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 Just to remind my readers that I will be out soon with more.


  This story is about a girl that is at that age were her body is
going through change's and shes not sure what to do about the
strange feelings shes been getting. Lucky for her, daddy doesn't
mind teaching her the ropes, and a lot more.In a very short time
Samantha learns to love all her dad shows her, and needs
and whats more.

   Hello  Let me tell you about my family. My name is Samantha I
am 9yrs old and will be 10 in two months. My little sister Jill
is 4 and my brother Tim is 7. My daddy he is 35 but most people
say he looks a lot younger than that, some even say daddy looks
like he is 25, all I know is that he is my daddy.

  We don't have a mother she past away giving birth to Jill. 
I think of mommy a lot and keep her picture on my computer screen
and say good night to her before bed. It was hard at first without
momma but I am a big girl now and need to show my sister and brother 
that I am there for them.

 Daddy has talked to me during our special night time cuddling
about being brave, and to be like a mom to Jill and Tim. Not like
mom was, that I could never be, but just be helpful more than
most girls my age are.

 My Daddy is a doctor and travel's a lot giving speeches and
thing's. I am not sure what they are but he goes to lots of
places. Daddy was in Germany last week and last month went to
Brazil.My brother Tim is big into sports and like to be a
baseball player when he grows up.  Jill well she's just happy all
the time as long as she gets her way.

  School is out for the summer and this summer has been very
hot, almost everyday it's like 90 or higher.Daddy got us a Little
round pool, it's not that big only 3 feet deep and about 10 feet
across but its OK, we like it and its better than the sprinkler.

  We have a sitter, Donna that stays with us during the day and
will stay over night when daddy goes away. Shes OK but a bit
bossy I think.

  My daddy and I started doing our special cuddling about a year
ago. We always sat together on dads recliner just me and him
after Tim went to bed.But this one night I saw dads peepee through
his shorts. You know from the side of his boxers were that slit
is. Well I didn't say anything that night to daddy. But as I was
in bed all I could think of was how big it looked. You see I
haven't seen my daddies pee pee in a long time.

  That night I could not sleep at all. I like rubbing my
cunnie since I was 7 and that night I could not get my hand away
from rubbing it. The feeling's I was getting were so nice that I
could not fall a sleep.

 So that night I took my panties off and open my legs really
wide and rubbed really hard on my clit that my belly was doing
flip flops and the warmness deep in my cunnie was so hot. I love
rubbing my cunnie so much that sometimes I get so wet that I even
lick my fingers and suck on them after I get my warmness feeling
in my belly .It's a funny taste and I like it more now than I did at
first.But that night I got two good feeling one then a few minutes
later I was so warm inside my tummy I started rubbing faster and
faster that I had one of my best warmness feeling ever I think
that I was breathing so hard and moaning I think to much but
it felt really really good. BY the time I was done my clitie
was so red and sore but I think the warmness feelings that I 
get are worth it, even my little nipples got puffy and stiff
that night and I only rubbed them just a little bit.

  Well a few nights past and daddy was in them boxers again which
got me thinking. Was I going to get to see it again, just the
thought got my cunnie into a rub me mood. Just like always Tim
went to bed then daddy called me over.Walking over to daddy I 
could feel my cunnie was wet and puffy. That night I wore my
panties with the bow at the waste band middle, I think they look
so nice and daddy says they look very cute on me, I was more than

  I got up sideways next to daddy with my arm over his belly.
looking at dad from the corner of my eye to make sure he was not

 Then I took a look, but that slit in his boxers was not open
like last time. O NO what was I to do, my cunnie was itching me
so bad. So I thought of getting up and going to the bathroom
maybe that would change the way daddy was sitting.

 So as I got off daddy I let my hand slide over his pee pee, WOW
I felt it, and it was hard too that I almost fell down getting
off the chair that daddy had to grabbed my arm to steady me.

 In the bath room I had to rub my pussy BAD it was in need of
a good rub.So I pulled my cute pink cotton panties down to my 
knees and rubbed really fast and hard on my clitie " thats the
part on top of a pussy that has a hood and under it is my clit
and when it gets rubbed I get the best feeling's deep in my lower
belly, it's SOOO good too,some nights I rub my teddy bear along
my clitie to get the special warm feeling.
I got a fast warm nice feeling in my tummy and that made my
pussy happy and me to.
So I pulled up my pink cotton panties washed my hands and
face then went back to daddy like nothing happen.

