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Principal Taylor told the girl to pull down her panties and lay down over his lap. Janna Mitchellís upper lip trembled when it became clear that the principal really was going to give her a spanking. Slowly she hooked her thumbs about the waistband of her denim blue jeans and the elastic of her pink cotton underwear and pulled them down. Mr. Taylor sat in a large wooden chair next to his office door and motioned the thirteen-year-old girl over to him. Janna set herself down across her principalís thighs, her soft, round, naked rump exposed and vulnerable to Mr. Taylorís punishing hand.

The spanking began immediately, with swift and solid strokes from Mr. Taylorís large heavy hand. Janna winced as stinging pain lanced her tender buttocks. Mr. Taylor deliberately bringing his hand down on the same spot over and over again. Ten lashes later, it was over and Janna was crying when Principle Taylor allowed her up from his lap.

"Now I hope youíve learned your lesson about stealing from your teachers and fellow students." Mr. Taylor admonished the young girl. Janna wiped the tears from her eyes and nodded up at the huge black man standing in front of her.

"Good. Now pull up your clothes and go back to detention."

Janna silently bent down to get her pants and panties back on; maybe it was the angle of her bowed position or that she had recovered enough from the spanking, but Janna noticed a bulging protrusion in Mr. Taylorís dark blue slacks. Janna knew exactly what the bulge was and she also knew why her principal sprouted it. Suddenly the pain in her ass cheeks deminished and was replaced with a tingling sensation between her slender thighs.

Janna calmly raised herself up without pulling her clothes back into proper position, and instead began stepping out of them. The stony expression Principle Taylor had used when he disciplined Janna faded away when he saw what the small half-naked girl was doing. The shock on his chiseled face was offset by the surge in his pants and Janna knew she had the man right where she wanted him.

Mr. Taylor did nothing when Janna began unbuttoning his slacks. He only gasped when she wrapped her small, soft hand around his hot rod of flesh and gingerly pulled it out. Janna licked her lips when the full majesty of Mr. Taylorís dick came into view.

The length of Mr. Taylorís swollen prick was nearly as long as her forearm, and as thick as a cucumber. Janna couldnít even get her hand completely around it. The shaft was corrugated with veins and pulsing with his blood, and had a fat, squishy mushroom shaped head.

Janna got on her knees, and held the meat stick to her lips with one hand and cupped his bloated ball-sac with the other. She gently squeezed the walnut sized testicles as she opened her mouth and carefully swallowed all nine inches of Principal Taylorís cock. Mr. Taylorís thighs trembled and his spine stiffened, Janna looked upward and saw the man let his mouth go slack and shut his eyes tightly as she sucked lovingly on his engorged manhood.

Janna moaned and manipulated her tongue against his urethra to stimulate the big man even further. Mr. Taylor groaned and Janna felt a hot oozing pre-cum pour out of his dick head and down her throat. Janna smiled inwardly, taking great pride in the fact that she was making the stern headmaster get so close to coming so soon.

Mr. Taylor cupped his paw-like hands about the sides of Jannaís head, locking her in place as he began pumping his groin at her mouth. Actually fucking her face! Janna might have panicked if Mr. Taylor had been recklessly shoving his dick in and out of her mouth, but the man paced his lunges; occasionally pulling his prick out far enough for the girl to catch her breath.

More delicious pre-cum spilled out of Mr. Taylorís pecker, and Janna could taste the sweet juice as her principal guided his dick along her tongue. She liked how it tasted almost as much as she loved the taste of his meaty cock. And now that the teenager got a taste of the manís nut dew she wanted his ball butter to splatter in her mouth, too.

He was moaning louder now as the churning spunk in his scrotum approached critical mass. Janna prepared herself for the gusher she knew would be arriving very soon. She began bobbing her head faster and sucked harder on the dark shaft, unwilling to miss a single spurt of the older manís juice.

Janna choked as Mr. Taylorís load erupted into her mouth. The girlís cheeks actually bulged by the time the principle finished emptying his balls of their burden. Janna heard Mr. Taylor growl and huff when she began swallowing, the man flexing the muscles in his cock as he squirted out the last drops of his ball juice.

