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Broken Home
  by DS

Contains: lesbian sex, humiliation, amputation, non-consensual, babification, body modification

Chapter 1: Retribution

For the first time in her life, Lydia Brooks felt truly terrified. She couldn't feel her legs, her hands, her arms, nothing. Completely numb from the neck down, even the cold pain where the syringe had stung her had dissipated now. Her limbs wouldn't respond more than they did when she first realized the danger, when it was already too late, when the chemicals hit her nervous system hard. There was a pouring sound, followed by the sharp smell of liquor - whiskey - coming from her left. Steps, then the calculating gaze of her old friend Nathalie Weston fell into her fixed view. She felt her lips quiver as she tried to speak, barely managing to open her mouth, and only able to produce a dry wheeze. "Y-you're forcing my hand, Lydia. I can't let you keep doing this" the middle-aged woman spoke, raising the glass to her trembling lips to take a large sip. Lydia slowly moved her lips, but it remained silent in the room until Nathalie's next sip. "You loathe me, you blame me for your failed life, don't you think it's always been painfully clear to me?" Nathalie closed in a bit, the intoxicating scent of the whiskey shortly increasing. "You'd never say it, you'd never hear of it, but it was always there in your words, in your demands. You probably won't even acknowledge it now, even if you can't tell me to shut up about it like you normally would". Nathalie took another sip, and Lydia saw her glasses-framed eyes grow colder, filled with a determination she had never before seen in them. She didn't control this Nathalie. She didn't anticipate this Nathalie, and the realization that nobody outside this place could remotely guess she was here suddenly panicked through her mind. She was terrified of this Nathalie. "No more, Lydia. I worked hard for this laboratory, and I'm not going to let you take it away from me". Was gray mouse Nathalie Weston, the shy physics teacher she had used and abused for years, actually capable of... killing her?

"...s..." A pained hiss finally formed on her lips. "...s...soh...y". There were tears in her eyes, and a glimpse of hope sparked in her as Nathalie smiled. Nathalie wiped the first tear from her cheek, and she seemed less threatening again, warmer. "I don't believe you anymore... but I think I can make you love me, Lydia" she spoke; Lydia blinked in momentary confusion. "I'm going to make you really love me. I'm going to make it so you'll never leave me again, and love only me". Nathalie wasn't over her. She wasn't going to kill her, yet all of a sudden dying was not the thing she was most afraid of. Her eyes darted as far as they could, glancing over the surgical steel suspended overhead, the tubes, the wires. Nathalie's experiments were something she wanted nothing to do with, she had simply known enough to insinuate efficient threats to get what she wanted from time to time, but now... The sharp sting of whiskey hit her lips, burning her tongue, mouth and slowly her numb throat. "Drink up Lydia. Just like our first time, when you forced me to drink. 'We're going to need it' - that's what you said, wasn't it? We're going to need it now as well, Lydia". Nathalie poured the remainder in, and Lydia squinted from the pain in the back of her mouth, but weakly managed to swallow. Nathalie refilled the glass as she rose; Lydia could hear her gulp it down in one go. "I guess you'll need some of the stronger stuff" she heard her speak, somewhat more distant now, then closer again as she approached with a new syringe filled with light-green liquid. "...n...nnn...nnno...." Lydia weakly muttered, but the dull stab in her neck told her it was too late. She fought the effects for a while, her anger and fear keeping her on the brink of consciousness, but the chemicals worked swiftly, and soon everything turned to black.


Lydia's mouth was parched, and there was a horrible taste on her tongue. It felt swollen, her whole mouth felt swollen, her limbs felt numb, and there was something covering her eyes. There was a name circling around in her head, a name that somehow felt very important to her situation right now. The name was...


Cold dread entered her. She had secretly visited Nathalie's house again, to make her latest demands... Life after high school had been nothing but bills, her flimsy jobs never paid enough and she hated them anyway, and she had always considered blackmailing Nathalie to be her only way out. It was a lot of money she had asked this time, and Nathalie had claimed she didn't have it - she assumed she lied, she had done so before, and it had only taken a little scenario sketch to illustrate what would happen if she didn't pay to get things going anyway. She shouldn't have been so greedy, should've noticed Nathalie's distress, but she hadn't, and she hadn't anticipated the sudden sting in the back of her neck either. Her arms felt light but numb, and there was something stopping her from reaching her face cover. A shuffle next to her, coupled with a familiar scent, froze her attempts. "N-Nathalie?" she croaked around her thick tongue, and blinked against the sharp light as the cover was lifted. "Good morning, Lily" Nathalie's voice spoke, and Lydia could make out her silhouette through her blurred vision. She was in her T-shirt and panties, lying against a soft pillow, on a large bed in Nathalie's room, warmly lit by the afternoon sun. "Nathalie, I-" she started, trying to get further up in the bed, but she couldn't. Her arms weren't long enough. Her legs weren't long enough. "...I..." she stumbled, her eyes slowly adjusting to the new light. "Yes, Lily?" Nathalie smiled, but it didn't register with Lydia, who was staring at her body in horror. "Wha... what did you do to me?!". Nathalie's smile was out of place. "I just made sure you wouldn't leave me again". Lydia gazed at the bandages wrapped around her arms and legs, or what was left of them, her arms ending shortly after her shoulders, her legs ending halfway down to where her knees used to be... Lydia shrieked in terror, squirming on the bed, crying hysterically.

Nathalie was holding her in her arms, softly rocking her back and forth stroking her long auburn hair; Lydia chortled in her last tears, her shoulders shaking from her uncontrollable sobs. Her struggling had long ceased; she was feeble, mutilated and horrified, wailed in anguish, but no more tears came out. "Don't be upset Lily, you always forced me to take care of you, this will be easier for us both". "You've gone fucking psycho" Lydia bit, her voice trembling with anger. "Lily, I-" Lydia futilely tried to push herself away from Nathalie, her stumps somehow painless as she pressed against Nathalie's chest. "YOU CAN'T FUCKING DO THIS TO ME!!" "Please don't raise your voice at me, Lily". "GIVE ME BACK MY ARMS!!" "I'm not going to let you yell at me anymore, Lily". The serious tone in Nathalie's voice didn't register with Lydia, who finally found words to vent her fury. "I'LL YELL ALL I FUCKING WANT". Nathalie's hold on her slackened, and for a moment Lydia thought she could crawl away from her, landing face-down on the bed, trying to move herself from Nathalie's lap with what was left of her legs. Two firm hands clasped her waist and dragged her back immediately however, putting her with her belly on Nathalie's knees. She felt her panties roughly pulled off, and before she could react a loud smack resounded in the room, her rear stinging from unexpected pain. "You will NOT raise your voice at me" Nathalie hissed, and suddenly Lydia realized what was in store for her.

"Oww, OWW, stop, Natha-OWW" Lydia pleaded in new tears as swats rained down on her behind, her squirming futile to escape the spanking. "This is what happens if you raise your voice at me, is that clear?" she heard through the flurry of blows. It was becoming unbearable, she didn't want to answer, but every blow was hurting more and more. "Is that clear?" Nathalie repeated, and finally Lydia broke down, whimpering "yes...!" between the steady hits, and her torment subsided. "That's better" Nathalie cooed, now gently rubbing her sensitive and sore backside. "Fuck you" Lydia wheezed, immediately regretting it as a new swat set her ablaze again. She was panting with exhaustion, and her rear was on fire. No, not just her rear. Nathalie's caresses were starting to do more. "Why can't you just be nice?" Nathalie whispered - Lydia bit her lip, trying to stop her body from responding, but she felt fingers begin to probe between her ass cheeks, down to her crotch. Nathalie's fingers were warm, but her nether lips were steaming, a ripple of pleasure running through her as Nathalie's fingers slurped inside. She was supposed to be in agony over getting mutilated like this... instead... what the hell was wrong with her? "My god, you're dripping, Lily. I guess the hormone injections are doing their thing". The words ground into Lydia's mind. Nathalie had done more to her than just hack her up... she had to regain control somehow... A slight trail of drool escaped her mouth as her mind fogged over, the heat from her rear spreading all over her body as Nathalie lazily fingered her slit. "Just give in to it" Nathalie whispered; Lydia opened her lips to speak but let out an uncontrolled moan instead as Nathalie brushed her clit. "That's a good girl". She didn't stand a chance - Nathalie was playing her hyper-sensitive body like an instrument, cupping one of her breasts through the fabric of her T-shirt with her free hand, and Lydia squirmed in involuntary pleasure as her nipple was squeezed. "I'll take care of you". Lydia couldn't even respond, drooling down on the bed with mad lust in her eyes, unable to believe she could already feel her first orgasm approaching. And then everything suddenly stopped.

Her heart was still racing as Nathalie slumped her face-down onto the bed. Her body burned, aching for release, and she shivered as the cold draft from the door passed over her. A cellphone was blearing noisily in the background, then it was answered. "Nathalie Weston speaking. ...Hello". Lydia could feel her slit pulsing, her panties soaked with her leaked juices; she wasn't sure what Nathalie had meant with injections but her nether lips were simply begging for attention right now. She wanted to reach down to satisfy herself, but the reality of her turmoil quickly hit her again as she had nothing left to reach with. "The work is progressing Mrs. Zeller, but I can't- yes". What the hell was she doing - she had to get out of here, contact someone that could get her out of this hell. If she could get out, maybe someone could fix her, give her back her arms and legs... "I'll try, Mrs. Zeller" An anguished laugh escaped her lips. Her arms and legs, gone - it was incomprehensible. "Thank you Mrs. Zeller". Lydia inched herself forward with her stumps, feeling her wet pussy smear her juices across the damp spot left in the linen, slightly dizzy with the sensation in her nipples from the friction of the cotton. What was going on with her... she had to... "Yes, I'll notify you as soon as I've sent them". Lydia moaned as she ground back and forth, her clit dancing against the creases in the sheets, her entire body glowing with sexual warmth. "Thank you. Good afternoon Mrs. Zeller". She couldn't stop herself. "Oh no Lily, look at what you've done" Nathalie sighed, but her presence only registered with Lily until Nathalie rudely flipped her over onto her back.

"I have to sleep here tonight you know, just look at the size of this stain...". Lydia stared at the white ceiling in frustration, her body pulsing with unfulfillment. She had to... she had to... get a hold of herself. No matter how bleak the situation looked, she had always been in control. She couldn't let Nathalie take the upper hand without some kind of fight... Trembling with residual fright, while simultaneously ignoring the nagging heat in her body, she swallowed her saliva down and gathered her composure. "You can't keep me here like this". Anger hadn't worked, but perhaps reasoning would. "How am I going to use the toilet? How am I going to eat?" Nathalie waved it away, casually adjusting her glasses. "I'll think of something. You don't have to worry about a thing". She didn't have a plan at all, as Lydia suspected - she had to use this somehow. "That's right, because you'll just have to reattach my limbs or something, undo this... mistake and we can both get on with our lives". Nathalie seemed to blank out for a moment, and Lydia decided to push further. "If you really love me, you'll let me go. If you don't fix me..." she spoke, struggling to contain her emotions. "If you don't fix me, I'll bite my tongue and kill myself". That got Nathalie's attention. "You wouldn't" she tried, but Lydia thought she heard uncertainty in her voice, which emboldened her bluff. "I swear I'll do it, I can't live as an amputee for the rest of my life". "Oh, I think you'll be fine..." Nathalie whispered. "And we both know you're not strong enough to deal with your own problems, right". Lydia fumed, furious Nathalie called her out on her bluff, wanting to force herself to at least draw blood to scare the woman, but she couldn't... Nathalie smiled, collecting something from the bed. "Don't worry, I'm not entirely done with you yet". The tone in her voice was different, causing Lydia enough concern to look aside, just in time to see Nathalie's hand stuff a cloth bundle into her mouth. "For now, I need you to be quiet some more" Nathalie panted, struggling to keep the livid Lydia under control while securing the ball of lingerie with her pantyhose. Lydia screamed into the gag, but her obscenities were adequately muffled, and Nathalie smiled thinly, then took a small pink vibrator from her bedside drawer. Parting Lydia's legs, she inserted the bullet inside her warm folds, flicked on the switch and kissed Lydia's forehead. "That should keep you entertained while I get some more shots".

Lydia panted around the rancid mixed taste of the lingerie in her mouth. The dull buzzing in her pussy was distracting enough, but her occasional reflexive gags made her feel miserable, especially coupled with the uncertainty of what Nathalie was up to, but she felt remarkably calm considering what had just happened to her. She had no clue about how the machinery downstairs worked exactly, about how it had managed to amputate her limps without leaving much of a wound; she never cared to learn what the woman researched aside her job as high school instructor, mostly abusing her relationship with Nathalie to get passing grades. But Nathalie had been naive enough to confide in her about the many shortcuts she had taken in her early research, the unethical and illegal practices that had yielded her results which eventually landed her a prominent position at some fancy research institute... and Nathalie should've never trusted her with that information. Part of her now wished she had informed the authorities about Nathalie, prevented this from ever happening; she had no idea whether Nathalie was prepared to turn back what she did, or if the machinery downstairs was even capable of it in the first place. Lydia closed her eyes and wheezed through her nostrils, trying to steer her thoughts away from images of her limbs lying in a dumpster, discarded like some organic trash. A pearl of her juices was trailing down between her ass cheeks, chilling as it cooled off. She hated being used like some sort of sex doll by Nathalie, but she just couldn't help it - even though the vibrator wasn't properly nestled, her pussy was so damn sensitive, and it kept her on edge. She wondered if the sour taste in her mouth was hers or Nathalie's - the dull cotton bunch pressing down her tongue definitely wasn't hers. Drool was beginning to drip from the corner of her mouth, her building saliva adding to her discomfort. It took too long, but finally Nathalie re-entered, now wearing her lab coat, toting another green syringe. "Did you enjoy the wait, Lily?" she cooed as she disinfected Lydia's neck, but Lydia just wheezed tiredly. Something about Nathalie's happy demeanor was very unsettling, but she couldn't show weakness now; she even managed to stifle her moan as Nathalie pulled the vibrator from her pussy. A cold sting sealed her fate, and the last Lydia felt was Nathalie's warm caress on her face.

