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Her Daugher Helps Out: An Erotic Story (Mgg incest cons pedo preg teach)

By Frank McCoy

Amanda looked down at the young woman reading a book. While not dressed as blatantly sexual as many girls her age, Marie wasn't out of style either. Tight-fitting jeans fit the twelve- year old so closely you could actually make out the ribs of the girl's panties through the fabric. No dumpy underwear for this girl; appropriately sexy bikini panties gave tiny hints of the developing woman underneath the fabric of underwear and faded denim. More evident hints were just barely hidden under the thin blouse, where unneeded black underwear held apple-sized bosoms from bouncing ... and just barely showed through the fabric so any man looking could get just the tiniest suggestion that the girl was wearing a bra. Any real MAN would look. Add in the fact that said blouse just barely reached to the top of the preteen's beltless pants (which were just a TINY bit loose at the top; hinting that they MIGHT fall down, if the male observer was lucky enough to be there) gave tantalizing hints of the smooth belly and (Might a man hope?) sexy navel that could distract both men and boys into driving into a tree if the girl happened to stretch enough for more than a glimpse.

Amanda knew her daughter knew how sexy she was. The situation had precipitated the dilemma she was now faced with. That Marie so far hadn't gone down the road of some of her girlfriends had, with tiny tube tops, pierced navels, and shorts so short they almost were micro-miniskirts, she considered a blessing. Girls who advertised like that usually ended up getting what they advertised for ... a big belly, with no idea of who the guy was who had planted the bulge in her tummy. Marie at least, if Amanda's plans worked out, would not have that worry. Nor would the girl's sister. The woman had seen all too often what happened when girls exercised their blossoming puberty without taking precautions, and having a man who truly CARED for both woman and child to take care of them. No, she would do all she could to see that HER girls' kids had their father around, just like they had. And Amanda knew she had to work quickly, before hormones took over and the girl sitting in the chair ended up in the back seat of a car, with the baby of a boy who didn't even like her in the child's tummy. Thus the "sex education" instructions of two weeks ago, and her present plans.

"Marie?" she asked.

The young woman addressed lifted her eyes to meet her mother's. Marie had been fully aware of the older woman's presence; but figured her mother would speak up when she was ready. In the meantime, the painful embarrassment of the young man in the story she was reading, was quite absorbing. "Yes, Mom?" she replied; not committing herself. Whatever her mother wanted, she would learn.

"Uh ...," Amanda found herself blushing, in spite of almost an hour of mental preparation ... not to mention almost a year of thinking about this and planning that had led up to this moment. It was surprisingly even harder to do than she had expected, even with what had happened previously.

Thinking about that, the woman decided that maybe mentioning what had gone before would make the question easier to pose. "Uh," she repeated, "you remember the other week, when your father and I taught you girls about sex, and what happens ... about how babies were made?"

Suddenly Amanda had her daughter's full attention; though her expression didn't shift a bit, and the girl didn't move an inch in her chair. The tension in the room escalated almost beyond bearing. Marie nodded.

"Well," Amanda gulped, and continued, "you remember how good it felt when Dad's penis got big inside you, and he pumped his baby-stuff into your tummy, so you could feel what sex was really like?"

Well ... How COULD a girl forget something like that ... especially when her first time ended with her own father's swollen penis twitching, jerking, and ejaculating thick sticky gobs of incestuous cum into her cramping young belly; spasming jet after gooey jet of his potent seed into the fertile depths of her eager young womb, as the man actually attempted to father a child on his own daughter before she reached the fifth grade? That it had been about a week before Marie's period, and probably safely past the girl's best time to 'catch', was only something that lessened the chances, not removed them. Father, mother, AND both children had known that; as Amanda had made it abundantly clear. She didn't want HER daughters having sex for the first time, without knowing (and enjoying) the experience to the fullest. Thus no condoms, creams, pills, or other barriers against the baby-making effects of their father's thick heavy ejaculations into each child's developing fertility. Amanda had even let each girl lie there afterwards with her father's cum inside her, so the kids could feel what it was like to have a man's sperm wriggling it's way up in their bodies; getting them pregnant with his babies. Again, Marie nodded; not committing herself further ... yet.

"Uh, I was wondering ...," Amanda gulped again, and started a new sentence. "I'm going to be quite busy for the next couple of weeks or so, helping down at The Church in the afternoons, getting ready for the Fair. So ...." Again, she had to stop, catch her breath, and gulp down a lump in her throat before continuing, "Your father needs his nap in the afternoon, if he's going to be working late; so I was wondering if you'd help him out, since I'm going to be too busy to."

