A Weekend With Little Sister

by Daddycums

Part 2

Dominant Little Sister

Even expecting the most beautiful sound in the world, I still smiled when I heard it.

"Good morning, big brother," my little sister Amy cooed, and I opened my eyes to gaze upon her adorable face smiling down at me. We lay naked together in my bed, relaxing in the warmth and softness of each other's bodies. I had awakened ten minutes ago, but it felt so nice to lie here with Amy in my arms that I hadn't attempted to get up yet. Amy had rolled over on top of me, her head raised above mine and her hair spilling down to one side, tickling my cheek.

I thought back on the game we had played last night, the sexy game that led to her sucking me off. The look on her face now reminded me of the look of adoration she had worn as she bathed my feet with kisses, and later did the same thing to my cock. She had done it all with eagerness and enthusiasm because she loved her brother more than any sister should.

After that we had mostly just cuddled, lying together with our arms around one another. Gazing at her beautiful face with its childlike innocence, I had wanted to do more. I had wanted to make love to her, to fill her body and make a woman out of her. But I couldn't do that to her. Maybe before I realized just how much I loved her, I might have been able to go through with it, to make her give to me the most precious thing she possessed. She might even have agreed, because it was all a part of the game after all. But she wouldn't have understood what that meant, and now that I wanted to be the best big brother in the world to her, I had to refrain. Despite our snuggling and hugging and sleeping nude together, Amy was still a virgin.

I was too, for that matter, unless you count having been brought to orgasm by my sister's mouth. Maybe yesterday I might have been willing to go all the way with her, but now that I realized just how much I loved her, I knew that I couldn't do that to her.

That didn't mean that I had no urges. Waking up to the sight of a very gorgeous and very naked little girl had already taken its toll on my body, and I couldn't deny just how excited she was making me. She noticed it too, and with a giggle she slipped her hand around my swollen member. "Does Dick want to play?" she teased.

"I think Dick's just happy to see you," I replied. Amy giggled again.

"Good morning, Dick," she said, then leaned down and planted a kiss on the head, causing me to groan.

"He really likes getting kissed, doesn't he?" she asked.

"You bet he does. Anyone would love to be kissed by you."

She beamed at the compliment, then returned her attention to my cock, kissing it all over and eliciting more groans from me. After last night, she was not only intimately familiar with that region of my body, but apparently obsessed with it. I certainly had no complaints.

Unfortunately, she ended too soon, leaving me groaning. She lifted up her head with a wicked grin on her face.

"Oh come on, Amy," I said. "You can't just leave me like that. It's not fair."

"Hey, I'm supposed to be the one giving orders today," she said.

"I know, but--"

"Are you going to break your promise to your little sister?"

"Hey, that's not fair."

"Well, are you?"

"No," I conceded. "What is your first command, Mistress?"

She giggled. "You don't have to call me Mistress. Amy will do just fine."

"Okay. What is your first command, Mistress Amy?"

"No, just Amy."

"Okay. What is your first command, Just Amy?"

"Hey! Stop teasing me!" she grinned.

"I'm happy to obey that command. Now what is your second command, Amy?"

"Stop being so formal."

"Okay. I was getting bored with that game anyway."

"All right. Now it's time to go take your shower, young man," she told me in a tone reminiscent of the one our mother used when she wanted us to do something.

"Okay mom," I said.

"You're teasing me again," Amy insisted. "Don't you love your little sister? Don't you want to be nice to me?"

She was certainly manipulative, but then, I had put her in that position.

"Oh, I do!" I hurriedly exclaimed. "Sorry about the teasing. Forgive me?" I flashed her a pleading look that might have worked if our roles were reversed, but in this case just made her break out into uncontrollable giggles.

"Okay, I forgive you," she said. "But you'd better go take your shower now."

"Yes sir!" I saluted her. Considering that we had taken a bath together last night, a shower wasn't strictly necessary, but I decided not to point this out, especially since as soon as I headed toward the bathroom, Amy followed.

I couldn't help sneaking a few peeks as she walked. Her almost nonexistent breasts had almost no jiggle to them, but the tiny amount that there was moved in the most delightful way. I really wanted to put my hands on them and grope them all over, but I knew I had to behave or I wouldn't receive the reward she promised me. Of course, she might just order me to fondle them anyway, so I probably wouldn't miss out on anything by waiting.

I opened the shower curtain and turned on the hot water, turning around to stare at her body as I waited for the water to heat.

"Are you going to take a shower with me?" I asked her bluntly. We really had no reason to be shy with each other any more.

"Do you even need to ask?" she replied, brushing past me to step into the tub. I immediately followed her, closing the shower curtain behind us. I pulled the latch on the faucet and stood there as hot water sprayed down over both of us from the shower head.

I could get used to this, I decided. I would have to look for more opportunities to stay home overnight alone with Amy, just so we could shower together. I loved the closeness of her beautiful young body in the confined space, and the sight of the water glistening on her skin. I couldn't help staring at her petite little nipples, so close and so delightful. I wanted to just reach out and squeeze her breasts in my hands.

