Title:Samantha's Home Schooling-Part-4.



   A Fictional story for adults 18 and over only, if you are not
than leave now.

              - THE SUMMER VACATION TRIP -

  Well its been 3weeks since Sams 10th birthday party, and I must
say it was a very nice party indeed.
Its mid august and I told the girls I take them on a summer trip.
My son Tim has come down with the chicken pocks, so Donna our
sitter was kind enough to watch him during our 7-day trip.

 The girls were great at packing there stuff and Samantha my
little sweet doll packed mine as well along with her favorite
toys, you know the 4" butt plug the 6" vibrator and the all new
8" dildo that fucking looks like a real cock. veins and
all lol.After Tim left with Donna we got the truck all packed up
with the tents and all our gear. Even though only a few days of
the trip we would be at the lake Samantha was upset since
we been coming here for the last 3yrs and spent more time there. 
The rest of the trip would
be in a very secluded nudest resort with log cabins, and all the
things you needed today like cable tv which made the very happy,
internet and a indoor bathroom, that made the girls very happy.It
was a very up to date resort.

 Since Samantha has been my sexy little toy since her birthday
party she has never once questioned when I told her to do
something and one of my favorite things was having her sit with
her back almost against the truck door with her left leg bent at
the knee up to the seat and pulling her skirt up to her waste so
I got a nice view of her tight pussy pushing on them white cotton
panties. Bikini style with cartoons or some type of cute print I
buy Sam and jill since it shows there hips very nice and a size
maybe just a bit tight made for a great camel-toe.

 With jill in the back cargo seat of the truck Sam the sexy girl
she has become, was rubbing her pussy purr my command and was
staring at me as her fingers were rubbing outside her panties on
her baby smooth pussy like a blur. Then Samantha let out a soft
cry then had her girly orgasm that almost had her pulling her
barbie panties off, yes my sam was a sexy little toy and she
loved it.

Jill hearing sam orgasm looked over to take in her bigger sisters
look of bliss, then sat back to diddle her own pussy as was the
norm for my little jill to do as big sis did and try to do it

 After ten minutes Sam was back to her self but I was not, so
just lightly pulling her hair she new what I needed. Moving the
seat farther back I pulled my gym shorts down and my 11" cock was
resting on my leg not fully hard but about 9" was ready. Sam
moved over and getting imposition took my cock and started
stroking and sucking my  cock head that just fit in her mouth,
aaaaaa yes that warm mouth. Sam was a good cock sucker indeed
nothing better than a warm preteen mouth to get you blood

As I grew to my full hardness from her warm mouth and tongue
licking under my head precum was flowing rather nice and since I
haven't had jill or Sam since last night I new it was going to be
a fast cum but dam it felt good. Having Sam stop so she could
remove her tee I had her sit upright as I pinched and pulled on
her cute little puffy nipples and in no time her flat nipples
were a nice acorn size MMM boy did I love sucking them so hard
and she loved it as well from the many times she would orgasm
from me fingering her as I sucked pulled and pinch her little
chest till they were a lite red/purple color.
Now after my fun with her little nipples I pointed to my cock and
at once she took about 3inches in her warm mouth licking the
underside of my head dam she was good at that,seeing her cheeks
suck inward so hard and her head going up down up down was such a
turn on knowing my girl was trying to make her daddy happy.

 Feeling my balls starting to tighten and feeling jill resting on
my shoulder got me more turned on as she watched Sams head going
up down up down slurping and slurping over my cock. Now it was
time, my balls were tight so I held samantha's head and pushed
down a good 3-more inches that she started to gag but no way this
was hooooottt then aaaahhhHHHH ggggg YYYYEEESSSSSSSSSS a good
blast of cum shot right down her fucking throat then another and
another,she was gagging away as my cum was spilling down my shaft
also, it was just to much for sam do drink all at once. Letting
her go she sucked my head and like a good little girl drank and
licked up all the cum she could find and cleaned my cock like it
was just washed, mmm my good girl my sweet Samantha.


 Sitting in daddies truck I opened my legs and rested my back on
the door so daddy could she my panties and my nice cameltoe as I
pulled my legs open really wide for daddy. Felling kinda wet I
started rubbing my pussy through my barbie panties then pulled
then aside and worked on my clitie real hard and fast and soon
that feeling started and I love love that feeling, so faster and
faster I rubbed my clitie pulling my panties farther away so I
could rub my magic spot as daddy calls it and it is magic. Then
from my belly to my toes then up to my chest I had the orgasm, up
down up down it went through out my body I loved every second of
it that I rubbed even harder on my pussy to make the orgasm last
longer and longer.
After I think two minutes it slowed down,Bummer I hate when it
goes away. Daddy would make it come back later I know, daddy
always makes the best ones for me.
 Pulling my panties and shirt back in shape I saw daddy moving
the seat and pulling his shorts down, WOW I always love seeing
how big daddies cock is.Its like from my wrist to my elbow no lie
really it is, and fat that I just can get the big head in my
mouth. Daddy gave my hair a light pull so I moved over and took
his penis from his leg and opened really wide and started sucking
and licking under the head which is best for daddy ino, looking
up I saw jill watching me suck daddy.
 Daddy likes playing with jill to, but I am his best little girl
toy, he even told me but I never said that to jill.
 After it got really big, about 3inches was in my mouth. I was
tasting a lot of precummy and daddy pushed my head down hard so
his penis was in my throat now. I started gagging then the cum
started shooting into my throat every time I felt daddy grunt
more cum shoot out, but from being in that position the cum was
running out of my mouth and down daddies cock. After daddy let my
head go I was able to lick and suck up all the cum that was on
his legs and cock till it was all clean. Daddy says it very
important to clean his cock after it cums so I get all the good
cum since its healthy for me and I did my best, since daddy let
me rub myself and have a great orgasm, I cleaned daddies cock
extra nice plus I like daddies cum taste.And daddy has such a
nicely shaved penis and balls that he only has a small bit of
hair above his cock and that he keeps very well cut so its very
short not all hairy like some cocks I see my daddies cock is the
best.Daddy last year was nice and smooth like me but a few months
ago he grew this new hair, I like it all smooth like me but I no
tell daddy.


 We just arrived at the camp ground around dusk. I told Sam to
take jill down to the lake since see needed to pee. During that
time I got  our area ready to get the tents up and since I took
about 60logs of split wood from the house for the fire I thought
we be ok for the 1st  night. Getting some good size rocks to make
a fire ring then I found a nice just fallen tree about 4-meters
long and very thick so I rolled it over to the fire but still
about 2-meters away, but close enough to give the girls a nice
view and warmth if needed at night.

 About 25minutes later
 Hey there's my angels I was getting worried about you two, are
you ok.
How come you were gone so long.

