: FOR  ADULT  READERS  ONLY :

        I am still tied up to the bench in the basement and it's
very dark. I can here daddy and uncle ruslan listening to the TV

    I must have fallen asleep for some time now as the cum precum
and spit has all dried up on my face. I look down a bit to see
the clothespins lying on my chest. Still attached to my two
nipples that are all puffy red and blue now.O do they hurt so
so much. It feels like my face is all puffy and my nose hurts
to,it must be from the slapping I was getting. My left ear
is ringing also.

   I can feel that I need to pee real bad. So I yell " DADDY can
I come up now I AM SORRY". I here them stop talking.

   Hey ruslan I hear mesha, " ya I thought so to viktor".
  Its only been an hour let her stay a bit longer viktor.
She's got to know who the boss is right, she needs to learn.
Yes I think 30 minute's more would be OK then well let her up.

  I can hear them talking but no foot steps,I wish the let me

  I yell  DADDY I have to PEE real bad can I please come up
stair's please I never be bad again, PLEASE DADDY PLEASE.

  Darn I don't think they are coming down ( MOMMA WERE ARE YOU).
My fingers are getting that tingling feeling you get from being
sleeping on your arm wrong. But I think its from the rope's being
to tight.

 O-O-O-O I gotta pee," I can't hold it in anymore ".

AAAaaahhhh, as the warm yellow fluid runs down between my Little
slit then threw my ass crack then on to the bench and finally
 drips on to the floor.

   I doze off from the relief of peeing and the darkness.

   I start waking up and then I hear daddy.

  Hey mesha its daddy are you up we are coming down.
As the lite goes on, I need to close my eyes until they get
accustom to it.
I can hear daddy and uncle ruslan walking down the stairs now.

Daddy walks over to me and look's down "what the fuck, you pee
on my floor you bitch",

 "WHAM" WHAM", daddy slaps me upside the left side of my head
real hard. I see lights and stars and everything goes dark.

   I awake to this burning and stinging painful
feeling."ooouuucchh no no no"as I see uncle ruslan pulling the
clothespin off my left nipple then he starts pulling one off the
other nipple, but very slowly until my nipple is about an inch
and half long, "then click the clothespin snaps". I let out a
long scream from the pain. The pain almost make's the room go
black again. looking down at my chest I  see that my nipples are
all reddish and blue and so so puffy. The right one is so swollen
it looks twice the size of the left one .

  Hey ruslan; you no that I dear with the clothespins was great I
must say,thanks viktor.   I mean it look at them nipples
ruslan they are at least two times her normal size mmm and shes
fucking flat chested lol. Getting 50 clothespins was a good
I dear.

  Daddy leans in closer to look at my face.
Mesha I am so sorry the hole side of your face is all puffy.

 Its OK daddy I was not being a good girl then. I do feel a bit
dizzy at time's and my ear does ring a lot.

Ruslan says "well then pick up the phone,"lol.

"I have no I dear what he meant".

   OK here's a warm wet towel ruslan, start cleaning up her face
she's a mess. Thanks viktor,  ya look at her face covered in
dried up blood and cum. Go easy ruslan can't you see her lip is
cut be care-full with my Little baby.

 " OW OW ouch it hurts daddy".
I no mesha ruslan is going as soft as he can but its dried on
so he has to rub a bit. Just be a good girl and take the pain OK.

 Yes I will be a good Little girl for you from now on daddy. "ow
ouch" .

  You know viktor when we set out to do some face fucking we do
a dam good job a fucking dam good face fucking I must say.

 You got that right ruslan. I came so fucking hard I almost lost
my balance,LOL.
Ya here mouth is so fucking tight viktor. I can't wait till we get
going on her smooth pussy.

  In time ruslan in time  remember shes just six and very tiny
we will need to stretch her Little pussy some.I think her ass will be
next anyway my fingers have been working it good.

  Daddy I can't FEEL my fingers any more.

Its OK baby once we get the ropes off your arms it will feel
much better in a short time.

Daddy cut the ropes off rite away.

   And the feeling in my finger's came back in just a few
minutes, see I knew my daddy loved me.

   Here sit up mesha, let's get upstairs and into a warm bath.

 I am so weak daddy, can you carry me please.
OK here we go, mesha grab daddies neck, that's it hold on tight, 
mesha you are so lite.As daddy carried me up the stairs, I held
on tight to daddy.

  See my daddy still loves me he carries me like a Little baby.
I love him so much.

   Hey viktor; I am running to the store for more beer you need
Yes get some more D size batteries-8 of them and get some apple
juice for mesha.

   Here mesha sit on the toilet bowl seat. Daddy will run a nice
bubble bath for you, here give daddy a kiss, that's it suck on
daddies tongue,MMM that's a good girl you are getting so good at
that mesha."daddy loves when you suck on his tongue real hard".
 I suck it like a Popsicle, in and out then in and out the hole
time sucking really hard.

  OK OK ok my turn daddy; so daddy holds my head and starts
licking my lips. Then as I open my mouth daddy sticks his tongue
all inside my mouth. I like this that sometimes I get this funny
feel in my belly, but I don't think much of it. Daddy calls it
snake kissing, we kiss back and forth for like 5-minutes. Daddy
being the big snake always wins and ends up sucking my tongue
really hard. Which I like, but I didn't tell daddy about the
feelings I  get in my lower belly.

  The bath is all filled up; that the bubbles are almost over
flowing the sides mesha.
OK mesha its nice and warm and has all your favorite bubble soap,
so get in and wash up real good OK, and I mean every inch "YOU
Yes daddy; I do real good wash up for you. You no I love you
daddy, ya ya I love you to mesha. "as daddy walks out of the
bathroom." I here daddy say; fuck I need a drink.

  I use the wash cloth and wash my face real soft, from being
slapped I can feel how just the softest rub on my face hurts. But
I wash good so to get all the cum and dried up blood off my neck
to.As I was washing my chest, just the slightest pressure
hurt.The pain was almost to much for my Lil nipples,they were so
puffy and red/blue. I looked at my wrist and could  see all blue
lines were the ropes were, "I think that's why my fingers got all

 "But they were OK now, just like daddy said they be".

