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Loretta's Lamentable Life



The smell of beef bourguignon filled the upstairs of the house. A professional chef Morgan occasionally hired to come in and cook had just left. Loretta was back in the hole, having done a sloppy job of cleaning the bathroom with her toothbrush. Her stomach growled at the smell of food that was making its way into the basement. Two days of nothing but water and cum had her ravenous. Morgan unlocked the door of the hole and she squeezed out. She had a steel collar on to which Morgan fastened a short chain. She tried to stand but Morgan stopped her with a foot in her back.

"Crawl, whore."

She made her way on all fours across the basement floor and stairs with Morgan jerking the chain to keep her moving. She emerged from the basement door into the kitchen and Morgan jerked the chain for her to stop.

"Cheek on the floor," he said sternly.

She pressed her face against the cold tile and felt a metal speculum entering, and then stretching her anus. Something entered her but she was unsure what it was. She knew not to ask. After a minute or two of fiddling, the speculum was withdrawn and she was overcome with the uncomfortable pressure of needing to shit.

She was led into the dining room where Camille, one of Morgan's above-ground girlfriends sat at the table. There was a beautiful meal laid out, the beef dish, red wine, sauteed vegetables, and freshly-baked bread. A table, crudely-built from two by fours and separate from the antique mahogany dining table was position in front of a steel loop in the wall. Morgan locked her collar to it with only a couple of chain links to spare. She was forced to sit upright, legs spread, exposing her cunt and asshole to the couple.

Morgan turned to Camille and said, "You look lovely tonight."

Camille smiled and shot Loretta a look of smug superiority. Morgan said "I'm starving. Let's eat."

They each buttered warm bread and ate, chatting about nothing in particular. Loretta's eyes bulged at the food she was being denied. They dined casually for what seemed like an eternity causing Loretta to salivate uncontrollably. When they finished, both had finished about half of the meal.

"I'm stuffed," Morgan declared. "I can't eat another bite. How about you?"

"That was excellent," Camille said, "but no more for me."

"Good. I'm glad you had enough. We can have the creme brulee later," Morgan said, gathering the dishes. Loretta began to panic when she heard the garbage disposal swallowing the last of the food. She had been looking forward to leftovers in her dog dish. Morgan returned to the table and sat down.

"Oh, how terribly rude. I'm sorry Loretta. Would you like something to eat?" Morgan's voice was dripping with sarcasm."

"Yes, please," Loretta whispered.

Morgan fixed a hard look into her eye and said, "Then shit."

Loretta's lip quivered just short of weeping as she twisted her pelvis into a position where her asshole would open. She pushed gently and out of her ass slid a raw hot dog.

"Bon appetit!" Camille giggled

"There's your dinner.Start eating," Morgan commanded.

Loretta lifted a hot dog to her lips and started gagging. She didn't dare not eat it, knowing that the consequences of resisting would be far worse. Once in her mouth though, the taste was transformative. The taste of meat almost made up for the it being covered in her anal mucous. She gobbled down to gales of Morgan and Camille's laughter.

She had barely finished, when, appetite whetted and crazed with hunger, she asked "May I have another?"

Camille was in hysterics as Morgan said, "Yes, one more."

Another hot dog crowned then slid halfway out. Loretta took a breath allowing her asshole to contract which pinched the hot dog in half. Loretta held the meat chunk to her mouth.

"Eat it," Morgan said flatly. "Eat all of them."

Mangled hot dog chunks popped, rapid fire, from her rectum interspersed with farts. Loretta greedily caught all of it in her hand and started stuffing the mess into her mouth and chewing.

"Stop! Stop!" Camille begged, convulsing with laughter. "You're going to make me pee!"

"That's a wonderful idea," Morgan smiled, and motioned for her to climb onto Loretta's table.

Camille stood on the table and straddled Loretta's body. Loretta's mouth was filled with salty, half-chewed meat as she stared into Camille's freshly-waxed pussy.

