Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Little Campaign Helper By: Dakota's Prince (Mg, Pedo, Cons, Oral) I work for a banking company, travelling around the country and offering training courses to make the bank's employees more familiar and efficient with the software that the bank uses. As a part of my job I also evaluate how efficiently the branch is working. Because of this latter part of my job, the branch offices tend to put me up in the nicest hotels, treat me to dinner at the nicest restaurants, etc. On one such trip, I don't even remember what state I was in, I was being put up at an expensive inn. I had just finished spending some time in my personal hot tub when there came a small, quiet knock at my door. I slipped into my silk robe and went to answer it. There, in the hallway outside of my room, was a sweet young girl. She had shoulder length brown hair, a slightly chubby round face, but the rest of her was thin. She wore a pink short sleeved shirt which buttoned with 3 very large white buttons and a pair of denim capris. She smiled up at me with a sweet, innocent smile and extended her hand to shake mine. I took her delicate hand and pumped it gently. "Hi, Mister! I'm Piper Palin. I am going around the hotel asking people to vote for my Mommy and Mr. McCain!" I smiled at her and touselled her hair. "Well, sweetie...I think my mind's all made up about the election, but thanks for stopping by." I started to close the door and thought better of it. This little girl was beautiful, and I had long been awaiting an opportunity to live out some of my deepest hidden desires. I pushed the door back open. "Well...unless you'd like to come in and help CONVINCE me to vote for your mommy..." She smiled and nodded and entered my room. I checked the hallway and closed the door quickly before anybody noticed, securing the chain lock in place. I turned to face her and she was sitting at the conference table waiting for me. "Oh, no honey," I said, smiling. "That is much too formal. We'll be talking as friends!" She smiled and followed me to the bedroom. I sat on the king sized bed and patted the matress next to me. She shrugged and hopped up next to me, turning to face me and sitting indian style. "So..." she started, "How can I convince you to vote for my mommy?" I smiled gently at her and reached up and brushed her hair behind her ear. I kissed her forehead. She shifted a little uncomfortably. "Well, sweetheart...I think you are very pretty...and I haven't had a girlfriend for a very long time...if you would be my girlfriend, I might vote for your mommy." I leaned forward and kissed her tenderly on her lips. She looked at me for a few moments before quietly muttering, "I guess so..." I smiled and kissed her gently again on her lips, holding it for slightly longer this time. Then I placed my hands lightly on her shoulders and ran them down her arms to take hold of her hands. I looked deep in the little girl's eyes as I lifted her hands and wrapped them around my neck. I kissed again, this time pressing my tongue to her lips. It took a minute, but she parted them and allowed my tongue in to explore her mouth. As I kissed her, I allowed my hands to wander, rubbing her back and then finding their way up her shirt to rub the bare skin of her back. Our kiss got deeper and more passionate, she tried to mimmick the actions of my tongue. One of my hands found its way around the front of her body and gently carressed her chest as we kissed. She moaned into my mouth, and her hands went up to run her fingers through my hair as we kissed deeper still. I pulled my hands from her shirt and reached for the buttons. I unbuttoned her shirt and pushed it off of her, tossing it to the floor. Then I broke the kiss and looked at the young, half-naked, little girl sitting on my bed. Her flat chest, with small pink nipples standing at attention took my breath away. She was breathing heavily, and obviously curious about where this would go next. I smiled at her. "Lay your head on the pillows, beautiful." She obliged, kicking off her flipflops and laying on the pillows, her hands behind her head, her legs outstreched on the bed. I climbed up the bed and kissed her mouth again, using my hands to support my weight, as I left my legs stretched out behind me. I kissed down to her neck and stayed there for a while, sucking and nibbling at her neck. She moaned her approval. I left her neck (fearing hickies) and continued across her collar bone, and then down the center of her chest. Finally I planted a small kiss on each of her nipples, eliciting a small gasp from Piper. Then I opened my mouth, and sucked on her nipples for a while, flicking my tongue across them, running it in circles. As I worked over one nipple with my mouth, teeth, and tongue, my hand played with the other one. I pinched, squeezed, and twisted. I ran my fingernail in circles around the outside of it. Her breathing was getting heavier, she was moaning and whispering unintelligable half-sentences..."That feels....ooohhhh yess mister...oh please...." I smiled up at her and