"Staring at my boobies?" asked Amy with a grin.

If she was trying to embarrass me, I wouldn't give her the satisfaction. "You bet I am," I replied.

"Naughty naughty Rick," she said. "Rick likes staring at boobies."

"Rick is a fourteen-year-old boy," I said in my defense. "All fourteen-year-old boys like staring at boobies."

"Does that mean when I meet you after school, all your friends are sneaking peaks at my chest?"

"Probably," I shrugged.

"Even Jeff?" she laughed.


"Even Mike?"


"Even Jesse?"

"Absolutely." I was pretty confident in giving such a definitive answer, since Jesse was about the biggest pervert I had ever met. Still, he was fun to hang around with.

"Well then, maybe next time I'll wear a loose tank top and 'accidentally' give them occasional glimpses of what's underneath," Amy joked.

This was a side of my little sister that I had never seen before. Sure she was affectionate and flirtatious, but only with me, and it was never quite so blatant. Certainly she had never suggested that she would flash my friends. She was probably just playing around, but I wasn't entirely sure.

"It sounds like you're just as naughty as I am," I told her.

"I must have picked it up from my big brother."

"But seriously, Amy, you should probably be careful about teasing boys like that. I wouldn't want you to get into any kind of trouble."

"Is that the truth, or are you just jealous?"

"Probably a little of both. I don't even want to imagine what might happen if you found yourself alone with Jesse."

"Better to be alone with you, huh?" she smiled.

"After what happened last night, I'm not sure I'm much better. But as long as you're having fun, I guess it's all right."

"Thanks, Rick. I appreciate you looking out for me like that." She threw her arms around my neck and pressed her chest against mine. Had we been wearing clothes, it would have been perfectly innocent, but naked as we were, it was quite an enjoyable and erotic feeling. I wrapped my arms around her back and hugged her tightly, luxuriating in the soft, damp, and hot sensation of her lovely young skin on my own.

All too soon, Amy pulled away, to my disappointment. She even turned away from me. While she had a lovely backside and the cutest little fanny, the front was so much more delightful that I was disappointed at not being able to see more of it at the moment.

Then my interest picked right back up when she said, "Rick, will you wash my back?"

Being a typical horny fourteen-year-old, there was no way I was going to pass up such an opportunity to put my hands all over her body. If being her slave meant that I got to touch her like that, then I wanted to submit to her every desire. I grabbed the liquid soap, squeezed some onto my hand, then reached out and rubbed it on Amy's back. She sighed as I rubbed her gently but vigorously, working up a nice lather all over her back. The slipperiness from the soap made the feel of her skin on my hands even more exquisite. If I had my way, I would grab her, wrap my arms around her, and press her to my chest, rubbing her not with my hands, but with my own body. My hands would seek out her chest, resting on her cute little tits, working the lather into her soft flesh. Some of the soap from her back would run down her ass and collect on my cock, which would have nowhere to go except between her legs. She would press back against me...

It was a nice fantasy, but if I let myself go like that, I might not be able to control myself. My cock would be only inches away from that forbidden place where it so desperately wanted to go, but I knew that that was definitely off-limits. Amy and I might have all other kinds of naughty fun, but that was where I drew the line; I could never do that to her. She might never forgive me.

Besides, today it was all up to her what she wanted me to do. I was her slave, after all. And I certainly enjoyed running my hands all over her back side. If that was as far as she wanted me to take it, I would still be happy.

That was especially true when I finished soaping up her back and lowered my hands to her cute little ass cheeks. She giggled as I massaged and kneaded them, having all kinds of fun playing with her like that. She stood unmoving for several minutes as I fondled and groped her; apparently she was having as much fun as I was.

Then she stepped forward out of my grasp and turned around, standing under the hot water to rinse away the soap. I watched with excitement as a bit of foam from her shoulder slithered down the front of her body, slowing down as it reached the swelling of her upper chest, then depositing itself on her nipple, where it hesitated for a moment (I really couldn't blame it; I would have done the same thing if I were a bit of foam), then dripped off of the tip onto the floor of the tub.

I had been semi-hard ever since waking up, but at the moment I was like solid granite. Amy glanced down, and grinned at the physical manifestation of the state I was in. "Having fun?" she asked.

"I just love to serve my mistress," I replied. "Just being this close to you is like a dream come true." Okay, I really was laying it on thick, but Amy knew it was all in fun.

"Well aren't you the sweet-talker," she teased. "One thing's for sure; you definitely have the right attitude. Maybe I'll have to reward you later."

"The lollipop game?" I asked hopefully.

"Maybe," she replied. "In the mean time, since you seem to like serving me so much, you shouldn't have a problem washing my front now."

"Hell yeah!" I exclaimed.

"Watch your language," she scolded playfully.

"Sorry," I apologized. "What I meant to say was, 'Fuckin' A!'"