"Oh my God," Janna said after taking her mouth away from Mr. Taylorís still hard dick. "I never knew guys could have that much come in them!"

Mr. Taylor stood in the same spot, unmoving with his eyes closed. His entire body trembling from the after affects of his ejaculation. Janna smiled deviously as another realization came to her. He was so out of it Janna could manipulate his weakened body easily. She pushed the man back toward the chair where he had spanked her and made him sit down in it. And before the principal could say or do anything about it, Janna straddled him and impaled herself on his throbbing manhood.

Mr. Taylorís eyes shot open as her hot moist pussy enveloped his dick, a deep, almost agonizing groan welling up from the pit of his stomach. Janna on the other hand couldnít even make a sound, she knew any attempt to vocalize her passion would have turned into a wail that the whole school would of heard. Never had she been so completely filled by a cock!

"Oh, oh shit, itís so fucking big, Mr. Taylor!" the girl cried as she grinded her stuffed vagina into her principalís groin. She had grabbed two fists full of his white button up shirt, nearly tearing the material, the pleasure radiating through her small nubile body intensifying with every second that passed.

Mr. Taylor finally seemed to come out of his trance and wrapped his muscular arms around the girl, pulling her close. Crushing her small, firm newly developed breasts against his wide, manly chest. He began rocking his hips upward just as Janna pushed down at his crotch, causing his bloated cock head to punch into uncharted regions of her womb.

Janna had been with guys before, mostly her own age, and her older brotherís best friend who was fifteen, but none of them had ever came close to reaching the depths Mr. Taylor touched. His meat stretched her cunt to the limits, forcing her pussy to drench his granite hard shaft with her warm, slick juices so that he could penetrate her more easily. And she was still tight about the length, squeezing and milking it involuntarily with her snatch as she tried to adjust internally.

The dick inside of her should of hurt, but Janna was so aroused that any discomfort was lost in the immense excitement generated by Mr. Taylorís swollen organ. So she bucked wildly up and down on the rod and after every up stroke, her snug pussy immediately sucked the fleshy missile right back into her. Jannaís lust had given her pussy a life of its own, and it was very hungry for her principalís huge erection.

"Oh, God, stop! Stop, itís too good, I canít take Mr. Taylor! I canít take it!" Janna screamed, but the principal did not stop. In fact he stood up from the chair, taking the girl with him without removing a single inch of his engorged penis from her honey pot. Holding both of her asscheeks in his hands he began bouncing her tiny body along the length of sex sausage.

Mr. Taylor moved her body like a rag doll, like she weighed nothing. Twisting and jerking her spitted cunt on his dork. Janna lost count of how many times she came from the mind shattering treatment of her young body. He struck a dozen sensitive spots over and over again in her pussy, orgasms crashing and exploding inside of her constantly until they began running into each other.

"Oh-Oh-Oh-Oh, sh-sh-sh-sh-sh-shit! Fuck me! Fuck my pussy! Fuck my pussy with that big, hard dick, Mr. Taylor!" Janna hollered.

Mr. Taylor slammed the little girl up against the solid wooden door to his office, heedless of anyone who might be walking past it in the hall. The principle pounded into Janna violently as she folded her thin arms and spindly legs around him. Mr. Taylor skewered her pussy deeply until Janna almost felt like the man was trying to punch his member into her belly. And God she loved it! Janna wanted him to fuck her hard, to bury himself into her warm, moist tunnel with every ounce of strength in his powerful form.

Janna needed to feel fucked, and she knew only a man could make her feel totally, utterly brutalized by his cock. She wanted to feel usedónot rapedóbut as though she were nothing more than a hot cunt to wrap around and satisfy Mr. Taylorís immense prick. A receptacle for the manís creamy come when he could no longer ignore how her tight, hot vagina milked the meat between his thighs.

"Shit! Iím coming again! Uh, Uh, Iím going to fill you now, baby!" Mr. Taylor grunted his hips bucking upward gingerly as his second orgasm approached.

Janna trembled in anticipation of the manís emanate eruption, excited to point of coming herself at the thought of her principle shooting his load into her tiny cunt for the first time. It would be the first time Janna had a man pump her full of adult sperm, and once again the young girl was thankful that she couldnít have babies yet, even though most of the girls her age had periods already. So she didnít have to warn Mr. Taylor to stop and pull out of her before he came.