contined my kissing down to her belly, running my tongue around and then into her belly button. This brought giggles from the sweet child. As I did this, I ran my hand down and unbuttoned and unzipped her capris. I pulled them off and tossed them aside. I looked at her sweet, panty-clad pussy. She was wearing bright white cotton hipsters with a rainbow patern around the waistband. I kissed her pussy through her panties and she gasped again. "oh my goodness mister!!! That feels REALLY good!" I smiled and hooked my fingers into her waistband. I pulled her panties down and off, and then burried my face in her pussy. As I ran my tongue up and down her little slit, pressing it deeper inside each time, she screamed unintelligable syllables and moaned and gasped desperately. My tongue found her clit and flicked it mercilessly, my teeth gently closing around it repeatedly. I pressed my tongue deep into her hole as my thumb continued to massage her clit. I went back and forth between tongue fucking her sweet, tight hole and flicking her clit with my tongue. Her little hips were gyrating, making it hard to keep my mouth attached to her pussy, but I managed by reaching my hands around and gripping her ass and holding her to my face. Her little hands suddenly grabbed fistfuls of my hair, my eyes rolled up to watch her face. Her hips suddenly stopped gyrating, her back arched so that only her shoulder blades remained and heels remained on the bed. Her mouth was opened in a wide "O" and she looked as if she was trying to scream, but no sound was coming out. She had also stopped gasping for breath, it was as if her whole world had stopped. I continued, flicking my tongue even harder on her clit, and nibbling it. Finally, Piper collapsed on the bed, and let out a loud, screeching, "OH GODDDDDDDDDDDDD YEAH!!!!!" I gently removed my face from between her thighs and looked up at her sweet, angelic little face. "Did you like that, darling?" I asked, sliding up and brushing her hair out of her face. She moaned quietly, "Yes...It was...AMAZING." I quickly and quietly slipped my robe off and tossed it across the room. My cock was throbbing and begging for some attention. "Sweetie, do you think you could do something for me now?" She looked at my large cock and thought for a moment. "I dunno sister..." "Oh no, no sweetheart. Not what your sister did. Something else to make me feel REAL good as I just made you feel." Piper considered saying no again, but remembered she was out to get votes for her mommy. " do I do that?" I smiled and stood up. I motioned for her to come over to me. I'm a relatively tall man, and standing there my cock was sticking out directly in the young girl's face. She bumped into it and got a small streak of precum on her little forehead. She moved to wipe it off, with a disgusted look on her face, but I grabbed her hand and shook my head. "It's sexy like that...I'm going to ask you to use your mouth for me, like I did for you, sweetheart. Just use your tongue and mouth on it, like you would on a melting popcicle...but watch your teeth!" The sweet little thing extended her tongue slowly and moved for a taste. She gingerly touched the tip of my cock with her tongue. When she decided it didn't taste bad, she continued to lick my cock all over, from head to base and back again, coating it with her saliva and swallowing the precum as it ran out of my hole. If I wasn't as disciplined as I've learned to be, I would've blown all over the sweet face of America's newest sweetheart. I ran my fingers through her hair and whispered words of encouragement as Piper tried this new skill. Finally she took the head in her mouth and began to suck, continuing to run her tongue around the head. I took her hand and showed her how to play with my balls as she sucked. She ran her tongue through my slit, then around the head of my cock as she sucked. I moaned "Some stuff's gonna come out now, don't worry, it won't hurt you" then I pulled out in time to shoot my load all over her sweet little face. The first spurt landed on her forehead, running down into her eye. The second landed on her nose, the third in her hair, the fourth on her chin, running down and dripping over one of her nipples, and the fifth landed square in her mouth. She scrunched her nose and swallowed it. The rest of my cum trickled out and I encouraged her to lick it up, which she did. I smiled at her and sat back on the bed. "Piper, that was AMAZING, thank you SO much sweetie." She wiped at the cum in her eye and asked, "What should I do with this on my hand?" I smiled, "Why don't you lick it off?" She did. She continued to clean up her face this way, wiping it off on her hand and then licking her hand (it reminded me of when she fixed her brother's hair, only this was MUCH sexier). I took her in and we showered together, I dried her off, and dried her hair with the hairdryer, and then helped her get dressed. As she was leaving my room I called "Your momma definitely has my vote now, Piper!" She smiled back and waved. "Thanks Mister! Maybe I'll stop back by later...ya' thank you!"