"Just kidding," I laughed, then grabbed the soap before she got the idea of using it to wash my mouth out. I poured some on my hands, and Amy stepped forward out of the spray so I could do my job. I wasted no time, but immediately started lathering up her breasts. It wasn't the first time I had touched them, but that did nothing to lessen the thrill of running my hands over the fleshy mounds, groping and fondling them and feeling them slip and slide through my soapy fingers, and especially listening to Amy giggle at the naughtiness of it all and at the erotic sensations I was giving her. Not surprisingly, the nipples were my favorite part, and I made sure to squeeze and tweak them between my thumbs and forefingers until they grew solid and puffy under my hands. Even then I kept toying with her breasts; I wasn't going to stop until she told me to.

"Hey Rick," she eventually said. "Aren't you going to wash the rest of me?"

"There's more of you?" I asked. "I was having so much fun that I completely forgot."

"Well, you'd better get the rest before the water goes cold. Besides, I still have to wash you too."

With that kind of motivation, I hurriedly squeezed some more soap on my hands, then rubbed it over her shoulders, her neck, and down lower to her flat little stomach. Knowing that this was an opportunity too good to pass up, I then knelt down in front of her and worked on her legs. At least, my hands did. My eyes were focused right on that pretty little slit between. Hairless, undeveloped, and tiny, it was still more beautiful than any of the mature ones I had seen in my numerous sessions of browsing online porn. Maybe it was because it was the first one I had seen for real. Maybe the thrill of the forbidden lust for my sister intensified the excitement. Or maybe (disturbing thought) I just preferred them that way.

Since her instructions had been to wash 'the rest' of her, I figured that meant between her legs as well. At least, if she tried to stop me I could make that a reasonable excuse. I reached out and ran my finger over the slit.

"Ooh!" Amy squealed in delight. That sounded a lot more like a yes than a no to me, so I rubbed her all over, playing with the damp, slippery smoothness of the lips and trying to tease the little button at the top out of its hiding place. Amy especially liked that, but she liked it even more when I pressed my middle finger inside her until I reached the barrier over the entrance, the guardian blocking the gate to heaven. It was then that I regained control over my hormones. That part of her was not for me. It belonged to a man in her future who could afford to love her the way I couldn't.

I rose back to my feet, noticing a look of disappointment on Amy's face that the fun couldn't continue. At least, it couldn't continue in that direction, though I had no intention of giving it up completely. I wrapped my arms around her and gave her a soapy, slippery, and very pleasing hug, along with a kiss on her forehead.

Amy then had me turn around so she could wash my back, which felt nice but not as nice as the pleasure I anticipated when she washed my front. I certainly hoped she would take a long time on that, or at least the lower part of my anatomy. When she told me to turn around again, my erection was already as hard as could be. Amy glanced down with a sly smile, but decided to start at the top instead, to my dismay. She rubbed soap all over my shoulders and arms, then my chest, spending some time playing with my own nipples like I had played with hers. I had never thought of my nipples as particularly sensitive, but with Amy teasing them like that, I changed my mind in a hurry.

She continued down my body, soaping up my stomach and rubbing my belly. I waited with rapidly diminishing patience as she spent extra long washing me between my navel and the line of hair below, no doubt teasing me with the anticipation.

"All done," she finally announced, removing her hands. I groaned in frustration.

"Oh come on, Amy!" I exclaimed. "You can't just leave me like that."

"What?" she asked with playful innocence.

"You have to wash me... lower."

"I don't have to do anything," she grinned. "I'm your mistress, and you're just my slave."


"Please what?"

"Please will you wash me lower?"

"Say, 'please Mistress.'"

"Please Mistress!"

"I don't think you meant it."

Amy knew she had me right where she wanted me. Well, I was willing to play that game if it would give me the relief that I so desperately needed. I knelt down again, placed my hands together in a begging gesture, and said, "Please, my beautiful, sweet mistress that I adore so very very much?"

My sister giggled. "That's more like it," she said. "Stand up."

I did, then watched as with agonizing slowness Amy squirted some more soap on her hands. Then she grabbed my cock and started pumping it up and down.

"Oh, thank you, Amy!" I gasped. "That feels incredible!"

"See how nice of a mistress you have?"

"You're the nicest mistress ever!"

With all the anticipation and the sudden slippery pleasure as Amy pumped me, I didn't last long. After only about two minutes of stroking, I succumbed to the pleasure. "Ew!" Amy giggled as I spurted sticky ropes onto the floor of the shower beside her. She had stood off to the side the whole time, partly because it was the best way to get a good grip on me but maybe also because she knew what the end result of her pumping would be.

"See?" she asked after I calmed down from my orgasmic high. "Now you can't say your mistress never did anything nice for you."

We spent a couple of minutes rinsing the soap off under the water, but by that time the water was starting to get cold, so we stepped out of the shower and dried each other off. We took a lot longer to dry than usual, mainly because it was really just another excuse to put our hands all over each other. Though technically the towels did all the work, we both made sure there was plenty of incidental skin-on-skin contact. My libido might have been down for the count, but that didn't mean I couldn't enjoy the feel of Amy's youthful, silky-smooth skin.

Eventually we finished, and left the bathroom.