  Back on the chair next to daddy.YES, I could see the slit open
and part of his peepee more than just a Little of his peepee but
like a lot of it. I saw the side of it and this long thick blue
line along the side. What was a blue line on daddies peepee for?.
During this time I look at the slit then peek up at daddy to see
if he was looking at me, I went from his peepee to his
face back and forth.

 Then during my look up at daddy , oooo nooo he was looking
right at me with a grin?.

  Well Samantha; I could not help but feel your hand press on my
penis as your got off me.Plus I been seeing you look through that
slit in my boxers. Am I wrong or right, and tell daddy the truth
no lying to daddy, or you know what you will get.

  Turning flushed as I looked at daddy. All I felt like doing was
running up to my room and hide.

   Well yes daddy I was looking at your peenesss, daddy laughed
a Little bit.

  Its my penis Samantha and a girl your age is starting to
wonder about a man's body I no its OK sweetie.
 Remember I am a doctor so its OK to feel the way you do right
now sweetie I understand fully just relax.

 Lets spell it out OK; P E N I S .

 I repeated after daddy like a good student; P  E  N  I  S.

  Good girl OK now I know you seen Tim's penis before since you
help him bath. Are there others you have seen, now don't say no
thinking I will get mad at you, I won't get mad, I just like to
know that's all so tell daddy the truth.

  No daddy really I have not, it was when I saw your peepee it
looked so big really big.

 Now is that what we call it, let me hear you say it right.

 I sorry daddy, its your PENIS.

 Leaning over I kissed her far head  yes sweetie my penis good
girl very good.

 Daddy is all men's penises like that big I mean yours is so 
big, and I saw big blue lines on it to,how come there is blue
lines on it.

 Well I am bigger than the average bear Samantha.

 You playing a joke daddy.

  No it just came out that way, but daddy is a very well endowed
man, and the blue lines are veins that carry blood to my penis
stuff like that.

 O-OK but, what does endoweewewdd mean daddy ?.

 NO Samantha endowed.
 OK ok daddy Endowweed.

 Well that's a lot better I think for now anyway that will do.

  Well sweetie when they say a man is well endowed it means he
has a very large penis, and your dad is one of them men.

 How big is your penis daddy it look's really big and the other
night it was sticking out the bottom of your boxer's and I saw THE

  Well then you been looking more that just tonight ha. And the
part you call the top , was it.
Its called the HEAD of the penis, OK say it nice and slow dear.

 OK OK the top part of the penis is called the HEAD, Was that
right daddy.

 YUP YUP good girl. Bending over to give my girl a kiss on her
smooth little preteen silky wet lips, MMM that got my balls

  Feeling red in my face from all this talk I gave daddy my puppy
dog look.I could feel my pussy getting all wet now so I looked
to check my pantie's, O no a wet spot was on my panties.

  Well Samantha your daddy is about 11-inches when fully erect
and before you ask what erect means its when the penis is all
stiff like the other night.

 That's a lot daddy can we get a rule so I can measure it.

  I don't no sweetie daddies are not suppose to let there daughter
play with there penis.

 Why not your my daddy and its just part of your body right.
Please daddy please can I can I.

 Now who can say no to that, as blood was filling my cock.

  Yes I know sweetie, but some people think its not rite. I don't
understand it myself but if you keep it a special secret than I
let your measure my penis.

  Yes I will daddy it be our own special secret I promise. I going
to get my school bag I have a ruler in there.
  Getting off daddy I let my hand rub past his penis WOW it felt
really big now. I was going to see my first GROWN UPS penis. I ran
so fast up the stairs that daddy barked at me to keep it down.

  When I got back down stairs daddy was now on the couch lying
down with a blanket over him.

 OK daddy let me find the rule. I sat on the floor looking
threw my school bag here it is and it says 12inches on it.
Can I measure it now, please please.