 Yes daddy we are ok, we were just looking at the water and saw
another camping tent not fat from us.Plus we threw some rocks
that we made skip off the lake, and mine did it 4-times and jill
made hers skip 3-times, it was lots fun daddy sorry if we stood
away so long.

 Its ok just next time let me know if you are going to be gone
for a long time ok.

 YES daddy,,,yes daddy

 OK OK lets set up the tents and sleeping bags and get all the
bedding ready.
 jill you go sit by the fire and stay warm ok. ok daddy.

Samantha you help me get the tents up.
 YA YA like that Sam that's it good girl lets just put all this
camping stuff here and then we can set up the big tent that we
are all going to sleep in. You and jill get all the blankets,
pillows and sleeping bags and make the inside like a big bed ok

 Sure daddy, its so nice you took us camping just jill and I.

 Well you are welcome little lady come give daddy a kiss.
MMM ya thats it suck my tongue harder yes sam harder,good girl
samantha. Now open wide as I fuck your mouth with my tongue, yes
feeling inside your sweet little mouth is so hot baby, yes open
wider mmm licking inside your mouth gets daddy so hard samantha.

 Yes I can feel your penis on my belly do you need me to suck it
for you.
No Sam but thank you for asking daddy but jill is what I think
needs a good face fuck she's been needing play time all day I can
tell, remember you had some play time on the trip here.

 Yes you are right daddy I had a very nice rubbing on the ride
here thank you.

 JILL JILL come here angel daddy needs you right now.Seeing her
run to me in the setting sun gave her little body a glow rite
though her summer dress, you could see her cute pink panties
right through the dress,mmm.

 YES yes daddy I here.

 GOOD girl did you like the ride up to the mountain and the nice
place I picked for our camp-out.

YA its so so nice and smells goodee to daddy.

 Here stand up and lift your dress, know better yet take it off
There you go and such a sexy little body you have jill yummy
NOW you be good for daddy ok no crying you hear me little lady.

 YA yes yes daddy.

 Come close so I can take your pink cotton panties off, there now
you are just in sneakers and socks thats all you need.
 Still knelling I started sucking jills little nipples and at 4
jill had some nice nipples boy almost the size of pencil eraser's
you could say once I had them fully worked up to a good
stiff/puffy ness. O-YA  I worked her nipples good and hard
sucking her full little tit mound into my mouth then sucking so
hard till I pulled back making it pop from my mouth.Then giving
each one a good pull and twist during the sucking always helps
the stiffness of them sexy little buds. Dam that got me hard as
nails.Good girl jill now lets go sit on the log by the fire dont
forget your dress.

 Samantha get some sandwiches and drinks ok, dont bother us rite
now till I call you for dinner.


OK jill get that towel by the tent and role it up so you can
kneel on it you got me.

YUP ok daddy, is that ok.

YA YA thats fine now knell down and pull my shorts off, MMM warm
little hands pulling my shorts down as I took my top of. Good
girl now rub daddys cock yes thats up and down till the skin goes
way down and the purple head sticks out you know how jill
O-YES jill that good squeeze it harder good jill girl, now stand
up and
come closer.Its time for a good pussy rub you like that right

 YA most times I do daddy.

OPEN your legs wider,MMM what a smooth little pussy jill had so
nice  and puffy with a very cute hood hiding her clit.
 Now doesn't that feel nice all tingle and good on you little
cunt. Rubbing harder and harder I started fingering her tight
little slit as my middle finger was almost lifting her off the
ground till just her toe's were just touching the ground. Ya ya
harder and harder I was fucking her with my finger, as I sucked
her nipples as she was sweating and panting and breathing faster,
she loved it and moaning like a real sex kitten.
Harder I fucked her with my finger and the more she moaned in
pleasure the harder I lifted her off her toes pounding my finger
deep in her pussy cupping her mon and rubbing hard on her little
clit with my thumb, making slapping sounds as my cupped hand
pounded alway at her pussy.

Samantha I see you looking get over here and suck my cock NOW.
IN a second sams warm mouth and tongue was working my cock good
Deeper sam suck it DEEPER, with the tone of my voice she started
to gag but did not stop trying to get more of my cock into her
Jill was now a rag doll on my finger all sweaty and looking like
she been fucked by a 100 cocks,lol. So I pulled my finger out and
let her suck off her juices as was her daily duty. Sucking my
finger like a lover I rubbed her very stiff nipples and pinch
then when I thought she was not sucking good enough but after a
few minutes she was done and I let her kneel beside her sister
taking turns sucking me or licking my balls.

 YES YES samantha soon baby, and I like jill to have the first
load you hear me.

Yes daddy.

 OK OK give jill my head here it cumes you little
tight forceing my head and an other inch into her mouth.Blast
after blast was filling her mouth up with cream as she was
swallowing as best she could but still not fast enough.
Samantha you better not to let any of my cum fall on the floor
you know better dont you.

YES yes yes daddy I know.

Seeing sam licking my cock making sure no cum would fall was a
site to see her eyes and tongue was like all in one, once she saw
a drop of cum she licked it up in seconds, a true cock sucker she
was and after two nice orgasms I was needed sleep.

 OK girls lets get ready for bed shall we and then we can have a
snack before getting in bed ok.
ok sure daddy thats nice I got some chicken in the cooler and
salads is that ok daddy.
 Sure samantha you get that ready and I am going to take a walk,
I be back in 20-minutes so you two behave and get a nice plate
for daddy ready, you two can eat if you are hungry.

 Thank you daddy, we will eat now then ,jill is hungry I think.

 About 10 minutes down a wooded path Mr Johnson heard a voice.
Hey Larry is that you.
Yes who the fuck would it be, so you and the girls made it I see
ha sweet nice place.
Ya its a very nice lake view and not many people around which is
really sweet. So you are going to bring kim to the nudest resort
 Yes in two days we will have the cabin next to you guys won't
that be hot ha.And kim has been asking about you and I now why
you monster you.

 FUCK larry stop that will ya, you make me sound like a fucking

Well dude if my cock was 11-inches and thick as my wrist I would
be fucking every pussy I saw and not just the smoothies,lol.

 YA YA OK OK, now about two days from now we will be at the cabin
then that night you see me like a big surprise and we have dinner
like we never new one of us was coming ok.
Ya sounds good bro, hows my sweet jill you now I can't wait to
get in her soooo bad and since shes a lady now you wont mind if I
pound her a few times will ya.
Just go easy ok no rough stuff on my baby I know how you like
giving kim a good hard going over but not on jill or I won't let
you near her got it, no bull-shit I mean it.
 OK OK  just the regular fuck nothing to hard I promiss, but
balls deep is the way and you know it and she can take I know,
shit I bet you been in a good 6-plus already you monster.

