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Loretta's Lamentable Life



Yesterday had been almost pleasant, locked in her cell instead of the hole. She'd even had something to keep her hands busy. Construction paper flowers, over a hundred of them, made her little room cheery now that they were pasted to the wall. She hadn't allowed herself to guess why Morgan wanted them, preferring instead to feel girlish in the act of creating. The pleasure of the task helped block out the big-screen TV that was always on and always starring Loretta herself in acts of depravity.

Now the childish floral pattern was in the background, as were the big, bubble letters that spelled out "April Showers Bring May Flowers". Morgan had awoken her early and dressed her in a cheesy Halloween costume that consisted of a tight, green body suit with big, floppy flower petals for a neck and leaves that covered her hands and feet. Morgan had crudely cut away the Lycra that covered her pelvis as well as a hole for each tit. Her ass was perched on an oversized styrofoam flower pot and she was chained with her hands and feet pointing at opposite walls.

The ever-watchful webcam broadcast her predicament live to an unknown number of viewers and the show would last until Morgan came home from the office.

For now, though Loretta's urethra burned where Morgan carelessly inserted the catheter and she could see the yellow pee creeping up the clear, plastic tube. The gallon of water and cups of black coffee had made their way to her bladder and had begun their ascent to the plastic shower head positioned over her.

The first few drips soon gave way to a steady stream of sprinkling urine that Loretta couldn't control. Her hair was quickly soaked and streams of pee ran down her face onto her neck. She assumed (correctly) that the torrent of piss that rained down on her resulted in gales of laughter at her expense. This bit of performance art was Morgan's gift to his online followers in celebration of the changing season, and Loretta's dignity had suffered another brutal blow.

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