I'm not a writer. Just a person who loves sex. This first story gets
nastier as it develops. It's totally fictional. I'll be interested to
hear if anyone likes it and would be interested in reading more. If
you're looking for romance, that's not my thing. If you're looking
for raw nasty perverted stories, then read on. The primary subjects
in this part are public exhibitionism, public sex, pedo and piss.
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Before reading Part 19, you might want to read Parts 1 through 18 to
find out more about Lisa and me.

My Perfect Slut Lisa - Part 19 - Amusement Park Orgy 

"I want to drink all the girls' piss!!" Nikki begged as she looked
at Matt. 

"From a glass?" Matt teased. 

"No!! From their cunts!!" Nikki moaned, obviously lost in perverted

"And what else?" Matt asked, knowing Nikki was hornier than he'd
ever seen her. 

"I want to lay down on a bench and spread my legs so all these
people can watch Herman's cum drip out of my cunt!!! Hold my legs
apart, Matt and Rick!! I know how much you want to watch them looking
at my naked cunt!! I want to cum without anything touching my clit!!" 

Herman grabbed a bench nearby that was perfect. It was about four
feet long with no back, just a wooden bench about 18 inches high.
Nikki immediately laid down on the bench and spread her legs as she
lifted her knees and Matt and I each took hold of a foot and knee and
pulled her legs as wide as we could. We knew Nikki wanted to be in
the dirtiest position possible so her sloppy cunt would be totally
exposed to anyone who wanted to look at it. 

Lisa and the girls were standing beside me and Lisa said, "Now
that's how you should expose your cunts, girls!! Look at all the
yummy cum leaking out of it!! Let's all watch Nikki cum!! Do it,
Nikki!! Then Julie will eat you!!" 

Nikki's clit was pulsing from her excitement. She looked down
between her legs and saw strangers staring at her messy cunt and
licking their lips and she just started cumming and shaking all over.
More of Herman's cum was seeping out and dripping over her asshole. 

Julie couldn't wait any longer and she rushed around and got down on
her knees and said, "I'm going to eat my lunch out of your cunt,
Nikki!!" Then she looked up at Lisa and said, "Can I please eat it
all, Lisa?" 

Lisa smiled at Julie's hunger and said, "Yes, Julie. Show all these
folks how a ten year old girl can eat a cunt properly!!" 

Julie smiled and licked up the cum covering Nikki's asshole and ate
it. Then she looked at me and said, "Does this turn you on as much as
it turns me on, Rick? Do you want to see me eat all the cum out of
Nikki's cunt now? Would you like to fuck my tight little cunt like
you did a little while ago?" 

It was hard to believe that a ten year old could be so fucking nasty
and sexy as Julie.

Sara squeezed my ass and purred, "She's such a nasty young twat!!
I'm going to eat her after she finishes eating Nikki!! But right now
I'm going to use Nikki's mouth! You and Lisa were right! It's
beautiful. I can't wait to piss in it!!" 

"Tell her how much you want to piss in her, Sara," I said as Sara
moved up to Nikki's head. 

Sara nodded to me and bent down to talk to Nikki. Nikki was still
quivering from the excitement and from Julie's mouth between her
legs. Sara bent over and kissed Nikki and I thought Nikki was going
to swallow her. Their tongues immediately intertwined and they
started feeling each other's tits. 

Then Sara pulled back and said, "I keep staring at your beautiful
mouth, Nikki! Is it okay if I use it? I'm dying to pee and I've never
wanted to piss in anyone's mouth so badly!" 

Nikki may have cum again as she listened. She glanced at Matt and
then she looked in Sara's eyes as she said, "You're so sexy, Sara! It
would be an honor to be your human toilet. Sit on my mouth and let me
love your cunt! Fill my tummy with your fresh hot piss! I promise
I'll drink every drop!!"

The crowd was restless and we could hear comments of disbelief and
excitement as Sara lifted her beautiful tanned leg over the bench so
her naked cunt was poised over Nikki's face. Julie peeked up at
Sara's perfect ass and sucked deeply on Nikki's trench as Sara put
her hands on her thighs and squatted slightly, deliberately trying to
look nasty as she looked down at Nikki's beautiful mouth. Nikki
stared at Sara's tight young slit and the slight bulge where her
hidden clit was swelling up and she reached up to gently spread
Sara's cuntlips to gaze at the pink treasure inside. If there was
ever a doubt in her mind that she loved girls and the juicy treat
inside their luscious cunts, it disappeared as she looked in Sara's
perfect cunt. Matt and I saw it and knew. Nikki knew it, too. She
would eat cunts forever. She would feed her cunt to women and girls
forever. She would expose her cunt as often as possible to total
strangers and she would beg women and girls to use her mouth to piss

"Suck the piss out of my cunt, Nikki!!" Sara purred as she squatted
a bit lower so Nikki could touch her with her mouth. 