  Daddy walked in the bathroom, and says he needs to wash my
pussy and asshole.

 Theses were all new words to me, momma always called the slit
between my legs my cunnie or pee pee , never a pussy. And I knew
the word asshole from when daddy talked mean at times, saying he
liked fingering my Lil asshole, so I knew that word.

 Daddy said OK mesha stand up, time to get you real clean.

 So I got up with the help from daddy as I was standing there
half in bubble bath soap and the rest of me all shinny wet. Daddy
had me bend over and hold my knees and turn my bottom toward him.
 OK mesha; daddy is just going to clean you little poopoo hole so
just be a good girl OK.

  OK daddy I  be a good girl and with than I felt not the normal
one finger but two fingers push deep inside me deep and fast.

  OW OW OUCH that hurts daddy.

  You know mesha you are such a Little baby just hold on as I
clean you good inside OK, now stop bitching or you will get daddy
mad to you what that.


 OK OK OK daddy I holding on but it hurts so much your fingers
are so big. For about 2 minutes daddy went in and out on my
bottom. I  started to get that warmness feeling in my lower belly
again that even my legs were getting weak then daddy pulled his
fingers out and washed up his hands.

  OK mesha; turn around now and lift one leg up on the tub.
That's my girl but open your legs WIDER, there you go good
girl now stand up strait look how sexy you are my sexy
little toy.
As I stood there with one leg up and spread wide for daddy he
started rubbing my Little smooth mound soapy hand of course.
Then I started getting all warn in my lower belly it was like
the warmness feeling I got when daddy pushing his finger in my
ass, but a bit different it was better a lot BETTER WAY BETTER.

  I felt all relaxed and nice in my belly that I closed my eyes
and leaned up against the wall. I saw daddy looking at me then
he started rubbing me faster and faster and harder to.

  You like the way that feels don't you Mesha daddy said.
Yes daddy it feels kinda funny inside me but its kinda nice.

 IS IT OK ?. Daddy.

  Sure it is baby just relax sweetie Better yet lean on to my
shoulders and hold tight.Daddy took his other arm and held it
around my waste.
Just then I felt daddies finger go inside my Little cunnie, ouch
ouch that hurts daddy, then daddy pushed his long finger all
upside me the room went black for a second then this pain in my
cunnie was so much I screamed really loud.

  No mesha its ok daddy just ripped threw your cherry you are a
big girl now it has to be done this way daddy is going to keep
his finger in you pussy just a bit longer.


   In time mesha give it time and it will be ok, don't you trust
your daddy.
 Yes you know I love you daddy.
           "trust ? what did that mean".

  Daddy started moving his finger in out in out, again in than
out then pushed IN real hard that he almost lifted me up. Then
daddy held his finger inside me inside for about 2 more
minutes then pulled it out real fast.Daddy said it was all done
and I was a Little lady now.
  Then I saw daddies finger it was all red, "daddy what happen
to me why is your finger all red. That's normal Lil one a girls
cherry is like a small thin peace of skin and when it gets broken
its bleeds a bit nothing to be worried about mesha.Go on now and
wash up your Little pussy and don't forget your hair then come
out to the TV room OK. Yes daddy.So I washed the rest of body and
did extra shampoo on my hair I loved my long blond hair.Then I
wrapped a towel around me and went out to the tv room.

  I saw uncle ruslan first as I walked in the tv room. O what a
clean Little girl we have now viktor come by uncle ruslan Little
one and let me help you dry up.

 So I walked over to ruslan; with a towel half covering me, and
stood between his legs.
Here give me that towel mesha "ruslan said".
He started rubbing my hair, then all over my chest.
 "OUCH OUCH" go softly on my boobs uncle ruslan they are so sore.
Yes I see that does this hurt as he started pinching my left
YES YES IT DOES stop it please.
Then ruslan started pinching my right nipple and at the same
time twisting it,how about this one.


  I started crying from the pain .Then daddy said to ruslan "hey
ruslan lets hold off on her nipples a bit ha, can't you see how
fucked up they look".

  Ya I guess you are rite viktor.I am sorry Mesha; I will be
gentle. Come mesha let me dry you off, o ya look how clean you
look and ,mmm, you smell dam good to. Open your legs so I can dry
them "that's it", what sexy Lil legs you got yummy yummy. Now turn
around so I  can dry that cute Lil ass you have, go on bend over
and grab your ankles, that's it arch that back a bit.

   Viktor; come look at your daughter the way she's bending over
rite now,she's so fucking sexy. look at that smooth lil pussy
mound, just asking for attention.

   Dam she gets me so fucking horny Viktor, and now with her
cherry popped it's open season on that pussy rite.She's gotta get
you fucking all worked up to Viktor, doesn't she.

  You bet your ass she gets me all worked up, and hard as hell.
But she's to tiny yet for fucking, and I am not going to hurt her
insides OK, so for the time being we are just going to use her
ass, "OK" ruslan. I let you know when its pussy fucking time OK.
Till then we can eat, lick and rub away at that smooth Lil mound.
lol. And may be a lil finger play, but nothing to deep till I say

 You got my vote viktor, mmmmm.

  OK mesha; stand up now and turn towards daddy, that's a girl ,
here give me that towel.
Look how blue that right nipple looks compared to the left one,
you see that viktor.

"Yes I do and there dam puffy".

 "And they hurt so much to daddy".

 Well ruslan; since the right one is more blue than the left, I 
think its best you get them the same color.

  NO NO NO daddy please no, don't let ruslan put them clips on
again, they hurt so much please NO."I started crying".

  I am sorry mesha, but you have to learn to obey no matter what
ruslan or I say it's my law, DON'T YOU GET IT BITCH, "WHAM".

Daddy hit me so hard I fell onto uncle ruslan. Get off me bitch;
you are still fucking wet dam-it.

 " Ruslan pushed me to the floor"

  Daddy grabbed both my arms and pulled me up; listen you, go hang
up that towel in the bath room. Then in the kitchen by the sink
is a draw, inside is the blue box, bring it back with you,
understand bitch.