Chapter 2: Dependence

Lydia blinked groggily. She could smell food, and her stomach instinctively gurgled - hunger. Where was she? In a horrible flash, the reality of her situation sunk back in with her. Her heart sank as she saw her limbs were unchanged, and Nathalie hadn't even bothered to give her some new panties, her naked slit peeked out underneath the hemline of her T-shirt. Her mouth felt thick and uncomfortable, possibly from her gag earlier, or perhaps from whatever Nathalie knocked her out with. From the noise in the back, she could tell Nathalie was still home; now more than ever she needed to know what the hell that psycho had planned for her. "Nathalie???" she croaked, slowly recovering from her stupor. Footsteps soon approached, and Lydia braced herself as the door creaked open. "Hello again sleeping beauty, I thought I'd fix you some dinner, you must be getting hungry by now" Nathalie chirped, placing a large tray on Lydia's lap. Mashed peas, mashed potatoes, some sort of pudding, a glass of water. "How are you feeling?" "How am I supposed to be feeling? Why didn't you fix my body?" "Your body is just about perfect now, baby. I added some last touches, puffing up your nipples and lips a bit, and it makes you look even cuter". Lydia fumed with renewed anger. "My lips? Why did you... this has gone far enough Nathalie, I..." Nathalie came closer, gazing at the indignant Lydia. "They're just a lot more kissable now". To demonstrate, she bent down, forcing a wet kiss onto Lydia's lips. They certainly felt thicker, succulent, but Lydia didn't expect the wave of warmth the kiss sent through her; more adjustments to make her into a horny tool...

Her stomach turned; Nathalie really had zero intentions of restoring her body, she was dead serious about keeping her captive in this house as some sort of sex slave, and she simply couldn't think of anything to escape. Warm metal prodded her lips, the bland smell of peas under her nose. "Come on, eat up" Nathalie encouraged, but Lydia felt sick to her stomach and kept her lips shut. "Don't be childish now". Nathalie became more insisting, forcing the spoon into her mouth, but Lydia refused to cooperate, landing the pea mush on her cheeks, T-shirt, anywhere but inside. She needed to think of something. "Open your mouth right now, Lily". Despite her fear, hearing Nathalie give _her_ commands just sounded so wrong, and she smirked. "Please stop acting like a spoiled brat and eat your dinner". Spoiled brat? After what she did to her... furious, Lydia gathered all her might her stumps could muster, and flung the tray off her lap, inches past Nathalie. It made a satisfying clunk, the porcelain and glass crashing on the laminate floor, followed seconds later by the shattering of the glass next to the bed. Lydia shivered momentarily; the cold water had spilled all over her, but otherwise she was damn satisfied. Nathalie was silent, simply rose from her position and left the room. After a while she heard the front door slam shut.

Using the pillow for support, Lydia managed to flop herself around. The floor was a hazard of glass and ceramic now, but if she was careful... rapid clicking of nails approached, and Lydia sighed. "Get lost, you stupid mutt" she hissed at Bella, Nathalie's pet Labrador, excitedly slipping through the half-opened door. She had to nudge her muzzle away with her leg stump - Nathalie never trained it to stop trying to lick people's faces, and Lydia was pretty certain she trained the mutt to lick in other places as well; Nathalie seemed lonely enough to resort to things like that. Seeing her sniff around the remnants of her meal made her hope she'd choke on a piece of glass or something, but unfortunately Nathalie kept her well-fed. "Go play somewhere else!" she yelled, but Bella didn't respond. Shuffling forward through the glass shards would've been dangerous enough, but she was afraid of Bella's usual enthusiasm; at least lying on the bed she was in a higher position than her; there had to be some other way she could escape... Aside the panting of the dog the house was quiet, and the light began to change as the sun set. Sooner or later she'd manage to find outside help, maybe get her limbs back...

Puffier nipples indeed. They were visibly bumping up her T-shirt, one through a green pea smear, and they weren't even erect. Lydia squirmed on the bed, noticing how sensitive what was left of her body was - just what did Nathalie inject her with? The cotton sliding over her breasts felt even better than before, and for a moment she zoned out a bit as she rocked back and forth. It had its effect - her nipples rose against the fabric, aching for more attention, and Lydia fiercely missed her arms and fingers all of a sudden. Her pussy twitched as the warm glow spread through her body again, but she hesitated. It wasn't normal for her to feel this way, this was just what Nathalie was forcing her to feel. But it was also what her body wanted her to feel right now, and her need was growing stronger by the minute. She hated herself, hated how weak she was, but no matter how she squirmed, she could only tease herself, when she needed release so badly... God, she was so wet, so horny... she... was making a spectacle of herself in front of Nathalie, who had entered the room without her even noticing, the smug look on the woman's face embarrassing her further. "Making a mess of my linen again, I guess I'm just in time... do you know what this is, Lily?" Nathalie informed, holding up a white package. White synthetic padding, plastic adhesive strips. "...a diaper" Lydia replied, taken by surprise. Nathalie nodded. "Your diaper".

"No way" Lydia panted. "I'm not wearing a diaper". "It's a very practical solution for you now that you can't go to the bathroom anymore, and it's actually quite fitting for someone who insists on being such a baby about this. Now let me lift your hips so I can put it on you". "FUCK OFF" Lydia yelled, squirming away to try and escape Nathalie's fingers. "I'm NOT your fucking BABY". "Again with the yelling... Lydia, I'm going to count to three. One". Lydia fumed, her heart racing. "Two". She had always been in control, Nathalie was the submissive one, she wasn't going to let her... "Three". Nathalie quickly moved around the other side of the bed, briskly lifted Lydia up by her waist and deposited her on her lap in a position Lydia vividly recalled. "Noooooo" she wailed, but it was too late. Smack after smack landed, and Lydia broke out in tears. "Okay OW... OW!! OKAY!!" she tried, but Nathalie wasn't even slowing down. Her behind was on fire, and each smack sent a shockwave of pain through her. "Please stop!!" Pain and pleasure; she felt her juices trail down her thighs. "...please..." she panted weakly, tears flowing freely. She was ready to do anything to make it stop, anything, and when Nathalie finally stopped, she let her position her on the spread out diaper, her sore behind hugged by the thick padding, then her dripping pussy covered by a strangely familiar bulky softness, pressed tighter against her slit as Nathalie fastened the tapes. "Now take a good look at yourself, Lily" Nathalie instructed, lifting Lydia up under her arm stumps towards the bedroom mirror.

Her pretty face was a mess of mascara, old trails from earlier that day and new trails from just now. She was short now, much shorter than the woman holding her - her legs and arms just ended in smooth stumps, as if she was a poorly constructed doll, and her untied auburn hair hung loosely over her shoulders, framing her large breasts and nipples, which strained against the fabric of the smudged undersized T-shirt. And underneath it, her loins were snugly packed in a thick diaper. Lydia Brooks, twenty-two year old woman, was reduced to a freak in a diaper, and the humiliation made her blush furiously. "Please... I'm not a baby" Lydia muttered weakly. Nathalie sat back down on the bed, supporting Lydia against her chest. "Aww... but you're even toddler size now, it's just perfect". Lydia squirmed uncomfortably, trying to get used to the bulky padding pressing her hips apart. The soft padding grinding against her sensitive pussy was driving her mad, and her squirming combined with the tight diaper was actually getting her the satisfaction she so desperately sought... "Doesn't feel so bad, does it?" Nathalie cooed, and Lydia huffed angrily, but couldn't help wriggling her hips into Nathalie's helpful hand regardless. "Looks like it's even turning Lily on, isn't it". "It's not-mm" Lydia interjected, but was smothered by a deep kiss. "Does Lily want Nathalie to help her feel good wearing her diapers?" She felt ridiculous, totally humiliated, but so fucking horny, and it was making all the decisions for her. Yes, yes, Lily wanted it so badly, needed it so badly. Lydia swallowed hard and nodded dumbly. Another kiss, and Lydia felt Nathalie's fingers sneak underneath the waistband of her diaper, slipping two fingers into her pussy. Those fingers knew their way all too well, and soon Lydia was moaning uncontrollably, drool running down her chin. She was being used as a sex toy, delivered to the whims of this insane woman, being frigged to orgasm in a diaper. Her climax overwhelmed her, her body spasming with pleasure, her breath ragged, her senses blurred by the intense sensation, and when she finally basked in the warm afterglow she was already being lowered into some sort of crib Nathalie had prepared for her in the living room.

"Now, I want you to keep a few things in mind. You can't run out of my life anymore, you need me now, so I want you to cooperate. I'll feed you, bathe you, keep you safe... and you will listen to what I say. I don't want you to yell at me anymore, or I'll gladly spank you again". Lydia blinked up at Nathalie in fear. She felt weak, small; Nathalie was in absolute control, and for the first time she was too afraid to even contest it. She had never seen this side of Nathalie, wouldn't have ever guessed it had been dormant inside the timid woman she abused over the years, but it was too late to regret forcing it out. "Open your mouth, Lily" Nathalie instructed, and Lydia complied. Her cheeks burned with indignation as Nathalie lodged a blue pacifier between her thick lips, her saliva softly slurping around the large rubber teat. "If you ever want me to treat you like a mature woman again, you'll have to prove to me I can trust you... and for now I want you to be a good babygirl for me, so I want to see that binky in your mouth when I come back, okay?" Lydia's blush deepened as she began sucking, trying to ignore the terrible synthetic rubber taste. Nathalie bent down into the crib, stroking Lydia's hair lovingly. "I've got a phone call to make, I trust you'll behave yourself while I'm gone". Lydia nodded shakily, lying down on the soft rubber mat as Nathalie left the room, trying to adjust her position to accommodate the soft bulk between her hips. How the hell was she getting out of this...


She did it. She really did it. After playing with the idea in her mind for so long, Lydia had finally forced her hand, forced her to solve her problem. Staring at her reflection in the mirror, she wondered if this had really been worth endangering all her hard work for. There was enough going on in her life already - increasing pressure from her employer to produce results, and word about her progress seemed to have gone out to the competition as well, earning her occasional visits from pushy recruiters trying to get her to jump ship. But Lydia went too far. She had gone out of her way to make her life difficult ever since she tutored at college; first she seduced her, then turned her love into dependence, then from dependence to extortion... there were limits to what she could afford. And yet, recalling the passion she and Lydia used to share always made her smile. She knew it was stupid of her to get roped in by Lydia like she did, but after the uncaring cruelty Lydia had displayed milking her funds throughout the years, she deserved every bit of what happened to her. The diapers had just been a practical solution - she couldn't keep a constant eye on Lily, and didn't want the girl to leave a mess while she was gone, but the embarrassment it caused Lily had made the entire idea much more entertaining, and she decided to play the humiliating angle some more for the time being - didn't she deserve a little fun in her life as well? She playfully winked at herself, then returned to the living room; Lily had managed to get up in her crib, sitting on her leg stumps. She looked up at Nathalie with pleading eyes, still fearfully sucking her pacifier, which tugged a trail of drool from Lily's lips as Nathalie removed it. "What's the matter, Lily?" "I... I need to use the bathroom". Lily looked genuinely uncomfortable, but her former demeanor was fresh in her memory, and Nathalie unceremoniously plugged the pacifier back into the drooling lips. "Babygirls don't get to use the bathroom, silly. I'm going to finish my book". With a dull thud, Nathalie demonstratively sat down on the couch and kicked up her feet, flicking on the reading light behind her. It gave her an excellent angle to spy on Lily, shuffling miserably in her crib after testing the bars again.


Lily's discomfort was building. She knew what Nathalie wanted of her, but she couldn't give in to such humiliation, desperately holding on... She bit her lip, squeezing her thighs together as far as the thick padding allowed, but it didn't help much. She heard Nathalie flip another page, and time crawled on mercilessly slow. The pressure was getting imminent, and again she tried budging the wooden bars with what was left of her legs, but it was clear she could never get out of this crib without Nathalie's help. Which would have to come soon, or she wasn't even going to make it to the toilet... Another page was flipped. Slowly, the pacifier dropped sideways from her trembling lips. "N-Nathalie, I really need to pee". She hated how desperate she sounded, but she had no choice. "Please". Nathalie didn't even look up from her book, and Lily sat back in defeat. She tried to keep her thighs together, but it was too late. Her bladder slowly gave, the trickling embarrassingly audible, her diaper growing hot and wet against her slit. Lily cringed in shame, but she couldn't hide herself, couldn't obscure anything. The flow only slowly subsided, thoroughly soaking the padding, and Lily felt her first tears, softly shaking with the intense embarrassment as she began to sob, and finally Nathalie rose from her seat, towering over her. "Did my little baby girl wet her di-di?" she cooed, but it hardly registered with Lily. A few last squirts added to her soaked diaper, squishing with every move. Lily just wanted to be back home, away from this humiliating insanity. Nathalie put a new pacifier between Lily's lips, smiling as she cringed at the weird taste, then patted her head condescendingly. "Was that really so bad? I'll leave you like this for the night so you can get used to the feeling... Goodnight little baby". A pink blanket was draped over her trembling body, and finally her sobbing turned into tears as she realized this could be all her future had left in store for her...