Nikki wiggled her tongue inside Sara's slit and made Sara shiver.
Then the first drops of piss dribbled into Nikki's mouth and she let
it slide right down her throat. Lisa had moved close to watch Nikki
drink and purred, "That's so beautiful, Nikki!! Take Sara's piss!!
Drink it all!" 

Nikki was in another world now as she softly rubbed Sara's ass as
she drank Sara's hot piss. Julie pulled Nikki's cunt apart and held
her head back a minute so the slight breeze could tickle her as
people strained to see inside her open cunthole. We could all see her
clit spasming as Julie blew on it and smiled when it throbbed. Then
she leaned in again and began licking and sucking her meal of ripe

As I listened to the sounds of Nikki drinking Sara's piss and to
Sara's moans of pleasure, I watched Julie and said, "You've learned
so quickly, Julie! Eat every drop of Herman's cum and then suck on
Nikki's clit! You might be the filthiest ten year old girl alive!"

Matt didn't know where to look anymore. When he looked toward
Nikki's head, all he saw was Sara's sweet ass and Nikki's hands
carressing it as Sara continued pissing in her mouth. Then he looked
at Nikki's full tits with their swollen nipples and he wished he
could suck them. Then he looked down at her wide-spread legs that he
and I were holding open and Julie's bobbing head as she sucked on
Nikki's cunt. I could tell he was almost overwhelmed with passion for
his sexy nymph of a wife as she began to experience the most
incredible pleasure imaginable from her introduction into this warped
world of deviant and forbidden sex. 

As Sara finished pissing in Nikki's mouth, she said, "Ohhhhhh, fuck,
that was nice, Nikki!! Can I fuck myself on your mouth now?" 

Nikki just nodded and moaned as Sara gently rocked her sexy hips
back and forth while Nikki lapped at her clit. We could hear Sara
cumming and Nikki moaning to swallow her squirting juice. 

"Good girl, Sara!!" Lisa said. "Look at how hungry Nikki is for your
yummy fuckjuice!! Grind your pretty slit on her mouth!! Your nipples
look like little rocks!! Cum hard, baby!! Cum in Nikki's mouth!!" 

"Mother fucker!!!" Herman said as he watched the incredible display. 

Lisa turned to see that Herman was hard again and she said,
"Jennifer, you need to help poor Herman! Kneel down and suck his

Jennifer was on her knees instantly and she grabbed Herman's big
black cock with her delicate hands and started rubbing it. Then she
looked up at Lisa, remembering she was always supposed to talk nasty
before doing anything sexual, and she said, "Can I eat his cum
please? I want him to fuck my mouth!!" 

Lisa smiled at Jennifer and said, "Of course you can eat his cum,
Jennifer! Be sure to use your tongue on his shaft because you will
only be able to get a gew inches of his big cock inside your mouth!!" 

Jennifer smiled and giggled as she opened her mouth as wide as she
could and shoved the head of Herman's cock inside it. Watching this
cute twelve year old girl sucking on Herman's huge black cock was
priceless. Herman's cock and balls were sticking out of his opened
pants as Jennifer knelt in front of him naked. 

Sara was finished cumming now and Julie had eaten all of Herman's
cum out of Nikki's cunt. As Sara carefully climbed off Nikki's mouth,
she turned toward Julie and said, "Come over here, Julie. I want to
eat you!!" 

"And I want to use Nikki's mouth!!" Kelly said excitedly. 

Nikki was ready for anything and she said, "And how old are you,

Kelly looked down at Nikki as she climbed over her face and said,
"I'm eleven but I'll be twelve soon! Do you want to drink my piss?" 

Nikki started rubbing Kelly's ass like she rubbed Sara's as she
said, "It would be hard for me to explain how much I want to drink
your piss, Kelly! Fuck! Look at your fuzzy little pussy!! Can I eat
you for a while first?" 

"Sure!! Would you like to suck my asshole, too?" Kelly replied. 

"You just give it to me, Kelly!! I'll stick my tongue as far as I
can up your sweet little asshole!!" 