"Mr. Taylor, yeah, do it! I need your come in me, I need it in my pussy so bad!" Janna moaned.

"You want my seed honey, huh? You want it, uh, you want it, uh, you want me to pump you full of my come, huh?" the man asked, shoving himself into her to the hilt over and over, his heavy balls smacking against her butt cheeks.

"YesÖ yesÖ yes, Mr. Taylor! Make me take your spunk, make me take your spunk!"

"Here it fucking comes little girl," the principal roared, his shaft jerking inside the girlís petite honeypot as he unleashed a torrent of man milk into her. Lancing his dick as far as it would go in Janna until he was convinced the tip of his cock had penetrated her uterus as he unloaded jets of gelatinous ooze deep inside of her. Grinding his entire crotch up against Jannaís smooth, plump pussylips.

"Owwweeee, owwwweeee, that hurts so good Mr. Taylor! Fuck me hard while you shoot your stuff in me!"

"Uhhnnngg, Uhhnnnghha, fuckÖ fuckkkk!" Principal Taylor cried out between gritted teeth as the girlís desperate, pain filled words set off a orgasmic bomb in his nut sack, causing another volley of sperm to blast from the head of his dick. His come splashing against the back of Jannaís hungry snatch, adding to the slimy swamp heíd already hosed within her.

Janna tightened her arms and legs about the man drowning her self in the sensations the manís body enveloped her in. His big hands squeezing her ass, his chest heaving against her perky breasts, his dark, bushy pubic hair scratching her, and most of all the achy stuffed feeling Mr. Taylorís dick incited in her sucking cunt. She was going to come again, she buried her face in Mr. Taylorís bulging shoulder biting him hard because Janna knew she was going to screech from the explosion inside her pussy.

"What the fuck!" Mr. Taylor exclaimed when the girlís pussy suddenly crushed his throbbing member between her wet, pink vaginal walls. Janna felt the manís muscular buttocks bunch and the rest of him shudder in surprise as the vise-like grip of her slick channel elicited several more squirts of come from his dick. Janna was delighted to hear her principal let out a long ragged groan when she made him completely empty the contents of his testicles.

Jannaís mind reeled as she came, her girlish emissions colliding with Mr. Taylorís. The girl wiggled her hips managing to shimmy up and down the principleís lingering erection now that his grip on her had lessened after his multiple orgasms. Stimulating her snatch and prolonging her own come by stroking Mr. Taylorís length against her walls.

"Thatís right, little girl, keep coming on my dick! Show me how much you like my fuck, come all over me!" Mr. Taylor whispered lustily. Keeping his body still as the girl guided her cunt along his stiffness.

Janna eagerly responded to Mr. Taylorís urging, and somewhere in her pleasure soaked mind she marveled at the older manís ability to maintain his erection even after three creams. She resolved to hump the man until his dick softened, and come all the while. Janna bucked upon the shaft and a steady flow of her secretions saturated his pole and ended up dripping down his diminished nut sack.

Janna mewled continuously as a feverish cold sweat made her feel like she was going to die. Overwhelming the child, almost scaring her because she had never felt so good. She felt so wonderful and overcome, she thought her heart would stop; or that she would suffocate because she seemed unable to catch even a small breath in her lungs. But she couldnít stopówouldnít stopóeven if she knew this ecstasy was going to end her, Janna wanted to keep on riding on her principleís dark staff until her last moments on Earth.

Mr. Taylorís office was silent except for the slimy sound of Janna engorging her juicy pussy on his man meat and her whimpers. Principal Taylor patiently waiting for the horny girl to exhaust herself on his cock, the very idea of such a young child enjoying and coming on his dick was more then enough to inspire him to superhuman hardness. Long minutes passed before Jannaís orgasm began to peak and she quickened the pace of her jerking hipsóthe need to reach a new plateau of ecstasy had gripped the girl.

"M-M-Mr. Taylor," Janna whispered, taking her mouth away from his beefy shoulder, her lips smeared with blood from the wound her teeth had made. "Whatís happening to me-e-e-e-e-e?"

