is ready and
willing to use his body to exploit those willing to pay for sex.

The fact that every man alive -- who lives and breathes -- has
contemplated putting his cock up the butt of another guy at some
point in time, confirms that all men NEED to have REGULAR
orgasms. As men age and become less desireable, they become less
pre-occupied with gender in the pursuit of sex. The need to find
some real gratification becomes the most important, driving
influence in a man's life, and everything a man has done as a
routine in the past becomes dull and unexciting. Suddenly the
single-minded pursuit of the tightness of an untried and untested
sexual orifice becomes an obsession, until the experience is HAD.
In most countries the fact that a man fucks another guy in the
butt does NOT mean that he is a homosexual; by performing the
male role the man preserves his status as a heterosexual. This
is, in fact, true of men in most of the countries of the world!
(This is proven out by the behavior of heterosexual men in
prisons everywhere, as wel as in the navy and the army, where
ALL-MALE sodomy is widespread and popular).

Since we made our living from prostituting slave children, we
soon learned the difference between actual sex practices and the
hypocrisy of those who made a SHOW of denying their TRUE animal
nature. We found that the men in parks were almost always VERY
randy, some EAGERLY offering sex with their own children in
trade! I enjoyed taking young girls to the park wearing nothing
more short skirts, blouses that could be opened easily, with no
panties! The girls put on sex shows, and the boys and men would
line up MONEY IN HAND, ready and willing to pay to fuck the
slave-girls in the bushes. I most enjoyed taking the girls out to
the parks with BIG HORNY DOGS. The sight of a naked 10-year-old
girl being OPENLY mounted and fucked by a Great Dane, never
failed to draw a horny crowd ready to pay for sex. My father
especially enjoyed watching young VIRGIN girls lose their
virginity by getting fucked by animals. He sponsored regular sex
shows of young girls, about 7 or 8 years-old -- WHO WERE
COMPLETELY NAKED -- who would suck-off five or six BIG dogs
before presenting their hairless cunts to them, which the dogs
would gang-fuck. I can remember as many as 20 dogs gang-fucking
little girls at one time, which my father just loved! He also
loved to watch young girls have sex with apes; it was rare, and
people paid big money to see it. A virgin girl sucking the penis
of a horse to ejaculation was another of his all-time favourites!
Those little girls inevitably got just SOAKED in horse semen,
from the showers that erupted from those long STALLION cocks! And
like the champs that they were, the girls tried to swallow ALL of
it... (The old saying, "HUNG LIKE A HORSE," actually had its
source in the fact that the sex organs of stallions were measured
in feet instead of inches).

Our father lost his virginity at 6 years-of-age, when he was
lured behind the stables by the 13-year-old stableboy and was
forced to perform oral sex on him. Swallowing the stableboy's
semen became a daily ritual for over a year; the stableboy would
just CUM in his mouth and then insist that my father -- then
called Little Jean -- swallow ALL of it, or risk being beaten.
After about a year the stableboy married his own 13-year-old
first cousin, and he started taking Little Jean with him in order
to have sex with his wife in FRONT of my father! When his wife
got pregnant and refused further sex to her husband, the teenager
again forced Little Jean to suck him off; and when Jean was
8-years-old he sodomized him. After the births of three children
the stableboy lost interest in Jean, and began to engage in
incest-sex games with his own children. Jean was about
ten-years-old when the stableboy lost interest in him, and he
fell in with a group of older teenagers. They found out that the
stableboy had been forcing Jean to perform fellatio on him for
years, so they proceeded to coerce Jean into fellating them every
day, ALL OF THEM! When my father was 12-years-old, however,
everything changed. The father of one of his teenage friends
died. While waiting to visit his 16-year-old buddy and the widow,
Jean accidentally stumbled upon a private room where he spied his
friend, naked and vigorously fucking his own widowed mother! The
youth had no inhibitions, and started charging his young friends
a franc each to watch him fuck his mother as a sex show. Soon
afterwards another of Jean's friends, 13-year-old Paul, started
getting invitations to spend weekends with his 16-year-old sister
and her husband at their country home, and Paul was told that he
could invite Little Jean to come too.