"Mmmmmm!! I like you!!" Kelly said. "Tongue-fuck my asshole!!

"Matt?" Nikki said, turning her head slightly. "Please keep my legs
spread open while I eat Kelly! Play with my pussy if you want, but be
sure everyone can see my cunt! I'm going to tongue-fuck Kelly's
asshole and eat her cunt before she pisses in my mouth!" 

Lisa quickly bent down near Nikki's head and said, "Would you like
me to go down and hold your cunt open, Nikki?"

"YESSSS!!" Nikki gasped at Lisa. "And let people stick their fingers
in me if they want!" 

Nikki pulled Kelly's ass down on her tongue as Lisa moved around and
sat between her legs. Lisa looked up at me and smiled that special
smile that said how hot she was and how happy she was. I blew her a
kiss and silently said, "I love you!" 

Then Lisa spread Nikki's cunt open and licked her lips as she looked
inside Nikki's hole. She used two fingers of each hand to stretch
Nikki's cunt so people standing nearby could see it. Then she turned
her head and started asking people if they wanted to stick their
fingers inside Nikki's cunt. Mostly men, but a few women, came up and
fingered Nikki as Lisa told them to finger-fuck her. 

I turned to look at Jennifer sucking Herman's cock and smiled when I
saw her taking about three inches in her mouth and straining to take
more. I knew she was anxious to eat his cum. Jennifer looked so sexy
kneeling there naked with her blonde hair waving in the breeze and
her small but nicely-shaped young tits swelling so beautifully. Then
I looked at Kelly sitting on Nikki's mouth and talking to her.

"Your tongue feels really good in my ass, Nikki! And I love the way
your eyes are staring at my cunt! Here, let me open it up for you so
you can see what you're going to eat!!" 

Kelly spread her cunt open with her hands so Nikki could look at all
the wet pink skin. Nikki's eyes got bigger and she pulled her tongue
out of Kelly's ass and pushed it right inside her cunt and started
sucking. Just then, I heard Jennifer moaning loudly and I turned to
see her struggling to swallow the cum that was obviously shooting out
of Herman's cock, based on the grimace on his face. After about six
squirts, he groaned, "Damn, this little slut can eat cum!!" 

After Jennifer finally got it all, she pulled away and licked
Herman's cockhead clean and then she looked at him and said, "Thank
you so much for your cum!! I hope you liked fucking my mouth!!" 

Herman could hardly speak. He helped Jennifer stand up and he
started to reach down to feel her pussy and she said, "Shove two
fingers inside my cunt and I'll fuck them!!" 

"Good girl, Jennifer!!" I said. 

She turned her head and smiled at me and said, "After I fuck
Herman's fingers, I'll suck my cuntjuice off of them and eat it for

There wasn't a soft cock in the crowd. This was the most amazing
display of warped public sex ever. Matt and I and all the girls were
all at a fever pitch now. Nikki was sucking the piss out of Kelly;
Sara was eating Julie's cunt; Jennifer was fucking Herman's big
fingers; Lisa was playing with Nikki's cunt and helping strangers
finger her; and Matt and I were watching everything and holding
Nikki's legs apart.   

Lisa looked up at Matt and asked him to keep holding Nikki so she
could do something really nasty with Sara and Julie. He nodded and
Lisa took my hand and said, "Grab that other bench!" 

I pulled another bench over and Lisa called to Sara and Julie and
said, "I've got an idea for you two! Julie, lie down on the bench and
let Rick piss in your cunt! Then Sara can suck it out of you and
drink it!" 

The girls rushed over and Julie laid on the bench and spread her
legs as I pulled out my hard cock. Luckily, I had to piss real bad.
Julie gasped a little when I pushed my cock in her tight cunt, but
she loved it. I had to hold still and concentrate a lot in order to
piss, but after a moment I was able to do it. My cock was only
inserted about three inches so there would be a little room for the
piss. I let go with a nice hard blast of piss and Julie gasped again
and said, "Ohhhh, that feels good!!" Then I stopped the flow and
slowly pulled out. 

Sara was on her knees and ready. She leaned in quickly and covered
Julie's cunt with her mouth. She sucked and slurped all the piss out
and swallowed it. Then she looked at me and purred, "Do it again!! I
want all your piss!!" So we repeated the cuntpissing four more times.
Julie was really loving it and so was Sara. Lisa was rubbing her cunt
and telling the girls what a beautiful sight it was watching them. 

"I drank Rick's piss, Julie's juice and some dog cum out of Julie's
hot cunt!!" Sara announced with a big grin. "Fucking delicious!!" 