"Now what do you want me to do, Amy?" I asked.

"Go fix me breakfast," she commanded. "Bacon and eggs and toast and orange juice."

"Um... do you mind if I get dressed first?" I asked.

"Yes I do mind," she replied. "You're not allowed to get dressed all day."

"But the grease from bacon splatters," I told her. "If it just gets on my shirt that's fine, but it will hurt like hell if it gets on my bare skin."

"Okay," she conceded. "You can put on some clothes first. But when you bring the breakfast back here, you'd better be naked again."

"That's all right with me," I grinned. I liked seeing Amy's nude body, and apparently she liked seeing mine. Normally I would have been totally humiliated to be caught naked by my little sister, but today, it just meant that she was more likely to use my nudity to her advantage, to have all kinds of fun with my body. And anything she considered fun, I was likely to consider fun too.

I threw on a tee shirt, a pair of sweat pants, and a pair of socks and shoes, then made my way into the kitchen. I've never claimed to be the best cook in the world, but I knew how to fry up bacon and eggs. In my opinion, every teenage boy should know how to fry up bacon and eggs. We had oranges on hand, but I didn't have the patience to squeeze them, so I just pulled a can of concentrate from the freezer and mixed it up in a pitcher. Amy probably wouldn't even be able to tell the difference anyway.

Ten minutes later, I called Amy to breakfast.

"In here," she called back. So she wanted breakfast in bed. Fine. I grabbed a tray, served the food onto two plates and poured two glasses of orange juice, then returned to my room, where I found Amy sitting up in my bed, propped up against a pillow pinned behind her to the wall. The blanket rose only to her waist, leaving her tiny little tits exposed to my view. Although my stomach had begun to growl in anticipation as I fixed breakfast, I suddenly had a desire to taste nothing but those beautiful little mounds on her chest.

Unfortunately, she put a quick stop to it as I attempted to crawl into bed with her. "No, this is my bed today," she insisted. "You're just the servant. You go eat over at your desk."

That was disappointing, but on the other hand, from my position across the room I had a perfect view of her upper body throughout the entire meal. I was entranced by every motion she made; even simply ones like lifting her fork to her mouth. There was a certain grace, a certain fascinating way that every motion in one part of her body affected every other part. The way it all fit together was almost like a dance, with those two young fleshy orbs always at the center.

She caught me staring, and flashed me a sly grin. I grinned back, but refused to look away. Let her think I was some kind of pervert. Hell, I was some kind of pervert to be looking at my sister like that. Right now though, I didn't care. Let the world condemn me for my unnatural desires. Let hellfire and brimstone burn me to a cinder. All that mattered to me right now was the sight of my gorgeous little sister, naked from the waist up and showing off the cutest little 11-year-old body imaginable.

After breakfast, she had me take the dishes back into the kitchen and throw them in the dishwasher. Then I returned to the bedroom to see her yawning and stretching, an erotic sight indeed. Even after the thorough stroking she had given me earlier in the shower, I found myself growing hard again.

Amy glanced between my legs and smiled at the reaction she was having on me.

"So what are you thinking about right now?" she asked in such an innocent voice that I knew she did it just to tease me. Actually, it was pretty obvious what I was thinking right now, but I decided to tease her right back.

"I'm just wondering if the football game last Sunday would have turned out different if the quarterback hadn't thrown that interception."

"Yeah, like I really believe that's what you're thinking," she laughed.

"What? You asked. You know men are always thinking about sports."

"That's not what I heard," she snickered. "Anyways, forget about the game. Tell me what you think about me," Amy demanded. "And remember, I'm still your mistress, and I can be nice or really really mean to you."

"I think..." I said. "I think you're pretty."

"Just pretty?" she asked with a playfully offended tone.

"Well, tell me what you want me to say."

"Say... 'I think you're the most beautiful girl in the whole world.'"

"I think you're the most beautiful girl in the whole world," I repeated. Amy giggled.

"Now say, 'I think you're even more beautiful than Vanessa Moon.'"

That was pushing things. I had been friends with Vanessa for a long time, but lately I had been developing certain feelings toward her that were deeper than mere friendship. Still, since this was just a game, it really didn't matter what I said. They were Amy's words, not my own.

"I think you're even more beautiful than Vanessa Moon."

"Now say, 'I'm in love with you, Amy.'"

"I'm in love with you, Amy," I said. She giggled again.

"Really?" she asked.

I couldn't pass up the opportunity to tease her. "No, not really," I replied. "I just said it because you told me to."

"Hey!" she exclaimed. Then she laughed. "Just you wait. I'm going to get you back for that."

"Ooh, I'm really scared!" I taunted, and she stuck her tongue out at me.

"Now say, 'I want your body, Amy," she told me with a naughty giggle.

"I want your body, Amy."

"Ooh, you naughty boy! Now say, 'I love every part of your body.'"

"I love every part of your body."

"Now say, 'I love your boobies.'"

"I love your boobies," I grinned. Amy burst out into girlish laughter at that, obviously thinking it was hilarious. But she wasn't finished with me yet.