  First come up and sit beside me sweetie ( That's what daddy
called me when he was in cuddling mood ).

 OK first; we will call this "SPECIAL HOME SCHOOLING 101" OK. And
you can never tell Linda, and I no you two talk about everything,
you to are in them chat rooms so much theses days, and I have
read some of them that you two have talked in, so don't play so
innocent with me Lil lady.

  I promise daddy, I never say a word to here never, OR YOU CAN
PUNISH AND SPANK ME. can we measure now, by then I had such and
itch in my pussy it was asking me to rub it, but no way could I
do that in front of daddy.

  OK sweetie; I will pull the blanket back so you can measure it.

  When daddy pulled the blanket back my hart almost skipped a beat
and I almost fell off the couch,
 Daddies penis was so big I could not take my eyes off it.Then it
moved up off his belly and down all by itself." WOW"  daddy that's

 Daddy your penis just went up and down all by it self.

 Yes Samantha a man can have some control over his penis like
moving it some, not a lot but some here watch my penis. I had
great control over the muscle that controls making the penis

 So I concentrated really hard knowing it would get Samantha all
excited. Then there it went, almost up fully standing strait up
like a pole sticking out of my lower belly,lol.
Her eye's were like friend eggs.

 I saw daddy close his eyes then his penis started to lift up 
up and up almost strait.
WOW  this was so cool, my PUSSY was wet I new it, OO I NEEDED TO
RUB SO BAD I could feel wetness now inside my mound.

 Did you like that sweetie,As I started making my cock go up and
down like a diving board. The look on her face was of total 
enjoyment I could tell,her eyes were still like fried eggs
and that cute little face, mmm dam she was a hot little
girl in every way, a pedo dream.

  You know sweetie I shave my penis and balls which I think
keeps it cleaner and look's better to,see there's only a little
bit of hair just above the base of my penis (as daddy moved his
penis all around showing me were its been shaved ).It did look
nice all smooth and clean looking.

  Can I touch it daddy.

  Ya go a head Samantha.

 I took my hand and just used my finger to feel along the sides
and head.
  The head was a lite blue and felt like a warm sponge I spent
about 2-minutes touching all around his penis.Daddy has this big
blue vein going from the bottom up to just before the head and
gee wizz it was so funny to feel it.The vein was so hard I would
push on the vein and it would push rite back.

  OK sweetie lets measure my penis now.

  I got the ruler right here daddy .

  So I took the wooded ruler and held it were daddy told me
which was at the base, the I took his penis and held it up to the
rule. Daddy was rite, it was a line past 11 inches. Holding daddies
penis in my hand I could only get half my fingers around it WOW
it was big.As I was holding it daddy let out a Little moan, then
said OK know more HOME SCHOOLING for tonight sweetie.

  Since my pussy was itching real bad I need to rub it very
soon anyway so now it seemed was the time to go to bed.

  I let go off daddies penis resting it on his belly was like
lying a baby on daddies belly his penis was so heavy to. It was
leaking some shinny pee out the hole in the top, hey daddy you need go
pee pee ha.

  Know sweetie that something else not pee, but we will talk about
that on our next special teaching class OK.

 " Yup OK daddy"
  I got the things back in my school bag and sat
next to daddy again.

  I think its bed time sweetie daddies tired and you need to go
to bed its after 11pm.
Give daddy a kiss then go up to bed I be up in a Little bit. 
I got up kissed daddy on the lips and went up stairs.

  As I watched Samantha walk upstairs I could not believe the way
her body had changed in such a short time. She had such long legs
and her chest was starting to get puffy that you could see her
little nipples,she was a cutie. Wait I should not think this way
shes my daughter, but dam she is  very sexy a pedos bed mate.
She is a slim little girl but not to slim really just right.
  At Sam's age her pussy is still baby smooth and just barely
budding fucking nipples, yes SAM was a very hot little girl.

  Looking at my semi hard cock now, I was thinking how nice it
felt having her little hands play with my cock.It was so new and
exciting to her that I was dripping precum from her playing
with my cock and rubbing my head that was so wet,dam 
she's got me fucking going wild.

