Keywords: Mg- MMg -BD -Pedo.

 Summer 1972

     This story takes place in a small town outside the the city
of Sevastopol, which is in the Ukraine by the black sea. 

      The story is about a Little girl named mesha, I am 
5 1/2yrs old  Long blond hair, blue eye's and a real cute slim
body like most little girls my age have, allover smooth and
flat no boobies.
 "you could even say mesha thats me, as my daddy and uncle
would say, a very sexy fucking little hottie. I don't
really no what them words mean but its ok".

      Her daddy Viktor was a big man about 6'4" and 240 pounds
and was a worker with his hands as mason & brink layer.
 I remember when daddy came home from work he always smell funny
it seemed like the beer smell a lot I think.

  But daddy always gave me big hug's and kisses,he even would put
his tongue in my mouth which was yukky at 1st.
 But I loved my daddy so it was OK. 

      Where I grew up daddies word was the law no matter what.
You never questioned what daddy said or told you to do and you never 
talked back to daddy not even if he got you mad or upset. Daddies were
never wrong. Even momma didn't get upset at daddy not even if 
daddy was out all night with uncle ruslan  " he was not my 
real uncle " I was told to call him that.

   About a week later momma got very sick so daddy took her to 
the hospital and momma past away .Daddy said her hart gave 
      I didn't really know what that meant but I was so upset she was
my momma why did momma leave me and being 5 and a half I felt so alone.

   A few weeks past and daddy started to get mad at everything 
I did, and at the same time became very close to me. One 
thing daddy let me do was stay up late and sleep in the big bed 
 " daddies bed ".

  The bed was so big, I could jump all around on it. And me being 
about 40 pounds if that, I could jump real high.
You know I was the smallest in my kindergarten class .


   It was late one night, and I was listening to the radio.
When I heard daddy, hey mesha come join daddy on the big bed.

  So I ran in his room and jumped up on the bed,and jump as high as
 I could. Be careful now you little thing daddy would say.

Here mesha come sit up here with daddy,so we can watch TV and cuddle.
 "that was daddies new word this week, cuddle".

  This was the best, in bed with daddy watching TV, now I knew 
I was special, I just new it. I loved my daddy so much.

     Me in my tee shirt and white cotton panties and daddy in his
shorts. Come here mesha come lie closer, so I moved closer,
there you go that's a good girl.
 I rested my head on daddies hairy belly then I saw his 
shorts moving.
  Hey daddy what you got in your shorts there moving.
(I was very naive Little girl)

That's my penis mesha you seen it before in the shower or the beach.

  "Ya daddy but its moving now."
    By now the top part was pushing out the hole in his briefs so
daddy pulled his penis out from his shorts.

 "WOW I never saw it look like that".

   It was all stiff with a big blue vein running along the side 
and the top part was all shinny. Daddy had pulled the 
skin back and the top part was all shinny and blueish and all wet.

 Does it hurt you daddy with it being so stiff ?.  

     No no mesha when a mans penis gets all stiff its happy
look see how big and strong it looks and the blue top says its
needs something to hold it, would you like to hold it baby.

 O OK daddy, it was so big I got nervous and moved away a bit.

 Don't be afraid mesha its ok here give me your hand .

   I slowly gave daddy my arm he took my hand with his and 
I started feeling all around his thingy.
  The blue vein I felt it, it felt like it was going to pop out
and the top part had all this shinny sticky stuff on it and it felt
like a sponge sorta.
 I pulled away and got a slap telling me never to pull my hand away
 unless I was told to do so.

    I I I ssoorry daddy.

 I didn't understand why I got slapped I was not being bad.

    Good girl mesha that's it, up and down use both your hands
MESHA  ya that's it up and down till you pull the skin down so 
the top part sticks out, that's a good little girl OYA MMM
good girl mesha, thats it up down up down GOOOOD GIIRRLL.

 See how nice and happy my penis looks mesha. You are such a 
good girl daddy loves you.
 I love you to daddy. As daddy let 
my hands go he relaxed his head back on the pillow. 

   Then daddy started stroking my bottom and pulling my hair
I didn't like this anymore.

     Daddy was getting all mean he started pulling my panties hard
up my butt that I got a wedge, daddy was almost lifting 
me off the the bed now.

  I said daddy you are hurting me . 

   Then "WHAM" I saw lights, Daddy slapped me upside my head so hard
everything went dark for a few seconds.

  THERE now you understand not to talk back you here me DAM-IT,
well do ya mesha . 

YYesssss daaaddy I sorry, I be a good girl now daddy. 