A gush of liquid came from the depths of Jannaís womb in such quantity that the girl thought she urinated on the manís cock. But her fears were soon assuaged when Mr. Taylor moved his torso from her chest and told her look down. He had pulled his dick a few inches out of her and they both watched as Jannaís syrupy juices poured in rivers out around Mr. Taylorís dong.

"Damn, baby, look at all that honey coming out of your sweet little pussy!" Mr. Taylor said to the girl.

Janna, dizzy from her feminine ejaculation, was shocked to see how much come was streaming from inside of her and coating Principal Taylorís thick wedge of man-flesh. She never suspected her tiny body could produce so much cream. She never, ever, came like that before!

Mr. Taylor flexed his dick inside of her and Janna hissed because her pussy was very sensitive, and the action bordered on being both pleasurable and painful.

Mr. Taylor took Janna away from the door and sat back down on the chair where he spanked her earlier, settling the girl in his lap, his dick still hard and inside of her. They held each other, Mr. Taylor caressing his palms over her back as he held her close to him, kissing the girl gently on the lips. Janna remained passive in his embrace; her last orgasm had drained her of nearly all her strength. She simply allowed Mr. Taylor to please himself, his possession of her comforting the girl more then he knew. And the two illicit lovers remained thus until the principalís dick softened inside Jannaís come drenched pussy.




Jessica Foreman was a pretty thirteen-year-old and it was probably a mistake that she was walking home alone. Jessica usually walked home from Swanstone Junior High School with her best friend, Janna Mitchell, but Janna had to stay after school in detention. Janna was always getting into trouble at school and Jessica hoped her parents wouldnít somehow learn about Jannaís latest escapade. Jessicaís parents already thought the other girl was a bad influence on their daughter and they would probably make her stop being friends with Janna if they found out. Jessica was deeply worried about losing her best friend and thatís why she didnít notice the man walking up behind her.

The man lifted her off feet, simultaneously covering her mouth with a big, strong hand and dragged her into the bushes. He threw her onto the ground, temporarily knocking the air from her lungs. Jessica soon felt the heavy presence of the man on top of her, smashing her small form into the ground. The man was lifting the hem of her dress of over her waist and tugging at the elastic of her pink and polka dot panties when her vision came into focus. The young teenage girl saw the huge, muscular black man clearly for the first time, his massive chest hovering several inches above her face and his gaze looking down between their bodies as he tore off Jessicaís underwear.

Jessica cried out when she felt her panties give with a loud rip, exposing her smooth, hairless vagina. The long, wild grass beneath her needling her naked genitals. The girl let out a barely audible squeak when the man covered her entire pussy with his hand, caressing his palm and his fingers back and forth over her bald vaginal lips.

"Oh, shit, your pussy is so soft!" the man whispered excitedly and increasing the pace of his fondling. Jessica shivered when the man slid his middle finger into her, reflexively squeezed her thighs together to stop the penetration of his digit. The action of closing her legs only prevented further insertions but did nothing to stop her attacker from pumping the finger he already had in her in and out of her virginal cunt.

"Please stopÖoh please stop!" Jessica whimpered as the man somehow managed to push his middle finger another few centimeters inside of her. The young girl closed her eyes, as if trying to blind herself to what the stranger was doing to her. But closing her eyes only made her more aware of the man and what he was doing. The smell of the man became more pronounced; he had the scent of a man whoíd been working outdoors in the sun, kind of like her father after he came in from shooting baskets with her older brother, Danny.

And his body was hot, radiating heat, which Jessica could also smell. The man was so warm that even though she was naked from the waist down, Jessica barely felt the cold October air. His sweaty musk combined with his body heat although not unpleasant was still overwhelming.

"Uh!" Jessica inhaled sharply when the man began curling and uncurling his finger inside of her, scratching against the moist walls of her vagina with his fingertip. Sending a strange tremor throughout her helpless body. Causing the thirteen-year-old girl to arch her back and involuntarily wiggle her bottom to escape the alien sensation.

"I can feel you getting wet, baby!" the man said heavily, his finger sliding in and out of her faster now, because he was right, Jessica had become slick with her own juices. Jessicaís breath quickened with the manís frantic fingering of her pussy, his long, thick digit stirring her tender honeypot. Eliciting a wetter response deep within Jessicaís innocent womb.

