Codi awoke some time later, chained standing up. Codi looked
around and saw she was shackled in the center of some sort of
wooden frame in the center of a plain cool cement room.

Looking up she lost her balance and started to fall, but she
didn't get far, caught by the chains that held her arms out above
her head and her legs were held wider than shoulder width apart
by manacles connected to the walls. She shivered, the cool air of
the room licking her heated pussy.

The door opened and a man walked in, she instantly liked his kind
gentle look. She watched him as he approached, looking him up and

The man smiled at her, his warmest smile, the one he gave the new
ones to build thier trust. She smiled back, her body coated with
glistening sweat, her hair wet and stringy from her earlier

"Good morning, Codi. How are you?" asked a bearded man as he
entered and closed the door behind him.

Codi looked up at him and gave a faint smile, "Okay," she said,
her voice crackling due to her dry throat.

He smiled at her, his face showing nothing but concern.

"Good. Do you have any friends here, Codi?"

She tried to hold back, but couldn't. Tears started to flow, she
shook her head no. He walked over to her and held her head
against his chest. She felt she loved him. He let her cry for a
while and then said, "I want to be your friend. Okay?"

Codi nodded, feeling secure for the first time since her
abduction. The man let go of her, she felt naked again without
his strong touch. He got a chair from the corner of the room and
brought it over in front of her, turning it backwards and sitting
down, staring at her while she stood there crying.

"Why are you crying, Codi?" She didn't answer, only stood there
sobbing. He felt his temper rise and stood up and walked over to
her, picking up a black crop hanging on the wall along the way.
He stopped behind her and smacked her spread pussy with the crop.

Codi screamed out and tensed, feeling sick to her stomach from
the smack, her pussy and clit burning, she cried in frustration
wanting to rub herself to ease the pain. "I asked why you were
crying and I expect to be answered you little slut."

Her voice trembling and hoarse, Codi answered, "I want to go

"There now, that's better. I here to help you Codi. Do you know
why you're here, Codi?" the man asked, reaching a hand out and
fondling her body.

Codi was crying, shaking her head no, not wanting the man to
touch her as he ran his hands from her lower back to the crack of
her ass, stopping to crack the crop on her bare ass five quick

"I want you to understand something slut! You... will... never...
tell... me... not... to... touch... you... understand?!?!?" He
screamed at her, each word emphasized with a crack of the crop on
her exposed ass hole.

She begged him to have mercy on her, he proceded to beat her
further, her body losing it's strength and falling limp in the
restraints. She moaned as the chains bit her wrists and the crop
chewed into her back and inner thighs.

The man stopped whipping her and walked over to a wall where
there was hung a huge array of whips, chains, leather harnesses
and many other undiscernible items of bondage and punishment, and
removed a long wooden paddle.

Standing before her he lectured, "See now Codi, if you were a
good girl, this wouldn't have to happen. But you're anything
but!! You have to learn why you are here."

He walked back over to Codi and she began to cry, moving as far
forward as the chains would allow while looking over her
shoulder. He swung the paddle and it made a swoosh sound as it
arched through the air, stopping with a loud "CRACK" when it
contacted her ass.

She arched her body, gasping for air when the paddle contacted
her ass, she felt a huge welt raise where the paddle struck her.

Walking back around to the front, he tells her, "You are here
because your parents sold you as a slut. They hated you and
didn't want you any more."

Codi screamed, clamping her eyes shut and shaking her head from

The man laughed and walked around behind her, swinging the paddle
again. He spent twenty minutes paddling her ass, inner thighs,
and pussy. She was reduced to a grunting, jerking, shaking
animal, her hair glued to her head from sweating due to the
intense pain of the beating.

"Codi," she jumped at the sound of her name. She lifted her head
weakly to look over her welted shoulder at the man, "Tell me why
you are here?"

She began to cry. Her mouth worked but nothing came out. She
finally uttered, "I... I'm here because I'm a slut," she began to
sob heavily, "My parents didn't love me. They sold me to you."
"And I love you, Codi. Always remember that." The man smiled
smugly and hung the paddle back on the wall and returned to Codi.
He told her to stand tall, which she did without hesitation, for
fear of another beating.

He then gently ran his hands all over her body, taking time to
squeeze and knead her welted flesh, finishing by stroking her
pussy until her hips began to gyrate against her will as she
started to cum.