 Picking up a stick and tossing it at larry saying you dirty old
man see you in a few days, then went back to camp with my two
little angels.

 Daddy daddy you are back, we got afraid you were gone so long.
I changed jill into her nty and shes falling a sleep is that ok.

 Yes thats fine Samantha here give daddy a kiss, mmm ya suck my
lips to sweetie yes like that. Here lets lie down I really feel
like making out with you right now so lie back and let daddy
enjoy your sweet little mouth baby.
 Cupping my larger mouth over sams I invaded her mouth with my
tongue and was feeling her teeth tongue and every place I could
reach with my tongue for a good 10 minutes we both were in a
dream world and during that time sam was rubbing my now stiff
cock through my shorts as I was rubbing her little stiff nipples
through my fingers and how I love the feel of them getting
stiffer by the minute thinking she was enjoying this as much if
not more than me. Then we brock our kiss and looking at sam her
eyes were in another world, my she was a sweet girl dam.


 Daddy and I kissed for so long I lost time and my mind was in
outerspace his mouth and tongue had me enjoying our kiss so much
that my panties were getting wet and my nipples were so hard from
daddy rubbing them I wished he pull my tee up and suck them,
during that time I felt his penis on my leg so I rubbed it back
and forth till it was I think fully hard, I like my daddies cock
so much I do anything he ask me to make him happy since he makes
me happy all the time. Then daddy leaned up and ended our kiss
but it was such a heavenly kiss I was in a fog for most the

 OK OK sam that was nice now go get your butt plug and the jar of

 Now daddy do I have to now.

 DID I ask you? yes I think I did I ask you fucking bitch.

 Yes I am sorry daddy I get it rite way I am sorry so sorry

 Now undress and turn around and grap your ankles and look at the
fire and dont fucking move.

 YES yes daddy.

 Wider with them legs and push your ass out farther you know the
routine bitch. Yes thats better mmm your ass is getting nice and
relaxed with just two finger. I can feel very soon you will have
a nice cock up you ass little girl. Pushing my oiled up fingers
in and out of samantha's ass for a few minutes then really
fingering her harder as her breathing was getting more in toon I
felt she was getting close to orgasm.
 San would you like to rub you pussy right now I bet you would I
see from the light in the fire your pussy is wet, well do you.

 YES YES daddy can I please can I its so warm with your fingers
fucking my bottom please please daddy can I rub my pussy.

 WELL let me think ( as I pounded her now with 3-fingers making
her moan even more ) in out in out holding her hip I pounded
her little brown eye faster and deeper till my full fingers were
in as far as they would go, and with the fire I could see her
wetness on her pussy that she was on fire within.

 Sam sam.
Yes yes daddy daddy can I can I can I rub my pussy PLEASEeee.
First you must make me a promise and always keep it you here me.
Yes yes anything please daddy, what is it I need to do.
I let you know tomorrow but rite now go on and fuck your pussy
good and hard samantha.

 With that her left had started rubbing her clit like a crazy
girl as I pounded her ass with 3-fingers deep in her.

 Harder sam fuck your self you fucking slut yes cum for daddy cum
for daddy, she was rubbing and rubbing like I never seen her
before pulling and pinching her clit then fingering her pussy
with two finger then at her clit again rubbing so hard till she
screamed out as her ass grabbed my fingers like a vice and she
shuddered and moaned for a minute then fell down holding her pussy
with both hands.

 After a good few minutes I told her to pick up the butt plug and
get back to her position.Trying to keep her balance from her
orgasm she held knees then went to her ankles at last her ass
pushed out as I lubed her already wet ass and the plug, then with
one strong push in went the 4"- butt plug along came a load OUCH
but hey she had her fun just a few minutes ago.She looked so sexy
with the plate of the butt plug up tight between her little ass
cheeks yes very sexy.

 Now panties on and that better not come out till I say, you got
me girl.

 YES yes daddy and thank you for the fun before it was such a
nice orgasm.

 You are welcome now lets get some sleep shall we its getting
late, after you get in then I well sipper up the tent.
We all sleeped on about 4large blankets and sheets that were very
relaxing I must say. I settled in with jill to my left and sam to
my right what else could I need and in ten minutes I was asleep.

 Yes that nice morning sun and the summer smell of the woods and
little girl sent ,mmm.Sam was up already getting the sterno
things going so I could have hot coffee, she was a good girl yes
she was.

 Hi daddy I got the fire pots going and the coffee is getting
hot, can I get jill up and take her to the lake to wash up.
Sure sweetie that be great and wash with extra soap ok, you watch
the coffee I get jil.
 Getting back in the tent I rolled jill over on her back and she
was happy to see me saying hi.Then I pulled her nty up and
started sucking her nipples one then the next I just needed her
then and now so like a good toy she open her legs wider and I
started rubbing her pussy through her panties hard and fast
getting little cat moans from her but she was getting warm and
now her nipples were stiff so now came the panties.
 Sam, jill and I will be out in a little bit you stay with the
coffee,yes daddy.
 JILL lift your hips so I can pull your panties down, there we go
a nice fresh smooth girly slit. Pulling her legs up to my face
and holding her legs wide in both hands I licked sucked and
tongue fucked her pussy and sucking on her hooded clit was were
she really let out soft moans as I even nibbled her fucking clit
till she was panting like a fucking dog, I new she was loving
this so more and more her clit got the sucking it needed till her
little pearl was out of its hood and so cute it was,after more
good hard sucking of her clit jill started to pull my hair and
moan all at once, dam she was tasteeeeeee. After my good 8-minute
tongue bath it was my time, so I straddled jill with my legs
pinning her arms then I started slapping my cock on her face and
at 11-inches on a tiny 4yr olds face is something to see from
chin to almost her farhead my cock was bouncing and slapping as
precum was flying all over her face and how sexy it was, this is
my warm up time you can say. Then as my balls got going so did my
fist pumping faster and faster and moving back a bit so jill
could suck my tip and now she was a good tip sucker knowing just
how daddy liked his tip licked under the head like samantha had
taught her.

 Dripping spit on her lips as she sucked and licked my head I
petted her hair telling her how much of a good girl she was to
daddy then pushing more cock in I had her hold my hand as we both
pumped my cock as cum started flowing into her mouth and being a
good toy she swallowed every drop and the morning load is about
the biggest so she did well getting all four blasts of cum down
her fucking throat both my girls know that its not nice to waste
cum.So after letting jill stroke me and clean my cock with her
mouth and tongue I got up and gave her a fast fingering to make
her go out with a smile to the lake and dam she took my finger
very nice no whimpering at all just stood there and let me pound
away at her little hole with my middle finger I fucked her hard
and cupping her pussy I could rub her little puffy hooded clit at
the same time so in and up went my hand harder and harder till
she got weak and got tence for a few seconds, thats her fast
little girl orgasm you could say.Then got her tee on and went to
join samantha for there bath at the lake, now I needed coffee.
Samantha come her and get them panties off, yes now turn around
and hold your ankles for daddy. Good girl ok I am going to take
the butt plug out so be ready you can rub your clit if you like.