With a deep, almost animalistic growl, the man slowly removed his finger from Jessica with a lewd sucking pop. Jessica moaned and opened her eyes just in time to see the man put the molesting finger into his mouth. Wide-eyed and shocked the girl couldnít believe what she was seeing; the man tasted her pee!

"Mmm, your pussy juice tastes so fucking sweet, baby!" the man told Jessica, looking directly into her eyes. "I bet the real thing is even sweeter."

Before Jessica could understand what the man meant, he lowered his head down between her legs and covered her vagina with his mouth. Jessica yelped as she felt the manís humid maw suck on her pussy, his fleshy tongue pushing past her vaginal opening. Oh, my God, heís so disgusting putting his mouth down there too!

Jessica put her hands on the top of the rapistís baldhead trying to push him away from her privates. But the man had grabbed a hold of the girlís thighs, holding her still and close to his mouth, hungrily eating her. Suddenly Jessicaís whole body jerked under the manís oral ministrations, as if a jolt of electricity went through her. Like when she was seven and stuck a metal hanger into the wall socket in her bedroom and shocked herself. But the shock that went through her now felt so good!

The man raised his head up from Jessicaís crotch, half of his face smeared with more of her pee.

"Oh, no I peed on you!" she exclaimed, afraid heíd get mad at her, but the man just gave her a big toothy grin.

"You didnít piss on me, baby, you just creamed in my mouth. Youíre one hot little girl, I bet you can take my dick up that little pussy, too!"

Jessica knew from sex education class, that he was going force his erection into her, and that he would have to tear through her hymen to do it. Jessica also knew the destruction of her virginity was going to be excruciating, Janna had told her as much. The thirteen-year-old began to cry.

"Please donít do that, itís going to hurt me so bad," Jessica pleaded with the man. Her eyes beseeching and shining with overflowing tears. The manís smile faded some as he raised himself, towering above her on his knees. He then reached down with his hands and began unbuckling the thick black leather belt wrapped around his lean waist, and he said, "Iíve been locked up for five long years baby, five years without a woman. Iíve got to fuck you, but Iíll try not to hurt you too bad."

Jessica didnít want to look at what the man was taking out of his pants, but something was attracting her gaze toward his bulging groin. She was about to see the very first penis in her young life, and curiosity just barely won out over her fear; she had to see it for some strange reason. When the man finished unzipping his slacks he reached inside and pulled out something with his fist that was as long and as thick as Jessicaís forearm.

At first Jessicaís mind refused to comprehend what she saw throbbing menacingly above her naked crotch and flat belly. Although without any source of comparison, Jessica knew instinctively that the man possessed a monstrous phallus between his sturdy, tree trunk-like thighs. Suddenly the constant back round fear sheíd been feeling since the man first grabbed her flared, because she knew there was no way he could fit his distended erection inside of her without ripping her apart.

Jessica began struggling to get from beneath the black man, but he swiftly took control of her kicking legs and lifted her lower body up from the ground, and in doing so caused his heavy manhood to lie against her stomach. Jessica could have sworn the man had burned her with something iron hot and actually hissed before she realized that it was just his cock pulsating on her tummy. Then the man maneuvered Jessicaís ankles onto his wide shoulders, bending the girl nearly in half.

"No, no pleaseÖ" Jessica cried.

"Just relax baby, itíll go in easier if you relax."

"Oh, God!" Jessica whispered when she felt the fat spongy tip of the manís manhood caress and then press against her pussy. Slowly her vaginal lips parted as the manís cock head sank into her, sending delightful thrills through Jessica, which surprised the girl enough that she actually did relax for a moment. Then the man pushed further into her and the small pleasure she first felt turned into a tight, burning sensation. Soon the bulbous tip of the manís shaft broached Jessicaís hymen, which presented a rubbery, yet resilient barrier to the deeper recesses of her untouched cunt.

The man stopped his gradual thrust into Jessica. "Damn, your snatch is squeezing the fuck out of my dick! It almost hurts!" He said thickly.

Jessica could feel her vagina contracting around the manís cock too, as well as feel his meaty tool engorged with his lusty blood thump inside of her. At times she was unable to tell which of their organs was throbbing harder. It was a good feeling, Jessica thought.