Chapter 3: Distraction

Nathalie sighed with relief - she wouldn't have to worry about Lily anymore tonight; she just had to take Bella out for her evening walk and then she'd have the rest of the evening all to herself. But as soon as she leashed up the excited Bella the doorbell rang; moving into the hallway, Nathalie pondered who the hell would visit her at this late hour - she couldn't use any visitors for the time being. She hurried to close the living room door; Lily had probably succumbed to the sedative on the pacifier by now, but she still needed to make sure the person at the door wouldn't get a chance to spot her, and decided to take Bella with her up front as well. The door opened up to a pretty blonde in an impeccable business suit, probably in her late twenties, holding out her hand, a perfect smile on her face. "Miss Weston, I presume?" Cautiously, Nathalie shook the woman's hand. "That's me, miss...?" "It's so nice to meet you, miss Weston. My name is Deborah Rubinsen, and I'm here to represent CET Biotechnology - I take it you're familiar with our company?" Nathalie nodded, stepping back nervously - she was familiar with both the company and the name the woman had introduced herself with, and neither sat well with her; Bella looked up at her mistress, unsure of what was expected of her as Nathalie kept her leash short. "Then you are undoubtedly aware of our reputation and dedication to our mutual field of research. Miss Weston, I would like to discuss a business proposition we believe you will be very interested in. Shall we step inside?" "I don't think so" Nathalie smirked, wanting the woman gone from her door already, and not just because of what she was hiding inside.

CET Biotechnology had a reputation alright, but it wasn't for their field excellence, rather they had been implicated in numerous patent theft cases, and it was rumored that many of their 'legal' acquisitions had been orchestrated through underhanded intimidation and even lower tactics. "Miss Weston, you should know CET Biotechnology is extremely interested in your scientific progress. They believe such genius shouldn't be wasted on lower-tier research institutes, should receive proper financial and material support, and above all, should be given the recognition it deserves". "I already told you, not interested" Nathalie snapped, but the woman's warm smile seemed grafted onto her face. "I understand this proposal may seem a bit daunting at first, so feel free to think it over. You'll find a concise summary in this folder". The woman offered a beige portfolio, but Nathalie shook her head. "I want you to go away, simple as that". Bella picked up on her change of voice, and began softly growling. The woman nodded, unfazed. "I understand this is not a good time for you. I'll send a detailed proposal over tomorrow instead, so you can read it over without any pressure or commitments... are you quite alright, miss Weston? You seem a little distraught". Nathalie angrily shut the door on her - if even half the rumors about this Deborah Rubinsen were true, this woman wouldn't shy away from anything to get the contracts signed.


Nathalie whistled impatiently for Bella, still darting through the overgrown field connecting to her back yard; the dog was still over-excited from having Lily over, but it was chilly, and Nathalie couldn't wait to be in bed with one of her toys, to take her mind off her deadlines, and her new problem with Rubinsen gunning for her. Bella would have to get used to having Lily around, and so did she - she already had so little spare time, and now she had the equivalent of a stubborn baby to look after... At least taking control over Lily had been easier than she expected; with most of her mobility robbed, Lily was just cute now when angry, not intimidating as she used to be. The shock of losing her limbs seemed to have helped as well; she wondered how the girl would cope with that on the longer term. Was that really her concern? Was Lydia Brooks anything more to her than a delightful body with wonderful breasts... she left plenty of it intact to enjoy during the lonely hours of the night, but... She shivered; still on edge from all the events that day, and she realized she really longed to be intimate with someone tonight. Ironically, any intimacy with Lily would pretty much amount to rape for the time being, and that simply wouldn't fulfill her needs. Sighing, she hoped Lily would eventually learn to love her, but failing that she could always work on the girl's lust to force her to enjoy her new life. Bella finally returned, and Nathalie hurriedly reattached the leash, her body pulsing with a longing that was getting harder and harder to ignore - there was a one-time fix she had used before, but that'd be utterly careless right now...

Less than an hour later she was slowly driving along the Boulevard, the street home to most of the strip clubs, shady motels and sleazy bars in town. Hookers were patrolling the side, flagging down the male drivers leering at them. Nathalie was embarrassed to come here in the first place - she had promised herself she'd never do this again over a year ago, but... today had been too extraordinary. She needed someone in her bed, and Lily simply wasn't ready. Yet as she saw the skimpy vinyl and leather outfits on the unattractive hookers, she shook her head again. This was pointless, she held a mutilated woman prisoner, taking some stranger home right now would be incredibly stupid. But instead of speeding up to drive back, she slowed down. She swallowed hard, and rolled down her window. "Hello-oh" the hooker she spotted stammered nervously. Nathalie stared at the blonde's black rubber-clad rack and spandex hotpants, framed by a long blue coat, and her reservations faded away... "Err, you a dyke or something?" The woman asked, sizing her up - she seemed young, not even her thick lipstick could hide that, although her large bust contrasted with her fine features. And those curves... "W-women are fifty bucks extra... are you just going to stare at me?" Nathalie blinked. "Err, paying extra is fine, yeah". The girl stood at the side of her car for a little longer than necessary, then finally moved around. As the girl got in, Nathalie took a deep breath. She was horny, the hooker was hot, that was all she needed to know. "I don't live far from here" Nathalie explained as she drove off. "...yeah, okay" the girl whispered, and remained silent for the rest of the drive.


"We'll have to be quiet, the... baby is sleeping" Nathalie whispered nervously as she preceded the blonde through the narrow hallway - despite her confidence in the sedative she put Lily to sleep with, the risk of being found out was still there. By exception she had locked Bella in the back room; while Bella never barked at strangers entering the house with her, her overenthusiastic attention would only ruin the mood. To her relief they reached her room without disturbances, and she finally relaxed a bit. "You can put your coat over there" she gestured, taking off her shoes. "Yeah, okay... so it's a hundred bucks total, okay?". Nathalie was momentarily mesmerized by the girl's behind, the grey spandex clinging beautifully to its curves. "Sure" she smiled. "I hope you don't mind the mess, bit of a situation earlier today" The girl's hands were trembling, Nathalie noticed. "Is this your first time?" The girl spun around, even less comfortable now. "...y-yeah, I never... I mean, I really need the money right now..." "Oh, I meant, you know... with a woman". It was obvious enough, sort of cute as well, but she wasn't really in a mood to play around. "Oh! Umm... yeah... yeah I guess". Nathalie put her glasses on her nightstand, then invitingly patted the bed next to her, and the girl quickly sat down, trying to seem relaxed. "What's your name?" "R-Rose" the girl whispered, inching away from her a bit. "I'm Nathalie. You're very beautiful, Rose". "Thanks" Rose mumbled, but when Nathalie pulled her a bit closer, she could feel how tense the girl was. "You too" Rose hastily added.

Their kisses were awkward, but at least Rose had a voluptuous body for her to play with. Nathalie took her time running her hands over the shapely curves, relishing the smooth fabric of the spandex and the slick touch of the rubber top. Rose was clumsily rubbing her breasts through her blouse - it was obvious she didn't have much clue about foreplay, and Nathalie decided to just skip it altogether - she was aroused enough already, and just needed tongue in her pussy, fast. She gave Rose's lips a last lick and quickly undressed, pausing briefly to stop Rose from doing the same - she didn't even want to wait for that, and the outfit looked dead sexy on the girl anyway. Sighing lazily, she lay herself back on the bed, smiling at Rose who dutifully positioned herself over her legs. She could feel the girl's breath brushing her hot pussy as she narrowed closer, and she spread her knees some more to allow Rose easier access. Then she finally felt it - Rose's quivering tongue, probing hesitantly on her nether lips. She clasped Rose's head closer, guiding the tongue deeper, higher. "Mmm... slow down..." she instructed, and slowly Rose found a pleasant rhythm of sorts. "That's better, mmm..." Nathalie moaned, Rose's tongue flicking against her clit, but her lack of skill wasn't getting Nathalie anywhere. Closing her eyes, she thought back to this afternoon, when the helpless Lily couldn't help orgasming at her hands... she opened her eyes again, frustrated as her arousal ebbed away - Rose's tongue was nothing compared to Lily's, but something else was missing as well.

"I'm sorry, it's not working out for me" Nathalie sighed, gently nudging Rose's head away. Rose took a moment to catch her breath, her lips gleaming with pussy juice, and Nathalie was surprised to notice servicing her had aroused the girl, evident by the darkening spot in her spandex-clad crotch, where her hand hesitantly moved away from. She had been pleasuring herself? "Oh..." Rose mumbled. She sounded honestly disappointed. "I've just got some stuff on my mind right now - sorry". Rose bit her lip, not knowing exactly what was expected of her. "Don't worry, I'll still pay for the full thing". "Yeah, okay..." There was an awkward silence as Nathalie took a moment to calm down, then got up to grab her purse. "A hundred dollars, here you go". "Thanks" Rose smiled thinly, putting it in her blue coat. Her hands were trembling again, although not as badly as before. "Are you going to spend it all on drugs, or do you need to pay off debts before you can get new?" Nathalie suddenly asked, slipping into her nightgown. Rose stood frozen, her hands trembling again. "I... I just need it to pay back my boyfriend..." she muttered with a thick throat. "Ah, I see" Nathalie nodded. "He said he won't give me any more if I don't earn some money, but I didn't know anything..." Nathalie put her hand on Rose's shaking shoulder. "I'm just stupid... a stupid good for nothing whore he said.. but I feel so awful if I don't take some..."

"I should just shut up now, I know it's not your problem". Rose was drying her eyes with a rough towel while Nathalie comforted her sitting on the edge of her bed, quietly wishing Rose would just leave already, but she didn't want to seem impolite. "How long has it been?" "F-four days..." Judging from her symptoms, she was a moderately active user, but definitely hooked beyond regular redemption. If she walked out the door tonight, she'd be in serious trouble within a few months, as the effects would diminish and the need worsened. She was definitely stupid enough to let it come to that, that much was obvious. Such a beautiful girl, snared and wasted like that - a real shame. But she had enough on her mind already. "Are you going to be alright?" "Sorry, yeah" Rose smiled weakly. "It's usually not so bad when I.. you know, when I'm... excited". Dumb, pliable, horny. And apparently very bisexual; there was something about the bimbo that intrigued Nathalie. "Wait up, Rose. Let's try something different". "I... I don't know" Rose smiled coyly, leaning in on Nathalie again; the girl was definitely willing. "I'll help you forget about your need for a while". Nathalie guided the confused Rose onto the bed. "Rest on your arms like that, yeah. Keep your head down. Knees further apart - ass up higher". Rose followed directions well, and soon a satisfied Nathalie traced the moist spandex lining of Rose's mound, puffing down between her ass cheeks. "I'll be right back".

"Is... is that a strap-on?" Rose inquired, shuffling somewhat uncomfortably on her arms as Nathalie playfully rubbed the rubber member against her ass. "You'll soon find out" she smiled, peeling the spandex down the upraised behind, leaving it clinging the spread hips. The smell of Rose's heat was clear as her slit was bared, and a quick inspection showed she was well-lubricated already. Her trimmed orange fur revealed she was no blonde however. "You're sopping wet, Rose - who is the 'dyke' now?" "Y-yeah, I guess" Rose nervously chuckled, her breath heavy with anticipation. "Let's see if this can make you feel any better". As Nathalie guided the black tip of the dildo into the cleft, she noticed Rose's legs were shaking slightly still, but this was different. Rose needed penetration, her body prepared and ready to be fucked silly. Nathalie slowly pushed her hips forward, easing her way in, relearning the motions from long ago. "Ohh..." Rose moaned softly, the dildo glistening with the slick juices as Nathalie pulled it back, then pushed forward faster. Rose began moaning in earnest as her pace built, and Nathalie couldn't help her own arousal, the reverse stub from the strap-on rhythmically rubbing inside her as she pounded away. "Mmmm yeah fuck me" Rose moaned, thrusting her hips back. "Oh fuck that feels good". "This... this is nothing yet" Nathalie panted with a grin, and activated the vibration in the strap-on.

"Oh god.. OH GOD" Rose wailed as Nathalie pounded her pussy. Her legs were getting weak from her arousal and exertion, but it wouldn't take much longer. With an airless gasp Rose finally quaked, her body repeatedly convulsing, and as she kept thrusting in and out of the orgasming girl; she herself soon followed, shakily resting herself on the bed next to Rose who slumped down, no longer supported by her legs. Nathalie gave the girl a sloppy kiss, smiling as she felt her tremble. "I... I think I just had my first orgasm... ever..." Rose finally gasped. No wonder her boyfriend needed to hook girls on drugs to get laid. Nathalie felt strange - winning the dominance over Lily today had stirred up something in her. She could be in control. She wanted to be in control. And she wanted to control this girl as well. But she couldn't just take a second girl captive; one would probably be more than she could handle already. Nathalie pondered hard to figure out if there was a way she could make this work, and after a while Rose rose from the bed, still shaking, sliding the moist spandex back over her ass. This girl was a drug addict, forced to whore herself out. Her boyfriend controlled her through her debt, her stupidity and her chemical dependance. Rather than despise him for it, she felt envy.