  Yes yes yes, I understand you daddy.

 But daddy; no buts just do as I say,and there's a bag hanging on
the kitchen door with panties. Take out a pair of bikini style in
white;put them on, then get you here ass back in here, you got
that girl.

  YES YES I here you daddy; I  be rite back,so I ran into the
bathroom and hung up the towel.Then I went into the kitchen; 
looked in the bag and got out a nice white panties with Lil teddy
bears on them,there were so cute. Then I got the blue box from
the draw by the sink. I looked inside; o no- o no- o no , there
was so many of them clothespins I almost dropped the box, I was
so afraid. The pain I  got from just two of them was beyond
belief, not to think more going on me (  MOMMA WERE ARE YOU ).

 I started walking into the tv room crying holding the blue box,
 in bikini style Lil white cotton panties with teddy bears.

  Over here with that blue box mesha,daddy said.
OK now turn around and put your arms behind you, that's it,
 hand together.

  I felt daddy tying my wrist with rope just like they did in the
basement, no no daddy don't do that.
WHAM WHAM, my left side them my ride side of my head got slapped,
I started to stumble but daddy held me up.

  Stand still mesha; dam-it, you think tying theses ropes is

Hey viktor that looks hot man, from you pulling her arms tight ,
her Lil chest sticks out now.
Ruslan came over and knelt in front of me; and started rubbing my
pussy, o ya viktor shes so fucking smooth and soft, wear's that
box of clips.
  Over there ruslan on the table, but first I think she needs a
good tongue lapping.

Daddy; my arms are so tight they hurt.

Its OK mesha; ruslan and I  are just going to play some games
with you, then maybe we will let you go.

   As daddy pushed me over to the couch,I saw ruslan getting
naked, " here sit here bitch" daddy said, pointing at a place on
the couch.
Ruslan walked over and knelt between my legs, pulled them apart
and up to my chest.

   Hey viktor; hand me that blue box will ya," here you go".
Go easy on her nipples ruslan, ya ya I no, but a few wont hurt
her. OK you ready mesha; now this might hurt some, get ready.

  I felt ruslan clip on the clothespin to me left nipple, "OW OW
OOUUCCHHH IT IT HURTS". Ruslan please no more, ow ow oouucchh.
Then on my rite nipple he placed one, then another and another to
my left nipple,so I had two on each nipple. "I was screaming in
pain", but I  don't think daddy or ruslan noticed.

  OK' look out ruslan; let me tie her legs up,she's just kicking
to dam much. Here hold her leg up so I  can tie her knee to her
elbow,   " mesha let your leg be lose, that's it",  ok now the
other leg ruslan, come on man get with the program; stop staring
at her Lil panties will ya.

  I was sitting back on the couch, my arms firmly tied behind me,
and now my legs were pulled so far back and spread so wide that
my knees were almost behind me. In that position my Lil ass was
raised of the couch a few inches.

 Then daddy knelt down; and started cutting my panties away with a

  Hey viktor; don't cut them up to much, you no I love smelling
them , give me them.

Here you go; take a good whiff ruslan there all moist.Thanks
viktor; "MMM" o ya mesha, you smell so fucking nice, you get me so
fucking horny.

  Daddy started licking my inner thigh, oooo that tickled me,
then he licked me cunnie , that was even better. Then more and
more daddy licked me, like a dogie drinking water. I  started
getting that warmness feeling deep inside my belly again, that I
didn't won't daddy to stop.
 It started feeling real nice,I mean really nice deep inside my
lower belly, then I started to get warm all over my body " it
kinda got me afraid a bit".

  Hey ruslan; you gotta taste this pussy its so fucking sweet,
lick lick lick mmmmmm.

  "ya viktor, eat out that Lil bitch, go man go."

  I heard uncle ruslan saying them words, but I didn't know what
he meant. Just then daddy started licking my cunnie really fast,
and sucking on the top part of my cunnie to. Daddy could even
suck all of my cunnie in his mouth at once, and stick his tongue
in at the same time,  "and let me say, that was the best feeling
I ever had in my life, till then". I  thought my cunnie was on
fire, but in a nice way. ( SEE I KNEW MY DADDY LOVED ME, HA HA ).

    Hey viktor; let me get at that lil smooth pussy.

YA' YA' YA' ruslan;  give me one more minute on this lil pussy,
then it's all yours OK.

  "Sounds good viktor".

  Daddy licked and sucked on my pussy so hard for the next few
minutes, he made all kinds of sounds.

   Than I started getting this very hot feeling in my lower
belly.  Then as daddy licked more by my pee pee hole I got even
hotter ?.

    " NO NO NO " I yelled out, I got so nervous. There was this
feeling going from my cunnie up into my belly, then to my chest.
It was the strangest feeling ever, that its scared me, but at the
same time I liked it,"a lot" then in just a few seconds it was
gone. I felt all dizzy after.

   I saw daddy getting up from between me legs, his face was all
wet from his nose to his chin.Daddy was licking his lips like he
had to get ever last drop. Then daddy went and took a seat in
his recliner.

  "Shit ruslan; you are going to love her Lil pussy".

  Just try and go a bit easy OK ruslan, look how red and puffy I
got the bitch.

   Uncle ruslan got down between my legs, and started doing the
same thing as daddy, but much more sucking. He would suck hard
were my pee pee hole was, my god the feeling I was getting was so
intense, I  was getting afraid again. It tickled in away, but
felt so nice and warm deep inside my belly.

   "I didn't care if uncle ruslan never stopped, THAT feeling was
coming back again" .

   Daddy got up and sat next to us, and told me that from now on
my Lil slit was called a "pussy or a cunt."

    You understand me MESHA; I was in such a trance like stage
from uncle ruslan licking  and sucking me so hard I really didn't
here daddy that well.

  "WHAM WHAM",  LEFT SIDE RIGHT SIDE,  I  got slapped hard.

     Its called your PUSSY or CUNT, that uncle ruslan is licking
, do you here me now MESHA. After a few seconds the words sunk
in. " YES YES daddy I  understand," I am sorry.