 Thank you daddy.

Yes rub faster get yourself feeling good sam yes rub faster.
Taking hold of the plate of the butt plug I started twisting it
and slowly pulling it out then back in teasing her, sam was
starting to breath faster as her fingers were moving faster on
her pussy. Pulling and twisting POP out came the butt plug just
as samantha let out a very powerful moan from her orgasm as she
needed me to hold her waste as she was so weak and still cumming
from the orgasm. A good minute past before she stood up turning
with glassy eyes and a half smile.


 Daddy told me it was time to take the butt plugee out so I held
my angles with one hand and daddy let me rub my pussy with the
other as he started. I was very wet already from the plug in my
bottom all night that my panties were wet through out. Then daddy
twisted it and the feeling was so nice in my bottom that I rubbed
my clit faster and faster along with daddy telling me to rub
faster then daddy pulled it out some than back in, my belly was
so warm and I felt the warmness feeling coming closer and closer
so I rub and pinch my clit as the feeling came on then from my
belly through my chest it went and just as daddy pulled it out I
had a great orgasm that I moaned so much and my pussy was on fire
from the warmness feeling that my legs got weak and I almost fell
over but daddy held my hips, for a long time warmness went all
through my body, o it was great daddy can make me get the best
warmness feeling ever.

MR Johnson.

  Ok samantha you alright to stand now so go and wash up buy the
lake ok.
 YES daddy, jill come with me.
As I watched sam and jill run to the lake, dam they were so cute.

 Relaxing with my coffee I watched the girls bath by the lake
washing up and having fun. Then I saw a dam sexy little thing
about 7ish walking with just panties and mmm she was hot.

 Hello hello little girl are you ok, were is your daddy.

 O hi my daddy is out on the lake fishing we have a tent over
there (pointing so far I did not see a tent ).

 Would you like some juice little girl.
YES can I my daddy will be out on lake till lunch time is it ok I
sit with you.

 Sure you can here sit on my lap, there you go and her is a sippy
drink and straw. Whats you name and how old are you.

 My name is Ginny and I am 7 are you a daddy.

 Yes I am my girls are bathing by the lake see them, look right

 O yes I seen them before they naked.
Yes they are but who bathes in there clothes do you.
No my daddy bathes me in the shower just me and him.

 Thats nice and you like daddy showering with you I bet ha.
Yes we do it every day but not at the lake.

 You have such nice panties on, what cartoon is that.
Its barbie its no cartoon I have lots of her dolls.

 Look you spilled some juice on you panties why dont we go in my
tent and dry you up and you can wear one of my daughters panties

 YA ok that be nice, wow its a big tent.
YES a sexy little fucking slut already used and I was fucking
getting hard.

 YES thats it now lie down so I can wash you up , ya spread your
legs you slut.

 SLUT my daddy says that to.

 Really does he fuck you too you know cock in pussy.
PULLING  my shorts off she looked at my cock like an arm was
comeing out of my body,lol.

 WOW Mr thats a big penisss my daddies is not that big.

 Well now you seen the bigest now you are going to feel it you
slut open them legs and pull them under your arms , ya like that.
Getting closer kneeling with my cock head resting on her slit she
started to whimper like all little sluts do at first so in went
her panties in her mouth. Then rubbing my precum up and down her
slit I found her nice size hole and it was very well used so in I
went not all at once just 6inches and she was trying to get away
but fuck know she was hot so WHAM balls deep I went pounding my
11inches in her like a cheep slut hitting deep inside her pussy,
I pounded away in out in out till just my head was in her then
balls slapping her ass she was crying and red faced but I never
see her again so fuck her then that feeling started so I pounded
her body harder and harder pinching her nipples and sucking then
in turn, they were tiny put enough to get a mouth around to suck
on and bite.
 Then AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA YYYYAAAAAAAAA  balls deep I filled that
bitch up with a good two loads of cum that it was leaking out the
sides of her red stretched out pussy. I pounded away till I was
soft and her pussy pushed me out,mmm a nice five minute fuck she

 So out came her panties that I wiped her puffy red pussy with
and told her to get them on and get the fuck out and if she told
her dad I tell everybody that she did things with her daddy. Well
the look she gave me had her scared that she would be in trouble
so she walked like a duck holding her pussy and away she went
towards the woods.
 Yes she was a nice after coffee fuck tight and took my cock she
might be sore deep inside but she didn't seem to hurt maybe her
daddy liked using big toys in her, yup just another little girl
slut that loves daddy cock.

10 minutes later came my dolls.
 Daddy daddy we are all washed up now and going to get new shorts
and tops for us in the tent OK.
 Yes that's be fine Sam but no top for Jill I like her to get some
sun on her chest today.
Then can I to just wear shorts to daddy, please please.
Sure ok but get the cocoa butter jar so I can rub it on you and

Here you go daddy the cocoa butter.

Jill come her,yes yes just shorts now hold still as I rub this on
you to keep your skin all smooth this morning. Yes thats a good
girl look how puffy your little nipples are getting yes I know
you like that dear very nice hard nipples yummy, now go and get
your sunglasses.
Sam get your ass over here, arms up yes now hold still with jill
in the tent I started rubbing her pussy through her shorts.

 DADDY there are people not that far away.
Its ok just stand they way you are yes now open your legs a bit
yes nice I feel you are warm are you horny I see them nipples
getting puffy.

 DADDY w--eell yes I am getting warm in my belly, yes rub faster

 I did not here you SAM what did you say ( I did here her but
liked her saying it again,lol. )

 Daddy I am getting very wet and belly warmness rub faster and I
need to rest on your leg OK I am getting weak in the legs.

 Good girl now feel it deep inside you as I rub your pussy and
let them feeling come out ok. With my thumb I rubbed her clit as
I cupped her pussy rubbing hard on her little mound faster I went
as Sam rested on my leg faster faster I rubbed her feeling her
soft pussy just behind her thin shorts, the I started pinching
her nipples till she let out a good moan with a nice AAAAAA and I
could feel her dampness through her shorts after a minute she got
control of her self and pulled her shorts out from her pussy and
went to change them.WERE are you going sam them shorts stay on
you till I say so.

With a puppy look and but daddy
  I just said NO and that was that. Masturbating sam to orgasm
out in view of people about 80meters away was very exiting to me
and her as well.Standing just outside the tent was Jill with the
look of I am ready to go to the lake in her girly sunglasses and
cute little pink shorts and sandals, and her well oiled up chest
and puffy little nipples.