"So... I guess I should be going then" Rose smiled; her entire body seemed to be blushing still. "Wait" Nathalie beckoned, sorting out the last of her thoughts. "Think this through for a bit" she started, getting up in bed. "You're prostituting yourself, which is illegal in this state. You'll last a few days before you end up arrested, and then you'll be branded with a criminal record for life". "Y-yes, but..." "But you want the cocaine. You love the feeling it gives you, don't you? It's better than sex, isn't it?" Rose sighed, but remained quiet. She bit her finger, and Nathalie knew she was on the right track. "But you don't want to be fucking strangers for it, and your boyfriend can't even satisfy you". "I guess... but it's just..." "Most importantly, if you get arrested and put into jail, your boyfriend will let you rot". "I don't think-" "A girl like you won't easily get cocaine in jail, Rose". Nathalie lied, smiling as she saw the girl's eyes widen in slow comprehension. "Oh fuck" Rose cried, her eyes tearing up. "I can help" Nathalie offered, waiting a bit for Rose to fully feel the gravity of her situation. Rose sniffled, and looked at her in despair. "Why would-... how...?" Nathalie smiled and got up from the bed. "Don't you worry your pretty little head about that". Rose wiped her eyes with her trembling hand. "What... what do you want me to do?" "I'll explain in the morning... for now... get back in bed, I'm not done with you". "O-okay" Rose grinned. Nathalie smiled - she doubted a drug-addicted hooker would ask many questions as long as she got her fix, and she could sure use help around the house. Her arousal was back in full force again, and she realized what fueled it... control.

Chapter 4: Complication

Rose staggered through the living room, only dimly lit by the early morning light filtering through the windows. "I-I know Greg, but I... I already have a hundred bucks, that's a lot, right? We don't need to... O-Okay baby, just... just hurry I guess-" "Miss! Miss!! Over here!!" she suddenly heard to her left, and mortified, she stumbled back against the wall, her mobile phone roughly landing on the carpet. "You gotta help me miss, this woman is keeping me here against my will, she..." a girl's voice continued, and Rose slowly walked forward, feeling for the switch on the nearest lamp. It finally lit up, and she saw a young girl in a crib, looking up at her with pleading eyes. "Please help me out of here before she wakes up, we gotta call the cops..." But all Rose could look at was the girl's arms, ending abruptly after her shoulders, the stumps smooth but horrific just the same. "G-get away from me you freak" Rose muttered, scared out of her mind, collecting her phone from the floor. "Please!! You can't leave me here... she's crazy, PLEASE!!!" the girl wailed. "...the fuck is going on over there Rose? Come open the fucking door already you stupid cunt" Greg commanded her through her phone, barely able to hold on with her trembling hand. "Oh thank God Greg, y-yeah I'm on my way".

But after she opened the front door for Greg and let him into the hallway, a sudden barking from the back of the house scared her even further. "Stupid bitch, why didn't you tell me she has a dog?!" Greg hissed, the grip on her arm hurting with his erratic movement. "There's this freaky girl in the living room too... can't we just leave baby? C'mon, I've got a hundred bucks... please baby?!" "Go find some jewelry or something, quit whining already". Confused, Rose hurried further into the corridor, entering the first door she found. She couldn't believe she was actually helping Greg rob this place - she just called him for her pick up, her need for a fix too severe to stay with... this Nathalie lady... she felt terrible, as Nathalie had been kinda nice to her, but she couldn't help herself, Nathalie had to understand that. And God, that barking dog was annoying. There were stairs leading down, and there was a strange smell coming from below - despite her misgivings she walked down, fearing Greg more than whatever could be down there. She sighed thankfully when she spotted a laptop hooked up to some big machines - she knew nothing about computers, but she knew they were expensive... Roughly pulling out cables, she nervously spied around; it seemed more like some sort of lab than a basement, with scary machinery suspended from the ceiling, bubbling and blinking machines everywhere. The laptop in her arms, she quickly grabbed a bottle of blue pills as well, hoping them to be drugs of sorts; it'd have to do, she didn't want to spend another minute in that creepy place.


Nathalie shot up in bed as she heard Bella go nuts below; did Lydia escape her crib? Did Rose go wandering off? She quickly put on her gown and glasses, hurrying down the stairs - if Rose found Lydia, that would be... she froze as she entered the living room, an unknown man frantically rummaging through her desk drawers, but before she could react he noticed her, swung around and aimed a handgun straight at her head. "DOWN ON THE FLOOR, BITCH" he barked, and Nathalie hurt her knees with the speed she dropped down with, shaking with fear. "That's right... stay like that or I swear to God I'll fucking blow your head off" the man panted, and she heard more rummaging. "Same goes for you, freak" he spat at Lydia, and Nathalie's fear only grew - how much worse could this get? "Greg baby, I found this computer in the basement, and a bottle full of drugs, can we-" she heard Rose pant. "What the hell did you go to the basement for you stupid cunt? Never fucking mind, we gotta go". Clenching her fists, Nathalie gathered all her courage. "P-please don't take that laptop" she asked, her voice shaky but clear. "I'll tell you where the money and jewelry are, just... please..." "Heh... must be expensive if you want it that badly... tough shit, bitch - you'd better not be dumb enough to call the cops on us either, got that?" Greg gloated, pointing over at Lydia. "C'monnnn Greg" Rose whined, and finally they disappeared into the night, distant tire screeches the last she could hear of them.

Minutes later, after Bella had finally stopped barking in the background, Nathalie shakily rose to her feet, feeling every bit as weak and powerless as she had felt all these years; all the control she reveled in yesterday was gone. She doubted the two would bother to report what she had done to Lydia, but that laptop... that laptop had all her recent research stored on it, her big breakthrough, and they had just taken it away from her... She slowly walked over to the crib, forcing a brave smile as Lydia cowered back in fear. "A-are you okay?" she asked, trying to calm her voice; Lydia finally nodded cautiously, and Nathalie bit her lip in rising anger at herself; what part of 'drug addicted whore with pimp boyfriend' failed to set off the necessary alarm bells in her head? "I'm sorry, I... I think that was my fault, I..." she muttered, so confused. Her lab... what else had that Rose taken with her?! "Wait here, I'll be right back" she whispered, hurrying into the hallway, then down the long stairs into the basement. Her precious lab seemed intact enough, but the empty space where her laptop was... she traced the table with a trembling finger, her deadlines flashing through her mind; Mrs. Zeller was expecting her preliminary report today, ready and finished on her laptop, a deadline which had been postponed for her three times already. And now her report, and most of the research data she based it on, was gone. She angrily punched the table, screaming out her frustration, crying as she slowly sank through her knees, all the fear and anxiety she had experienced just earlier flowing free. She sat there for a few minutes, trying to think of how she would go about recreating her data, but it would take so much time...

"Hello Nathalie - how are you this morning?" Zeller answered the phone; Nathalie swallowed her emotions down. "Actually not too great, Mrs. Zeller, and sorry to wake you so early". "Don't worry, I was already up. Nathalie, we've been expecting your preliminary report - I hope there are no further delays?" "Actually... well, the results look incredibly promising, but it'll still be... a while before I can fully complete it, so..." "Nathalie, you know I have full confidence in your capabilities. But our organization is strict. We had an agreement; as you understand, we need everyone to do their part to-" "Yes, but-" "...to follow schedules and deadlines in order to run this business. I shouldn't need to remind you that you've already been given an unprecedented amount of freedom in your employment". She didn't need to remind her, but Nathalie knew she would, and she couldn't have picked a worse time - she was frustrated enough already. "You requested to work from home, which we accepted. You refused to have any assistants around, we accepted that as well, but on condition that you would adhere to our research standards, and that involves keeping to deadlines. Now, you ask for another extension on your main research - my bosses have been unusually patient with you, but I need to be able to show them something soon, Nathalie - my job is on the line here as well". "So would you prefer it if I handed in just another cellular analysis that might one day lead to a slight alleviation of medicinal side-effects, perfectly on time, like one of your on-site crews? I've worked so hard on this, Mrs. Zeller, developing something that will actually matter, and you're lecturing me like... like a schoolgirl that forgot to do her homework. I... God, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have..." "Nathalie, is everything alright with you? You sound rather... emotional". "E-everything's... fine here, ma'am - I'll call you as soon as I can give a reasonable estimate of when the preliminary report is done".


Lily crawled up in the crib, cringing as she felt the cold, wet padding of her diaper cling to her thighs. The armed robbery scared the living hell out of her, but Nathalie seemed even worse off; she had never seen her that frightened. Smirking, she looked at her stumps - was she seriously feeling pity for the woman that did this to her? Nathalie said she'd keep her safe, and then... this... It was weird, why did Nathalie even check if she was alright anyway? Probably just confused - why else would she have given the ridiculous instruction to 'stay there' earlier when she couldn't even climb out of the crib with her limbs as they were... "Sorry, I... I had to make a phone call" Nathalie spoke as she entered the living room; Lily saw she was wiping tears from her eyes. "Is there anything I can do for you?" she offered, and Lily hesitantly nodded. "I still need... you know... a dry diaper". She could feel herself blush as she said it, but she honestly couldn't wait to get out of the wet thing. "Ofcourse, yeah... come on, let's get you cleaned up".

Engulfed by the fragrant, hot bath water, Lily felt herself relax for the first time since... a long while, she realized. At home she had bills to worry about, her shitty job, her undeniable guilt over extorting Nathalie... now she was lying in a hot bath, pressed against Nathalie's body who bathed with her, her arms gently wrapped around her, still recovering from the ordeal. As Nathalie's captive, she didn't have to worry about much anymore, she'd be dependant on Nathalie to take care of her, which wasn't so different from her old life perhaps. Feeling comfortable again, Lily realized her body was warming up in more ways than one, still almost as sensitive as it was yesterday. She blushed when Nathalie sloshed some water across her breasts, her nipples fully engorged, her pussy aching for attention, and she squirmed a bit on top of Nathalie, unable to stop a soft moan escaping her lips. Nathalie had converted her into a sex pet... and as upset as that should've made her, she was too aroused to care, longing more and more for Nathalie to at least use her as such, to satisfy her mutated cravings...


Nathalie sighed with momentary relief; the bath helped take her mind off things well enough. The fragrance of Lily's wet hair, her smooth skin, the girl's soft body lying against her in the bathtub reminded her of her early days with Lydia... Now they were together again, at least for as long as she could keep Lily hidden from the outside world. Rose and that Greg guy knew, and while they wouldn't alert the authorities, she knew she hadn't seen the last of them, like vultures they'd keep coming back for more... Closing her eyes, she gently kissed Lily's hair; this moment would just be for the two of them, the world could go to hell for all she cared. Lily was squirming softly on top of her, and she smiled - the girl's body was still getting used to her injections, and would remain hyper-sensitive for a while - at least it would keep Lily entertained. And herself, she thought, sliding her hands up across Lily's smooth body, feeling the girl tremble as she cupped her breasts. "That feel good?" she whispered, massaging the girl's nipples in her hands; Lily turned her head, and Nathalie sneaked a hand down underneath the girl's thighs, lifting her up against her body, then accepted her kiss. Lily was moaning softly into her lips, squirming on her supporting hand, her eyes filled with unbridled passion. She made a perfect toy... Nathalie felt proud feeling Lily rub herself against her body, delirious with arousal, and she couldn't believe the heat her fingers found in Lily's slit, her nether lips twitching with primal need. "I love you" she whispered, but Lily could only moan in response.

Carefully toweling Lydia off, Nathalie gently wiped her still sensitive stumps dry while the girl recovered from her second orgasm. She wanted nothing more than to keep Lily with her, but things had gotten so complicated now... there had to be something she could do to get that laptop back... something she could do to silence Rose and Greg. "S-so what about you" Lily asked while Nathalie dried her hair for her; Nathalie gave her a quick kiss on the shoulder. "Don't worry about me" she smiled, too distracted by her problems to process what the girl was offering at first. Carrying Lydia into her room, it slowly got through to her - was Lily voluntarily offering herself? She blushed as she lowered the girl onto her bed, sitting down next to her with a warm smile. "Lily..." she started, but didn't finish her sentence. Across the room, draped over her chair, was a long blue coat. Rose's coat. Nathalie shot up, hurrying over, her fingers trembling with excitement as she felt through the pockets. "Oh Rose, you really are a stupid bitch" she grinned with sudden energy as her fingers found a leather purse. Rosemary McTerney left her money behind. And her address. And her keys.

