Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Demon Summons Works! Coven summons a demon and he shows up hungry for rape MF, rape, snuff, viol, best, anal, magic I'd been with the company for just a year but already knew everyone there. It was tight knit group that not only worked together but were often friends outside of work. Haley worked down the hall in accounts receivable. She was really pretty in a cute way, a pixie with shoulder length brown hair. She was friendly and fun to be around and like a surprising number of people in the office was a big believer in the supernatural. Although not quite so devoted I did too, so we shared a common interest. I knew she'd hooked up with some other people with like interests including some outside the office. While she'd been in a Wiccan coven when I first met her she talked about these other groups as having moved into real witchcraft. I found this intriguing. As the year grew older she was really excited about some sort of project her coven had been working on. She told me how they were going to do something really special around Halloween but when I asked she'd give me a mischievous grin and tell me she couldn't say anything about it. As we got into the middle of September, she suddenly said she needed to talk to me, so we met at lunch. "John" she said, grabbling my arm "can you come with me on Halloween to our big event?" "Depends what are you going to do, summon a demon?" She jerked back with her pretty brown eyes wide open, then smiled and said "Well, since you figured it out, yeah, that's what we're going to do. Are you in?" she asked. "Aren't covens just for women, you know, like witches?" I asked. "No, for this event we need a few guys. What do you say, are in in?" Without really thinking about it, I said "sure". It turned out that we'd need some special costumes, specifically costumes from colonial America. I found a colonial suit with goofy pants and socks, along with a dark blue coat and a tri-corner hat. I drove to her apartment and rang the doorbell. She opened the door and said "well, what do you think?" with a grin. She was dressed in a simple old style black dress that just looked terrific on her. She was bubbly happy, really excited. She told me she'd been given a secret pass phrase to get into the party. We drove way out into the country to a small shack with several cars parked in front. But, the shack was dark and we didn't see anyone. "Where is everybody?" I asked. "They're inside. The windows are covered to keep this a secret. Are you ready to go in?" she asked, clearly excited by the strangeness of it all. I was, on the other hand, very uneasy. "Are you sure about this? I mean, this looks really weird." "No really, you'll love it, I can tell" she said, her confidence building up now that she was taking the role of mentor. We opened the door and went in to find only candles lit the inside. We dimly saw a small man in the darkness who talked in low, creaky voice "what do you come for?" Excited and confident, she said "I have the secret pass code". Lightning up, the voice said "you have a phrase? Speak it now child." "I'm not a child, I'm 22. And, yes, I know the secret pass phrase." Despite her show of bravado she spoke quietly and hesitantly, the unfamiliar language difficult for her despite extensive practice. "Eu va dau eu a?a s-ar putea ridica din nou. ("I give you myself so you may rise again.)" There was a strange, whispering sound coming from all around, and a faint glow. The man seemed to grow larger. The voice was stronger now. "Say it again!" Rather than being intimidated or scared, Haley seem energized by what was going on. She repeated the phrase, confidently and boldly. The sound and glow grew. Suddenly I could I hear shrieking in the background. I was getting scared, but Haley seemed entranced, excited. "Louder" the man commanded, "say it louder, repeat it, say it louder, LOUDER". Haley, in a frenzy, began to repeat the strange phrase over and over again as things got more out of control " besides the sound and light there was a wind rising INSIDE the cabin. "LOUDER, CHILD, LOUDER" the voice commanded, now booming. Suddenly, the house burst apart and the man rose but he wasn't a man, more like a horned goat that stood on two legs. Haley stopped, stupefied at what stood before her. "A demon, OMG, a real demon" she whispered urgently, suddenly snapped out of her trance and aware of what was going on. Backing away, she said "John, we have to get out of here!" With the house gone I noticed a small group of women who'd been watching. They must have been the coven, but they seemed paralyzed, unable to move even as a mass of small evil long-limbed creatures crawled from the ground and approached them. "You're going nowhere" roared the demon. "Do you know what you've been saying?" Stunned, Haley replied "no". "You naive, stupid child, you're a sacrifice and you've pledged yourself to me so I may rise again. Now, I want my sacrifice. Now, I want YOU!" his voice boomed. She tried to run, but he caught her. Stupidly, I ran to save her and something sprouted from the ground and grabbed me. Within seconds it had ripped away my clothes. Hands, claws, something slimy, hairy, cold and hot