 Being a single dad it's not often I get to date, plus working
60hrs a week doesn't help. I watched some more TV then went to
bed.During my sleep all I could think was about her lil hands on
my 11inch cock,it looked so dam big as she played and inspected
my cock , well 11inches is kinda big you have to agree, plus
shaving I think helps it look even bigger. It was not my best
night for sleeping, thinking of little warm silky preteen hands
kept walking through my mind.


 Walking down stairs and into the kitchen I saw Samantha.

 Morning daddy, I got Tim dressed before, and Jill is still
sleeping OK.

 Ya that's fine Sam, thank you for helping daddy this morning I 
had a bad night sleeping. So I took a seat at the table as
Samantha brought me my coffee.

  Come over hear Samantha, I like to talk with you. I was
feeling a twitch in my balls as I was watching her lifting her
arms to place a cup high in the cabinet,seeing her in just a tee
and bikini style white cotton panties with little flowers her
little ass was in full view and what a ass she had, and them
long smooth legs of hers only a preteen could have, dam sexy
she was really fucking sexy.

 YA what's up daddy, move so I can sit on your lap.

 OK here come sit, as I lifted her on to my lap her tee pulled up
to well above her waste that she was on my lap with a nice view
of her panties, and that lovely little camel-toe that only a 
little girl can make it look so dam hot. The tingle in my ball's
a few seconds ago was now rushing blood to my cock getting me
harder by the second and 11-inches is hard to hide.

 Now about last night Samantha.

 Daddy I no, its our secret rite, I remember just me and you, I
never tell Linda I promise, but you said we do more special
teaching tonight.

 Yes sweetie but a secret is a secret and you never can tell. My
cock was straining to get strait, but was folded in my pants.

 Ya ya I no daddy , I love you so much I  never let you get hurt
that way, I promise.Lets not talk about that no more OK, I am a
big girl daddy.

 Leaning over to my ear she said;  Can I see you penis now.

 Samantha now that's not the way, as her hand started rubbing my
hard cock threw my jeans.

 I can feel it , and Jim is watching cartoons, please please can
I see it some more.

 OK OK let me up, and you sit rite there Little lady.

  YES; I was going to see and play with daddies cock again, its
so big.(talking to myself)

 As I walked back in the kitchen after making sure Jim was
upstairs with the door closed and Jill was still asleep, I saw
Sam with this look of like Santa was coming in, her eyes were
staring at my crouch and I was getting harder by the second,
dam she looked so hot in her Little tee and panties, bikini
are the best style, I make sure of that,lol.

 So I walked next to her, my cock at her eye level.

 OK you can open my jeans and look and touch it if you like

  Watching her little hands undo my belt then unbutton my jeans
then unzip my fly. Samantha pushed my jeans down till I was just in
briefs.I was fully hard that my cock head and about 3-inches was
out the top of my waste band.

 O-my daddy its so big and nice looking, rubbing my fingers along
the shaft it felt so hard. The top part and some of daddies penis
was sticking out the waste band , and there was more of the pee on
the top this time too.

 Can I  pull them down, your panties daddy .

 Yes go on sweetie its OK, we will call this HOME SCHOOLING lesson
two OK.

 Yup yup OK daddy, so I pulled his panties down, As daddies penis
fell on my shoulder I could feel the heaviness it had to it. So I
took it in my two hands and look and rubbed all over it, the top
part was like a funny looking helmet with a big hole in the

 Daddy; is it really called the top, this part , as I pointed at
the top were the hole was, even more pee was starting to drip on
to my hand now, but it was not looking like pee and was kinda

 No sweetie; its called the head, that's were seaman comes out, or
the other name for the stuff that comes out is called cum.

 I saw Samantha looking at me like I just told her the sun was
blue. But she gave her shoulders a Lil shrug, then went back to
rubbing and looking more at my cock than she did  last night.
Well she had a better view this time, it was rite in her face and
was hard as a rock. seeing my cutie 9yr holding my 11inch cock
looked so dam hot and felt as hot.I felt like a king and she was
my little preteen peasant bitch.

 Daddy; there's more wetness coming from the hole in the head.

 Yes I told you we would talk about that.First of all, it's
called precum Samantha. It helps a mans penis get all slippery
for sex.