Chapter 5: Justice

Apartment number 642. The door was unobtrusive - the barren corridor hinted that this entire block consisted of rentals, mostly vacant, and that suited Nathalie's business perfectly. A cold breeze swept past her - it was still early in the morning, probably too early for this part of town; she had hurriedly dressed Lydia in a new diaper and hand-fed her breakfast, collected what she needed from her lab, found her gun and ammunition, but a warmer coat would've been prudent. She trembled as she reached for the key in her pocket, the key that Rose carelessly left behind, that could now help her get her precious computer back... Turning it in the hole, she winced at the loud click the lock produced - she held her breath, but no sound came from the other side. The place had a faint but rancid smell to it, the dim light presumably hiding the filth that spread it; this was probably her boyfriend's place. She was more careful with closing the front door, satisfied with a more modest click this time, barely audible over the blaring of a television playing in the next room. The television's changing lights danced on the hallway wall; she quietly disengaged the safety on her gun with her latex-gloved thumb, praying she wouldn't need to fire the damn thing, her heart throbbing as she moved further inside. Slovenly, unshaven, wearing nothing but a stained morning gown, a man was lying on a couch, apparently gazing past the television set with a dumb grin on his face. "Hello Greg." Nathalie greeted, carefully aiming the gun at him, but it actually took a while before he notice her. "Wh-what the fuck" he grinned stupidly. Far gone. "You have something that belongs to me" Nathalie bit, but Greg giggled weirdly.

Nathalie quickly glanced at the table where she spotted a ludicrous stack of narcotics, syringes and other tools. "You... you want a good fuck or something... Rose's all worn out already, so..." Greg laughed, parting his gown with a lethargic gesture to reveal his pitiful semi-erection. Nathalie nearly gagged at the sight, but kept her composure; in his current state the gun didn't even faze him, which left him very dangerous... and she realized she wasn't strong enough to just shoot a man in cold blood. "S-sure... sounds good" she forced a smile, lowering the gun. "Heheh... I should've fucked you back at your place, you're pretty hot..." Greg was relaxed, confident, delirious. "Take those fucking clothes off bitch, let's see those tits". Nathalie approached, sliding off her coat, took off her glasses and placed them on the table. "Suck it" Greg rudely continued to instruct, leaning back comfortably and closed his eyes. Nathalie bent over him, gently rubbing his thigh with her glove - his cock twitched in response. Greg was an irresponsible man with a heavy drug problem. "...hey!" Greg hissed, grabbing her arm. "What the fuck did you do?". "Sorry, did that sting?" Nathalie asked, tossing away the empty syringe. Greg's eyes widened as he realized what happened, and groggily flailed his arms trying to get up, too weak to hold on to Nathalie, who resolutely placed her foot on his chest to hold him down, then leaned down for the next syringe. Greg would not be missed. "Fugging bitch..." Greg wailed; another syringe was emptied into his thigh, the chemicals racing through his body. It was probably more than enough already, but she emptied a third to make sure. She left Greg shaking on the couch, unable to even produce any intelligible sounds anymore, then with pounding heart set off to find her precious laptop.

She found it in the bedroom, next to Rose, who was draped ungallantly across the bed, her legs dangling over the side, her chest rising and falling erratically. There was sperm still dripping out of her snatch, and she seemed to be trembling, but arousal didn't seem to have much to do with that; blue pills were scattered across the bed with the bottle lying empty on the floor. "You'd make Darwin proud" Nathalie whispered, inspecting her laptop for any signs of damage, relieved to find none. Rose gasped for air like a fish on dry land, her eyes darting across the room. "N-Nathal-lie" she stammered. "...I don't feel so... good". "Ofcourse you don't. You took too many pills at once, you retard". "Wha--... what do you mean?" "Overdose, Rose. Thanks for saving me the trouble". She playfully groped Rose's left breast, fondling the nipple - kind of a shame. "N-no... I just... wha... what's happening to me" Rose muttered, her voice hoarse with tears. "God, don't you get it? You're dying. Your body can't cope with your irresponsible behavior anymore, it's shutting down". Rose was crying now, hiccuping with ragged breath. "You gotta help me Nathalie". "What?" Rose swallowed down her tears, trying to control her shaking. "I don't wanna die... please, call for help...?" "Why would I save a worthless whore like you? I gave you a chance, and..." "PLEASE Na-... Nathalie. Anything... I'll do anything..." Anything. That word tickled her imagination in undeniable ways. "P-please..." She thought a bit. "How about..." Nathalie started, still thinking. "Anyth... anything" Rose whispered again. "I'll save your sorry life under one condition, and one condition only". Rose just nodded. "You become my property. Your body becomes my property. Your life becomes my property. You'll have nothing. Own nothing. Be nothing but my property". Rose gasped for air, still crying. "I..." Nathalie waited a while, then got up and turned off the light. "Oh well. Keep a place warm for me in hell, Rose". With her hand on the door handle, she heard a faint murmur behind her. "I... I accept".

Getting Rose into the car had been a lot of trouble - she could barely stand, let alone walk on her own strength, and there had been occasional pedestrians passing by which complicated her operation, especially considering Rose only wore Nathalie's own coat. She wasn't even sure if the girl would survive the drive home, deathly pale and shivering uncontrollably in the passenger's seat, occasionally jerking violently, but Nathalie didn't even care much. If Rose died she'd just dispose of the body somewhere and be done with it, that was probably a lot more sensible than keeping her alive anyway. But Rose was beautiful, she had a naturally slim body with lush curves and generous breasts, and the prospect of having absolute control over her... She did have a plan of sorts with her already, or a purpose for her rather, but the first order of business would be to detoxify Rose's system. At home she practically had to drag Rose in, struggling up the stairs, dumping her on the still moist bathroom floor. A quick visit down to the lab produced some neutralizing agents she wasn't sure were even suited for humans, but her patient's comfort or even survival wasn't a huge concern for her, and without further hesitation she injected a double dose into Rose's arm. Rose just whimpered, at least not struggling when Nathalie roughly pulled off her coat and lifted her naked into the bathtub. She quickly started the shower, tested the water temperature, then dragged Rose underneath it, the water soaking her sleeve as she made sure the girl's body got plenty of coverage. Rose's shivering intensified, and with a sudden gurgle threw up over her own leg, the water quickly washing the filth away again. Nathalie wiped her sleeve dry, nodding contently as Rose was wracked by another cramp, hurling more filth into the splashing water. Her hell was only just beginning, but at least she'd survive.

With Rose secured in her bathtub for the next few hours, Nathalie hurried down to her lab, where to her great relief she confirmed the laptop to be in working order, with all its data intact; she could now finish the report, get Mrs. Zeller off her back, keep her job... Wheeling her chair over to her tissue samples, she peered through the microscope - with some effort, she could finish her data collection and get her final draft out by Monday or so. The tissue samples looked very promising - the cellular regeneration was as swift as ever, thanks to the artificial enzymes she had developed in her previous project, and her new serum further boosted their effect, providing a treatment which would prove invaluable to regular surgery, but even to organ and limb transplants: Mrs. Zeller would not have to regret her confidence in her. Intensely caught up in her research, she took a moment to realize her cellphone was ringing; Mrs. Zeller wouldn't call her again so soon, and never called from a private line either... "Nathalie Weston" she answered, saving her changes on her document. "Good... let's see, afternoon miss Weston, this is Deborah Rubinsen - we met yesterday - I wanted to ask you if you've had time to look through the information that arrived this morning, and perhaps given our offer some thought?" "Who gave you this number?" Nathalie inquired, and the smug chuckle on the other end of the line pissed her off. "That doesn't really matter, does it. I can understand if you haven't had time to review our proposal miss, you've been quite... busy this morning, haven't you". Nathalie gritted her teeth - had Rubinsen been following her?

"I'd appreciate it if you stopped bothering me, miss Rubinsen. I'm happy at my current employer, I'm not interested to switch jobs, so..." More than that, she owed Mrs. Zeller her loyalty; the woman had taken a great risk supporting her early research, had fought to grant her the unique solo research position, and despite their superficial grievances, she had never failed to cover for her when she missed a few deadlines. "About that... who exactly is your current employer, if you don't mind my asking? I can't seem to find any name or record of your employment since two years ago; surely a company able to employ someone of your incredible talent would be a bit more... high profile". "I suggest you do your homework next time you're looking to recruit someone, miss Rubinsen. Now if you'll excuse me, I've got work to do". "Oh, let me assure you - I've done my homework. I've learned a lot of things about you, miss Weston - not to worry, most of it was very positive. I even went to talk to an old friend of yours, a Lydia Brooks, but strangely enough she's been missing for days now". "W-what does that have to do with me" Nathalie hissed, resisting the urge to cut the line immediately, not wanting to draw even further suspicion. "Probably nothing. And what you're up to driving around town early in the morning isn't my business either. But perhaps you can understand that if you decide to simply decline our generous offer outright, I may need to make it my business after all. Give it some thought, take a few days to reconsider, and I'll drop by to discuss the details as soon as you're ready to see things our way. I included my contact information in the-" Trembling with anger, Nathalie had cut her off; she suspected Rubinsen was just bluffing, pretending to know more than she did, but having that nosy parasite keeping a close eye on her was a dangerous problem...

She wasn't going to let Rubinsen get to her. Nathalie finally decided to go check on how Rose was holding up; a few hours had passed, and the girl's body had probably ejected most of the harmful waste by now. Passing through her bedroom, she stopped as she saw Lily asleep on her bed; the afternoon sun gave her an angelic glow, and mesmerized, Nathalie couldn't help softly stroke the girl's face. Lily slowly stirred, blinking as she woke up from her nap. "Oh... where... where were you? I called for an hour or so..." she mumbled; only now Nathalie spotted the damp spot in the amputated girl's diaper. "Better get used to that, sweetie, you're wearing them for a good reason". "Nathalie... are you really planning to keep me here like this, like some sort of... toy?" Sighing, Nathalie lay down next to Lily, slowly stroking her auburn hair. "Yeah... I can't let you go, and I don't want to let you go, I need you here with me. You're the only real friend I've ever had, Lily..." "I wonder why" Lily mumbled, but Nathalie just playfully tapped her nose. "I've been taking care of you for years now, at least now it'll be less troublesome. I've indulged your selfishness for so long... now it's my turn to be selfish. You can keep rebelling against me, and yes... you will just be a fun toy to me then. But I hope you'll find a way to be happy with me here, you're better off like this, nothing to worry about anymore... and I have a very special surprise in store for you". "W-what" Lily asked, but Nathalie just mysteriously rested her finger on her lips. "Does it have to do with that girl in the bathroom?" "Ah, you heard her... well, you'll find out tomorrow".

"N-Nathalie, I c-can't move, I..." Rose sputtered, still lying limp in the bathtub. "Excellent," Nathalie smiled, "that means the medication is doing its work. You probably have many questions for me, the whole world must be nothing but questions for someone as dense as you, but I'm kind of tired of answering all the time, so..." She took the prepared syringe from the sink, injecting the green liquid into Rose's trembling arm, and within moments the girl's eyes blanked over, sinking into a stupor she wouldn't recover from any time soon. Nathalie quickly checked her watch; she had plenty of time left this afternoon; time to send the finished preliminary report to Mrs. Zeller, time to purchase the necessary equipment she'd need for tomorrow, as well as some things to make Lily feel more at home... first she'd share lunch with her, change her out of her wet diaper, maybe play a little... and definitely sleep early; the day had been thoroughly exhausting. Watching Rose in the bathtub, she giggled, giddy with excitement over her plan, then turned off the shower, waved to Rose one last time and switched off the light.

Chapter 6: Protection

Rose awoke in a world of pain, her entire body hurting, nauseous, her head pounding, but feeling an odd lightness about her. She tried to speak, but nothing but air escaped her lips. She seemed to be floating, floating in a room with humming devices, equipment; a strong metallic scent prevailed, a scent she recognized from yesterday morning... Nathalie was standing at her side, withdrawing a syringe from her arm. She wanted to hug her, in thanks for saving her life. But her limbs wouldn't move, she just dangled a bit, suspended from the ceiling. Her limbs weren't there, and Rose panicked. "You know, you're much better company now you can't talk anymore". She gazed at Nathalie in fear, the grin on the woman's face simply out of this world as she started an electric shaver. "Time to get rid of all that dyed hair". Tears sprung in Rose's eyes - did that woman do to her what she did to that freak she saw in the living room crib!? The vibrating blades of the razor on her head sent chills down her spine, and within moments she felt an unfamiliar coolness against her scalp. She sobbed silently, the loss of her luscious hair more tangible and hurtful to the girl than the loss of her limbs; minutes later she cringed as her pubic hair disappeared the same way. "You really caused me quite some trouble, robbing me like that with your boyfriend..." A warm, stinging cream was spread on her head, the circular motions less and less inhibited by the stubble on her scalp as the last remnants of hair were wiped off, and the rest of her body got a similar treatment, then she was rubbed clean, leaving her eyelashes as the only hair on her body. "I decided to remove your arms, legs and voice entirely... for your own protection, they've only been getting you into trouble anyway. Such a pretty little body you almost destroyed..." Nathalie's hands freely groped her, kneading her breasts, fingering her bald pussy. "It still has a long period of detoxification to go through though, until its hunger for Greg's heroine and whatnot is finally over". She began rubbing a sharp-smelling yellow cream into her skin, leaving a strange tingling sensation all over, even her now bald head wasn't spared; she cringed as Nathalie liberally rubbed it onto her privates as well.