Paul's teenage sister was forced to marry Alain -- a 40-year-old
gentleman -- as a result of a financial arrangement between her
father and Alain. Alain had fathered 13 or 14 children with his
servant girls, including a pair of twins, a 16-year-old boy and
girl. But he grew tired of fucking peasant girls, and desired to
get married and settle down with a wife; however, he was much too
jaded to enjoy a sheepish girl like Collette, who he "bought"
from her aristocratic father by trading him prized race horses in
exchange for her hand in marriage. The only problem was that
Alain was not sexually aroused by the inexperienced girl. So he
started to invite his new wife's little brother Paul over for the
weekends, gradually hatching a plan to coax Paul into unwittingly
engaging in sex with his own sister. Alain would start things
rolling with a live show in which Paul watched the 16-year-old
twin brother and sister take their clothes off and incestuously
FUCK together. Alain would then fuck one of his OWN daugters.
When Alain was certain Paul was aroused he had Paul disrobe, and
brought him up to the bed to fuck the "mystery pussy," a naked
girl whose face was carefully veiled. Paul, of course, being a
healthy horny youngster with a hard-on, and being unaware of the
identity of the girl whose cunt was being offered to him to fuck,
did not hesitate to climb on the bed and fuck the girl. At the
moment of ejaculation the veil was removed to allow Paul to see
that he had just FUCKED his own sister! When Collette became
pregnant no one knew that the father of her baby was NOT her
husband, but her own little brother! In the meantime, Alain
arranged for Jean to fuck his ten-year-old daughter: JEAN'S FIRST

My father tended to prefer the company of older teenagers --
between the ages of 15 to 19 -- rather than kids his own age (12
or 13-years-old). The older boys made sure to extract a price for
Jean's friendship, because the older boys normally did not bother
with 12-year-olds. The price amounted to sexually servicing the
older boys with regular blowjobs and sodomy, as well as providing
alcohol, money, and sexual entertainment. The entertainment was
almost always live sex shows, such as servant girls forced to
have sex with dogs. The youths gradually become tired of the same
old entertainment and started to desire something fresh and new
and LURID. These boys knew absolutely no limits, and most of them
openly boasted of having fucked their own sisters! (They also
sodomized each other, but in those days there was no such thing
as homosexuals or heterosexuals. Everyone fucked anyone or
anything they wanted and people simply did not discuss what they
did in the privacy of a bedchamber). Every day my father would go
over to the home of one of the teenagers -- a small cottage where
he lived with his mother on the grounds of our family's chateau
-- and after a round of fellatio, sucking off the youth as well
as two or three of his friends, talk would inevitably revolve
around what the other local boys were doing. This usually
included in- depth detailed discussions about the boys, girls and
servants their peers were fucking, and speculation as to the
identity of the men and youths who fathered various unborn
babies, and who freely sired babies regularly with local teenage
servant girls, and slaves. It was common at that time for girls
to be wed at 12 and 13-years-of-age, pregnant or soon
impregnated. One day my father Jean had just finished swallowing
the semen of a strapping youth, when his little sister came
looking to play with him and his older friends. Before the older
teenagers would let the eight-year-old into their "clubhouse,"
she had to agree to give them her panties and play games with
their penises. She didn't understand the implications, but
eagerly and willingly agreed to "play games." Once admitted she
was held fast by three of the strongest teenagers, who ordered
her brother to remove her panties. Jean at first resisted but was
then ruthlessly taunted for hesitating. "Don't you LIKE pussy
Jean? We all know how much you like cock! Do you prefer le cock,
Jean? I DON'T think Jean likes girls, fellas!" "I agree! He is
ALWAYS eager to swallow our juices, but I've never seen him fuck
GIRLS, JEAN?" The one youth named Pierre became impatient, and
reached for the girl's panties. "WAIT! NO! Pierre, let Jean take
her panties off. Let him PROVE that he IS a man. Do it NOW, Jean,
or you will be known from NOW ON as the GIRL of Marseilles! And
we had better see that you ENJOY it too! You SAY that you've
fucked a pussy, but none of us have SEEN you fuck a girl... Do it
now, or we are convinced that you are NO man, but really a
cocksucking WOMAN!" "Truly, his cocksucking technique is SO GOOD,
it could ONLY have been developed through the actual sucking of
thousands of cocks!"