  OK mesha; then what is your Lil slit hole called NOW.

  "Its my pusse or cunte rite daddy". Daddy said it was good
enough for now,  and sat down beside me on the couch.

   "I saw daddy grab the blue box". And I knew what was inside.

  Please no, no, daddy my nipples hurt so so much. " Well fuck
you," I feel like putting more clothespins on them "daddy said".

   So daddy pinched the skin next to my nipple and placed a
clothespin, then another and more and more, till there was about
8 on my one Lil girl nipple.

  "Daddy daddy daddy," no more please daddy it hurts so much.

  That was your left nipple mesha, daddy still has the right one
yet to do, ha ha ha .

  I was watching daddy pull on my skin around the right nipple,
then place one after the other around my Lil nipple, till both my
nipples looked covered in clothespins. The pain was so much I  was
crying. But the feelings I  was getting in my lower belly from
uncle ruslan sucking and licking my cunnie "opps sorry my pussy "
was taking away the pain, not all but some. I  liked it a lot
what uncle ruslan was doing.

  " MMMM" o ya viktor shes dam taste, I could eat this Lil bitch
all day.

   Yes I can tell ruslan; you got her cunt so red and swollen,you
can start fingering the Lil bitch if you like,but go slow and
easy, just one finger at a time OK.

   That sounds good viktor; here give me that candle on the

   A candle what would daddy or uncle do with a candle,?  I saw
daddy sit beside ruslan with the long white candle. Then I felt
ruslan rubbing it on my Lil pussy, then ruslan used his fingers
to open my pussy a bit then started pushing the candle in some,"
ow ow daddy no no it hurts."

  Daddy stood up; then gave me such a hard slap across my face,
that everything went dark.

  " Shit ruslan I knocked her out", o well.

   Ruslan looked up at viktor, yup you shore did , but lets get
this cunt opened now since shes out like a light. Here pull her
legs open some more viktor, ya there we go.
OK now give me that baby oil bottle so I can get the candle all
slippery, o ya nice and smooth now. And her pussy is fucking so
wet from the sucking and licking we been doing it won't need any
oil. But what the hell, poor some oil on that Lil mound any way

  Thanks viktor; her mound is so fucking smooth and shinny now

  OK here we go baby, mmmm ya look at that candle slide in that
Lil slit, I cant wait till we fuck her silly.

  In time ruslan, in time.

 Now start fucking her good with that candle ruslan, ya that's
its about 3 inches is good for now.
In out in out, ya that's it ruslan, turn it as you are going in
and out, yup just like that.
  OK fuck; look how red the candle is now, I guess some of her
cherry was still attached viktor.
 Well I only used a finger before ruslan; and you know the best
way to really open a cunt is a cock. But since she's my Lil baby,
I could not think of slamming away at her Lil pussy the first

 YA that's good of you viktor; no scene in hurting her insides,
for no good reason. Last week was at the bar, and was chatting
with this guy, and he tells me he has been slamming his girl
since she's 3, and been going balls deep since the first time.
NOW  you know that girl is fucked up inside. Unless he was

   I woke up to this pain in my cunnie I never felt before.
Looking down I saw ruslan pushing the candle in and out of me,
stop stop it hurts, please daddy make him stop.

  Its OK mesha; the pain will go away in a Lil bit, so lie your
head back so you don't have to see. And after the pain your cunt
will be very sore, but that's part of growing up, "OK BITCH"  "
WHAM". NOW SHUT THE FUCK UP.     "Daddy slapped me on the side of
my face".

  Go on ruslan;go in some more, that's it turn as you go in then
turn the other way coming out,like turning a screw in than out
you no, about half way with that candle ok.
Sounds OK to me viktor, dam shes so tight, and this candle is so
fucking thin.Has a nice point to it also, but I cut the wick off

  (It was a 8 inch dinner candle ).

  Ruslan worked on my pussy for about 15 minutes, pushing the
candle in then out then in. As he was doing the in's and out he
was licking the top part of my pussy, yes now that felt nice.

 Ruslan would suck so hard on were I did pee pee, that I  felt
this tingly feeling that I wish he never stop. It was like the
warmness feelings but better.

  Hey ruslan; I think you found her Lil magic spot, look at her
eye's, she's fucking enjoying it the Lil fucker, o ya lick that
clit ruslan, suck and nibble on that, make her feel GOOOOOD.

  Ruslan looked up;  yup you are rite again viktor, she's a true
Lil fuckster now. I bet you we can get her to orgasm in a few
months, now that I  can't wait to see viktor.

  My pussy was starting to get very sore now.I asked Daddy; can
ruslan please stop, I need to pee and I so very sleepy," please
please daddy". During this time I  forgot how painful my Lil
nipples were hurting, the feeling in my pussy took some of it

  Yes mesha I think its nap time for you anyway, here sit up baby
so daddy can take off them clothespins, ruslan enough OK, stop
with her pussy you look like you haven't lick pussy in a year

  " but viktor shes so fucking taste "

  Here ruslan; hold her shoulders ok.

 Daddy started pulling the clothespins off.

by one daddy pulled the clothespins of my Lil "red and very
puffy" nipples.

 After about 2minutes daddy was done. ( But it felt like forever

  Now that wasn't so bad mesha was it "daddy said".

  Yes; it hurt real bad and look how red and blue my Lil
nipple's look and there so puffy, they even look funny daddy.

  "Stop the crying you act like a fucking baby mesha".

  Ruslan; untie the ropes so this Lil cry baby can take her nap.
Mesha you go take a bath first and wash that pussy OK its going
too be sore for a few days so keep rubbing oil stuff on it OK.

  Yes yes daddy , I stood up and gave my daddy a big hug and said
"I love you daddy ". Then I ran into the bathroom and started
running the bath water.