Then Lisa noticed a pretty woman about Lisa's same age standing with
a young boy very close to her. Lisa said hello and we both gazed at
the sexy body of the woman in her denim mini-skirt and tight shell
top. It was obvious the woman wasn't wearing a bra as her nipples
were very visible as they pressed against the sheer fabric. She had
long blond hair and pretty green eyes. 

"Hi," she said nervously. "My name is Denise and this is my son
John. I w-was w-wondering if you'd be interested in helping us?" 

Lisa extended her hand and smiled at Denise and said, "Sure! How can
we help you?" 

"Well," Denise said softly, "John is really excited watching you and
his cock is so hard it's hurting him. So I was w-wondering if....." 

Denise blushed and swallowed hard as Lisa smiled and interrupted,
"You were wondering if we could make John's cock stop hurting?" 

Denise nodded her head and said, "Yes! John has a beautiful cock and
it's very big for a nine year old. I'd help him myself, but I'm a bit

Lisa had glanced at me and licked her lips. I knew she wanted them
both, and I watched her work her magic on Denise. She put her arm
around Denise's waist and gave her a little hug as she said, "And how
old are you. Denise?" 

Denise had a sexy smile on her face, not hiding her attraction for
Lisa as she said, "I'm 25. I'm guessing you're about the same." 

"I'm 27," Lisa said as she took Denise's hand and placed it on her
breast. Denise made no attempt to pull her hand back, and I saw her
squeeze Lisa's tit with an unmistakable tenderness. "I'd love to suck
John's cock and eat his cum, Denise. Is that what you'd like to see?
You want me to suck him off right here with people watching?" 

"YESSS!!" Denise said quickly, revealing her excitement for the
public sex. "John loves to expose his cock. He always has."

"And you've helped him, haven't you, Denise?" Lisa said as she
stroked Denise's long blonde hair. 

"Yes," Denise said somewhat nervously but growing more comfortable
as Lisa talked to her very seductively. "I've taken him places where
he could show his cock to people and I've watched him from a

"So you only suck him in private?" Lisa asked calmly. 

Denise blushed and looked down and said, "Yes. His cock tastes
really good!"

"Mmmmmm! You're making me hungry!" Lisa said as she slid her hand
down and squeezed Denise's sexy ass. "Let's get John's pants off and
look at his cock!"  

Lisa knelt down and unzipped John's pants and pulled them down along
with his underpants. He just smiled as his hard cock sprang free.
Lisa helped him get his shoes and socks off and then helped him get
his pants off. Then she started softly rubbing his nice cock with her
hands and cupping his balls. John's cock was really big for a nine
year old. I guessed it was at least five inches, maybe more, and
pretty thick, too. John just stood there grinning as Lisa started
licking his cock. 

Lisa quickly showed what a sexy slut she was as she looked up at
Denise and then at John and said, "Do you want me to suck your cock
right here with all these people watching me, John?"

John nodded excitedly and Lisa said, "Would you like to hold my head
and fuck my mouth, John?" 

John nodded again as Lisa continued to rub his purple cock as she
licked her lips and purred, "And after I eat all your cum, would you
like to watch me strip your mother naked and eat her cunt in front of
all these people?" 

John's eyes really lit up at that point and he said, "YES!! I know
she wants to be naked! She just needs help because she's a little
shy. I helped her shave her pussy this morning and it's so pretty!!" 

Denise was crimson and shaking now as John talked, but she didn't
move as Lisa looked at her as she licked John's cock. Then she licked
his balls and kept looking up at Denise to see her reactions. Denise
was licking her lips without even realizing it as she watched Lisa
slowly running her tongue up John's shaft and then closing her mouth
over the head and moaning as she started sucking him. 

"Yesss!! Eat him, Lisa!!" Denise hissed as she grew even more
excited and appeared to be losing some of her shyness. I moved over
behind her to watch Lisa and Denise took my hands from her hips and
moved them up under her shell where I felt a fabulous set of firm
tits with hard nipples. Denise just sighed when I squeezed her
nipples and leaned back against me. 

I whispered in her ear, "You love watching John having his cock
sucked in public, don't you, Denise?"

Denise nodded her head and purred, "Yes! Every time he exposes his
cock, I want to take off my clothes and eat him, but I'm always so

"You don't have to be scared," I whispered. "You have an incredible
body! People need to see you naked. Pull up your skirt so John can
see your pussy. It'll help him shoot more cum down Lisa's throat!" 