"Get ready baby, I canít wait much longer to wrap you around my dick!"

Jessica brought her arms up and placed her palms on the sides of the manís ribcage, pushing slightly, but otherwise preparing herself for the agony to come. Then the man jabbed his hips forward and broke through Jessicaís cherry in one powerful stroke. She didnít feel anything for a split-second, but the instant passed and her vagina exploded in white-hot pain. Jessica screamed a high-pitched scream that anyone within four miles of the rape would have heard her. The man ignored her cry and continued to immerse himself until every last inch of his erection was implanted within the young girl.

"Shit, shit," the man moaned, coming when his hairy pubic area scratched against Jessicaís smooth, hairless crotch. He trembled on top of her as his shaft jerked and spit out his boiling sperm. Mingling with her blood, leaking out of Jessicaís pussy with the crimson liquid despite her being completely stuffed with the manís phallus.

Jessica remained largely unaware of her attackers huge orgasm as waves of dizziness threatening to make her pass out from the spasms of unrelenting agony racking her violated pussy. Nor was she aware of the wetness of her blood and his spunk oozing in a river over the curves of her milky white buttocks, the viscous mixture forming into a small puddle below them. Finally Jessicaís eyes rolled back into her head and she did faint.

By the time the thirteen-year-old girl regained consciousness the man was lying motionless on top of her. He had let her legs fall away from his shoulders, her thighs now in a spread eagle position on the ground. The man supported his upper body with his arms, as if he were doing push-ups, Jessica could see the front of his blue button-up shirt was drenched black with sweat, and in one brief confused moment Jessica wondered how long the man and she had been like this. As her mind cleared, she realized that she wasnít feeling that terrible sharp pain inside her pussy anymore. She just felt full, as if her vagina didnít exist anymore, like she had completely merged with the manís cock.

Jessica noticed after several minutes that the man wasnít moving at all, the only part of his body that so much as twitched was his penis.

"What are you doing?" Jessica asked the man groggily, not really conscious of asking the question.

The man bowed his head to look down at the girl and Jessica looked up at him. The expression on his dark face was slightly quizzical; he didnít understand what she meant by her question. Somehow Jessica felt compelled to explain.

"Why arenít you doing anything?"

"I told you Iíd try not to hurt you, so Iím letting your pussy adjust some before I fuck you for real. But youíre so tight itís taking awhile, Iíve been laying here for ten minutes."

Jessica had no idea how to respond to the manís statement. Did he really care if he tore her up inside? Was the man actually that concerned about her well being?

"Does it still hurt," the man asked. "My being in you?"

Absently Jessica shook her head, too out of it to focus on the implications of the manís question. Then the man started to pull his dick out of her very patiently, causing Jessica to moan as her honeypot quickly closed in on the space the manís prick gradually voided. And as the manís fleshy rod stroked out of her tender, sucking cunt, rubbing against her vaginal walls, Jessica felt pleasure for the first time.

The man pulled out until just the tip of his cock was lodged between Jessicaís vertical lips and Jessica felt so empty as her insides returned to their normal dimensions. The sensation did not last long; the man sank back into her and Jessica childish body shook with unexpected ecstasy. It was too much for Jessica.

"No, no, no," Jessica moaned over and over again, shaking her head from side to side. She curled her skinny arms around the manís muscular forearms, digging her fingernails into the cloth of his shirts long-sleeves. Her grip tightening as the man quickened the pace of his thrusting cock.

The manís pounding rhythm was steady and firm, the length of his cock slick with juices from Jessicaís pussy which no longer contained blood, just her own excited secretions. Jessica could not believe or stop how good it felt to have the man inside of her, sliding his manhood in and out of her. She wanted it to go on forever, and she let the fact that the man was raping her fade from her mind as pleasure superseded all else.

"Do you like that baby?"


The man chuckled, then he said, "Youíre going to be one hot little piece of ass when you grow up, baby." the man said as he embedded his stiff man meat into Jessicaís snatch all the way to his scrotum. Jessica cried out briefly in response to the deep penetration. A strange hot chill radiating up through her spine.