 We walked around the lake getting eyes from dads as well as
single guys looking hard with there shades on, a few even rubbed
there cocks as we passed by. The girls had fun seeing little fish
near the shore line and stuff girls like doing as they walk jump
and look at other people a few naked couples were about but
mostly clothed.We headed back after a long two hour stroll and
buy then it was well after lunch so we had a lunch supper dinner
all in one.

 Getting a nice fire going I had SAM get jill in bed since it was
after 9 and she was very tired.Then I had sam get her birthday
gifts out.

 OK  sam lets get a blanket for us and one to cover us , hurry up
sweetie. As she was getting her things I took my shorts off and
then we both rolled out the blanket and got the sheet ready. OK
now get on your knees and finger your ass with lube so I can get
that plug in.


 YES and that was it, she got on all 4s and started fingering her
ass as I lubed up the butt plug then holding her waste, pop in it
went with a small grunt from her.Samantha was getting VERY ready
for cock yes she was.As I relaxed on a pillow I started rubbing
my cock then SAM asking like a good girl if she could stroke me.
Well you been a good girl so yes you can and after I might fuck
you a bit would you like that.

 YES YES thank you daddy.

 There now pump my cock and suck my head you slut, and with that
my cock grew in her hands then after a good 10 minutes I was
ready for some tight pussy. OK SAM on your back legs back and up
like daddy likes, yes but wider ok good girl. Kneeling up to her
cunt I needed to get two pillows under her waste then my cock was
resting on her belly nicely yup.Getting a good amount of spit in
my hand I rubbed her slit then fingered her a bit, my cock was
already fully wet by her mouth so having her pull her little
vulva open I pushed my head in till I felt her hole then pushing
and pushing I was in a good 6inches mmm yes she was hot inside so
I started my pounding of her pussy till about 9inches was in her
and she didn't like much more so I being a good daddy stopped at
9" but fuck I pounded her good feeling her cunt grip me with her
orgasm as I was slamming into her cervix.
I was kissing her when the 1st one hit her and she screamed into
my mouth, its such a nice feeling giving your daughter a orgasm
and her bucking her hips to ask for more, so I thought for a
second then went full tilt balls deep and yes my Samantha took
it and let out a cry of yes yes daddy go faster faster, so I
fucked her as my belly was smacking hers and my balls were
slapping her butt plug plate.
 After my full cock was in she had her third orgasm that squeezed
my cock so hard I shot of 2 good loads of cum deep in her belly,
fucking as deep as I could get inside her, her pussy was on fire
and looking down at her eyes were like glass half closed with a
half smile from the body rocking orgasms she has learned to enjoy
and make them more intense.

 After my cock was soft I pulled out and took up straddling her
chest so she could finish her duty and clean my cock. So as I had
her suck me clean with a few cock slaps to get me semi hard for
the cleaning she was drunk form sex so I helped her into the

 The next day we would be going to the nudest camp and Larry and
Kim would be there and mmm I was looking to give kim a good fuck
since Larry was telling me she been asking so she would be
getting it extra hard and deep. And larry was jills favorite so
jill had a lot of fun cumming her way A LOT. Larry asked to fuck
her in every hole and I said ok but I needed to be with her so
she be more relaxed and maybe I lend a cock or hand if needed,
yes jill was going to get a real hard fucking tomorrow night, well
her pussy was open from last time larry and I fingered her so a
cock was just a bigger finger but felt better.Larry and I were
going to have sam and kim do each other with toys, a good girly
show always helps getting things hard before a fuck don't you

 OK OK girls rise and shine lets get packing for the camp.
Sam you and jill pack the bags I will get the tent and the
coolers in the truck.
 OK daddy.

 One hour later we were on the road to the nudest resort. UP the
mountain we went then came to a nice clearing with a fence and a
Gard both.

 I told him my mane and we were in cabin 12 and down the dirt
road we drove a good 5minutes before the camp site that had about
40 cabins near a nice size pound and a pool near buy the
recreation center.

 Pulling up to the rec center I had the girls wait in the truck
as I checked us in and got our keys and the list of activities,
then off we went to cabin 12.

 OK girls lets bring everything inside and get our new 8day cabin
like home ok.
 yes yup ok ok daddy they both rang out.

 I saw SAM looking at the men walking around semi hard and a lot
were fully hard so it was a going to be a nice trip here.

 Two hours later we had the beds ready and something of order in
the cabin. OK girls sit on the couch I need to go over the rules
to this camp site. 1st no clothing is permitted outside the cabin
other than sunglasses and hats and shoes and a towel. And sex is
ok for others to do if they so chose so don't be shy about it you
both have had sex play so be open with the other campers ok. Jill
you are to young to do a lot of things with others that Samantha
is permitted but them are the rules understand.
 Than means jill unless daddy says so you are not to let men fuck
you that means no cock in you little pussy you here me, and
Samantha you can do anything you like unless you dont feel like
it, but if you start you must finish you understand what I mean

 YES daddy we know what you mean if we get them hard then I have
to drink there cum.

 OK lets gets naked and walk around to see our new campers.

KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK, DADDY somebody is at the door.
WILL JILL open it up its ok.

 Uncle Larry hi and its kim to daddy look sam.

 Hey bro you made it cool we been here since last night its very
cool man very hot sweeties around and love them rules ha.

 Jill come give larry a hug, just in her panties she ran over to
a semi hard larry and gave him a hug.O sweetie I miss you so much
and them panties yummy lets get them off shale we. Hey Johnson is
it ok I show jill my cabin.
 YA its kool be easy ok.

 Ya ya here take my hand jill lets go to my cabin.
SEE its like yours but look my bed is bigger than yours go on sit
on it sweetie. Yes you look so sexy you like to suck my cock I
bet ha here sit up and get near the end of the bed, there you go
now you remember how uncle larry likes it so start sucking.
 YA YA thats it lick the tip more mmm ya you good girl suck
harder and rub larrys balls to, yes lick the hole to yes good
girl, yes good jill now I need to fuck your face some so don't be
afraid ok.Looking up with my cock head in her mouth she gave a
wink then taking both my hands I took hold of her head and
pounded my cock deep in her face till me balls were on her chin
then pulled out as she gasped for air, then  back in balls beep
feeling her throat around my cock in out in out I pounded her
face smashing my belly to her nose,over and over I pulled out
then wham back down till her nose was on my belly.She was gagging
and tearing but I fuck her face good, it was so sexy her eyes
looking at me as my cock went in till my belly was on her nose,
so cute at times I held her down on my cock feeling her throat
gagging around my cock.

 OK OK thats enough jill you ok, did you like that, like I gave a
fuck if she did.

NO NO TO much deepee uncle Larry you do to deep it notz funn.