I could tell Denise wanted to get naked. She immediately started
pulling her skirt up as she said, "He cums a lot for a nine year

"How long have you been sucking cum out of him?" I asked as I felt
her tits. 

"I've been sucking him since he was a baby and he's been shooting
cum since he was six," she said. 

Lisa had John's cock all the way inside her mouth now and her tongue
was licking his balls at the same time. John had put his hands on
either side of her head and was pumping her throat, using it as a
cunt. Lisa loved having her nose slammed against a boy's stomach as
she sucked his cock. 

"She sucks so good!!" Denise purred as she pulled her skirt to her
waist. "John will give her a nice load!" 

"Spread your legs for him, Denise!" I said as she took a deep breath
and pushed her tits out into my hands. 

John looked over as Denise spread her legs and smiled at his mother. 

"Fuck her mouth, John! She wants your cum in her tummy!" Denise
said. "Ohhhhhh, that looks so good! Fucking a beautiful woman's mouth
in public!"

"Take off your clothes, Mom!! Please!!!" John gasped as he pumped
Lisa's mouth. "I want to see you naked!! Please!!" 

Denise trembled a bit as she said, "Okay, baby!! Okay! I'll do it!!"
Then she whispered back at me, "Strip me and keep feeling me!!" 

I slowly lifted Denise's top over her head as she let go of her
skirt and raised her arms. People cheered and clapped when Denise's
big firm breasts were exposed. I got a peek over her shoulders and I
could see that her tits were at least 36b or c and they stood out
perfectly. Her nipples were centered just right and were very hard. I
could see the tiny goosebumps all over them. I could also see the tan
lines where she had been wearing a very small bikini. Damn, she was
making me hot. 

Jennifer was still rocking her cunt on Herman's fingers and loving
her nasty display as Kelly was feeding Nikki her cunt. Sara had
finished sucking all the piss and cum out of Julie and they came over
and stared at Denise as I stripped her. 

"Get her skirt off, Rick!" Julie said as she looked at Denise with
hunger on her face. 

I unzipped the short skirt and Denise moved her legs together
briefly and I let the skirt drop to the ground. She immediately
stepped out of it and let Julie pick it up and toss both her skirt
and top into the crowd as Denise spread her legs again. Whistles were
coming from everywhere as Denise started getting into her exposure
and she ran her hands through her silky blonde hair as I slid my
hands down her sides and then over her sweet ass. 

Denise leaned her head back on my shoulder and whispered, "Play with
my asshole!! It's very sensitive!" 

I ran my fingers into her crack and started rubbing her sweet
asshole with my middle finger and she moaned loudly. As I slowly
pushed my finger inside her ass, Julie and Sara started feeling her
body all over. They winked at each other and they each used one hand
to spread her pussy apart so her clit was sticking out. 

"Is this what you want, John?" Sara said. "You want to see your
mother's juicy clit? Should we lick it?" 

"Unnnnnngh!!!!" John groaned as he shot his sperm down Lisa's throat
and held her head tightly to his groin. 

Sara and Julie giggled as they saw John cumming and they took turns
licking Denise's clit. They even licked her clit together, trying to
drive John crazy. Jennifer was cumming on Herman's hand now and
yelling, "Fuck my juicy twelve year old cunt with your fingers,
Herman!! You love young cunts, don't you? Ohhhhhhh, yeah!!!
Fuuuuuuuck!!!" As soon as her orgasm subsided slightly, Jennifer
grabbed Herman's hand and pulled it to her mouth and looked up at his
face as she sucked her goo off his fingers and ate it. 

"Mmmmm!!!! The juice from my cunt tastes so GOOD!!" Jennifer said to
Herman and anyone else nearby. I was loving how all the girls were
really doing their best to be as filthy as possible. I made a mental
note to make sure Lisa and took some time later to tell them what a
great job they were doing with the foul language and awesome display
of dirty sex. 

Nikki was swallowing the last of Kelly's cunt juice and she pushed
her up for a moment so she could say, "Give me your sweet hot piss
now, Kelly!! Hold your cuntlips open so everyone can see your piss
coming out!! After I drink a few swallows, I'll pull you down so I
can feel your piss coming out of your pisshole with my tongue!! Would
you like that?" 

Kelly was still shaking from her orgasm and gasped, "YESSS!!! I want
everyone to see my piss squirting down your throat!! Drink it!!" 