This was really more than our father could take at the tender age
of 12! Even though full of doubt, he dutifully and aggressively
ripped his little sister's panties down to her ankles, and then
completely off her tiny body, throwing them in a corner of the
room. Once she had nothing on below the waist the boys began to
put their fingers as far in her hairless, virgin cunt as they
could go. "She's never been fucked... You had this tight little
pussy at home all this time, Jean, and you NEVER fucked her? What
is wrong with you, brother? You prefer to taste our dicks,
instead of this PUSSY... That's it guys, he DOES prefer boys...
We have all fucked OUR sisters... " As the horny talk started to
arouse the boys, the idea slowly emerged of forcing Jean to fuck
his little sister as a show. When it was suggested that the
youths might disallow Jean from spending time with them if he
refused, he impulsively decided to go ahead and DO IT TO HER, to
actually fuck his helpless sister. It took a mere five minutes!
One 19-year-old held her arms and two 16-year-olds held her legs
apart, as Jean climbed between them and forced his hard penis
into the 8-year-old's virgin cunt. Even though she resisted, Jean
successfully penetrated her and had a powerful orgasm deep inside
the struggling girl's deflowered pussy. The older boys laughed,
and then tongued out the tiny pussy, eagerly eating Jean's semen
and the tiny amount of blood associated with her deflowering.
(They declared a delicacy!)

Once Jean had actually FUCKED his little sister he began to
realize that he was getting horny on a regular basis. Several
times a day his thoughts wandered to his defenseless sister,
whose pussy was always available to him. He lured her into
agreeing to let him fuck her for a second time, less than a week
after he was forced to fuck her in front of his friends. They
shared one bedroom, so he crawled naked into bed with her late at
night, and she agreed because it seemed to be the only way to get
him to go back to his own bed; it took about ten minutes. Her
older brother now put pressure on her to let him fuck her on a
nightly basis, which she felt she had no choice but to give in
to. After about six months she began to accept the incest with
her brother, learning to ENJOY IT, and even desire it. She
realized that she actually LOVED to get fucked by her big
brother! Their parents did not realize that after dark each night
that their son was secretly sneaking into their daughter's bed,
and energetically SCREWING HER; engaging in incest with her. On
the other hand, their illicit sex was NOT hidden from the
servants or the locals. In fact, Jean and his little sister
Yvette relished being caught in the act. It added excitement to
their forbidden sex. While the other boys had indeed screwed
their own sisters, none of them carried on ongoing affairs with
them, except with extreme secrecy. This was not the case with
Jean and Yvette, however, our parents. They engaged in incest
OPENLY, declaring that they intended to marry and raise a family
together. When Yvette was 11 her big brother made her PREGNANT,
and nine months later she gave birth to his son, her future
husband, Pierre. Jean proceeded to impregnate his little sister
Yvette EVERY YEAR for 22 years, after which she married her son
and became pregnant him, giving birth to his eight sons, who in
turn, fathered her last three daughters. She never once got
pregnant by a man who was not a family member: A brother, son or
grandson. She was very hurt, however, when Jean took their young
daughter as his mistress, who later became his wife. She refused
to talk to her brother ever again, (however, she found that her
well-hung son Pierre was a better lover than her brother). Jean,
however, always took pride in providing financially for his
sister, who never wanted for anything a day in her life. She was
startlingly beautiful her whole life, which was cut short when
she was 48 years old. She died in a boating accident, flirting
with the teenage friends of her sons. She lost her footing and
fell in the water. Her body washed ashore a week later, and she
was interred in the family mauseoleum next to Pierre, her dead
son and first husband.

I was the fourth son and the eigth child of our parents; with
three older brothers, four older sisters, twelve younger
brothers, and two younger sisters (besides the 11 additional
half-brothers and sisters my mother had by my brother, Pierre,
and their sons). We kids were kept naked most of the time, and
the adults were usually nude around us too. One of my earliest
memories consists of one of my older brothers holding me still
while he held the head of his penis inside my lips and ejaculated
into my mouth, in front of my father. I can remember being told
to SWALLOW ALL OF IT, and I remember the funny salty taste... I
also remember going camping out in the woods, and watching as our
parents FUCKED openly in front of the fire, in front of us kids.
I think I was about 4 or 5 years of age. I was sucking adult
cocks by age 7, sufficiently well that I was able to cause guys
to ejaculate CUM into my mouth. By age 9 my father was renting me
out to sailors, who sodomized me. My first experience of being
anally penetrated was a forced encounter with a local man, who
paid my father for my virginity. He was about 35 years old, and
his penis seemed VERY big to me. I never thought he could
actually put it in my little butt, but with lots of grease it DID
go in... much to my shock! At age 12 my father decided I was old
enough to have sex with a girl, and he taught me to perform oral
sex on one of my older sisters. She was about 18 when I first
fucked her on stage, with fifty or sixty cash-paying customers
watching us screw... My big sister was the first girl I ever made
pregnant, and our son -- Jerome -- went on to become her husband.
They had seven children together before he joined the French Army
and departed for Annam. In Asia Jerome took up with a girl of 12,
who bore him 20 children (who he made a comfortable living
pimping out). My sister died in her mid-thirties from a broken
heart, keeping the flame alive for her lost love, her husband and
son, Jerome.