   As the bath was filling I felt my nipples they were so puffy
and red it hurt just to feel the tips of them. The bathtub was
full now so I started to get in. " ouch ouch " my pussy
was so inflamed that the warm water was causing pain. Slowly I
sat down as the pain from my pussy subsided. 
I took a wash cloth and washed up real good but
had to do it very easy. 
only with my hand did I wash my cunt. It was so sore as I opened
my Lil slit some to clean inside with my finger I noticed the
water between my legs was a lite pink.

  I  started crying from the pain and the color pink which I
knew was blood. Then the bathroom door flew open.

   "Hey bitch hows the pussy" daddy said.

  Its sore daddy and some blood I think came from inside it.

 Yup well mesha now you are a Lil lady not a Lil girl anymore.

 " But daddy I  am only 6 and a half.

 Yes I know but when you feel asleep before ( really I was
knocked out ) ruslan took the rest of your cherry which means
your not a baby girl anymore but a real Lil lady.

  Really daddy I am a Lil lady, and can stay up late and watch TV
with you.

  Yes mesha ruslan and I get to teach you new big girl game's.


 As I stood up in the tub daddy leaned over and gave me a big
hug and big girl kiss.
We played I  suck his tongue for a few minutes, than he suck
mine. " I liked that kissing game "I got them funny feelings in
my belly again the kind of feelings I like. ( Snake kissing
daddy said it was. I  told you before about it remember).

 After my bath daddy helped dry me up. It was about 4pm so I took
a long nap.

  "Mesha mesha its time to wake up"

  I was still half a sleep when I  started hearing uncle ruslan
calling me the he pulled my covers off me.

  Hey ruslan; how come you did that. So you wake up sleepy head
you slept threw the hole night its time for school baby.

  I jumped up and ran into the bath room washed my face brushed
my teeth,"some were missing"
and went pee pee. Daddy were are you ?.
  HE left for work mesha since its late already I will drive
you to school today OK baby.

  " thank you uncle ruslan".

   I looked in my closet but my uniform was gone?. Ruslan have
you seen my uniform only the new one's still in plastic are
there and I  can't wear them yet daddy said.

  Yes Lil lady I have it in here, I am in the tv room.

  Just holding a towel to me I walked into the tv room, hey there
it is, why you do that you scare me, I see my uniform on the couch
with panties and my socks and shoe's.

  Well Lil lady, uncle ruslan like you to suck his cock.

  But I gonna be late for school, " not if you start sucking now"
and I have on just my gym shorts so my cock is rite here,as he
pulled his cock out from she side off his shorts, all stiff and
the head was all red and very shinny with precum.

  Come and get it girl; ops sorry, Lil lady. So I got between
his legs and started stroking his cock, "he did have a nice
looking penis, long not to wide and no skin on top". Then I 
lowered my head and took it in my mouth, and started going up and
down all the time sucking hard, and licking the underside of the
head, "daddy told me that was how men like it".

  O ya mesha; you are a good fucking cock sucker MMM, dam I love
you tongue licking the underside of my head, ooooooo ya that's
good Lil lady. But I think we need some good old fashoin face

 So ruslan sat up a bit, took hold of my head, with both hands and
just fucked my mouth like I was not even there. I was gagging and
tearing from the gag reflex, even pushing him away with my left
arm, but he just pulled me onto his belly so most of his cock was
down my throat, then pulled out so I stop gagging, then said OK
bitch here's more, gaaggggg-AAAaa in it went all 8inches
till his balls were on my chin. Than I felt ruslan jerking his
hips  so I knew it was time for his cum to start spitting into
my throat and that it did, 4 big loads shot rite down into my
stomach some was spilling out the sides of my mouth but most
went strait down.That was my morning breakfast I  guess.( I
didn't tell you, but during the face fucking I got a lil kinda
tingle felling in my belly a bit, the nice warm kind ).

  Soon as Ruslan was done cumming, he Let me go of me in such a
fast motion, I almost fell backwards.

  Mesha; that was fucking hot you bitch, did you feel how good I
came, shit I would fuck your mouth all day if I  could,lol.

  Now get get ready for school, lets go lets go.

  I went into that bathroom comb my hair and brushed my teeth
again, then went out to get dresses. Uncle ruslan was there
holding my panties,  mesha I think you will do a Lil slow dress up
for me, up go on get dressed but slowly bitch.

  Ruslan gave me each peace of clothing, as I got dressed for him,
going extra slowly pulling up my panties, then I was fully

  OK lets go hurry up get in my van, and off to school I went.

 Uncle ruslan loved seeing me in panties, that everytime he drive
me I had to sit against the door, with my skirt pulled up and my
legs wide open so he could see my cameltoe as he called it. ( I
didn't learn till next year what a cameltoe was, up till then
uncle would just say wheres my Lil girls cameltoe, that's when I
new to pull up my skirt and open my legs wide).

 late fall 1972.
 almost 7-YRS OLD.

  School was so much fun, I new most my class mates,  jordena was
such a good friend we tell each other all kinds of stuff (we kept
good secrets). Like I told you before I  new her daddy was mean
to her, she told me he like to spank her bottom and whip her
legs. The blue marks on her arms was when he tie her up. Well I
new about tie ups, but I could not come to tell her my dad did
that to.
She even sucked on his penis to, and told me she was doing
sucking since she was a baby, first I thought she was just
kidding, but then she tell me how her dad do it, so I new then it
was real.

   One way her dad would make her suck him when she was very
small, was he take her bottle away during feeding, then put his
penis by her mouth and drip milk on the head so she start to suck
him, jordena said that went on till her dad stopped feeding her
with bottle's, then she would just suck him whenever they were
alone. what I thought was so strange is that jordena's dad and
mine both liked to hold our heads as they did face fuck. jordena
hated cum taste, but her daddy made her swallow it or lick it up
no matter what.She even told me one time her dad got mad at her,
and knowing she didn't like the taste of cum filled a glass half
way up with it,then when she got home from school her dad made
her drink it all, that was last year.