"Now say, 'I love your pussy,'" she demanded.

"I love your pussy," I repeated. She laughed again, even harder than before. She was really having fun with this, and to tell the truth, so was I.

"Now say, 'I want to kiss your boobies.'"

"I want to kiss your boobies," I replied.

"Okay," said Amy with a sly grin.


"Okay, you can kiss my boobies." Still grinning, she flashed me a challenging look, as if daring me to disobey her. Of course, I wasn't about to disobey this command. Amy's 'boobies' were still almost nonexistent, but what she did have were extremely appealing, and I wasn't about to pass up this opportunity to put my mouth on them.

I lowered my head, opened my mouth, and let my lips close around one of her nipples. I sucked it in, letting my tongue run all over it.

"Hey!" Amy exclaimed. "I said kiss, not suck."

I drew back and grinned at her. "Sorry. It's just that you have the most suckable boobs I've ever tasted."

"Oh yeah? And how many boobies have you tasted?"

"Including yours? One." I lowered my head and gave a quick lick to her other nipple. "Two," I corrected.

"Are you sure?" she asked. "You sure you haven't tasted Vanessa's? I'll bet you went up to her and said, 'Vanessa, I would loooooooooove to suck on your boobies.'"

"I did, but she just slapped my face," I joked.

"Ooh, really?" Amy squealed in delight. "Does my big brother Rick have the hots for Vanessa Moon?"

"Nah, she's just a friend," I replied. "There's this other girl, though... she's only eleven, but she's absolutely adorable and has the most gorgeous body and totally suckable tits. She goes by the name of Amy."

"Oh, I know her!" said Amy. "She's your sister, isn't she?"

"You won't tell her, will you?"

"Don't worry. Your secret's safe with me. As long as you do everything I say today."

"That's the plan. Speaking of which, didn't you tell me to kiss your boobs?"

"I sure did."

"Well, if I have to," I playfully groaned, then leaned down and began kissing her all over her breasts. This time I didn't focus just on the nipples, though my mouth found its way there plenty of times. I made sure to pay attention to every square inch of her tits, not that there were too many square inches to pay attention to just yet. In a few years it might be a bigger job, but right now, they were still small and petite and so very very cute.

I couldn't help myself, but occasionally let my tongue "accidentally" brush against her skin as well, especially when my mouth was currently working on her nipples. Amy didn't seem to mind, not that I had expected her to.

"I'll tell you a secret," I said after worshipping her breasts with my lips for about five minutes. "I wasn't just following orders when I said I love your boobies. I really do love them."

"I'll tell you a secret too," she replied. "My boobies love you right back."

"So maybe they should be my girlfriends," I smiled.

"Both of them?"

"Why not?"

"Because I only have one boyfriend. It's not fair." She was referring, of course, to my cock. She had agreed to be its girlfriend in a game quite similar to the one we were playing right now.

"Tell you what," I said. "Since you're being such a nice mistress, maybe I'll let you have two more boyfriends. There are a couple of other guys down there feeling kind of lonely."

She glanced down between my legs, then suddenly burst out laughing as she realized what I was talking about. "Okay, it's a deal," she agreed.

I suddenly grabbed my little sister's breasts. "Hello, Amy's boobies," I said. "Would you like to be my girlfriends?"

"They both say yes," she grinned.

"Good. Now I think I'll give a kiss to both of my girlfriends." I leaned in and planted a kiss right on each nipple. That, of course, wasn't enough for me, and I began kissing her all over the chest again.

She unfortunately called it quits a couple of minutes later, to my disappointment. "That's about all the attention your girlfriends can handle for a while," she explained. Grudgingly I released her.

We spent the rest of the morning watching cartoons on TV. For all the growing up Amy had done recently, she was still in some ways a little girl. Although I had long since given up on cartoons in favor of more mature activities like computer games, I certainly didn't mind sitting naked on the couch with my arm around Amy's shoulders and a blanket thrown over the top of us. I can't say I paid much attention to the shows at the time; all my attention was on my little sister. It was too bad that she was covered up, because I would have loved to stare at her all day like I stared at her during breakfast. But having her right there next to me, right in my arms, with her skin touching mine, was a worthy consolation prize.

It was almost too bad when the last of her favorite shows ended and she climbed up off the couch. On the other hand, since she made no move to get dressed, I couldn't really complain. I continued to stare at her cute little body whenever I got the chance, which was often.

She had me make her lunch, if you can count throwing a couple of TV dinners in the microwave as making lunch. We sat down at the kitchen table to eat them.

After lunch, we spent some time just lying together on the couch and cuddling. I lay down first, then Amy crawled on top of me and rested her head on my chest. I was back to full hardness by this point, and who could blame me? Amy made no mention of it, even with my cock pinned between her body and mine. She could feel every square inch of it, of course, which felt particularly good for me. Unfortunately, all she wanted to do was take a nap, not that that really bothered me. I wrapped my arms around her and massaged her back as she lay there, lazily drifting off to sleep.