From an early age -- before puberty -- ALL of my brothers and
sisters were forced to have sex. I performed sex acts on my older
brothers in front of an audience at about age 7. Semen was part
of our diet on a daily basis; if any one of us failed to get a
mouth-full from a customer, we had to get a mouth-full from an
older brother, or from our father. SWALLOWING was required! Any
of us who failed to swallow a load of semen was forced to perform
oral sex on a dog or a horse, and as punishment we HAD TO SWALLOW
THE ANIMAL'S SEMEN! After watching one of my little brothers gag
and swallow the gigantic load of a horse, I was careful to
swallow a load of sperm from the customers or a brother, to avoid
having to eat an animal's jizz. I only came close once at about
age 15, when time was running out and I couldn't find a dude to
CUM in my mouth. It was almost seven o'clock at night and I was
getting nervous. Just then a 20-year-old sailor walked in and
paid 20 francs for a blowjob. Needless to say I eagerly
volunteered, gulping down his ejaculate and feeling lucky to
avoid the doggie-dick my little sister was forced to suck that

Once our father left our mother to set up house with his
nine-year-old daughter, she became pregnant by him within a
couple weeks. Their newborn baby girl was immediately sold to a
pirate trader who specialized in selling children for the 
Mediterreanean sex trade. The child sold for a considerable sum
of money, which opened my father's eyes to the profit potential.
He soon had four of his six daughters pregnant. When they gave
birth, he sold two of the children and kept two for further
breeding. My brothers and I soon got into the act, going out and
finding young fertile girls and women we could rape and
impregnate, to harvest their babies in nine months to sell.
Deflowered and pregnant girls and women -- OUTSIDE of wedlock --
had no value to the men who owned them. We thus usually bought
them, making it easy to harvest their babies for sale when they
gave birth. It surprised my father how many men were eager to
sell their own children into sex slavery; some men even sold
their wives into slavery, prefering to fuck the tight vaginas of
their own teenage daughters. This especially applied to women who
refused to have sex with their sons, while their husbands were
pre-occupied with screwing their daughters. One estimate was that
20% of all the married women in the south of France had been sold
into slavery, because they would not spread their legs to be
fucked by their sons! Many of them turned up in the harems of
Middle Eastern sheiks, who used them to breed blonde, caucasian
children for the sexual perversions of horny Arabs, who had a
penchant for sodomizing blonde boys. (Women too old to breed were
often used in shows, forced to copulate with animals and young
slave-boys; and they often helped out as midwives to the fertile,
young pregnant girls who were used to breed the PRODUCT: virgin

My father became adept at figuring out in advance which infants
to keep for additional breeding, and which could be sold (often
only hours after birth). Our biggest market was in supplying men
who had a preference for having sexual intercourse with children.
They would often buy a pregnant teenage slave, which ensured them
of a continuing supply of children for sex. We sold girls at
about the age of five, and then bought them back -- DEFLOWERED --
about the age of eight or nine. We paid more for girls who were
age 11 and up, because once puberty set in the girls could be
used to reproduce. Of course, beauty and physical appearance also
measured in, the more attractive youngsters getting the highest
prices. Many men bred one generation after another, siring them
with their own daughters/grandaughters.

The second woman I made pregnant was my mother's 30 year old
cousin, who seduced me when I was 14. She gave birth to my
daughter, Antonia, who I also managed to fuck and impregnate when
she was 10-years-old. The daughter I fathered with Antonia, upon
turning age 11, became the wife of my brother Joseph when he was
about 25, and they had over 15 children. They wound up in
southern Africa where she bore children fathered by her sons, as
well as sleek black MEN. The black sons she bore through sex with
local negro studs later also sired children through open incest
with her.

At 13 I was paired with another older sister (who was 22), for
Saturday matinee shows. We fucked constantly, but my older sister
did not get pregnant by me until about two weeks after I got my
mother's cousin pregnant (my mother's cousin seduced me on my
14th birthday). The son my sister had by me later married his own
sister, who was sired by my father. By age 15 I had fucked ALL my
sisters and my mother, and I had three children and three "on the
way." By the time my little sister bore the daughter who became
my wife, Angelique, I had already fathered eight kids, five of
whom my father sold into slavery. (The boys usually sold for more
money than the girls, because the universal practice of sodomy
tended to increase their market value).