 And from now on; any new words I teach you, you better use them
during our special teaching session's YOU UNDERSTAND ME.

 Yes yes I will daddy, you don't have to yell at me.

 But is this sex daddy, I am just holding your penis and rubbing

 No its not really sex sweetie, but the  precum is telling daddy
that its there if needed, go on rub it some more, here take one
hand there and this one there good girl. I had Sam put each hand 
next to each other so she could stroke me with both hands.
 One was at the base and the other just above, fuck did that
 look HOT and felt SO reallly goooood O-FUCK YA.

  I was getting so hot my balls were getting that feeling, and
looking at her eyes made me even hotter, she was loving my cock
with her two Little hands. Rubbing all around her new found 
toy and feeling the blue veins and by her look just the wonder
of a mans cock was like a girl in a toy store,lol.
 And fuck my cock would have drove nails in steel if I had to.
If not my daughter I would have fucked her like a rag doll.

 Like this daddy, am I doing it right, I hope so it feels so hard
and stiff and them two veins are so hard to, they are so blue
like the head looks.

 YA ya yes sweetie; rub it till the skin covers the head, then
pull down all the way, ya that's it. But you can squeeze it some
its OK it wont hurt me, ya there you go , no rub up and down
faster, faster Samantha faster and SQUEEZE MY COCK BITCH. O-ya it
was a nice feeling and she was loving it, seeing her Little hands
stroke me was so hot, that's it up and down up down, mmm good
girl Samantha, faster you BITCH.

 "Bitch" why was daddy calling  names, ??. What did bitch mean
anyway, o well.

 Daddy its so hard now, and that vein is getting bigger. The
precumy is all over my hands now.
 Is it OK am I doing it right daddy , or do I stop.


 Now daddy was yelling at me, what was going on, I just moved
my hands faster and haster.

 NO no no this time you are going to see my ejaculate, that's
when the cum shoots out of the Lil hole in the penis head so
don't stop now sweetie , rub faster FASTER FASTER SAMANTHA.

 I was moving my arms up and down so fast and the head was
getting darker blue, this was so fun and daddy liked it no girl
I new did this yet.( even tho daddy was getting me a bit afraid
with his yelling).

 Up down up down I went, squeezing hard on his penis as daddy
held my shoulder tight more precum was dripping out now that my
hands were all slimy, his penis was so covered in the precum
stuff it was all shinny and wet looking, from moving my hands
up and down so fast the precum was flying allover my arms but
still I pumped daddies cock faster and faster.

  OK OK Samantha, very soon cum is going to shoot out the head of
my penis, and you can't stop rubbing till I say stop, OK.

 Yes daddy I wont stop rubbing till you say stop I promise.

  I could feel daddy getting all tense, I saw his legs get stiff
like, then daddy grunted really loud.

 Then WOW, this white gooey stuff flew past my face, I  had
to move from not getting it on my face, Then more cum shot out of
the penis hole landing on my shirt.

 Daddy held my shoulders even tighter, then moved closer so his
penis was an inch from my face.

 Then daddy grunted really loud,just as I was looking at the
little hole in the head it shot out a long stream of cum that
hit me right in the face.

 All this white gooey stuff was on me and on my face that I had
to close my left eye since now it was covering my eye. Still
stroking going up- down -up down on daddies penis till the cum
was just dripping now on to my hands.

  WOW; that was so cool, I never new a penis could do that.

 I could smell a funny kinda sent in the room now.I did get
afraid by the way daddy was holding me so very tight and saying
some dirty words at me.

 Oooooo  aaaaahh  aaaaaaaahhhh as I stopped cumming, then I looked
at Samantha. My Lil sweetie had cum on her eye half her face was
covered in cum and all over her shirt, but fuck what a cum that
was. And seeing her cum covered was so hot I gotta say. A little
girl getting her face covered in cum is so sexy,and seeing her left
eye half closed from my cum almost got my balls going again,lol.

 You OK sweetie; daddy didn't think the cum would come out that
fast, or shoot so far.

 Yes I OK daddy, just when it started shooting out I got afraid
but I am OK now.

 And some of the the cum got in my eye, you can see it cant you.
And a lot went on my face and shirt to.