  And about her blue marks; Jordena told me about every other
night her daddy took her in his bedroom, make her strip naked
then spank her ass with a belt or a whip,he even whip her pussy.
That I know would hurt a lot. Then he tie her down and use a belt
or whip on her upper legs, after he was done whipping her, then
she had to suck him till he would cum in her mouth, or he liked
letting it go on her face, then make her use her fingers to wipe
off the cum and eat it.Then he just leave, and she would wash up
and go to sleep.   ( you see; I new her daddy did things to her,
didn't I tell you ).

  "So during lunch that day, Jordena did all the talking"

  After lunch it was time to do decorating for the holiday's, and
I was the one in chanrge of my class to pick out the helpers.
"even my teacher liked me ha ha".

  So the boys got the boxes from the basement, and the girls
started stringing up all kinds of red and white ribbons along the
wall that my teacher said we could decorate. We had a lot of fun
that afternoon, accept for Eddie he got in trouble. So the
teacher took him in the side room and spanked him, you could here
him crying . The room was like a storage place, but if you were
bad teacher's took you in there.

    "spring 1973"

   I was 7 now, daddy and ruslan were teaching me so many new
things this year, it was the year I had my 1st real orgasm.

  I just got home from school, and was watching TV lying on the
floor in my string top tee shirt and white cotton panties with
Winnie the poo cartoon on them, that was my favorite cartoon,
piglet was so funny. " no Barny back in them days".   Then uncle
ruslan walked in and told me to suck his cock. It was nothing
new, I sucked him or daddy almost everyday, and they licked and
fingered all my Lil holes any time they felt like it, "as daddy
would call them".

  Get the fuck over her now mesha I already ask you once, no just
sit there I come straddle your chest, just turn on your back.
  So I turned onto my back, with my legs pulled up some so ruslan
could rest his back on them."see I was caring about them to"

 "There we go mesha  now just lick under the head of my cock".
That's my girl ya ya lick it bitch
more tongue mesha come on, get with it ha.  as ruslan started
pulling my hair hard.

 So I licked the underside of ruslans cock head till he was fully
hard. Then it was face fucking time. Ruslan got a pillow and
placed it under my head then started fucking my mouth.
He was so ruff with me at times that he just push in till I
started gagging "that I knew he  liked " So he push in more till
his belly was on my nose. On and on this went for a good 4 or 5
minutes in out in out pounding his belly on my face. By now I
was tearing, spit was allover my face and neck "daddy and uncle
ruslan loved to wipe there cocks allover my face during face
fucking", when he go all the way in and had his balls to my chin
I could not breath, which scared me.But he new when to pull out
so I could breath in again. Daddy said they could tell by how my
eyes looked when I needed to get air.

  So by that spring I stopped trying to push them away when I
could not breath, since daddy and ruslan new when I needed air.

 (You see my daddy love's me, he really does no lie).

  Then ruslan would pushed his cock all the way into my mouth,
and stated pumping out cum, he was so far down my throat that the
cum just went rite to my belly. Then he pull out till just the
head was in my mouth. "The times ruslan or daddy would cum in my
mouth, I could feel it from my lips or tongue the cum pumping
threw the big blue veins along there cocks. Daddies vein was
wider and thicker, I always thought it was going to pop".

  That's it suck the head now bitch and get all that good cum
out you know Little ladies need cum to grow up and be sexy
ladies "the times after they cum and I was just sucking the head
of dads or ruslans cock they would jerk and squeeze there cock
till every drop of cum would get out". Ooooo ok that's enough,
you know how the cock head gets after cumming mesha suck it easy.
That's better you are such a good Little cum eater now its great
and you like the taste now don't you .

  Yes its OK ruslan, some days it taste different, but mostly I
like it now. And you cum a lot more than daddy does you know, and
yours is not as gooey as daddies, your cum is more watery like,
so it goes down my throat faster.

  "That's very nice of you mesha to say that"
But don't tell your dad you like my cum better ok, here let me
get off you.

  So uncle ruslan got off me and sat on the couch, just sitting
there in his cut off tee "ruslan had a nice slim body, no fat any

  No no no, I won't tell daddy that, I never like getting daddy
mad, you know that uncle.

    I going to go bath ok ruslan, look how messy you got me, my
tee shirt is all stretched out. Well mesha baby; when it's play
time, you get what your dad or I  feel like doing, isn't that
     Yes it is ruslan; and I like it a lot more than I  did last
year you know, the feelings in my belly are getting warmer. But I
still do not like being tied to the bench in the basement, the
ropes are starting to leave marks on me ankles, and I hate them
cloth-pin things they hurt so much.

  Well since you brought it up mesha; GO GET THE BOX.

  NO NO NO," please ruslan please not the cloth-pins".

  Standing there in my pantie and tee still, never got into the
bathroom to bath, I walked into the kitchen and got the blue box,
I hated that box more than anything in the world, at that time.

   Hear you go ruslan, "handing him the box".

  Lets try something different this time shall we mesha.

  Ya ok, if you say so uncle ruslan. " by then I knew saying no,
or not agreeing just made thing's worse".

  Well lets see, OK take off your panties "slowly" and hand them
to me.

 So I took my hands and slowly pulled down my panties, just as my
panty were at my ankles. ruslan said; wait, just let them stay
there a bit.

  Stand back a bit mesha, o-ya now that's a sexy looking little
lady.  MMM, Ok give me them panties now.

   Stepping out of my panties I  handed them to ruslan, and rite
away he held them to his face and breathed in real deep.  MMMM
oya what a sent you have mesha, gets me so fucking horny.
Get the fuck over here, that's it stand rite between my legs
wait a second mesha go get that bag over there on the floor.

  So I got the bag and stood between his legs again. I did not
like the look on his face, he was scaring me.

  You know that your dad and I have been teaching you all kinds
of big girl games since last year.

  "Yes uncle ruslan"

  OK, so now I am going to teach you something new.

  I watched ruslan take this thing out of the bag, it was a small
ball with little holes in it, and a string attached to it that went
threw the ball. I never saw anything like that before?.

 Ok mesha this is called a ball gag , don't look at me like that.
YES I know its a funny name, but it does the job. Kneel down
mesha, that's a good girl, now open wide, I am going to put this
ball in your mouth and then it gets tied around your head. "OPEN
There now that was not so bad, it kinda looks sexy in your mouth.