At first the breeding went very slowly, each fertile woman being
made pregnant every nine months. The newborn babies were
routinely separated from their mothers at birth to avoid any kind
of bonding. (This did not pose much of a problem with the teenage
girls who were used as "cows," because they were largely
distracted by all the things teenage girls are really more
interested in than their babies, like sex with boys). The stock
of infants was separated according to use: Those slated to be
sold going to one kind of facility, and those selected to be
pimped out going to another. The children marked for sale were
deliberately kept as virgins to capture the highest PRICE; and
those marked for prostitution were prepared immediately to begin
training to fuck and suck. The children who were to be trained as
prostitutes were kept in the nude, surrounded by naked men and
women. Adults who would openly fuck and suck in front of the
children to expose them to sex acts. Men were assigned to
individual children, who they would spend time together with in
the nude, usually with the child on the man's lap. The man and
child would often watch hardcore pornography together, as the man
would teach the child how to handle and "work" an adult's penis.
Initially, the child was encouraged to touch and fondle the man's
penis and to use his or her mouth, lips and tongue on it, until
the child felt comfortable progressing to actual cocksucking.
Once a child was able to stimulate ejaculation using only his
mouth, he or she was prepared for sexual penetration, which took
place when the child's anal or vaginal orifices were large enough
to accomodate the penis of a full-grown man. Only once a slave
boy had been sodomized successfully would he be allowed to
proceed with heterosexual sex, usually with his own sister or
mother. At one point we had about 20 "bulls," and 100 females
bearing children sired by them, all of them bred originally from
the sperm of my father, my brothers and myself. A new slave farm
could be set up with as few as ten child-bearing cows and a
single bull, usually the teenage son of one of the cows
(cow-slaves were female breeders, and bull-slaves were fertile
males used to breed). This was before everything really took off,
before the number of cows and bulls were supplemented by the
acquisition of hundreds of slaves from various sailors, who had
bought the children from their impoverished parents in Turkey,
Spain, Greece, Africa, Ireland, Egypt, India, and the Far East.

As the profits rolled in my father improved his methods for
impregnating (or "planting,"), gestating, harvesting and training
slave-children for the sex markets. Our father, at one point,
could look at the bone structures of a female slave as well as a
young bull, and picture exactly how their offspring would appear
within a range of about 75% accuracy. He really got into
specialty breeding once the slaves started coming in from the
sailors. He bred Orientals, Negros, Arabs, Gypsies, and Greeks
(Greek boys were in high demand because they were very
attractive, and they had a natural talent for passive sodomy,
hence the term "Greek" for buttfucking). There was also a
universal market for blonde slaves, especially in those countries
where the majority had the dark coloring that caused blondes to
be unusual.

The Gypsies from Spain were earmarked for special sex shows
involving the rape of the children by very large, muscular HUNG
young men. It was one of the most exciting specialty exhibits we
ever sponsored. It started when a Spanish sailor gave my father a
beautiful 8-year-old Gypsy boy in-lieu of payment of a brothel
debt for 100 francs. The boy had been sold to the sailor by his
own father, who had sired the child through incest with his own
daughter. When the sailor offered the father money for the boy,
the Gypsy did not hesitate to sell the offspring of his incest
with his daughter. The horny young sailor sodomized the little
boy less than an hour after his purchase, lending him afterwards
to his horny buddies, who buttfucked him mercilessly. The sailor
then ran up a tab at my father's brothel -- he enjoyed watching
boy-girl twin slaves copulate -- and when he was short 100 francs
to pay his bill, the Gypsy slave boy was handed over to make up
the difference.

