Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Sarah is a bad motherfucker part 4. by DianeVH ( Comments are extremely welcomed, esp from female fans, even if it's just to say hi! Sarah's adventures with Polly continues as she goes into hiding (F/g, nc, rp) As Sarah pulled into the drive way her daughter came running out of the house. "mommie, mommie, what's happened? The police called, they were asking questions about you?" Shit thought Sarah how the fuck could they have caught on to her so quickly. Unless ofcourse...the bitch wasn't really dead. Sarah cursed herself inwardly for being so sloppy though a tiny part of her were relieved she wasn't a murderer yet. Sarah knew it would only be a matter of time before they'd have enough evidance to pick her up and bring her in for questioning though. Her whole life was collapsing and it was all Dana's fault! Sarah couldn't stay that was clear and bringing her daughter with her seemed less and less like a viable option. She couldn't very well bring both Polly and her daughter with her to her safe house and leaving Polly as a potential 2nd witness to her crimes was not an option either. "Tell me exactly what happened honey?" "They asked about you mommie, where you had been, where you were? But I didn't tell them anything, what's going on mommie?" "Nothing sweetheart, mommie just needs to go away for a little while, But I love you honey you know that don't you? Sarah was fighting desperately to hold her tears back. "I love you too mommie, I don't want you to leave!" "I'm afraid I can't take you with me, now while I'm gone you're going to go stay with grandma okay, everything is going to be okay?" "But mommie..." "It's okay honey, I'll be back soon to pick you up it won't be a long trip I promise" "ok" Sarah was fighting a losing battles trying to hold back her tears as her life was falling apart infront of her eyes. But she was not going to give up, not yet. She'd have her life back eventually or die trying. Sarah told her daughter to go wait in the car while she packed. The package in question was Polly. She grabbed some clothes in a big duffel bag and a grabbed a garbage bag too. Once downstairs she found Polly in a completely defeated state just lying on the floor staring into the wall. She quickly untied Polly and used the garbage to cover Polly up as much as she could before flinging her over her shoulder. Sarah could hear sirens in the distance and knew it would not be long before they'd come and pick her up for questioning. Throwing poor little Polly into the trunk of the car with her clothes she quickly sped out of the drive way. "Mommie did you pack my frozen dress and my..." "It's okay honey grandma can get you some new clothes and toys, it'll be alright" Not really wanting to explain to her mom while she had to leave, Sarah simply told her that she had to go on an emergency business trip, it didn't matter if she believed her or not. The truth would come out soon enough anyways. Sarah kissed her daughter good bye and gave her a long hug before getting back in the car again and driving off. She drove all night untill she got to her cabin deep into the woods. She'd be safe there at least for the time being. She opened up the trunk, grabbed little Polly and went inside. Polly would not be the only one crying herself to sleep tonight, The next day Sarah woke up late, she had no idea what she'd do next but at least she was safe for now. Seeing little Polly reminded her of her own daughter and made her feel all maternal all of a sudden. She untied Polly and helped her up from the floor so they could sit down on the couch and watch some tv together. Flipping through the channels she ended up on the news. The news story was about Polly who'd been missing for weeks now, Sarah was a little shocked how long it had been. At this point they must have given up hope and just assumed she was dead, Sarah figured. But not so, all of a sudden Polly's mother came into view as she made a heart felt plea for the safe return of her only daughter. Polly started crying as she watched the TV and for the first time in a long time Sarah no longer felt so bad about her own life. Seeing the pain and missery she'd created turned her on. While they watched the news segment Sarah pulled up Polly's dress a little and inserted her hand inside Polly's panties to rub her slit forcefully trying to bring Polly off while she cried watching her mother on the news. Sarah began to insert a finger inside Polly's pussy, then another, using them to slowly fuck little polly like a tiny penis. The assault on Polly's pussy only made her cry even more as she began to beg for her mommie. Sarah grabbed Polly's arm with her free hand and forced her entire hand down Sarah's pants and panties to let it rest against her bush using her hand to lightly stroke her pussy. She was in no hurry to bring herself to an orgasm. She wanted Polly to feel her slowly getting wet from the abuse she was inflicting. "Mmmm your mother seems really worried about you honey, maybe it's time we gave her a call and let her know you're alright" A very, very dark and violent plan was forming in Sarah's head, a plan to get revenge against Dana for ruining her life and get rid of Polly at the same time. The thought of what was about to come and how she would make Dana suffer sent her over the edge, using Polly's hand to rub herself furiously, she began to flood her panties and Polly's hand with her juices. 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