"Help Dad out?"

"Uh ... you know ... sleep with him? Get your father to squirt his baby-stuff in your tummy, so he can sleep? It's hard for him to get to sleep without sex; and for the next few weeks I won't be available."

"Oh." For a moment Marie didn't answer; though her eyebrows almost went off the top of her forehead in surprise. Then: "But Mom ... What if he ... I mean, what if I ...?" She stopped and looked closely at her mother, then changed her approach. "Uh, Mom? Are you sure about this? You don't mind? I mean, Dad's YOUR husband, after all."

Amanda breathed a sigh of relief. The youngster was taking it far more calmly than she had expected, even after (or maybe even ESPECIALLY after) the lessons the week before in how babies were made. "Please?" she responded; then at her daughter's acceptance, added, "and try to make sure your father squirts ALL of his baby-juice in your tummy, so he gets a good nap, OK?"

"Yes Mom."

Amanda wiped her sweaty hands on her dress; suddenly noticing it was already soaked with perspiration. She knew she would have to take a shower and change her entire outfit before leaving for Church, in spite of having done both not a half hour earlier. Well, if she was a little late getting there, it wouldn't matter THAT much. As she started to unzip the tight dress that showed off her still attractive body, she heard her eldest daughter's faint, "Thanks, Mom," as the younger woman slipped into the bedroom where her husband was already in bed. A small pile of clothing on the floor by the door, told Amanda that Marie had beaten her undressed, in spite of the older woman starting first. Amanda was so relieved she was grinning and almost whistling as she climbed into the shower.

Faint noises from the bedroom greeted Amanda as she toweled off. Grunts, groans, and the unmistakable creaking of a bed accompanied moans of, "Oh Dad, oh Daddy. Oh. Oh. Ooooohhh!"

Hating to disturb either of them; but needing a different dress and a new pair of panties, Amanda slipped as quietly into the master bedroom as she could. However, it was difficult to ignore the two parties on the bed, as the 12-year-old girl rose and fell on the older man; straddling his body as she worked her father's thick prick in and out of the furry nest between her legs. Still, Amanda did her best to not disturb them as she hurried to get her clothing and depart.

If it was difficult to ignore the incredibly erotic sight of a 12-year-old girl making passionate love to a 30-year-old man, while still getting dressed, it was downright impossible to tear her eyes off the incredible view of a little girl suddenly mashing her body down on her father's body; taking his swollen penis completely into her tight little slit, while her shaking and squeezing tunnel milked the older man's prick for each precious drop of incestuous seed the he had in him.

"Oh Daddy, Oh Daddy, Oh!" The child groaned; while Amanda watched her husband's prick bulge, and then a ripple run through the tiny bit outside the little girl's squeezing young slit, as he ejaculated surge after thick white surge of sticky cream into his daughter's welcoming body. Only a slight slurping sound, and a smear of liquid around his engorged prick gave evidence of the copious quantities of semen the older man was injecting into the squirming young belly of his daughter. Amanda thought about the erotic dance going on INSIDE her daughter's cute little body, with her husband's engorged prick swelling in the child's tight little tunnel and squirting thick white gobs of incestuous cum at the soft pink walls of the little girl's developing sex; pumping jet after pearly white jet of sticky goo into their daughter's belly where it belonged. Amanda found herself climaxing along with the couple on the bed at the very sight; without even being touched ... the first time that had happened in many years.

Pausing to return to the bathroom and wipe herself "down there" so she wouldn't ruin the NEW set of clothing she'd just extracted from the bedroom, Amanda came back to the bedroom to finish dressing; figuring the two incestuous lovers were now done.

"Just like a man," Amanda giggled to herself; seeing her husband was already asleep by the time she returned. The sudden release of sexual pleasure by ejaculating his lusty seed into the welcoming and fertile young belly of his own offspring had knocked the older man out like a club to the head. Marie however, was just starting to relax; her father's cum starting to ooze from the girl's freshly-fucked hole, as she collapsed in sexually satiated bliss.

Grabbing a tissue, Amanda stoppered up the child's leaking cunny; then grabbing an extra pillow, motioned for the child to lift her butt. "Remember what I told you last week?" she asked. "You're supposed to keep your hips elevated after sex, if you want a better chance to catch," she reminded her daughter, while slipping the bolster under the nubile child.

"Yes, Mom." Marie seemed to ponder for a moment, then asked, "You're SURE you don't mind?"

Her mother's grin was all the affirmation needed. "You might consider helping your father 'get up', when you two finish sleeping together," she responded; chuckling at the slight pun.