At first, my brothers and I marveled at the boy's beauty as we
tied him down and took turns buttfucking him. Then my father
began to recognize what kind of beautiful slave children the boy
might sire. One night a crowd gathered around to watch the child
as he sucked dicks, and my father realized that there was a
profit to be made. My father posted a notice offering to sponsor
an excursion to Spain to purchase Gypsy children for breeding
purposes, at a handsome profit to the person who agreed to
organize it. A handy middle-aged man named Carlos, a native of
Spain, agreed to the terms; and was soon off to Spain, looking to
buy and enslave Gypsy children. What he found was an endless
supply of Gypsies who were all willing to sell their children,
especially if they knew that the children would be used for
sexual exploitation. The mandate called for male and female
children between the ages of 5 and 12, preferrably virgins,
beautiful in appearance (with no unsightly scars), necessitating
that the children had to be stripped naked to be examined prior
to purchase. It took about four weeks to acquire 18 children, 11
girls and 7 boys. Carlos had wanted to buy 20 to 25 children, but
was beginning to feel that he might have to settle on 18 when he
ran into a caravan of Gypsies with seven of the most beautiful
children he'd ever seen. The price, however, was too high; one of
the girl's was pregnant by her older brother, and the father
wanted to charge the price of two slaves. They were exceptionally
beautiful, however, and he made up his resolve to possess them.
That night Carlos and his men forced their way into the tent
where the children were kept, and took them by killing their
mothers; making off with them into the darkness. They were
pursued for a few kilometers, but the pursuers gave up upon
realizing that they could not catch up with the party that had
seized their children. Additionally, the Gypsies were mortally
afraid as to what might happen to them if they did catch up with
Carlos, for he had several powerful bodyguards who deliberately
struck fear in the hearts of the Gypsies by cutting down their
strongest fighters at the time the seven children were kidnapped.
This demonstration of their ruthlessness was a major deterrent to
the Gypsies.

The Gypsy children were put on display in the nude, while naked
muscle-bound, teenage studs with ERECT 9" and 10" long cocks
forced the children into sex acts. It was INTENSELY arousing to
watch a NUDE six-foot-tall, muscular youth of 17 hold down a
screaming girl of 11, while another youth forced her legs apart,
allowing a third stud to push his long hard cock deep into the
girl's virgin pussy AND FUCK HER. The youths took turns raping
the girls, which often took about an hour to enable the 10 to 15
teenage boys to each reach orgasm. At times as many as 10 to 20
teenage studs would take turns RAPING a 9 or 12-year-old girl. Or
they might "pants" a little boy -- eight or nine-years-old -- and
take turns sodomizing him. The children always sobbed and cried
as they were raped, which only made the shows that much more
authentic. The show lasted for six months, by which time all the
girls who were ovulating had been made pregnant. None of the
Gypsies were virgins anymore, so interest waned in the shows. But
my father used them by breeding them with each other, and he
developed one of the most profitable lines of slaves he ever
bred. The only line that surpassed the Gypsy offspring were the
Greek boys, in terms of market demand; followed closely by Irish
boys, with their firm, solid butts.

When I moved to New York I discovered that there were many, many
American children being conceived secretly by incest, such as by
men having sex with their own daughters. There were men who
fucked their daughters every night, but who remained in complete
denial about it. When their daughters would turn up pregnant they
would denigrate them as sluts, even though they were responsible
-- themselves --for impregnating their own daughters. Many girls
were being fucked by their big brothers, and when they were
careless so as to be caught in the act of incest by a parent, it
sometimes panicked the parent; although, MANY young men went on
to fuck their mothers too. Once incest is engaged in openly, it
becomes a magnet drawing the other family members into start
INCEST fucking too. Some men insist on fucking their daughters
right in the same bed with their wives next to them. Other men
set the stage to free themselves from their wives by insisting
that they gradually wear less and less clothing in front of their
teenage sons, until every time the youths saw their mothers their
breasts were always EXPOSED; and their pussies -- the pussies
they were BORN from -- were NUDE, visible and wet, making the
boys horny to FUCK their own mothers! Teenage boys get aroused
very easily without thinking about it. The BEST sex is like
animals fucking in the barn... It has that animal vitality, like
the horny male dog fucking and impregnating his own bitch-mother.
By keeping their own mother's pregnant, they find that they are
always surrounded by young desireable pups, who can even take
over the job of keeping their mothers pregnant in order to
sustain the supply of virgins for the market.

The slave children were separated from their mothers at birth to
facilitate the sexual training of the children; the average age
of the breeding-cunts ("cows") were consistently maintained at
about age 13 and younger, so that the very youth of the mothers
distracted their attention away from the sexual use their infants
would be put to. The breeding pussies were generally impregnated
again within a month and a half of a delivery, almost like an
assembly line. At any given slave farm there were usually between
200 to 400 pregnant slave-cows (women), at any given time. It was
easy to keep the women pregnant because those who were not
impregnated on an assembly line by stud-slaves, were made
available as prostitutes to the customers of the brothels. (Of
course, there also was no birth control at the time).