   OK then rub my cock faster or you will get slapped
again would you like that.

No no no daddy I rub it faster I WILL GO REALLY FAST

His penis was so big my fingers could not reach around it
and it was 7" long or bigger (I learned later the true size
was 7" and very thick).

   OK mesha take off them panties and top. I was just going
to say do I have to,  Daddy must have seen the look in my
eyes because "WHAM " I got it from the other side of my head 
and my head rang like a bell and I saw stars.

   So I stood up and took off my panties and top .

Hand me them panties mesha. mmmm o-ya what a sent you got Little
girl dammmmm nothing like warm white cotton panties fresh
from a little girls smooth cunt.

   OK mesha pull my shorts down.

Yeeesssss daddy I was shaking like a leaf and still a bit
dizzy from being slapped but he was my daddy and I loved 
 Come here mesha and lie next to me and rub it faster.

 I was resting my head on his belly and both my hands stroking
his penis. Daddy dripped some oily stuff from a bottle on to 
his penis, now it was wet and slippery all over his penis.
Daddies hand started rubbing my bottom then he pushed his 
finger in were I do poo ouch it hurt a lot to. 

 I moved away a bit and he garbed my hair so tight, and said 
if you like an other WHAM don't fucking move." So I didn't "
 it felt strange his big finger pushing in my poo poo hole
 there was a warm feeling I never felt before.  
 Then daddy started getting all
stiff and said I was his Lil bitch, and cum whore. I don't no 
why he was saying them words I was being a good girl. As I
look at the top of his penis which was all messy with shinny
stuff and oil I saw the hole in the top get wider. 
Daddy said a word  I learn not to forget ,here it cuuummmsss baby
 girl(cum)was the new word.
 I could not move my head daddy held me so tight.
 Then SPIT SPIT SPIT this white gooey stuff flew out of 
the hole in his penis at my face. I tried to move but could not.
Mesha you better not stop rubbing till I say so or you will get 
whammed again. SPIT SPIT the white gooey stuff was flying at me 
and all over my face and chest. 4 or 5 times it SPIT out.
    I never saw white gooey stuff before, then it stopped and
so did daddies hold of me.

     Daddy was breathing so fast. I said you OK
daddy .yup I am ok, you are a good girl mesha ,I love you . I love 
you to daddy, as white stuff was dripping from my face (which
was covered now) to my chest, and daddies belly. OK measha
bring daddy a wet towel, and then you go take a bath and get 
to bed. You made daddy very happy tonight, you are getting to be
such a big girl mesha.

   Yes back to my small room and bed . Yes daddy, I love you.He 
kissed me and slapped my ass and said never to disobey him 
again , I did not no what that meant but said OK and ran and
got him a towel,then ran my bath water. Looking in the 
mirror in the bathroom I was shocked to see my face covered
in white stuff my hair to yukky. OK now my bath was ready so
 I got in.

 I washed all the white stuff off me, as I was washing my butt
there was sum red stuff on the cloth, I started to cry. In bed
I was thinking how did he make that white stuff fly out
like that, and how big it grew, it was like from my wrist to
my elbow . I fell a sleep with a pillow between my legs

               PART 2 -DADDIES NEW TOY

   Well it was July and so hot, all I wore was panties most
the time at home. We only had two fans one in the kitchen
and one in daddies room. It was like 100 in the house and 
sticky , were we lived it got very hot during the summer.

   Before daddy went to work he gave me list of things to
do, one was clean the bath room. I hated doing that,the toilet
bowl always had pee around it and on the rim and even the 
wall by the toilet to,yukky. Then clean the kitchen floor and 
shake out the rugs,which were always so dusty, and heavy.
   I did everything on the list, even took my nap which I did
after lunch a lot. It was so hot that day, even my flowered 
cotton panties were sticking to me. I was going to the bathroom
when I felt in my poo poo hole,it was sore and getting bigger
from daddy pushing his finger in it everyday, but the paper
was not as red like the first time,that made me happy.
"Daddy did say it would stop getting red in time"

     One think daddy told me since momma was not here anymore, and
 he was not home,  I could not answer the door, or when I cleaned 
I had to do extra softly, And when the phone rang it was only daddy 
if it rang 8x, then rang back fast again once then I pic up the phone.

   It was getting late when I here daddy at the door, so I ran
 and jump into his arms and give him big hugs.

 There is my Little girl give me a kiss, that's 
it open your mouth like I showed you,mmmm I like your tongue 
baby, "daddy would push his tongue in my mouth, then lick all 
around in side then suck my tongue", suck mine now mesha, daddy
would stick it out, and I suck on his tongue real hard for a few min. 