I wasn't particularly sleepy myself, so I just stared up at the ceiling and enjoyed running my hands all over her body. Even if I hadn't promised to serve her today, I would have been happy to volunteer to massage her like this, just lying here with her in my arms, watching over her as she slept, keeping my little Amy safe from nightmares and bogeymen, from cares and worries, from anything that might interrupt her sleep. Let her slumber peacefully as long as she wanted; her big brother would stand guard over her.

I thought about how my attitude toward her had changed over the past day. Just twenty-four hours ago, I couldn't stand her. Now, I just couldn't seem to get enough of her. I had always loved her, but it wasn't until recently that I had really understood what that meant. It meant being happy when she met me after school, despite the teasing of my friends. It meant wanting to spend the weekend with her instead of inviting over someone like Vanessa Moon. It meant playing games like this where I followed her orders, not because she held anything over me but because I wanted to please her. Most of all, it meant sacrificing my own wants and desires to make sure she knew how much I cared for her.

When she woke later that afternoon, we spent some time just cuddling. Then Amy, still very much a child, wanted to play some more traditional games. We had a few board games in the closet, and we played them until supper time. I let her win every single time. By the end it was obvious that I was throwing the game, but she played along and playfully taunted me about it anyway. I pretended to be angry and flustered, which just egged her on. In the end, she just threw her arms around me and said, "it doesn't matter that you keep getting beat by your little sister. I still love you." Even if I hadn't just been pretending, that would have made it all right.

We never did get dressed that day. Even while playing board games we did it naked. Amy agreed to let me get dressed to fix supper, then had me strip down again before we ate. Amy decided to get romantic and instructed me to bring out a couple of candles so that we could have a candlelight dinner. I had to admit, in the soft and subdued lighting, she looked particularly beautiful.

After eating, I cleared away the plates, then we adjourned to the living room again. Amy wore a somewhat mischievous grin on her face, and I could tell she was in the mood to get naughty again. I certainly wasn't about to complain.

"Let's see..." she said. "What to do with you now..."

"I have an idea," I grinned.

"Let me guess. The lollipop game?" she asked.

I nodded enthusiastically.

"Is that all you ever think about?" she laughed.

"Can you blame me?" I asked. "I'm a teenage boy, and you're a very cute girl."

"Well, too bad, because you're still my slave and I get to say what we do."

"Fine," I grumbled teasingly.

"You don't sound too excited about serving your mistress," said Amy.

"What I meant to say was, now what shall I do, my beautiful, sweet little mistress that I adore so very very much?" I asked, using exactly the same words I had used in the shower that morning.

Amy giggled. "That's much better," she said. "Since you're being so polite, I'm going to reward you."

"Oh thank you, Mistress!" I exclaimed in absurdly over-the-top enthusiasm.

"Let's see..." she said, as she thought. "I know. Since you said you love my body, I'm going to let you kiss part of it."

"Your boobies again?" I asked hopefully. Tasting those sweet, tiny yet beautiful orbs was just about the best reward I could ever imagine.

Unfortunately, Amy had something else in mind. "Nope," she told me. "You didn't earn that much of a reward. But don't worry. You said you love every part of my body, so you shouldn't mind kissing my foot." She plopped down on the couch and stuck one of her feet out toward me, wiggling her toes.

Needless to say, I was quite disappointed. It wasn't that I had anything against Amy's feet in particular; they were shapely, clean, small, and dainty. On the other hand, they were feet. I had had my hopes on a more intimate part of her anatomy. I considered making a face or groaning in disgust to tease my little sister, but then I remembered yesterday when I had ordered Amy to do this exact same thing, and she had done it enthusiastically, lovingly, even worshipfully. I knew now that she had kissed them like that as a sign of just how much she loved me. To do any less for her would imply that I didn't love her as much as she loved me. Maybe she knew that. Maybe this was a test. If so, I was determined to pass.

I knelt on the floor in front of her and took her foot in my hand. It wasn't so bad, I decided. A couple of days ago I would have been disgusted at the thought of ever kissing her feet, but right now, I just saw them as a part of Amy's body, the body that I loved so much. I brought it to my lips and planted a tender kiss on the top, just above the toes.

Amy giggled, obviously amused. I wasn't doing this to make her laugh, though. I wanted her to know just how much her big brother cared for her. I kissed her foot again and again, trying my hardest to keep the same worshipful expression on my face as she had yesterday when she did this same thing to me. As I did, I realized that this was surprisingly enjoyable. There was something strangely appealing about her cute little feet, though perhaps it was just that they were attached to her long, shapely, and gorgeous legs. Or maybe I really did just love every part of her body.

I didn't just kiss her foot; I massaged it too. That was something Amy hadn't done to me yesterday, so I figured the extra effort would show her how much I wanted to please her. It seemed to work, because I heard a contented sigh escape from her lips, and when I glanced up I saw a peaceful and serene smile on her face as she leaned against the back of the couch. I loved seeing that expression on her face, especially with the knowledge that I was the one who put it there. Perhaps Amy had just been teasing when she said that this would be a reward for me, but at the moment it really did feel like a reward. I was learning an important lesson from this experience, that sometimes it's far more rewarding to give than to receive.