An average sex slave might get fucked by at least five men a day,
which added up to about 2,000 men a year. (Of course, those
slaves rented to the French army were fucked by many many more
men than those girls who staffed our brothels that catered to the
street trade). We did have slaves who were extremely beautiful,
who did average more customers daily than a run-of-the-mill
whore. One girl (I believe her name was Rosemarie), had the face
of an angel. She had a constant stream of customers from the
moment we put her on the market at eight years of age. With
blonde hair and blue eyes (and large firm breasts by 10 years of
age), she became a perennial favourite. (The whores with big tits
always did well; but one might be surprised at the customer
loyalty expressed for the girls with petite breasts. Very often,
clients would make proposals of marriage to these girls, assuming
that they had been used by fewer men). Rosemarie never saw a day
that she was not fucked by less than ten men; and I mean men, not
boys! We sold her at age 28 to a Turkish prince after we used her
to breed 15 or 16 slaves (all prize winning specimens). The
breeding stock generally became overweight from child- bearing at
about 30 years of age, the pregnant slaves gaining a tremendous
amount of weight nourishing the unborn babies. Fat women,
however, are very hard to sell. We kept the slave girls pregnant
from puberty (about age 11) to age 25 or 26, when we would slim
them down and sell them. The fact that we were harvesting a new
crop of female breeder-slaves every nine months or so WORLDWIDE,
enabled us to sell off the used pussies, so that we were always
able to offer a variety of NEW product: fresh NEW young faces,
EAGER to fuck. Our main business was in the providing of slaves
for sex, so ugly slaves were put to work or sold off immediately.
My father enjoyed trafficking in beautiful slaves, which he bred
from a special stock who were never sold. But this came to an end
when he died.

I was always amused when people discovered tht we bred and sold
slaves, and they would expose their low level of awareness of the
real conditions in the world by asking one of us if the selling
of slaves was not now illegal (slavery being outlawed in 1848).
Such nonsense abounds, because modern standards strive to put
slavery into the remote past. The purpose of this is to convince
modern people that they are "free," even though they work as hard
as slaves. Intelligent people know the truth that slavery has
survived. In India the interest on loans extended 100 years ago
was so high that the borrower's descendants today are still
paying off the debt; often naked with one or more of their sexual
orifices servicing the cocks of their masters, and their master's
sons. In the greater part of Asia, Africa, Latin America, and
even the ghettos of Europe and America, a form of plantation
system lives on, binding "free" people to lifetimes of service in
jobs their ancestors performed as bona fide slaves.

When the Baron died our world went underground. We continued to
breed and sell slaves, but the way we did it changed. Young girls
were often "married" at age 8 or 9 to buyers who then legally
took advantage of the virgin pussies of their eight and
nine-year-old "wives." Children were also "adopted" by men who
had no other intention than to rape them repeatedly until they
became bored with them, at which time they happily traded them in
for new, younger virgins. As the supply of children became
smaller and smaller, because open advertising became too
dangerous, many of our customers bought young slave girls old
enough to breed, in order to breed and harvest their own virgins.
Ironically, at the same time that we shut down the slave breeding
farms, these men started to sell us their children to help us
meet the market demand for virgin slave-children. These
"independent breeders" became the backbone of our new supply
system, and each breeder usually had a whole legion of young
fertile sons and daughters. Very often a brother would be paired
up with a sister, with the specific purpose of impregnating her.
Once pregnant, the girl would be sent to one of our "spas" to
give birth and sign the "adoption" papers, and carry the money
she was paid for the baby back to her father. In the meantime,
the boy who fathered the child was then paired up with another
sister, or his mother, or a cousin, to sire more children. Once
all the women were pregnant, the boys would turn to the virgins
for fucking, as well as each other's assholes.

The most interesting side-effect of the abolition movement that
made slavery illegal was the dramatic increase in the value of
well-trained child sex-slaves. Almost overnight the child slave
that had sold for $1,000.00 (US), now sold for anywhere from
$10,000.00 to $50,000.00 (US)! The pricing of a sex slave
differed from the pricing of the more ordinary slaves because of
the special training a sex slave received, as well as the erotic
personal services they performed. The skills of the sex slaves
were highly sought after by men of wealth and distinction
universally, so much so that some very famous men bought and paid
for 8-year-old girls weekly, fucking them only once before
selling them to anyone with the asking price. Above all, the
price of a sex slave was dependent on the level of competence of
the individual slave in performing sex acts for the gratification

Most people do not realize that the skyrocketing value of slaves
--caused by the outlawing of slavery --had the effect of causing
there to be more slave traders and consequently, more slaves. The
owners of brothels would "adopt" a couple dozen 10-year-old
girls, and before the little girls turned 12, each and every one
of them became pregnant; their newborn infants were placed for
"adoption," which is to say that they were sold to our syndicate
as a form of credit towards the purchase of future slaves by the
brothel owners.