The man grabbed her left leg under the knee and placed it so that her calve was lying over his lower back. He started to reach for the other leg, but Jessica wrapped it around the man for him. Tightening them as she encircled her arms about his mid section, his fingertips digging into his heavily muscled back just below his shoulder blades.

The man chuckled again briefly, then raised his ass and in one swift, almost brutal lunge, rammed his cock into Jessicaís steamy cunt. He stilled briefly, letting his member simmer in her juices. Then he started circling his hips in quick, jabbing motions.

Jessica cried out when the man changed the rhythm of his strokes. He raised his ass high and reinserted himself to the hilt. And he kept pushing his groin until Jessica was sure the man was trying to shove the rest of his body inside of her with his cock.

Jessicaís abdomen bulged slightly as the man guided his throbbing member in and out of her at a steady pace. Her swollen vaginal lips were dripping and sensitive as the wedge of flesh spread her apart, so sensitive that the thin tender lips could feel every ridge and coursing vein in the manís cock. The fat head was what she felt the most, as it barreled its way to the very bottom of her womb.

Jessicaís mind was a haze of lust, which confused her. Never before had she experienced such pleasure, it was like a thousand fireworks going off in her pussy all at the same time. But Jessica didnít think she should be feeling that good when she was being raped. But the massive violating phallus working back and forth along her hot channel was driving her to the point of exploding from the inside out with ecstasy. It was so wrong, Jessica thought even as her first orgasm ever tore through her body.

Her stomach clinched and her abdomen began to tingle, making Jessica feel cold from waist down. As if a giant ice cube was being slid across her skin. She cried out, the tightening in her belly had become a cramp, and only grew tighter the more the man pumped his cock inside of her.

Jessicaís mouth hung open her breaths coming out in short, ragged gasps. She shivered even as hot sweat broke out all over her skin. The man also gasped, Jessicaís pussy having shut tightly about his dick with sudden force.

"Fuck! Did you just cuhÖcuhÖ ohÖfuck!" the man shouted again, his cock swelling and jerking within the tight confines of Jessicaís cunt. Unleashing yet another discharge of sperm from his balls and depositing the load as deeply as his bucking hips would allow.

And Jessica this time was fully aware of the manís enormous ejaculation. The squirting seed seemed to fire into her with unbelievable force. Flooding her pussy with such fury and quantity, that there wasnít enough room for the fluid and the manís cock, the sperm came pouring out around the thick, spurting member.

Jessicaís body gave out mid-way through the manís orgasm, her tiny frame becoming little more then a limp receptacle for his shaft. She lie beneath his shuddering pounding body, apart of her mind wanting her to be horrified that the man was filling her with his sperm, and yet another part was trembling with the need to have him spraying her insides with the proof of his release.

The man continued to hunch above her, grinding out his orgasm until he was satisfied he had completely emptied himself inside of Jessicaís twice-drenched pussy. Then he just fell on top of her, blanketing Jessica with his huge dark body. The growls that had been streaming from his throat subsiding and softening into low rumblings in his chest.

Jessica lay there under her rapist; his hard cock buried within the folds of her pussy, she felt herself being dragged under by exhaustion into the unconsciousness. And when next she woke, her panties had been put back on and her dress was straightened back into place.

Slowly, she sat up and searched the area around her. The man was nowhere to be found. A piece of blue cloth was off to her side, and it was stained with blood and with other fluids. Jessica guessed that the man had wiped her clean with a strip of his shirt before putting her underwear back on her. How nice of him, she thought bitterly.

Her groin was burning and sore, but fortunately the pain was more a dull throb then like the cutting agony that ripped through her when the man took her virginity. Jessica reached under her dress and pressed her hand against her panty-clad vagina and winced. Her clit was swollen.

Taking her hand away from between her thighs, her fingers came back wet, smelling of her own fragrance and of the manís come. Jessica tried to get to her feet, and failed a couple of times before she finally succeeded. She wiped the moister on her dress then gathered up the books she dropped when the man dragged her behind the bushes and started walking home again, slowly... sorely.

It hurt to walk, but she needed to get home and curl up in her bed and sleep for real. Sheíd think about everything that happened tomorrow. But now she just wanted to go home.


The End