"But I'm a busy woman, you see... I don't have time to look after yet another pet until your system is clean again, I'd rather just add some nutrients and moisture to you every now and then, bit like a plant, you know?" Rose gagged while Nathalie forced a large tube into her mouth. "I'd relax your jaws a little, or this will hurt". Rose arched her back and tossed her head as much as she could, but her chin was held firmly, the intruder sliding in deeper and deeper, overloading her gag reflex until she felt it lodged in her throat. Nathalie clasped the feeding gag tight behind her head with a leather strap, adjusted it slightly to make sure it was tight, then lifted Rose's chin while she poured water through a funnel. Rose squirmed, but couldn't help swallowing, breathing frantically through her nose after she finished the water. Nathalie meanwhile greased a finger, roughly probing her ass with the grease, then began lubing up a suspicious-looking belt, sporting a thick dildo-shaped protrusion. "Once again, you'd better relax..." Nathalie smirked, then began pushing in the lubricated dildo, stretching Rose's ass beyond what she could take, but she could not even mutter about it. In a haze of pain, Rose felt the belt being secured around her waist, to her distress squeezing the dildo in even further. Her pussy was now tightly covered by a rubber cup, sporting a small hole in its center, with a large bump on the inside pressing against the top of her slit. "I'll just have to make sure you recycle your fluids properly" Nathalie grinned, plugging a thin transparent hose into the hole, dangling the other end of the hose, attached to a second plug, in front of Rose's face. "Where do you think this one will go?" Rose shook her head, tears streaming from her eyes, but could do nothing as Nathalie inserted it into her mouth gag.

Now breathing frantically through her nose, Rose squirmed as Nathalie spread a fragrant oil over her body, carefully rubbing it into her now round shoulders and hips, across her bald head, spreading it on every inch of her body. "Just a disinfectant, don't worry - the cream already made sure your hair won't ever grow back" Nathalie kindly explained, then lifted a large toy bear from behind her, mockingly dancing it before her. "Cute, isn't she?" Rose didn't even have time to blink before Nathalie plunged a scalpel into its belly, ripping a huge gash down the fabric; the bear's body foam filling dropped to the floor, mingling with the bed of blonde hair and pools of blood on the floor, until the toy was empty, leaving only the four blunt appendages filled. "Mmm... this could be a tight fit" Nathalie giggled, and Rose screamed voicelessly as Nathalie began tugging her torso into the bear's now hollow center.


"Ta-da" Nathalie cheered as she carried Lily into the hurriedly decorated guest room. "V-very funny" Lily blushed, seeming oddly nervous, but Nathalie kissed her head enthusiastically as she carried her over to a corner littered with soft cushions and stuffed animals. "I even put down a small TV for you so you can watch cartoons all day if you wanted to - I believe you used to do that anyway - and once I finish my project, we can give the room a lick of pink paint, replace those boring curtains, install a changing table for you..." She lowered Lily down onto the pillows, smiling as she saw the girl worm up against them, obviously getting more used to working around the limitations of her body already. "So was this your big surprise?" Lily asked skeptically, blowing a strand of hair out of her face. "Hold on, hold on" Nathalie grinned; with some effort, she managed to lift the large teddy bear from the crib, placing it next to Lily. "Someone to keep you company while I'm busy" she explained, but she could understand why Lily wasn't immediately thrilled; aside from the appendages and face, its form was clearly feminine, large breasts straining against the plush covering, and squirming slightly as Nathalie ran her hands proudly along its curves. "Is that... the girl from the bathroom?" "Her name is Rose, but you can give her a new name if you like. She's the girl that helped rob us yesterday morning, she's not too smart, but very pretty, and she's really eager to apologize to you". She activated the remote in her pocket, and with more pronounced squirming from inside the bear, a distinct buzzing sound started, and the tight plush covering between the toy's legs began visibly vibrating. Moments later a soft slurping started, no doubt the excess juices from Rose's chemically-amplified arousal circulating.

But Lily remained anything but enthusiastic. "So do you love her as well? Do you need her as much as you need me?" she finally asked, almost sounding angry. "She's a gift for you, silly, to keep you entertained the first week or so, after that I'll have more time to-" "Don't pretend you did this for me" Lily spat, averting her eyes. "You have a really fucked up way of expressing your so-called 'love', you know that?" Exaggerated breathing next to her announced at least Rose was having fun; Nathalie was still trying to find an answer to Lily's wounding words. "Crazy as it sounds, I was actually beginning to believe you did what you did to me because you desperately wanted me to stay close to you, that I gave you no other choice, but... there's just something wrong with you, isn't there?" Nathalie bit her lip; Lily had a point, but the girl was still refusing to accept the full truth of what was going on. "Yeah, there's definitely something wrong with me. I used to be a kind, shy teaching assistant with a weird hobby on the side, then I met you, and I discovered passion, love... and betrayal. Then two days ago, you forced me to take control, you forced me to be selfish, and I discovered power. And that might've been the best thing you've ever taught me, Lily". "S-so why don't you just keep this girl in your own bedroom... let me rot here while you two have fun" Lily whispered, still refusing to look her in the eye, and suddenly Nathalie understood the real reason why Lily was upset, and it was comically shallow. "You're just... jealous, aren't you?"

"Bullshit" Lily snarled, and she probably would've crossed her arms to accent her defiance if they were still long enough to allow for it, but her blush told Nathalie enough; the girl was being selfish as ever. "Listen... Rose gave me two choices; I could've let her die, or I could've kept her alive in a form I would be able to control. She's pretty hot, so yea, I decided to keep her around as my pet: I'm depraved like that as you know. You can stubbornly despise me for that and become a simple sex pet just like her, or you can accept that I actually care about you and be my friend". "Nathalie, you don't really believe-" "Oh shut up" Nathalie interrupted. "Your years of lecturing me are over. Judge me however you like... you're mine either way. I'll be back around lunch or something to feed my little baby and give Rose in there some more shots - I hope you two play nice in the meantime". Again the bear next to Lily squirmed, the slurping more pronounced as Rose quivered with her first orgasm inside her plush prison; many would follow, her expensive harness and injections would make sure of that. She walked out, closed the door behind her, biting her lip again. Why couldn't Lily just... trust her already.

Freshening up in the bathroom, she discovered she still had clear splotches and streaks of blood all over her face from operating on Rose; that probably hadn't helped in convincing Lily of her good intentions either. She ran the faucet to clean it off, but found herself staring at her reflection instead; the argument with Lily had shook her up more than she first thought. Rose, just like Lily, had forced her to react. But Lily was right - what she ended up doing to them went beyond simple reaction. After that first taste of power when she plunged the syringe into Lily's neck two days ago, her darkest desires had gone rampant in her mind, no longer kept in check by her usual reservations; the shock of being held at gunpoint because of her carelessness had almost reversed her transformation, but after she had exacted her vengeance it returned in full force, stronger, even more irresistible than before. It made her feel free, alive, wonderful... There was a new Nathalie Weston inside of her, powerful, brave... yet uncaring, sadistic... evil. "Is that who you want to be?" she asked her reflection, wiping the first of the blood away with the water from the sink. Could she even afford to be that Nathalie? How many more victims would end up in her clutches before she was found out, and forced to answer for her actions?

Back in her lab, Nathalie had troubles focusing on her research. She still hadn't cleaned up all the mess amputating Rose's smooth limbs had left, and the sharp smell of blood alone was distracting enough. But all that work had been tiring... she'd clean it up later, after taking a long walk with Bella to collect her thoughts. She smirked - probably better to just take her out back again, with Deborah Rubinsen out there tracking her every move. Her phone buzzed from across the room - surely that wouldn't be that pest again to 'check up on her'? Eyeing the sawblade above her head, the traces of blood on its teeth starting to dry, she wondered if she couldn't just let the new Nathalie make the problem go away... no, she couldn't afford another incident like that, Rubinsen was no doubt carefully monitored by CET Biotechnologies herself, and they wouldn't have to work hard to figure out who was responsible for her disappearance. Letting the new Nathalie out only made her life more complicated, and she couldn't handle much more complications. She quickly wheeled her chair over, relieved to find it was Mrs. Zeller calling her.

"Hell Mrs. Zeller, sorry for the wait, was in the middle of something". "I hope I'm not interrupting, Nathalie?" "No no, it's fine - I should be taking a break anyway - have you had time to look through the preliminary report yet?" "We certainly have - Nathalie, are you certain of your findings? I had a difficult time convincing my superiors of the validity of your claims this morning - as you know they have always been skeptical of your work, but their consensus was that especially the expected cellular regeneration rates you detailed sound a little... far-fetched". She had expected as much; according to Zeller they had opposed her solo research from the start, unable to accept that she worked best alone, and proving them wrong had become a powerful motivator to her research efforts. "I'm flattered... I assure you, I've run some very extensive laboratory tests this morning that fully support the given rates". "That's incredible news, Nathalie, just incredible - when can we be expecting your final draft so we can start our verification processes?" "I'm... working hard on it, it's just... things are a little complicated for me right now, so it might still take some time". "Is something wrong, Nathalie?" There was a lot wrong, but she wasn't sure Mrs. Zeller would be happy to hear any of it. "Well, I've been approached by CET Biotechnologies for a position at their labs..." "Are you interested to take them up on their offer?" Zeller inquired, and Nathalie was a little miffed she didn't sound more indignant. "No, not at all... but they're being very incessant in their recruitment drive".

"Ah. We've been hearing more reports of their recruitment activities; it's good you bring this to my attention. Please don't take this the wrong way Nathalie, but it is unlikely CET Biotechnologies' interests actually lie with you. We believe they're trying to learn more about who we are, and are tracking down anyone who might have information on us - their primary effort seems to concentrate on any promising researchers who have not been officially contracted by any well-known laboratories in the past year or so. Needless to say, I implore you to ignore their offers, as with most of their dealings, it would not end well". Ignore them... if only she could. "They hired Deborah Rubinsen to coerce me to take the offer, Mrs. Zeller". It was silent on the other end of the line for a bit. "Nathalie... miss Rubinsen doesn't have any kind of leverage with you, does she?" "I... I'm not sure, I don't think she has anything solid, but..." "Is there anything specific about your situation that I should know about?" Yes, she had used her lab equipment, chemical supply and latest enzymes to convert two unwitting victims into sex pets for herself and left a man dead in his apartment, but other than that... "If there is an issue you cannot handle that can give her a foothold, I could be of assistance..." Mrs. Zeller continued, but Nathalie swallowed, not wanting to turn Mrs. Zeller into an accomplice to her recent crimes. "No no, everything is fine... actually, this might be a bit of a strange request, but I was wondering if I could get a full working set of prototype 4X-AP delivered sometime soon?" Nathalie's heart was pounding - there was no way she could convince Mrs. Zeller she needed that equipment to finish her current project. "That is indeed a strange request... well, I'll ask around if we have any left in stock I suppose. Good luck with your work, and take care, Nathalie. I'll be in touch".


Lily sat back against the cushions, the childish cartoons on the television distracting her thoughts, but Nathalie had left her no way to turn it off, let alone change the channel; she wasn't quite nimble enough to wriggle her way up to the set to push buttons with her nose... Her involuntary companion next to her squirmed again, and Lily could actually smell her arousal now; again that weird slurping sound... "Hey, um... Rose, can you hear me?" she started, shuffling to turn toward the girl in the stuffed toy, who responded with a feint nod. "You can't talk?" she followed up, and Rose shook her head in an almost comical fashion, the bear's head moving with her efforts. She was breathing heavily, and Lily could actually see her nipples outlined through the plush; if there was any part of the girl's predicament she envied, it was the intense pleasure the girl was experiencing inside that thing. "I'm Lily..." she whispered, but realized she didn't have much to say beyond that. As far as she understood, this girl let in the man in the living room yesterday morning, which almost got Nathalie and herself killed. Back then she felt Nathalie had failed to keep her safe, but seeing how the girl ended up... perhaps she was better off on Nathalie's side anyway. Her body was envious as well, and wish a blush, Nathalie squirmed closer to the plush paws next to her, sitting up on her leg stumps, then flipped over ungallantly on top of the bear.

Rose exhaled sharply, and Lily, blushing heavily, wriggled up across her body, her head nestling against the girl's fluffy breasts, the strong vibration from Rose's crotch finally pressing against the padding of her diaper, making her moan with pleasure as her pussy was subjected to a most wonderful sensation. Nathalie did say the toy was a gift for her... she guiltily humped the bear, drooling on the plush, unable to stop herself from enjoying the strong vibrations filtering through to her slit. Nathalie was right; she had to make a choice, but it was a choice between fighting the inevitable, and giving in to it. Lydia Brooks had always taken the path of least resistance. And she now realized which path that was, and what it offered her: an easy life of eating, sleeping and lots of sex, her body primed to be used, to give and take pleasure as Nathalie's toy. She smiled, moaning more freely as her orgasm approached. She had to be mad to accept this... to want this... finally shuddering with an intense climax she cried out in pleasure, dazedly nuzzling Rose's breasts as her body was taken over by an incredible afterglow. She liked this... she could enjoy this... she could be... happy like this...

