{ASSTR} New story:Space Navy Spy Captured, Raped and Tortured 
{Daydreamer New} (M+/F, alien, anal, rape, snuff, tort, viol, ScFi)

Commander Talley had suspected something was up ever since he'd 
taken command of transport 6S-8, a 1,000 meter jury built spacecraft 
that only saw service due to the desperate shortage of fleet 
supply ships.  His suspicions began even before taking command 
which was necessary due to the suspicious death of her previous 
captain.  Now, he found evidence that they'd been followed for at 
least a week before the previous captain's death and none of the 
crew had noticed it before.

Much of his attention was focused on his executive officer, Huntley. 
Huntley, a reserve fleet officer, was too sloppy to have attained 
the position he was in.  He must have had inside help to advance 
this far so quickly.

Talley's speculation was soon rendered moot.  He was awoken by the 
piercing scream of the alarm klaxon signaling they were under 
attack.  Running to the bridge half dressed, he was startled to hear 
"abandon ship" being announced over the ship's intercom.  Trying to 
direct panic stricken crew members back to their stations, he 
finally made it to the bridge which was only occupied by Officer 
Janet Dermon, the medical officer.  

"Dermon, what's the meaning of this?  Who gave the order to abandon 
ship?"  he roared.  "I did.  We have no chance against the Synod 
raider closing on us."  

"We're not abandoning this ship without a fight" he said with 
determination, crossing the bridge to cancel the abandon ship order 
and lock down the lifecraft station.  

"No, no you won't" Dermon said, jamming a hypodermic needle into the 
captain's neck.  Wide-eyed with surprise, Talley suddenly found 
himself unable to speak as he sank to the deck.  He was dead in 

Dermon took one look around the bridge, her work here done.  As an 
agent of the Synod, her mission had been to aid the Synod raider 
into taking this vessel full of critical supplies and equipment.  

She now headed to the lifecraft deck to evacuate, knowing that the 
raiders would ignore the fleeing lifecraft to enable to continue her 
mission on another vessel.  As she reached the lifecraft deck she 
heard the telltale thumps of the craft firing off.  To her horror, 
she realized that the last one had just departed, leaving her 

Evacuating was one thing.  Anyone who remained on board was assumed 
to be resisting and was dealt mercilessly by the raiders who were 
usually incredibly cruel mercenaries hired for the job.  Her first 
thought was to identify herself as a Synod agent, then thought 
better of the idea.  Instead, she decided to hide until the vessel 
was brought to a regular Synod base where she'd have much better 
odds at not being killed, or worse being discovered and passed among 
the raiders for their pleasure before being killed.

On board the raider mother ship, a particularly tough raider named 
Ellis was getting his men together.  Badly scarred with one eye 
missing and much of the rest of his face poor artificial 
replacements, he was typical of the crew which he commanded only by 
ruthlessness and the promise of plunder.  

Ellis quickly loaded his troops into the assault boat through a 
combination of threats, force and promise of reward.  They covered 
the distance to the transport fast and were soon latched into their 
docking bay.  Not taking any chances, they fanned out, weapons at 
the ready. 

Dermon had meanwhile taken an elevator down to the main hold, where 
she found a shipment of military latrines.  "The perfect hiding 
place" she thought to herself.  Unfortunately, she'd walked through 
a small puddle of grease left by the crew, courtesy of the 
carelessness she'd infected the crew with.  Her footprints left a 
clear path to her perfect hiding place.

The first sign of trouble was when Bushnell entered a passage and 
fell into the trash conveyor.  Before he could recover he was pulled 
into the grinder and died a quick but horrible death.  Ellis fired 
into the grinder too late, then backed out.  Suspecting that this 
was a trap set up by a remaining crew member, he cautiously looked 
for signs of trouble.  It didn't take him long to find the tracks 
left by Dermon.

He'd soon followed her path to the cargo hold.  Seeing the hiding 
place he figured this was probably a crew member who wasn't 
resisting but just trying to hide.  He knocked on the door and said 
"Hey, its all clear."  

Inside, Dermon grasped the scalpel.   The voice wasn't one of the 
crew, so it must be a raider.  And, since the voice was calm and 
steady it must have been a Synod agent on board looking for her.  

Still, she stayed still and quiet.  

Tiring, Ellis knew the tricks.  "I hear someone coming" he said 
urgently.  Without thinking, Dermon opened the door and said "Quick, 
in here".  Before she could respond, Ellis was inside.  Covering her 
mouth with one hand and threatening her throat with a large, wicked 
knife, he told the frightened, sweating officer he'd kill her if she 
made a sound.

Then he looked more closely at his capture.  Slim, middle aged, with 
long hair tied in a ponytail, she was quite a catch.  He reached 
down and ripped open her tunic.  Janet's eyes opened wide in terror. 
She tried to tell him who she was, but his hand clamped her mouth 
tightly as his other hand roughly pulled up her bra.  "Damn, little 
titties" he thought to himself.  "Fuck it, she's got at least three 
holes to poke.  Might as well start now."

He threw the Fleet officer/Synod agent against the wall, stunning 
her.  Before she could fall he reached for her trousers and pulled 
them down her legs.  Still dazed, Janet grasped the waistband of her 
panties that had been partially pulled down, revealing the crack of 
her shapely behind.  "I'm a Synod agent" she hollered.

"Sure you are, darlin', and I'm the head of the Synod.  Lucky I got 
here in time" he said cruelly as he yanked her white bikini panties 
down her thighs. 

Hobbled by her pants and underwear, and still stunned, Janet offered 
slow resistance as the pirate opened his fly, bent her over against 
the wall and rammed his cock into her dry vagina.