He stopped and shoved a vibrator into her slit. She fought
against the chains, but it was no use, she was going no place
fast, her body on fire from the whipping.

"Codi, you know if you fuck me that I can let you go?" She shook
her head no. He quickly walked over to the wall and returned with
a chain that had clips at each end. He pinched her nipples
harshly and attached the clips to them.

She screamed but he slapped her hard in the face. She hung
panting and writhing as he attached several more individual clips
to the small bumps of flesh she had for tits.

He knelt down between her legs and spread her lips, she screamed
as he stuck a needle through her clit. Codi felt faint as the
pressure made her head explode. The man smiled as she screamed in
agony, her small body straining against the chains as he pulled
and twisted the needle.

He stood and went to a table where there was an selection of
rings. He chose one and went back over to Codi, kneeling down
again to remove the needle and replace it with the ring. She
screamed, her eyes buldging the entire time.

"You know, all this can stop of you'd just fuck me little girl. I
just want to stretch your ass and pussy, feel your mouth on my
hard cock..."

She screamed again, the man was getting great pleasure from her
reactions. He stood, spending some time with each of the clips on
her tiny breasts, enjoying her screaming and twitching.
Bored with the clips, he yanked them off her tits and threw them
to the floor, returning with a box of straight pins. Codi was
crying and gyrating her hips, she was hot from the vibrator, but
was trying desperatly not to show the man.

He felt his cock get hard as she moaned in frustration, twitching
and writhing as he slowly punctured her breasts with the straight

"Will you fuck me now, Codi?" He asked, smiling at her hanging
panting form, "All you have to do is say yes and save yourself
from the next torture..." She looked up at him, but couldn't do
it, she dropped her head and began to sob, the salt in her tears
burning as it hit her breasts.

He had stuck 30 or 40 pins in each tit, it hurt, but when he lit
the lighter and brought it to the head of the pin sticking from
the middle of her nipple, she sheiked.

"Uhhh... uhhh... uhhh.... p.. pplll... uhhh... fuck... FUCK!!!"

"What's that? You'll fuck me?"

Codi nodded. "That's not good enough," he said, and went back to
heating the pins.

"Ohhhhhh.... please.... mmmmmm... fuck me..."

The man smiled. He closed the lighter and began to roughly yank
out the pins. Once done, he unchained her and threw her to the
floor. She looked up at him, her body trembling.

He picked up a whip and began to lash her, she moved all over the
room trying to escape his unyielding hits, but it was useless,
she eventually lay out on the floor on her back and let him hit

When he got near her crotch she spread her legs, and he whipped
her until the vibrator fell out. She was dizzy, there were black
spots in front of her eyes. She remembered him dropping the whip,
and then holding her legs so far back her knees touched her
chest. She felt as if her ass was going to rip, then she was
filled with warmth.

He stood, but she knew it wasn't over. He returned with a syringe
and an animal mask over his head. He stuck her left breast with
the syringe and painfully injected her with it's juice.

She felt the world swoon around her, her pain and discomfort
intensifying as he climbed on top of her. She closed her eyes as
she felt his intense heat penetrate her. She began to buck as her
body started to enjoy the sensations, then she opened her eyes.

She screamed out as she looked up into the face of a wild beast,
she clawed and tried to escape it's grasp, but what ever drug
they had given her wouldn't allow her to lift her arms. The man
in the mask laughed with great pleasure as he watched the young
girl helucinate below him, screaming as he fucked her like a wild

He continued to screw her after he came, pushing her further and
further into her nightmarish state until she finally passed out,
her mind no longer able to handle it's drug induced emotional

Standing, he walked over and shut the video camera off. Returning
to her limp form on the floor, he spent several minutes kicking,
punching and throwing her body around, growling and howling as he
did it.

Picking her up, he carried her out to his truck and threw her
into the back. He drove her back to the town where she lives. He
cruised around looking for the perfect place to leave her,
finally settling on the school in the middle of town.

He pulled around back and threw her naked body into the trash,
knowing it would be hours before she woke up and stumbled amongst
her school mates.

Codi was found some hours later by the school custodian, who
carried her through the halls of the school to the nurses office,
naked. The police came after the drugs had worn off, but she was
unable to tell them anything, only remembering she was raped by a

The cops laughed and said she went on a binge, probly found
herself in the wrong crowd, stupid kids doing drugs.