Lisa had finished cleaning John's beautiful cock and she thanked him
as she crawled over between Denise's legs and looked up at her as
Julie and Sara held her cunt open for Lisa. 

"Now I want YOU to fuck my mouth, Denise!!" Lisa purred. "I just ate
your son's fuckfood and I want yours in my tummy with his!! Will you
fuck my mouth really good and feed me from your cunt?" 

"YESSSSSS!!! YESSSSSS!!!" Denise hissed. "I'll do whatever you
want!! I want to fuck you so bad!!!"  

"Pull the bench over here and take Rick's cock up your ass while I
eat you, Denise!!" Lisa said as she stared in her eyes. "I want Rick
to enjoy that sweet asshole of yours!! I want John to watch you being
properly assfucked and eaten!!" 

"OH MY GOD, YESSSSSS!!!!" Denise screamed. "And I want the girls to
suck my tits!!" 

Sara and Julie quickly moved the bench into position as Lisa said,
"This is what you need, isn't it, Denise? You need to be a total slut
and have your holes fucked with strangers watching, isn't it?" 

"YESSSSSSSSS!!! FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME!!!" Denise screamed.
"Watch them, John!! Watch them use your mother like a fucking street

Lisa smiled at me as she saw Denise losing all control and letting
her true emotions loose. We both got such satisfaction over seeing
sexy women finally letting it all out and turning into total sluts.
We knew they would only do it if they really needed it. We knew there
were so many women and girls who just needed someone to help them
shed their barrier of "society's rules" so they could use their
bodies for the total pleasure they were meant to give them. 

Denise was experiencing total ecstasy as she positioned her asshole
over my cock and slowly slid down on it until she was sitting on my
lap. She ground her ass down firmly and wiggled it around to get my
cock totally imbedded up her ass and then she leaned back against me
and spread her legs over mine so her cunt was wide open for Lisa. 

"How's that?" Denise moaned at Lisa. "Are you going to suck my cunt
real good now?"

"Not only am I going to suck your clit and eat all the juice from
your cunt, I'm going to lick around your asshole and Rick's cock. Now
you just give us your holes and cum hard for us!!" 

Lisa went to work and had Denise moaning and shaking. Julie and Sara
stood on either side of her and bent over to feel and suck her tits.
I held her waist and kept pushing my cock to the limit up her ass.
John started stroking his recovering dick as he watched his mother
being used like he had always hoped to see. 

Denise was whimpering now, practically unconscious from the
pleasure. She mumbled to me, "Make me fucking explode!! Do ANYTHING
you want to me!!" 

Matt had stopped holding Nikki after she finshed drinking Kelly's
piss and had walked over to watch while Nikki stayed on her bench and
was now masturbating for the crowd, putting on a great show with her
cunt. Kelly was begging her to turn over so she could suck on her
asshole to thank her for drinking her piss and eating her. 

Lisa saw Matt and grabbed his hand and said, "Stick your cock in her
cunt, Matt!! She needs to be double-fucked real bad!! Look at that
shaved cunt!! Then I'll eat your cum out of her!!" 

Matt slipped his pants off and put his hard cock at the entrance to
Denise's cunt. She just looked at him and moaned and nodded. Then he
pushed his cock slowly inside her cunt as I held her still. When
Matt's cock was fully imbedded in Denise's cunt, she let out a deep
guttural moan that was extremely sexy. 

"We need one more cock!!" Lisa said excitedly, not wanting this
perfect opportunity to slip away. "John! get up on the bench! Stand
over your mother and feed her your cock!" 

John was hard again and he stepped up on the bench as Julie and Sara
moved away to give him room. Herman had come over to stand behind me
so I had support. 

"All right!! A triple fuck!!" Lisa said happily. "Now watch her
fuck, girls! As soon as we can expand your cunts and assholes enough,
we'll let you fuck three cocks at once!" 

Julie and Sara had moved close to Lisa and they all watched Denise
as she took the three cocks beautifully. 

"That's so sexy!!" Sara said. 

"Look at her body move! She loves it!!" Julie said. 

"You're right, girls!" Lisa said as she felt their asses and
massaged their assholes. "You're watching how a woman is supposed to
have one of the ultimate fucks!! Look how perfectly she's pleasing
those three cocks all at the same time! She knows her job is to give
her holes to the three cocks and make them all cum!! She's so fucking
lucky to be doing it in public so lots of strangers can watch her.
And she's also lucky to have her son fucking her mouth!"