Marie snickered, as she settled down into her parents' bed. "Yeah, I might just do that."

Amanda was about to leave when she remembered that things weren't QUITE done to her satisfaction ... yet. Returning to the bedroom, she found Marie almost dozing off like her father. Another two minutes and the child would have been asleep with her father's cum soaking into her womb; and millions of tiny sperm wriggling their way up into his daughter's body, searching for an egg to fertilize. That it was probably WAY too early in the child's menstrual cycle for this to happen right then, didn't mean that it wouldn't happen in the coming weeks.

"Uh, Marie? Could you do me a favor?"

After what her mother had already allowed, the girl figured she owed the older woman several favors, even without asking. "Yes, Mom," she replied.

Amanda appreciated the lack of questioning as to WHAT the favor was. "In a week or two, you'll be having your period ... or possibly not," she continued. "No, I don't expect you to give up sleeping with your father," she answered the unspoken worry. "I just was wondering if ...."

Here Amanda broke off, then hurriedly continued. Marie had already promised. "Could you ... I mean, would you ... Uh ... ask your little sister to help out too?"

"Huh. ME?" For a moment the question bothered Marie; then she realized the sense in her mother's request. Cindy would be a LOT less likely to object if she knew her big sister was already fucking Dad on a regular basis than if their mother asked.

"But she's so LITTLE," Marie responded almost automatically; remembering just how tight her little sister's tiny little cunny had looked wrapped around their father's swollen prick as the older man had jerked and squirted his cum into the child's belly; filling the little girl's womb with jet after thick sticky jet of incestuous seed; working desperately to father a child on his own little 10-year-old baby girl, just like the man had tried with her older sister on that oh-so-memorable day of sex-education.

Still ... Marie's little sister HAD taken each thick swollen inch of their father's sex into her developing body. Marie remembered with pride how beautiful Cindy had looked when their father had jerked himself into the little girls body; ejaculating his incestuous seed in the child's womb in a vision of love and joy that was hard to deny. The cute little kid had even seemed to enjoy each thick heavy squirt of their father's cum inside her tight little tummy when Dad's penis had swelled and spat gob after gooey white gob of incestuous sperm into the little girl's developing fertility almost as much the older girl had when their father had pumped his seed in thick white jets into her welcoming body. For sure the child hadn't complained; working against the man in a desperate urge to reproduce that had almost made Marie green with envy. Maybe Cindy wasn't too little after all. Besides, the little squirt had just finished her second period a week or two ago. Maybe having Dad squirt his baby-juice in her tummy (and ... delicious thought ... maybe his baby too!) was just what the little twerp needed. In any case, having her father breed the little girl a few times probably wouldn't hurt. Besides, MOST girls, even girls having regular unprotected sex with their own fathers pumping incestuous cum into their tummies day after day and week after week, didn't get pregnant until they were twelve or thirteen years old ... like Marie was. Comforted by that thought, Marie corrected her earlier comment. "OK, Mom ... as long as you don't mind, and Dad doesn't either."

Amanda bent down and gave her precocious offspring a kiss on the forehead before leaving. "Thanks, Dear," she replied. "I'm sure your father won't mind pumping his baby-juice in your little sister's cute little tummy if you help ... any more than he minds filling your sexy little tummy with his babies." Amanda smiled as she remembered the sexy sight of a 30 year old man sliding his swollen prick in and out of the tight little slit of a child barely one-third his age; jerking and jetting thick gooey gobs of his incestuous seed into the little third-grader's womb, while she encouraged her husband to teach the children how babies were made ... by having the man actually try to father a child on each of their little girls, so the kids could feel what it was like to have a real man pump his baby into her body like Amanda oh-so- wished her parents had done for her at the same age, or preferably even earlier. So much she had missed ... and so much pain for not knowing until it was far too late.

No, Amanda was NOT going to let her little girls be deprived, neglected, uneducated, or abused like she was. When it came time to date, the girls would KNOW what it was to have sex, make love, and intimately how babies were made, so they would never mistake one for the other, or be fooled by a man just wanting to get into their tight little panties; not caring if he left a child in the girl's womb or not.

If she could do it, Amanda would see to it that each of HER little girls' first baby was both wanted and loved by the father. If that meant having the man she loved and who adored her be that same father, then so be it. After all, who loved the little girls more, anyway? Besides, didn't all girls love their father and have a crush on him? Marie and Cindy did. Having his babies would just allow the girls to love him in a way that few daughters ever were permitted ... and that Amanda wished she had been allowed to show her own parents.