 Well now you know what your pussy is going to get. I no it will
hurt so just relax lie back and open then legs bitch.
 kneeling on the bed I got my cock between her nice puffy vulva
and started a nice slow fuck then more more more till all 8inches
was in her I could not believe the tightness but she just was
holding her legs wide and pulled back to her shoulders as I
started smashing my body into hers hearing my balls slapping her
ass was hot and her eyes looking in space as I pounded her till
no end.Yes out till my cock head was just inside her vulva then
back in till my balls were on her little ass, I pounded her
fucking as hard as I could that my balls started hurting from
being slapped on her ass, but fuck she needed a dam hard fucking.
She cried a bit but that was normal her first full cock going so
deep but she was taking it well.Then her body got rigid and she
was saying yesseee yesssee uncle uncle then I felt her pussy
spasm on my cock and her mouth in that o-so cute O shape as
she let a good moan and moaning well, yes jill was having an
orgasm so good it felt knowing she was enjoying this hard fuck.

 IN out in out I pounded away at her tiny body the sweat was
dripping off my chest on to her face. I took my time going from
just my head inside her vulva to fully deep in her hot little
cunt and dam it was hot as hell. Starting to feel my balls
tighten I picked up the pace and pounded her good and hard really
driving my cock in with force every time making her chest let out
some air as I pounded in harder and harder taking hold of her
legs I really went wild on her, dam jill was a good fuck then I
came yesssssssssssss AAAhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk I came so good
pushing my cock till every little bit was inside her as my cum
was filling her little cunt hole, then looking down as it was
dripping from the sides of my cock. O man a good hard cum with
two good loads of it deep inside jill had me so fucking tired and
my arms dam they were burning from holding me above her for a
good 15 minutes but fuck it was nice. So after I took a minute I
pulled my cock out of her red cum filled cunt and dam it was open
and very red but after the fucking she just got any cunt would
have been red,even her little clit was out of its hood like a
little pinkish pearl and if I was not so dam tired I would have
suck and nibbled on that for her as well but there is always an
other day or tonight maybe.

 I took jill to the bathroom washed her up and let her take a nap
in my bed as I went to the Johnson's cabin.

 Hello Larry wheres jill?.
Shes taking a nap is that ok she kinda tired I thought a nap
would be good for her.
 YA YA its kool was she a good girl for you, and tell me you went
easy one her please.
 O-yes she was really sweet took me like a really big girl and
was willing no bull-shit she took every fucking inch and was wet
and sweaty she did have fun yes she did.
 OK but let her rest from that for a day or so ok bro.I was
thinking of getting kim and sam together and watching a little
girl on girl fun what you think.
 Shit ya were is my little girl anyway.
Shes in sams room getting her room to her liking so lets go and
join them ha.

 After you my man.
Samantha larry and I are coming in you girls still in your room

 Yes daddy we are.
There you two are and in cute panties yummy, you know outside
nothing on but shoe or hats remember.
 Yes kim told me and you told me I know but we were just trying
on panties to see which one we like the best.
 Well that one is sexy its very nice I like the sexy waste-band
and its very high on the hips, shows your sexy legs sam very
 Thank you daddy. I see you are getting stiff and larry too are
we going to do sex now I kinda wet and kim is too.

 Yes I can see your nipples are puffy and kim yours are very
nice love your big nipples dam. Taking a seat on the bed with
larry as the girls stood up I told them the game plain.
 OK  larry and I thought to start we would like you and kim to do
a girl on girl sex play for us then we will join in when we are
ready and  I like you to use the dildo on each other also.AS
larry and I got relaxed with pillows and more pillows for the
girls on the floor Sam got the dildo and oil out from her
 OK you girls both kneel and start with deep kissing and rubbing
each other then just do what comes natural you both know what I
mean so get started.


 Holding kim we started kissing then did french kissing and I
like her smooth mouth and her hands were rubbing my nipples
really nice that my belly was so warm. Kim took my hands as I
started rubbing her boobs as well and we both were moaning some
as her hand went to my pussy and oooo its fely nice her soft
fingers, you see most times I have mens big fingers and the are
rough and go fast and stuff but kim was gentle like so getting
weaker I started to lie down and hearing daddy say do this or
that was like coming from a fog as kim started licking my belly
as I open my legs she licked my pussy so nice then lick more so
her tongue was inside me and she pulled my vulva open more and
started fingering me and then it came so fast a orgasm yes yes it
came and daddy hearing me say it was coming started saying let it
out let it out so in a few more seconds it came and yes I
screamed moaning as I bucked my hips up to kims fingers and mouth
as a lightning bolt went through me from the orgasm. I started
really coming harder and harder that orgasm lasted long than
ever. I came back from my fog like state with larrys cock on my
lips saying open so I did. Looking up I saw kim licking her
fingers and her face was all shinny from my juices then she got
up and went towards the bathroom.

 That was great samantha you girls looked so hot later on you can
return the favor to kim. Now you be a good girl and do as larry
says yes suck him harder sweetie yes, open your legs so daddy can
get between you , thats my girl wow your are wet but that good
since you will need to be. Larry hold her leg back she still
dreaming I thing yes thats it, dont gag her let her just suck you
head ok.
 YA sure no problem go on fuck her I like seeing you fill little
pussy with that cock.
 Rubbing my head along her very wet mons I pushed in a good
5inches till samantha looked up wide eyed so I thing she feels me
 Yes samantha let see how much you can take ok, with a head shake
I started going deeper and deeper feeling my cock stretch her
walls open as 9inches was in her now and dam hot she was, so I
thought looking at her eyes it was enough for now so I just did
my pounding but stopping at 9inches feeling that I was hitting
her cervix which was hot, and watching larry rubbing her nipples
and pinching them as she suck his cock was nice as I took my cock
out then back in every time faster and faster seeing her vulva go
inward with my cock and turning out ward as I pulled out sam is
so tight mmm, it was sexy yes in out in out a good 10 minutes I
fucked her puffy pussy till she was dripping wet with sweat that
your bodies were slapping like wet hands clapping then taking her
legs up to my chest I went hard and deeper till I was balls deep.
YES samantha took every fucking inch, she was crying but she was
looking at me like it was ok it hurts but go daddy go it feels
good. So faster I humped against her pussy holding her legs
tight so she could not move away, then larry started grunting and
took his cock out and had Sam open her mouth as he pumped a nice
big load on to her tongue that was sticking out waiting for his
cum, some missed and went on her chin but mostly he got it all in
her mouth or tongue then waiting for the ok I told her to swallow
and down it went.Then with a big open mouth showing us she did a
good job.