Chapter 7: Murder

A couple of days later, Nathalie actually felt good hope again that things would work out in the end. Deborah Rubinsen hadn't shown her face for a while, Lily had become very docile now that she had Rose as her personal sex toy to play with night and day, and with things settled down a little, she had been able to make excellent progress on her project. Taking care of her two girls still took a lot of her time, but if Mrs. Zeller came through with that prototype that didn't necessarily have to be a problem for long either. Feeling slightly guilty she possibly had been neglected Bella in favor of her new pets, she had taken her dog out to the forest in the evening - the way back had been a bit uncomfortable, Bella still highly excited from all the strange noises and smells, but as she had passed by the convenience store for a new pack of diapers for Lily the outing had been efficient enough, and it wouldn't have been fair to deny Bella her occasional pleasure when she indulged her two girls so eagerly anyway. Standing in her hallway carrying her shopping bag in her arms, she called for Bella to come in already, but there was no response. Right when she went to check what was keeping the dog, she heard a sharp thud and a bone-chilling yelp, followed by the screeching brakes of a car. Her bag dropped from her trembling hands, and she blindly ran outside.


Deborah Rubinsen stepped out of her vehicle, briefly inspecting the carnage she had wrought. Even though the evening light was fading, she had seen the mutt jump on the road, fangs bared, and she probably could've stopped in time. But she hadn't tried. The thing was twitching pathetically, but it didn't take long for even that to stop. In distaste, she noticed the streak of blood on the hood of her car - washed just two days ago, and she would need to send it right back in again, but that was a small sacrifice to pay. This would get things moving along, and she could finally get her pay. She heard steps behind her, and twirled around shaking. "Oh my goodness miss, I'm so terribly sorry!!" she exclaimed, squinting her eyes in mock horror. "B-Bella?" Weston stammered, her swift pace slowing down to hesitant steps. "I didn't see her at all, she just suddenly jumped out in front of the car, and I... I...". Weston sat down next to the body. "Bella? Wake up, Bella..." Deborah blinked - was this woman serious? The mutt was dead, it was painfully obvious, but it wouldn't help her case right now to have to point it out. "How could you do this to Bella??" Weston now screamed, clutching the dog's head in her hands. "I didn't mean to, I swear she just came out of nowhere..." Deborah cried, giving her best performance while waiting for the woman to come to her senses. "If there was anything I could do to give you the dog back I would, miss Weston, but...". Weston rested the dog's head back on the street, and turned to her. "Do you mean that?" "M-mean what?" "That you'd do anything. There is something you can do". Deborah's mind was suddenly racing. She didn't need the dog dead. Access to the house to confirm some suspicions would work just fine - would save her the trouble of breaking in. Some time to talk while Weston was distraught would be nice as well. "Anything, miss" she offered with her most disarming smile.

"Careful with her head" Nathalie advised, resting Bella's body on the sterile table. Deborah almost regretted offering help, the dog was as heavy as it was large, and now she was both exhausted and had blood all over her suit. And yet, here she was, in Weston's private lab, sitting right in her own basement - incredible. She couldn't believe her luck - this lab probably held plenty of information on the mysterious company she was commissioned to investigate, including the highly promising developments their informants had tipped her about, and if she could gather some clues along with a research profile and samples from the lab, perhaps she wouldn't even need to convince Weston to sign the contract in order to get paid... "Do you want me to leave while you work, miss Weston?" she inquired carefully, deciding not to push this golden opportunity too fast. Nathalie was firing up various machinery, some of which Deborah could vaguely place - tissue analyzers, heart-lung machine, but other devices were either heavily modified or just unknown to her. "No, you need to stay". Her heart jumped with excitement; a close-up demonstration of the technology and capabilities by the inventor herself - she should've ran over the mutt right off, instead of bothering with all that polite nonsense. "Could you lend me your arm for a moment?" "Sure" Deborah said, her mind milling over the big fat bonus she was about to earn while she held out her arm. It wasn't until she felt a thin stab that she snapped back to reality, immediately regretting her cooperative enthusiasm. "Wait, what was that for??" she yelped, rubbing her painful wrist, but immediately wobbled on her feet.

Nathalie caught the woman, directing her slump to her operating table, wasting no time to strap Deborah's limbs down, then secured her neck and waist as well. "Miss Weston, I don't see how this is... I didn't authorize this". Fear was clutching at Deborah now, and Nathalie's sudden silence didn't sit well with her at all. "Please undo the straps right this instant miss Weston, or I will..." she started, alarmed at how little she could actually move, how much the room was beginning to spin around her. Nathalie pressed a button, and with a hiss the straps tightened even further, rendering her completely immobile. "LET ME GO!!" Deborah screamed, but suddenly her mouth was blocked by a thick black rubber gag, muffling her cries. Nathalie carefully secured it behind Deborah's head, then walked over to the side tray, tapping a syringe with a feint orange liquid in it. "I guess you'd want to stay awake during the proceedings to get a good view of my work, so I'll use some alternative sedative. Hope you like it". Deborah screamed into her gag, panic in her eyes. "I'll be right back" Nathalie smiled.

Deborah felt cold, numb, unsure if it was the injection taking effect or simply her fear paralyzing her. The steady wheezing and humming of the machinery next to her wasn't helping, but the more she listened to it, the more the frightening truth became apparent... it wasn't the machinery making the noise. It was the sound of an animal, panting, growling next to her. The dog? That wasn't possible. The dog was dead. A warm liquid was trickling down the side of her head. Saliva? She couldn't see anything, but she felt him, felt the dog, gnashing his sharp teeth, the low growl...


Nathalie smiled as she returned in the basement, seeing Deborah frantically pulling at her restraints, her eyes wide with fear. The woman screamed into her gag, but not at her; she was lucid, probably starting hallucination. She'd take her time until the initial effect wore off a little, because it would be much more enjoyable if she was aware of what was being done to her. Her plan was haphazard, primarily inspired by her rage over what Deborah had done, but she had the equipment, she had the chemicals, she had the bio-reagents, all that was lacking was experience, really. There were plenty of regenerative batches left from her research, and she estimated she had synthesized enough of her new serum to perform an operation on this scale, but putting it all in action would be a hellish job that could take all night to complete; at least it would be the ultimate test for her project. Deborah seemed to be slowly calming down behind her, and Nathalie slowly began tilting the operating table, bringing the woman's distraught face at eye level. "Can you hear me, Deborah?" Nathalie asked, and Deborah blinked in confusion. "Can you hear me? Nod your head if so". It took a moment, but Deborah finally nodded her head. "Good, you're awake enough to proceed then. Since you were so interested in my research, I'll keep you around during the proceedings - don't worry though, you won't feel a thing". Her evil self was in full control here... and inwardly, Nathalie was cheering her on.

Standing on tip-toe, Nathalie just managed to grab the handlebar of her electric razorblade, a precise cutting tool suspended from the ceiling on a maneuverable spring arm, but hesitated before moving it into position. "Hmm, perhaps I should get you undressed first, you won't really need any clothes for this". Taking a scalpel from the table on her left, she quickly cut through the fabric of Deborah's blouse, shredding it for easy removal - her bra followed, and Nathalie couldn't resist tweaking the woman's nipples before moving down. "You were hiding some nice tits, Deborah - I bet they were convenient in persuading your male targets, hmm?" Without waiting for a reaction, she cut the waistband on the business suit, not even bothering with the simple fastenings. "Mmm, lace" Nathalie smiled, then sliced the left side of the revealing panties, dropping them to the floor. "Neatly trimmed I see... guess this pussy saw plenty of work-related action". She parted the quivering pink folds, probing the canal with her fingers. "Wow... you really are a slut, aren't you? I can fit three fingers in without needing to get you wet". The look of disgust in Deborah's eyes highly amused her - it was clear this woman was as heterosexual as they came, and Nathalie decided to keep up her stimulation for a while - regardless of sexuality, the body would respond to the signals she was triggering. She playfully flicked her tongue against the clit, tasting the salty musk gathering there, then unceremoniously pulled Deborah's high heels from her feet, leaving the bound woman entirely naked and vulnerable except for the heavy rubber gag in her mouth.

"You don't like the look of this disc, do you? This is a cutting tool that allows me to make very precise and clean incisions into all sorts of tissue. It can cut both shallow and deep, slice right through tendons and bone as if it were butter". She set the tool to Deborah's arm, and felt it shiver from the cold and sheer dread of the sharpness, a slight drop of blood already forming as it pressed through the skin, spinning with a barely audible hum. "Hold still now, okay?". She expertly applied the pressure clamp to the upper arm, then began work on the elbow, first cutting through the soft flesh, then pressing through the thick hinge bone, and a little later, with a slight slurp, the lower arm was severed from the torso. She inspected the cut carefully, and noticed Deborah was doing the same, but with quite a different mindset, first staring silently at the arm, then breathing more and more heavily, then finally screaming into her gag, tears streaming down her face. "One arm down, one more to go, right? Well, before your legs ofcourse, and I'd better attach your new arm before these nerve endings, muscles and blood vessels are traumatized any further". She didn't expect Deborah to last this long, but the woman now finally went limp, her eyes blanking over in shock.

"Oh hello Deb, good to see you're awake. I was almost getting lonely working here by myself... it took a good few hours, but I think they were well-worth it - how do you like your new arm?" Deborah blinked tiredly, trying to understand where she was, but finally gazed to her right. Nathalie smiled, stroking the rapidly regenerating cut between the upper arm and new arm. "I guess I can't technically call it an arm anymore - it's more of a paw now, don't you think?". Deborah stared in horror at her hairy appendage, then shifted her gaze to the side table, carrying Bella's carcass. "Clever girl! Yes, it used to be Bella's, but now it's your doggy paw. To be honest, I'm pretty excited you volunteered for this experiment... I've never really been able to test if serum can handle such drastically incompatible transplants, lack of live tissue you see, but I guess that just makes it more exciting, right?" She heard a gurgling sound, then saw bile trail down Deborah's chin. "Oh, you'll get used to them, don't worry. You said you'd do anything you could to give me back my Bella - so I'll use your body to bring back as much of Bella as I can. Aren't you thrilled about helping science along for a change rather than frustrating it?" Deborah was frantically shaking her head, but Nathalie just laughed, wiped the sweat from her forehead, then patted Deborah's mouth to clean off some of the bile. "Three more to go before we get to the difficult stuff" Nathalie sighed, then resolutely moved the cutter to the other side of the table, and Deborah seemed to black out again.

This repeated often, Deborah drifting in and out of consciousness, and Nathalie was careful to renew the medication every now and then to ensure she'd suffer through the entire ordeal. First she grafted Bella's heavy paws onto the stubs, carefully connecting the nervous, muscular and circulatory systems between the two sections, adjusting the canine bone to fit the human socket. Her main concern in this process was that the muscle attachment points would be too frail, but some testing proved they responded very well to the regenerative enzymes, boosted by the serum she kept coursing through her veins. The work took a heavy toll on her however, and she had to take frequent rests in her chair to allow them both to recover a little from the hours-long surgery, losing track of time, her need for coffee steadily increasing. After finishing the limbs she took a nap, then re-adjusted Deborah's position to allow access to her back. Deborah woke up with her, and she felt her shiver violently as she cut open the flesh covering her tailbone. It took much measuring, fitting and probing before she was able to fit the long, hairy tail to follow the curve of Deborah's spine. It probably wouldn't be a fully functional tail, but using some hind muscles it'd have a satisfying degree of mobility, and she quickly moved her attention upwards. Her fingers probing Deborah's head, she began lining out the optimal ear translocation in her mind.


Deborah tried to think. There was a cold, dull throbbing at her ears, and sounds around her were muffled and distorted. The gag in her mouth was being removed, refreshing the mixed taste of galvanized rubber and bile, but she had nothing left to throw up, and her numb lips wouldn't close when the gag was finally wrenched from them, the collected drool and bile oozing out of her mouth. She couldn't feel much of it. Why was that? Why couldn't she feel it? Where was she again? She couldn't see much, her vision was dull brown, blurred, skewed. Someone was putting something in her mouth again, something that got bigger and bigger and bigger, spreading it open further than she thought possible. Why would anyone do that to her? It was so hard to think, she was so exhausted, but she didn't want to sleep, she didn't want to return to her horrible dream, her haunting nightmare where a woman was cutting off her limbs and replacing them with dog parts.... dogs were stupid, filthy animals... She just couldn't shake an image from her nightmare: her arm, suddenly ending in a dog's paw. Except it had been too real, too vivid. As if it wasn't a dream. As if something terrible was being done to her right now. Slowly her predicament rematerialized in her mind, and she uttered a guttural moan in horrific anguish.


The beam on her flashlight pen activated with a soft click, and for a moment Nathalie marvelled at the full brown irises staring back at her, the pupil responding within boundaries of her expectations for trauma-induced delay. They would take a couple of hours to recover, but the healing rate had been incredible; her doubts about whether Deborah's body could handle the rigorous treatment were pretty much gone as the biological agents helped severed tissue regrow as if it was only a superficial scratch. But she had another potential problem - the nutrient injections she was fueling the regeneration with were running out. She could settle for what was finished - she was satisfied with her work, and as soon as Deborah recovered the woman should be capable of eating normally again. Nathalie smiled tiredly as she saw the utter fear in Deborah's large brown eyes; it had long ceased to focus on anything, it was nothing but all-encompassing dread now. It would've been nice if she had kept full awareness throughout, but it had been too much to hope for with the intense dosage of medication she had injected her with. Her head spun for a moment, and resting against the operating table she realized how exhausted she was, how little she further cared to vent her anger on this wretched woman. She traced the slowly regrowing cut in the side of Deborah's throat, then looked over to the side table, where the mutilated corpse of her companion was resting. It didn't look like Bella anymore, it hardly resembled a dog at this point, but it was still... Nathalie wiped a tear from her right eye. Her Bella was dead... but at least Deborah was kind enough to take her place.