  Here let me get a towel to wipe you up Samantha.

 As I let go of daddies penis he went to get a towel.

 Sitting in the chair still looking down at my hands which
were all shinny and covered in white looking cum.

  Daddy came back and knelt down and clean off my face and hands

  Daddy that was really cool, does your penis do that all the
time and can you show me more.

  Hold on Samantha; lets remember we are going a bit fast I
think. I should not have let your masturbate me this morning, but
you did so that's something we will deal with at a later time. So
why don't you go shower and get dressed OK sweetie. And I will get
Jill and Tim breakfast OK sweetie.

  OK daddy; as I gave daddy a big hug and kiss, then went
upstairs to shower, again.

  Dam that was some hand job I just got,and it was from my 9yr
old daughter. Being a single dad I needed that so bad, and so glade
Sam is a young Lil lady. Now remember dummy go slow slow slo  and
she be there every night for you,mmm, ya Little smooth pussy and
 little nipples to suck and nibble on OOOO YYAAAAaaaa !.

 I called Tim down for breakfast and poured him a bowl of
cereal then went up to get Jill out of bed.
 Hey baby its time to get up( as I pulled her covers down MY
 mmmm  Little barbie tee/nty and matching panties now that was
cute.The people who make little girl panties and tops must
be pedos. They make the stuff look so dam cute but we all
no its fucking hot looking.

 So I ran the bath water as she started to get undressed.
Turning back I started watching my Little 4yr old stripping
first the long tee/nty was pulled off which showered her flat
chest, but Jill did have nice Lil nipples for her age. Then like
in slow motion she pulled the pink barbie panties down at the
same time my cock started to get hard. What took about 10 seconds
felt like an hour seeing her pull them panties down then 
standing there with her smooth little puffy pussy, mmm.
 There I was Sitting on the toilet bowl seat staring at her
lovely Little body. So slim and smooth with her long brown hair
and large brown eyes she was a cutie in every way.

 As I took my time washing all the special parts of her Lil body
I got hard as a rock. It was the first time she had a bath this
way. So I went easy and slow as to not alarm her in anyway or
scare her. Many times I had to think about sheep just to get 
through her bath,lol.

 Her normal 5min bath was now a 15min bath today.

 Hey daddy you are going to be late for work you know; Samantha
called up.

 Shit it was getting late.

Getting Jill out of the tub I dried and dressed in record time.

 Daddy that's on backwards my shirt. Yes Jill you are rite go
down stairs and ask Sam to fix you hair and get your clothes all
neat OK. Daddies late for work baby.
 OK daddy, and thanks for the nice bath I liked it a lot
you got me so clean.

 Soon as I got down stairs the door bell rang.

 Hello MR Johnson.

 Hi Donna; come on in, as you can see I am running abit late this
morning. Jill still needs to eat but the other two ate already I

 Go go on, I will take care of the kids go on to work.

 Hey kids daddy has to go now. Samantha came to the door and we
kissed, then Tim gave my leg a hug, then I picked up Lil Jill and
gave her a kiss. OK you guys be good for Donna OK.

 We will daddy; as they all started running back to the kitchen.

 At work a was thinking about Samantha and what I should do about
the situation I created.
My first thought was to talk her into not doing what we did
 But she was so cute, and seemed in no way afraid or harmed about
it and what ting to learn about sex.So thinking about it more and
more it came to me, who was a better teacher than a daddy to
teach his daughter about the birds and the bees. So there at my
desk at 11am I decided to teach my 9yr old daughter about sex,
and not having her learn it on the street with some drunken
teenager in the backseat of a car or van.

 The day went by fast, and before I new it 6pm rolled around and
so did my ass threw the front door.
   Aaaa yes home again.

 Daddy daddy daddy was the words calling me from threw-out the

 Hello Mr Johnson;  Donna said.

 Well hi Donna how were the kids today.

 They were fine Samantha slept a lot after you left, Tim was a
good Little boy, but Jill seems to be getting a Little cold.

 OK let me go change then you can go, give me a few minutes ok.

 Sure no problem.

 Daddy daddy as Samantha ran in my room and gave me a hug, hi Sam
how are you and remember to knock on the door Little lady please.