 After seeing that I could not hold back and came deep inside her
holding her legs to me chest as I pumped a good three loads into
her belly my cock twiching every time I shot a load, man we all
were sweaty as hell then turning I saw kim sitting on the bed
like she just got cheeted.
 Kim dont worry sweetie your dad and I after a good rest will
make you happy ok, a big smile came over her face and she leaned
over and kissed me. Yes kim needed my cock and was asking larry
all week so when I got my rest she would get it o yes.
 KIM be a doll and get jill at you cabin ok she might be napping
but bring her back ok.

 YES Mr Johnson.

 HEY HEY no panties out that front door little lady.

 OOPS sorry.
And off went the panties showing a nice puffy smooth 10yr old
pussy dam nothing nicer than a preteen pussy all baby smooth and
with a nice slit and hood hiding there clit,yummy mmm.

 Hey jonhson I am going with kim to shower and rest so send her
back after she brings jill ok bro.

 Ya sure lets say around 8pm we vist your cabin ok, samantha
needs a rest shes already half asleep but I will get us in the
shower then we will all take a rest, ok see later larry.

 YUP cya.

About 30minutes later I saw kim and jill walking up to the door.
 Theirs my little angel, come give daddy a hug jill. Thanks kim
for bringing her back and you go now your dad said to come back
as soon as you dropped of jill.
 OK by cya later.
 Here give daddy a hug you look sleepy did you nap.

 Yes I did daddy and I still sleepy and uncle larry was nice but
I sore in my nunnie see look daddy its all rede and puffwe.
 Here lie back on the couch so I can look better, yes open your
legs really wide good girl. Yes its a little red a puffy but that
ok did it feel good and I bet you got all warm inside right. ( as
I was talking to jill my finger started fingering her and she was
warm and wet inside which got my cock going).
 Yes I gots all warmee in me bellee and sooo nicee in my nunnie
to. Daddy you getting me warm again with your finger o-yes daddy
its make my belly all niceee.

 Well jill daddy going to kiss your pussy to make it feel better
With a yup ok daddy I took my mouth and started licking from her
ass rite up to her clit holding her inner thighs wide open her
legs were almost flat on the couch. Licking sucking and deep
tongueing her little hole was very taste covering her pussy with
my mouth I could lick from the bottom of her slit to her hooded
clit without removing my mouth it was so sexy eating a pussy that
way, full pussy in mouth at once. I sucked her little vulva in
then went working on her clit so with my lips I pushed her hood
back some and was able to suck on her clit which got many oooo
and aaaaa and yessseee daddyyy gooodddeee from my little angel.
Taking a seat on my ass I looked at her very red pussy as my cock
was now really ready and jill had them bedroom eyes that girls
get and its so dam sexy, half closed glassy eyes saying wow it
feels nice daddy thank you, well thats what I think it says
looking at her with that look.

 I bet that felt so wonderfull ha baby I know daddy liked it look
what happen to my cock, look jill.
 I got to a kneeling postoin and jill picked up her head.

WOW daddy your thingee its so big.

 Yes jill it is very big and daddies cock is hard so we going to
do some sex before we take a nap so lie still and open your legs
really wide for daddy.
 Yes nice good girl, rubbing my cock head on her very wet pussy
slit I got some oil and dripped it over my cock and her pussy,
better to be wetter even if she was already wet like a spoange.
 Then I started to push my cock in and wow it was hard going
since I was thicker than larry but once I got my head in her hole
I pushed till 4inches was in and feeling her ripples a long her
silky pussy wall was very hot indeed.

 DADDY you cockke is so so big no go all in me are you it hurts
hurts no no.

 I KNOW jill, just a little bit daddy needs inside you thats all,
you cant take my 11-inches yet little one but soon you will, now
hold the end of the couch with your hands so daddy can start
really pounding his cock in you ok hold tight now and feel how
nice and warm it is.
 Holding her waste with her feet on my chest I started a nice
slow fuck dam she was tight and I needed to really push to get in
past 7inches but it was enough I think with that as she jumped
from pain and so 7was it for now, so I grabbed my cock at the
base so the other 4" would not go in as I started a faster
fucking motion as her head was bonceing left to right with my
pounding but jill held firm with her hands on the edge of the
couch.Harder and harder I slammed into my jill o-yes she was
tight but felt sooooo fucking good harder I pushed into that
small little slit that was around my cock and seeing her little
clit hood being forced inward with every push was even hotter .
 Good girl jill yes you are so sexy and yummy does my cock feel

 Yessa da da daddy it does I feel all funnee in me bellee oooo
daddy oooo da da daddy it good feellleee goooddee, do no so hard
but feelee nicee daddy oooo yesse hurtee some too needss peees
iii thinksss.

 Jill was having trouble talking from the pounding I was giveing
her  as I slammed into her the words became funny sounding plus
she was haveing orgasm after orgasm, small little girly orgasms I
callem but hey she was feeling good as well, so harder I went.

 Yes my cock felt her pussy spasming and her feet started pushing
on my chest as her toes were curling up and her eyes closed then
she got tight all over her body then let out a nice
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa daddddyy
it niicceee gooddeee feeelleee inn nuunniiee ands tummmmeeeeeee.
 SO from her getting a lot of little girly orgasms and the
tightness from her pussy grabbing my cock I felt my balls saying
its time so I pulled out and stroking like a mad dog as I pumped
2good ropes of cum from her pussy up to her left nipple and one
that almost hit her chin with a good hard grunt. I was always a
long shooter but it was nice seeing it fly then landing over her
belly and puffy nipple. Dam that was fast but when there so
fucking tight its hard to hold of from cumming but hey it was
5-minutes about and I felt like a fast fuck anyway I needed some

 So I took jill in the shower with me and washed her up along
with me and still semi hard at about 6inches was nice haveing her
stroke me with her tiny warm soapy hands.Jill was just about face
level with my cock was a turn on as well that buy the middle of
the shower I was stiff as a rock that 2 or 3 times during the
shower she got a poke in the face and then was looking out for my
cock when I turned or she turned it was funny but sexy as well
hearing her say daddy you cockkee is pokeing my face, and yes if
I was not in need for sleep she would have had a good hard cock
slapping on her face then sucking me off but not now I was beat.
So I dryed her up and took her to my bed made sure her nipples
and pussy got extra body oil, then in a few minutes she was
sleeping then I was a sleep as well.

  O-YES a good three hours of sleep was a good thing after the
mid afternoon fun.
 Samantha, Jill lets get up up up come girls, samantha take jill
in the shower and you two take a fast one just to wake up ok I am
going to heat up some food you girls ok with the chicken we made
the other day and some saled.
 Yes daddy that be ok, ok I going in shower with jill so gives us
like 10minutes then we be ready.

 Yes and wear socks and your sneakers tonight both of you and
have jill get here hair in a pony tail ok and you I like to see
with a few colorfull ribbons around your hair in different places
ok, lets go with pink and yellow.

 Yes daddy (daddy and his ribbons gee wizz).