"Maybe my Dad can fuck my mouth when I get triple-fucked!!" Sara

"Maybe my brother David can fuck my mouth when I get triple-
fucked!!" Julie said. 

"You girls are learning so fast! now go back over there and feel
Denise's tits while she's fucking. And take her hands and put them
between your legs so she can feel your young slits! She'll probably
work her fingers in your cunts! Be sure to keep your legs spread so
some of the people can look under you and watch her finger-fucking

Julie and Sara rushed back to Denise and did exactly as Lisa had
told them. Lisa went and grabbed the camera and took pictures so
Denise could enjoy them later. She made sure she got a lot of the
crowd in the background, too. There were lots of men and teenaged
boys and girls and still a number of women. Herman had told the other
security people that he had everything under control and that some
people were just having fun. 

Denise was realizing her secret dream of being a total piece of pure
fuckmeat in public right now. She was concentrating on giving her son
a great mouthfuck as Lisa had done, and she was also pushing her ass
down on my cock, making sure I got every centimeter of her asshole.
Matt was looking directly into John's young ass and he was getting
more and more excited as he pumped Denise's cunt. He looked around
John and said to me, "John's ass looks awfully nice, Rick. I'm
thinking maybe I should lick it. What do you think?" 

"Hell, yes!!" I said. "Don't miss a great opportunity to suck a nice
asshole like his!!" 

"I was hoping you'd say that!" Matt replied with a horny grin on his

As Matt stared at John's ass again, Lisa said, "Please suck John's
ass for me, Matt!! It makes me so fucking hot to watch guys eat other
guys' cocks and assholes!!" 

Matt looked at Lisa briefly and said, "If you'll promise to drink my
piss later, Lisa, I'll suck his asshole real good!!" 

"I promise, Matt!!" Lisa purred at him. "I'll open my throat and you
can piss right into my stomach!! Now eat his ass for me!!" 

Matt was really hot now and he pulled John's asscheeks apart and
started licking his pretty rosebud as he continued to fuck Denise.
Lisa had noticed how excited he had gotten when she talked to him and
she wanted to keep him horny. 

She moved real close to watch his tongue licking John's asshole and
she said, "Matt, I want to see you and Rick suck off some young boys
we know. And I want to see you fuck their tight assholes, too! Rick
hasn't eaten any young cum lately and I'm dying to watch him do it!
I'll do anything you want if you'll do it for me!!" 

Matt pulled away for a moment and he said, "I want you to take off
all your clothes in the mall and piss in a glass and then drink it!" 

"I'll do it, Matt!! And anything else you want!!" Lisa purred.
"Would you like me to strip Nikki in the mall and use her mouth?
Would you like her to get fucked by some black guys and then have me
eat their cum out of her cunt and asshole in the mall? Would you like
me to fuck a horse for you? Or suck one off and eat his cum?" 

Matt was munching away furiously now on John's asshole as he
listened to Lisa. As he ate John's ass, John was slamming his cock
deep in his mother's mouth. Denise was cumming non-stop as the three
cocks fucked her hard. Julie and Sara were cumming on Denise's
fingers, too. I glanced over at Kelly and she was eating Nikki's ass.
Nikki was on her knees on the bench and had her ass sticking up for
Kelly. I knew Kelly was in heaven with Nikki's gorgeous ass in her
face. Then I noticed that Jennifer was on her hands and knees and was
being fucked in her cunt and mouth by two teenaged boys who had been
watching the whole show.

My cock just couldn't take any more and I exploded inside Denise's
ass. John and Matt were also cumming and Denise was soaking up all
the cum like a sponge. As soon as Matt pulled out of Denise's cunt,
Lisa had her mouth covering Denise's slit, eating the flood of fresh
cum Matt had deposited in her. When John pulled out of her mouth,
Sara pulled him over so she could taste the last drops of his cum. 

Denise looked down at Lisa as she gasped for breath and said, "I did
it!! I got triple-fucked in public!! God, that was fucking awesome!!
Eat me, Lisa!! Show me your cum-covered tongue!!" 

Lisa took a big suck and then swallowed the glob of cum she sucked
out of Denise and smiled at her. "Why don't you suck Rick's cock when
he takes it out of your asshole and I'll eat his cum!" 

"Okay!! Let's do it!!" Denise said as she nodded. 

"Wait!" Lisa said. "I see some more cum in your cunt!! Let me eat it

Denise pulled her legs up with her hands and kept enjoying my cock
in her ass as Lisa sucked the rest of Matt's cum out of her. Then she
patted Denise's pussy and said, "Okay, you can get off now." 