 I sorry daddy, can I sit and talk as you change.

 OK; but close the door sweetie .So I took my suit off down to my
briefs and socks.

 Can I see it daddy.

 Samantha; now you cant just ask to see my penis like that.

 But why not, the door is closed  Jill and Tim are down stairs
and I will be quiet, please daddy please, PLEASE.

 Just seeing her puppy dog eyes and her looking at my briefs got
my cock tingling. Them my cock started to swell.

 Daddy I see it getting stiff, can-I can-I touch it PLEASE DADDY
like we did this morning.

 OK just hold on, let me tell Donna to go home, I be rite back
Little lady.

 So I got my robe on, walked down stairs and talked to Donna
about the day a bit more, than she went on her way,, at 30 Donna
was a good sitter, and a very good house cleaner too which I
needed and payed her extra for doing the laundry, as you can
guess with three kids how much laundry there is.

 I went to the TV room to say hi to Jill and Tim. They were in a
daze watching some cartoon so I gave them each a kiss and a hug
and left.

 Walking upstairs my cock was about to burst threw my briefs,and
every time the briefs never held in my 11inches.

 Closing and locking my bedroom door I turned to see a happy
Samantha on my bed,.

 OK sweetie now lets talk some more first.

 OK OK daddy what, as she slide next to me on the side of the

 First you like doing this right Samantha.

 Yes yes DADDY, its so cool and I got all funny in my belly when
we did it this morning.

 That's what I need to no sweetie,  if you like to learn about sex
then there are things daddy needs to know, like how you are
feeling during it, OK.

 Yes I say what I feel as soon I feel my tummy getting all funny
OK daddy, OK I will promise .

 She was talking so fast like a girl waiting to open gifts on
her birthday.

 Since daddy let you play with his penis this morning. I like to
see you chest to see how developed you are.( I really was just so
horny that seeing her Little nipples was first on my list)

 Daddy I ant got no boobs yet you no that( with a sour face).

 But I do see that you are swelling up sum, so take of you shirt
and shorts for me, NOW.

 Daddy you don't have to yell at me.And do I have to do it right

 If you don't, I won't let you play with my penis, and I might
spank you.

 SPANK  me I not a baby DADDY not a spanking please.

 Then fucking strip now you FUCKING BITCH NOWWWWWWWWW.

 OK OK daddy, ( what happen daddy just got all mad at me, wow ).
 So I stood up and took my tee shirt off and my shorts.

 There now look how sexy you are in just Little white cotton
 panties with red flowers and white socks ,mmm.

 Get you ass over here NOW.

 Daddy pulled my arm so hard I almost fell. Daddy had such a
strong hold on my arm that instead of falling I was pulled
between his legs, as he was sitting on the bed.

 So you what to learn about sex ha, you Lil fucker. Now daddy is
going to teach you about sex and you better not say a fucking
word you got it bitch.

 Daddy what are you saying, and being so nasty to me for I not
been bad. "WHAM" I got slapped so hard I fell to the floor.

 Did I ask for your opinion Little girl. NO so just shut the
 fuck up and stand between my legs, you got it BITCH.

  YES yes daddy, so I got up still dizzy and stood between
daddies legs. Daddies cock was out of his briefs now and sticking
straight up, it looked very mean like daddy was acting.

 Hands behind your back bitch and don't move them you got it.

 YES daddy; as I held my hand together behind me. I was so
nervous , what happen to daddy he was so nice before 5-minutes

 There look at them Lil nipples MMM, reaching down a bit I took
her left nipple in my mouth and sucked and licked her Lil acorn
till it was hard as a rock, mmm , dam she had nice Lil nipples.
So I started to go from left to rt then left again. Boy did they
get puffy, fuck her hole Lil chest was puffy and red after 10-min
of sucking and nibbling on them. I enjoyed sucking her hole
nipple in my mouth really hard then pull away some till it made a
popping sound, that really got them nipples hard. During which I
felt and heard her soft Lil cat moans so I new she was enjoying
it. Dam I miss tits, but hers well do for now. Little 1-inch
nipples on a sexy Little bitch would do just fine for now,MMM.