 Hearing the shower I got the fried chicken in the oven and dam
this is a small oven,lol. Cut up some saled tost with dressing
and there was a kind off healthy dinner well almost.

 OK here we are daddy and the chichen smells good we are both

 Well then sit down and lets eat and remember that the tee shirt
comes off before we go outside rules are rules.

 Yes we know its just after the shower we got a bit cool.

 OK now both of you be nice to uncle larry,you ok jill you seem
when we get to larrys cabin you can rest a little bit ok sweetie.
 OK daddy, yes I still sleepy and sore.


 Hey there's the cuties family I know, and samantha I love the
hair ribbons very sexy very sexy.And my little jill looks sleepy
are you ok sweetie,why don't you go lie on the couch angel, yes
take off your sneakers and get comfee.

 Hey larry weres kim I promist her something.
She's in her room go on its kool she been waiting for you.We will
sit out here and whach tv till you two come back out.

 HI kim o you look so cute in them sexy panties you know I love
white cotton I bet you wore them just for me,that pink bow in the
middle of your panties at the wasteband is so sexy.

 Well ya I did Mr johnson I did, I thought you like them.

 GOOD girl now sit there and take my cock I know you been waiting
a long time for it so its yours for the next hour, go on suck it,
yes thats it open wider and it will fit, yes good girl kim look
how hard you got me already dam girl you are so hot.

 Mr johnson you have the biggest cock I ever seen even bigger
than the movie men.

 Well thank you kim now suck it,yes and go deeper yes like that
and lick the head more good baby. OK now I need to fuck your face
to get me really in the mood so just relax and let it go down
your throat like you know how. Now lie back in your bed and tilt
your head over the edge no no on your back sweetie yes now look
backward and open wide yes thats it.( kneeling down on a few
pillows her head was just the right hight with my cock and her
head tilting back was a good way to deep throat).
 YES open wider there now thats it yes suck baby suck. Holding
her head with both hands I started going in deeper and deeper,
kim sweetie just hold your mouth open dear yes like that. MMM yes
8inches in and she was holding her gag reflex really good, so
once my balls hit her nose I pulled out so she could beath, then
right back down her fucking throat it went.In out in out slapping
my balls on her nose till I was really hard and feeling even
better fuck ya. Kim was gagging with precum and spit drolling
down her face up in her nose even and eyes, so I pulled out and
had her turn around so I could get that pussy good and wet for
her so I could give her a pounding her pussy needed and been
asking for.

 OK OK thats it now pull your legs back and knees rest them on
your side yes your know how kim come on sweetie open wide there
good little girl.

 Kneeling on the floor I took hold of her legs and started at her
inner thighs and gave her long slow licks on each leg getting
oooo's and aaaa from her even saying I was teasing her as I was
stopping just before her puffy vulva but that was my game plan to
get her so hot that she take my cock like a wild girl. After a
good 5minutes of licking her inner thighs and just stopping
before her pussy I went at her pussy hard licking and biteing her
pussy well you know small nibbling I was not biting hard,lol.
 And she was pulling my hair maoning as I licked and sucked her
little clit hard that her clit stood out from its hidding spot
all by its self and what a site that was, her red puffy pussy
with a small white/pinkish pea size clitoris sticking out, and
the shine on her mound was so sexy and very very wet also during
my tongue attacked a worked two fingers in as far as they would
go and with my thumb I worked her little ass which got many moans
and more hair pulling, so seeing her very relaxed and soaking wet
and very puffy and me at my full rock hard 11inches it was kims
turn to get a full hard fuck she been ask her daddy about weeks

 After rubbing more precum around my cock I took up kneeling
between her legs with my cock resting on her pubis mound and mmm
seeing my cock resting there it was more than half way to her
belly button way more.

 OK kim you ready sweetie you been asking so here it goes.
Lifting my cock I pushed on her wet puffy slit and her clit
turned unward with my pushing that her clit was rubbing along the
top of my cock, thinking dam she was going to get a clitoral
stimulatoin as well as getting fucked with my cock all at one
time no hands needed, what a lucky girl.
 Since kim has been fucked many times she took the first 6inches
very good but with a good push a was in 8 then 9 then WHAM balls
depp in less than five minutes and she was panting and breathing
so hard and many times I heard her say go slower but ya right she
was asking so she was doing to get her fucking she been asking
for. With long slow strokes I pulled out till I could just see my
head the with a hard push slammed right back in balls on ass and
hearing her grunt as I slammed into her, it was so sexy her
moaning the way she did. Holding her waste and at times reaching
up and giveing her nipples a good pull and twist that made her
give out a nice squeal everytime I did that so I pulled and
twisted even harder and more often and she liked it more.

 After 10minutes of a good slow fucking she started asking for me
to go faster, sorry forgot to tell you buy now she had two
orgasms and was dripping wet from the heat and the fucking. So I
needed to cum soon I felt it and with her asking me well that
just really got me going to say the least,lol. I told her to push
her hands against the bedboard then I started really pounding her
fucking cunt and seeing her pussy strecthed so wide around my
cock and her clit riding the top of my cock was just to hot.
Harder and harder I slammed my body into her pussy really
pounding her. Kim was a good fuck and saying yes yes harder was
things we guys love hearing so harder I went and seeing her lower
belly looking bigger from my cock was even hotter,and her head
boncing from side to side from my pounding was very sexy. Kim was
a slim girl and tiny so my cock was a very tight fit and so warm
inside her that after the good pounding she was cumming again
then I felt my balls getting tighter and my cock was twitching so
I pulled out and stood up pUlling her down onTO her knees. I
stroked my cock and shot rope after rope of long white cum all
over her face almost covering her from hair down to her chin and
the last two were on her chest resting on her very red and puffy
nipples.aaaaaaaaaaaaa what a good cum that was falling on the bed
as kim just fell to the floor covered in my cum but she had 3 or
4 body rocking orgasms and was out of it.

 10-minutes later.

 Holy shit, Johnson look at you two. Kim are you ok, here let
daddy help you up.

 Yes daddy I am ok, MR johnson just really really fucked me good,
really good, did you here us out in the tv room.
 Well ya we needed to turn the tv up three times you were so
vocal kim jee wizz girl it was the most moaning I ever heard from
you , wow look at your pussy girl its so puffy and red and your
nipples dam.
 Daddy give me a towel and I need to go shower I think MR johnson
fell asleep.

 NO no I am up just resting my eyes, you know kim that was really
hot you are something special, nothing better than seeing you
take all my cock in that baby smooth pussy of yours MMM dam its
like warm and silky smooth inside you.

 Hey why dont you both take a shower, you two look like you need
one bad,then we can enjoy the rest of the night ok.
 YA YA we will be out soon as we are done ok larry.

LIKED IT AND YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE :)Working on pt-5 now.