"Now go higher," she grinned. I glanced up at her for a moment, then followed her instructions and let my lips gradually wander up to her ankle. I held her leg in my hand as I planted kisses all over the bony knobs on both sides. Amy's ankles were thin and tiny; it almost made me wonder how she could support even her minuscule weight without breaking them, especially when she enthusiastically skipped down the street to pounce on her big brother after school, a habit that until recently I had found quite annoying. I had a suspicion that after this weekend, I probably wouldn't mind so much.

"Higher," she ordered again, and I smiled. Now I was up to her legs, those beautiful and slender legs that I admired so much. Although she wasn't involved in any organized sports, Amy had an athletic body merely by virtue of being so energetic all the time. She never walked when she could run. It was particularly evident in the supple shapeliness of her legs, which were somewhat muscular though not overly so. There was still a softness about them that was quite pleasing, and in her nearly prepubescent state, she had only the finest covering of downy hair on her legs that did nothing to mar the silkiness of her beautiful skin. I kissed her shin lovingly and adoringly, enjoying the closeness of her body, the feel of her leg on my lips and even on my cheek as I brushed against it to take advantage of the position I was in.

That wasn't the only thing that made me happy right now. There was also a certain anticipation as I wondered just how high Amy would want me to go. Maybe a couple of days ago, the thought of getting that close to that particular part of her anatomy would have had me retching, but considering how excited I was growing just to be able to kiss her legs, I wondered how much more wonderful it would be to move on to a more intimate part of her body.

But would she let me? Would she really want me to do that to her? She had done something similar to me already, and considering that she wasn't opposed to playing the lollipop game, I just might get my wish!

"Higher," she commanded, and I moved just a little closer to my goal. Now I was at her knee, surprised at how delighted I was to be kissing her there. I decided to have a little fun with it, and gave it a squeeze, eliciting a shriek from Amy, followed by a giggle. She had always been ticklish there.

"Oops," I grinned, not that I had the slightest chance in hell of convincing her that it was an accident. But when I returned my lips to it and bathed it with my kisses, I'm sure she was willing to forgive me for my momentary bit of fun. Besides, in a few minutes I planned to give her such pleasure that she would forget all about all of my teasing and tickling and anything else I had done to her that she didn't like.

She was already getting excited, I could tell. She had her eyes closed and her head thrown back, with a cute little open-mouthed smile on her face. Occasional minuscule tremors shook her frame, tiny quakes running through her as I kissed her leg. It couldn't be all from the direct stimulation; she was probably thinking the same thing I was, about the treats that lay in store for her as soon as I finished my journey.

All in good time. Though I desperately wanted to just skip the whole rest of the trip and dive right into that luscious mound that beckoned me, I loved the idea of drawing it out as long as possible, teasing her almost to a frenzy before giving her what she wanted.

Of course, that was really all up to her. She was the one setting the pace, and I could do nothing but obey her wishes.

"Higher," Amy breathed. As she did so, she spread her leg to the side so that I had to kiss the inside curve of her leg. By this point, it was obvious just where we were headed. I could barely contain my excitement; I had thought her "boobies" were so sweet and tasty; I could hardly wait to get my mouth on that delightful little hairless peach between her legs. How exquisite it must taste!

Eager to get to it, I leaned down and started kissing the inside of her upper leg, starting with her knee and working slowly upward to the softer flesh. With one of my hands, I supported her leg, while with the other one I massaged her just above where my lips touched her skin. I listened to her breathing, noticing that it was growing heavier. I glanced up and let myself revel in the sight of her breasts rising and falling with each breath, especially the tiny and almost imperceptible jiggles. As I continued to kiss up the inside of her leg, growing ever closer to my goal, I could hear little mewling sounds occasionally escape her lips. That sound excited me almost beyond belief. A couple of days ago I might have found the sound whiny and annoying, but then, a couple of days ago I found everything about Amy whiny and annoying. Now, though, those noises made her sound so vulnerable, so innocent, so feminine.

As I approached the crease between her leg and her mound, I experimentally stuck out my tongue and brushed it so gently against her skin. Amy literally jumped at the contact, giving an audible gasp of excitement. She spread both of her legs wider, putting the beautiful sight between them on display for my eager eyes. I couldn't remember ever seeing anything so beautiful as that sweet, hairless thing, just waiting for the pleasure that I desperately wanted to give.

Almost imperceptibly, as if not daring to speak her strongest yet naughtiest desire, Amy whispered the word that I had been waiting for, the confirmation that she wanted this as much, if not more, than I did.

"Higher," she breathed.

So my little sister Amy wanted me to do the same thing to her today that she had done to me yesterday. I think I wanted that almost as much as she did. I placed my hands on the insides of her thighs and gently spread her legs even further apart to give me all the room I needed to work. Then I lowered my head and placed a kiss right on that sweet, bald little slit between her legs.