held me down, enveloping my cock which immediately grew erect. I watched helpless as the creature grabbed my friend. In front of me the demon held Haley by the neck, playing with her, methodically shredding her clothes. It ripped away the bottom of her old fashioned dress, revealing plain white cotton panties. It ripped open the top of her dress and tore open her bra, revealing her small breasts. "Disappointingly small, but that's not what I really need. I need your openings." His tongue licked her nipples, then up her neck and face as she screamed. The demon's tail caressed her thighs and pressed against the crotch of her panties, her feet still in old fashioned boots flailing as she struggled. In front of the demon rose his penis, an enormous arm sized appendage. Unable to look away, with my own erection that I couldn't believe was happening, I noticed out of the corner of my eye the coven was finally free to move but the creatures were upon them, ripping away their clothes. I heard their screams as they were overwhelmed. With lightning speed the demon ripped apart her panties, leaving the remnants hanging from her body along with the torn shreds of her dress. I stared at her exposed body, unable to turn away. She was my friend and I never thought I'd see her naked. I stared wide-eyed at her pale round behind, her small firm breasts and the patch of pubic hair between her long legs as the demon spun her around. Haley screamed "John, please help me!" while the demon grinned and admired his prize. Without much fanfare, he grabbed her narrow waist with one gigantic hand. The other hand and his tail spread her legs. Haley cried "No, please, let me go" but the demon only said "yes, little one, now I sacrifice you by raping your virgin holes." To the side I could see the other members of the coven being raped by smaller creatures, their cries of pain and anguish filling the air as the cruel demons plunged into their exposed bodies. As her legs were spread I could see her little slit from behind, framed by light curly hair. I continued to stare as the demon settled her on his huge erection and split her delicate vulva. "NOOOOOOO!" she wailed as the demon relentlessly pulled her down, her cries reaching a terrible pitch as he pushed against and ripped through her hymen. "Now you're a woman" he spoke in a deep bass "but you have another virgin hole." With her legs spread by his knees, his tail rapidly whipped through the air. Within a second the huge arrow shaped tip pushed past her tightly clenched buttocks and penetrated her tiny anus. Haley screamed and cried as the demon ravished her anal and vaginal openings. She wasn't the only one experiencing a rape. Beneath me I could feel my own buttocks being spread apart. Howling, I was powerless as something pushed into my ass while the demon raped Haley. Faster and faster the demon drove into my friend's body. I could see blood flowing down the enormous shaft ramming into her, and now spraying along its tail. With each outward retreat it seemed that part of Haley was coming out with the raping members, only to be shoved back into her with a scream from the tortured girl. The demon's talons raked across her skin, leaving striped furrows around her waist, back, buttocks and thighs. I stared but was unable to move while this thing stroked my penis so hard it hurt and my ass was being violated. The demon's skin glowed as he pulled the girl up higher and higher and, to my disbelief, his demonic cock grew larger and longer. Haley flailed like a rag doll, the demon's talons tearing her skin, wailing until she finally screamed "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" With that the demon punched his talons into her sides to grip her better and slammed her down. A soundless scream of agony was fixed on my friend's beautiful face as the demon roared. I tried to close my eyes but couldn't as a spray of red and white fluid exploded from her mouth and lower body as the demon climaxed into poor Haley, the pressure tearing her insides apart. As the demon came, I felt something shoot into my ass as I also came with an explosion of cum with such force it left a ropy trail across Haley's hair. NOOOO! I'd actually cum on my friend, my... I couldn't bring myself to think it, but I knew Haley was dead. The demon stood up, Haley still impaled on his huge cock, her arms, legs and head hanging limply. Without ceremony the demon pulled the completely lifeless Haley off his three foot long cock as blood and tissue poured out of the obscene, gaping holes that had once been Haley's vagina and anus. He tossed her aside, used and broken. The demon now approached me, his huge erection still dripping Haley's insides. With a deep, baritone laugh he said "Your friend has served her purpose and is useless now, but I see you survived." He walked over to where the coven lay on the ground raped and broken, the creatures feasting upon their bleeding bodies, ripping away limbs to fulfill their hunger, tearing into their breasts as delacies. Walking further, he reached down and dragged a terrified girl up by her hair, still clothed, a girl I recognized as one of Haley's friends Amanda. She was to be the sacrifice but couldn't remember the spell "You