The children were trained for sex from the day they were born.
The first liquid each and every slave child tasted upon being
born into the world from the mother's womb was freshly ejaculated
semen. Newborns were immediately taken into a room next to the
birthing chamber, where as many as five naked men and boys were
busy "priming the pump" by masturbating. As each male reached his
climax he would place the head of his penis between the lips of
the baby's mouth, so that the warm sperm went directly down the
baby's throat. This ritual was repeated daily to accustom the
slaves to the taste of sperm, and to prepare them for their
obligatory duty of performing fellatio. The children wore only
loin-cloths until they were toilet trained, and then the strap
that went between the legs which served to hold as well as cover
the genitals, was removed. By the end of their first year, the
majority of the children could competently perform fellatio.

The children were separated into virginal and deflowered groups,
the deflowered children enjoying a superior position of celebrity
to the virgins. This caused the virgins to experience anxiety
over their unfucked status, and it motivated them to find males
willing to relieve them of the burden of their virginity. Of
course, they were not allowed to give themselves to anyone,
because as virgins they were more valuable. The procedure for
deflowering the children usually involved pimping them out to men
who paid large amounts of money to fuck virgins. Sometimes they
would accompany the customer on a long journey, to be raped en
route; or they were taken to the client's home or a hotel suite,
where they were picked up an hour or two later, after their first
violation by a penis. Once a child had been fucked he or she was
housed with the active prostitutes, to be rented out daily and
used in sex shows. They were generally kept completely naked so
that prospective clients could view the merchandise before
choosing a child to rent or buy. Once deflowered by a man's penis
the children began training for the sexual arts, usually starting
at about age 5 or 6.

Every farm had a group of farm hands -- young males ranging in
age from 13 to 30 -- who cared for the slave children, and who
were charged with teaching them how to fuck. While at home the
hands generally lounged about naked, masturbating openly in front
of the children, usually forcing the children to lick up and
swallow their semen once they ejaculated. They also required
groups of children to play with their genitals as part of their
preparation. Once a child was able to cause a man to climax using
only his lips, tongue or hands, the child was transferred to a
brothel where he or she would be deflowered and prepared for
being pimped out. While it was possible to fuck young girls
without preparation, it was usually recommended that little girls
have their pussies prepared for being fucked by the insertion of
a succession of penis-like cylinders that gradually increased in
size, to stretch the tiny cunts until they could be fucked
effortlessly by adult penises. (In those places where sodomy was
widespread and accepted, such as in Greece, Turkey, and the
Middle East, little boys from poor homes as young as 8 and 9 were
similarly prepared for penile penetration of their butts).

We were, in effect, breeding fresh pussies every nine months.
These newborn virgin cocks and cunts were only matched by the
annual wave of young girls reaching puberty, enabling their
impregnation. We were initially able to cause girls to ovulate as
early as 8 and a half, and 9 years of age. However, after my
father, the Baron, died, and we lost the formula for the
ovulation stimulator, we were forced to wait until the girls were
10 and 11 before they could be successfully impregnated. As a
rule, girls were to be impregnated by there own fathers,
brothers, uncles or sons, and each breeder-pussy was believed
capable of the PRODUCTION and gestation of at least 20 infant sex
slaves. Many of the girls had over 30 babies before we sold them.

I have no regrets. I have lived like a king, fucked like a dog,,
and sired over 500 children! I NEVER GO WITHOUT SEX. My babies
are now having babies, and I am always close at hand ready to
teach the virgins how easy it is to learn to fuck. When the
children discover how important sex is to the adults, they
eagerly offer their firm young bodies, often oblivious to the
actual mechanics of sexual penetration. Once a child was
deflowered -- fucked -- he or she could be pimped out or sold. I
had to retire five years ago, because I could not take the
pace... Now I live on a thousand acre estate in the northernmost
regions of Siam, where I preside over an army of ten thousand
naked children, each and every one available to me at my
slightest whim to gratify any sexual desire I may ever have. All
ages, both sexes, including a dozen sets of twins, all of whom
engage in incest solely for my entertainment. Having retired I
now enjoy my leisure by throwing parties, and having orgies. I
have to admit that at my age I derive more intense pleasure
watching than participating. However, that didn't stop me from
fathering a baby with my 10 year old great-granddaughter, who I
had fathered with my granddaughter, who I sired with my own
daughter when SHE was ten years old. Incest has made me a rich
man. It has also made it possible for me to have sex with virgins
any time I like, which is my obsession. I couldn't ask for more.