 Looking up at Samantha I could see her face a Little flushed and
getting them glassy looking bedroom  eyes, so yes I new she was
liking it, A LOT, so I went on sucking her nipples like a mad
dog biting on them till I got a little whimper from her, mmm
her nipples were so nice I could spend hours on them.There is
something about a little girls budding nipples that is so SEXY.
It seems that Sam has mostly nipple and not much at all if any
areola, and that's just fine for sucking. Yes pulling her nipple
in my mouth as I sucked seemed to get her more relaxed and in 
my view enjoying the play.

 AS daddy sucked and licked my chest I got so warm that my tummy
was going nuts and my pussy needed to be rubbed so bad I could
feel the wetness, and I even got weak at one point as daddy
sucked real hard on my nipples. Yes I did like it, even tho daddy
was holding me tightly and turning me this way or that way real
hard like. It was about 10 minutes of daddy sucking and nibbling
on my chest. And I loved it a lot, even if he nibbled a bit to 
hard at times.

 Well Samantha did you enjoy that. By the looks of your tits I
think so, and your all flush so don't tell me your not all wet
between that Little smooth pussy mound.

 Well well da da daddy I kinda felt warm yes I did like it.
It tingles me down there to.

  SAY it like you felt it sweetie.

 YES daddy I liked it a lot,  I got all hot and my belly has
all funny feelings still.

 That's my girl, now let me feel that Little pussy mound.
So I took my hand and felt between her legs and right away
I could feel her cotton panties were damp, o-ya she wet alright
 she's fucking soaked my little nymph  ,MMM.

 Daddy was rubbing my pussy and it felt great. I started to get
weak in my knee's so I moved in closer to daddy.

 That's it Samantha lean on daddy, as I rub that pussy, go on
girl cum for daddy you fucking Lil whore. I bet you rub your little
pussy every day till you get all wet and have them nice feeling
in your belly, go on cum for daddy, do it CUM FOR DADDY.

 Tell me sweetie do you rub you pussy a lot.

 Yes da da daddy I do. ( my tummy was making me talk funny now
from the hotness growing inside).

  Daddy rubbed fasted and faster and was even squeezing my
pussy. After a few minutes of rubbing and squeezing I lost it and
got this warmness feeling go from my pussy all threw out my body
that I could not control myself, I even saw stars.

 DADDY daddy hold me I going to fall,(I heard my self say). As I
starting moaning aaaaaaaaahhh aahhhh yes daddy yes rub faster its

 AS I rubbed her pussy mound I was also squeezing her pussy
between my fingers,I could feel her panties getting wetter and

 Then she fell towards me moaning and soft Little humming sounds
came from her, as Sam had her first orgasm from daddy it was so
intense helping my girl to have her orgasm and what an orgasm it
was, fuck.

 So I continued the rubbing of her pussy so hard knowing she was
loving it.  If not for this mornings cum I would have shot off
rite then.
 Samantha was panting asking me to rub harder, so being a good
dad, I placed my hand between her to folds of her vulva and
started sawing away at her cunt. My hand was nicely between her
as I rubbed faster that her panties were fully soaked now , as
was my hand.From the sawing motion her panties started to get
pushed up inside her little smooth pussy mound.Sam started 
bucking her hips up towards me, her eyes were getting that
glassy look so I new she was enjoy my hand rubbing as was

 After about 5-minutes of sawing at her cunt she was spent
 from an all out body rocking orgasm.After so many mind
blowing orgasm's she was spent, what dark eye's she had
and the look of wow that was f--king soooo hot I can't
wait to do more sexee stuff.

 Steadying her a bit, I moved her back some from me.

 Seeing my 9yr old in wet white cotton panties, white socks and
two hard Lil nipples and now all sweaty and her eyes all glassy
from her orgasm was a site I never forget. My little girl was a
sex kitten and she was going to get all I could give her.11inches
one day was going to pound away inside every hole she had. And
she be 10 in a very short time, so I new what birthday present
she was going to get, she have me and every FUUCKIINGGG inch.


 Any thoughts about part-4  I will be working on that soon..
you must read parts 2/3 then let me know your suggestions.