will take her" I was still impaled on something in my ass and I had no control, like a puppet. The thing in my ass swung me over to Amanda. Wide eyed and terrified by the events of the night and the terrible rape and death of so many of her friends, she pleaded "John, please, please." But there would be no mercy tonight. Still under the demon's control I knocked the frightened girl down to the ground. Stunned, she offered little resistance as I ripped open her costume. As I tore open her bodice and bra her large breasts spilled under my lustful glare. Within seconds I'd torn open the crotch of her tights and panties, revealing her narrow slit visible beneath her trimmed hair. The air on her exposed sex shocked her into action. "John, no, don't do this, please, no, no, no." Her pitiful pleas only excited me further. I glanced down and saw my normally 6 inch cock had grown to 18 inches, and was as thick as my wrist. She saw it too, her face showing abject terror as she realized she was about to be ravaged as her friends had. To her credit Amanda struggled and screamed, but it was no use as I now had superhuman strength. With no preparation I pushed my huge cockhead against her labia. I could feel the immense pressure as I pushed against her slit and spread her. With no hesitation I simply rammed my gigantic cock into the desperate girl and reveled in the even greater pressure and pleasure, and her pain as I pushed into her tight and dry vagina. But the best was to come. She threw her head back and screamed in terror and pain as I split her vulva and tore into her vagina, then ripped through her hymen. The sweet and terrible feel of her hymen yielding and then tearing before my power was all too brief. I saw the tears flow freely from her tightly closed eyes, her mouth open in a continuous scream as I plunged into her. I could feel her womb stretch then tear to new screams as I slammed into her body cavity, causing terrible damage. It was too much. After only a few deep thrusts I came, flooding her limply struggling body with hot cum. I looked down on Amanda who only 30 minutes earlier I would have shyly tried to date. Now she lay beneath me, her ragged breathing testament to the damage I'd done with my huge cock still buried deep inside her. I'd raped her when not long ago I'd have spent weeks carefully dating her just trying to maybe feel her breasts. I hadn't even realized that at some point I was no longer impaled and controlled. I'd ravaged Amanda on my own, driven by my own lust. And now, after dumping my seed, I knew that unlike before I was still erect and ready to plunge into a new victim. "There are no more victims" the demon said "only her." "I need another, I need another" I said urgently. "Use the bitch completely. Fuck her ass!" the demon roared. Damn, why didn't I think of that. I pulled my dick out of Amanda's ruined pussy, amazed that it just kept coming, bits of her torn insides clinging and falling away along with a torrent of fluids that poured out of her while Amanda weakly whimpered. I stared at her ragged and torn opening, musing that it had been used only once and that for a brutal rape. I was changed. While once I would have been horrified now I was lustfully proud at what I'd done and ready to do more. Without even bothering to turn her over I simply pulled her legs up to expose her shapely buttocks and the tiny opening I now craved. One part of my mind wondered how my 3 inch thick cock would ever fit into her pinkie sized hole while the part in control simply pushed against that tiny puckered brown opening. Despite her damaged lungs Amanda managed to credibly scream as I split her anus and shoved into her rectum, tearing her open and plunging deeply into her lower body. She writhed in pain and agony, blood spraying from her mouth and her body as I spread her legs wide and dug my new talons into her waist for better purchase while I rutted into her. Barely conscious, Amanda whimpered and moaned as her body shook. I watched her large breasts rock back and forth with my raping thrusts. I raked her breasts with my claws, leaving ten bloody furrows across her shaking globes. Amanda passed out before I came, which is just as well because my final thrust and even greater climax literally tore her insides apart. Her abdomen swelled as I filled her, then deflated as I pulled out of her torn rear and, like a pulled plug, our unholy amalgam of fluids poured out. I roared and stood over my victim, my still erect cock gruesomely covered with Amanda's blood, tissue and feces. I looked down over my victim, blood and fluids still pouring from her lower body, the bloody furrows on her breasts and trickle from her mouth showing in shocking contrast to her abnormally pale skin. The demon spoke approvingly "You've done well. You think you have no control but I can only make you do what is in you. You will become my instrument of terror, doing my will and paving the way for my reign. In return you will have all the women you wish." The lesser demons were still feeding on their victims, dancing in the macabre torn flesh. Demon and I shared a meal of Haley and Amanda. I couldn't be happier as we flew away from what little was left of our victims to seek out more.