"Open up, slut," Morgan said.

Camille bore down and her pussy opened. Her urethra pushed out and blasted a stream of hot piss into Loretta's mouth.

"Swallow," Morgan said.

Loretta swallowed the mixture of urine and chewed meat and started to weep. Camille slapped her so hard it stunned her back into silence.

"Open your mouth, whore," Camille shouted.

Loretta complied and her mouth was again filled with Camille's piss.

"Swish it around like mouthwash before you swallow it," Camille cackled.

Again Loretta complied before ingesting the mouthful of urine in a single gulp. Camille dabbed her pussy dry with a napkin and stuffed it into Loretta's mouth. Tears silently streamed down Loretta's cheeks. Morgan took Camille's hand as she daintily stepped off the table.

"Let's change and you can clean the fuck pig," Wallace said to Camille as they walked away. Loretta ate the last of her ass meat and tried not to think about what would happen next.

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Loretta's cleaning was accomplished with dishwashing detergent, a stiff brush and a shower wand that sprayed water that was almost hot enough to cause injury. Camille's mean-girl cruelty was Morgan's favorite entertainment and this night he wasn't disappointed. Loretta was hog-tied in the hot tub and her squirming meant she couldn't keep her head above water. Camille laughed riotously as she pulled Loretta's head out of the water while Loretta coughed and gasped for air.

It took both of them to haul Loretta out of the tub and towel her off. Camille pulled Loretta's damp mop of hair into a ponytail and Morgan dragged her into the bedroom. Loretta was set up in the center of the bed on all fours so that she could be abused from both ends. Morgan slid his cock into her cunt as Camille presented her cunt to Loretta's mouth.

"I haven't washed my crotch in a few days, so you're going to clean it for me," Camille said mashed Loretta's face into her reeking fuckhole.

Loretta stuck out her tongue like a cow and licked Camille's crotch from asshole to clit and inner thigh to inner thigh. Once Camille's crotch had been completely mopped she pushed Loretta's head down and said "Stick your tongue in my asshole, whore."

At Loretta's south end Morgan liked the sound of "asshole" and repositioned his member for entry into Loretta's anus. Loretta was tongue-fucking Camille's asshole when her own asshole started to stretch painfully. Morgan had no more worked his full length into Loretta's asshole when Camille said, "Let's switch."

Morgan and Camille got up to swap ends but any hope Loretta had of relief was was dashed when she saw Camille putting on a strap-on dildo that was at least twice as big as Morgan's substantial cock. Loretta smelled her own pussy on Morgan's cock then tasted it, too. At the same time Camille forced her hard plastic cock into Loretta's already sore asshole. It felt like steel rod drilling deep into her intestines then withdrawn only to be rammed in again. The pain and pressure Loretta endured while being stabbed in the ass would have been bad enough, but Morgan was grabbing Loretta by the neck and ramming his cock down her throat, nearly choking her to death. and Camille continued reaming Loretta from both ends Until Morgan, ready to cum, said "Make her suck it."

Camille pulled her plastic cock from Loretta's asshole and sprinted to the other side of the bed. Morgan pulled out of Loretta's mouth and Camille smacked her face. Loretta's jaw dropped and Camille shoved the fake cock down Loretta's throat. Camille also jerked Morgan off onto Loretta's face. When he had emptied the last of his cum onto Loretta's face, Camille slapped her again for good measure.

Morgan shoved Loretta off the bed and she landed on the floor in a heap. He laid back, out of breath, and Camille said "You rest. I'll put it back in the hole."

Loretta was led by her chain back to the basement where kicked open the steel door of the hole with her foot. As Loretta struggled through the small opening Camille laid Morgan's belt across her ass. After Loretta had scrambled into the safety of her tiny dungeon the door slammed shut and the lock clicked closed.

Camille's eye met Loretta's through the glory hole and Camille said "Don't forget that while you're down here cowering in the dirt, I'll be upstairs drinking wine and hearing how beautiful I am."

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