Amy let out a moan as a shiver ran through her body, stronger than the ones that had struck her before. She was so cute the way she lay there with her eyes closed and her mouth open, so vulnerable and so lost in anticipation and pleasure. She was my mistress, but right now she was a slave to her own body.

Then again, so was I. Even if I wanted to resist her charms, I knew I lacked the willpower. I just had to taste her over and over again.

I gently stuck out my tongue and ran it lightly against one of her outer lips, causing her to gasp in delight. Then I repeated the motion on the other side. Finally, I ran my tongue right up her slit, reveling in the taste of the sweet nectar that leaked from her body in her aroused state. Amy whimpered in lust as I did so, then unconsciously moved her hands down and placed them on the back of my head, pressing me down toward her beautiful bald pussy. I opened my mouth and engulfed the whole thing, sucking on it powerfully yet gently and causing her to squirm and moan some more.

My mouth wasn't the only part of my body that was active. My hands massaged her thighs, adding to the pleasure that I gave my baby sister. I wanted her to know that my attentions to her were not just because of the game we were playing, but because I loved her so much that I would do anything for her. I wished I could make her entire body feel better than it had ever felt before.

As I thought of that, I wondered if maybe that were actually possible. At eleven years of age, had Amy ever experienced an orgasm before? She had always been possessive of her big brother, even to the point of having no interest in other boys, and I knew from fondling her in the shower that she was still technically a virgin. But that didn't mean she couldn't have given herself these feelings.

Whether that were the case or not, I intended to bring her to orgasm today. I liked the idea that it would be the first time for her, but even if that were not the case, the thought of teasing her over the edge like that filled me with lust and desire. I wanted her to know the depth of my love and my devotion to her pleasure.

I attacked her with vigor, though still keeping it gentle. My lips and my tongue ran all over her smooth little mound, teasing and toying with her body and driving her into a frenzy. I could tell by the way she squirmed and wriggled, the way she moaned and whined and gasped and cried out, the way she tightly held my head between her legs with her little hands, as if trying to shove me right inside her body. I knew she wanted this, perhaps more than she wanted anything ever before. And I wanted to give it to her.

I spread her outer lips, then dove right in with my tongue, causing a squeal of delight from Amy. I tasted her all over, inside and out, lapping up her fluids like the sweetest ambrosia. I moved up and teased her clit, sending convulsions of pleasure through her body. Perhaps they were little orgasms in and of themselves, but I had it in mind to give her one great big one that she would never forget.

For my part, I was in heaven. To think, all this time I had been missing out on such ecstasy, because I was more worried about the opinions of my friends than about the love of my little sister. Amy should have been on the forefront of my mind every day. Well, I would make up for lost time from now on. Amy and I would explore the world of sexual pleasure together, learning all about how to please one another with our hands, our mouths, and our entire bodies. I still couldn't quite bring myself to take her virginity, but there were so many other ways we could make each other feel good that it really didn't matter.

"Oh, Rick!" she suddenly cried out, and I could feel her body tensing. I knew this was it; I knew that I had just about accomplished my goal. Amy was about to discover just how much pleasure her body could take, and it would all be because of the love of her big brother.

I picked up the pace, tonguing her deeply and rapidly, with unbridled zeal in my passion. I attacked her clit mercilessly, as if trying to draw the orgasm out of her by sheer enthusiasm. Amy's legs were off the floor by this time, suspended in the air to the side of my torso. Her fingers were buried in my hair, grasping it painfully, but at the moment I didn't care. My only concern was giving her the most intense orgasm she had ever felt, if in fact she had ever felt one before.

Finally she let out a long wail as her climax exploded through her, and her body tensed up as it seized control of her. She held that position for just a second or two, then she gave one last shudder and collapsed back on the couch, totally spent. I lifted my head and smiled at her, though she had her eyes closed as she panted in sheer exhaustion. After a couple of minutes, she turned to the side and lay down on the couch, curling up into the fetal position. I continued to kneel beside her, but leaned over and planted a tender kiss on her forehead. Then I slipped my hand onto her back and began to gently rub her there. The sighs that escaped her lips were all the motivation I needed to keep massaging her like that for as long as she wanted me to.

After the longest time, Amy opened her eyes and gazed dreamily into mine with that cute little smile that I enjoyed so much.

"Rick, do you love me?" she asked.

"Of course I love you," I told her.

"You're not just saying that because I'm your mistress and you're supposed to say things like that to me?"

"Amy, you are the sweetest, prettiest, and most adorable girl ever. I may not have realized it until recently, but I'm so glad I'm your big brother, because it means I get to spend time with you like this. Forget Vanessa, forget all the other girls at school; I belong to you now."

Amy smiled and sighed, then gave me a hug.

"Then I want you to do something for me tomorrow."

"Why tomorrow?"

"Because then you no longer have to do everything I say. It has to be when I know you're doing it because you love me and not just because you have to. It's something big and important, but it would mean so much to me."

"What?" I asked.

Amy drew back and looked me in the eyes. "I want you to have sex with me," she said.


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