  I had to open my mouth wide so the ball would fit, but it was
ok to breath threw  since it had holes in it.

  OK, stand up bitch, now the fun for me starts, as ruslan opened
the box of cloth pins. No no don't you move away from me mesha,
 get your legs back between my legs NOW.

  Standing between his legs in just my tee shirt and now I had
this ball thing shoved in my mouth, ruslan tied my hands together
behind my back "there was always rope around ".
I watch ruslam take the cloth pins, then hold one side of my
 pussy lip and clip it on.

  OOOoouuuuucccchhhhh it hurts it hurts, ruslan no no take it off.
I was screaming but with that ball gag in my mouth it didn't
sound anything like that, more like gargling as spit was drooling
down my chin to my tee shirt. Then another he put on my little
mound. I was moving a  bit to try and stop him but I had to
stand there, then more and more he placed the pins all over my
pussy, till there was 4 on each side of my smooth mound. The pain
was so much I was crying  like never before, but ruslan just look
rite threw me. As I begged him in my gargling way through the
ball gag to stop.

  Now that looks so hot mesha; look how sexy your little mound is
now, you got me hard again dam you sexy little girl you.

  Ruslan reached in the bag and took out a what looked like a
plastic penis. It had a point at one end, then got fatter in the
middle, then thin at the end with a flat part, it was so weird
  Ruslan had me turn around,then he helped me to my knees, since
my hands were still tied.
I was now resting my head on a pillow, with my ass sticking up in
the air almost at ruslan crouch. Then I felt him rubbing oily
stuff on my ass and in my poo poo hole, fingering me at the same
time, "daddy and ruslan loved fingering my ass they said, which
they did often".

  OK mesha get ready its butt plug time, ruslan said.

  "What the hell is a butt plug I thought". Then I felt him
pushing something into my bottom and it was not his finger,it was
a lot wider. wow wow go go slow I gargled threw my ballgag. Ruslan
held my hip, then I felt him pushing that thing into my poo poo
hole harder and harder he pushed, them I felt like a pop inside
my bottom and the butt plug went in, OOuucchh it was stretching
me a bit but was not that bad.

  There you go mesha, your first 4-inch butt plug, now that
wasn't so bad rite. Your dad is going to be so proud of you. Here
let me help you to the couch, that's my good little girl.
Well leave that in for about an hour so it stretches your little
 ass hole some.

 So ruslan helped me lie down on the couch on my back. Every time
I moved, the cloth-pins
would wiggle a bit which hurt my little pussy. After I got on the
couch ruslan took the ball gag off, AAaaaaaa what a relief that
thing was hurting my jaw a lot, plus I had spit all down my tee
 Ruslan went and got me a drink of apple juice and him a beer.
Since my hands were still tied,
ruslan held the cup with a straw and I drank the hole cup I was
so thirsty. Uncle sat on the recliner and drank his beer.

  My mind was between pain from the clips and being stretched
from the butt plug, to the warming feeling I as getting in my
bottom and lower belly, I started drifting off to sleep.

               "  DADDY  TAKE'S  MESHA'S   ASS  "

   About and hour has past now. What you think viktor should we
wake her or let her sleep.
Well ruslan I just got home, so let me wash up and change then
will get her up, but dam you did well her ass should be good and
ready now, her poor little cunt is so red and puffy dam ruslan
seems you had a fun afternoon,lol, she's gonna hurt when them
clothespins come off,o-well she needs to learn.

  Mesha mesha wake up, it's daddy. I opened my eye's, and there
was daddy sitting next to me,daddy lean's over, and we started
kissing real hard and deep (daddy call's it french kissing ?). I
saw uncle ruslan kneeling by my legs, but I was sucking daddies
tongue so hard I did not care about ruslan rite now, then daddy
started sucking my tongue, (I like that alot), so I opened my
mouth wide so daddy could lick more inside and suck more of my
tongue, I was getting all warm in my belly.

  NNNOOOOOOOOOO I screemed, as ruslan PULLED one of them clips
off my pussy, I went to get up but daddy held me down.
ooouuuuccchh no no no,daddy make him stop please please, the pain
was to much, but one by one ruslan pulled the clips off my
pussy,I could hear the clicking noise it made once it left my
skin. Then the room started  spinning, I got dissy and the room
went dark.

  "FUCK"  ruslan she passed out.

 OK viktor it's better this way, she was hurting bad I could
tell. I will get some hand cream and rub her cunt real good,
maybe that will keep her from getting anymore red and puffy than
her cunt is already.

 Ya ok ruslan that sounds good, but rub her little mound real
easy ok, I don't like seeing her pussy so red, not rite now anyway.
That really must have hurt when you pulled them clothespins off my
poor baby. Rub that stuff into her good OK, getting a beer you
like one ruslan.

 "Shit ya".

  "Two hours later".   Hey ruslan you hungry, I am going to cook
up some burgers.

 Ya I will take two with cheese med-well ok.

  What the fuck you think this is a restaurant, just kidding no
problem and I will cook one up for mesha to, she well be hungry
when she gets up.

  OK dinner time, ruslan wake her up and if you need to, carry
her in to the kitchen.

 MESHA MESHA its dinner time,time to wake up baby.

  From a deep sleep I  heard ruslan calling my name, "hi uncle
 Then the pain in my pussy hit me, wow did that hurt so
much I started crying that second. As ruslan sat me up I looked
at my pussy, it was so puffy and beet red with little blue marks
too, that my crying intensified.
I stood up with ruslans help as he untied my hands, and we walked
into the kitchen, he had to hold me up a bit as my legs were weak
from the pain, and walking with that plug thing in my bottom felt
all to weird.

 " Hi daddy "

 HI mesha; you feeling abit better now. Ya some, but my pussy
hurts real bad, it's so red daddy.
It's OK baby it well be fine, now lets eat I am hungry.

 Sitting down with that butt plug in me felt so different, I was
getting that warm feeling in my lower belly again, "it was
nice". OK  now time to eat, I like cheese burgers and daddy made
them just for me.During dinner daddy and ruslan talked about work
and stuff, just the regular small talk we had almost every nite.
I did miss seeing momma sitting across from me.