Denise carefully got up with my help and quickly turned around to
kneel between my legs. "Oh yessss!! Look at that goo on your cock!!
I'm not going to touch it....I'm going to eat it off with my mouth!!" 

That removed all doubt that Denise was a real dirtbag slut. A
gorgeous one, too. I stared at her big firm tits hanging down as she
spread her knees for Lisa as she began licking my cock. After the
first lick she looked up at me and said, "Do you like watching me
eating my ass off your cock? Should I suck it now and eat all the

I smiled at her and said, "Eat it, Denise! You love it, don't you?
You love doing this in public!!" 

Denise just smiled at me with her eyes as she lovingly sucked my
cock into her mouth as John watched and smiled. Lisa kneeled behind
Denise and looked at her messy asshole and licked her lips as she
spread Denise's cheeks. Someone in the crowd said, "Holy fucking
shit!! She's going to suck her asshole clean!!" 

Lisa smiled at me as she leaned in and took the first big lick and
scooped up a mouthful of sticky gooey cum from Denise's ass. She held
her tongue out and let the cum create a string from her tongue to
Denise's asshole as she pulled back slowly to give the crowd a nasty
sight. I nodded in approval as Lisa leaned her head back, keeping her
mouth open, letting the cum slide down her throat. Then she looked at
me again and I winked at her and nodded. She was proud of herself and
she knew I was loving her filthy display. I could tell by the look on
her face that she wanted to show everyone how a perfect slut ate out
a freshly fucked ass. 

"Do it, Lisa!!" Julie said as she and Sara watched closely. 

Lisa stuck her tongue out as far as she could and pushed it in
Denise's asshole and wiggled it around for a minute. Then she pulled
back and once again a string of cum stretched from her tongue to
Denise's asshole. What a nasty sight. Then she just pulled her tongue
into her mouth and smacked her lips as she ate it. Julie and Sara
clapped and then Lisa started sucking on Denise's ass and eating all
the cum she could get. 

From where I sat, I could see both Denise's face and eyes as she
sucked me and also Lisa's eyes as she ate from Denise's ass. Lisa
raised up for a moment and said to me, "What a yummy ass!! Should I
keep eating it?" 

I nodded and said, "Yes!! I think Denise is falling in love with
your mouth!!" 

Lisa grinned and immediately began sucking Denise's asshole again
with a great deal of passion. Her eyes kept looking at me and she
knew she was really turning me on. She sucked and licked and moved
her mouth back and forth from side to side, and pushed her tongue
deep in Denise's asshole, straining to get every drop of cum out of

Denise finished eating the mixture of cum and goo off my cock and
had to stop to gasp with pleasure from Lisa's mouth. She stared up at
me with those bedroom eyes and hissed, "No one has ever eaten my
asshole so good before!! Please beg her not to stop!!" 

Lisa heard her and stopped just long enough to say, "I'll keep
eating her ass if she eats Julie and Sara!! Put Julie on top of Sara
and let her eat them both at the same time!!" 

Sara immediately moved over to take my place on the bench. We
positioned it so she could lie down on her back with her cunt right
in front of Denise's face. Sara spread her legs wide so people could
see her cunt real good, and then I helped Julie lie on top of her
face down so she and Sara could kiss each other while they had their
cunts eaten. Julie started feeling Sara's nice tits as they kissed
each other very passionately. 

"Eat those yummy cunts now, Denise!!" I said as Denise stared at the
two young cunts. 

Denise held Sara's legs apart and Matt and I held Julie's legs apart
as she licked the girls' slits up and down. Lisa was back on Denise's
asshole, munching and sucking away. Then John came over and stuck his
cock between Julie's mouth and Sara's mouth and the girls licked it
together. Herman was hard again and got behind Lisa. Jennifer rushed
over and licked Lisa's asshole and then moved away so Herman could
slide his huge cock up Lisa's ass. When Herman shoved his cock in
Lisa's ass, Lisa just moaned and pushed her tongue even harder in
Denise's ass. 

Matt came over and said, "This is unbelievable!! Nikki must have had
20 orgasms by now! She just keeps mumbling 'I want more people to see
my cunt' and cumming! She's turning into the insatiable slut I always
hoped she would!" 

Matt shook my hand and I said, "Should we take Lisa up on her
request to have sex with the boys?"

Matt smiled and said, "How can we refuse after what they've done? I
think Nikki will go crazy if we do it!" 

"Done!" I said as we watched the girls.