"You really think I'm sexy?" murmured the little girl; snuggling down next to her father as the older woman pulled the covers over both of them; both females pointedly ignoring the thick heavy seed now leaking from the child's puffy and swollen slit. Time enough to worry about wet-spots on the bed in the morning. During the night, the child could enjoy the true comforts of being a woman ... with a man's seed in her belly where it belonged.

"Uhuh." The answer was unheard, as Marie was already asleep. Amanda giggled as she hurried out the door; now VERY late to her Church gathering. How could the child doubt how sexy she was, with that much of her own father's baby-making cum soaking into her cute little tummy? Still, even knowing they were sexy, most girls seemed to need a lot of reassurance on the matter; and Amanda would see to it that their father gave both of their daughter's that encouragement as often as needed; pumping his baby-juice in their tummies in a demonstration of just how sexy they were to him, that just couldn't be denied.

Ah well. Hopefully in a few months BOTH little girls would be even sexier ... once those same cute little tummies started to show. Maybe THEN the girls would finally appreciate just how much men wanted to get in their sexy little panties ... and why. Amanda figured that she wouldn't have to worry about THAT so much any more. Now that her husband would be pumping his baby-juice in the girls every day, they wouldn't want mere boys to take care of their sexual needs like so many other girls their ages did. This way the girls would get all the sex they needed ... real sex with a real MAN pumping his baby-making seed in their unprotected vaginas; filling their cute little tummies with his babies like a girl really wants and needs; not some pimply kid pumping his gooey cum into the girl's mouth or an unfeeling condom.

By the time the girls were 16, in high-school, and old enough to date on their own, maybe they'd know the difference between just having sex, and true love, where somebody they loved cared enough to plant his baby in their tummies ... AND cared enough to stick around to raise the kids like their father would.

Amanda sighed. At least each of her little girls would get to enjoy having her husband father two or three brothers or sisters on them, before Amanda had to worry about the girls bringing home some strange pimply-faced boy who had gotten into their cute little panties and knocked them up. This way, when their cute little panties got tight, Amanda could be sure whose babies were kicking and squirming in their swollen tummies; as her husband had promised to breed both of their daughters as often as each of kids would hold still while he pumped his semen into the little girl's womb, where it belonged.

One less worry than most mothers had. Well, at least she could hope, anyway. You never could tell, with sexy little girls like those two. Ah well ... even a little bastard or two would be welcome, if the girls chose that route instead of having their own brothers or sisters.

Thank goodness her daughters were willing to cooperate with THAT, now that both girls were finally old enough to help out with their father's babies, since Amanda was almost too old to have more children of her own ... Almost.

Amanda found herself wishing SHE had had the sense to offer to help her mother like this, when she was that age. Well, that was water under the dam, and over the bridge. She hadn't known that her mother wanted more kids until Marie had arrived, and she'd seen the hungry look in the woman's eyes. It was too bad, too; as she would have been quite as willing to carry her father's babies as Marie seemed to be. She wasn't going to cheat HER little girls of having that fun while they were young enough to enjoy it. Once they got old enough to date and go out with boys on their own, it would be far too late for fun things like fucking their own father, having him cum in them, squirt his baby-stuff in them, and plant his babies in their cute little tummies. By then it would be time to think about boys, other men, marriage, and having babies of their own, instead of brothers or sisters for their parents to raise. And Amanda WAS going to have a lot of fun raising them.

Amanda was glad she had raised such proper little girls ... girls who were willing to help their parents out when they really needed it. For the next two weeks her little girls would keep their father's prick properly drained so he could sleep. By the time the Church Fair was over with, Amanda was pretty sure she could come up with at least one more excuse for the kids to "help out" their father by taking his incestuous seed into their tight little tummies where it belonged. After that, Amanda figured that even the little 10-year-old would be so used to feeling her father pump a baby into her waiting fertility each day, with thick white squirts of the man's sticky gooey cum filling her her tummy, that both she and her big sister wouldn't NEED any more excuses to have sex with their father.

In a few days, weeks. or at longest, months, Amanda figured both girls, even Cindy, would be helping their parents in the best and most intimate way possible ... by helping their mother have their father's babies; carrying his children in their swelling young tummies, just like their mother had so many years earlier.

What better way to show your appreciation of the love you got from your parents, than by giving the same love to your brothers or sisters? 'Not many girls these days would help their mothers out like that,' she thought. Such wonderful babies, to have their own father's babies before they grew too old and left home for college or careers of their own. Not many little girls would do that for their mother.