  OK we all done eating, mesha yup all done daddy , ruslan yup.
 Good everybody's done.
 Ruslan you take mesha down stairs. I well give
the kitchen a fast clean up then be rite down. Get her in our
favorite position ruslan ok.

 "OK MAN YOU GOT IT", lets go mesha.


  I am not even going to think you said NO to me, you no better
by now MESHA.

  "Yes your are rite daddy I am sorry, very sorry".

  OK lets go mesha; here hold my arm. So I took hold of ruslans
arm as we went down the stair's to the basement. I walk over to
the bench, took off my tee shirt and lied down on my back, from
doing this so often I knew the routine. Then ruslan would tie
the rope's around my waste just below my belly button, then
around my shoulders just below my arm pits,then each arm was tied
to the bars going up and down,with a rope being tied to each
elbow and wrist.Then Daddy came down in just his briefs, so I new
he needed me to suck him, I could see his penis all stiff and
poking out the hole in the briefs.

  OK ruslan; we are going to do something a bit different tonight,
get more rope over there in the corner. Now take her leg and tie
her ankle to the bar were her wrist is, "yup that it's"
now the same with the other leg. Now look at that ass with a butt
plug sticking out, isn't that so fucking hot ruslan.

  I have to give you credit viktor, she does look fucking sexy
that way.

 I must say ruslan; you did I good job with that butt plug on
her, look how nice it fit's all in and hasen't come out since

 Nope; once the large part of the plug  popped past her
sphincter, it just sucked it rite in. And the flat base covers
about half her lil pussy, it so sexy dam.

  I felt so helpless, I could not move and my ass was pulled up
high off the bench now from my legs being pulled back. Then daddy
started moveing the plug, first he pull out some then twist it. I
think daddy was trying to get it out, from the way he was
twisting and pulling at the same time, then daddy pulled real
hard almost lifting me up, and then POP, OOOUUUCCCHHH
HHUURRTTSSSS, The butt plug was out and it hurt but only for a
few seconds.

 Look ruslan, look at her ass hole, it's ready now boy.

 Ya" WOW" its opened good, that plug was just her size, I assume
your the first then ha ?.

 "You bet your boot's cowboy she's my girl"

 Cowboy boots and daddy was first, what were they talking about,
all I know is it felt nice now that the plug was out.But It felt
like my bottom was so wide open.

 OK mesha; you know we have been fingering your ass for along
time now, and the reason for the butt plug was to get your ass
hole a lil bit wider so we can put our cocks in you, don't look
at me like that, and if you don't like a good WHAM, you will be
good ok, OK.

 YES daddy; I will be good I promiss. Then daddy got this jar of
jelly and rubbed alot on my butt hole. Taking down his shorts he
rubbed sum on the head of his cock, WOW was daddies cock very
stiff tonight. O ow ouch daddy started fingering my ass hole with
the normal one finger, then two fingers went all the way in, then
pulled out, then in again, daddy was pushing and going in and out
so hard my bottom was bounceing off the bench a lil bit.

 OYa viktor; finger that ass man, ruslan said

 In out in out daddy went on, during that time I watched him jerk
his penis which was so stiff already. Then daddy got next to me
and pushed his cock head into my ass, WOW WOW it was stretching
me and was hurting. I bit my lip so as not to screem " I forgot
to tell you that daddy said if I got to loud he have ruslan tie
the ball gag back on".  Them more daddy pushed and more till
about 4inches was in. BY now daddy was dripping sweat all over my

  Mesha; you are so tight, I amost just came "WOW".

 Then in about two minute's daddy started again. Pulling his cock
out some then back in a bit more, avery time he pull out, he push
more of his cock in deeper. I started getting that feeling again
in my lower belly, " I don't no what it was, but it felt so nice
and warm ". By now daddy was almost all of the way inside me,
being so tight daddy was lifting me off the bench a lil bit when
he pulled out. Then daddy pulled back till just the head was in
me, and then went all the way inside me with one fast move that I
could feel his hairs on my pussy  "pounding daddy called it " .
It hurt some, but that specail feeling was getting better as
daddy pounded me harder and harder. I was getting my breath
pushed out of me everytime daddy pounded me real hard.
  Minute's past as daddy was just pounding away on my ass. I  was
getting afaid at times because that warn specail feeling would
get stronger at times, then go away.

 "OK Mesha you ready dadies going to fill you lil ass up with

 Yes ok daddy I ready; daddy would pull out till just the head
was in, then pound down so hard
then again but this time he pounded in and held his cock all the
way in, I could feel his penis get wider as the cum was pumping
deep inside me. Then after a minute daddy started pounding again,
when he pulled out the cum was spilling out of my ass and running
to my pussy then belly, afew more ins and outs then daddy pulled
out all dripping with sweat and stood back. I saw that daddies
cock was all shinny and wet, still stiff but not as much.

 "OOOO FUCK YA, what a fucking ass"  daddy said.

 Now I saw ruslan walking over stroking his cock with a big
grin, ok mesha now it's my turn to pound away on that ass.

 Hold on ruslan; thats it on her ass for now.

 Come on viktor; let me just pound her ass for a lil bit ha.

 No no thats it realy man, but you can jerk off on her face
if you like, go on cover the bitches face with cum.

 SO ruslan straddled me and pumped away on his cock right
above my face. I could see the pee hole getting wider and
wider.Ruslan was even slapping me with his cock as he stroked
it making the cum and stuff spit onto the floor, he was 
slapping his cock so hard on my mouth that it hurt some.

 OK  mesha; open wide here it comes.

 Stream after stream of cum was landing on my face 
two of the loads went rite in my mouth which I swallowed
up like a good little girl.  My face was now coverd with
ruslans cum/spit and precum also. 


 I like to say thank you to a fellow author; Bruce   ; He was the
one that gave me the courage to start writing MY story.

  HOPE you all enjoyed part three, love---M--.     part 4,  will
be out in do time.

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