Chapter 8: Promotion

Nathalie sighed as she stared at her living room wall, lost in thought. The past week had been... incredible. Finishing her report had thoroughly satisfied her scientific self; this morning she had notified Mrs. Zeller that the final draft, as well as a set of serum samples she managed to synthesize the past few days, were ready to be delivered to the main lab; Mrs. Zeller had even promised her she would come collect the materials herself. The new Deborah Rubinsen - the name 'Deb' had stuck for its convenience - had wonderfully entertained her darker urges; the woman was disgusted with her new form: half human, half Labrador, sporting the paws, tail, ears, canines and eyes of her old Bella, but Nathalie's utter lack of pity had allowed a rigorous domestication regiment: pumping Deb full of potent hallucinogens, along with some tailored physical abuse, had been enough to quickly reduce the once powerful and intelligent woman to a docile bitch, cowering at her feet in the living room, whose only conscious thought was to please her mistress. But the most pleasant distraction had been Lily, who seemed to have finally accepted her fate, and now spent her days freely indulging in both innocent and carnal delights. Above all... Nathalie felt their intimacy grow; from their meals, with Lily cradled in her arms, blushing as she forced her to suckle her food from a baby bottle, to their cuddling in her bed. Rose was just about ready to come out of the costume - her daily injections had developed her already wonderful body even further... Nathalie smiled, realizing she probably wouldn't have any time to finish that project.

She needed to tell Mrs. Zeller about what she had done. While it had been quiet enough up until now, she entertained no illusions to escape being found out eventually, and she'd rather just tell her employer straight up why her serum was probably the last she'd be able to develop for them. The legal consequences of her actions... she never gave much thought to what would eventually happen to her, but she had murdered a man in cold blood, mutilated three healthy women for her own pleasures; enough to be sent off for execution, probably. And yet, the idea of giving herself up gave her a strange sense of peace, taking away the nagging concerns and worries she had been feeling the last two weeks or so. Deb looked up at her questioningly, and Nathalie smirked - she was starting to see more and more of her old Bella in the transformed woman. Still, Mrs. Zeller would be arriving soon, and she wanted to ease the older woman into her revelation; her pets would have to remain out of sight for the time being. She attached a leash to Deb's leather collar, pulling her along into the kitchen, quietly marvelling how the woman was adjusting to walking on her strange appendages. In the back room, she tied the leash into a quick knot around the heater, gave Deb a quick pat on her head and started to head out. The woman twitched her rear excitedly, her tail wagging from side to side, just as she had taught her; she probably thought this was part of another game they'd play, and she could see her juices glisten on the patch of fur above her pussy while the woman panted with unfulfillment, but regrettably Nathalie was out of time to play with her.

"Hello Nathalie," Mrs. Zeller greeted at Nathalie's door, "help me with this suitcase please, it's rather heavy". "You managed to get the 4X-AP prototype? Hold on, I'll take this side" Nathalie offered, feeling guilty the woman had dragged the large container all the way here for nothing. "I don't suppose it's any of my business what you intend to do with them?" Mrs. Zeller asked, catching her breath for a moment as they stood in the hallway. "I'll explain in a bit... first, would you like something to drink - tea, coffee?" "Just some water please" Mrs. Zeller smiled; although she wasn't that old yet, she had the warmth of a grandmother around her, and Nathalie felt pretty bad about showing the fruits of her darkness to a woman so kind and innocent, but she had made her choice. But as they sat at the table sipping their drinks, she found it harder and harder to start the topic. "Mrs. Zeller... do you think my invention can make a difference... I mean, save lives in surgery and such?" "Why wouldn't it?" Mrs. Zeller smiled, and Nathalie thought for a moment. "Well, I've never really asked you what our company actually does with the results of its research. I guess... I basically would like some assurance that I've done some good with all this, that I've made a positive contribution to society, somehow..." It was silent in the living room, Mrs. Zeller took a long sip from her glass. "I'm... not at liberty to discuss our operation, as you know... and I wouldn't feel justified to guarantee anything about your contributions, as some would consider the ethics of our goals to be... questionable at best. But why do care about this all of a sudden?" "Mrs. Zeller, there's something I need to tell you... I used company resources to..." She rose from the couch, adjusting her glasses. "I'd better show you... please wait here".

Nathalie descended from the stairs, carrying Lily in her arms. Seeing the girl's wondering eyes broke her heart, but it would be the right thing to do - Lily had been punished enough, and the authorities would undoubtedly find a better place for her. "I love you" she whispered softly, kissing Lily's forehead before heading into the living room. "Mrs. Zeller... I'd like you to meet my friend Lily". Nathalie expected some sort of violent reaction, but only Lily's nervous suckling on her pacifier and a suspicious buzzing sound from her tightly packed diaper could be heard. "Well, bring her over so I can take a good look at her" Mrs. Zeller finally encouraged, patting the seat next to her. "She's adorable... what a beautiful pink dress and frilly diaper she's wearing" Mrs. Zeller beamed as Nathalie rested Lily on the couch, the girl blushing furiously. "You must be very happy you've got such a nice lady to take care of you" she cooed, patting Lily's diaper, and Lily moaned in shameful pleasure, kept on edge by the vibrator locked humming away inside her pussy. "Y-you don't understand... Lily wasn't... born like this. I'm keeping her here against her will, I... used my machinery and enzymes to amputate her arms and legs, so she couldn't run away". "She looks perfectly content though" Mrs. Zeller smiled, making Lily squirm as she rubbed the girl's diaper some more. "You're not listening to me" Nathalie whispered in confusion; if Zeller saw what she had done to Deb, she'd understand what was going on.

"Look, Mrs. Zeller... do you think this woman is perfectly content too?" Nathalie panted, dragging Debs into the room, who cowered as far away from Mrs. Zeller as her leash would allow. "My my... if I'm not mistaken, that's my old friend Deborah Rubinsen, isn't it!" She rose from her seat, and Deb produced a guttural whining, one of the few sounds she was still able to produce, as the woman approached her. "Hello Debbie... quite a fitting end for a bitch like you, I must say" she whispered, and Deb's whining became even more pathetic. Nathalie shortened the leash, pulling Deb closer to her again. "Do you see now, Mrs. Zeller?" "Yes... it's absolutely remarkable - look, the cellular structures from the original and donor tissues are actually interchanging - is this the work of your new serum, Nathalie?" "W-well yeah, it flags cells to circumvent the physical rejection processes that would normally occur... I-I figured it'll be an enormous advance in organ and limb transplantations... but..." "It's so much more than that... you've done some outstanding surgery on this as well, she seems to be able to control her paws, her digits even..." "The nerves are sufficiently connected, she has actual feeling in them - the ears were the most difficult part though, I really wanted to get them done right" Nathalie explained with growing pride, losing herself in professional excitement. "Ahh... Debbie seems to be in heat, hmm - did you use Red Mist globally, or just targeted areas?" "Both - she's one horny bitch alright" Nathalie laughed, roughly fondling Deb's breasts to illustrate; a droplet of juices ran down the woman's furred hind paws.

"So what did you need the 4X-AP parts for?" Mrs. Zeller finally asked, sitting down next to Lily again, who squirmed closer to her. "Ma'am..." Nathalie started, snapping back to reality again. "I appreciate your professional interest, but aren't you... bothered by what I've done? I'm going to jail for what I've done, or worse..." "We're all entitled to our secrets, Nathalie. Some of us are just more meticulous in keeping them secret - you've been quite sloppy with yours, unfortunately". "You... knew?" Nathalie gasped. "We go through great lengths to keep our employees out of trouble, dear. We can't let someone as clever and resourceful as yourself get arrested by those pesky authorities... ofcourse you're not going to jail, I believe we've got the situation pretty much under control already". She wrapped her arm around Lily, hugging her close to her body, tracing the girl's breasts through her tight pink dress, Lily's leg stumps squirming in aroused excitement. Nathalie sat down, her mind slowly taking in what Mrs. Zeller was saying. Was it really this simple? Was she actually... going to get away with what she did? Could she hope for a future for her... and Lily... and Rose... and even Deb? "Now are you going to tell me what you need the prototype parts for or what? It took me a lot of effort to procure them and drag them over here, so out with it already!" Mrs. Zeller chided her playfully, and blushing, Nathalie nodded, her heart leaping with relief and excitement.

With careful slices into its belly, the plush bear lying on her bed slowly revealed the pale amputated girl inside. "Ahh... clean cuts at the shoulder and hip joints, that'll be a perfect fit for the sockets - you've done some augmenting on this one, I see - hormonal injections?" Mrs. Zeller commented, tweaking Rose's nipples; the girl squirmed with pleasure, a few droplets of milk running down her slightly enlarged breasts, then rolled down her torso onto the remaining plush. Nathalie nodded, in awe of how accurate Mrs. Zeller's observations were - to think she had regarded her as innocent less than an hour ago... "I'll set up the parts... you'd better give her a quick shower, she reeks of her arousal" Mrs. Zeller spoke, wrinkling her nose, then started disconnecting the straps keeping the rubber harnesses in place. Nathalie carried Rose over to the bathroom; Mrs. Zeller was absolutely right, after a week of steady orgasms Rose's smell hardly befit her name anymore. Still not entirely believing her sudden good fortune, Nathalie hurriedly washed and dried her, not forgetting the accessories she had prepared for this moment with Rose... "Hold still" she commanded, spreading a strong biological glue on the girl's still bald head, then fitted a lush silver-white wig in place, instantly returning the girl to her full beauty.

"Are you sure she can be trusted with her mobility, though?" Mrs. Zeller informed, the four shiny prosthetics laid out on the bed; Nathalie rested Rose inbetween them, but shook her head. "Oh, no, not one bit... but I wasn't planning to hook up the neural interfaces anyway. I understood miss Tanaka left an extensive database of movement programs and protocols in the control unit, and I was hoping we could use her voice-command interface to access them..." Rose visibly winced as Mrs. Zeller erupted in hearty laughter. "My dear, you have no idea what kind of programs Jennifer left in that database... let's get this cutie hooked up so I can demonstrate". Fifteen minutes later, Rose had been fitted into the four sockets of the automated prosthetics, a support bracket along her spine connecting the sleek carbon fiber limbs and her torso into a wonderful cyborg hybrid; as a personal touch, Nathalie had put a transparent sticker of a silver rose on the side of her smooth left leg. "Stand" Mrs. Zeller spoke firmly, quickly tapping through some menus on the control pad, and Rose's eyes widened as she was lifted up, her prosthetic limbs forcing her to follow the command. "Kneel". Without as much as a sound the legs bent, their animation uncannily realistic, and Nathalie swallowed as the possibilities of her upgraded toy played through her mind. "Self-pleasure - slow" Mrs. Zeller commanded with a proud smile, and Rose looked at her in alarm.

But she couldn't do anything about her knees parting even further, her rubber-coated synthetic fingers sliding down between her new thighs where they unleashed an orchestrated pattern of rubbing, teasing, fingering on her sensitive pussy, her new hair dancing in her face from her pleasure-induced squirming. "Look, they're already slowing down... the girl is so sensitive that even mild stimulation will drive her over the edge in under a minute, but this program was fine-tuned to deny her orgasm until you grant it to her". Nathalie nodded, blushing as she felt her own arousal grow and grow. "I would've been perfectly happy if she could be programmed to make coffee though - do you think she'd look good in a maid uniform?" she laughed, and Mrs. Zeller smiled with her. "4X-AP comes with a powerful self-learning AI, so I'm sure you'll manage to add whatever else you need to the programming - I don't think Jennifer wrote protocols for changing a girl's diapers". Nathalie shot her a happy glance - Mrs. Zeller seemed to fully understand her intentions. "Let's head downstairs Nathalie, there's a last matter I need to discuss with you - Rose will be entertained for the time being, I think". Nathalie nodded, Rose's wheeze of frustration behind her the last she heard before they descended the stairs again.

Back in the living room, Nathalie had lifted Lily onto her lap, and her guest was inspecting her masterwork, who after some harsh words from her fearfully accommodated the probing fingers. "Thank you Mrs. Zeller... for everything, I should've informed you earlier, I just thought... I mean, I didn't know..." "Don't mention it, Nathalie. The promise of your preliminary project results caused quite a stir with my superiors... in turn, I was granted a lot more resources and liberty to deal with your problems - in a way, we helped eachother out. But you must know that there are limits to what I can accomplish, and your situation here has become a liability to us. We therefore cannot allow you to stay in this place, as you may understand. The good news is I've managed to ensure you can continue your research in the same way you always have; even my superiors find it difficult to argue with results such as yours. A new private lab has been reserved for you, situated in a lush villa with quite a pleasant view; a big step up from this rather poor neighborhood if you ask me. I'll see to it that the lab is fitted with similar kind of instruments as you've been using here, but feel free to request any additions as you see fit-" "Thank you, Mrs. Zeller" Nathalie beamed, taking off her glasses to dab tears from her eyes. "You've done so much for me, I..." "Hush, child. You deserve it. But next time you desire to kidnap someone for personal pleasures or experiments... please just contact me in advance. We're much better equipped to do that without leaving such sloppy traces". "Y-yes ma'am" Nathalie smiled. Her career, her... life was only just beginning.


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