Janet screamed at the sudden violation, feeling his raping member 
split her open and penetrate into her body.  "I'm an agent, I set 
this up, STOOOOPPPPP!" she screamed.

Her screams attracted the rest of the team, who had already made 
their halfhearted and sloppy sweep of the transport.  The first one 
rounded the corner and said "Shit, Ellis, you ain't sharin'".  

Within moments the rest of the crew arrived.

Panting, Ellis said "damnit, OK, let's do this right.  Grab the 
bitch and we'll take her up to the mess."  He abruptly pulled out of 
Janet grabbing her arm dragged her to the elevator.  Several of the 
crew jammed inside, hands pawing at the helpless female as she 
continued to plea that she was a Synod agent.  Of course they'd 
heard that before too.

Before long they'd tied her to the table, hands together above her 
head so they could rotate her.  Parsons pulled her pants and panties 
off the rest of the way, leaving her naked from the waist down 
except for her shipboard boots.  Her blond pubic hair and plump 
labia were prominently displayed between her widespread thighs. The 
raiders ripped open her tunic pushed her bra up around her neck, 
revealing her small breasts topped by large pale pink areoles and 

Three of the pirates were collectors and fully appreciated what she 
had to offer.

Still screaming about being a Synod agent, Ellis simply shoved her 
panties in her mouth, got between her legs and thrust roughly into 
her to continue his rape.  The rest of the crew stripped down, ready 
to join the fun.  Ellis stiffened and shot a load of sperm deep into 
the struggling officer.  Getting up, he was quickly replaced by 

Dermon struggled and tried to scream, her worst nightmares come 
true.  This wasn't supposed to happen. The worst she really expected 
was to be captured by the Fleet and executed.  The pirate on her now 
was really pounding her, punching deep into her most private and now 
violated part.  Worse was coming.

Parsons grunted and came inside her, then pulled out, leaving a 
trail of fluid dribbling out of her violated sex.  Next was the 
Thalgud, who wasted no time in flipping her over to reveal the 
smooth white globes of her buttocks.  Face down, Janet was sure she 
knew what was coming next and redoubled her struggle.  It was no 
use.  The Thalgud spread her cheeks and jammed his golden fluid 
slicked erection into her tiny pink anus.  

Janet screamed so hard her panties came out of her mouth.  "Shut her 
up" Ellis said, and Thompson responded by jamming his cock into her 
wide open mouth.  Janet continued to scream as her sphincter muscle 
lost the battle to deny entrance to the sodomy and the Thalgud's 
huge cock slid into her rectum.

After an hour every pirate had raped every one of Dermon's orifices 
at least once.  The finale was when her mouth, anus and vagina were 
all simultaneously raped, filling the agent with raping cocks.  

Their sexual lusts satisfied, their cruel lusts were next.  Still 
face down, Parsons brought his wide military belt down on her pale 
quivering buttocks with a vicarious lash, the loud slap followed by 
an even louder shriek from their captive.  He continued his lashing 
as Thompson pulled up the remnants of her tunic and strapped her 
bare back.  Soon her back from calves to back was a mass of angry 
red welts and bruises, some bleeding. 

"Hey, I got an idea.  Spread her legs" said Parsons.  While Ellis 
and the Thalgud spread her legs, Parsons set his blaster to low stun 
and aimed at her still wide open and angry red anus.  Sliding the 
blaster easily in because of the all the cum still dribbling out, he 
shoved six inches in before pulling the trigger.

Dermon nearly leapt off the table, her eyes bugged out and her mouth 
open in a silent scream that finally sounded out.  Parsons pulled 
his blaster out just in time as a stream of excrement shot out of 
Janet's abused anus while she quivered and thrashed uncontrollably.

"Great idea" Ellis snarled "Now fucking clean it up".  "Damn" 
Parsons said, grabbing a hose from the galley.  Within minutes he 
was blasting the shit off the table and against the wall, and hosing 
off the still quivering woman. 

"Hey, let's try her pussy" said Thompson.  In no time at all he 
jammed his blaster several inches into her vagina and pulled the 
trigger.  New screams and thrashings followed, much to the sadistic 
delight of the pirates.

The torture continued for hours, becoming more and more sadistic.  

By the time it reached the cutting stage Janet was near catatonic, 
barely able to feel or respond to the abuse.  It was time for the 

Pulling out his fighting knife, Parson quickly cut off her abused 
and now angry red areoles and nipples.  He'd preserve these in a 
very thin coating of plastic so they'd maintain their feel and 
flexibility.  These were the 17th pair he'd collected.

Also using a very sharp knife, Thompson scalped her pubic hair.  
He'd dry it to preserve it, stringing it along with the others he 
had hanging in his cabin.  An older hand, this was the 53rd patch 
he'd collected.  His goal was to collect enough to make a coat.

Finally, Ellis, the cruelest of the bunch, pulled out a special 
laser scalpel.  With finely honed skill he sliced off his victim's 
clitoris, labia and vulva in one piece.  Preserved the same way 
Parsons would preserve her aureoles, this was the 112th prize 
he'd collected.

Dermon lay on the table, battered and bleeding externally and  
internally.  "Well, guess she's used up.  Just one thing left - 
bet 50 credits I can shove that conduit through her pussy faster 
than you can shove one through her ass" Thompson told Parson.  
"You're on."

The pirates walked away from the room a few minutes later, joking 
and laughing.  Thompson paid Parson the 50 credits.  On the table 
lay Janet Dermon, skewered from ruined anus and vagina through 
to her mouth.  They'd space the body and clean up before they got 
back to the Synod port, explaining as usual that some of the crew 
had unwisely put up a fight.