    Still in daddies arms with my legs around his waste,
 I felt daddies hand rubbing my bottom, then pushing hard on my
poo hole.  I was sore from daddy always doing that, pushing
his finger in than out then moving it inside of me, but it was ok
it felt kinda funny in away, I got all warm inside my belly.

   OK measha give  daddy your panties.  So daddy let me down, then 
I pulled off my white cotton panties with the yellow flowers, and
handed them up to daddy.

    MMMM there so moist mesha, you been sweating a lot I see ha .
 I watch daddy put my pantie to his face, and breath in deep, 
o ya dam girl I love that sent you have.

    I stood and watch daddy sniff my white cotton panties for a 
few minutes.

     OK measha go sit at the kitchen table now daddy needs
you to relax him.I tried to undo his belt but my little 
hands were not strong enough. 

 DAM-IT MESHA you should know how to undo my belts by now.

" WHAM " upside my head and I saw more lights and stars.

 There I took my belt off OK, don't get me pissed off girl.

 So I pulled his pants off and briefs then I had to run
and put them in the wash pile and get back to my seat at 
the table very fast.

    I took my seat at the table, as daddy walk over to me
wow his penis was so big and right at my face level.

   Daddy held my hair with one hand and the other hand he held his
penis then started slapping my face with it. I looked up at 
daddy he was very happy but his penis was hurting my face
he almost cut my lip with it he was hitting me so hard with 
it. The shinny stuff was making my face look all wet(precum 
was the word).
 Go on now relax daddy before dinner time be
a good girl you know daddy loves you.
 Yes I love you to daddy.

      So I held daddies penis in both hands and started going up
and down pulling the skin back so the blue head was out 
then I push the skin back then down again all this time the
precum was dripping all over my hands and legs it was shinny slippery
stuff but made it easy to rub daddies penis faster.

   I did not no then but this was going to be the 1st 
time I suck on daddies cock. I had been masturbating him 
for about 3 weeks now and each time daddy have me sit or lie 
different ways.  The one I hated most was me on the floor
with daddy pinning my arms with his legs so I could not
move then he say OK mesha tell daddy to cum now. So I
would say cum on my face daddy I love you. During that time
daddy would rub his penis up and down inches from my face.
Again and again I would say cum daddy cum on my face 
then it would start spitting cum allover my face. So I got
good at it daddy saying all the time mesha you are such a 
good girl you make daddy cum so good, I love you. So I
new he loved me, as I loved  him.

   Now back at the table, I was pumping his cock when he
took his hands and held my head. Go on mesha taste the tip 
lick it for daddy DO IT NOW. So I stuck out my tongue and
licked the shinny blue top, yukky no I don't like it. No 
daddy I no like the taste.

 "WHAM" rite upside my head, bells went off in my head and 
I saw lights again.Then I new I was not being a good little
 girl. So I lick more of the top part daddy said its called 
the "head". OK now open your mouth wide for daddy mesha.

  I had to make daddy happy so I opened my mouth
real wide. Daddy held my head and pushed about 3" inches 
in my mouth that was a lot for me plus it was so thick it
hurt my jaw.  Mesha look up at daddy now so I no you are doing
it rite. Daddy started to fuck my face, not like easy but real 
fast and hard more went in I started gagging but daddy 
said it was OK just look up at daddy.  I was afraid, (MOMMA
WERE R YOU) I think 5 minutes past I was dripping precum 
and spit all over my chest and legs by now.
   Mesha your not looking up at daddy that's it look rite 
in my eyes. 
  OK you be a good girl now I am going to spit the cum in
your mouth and you have to swallow it all. You no I love you, 
don't you love me. All I could do was blink my eyes like
I was saying yes even tho I was crying from being 
afraid and gagging. Daddy held my head and was moving
his hips in to my face faster and faster. OK bitch here
it CUMS, mesha you better swallow it all. Then daddy held
my head real tight and his penis got even bigger. Then
I felt it spitting in my mouth, daddy pulled it out sum 
so I could swallow. During that time the cum was flying 
all over my face then he pushed it back in more cum spit
into my mouth so I drank sum more. I felt the cum dripping
on my legs. A few minutes later, daddy had me use my fingers
to wipe the cum up and eat it. During the time it was 
flying out onto my face, some got on the floor.

   Mesha you were not a good girl, look at that fucking
mess you made on the floor. "WHAM" "WHAM",  I got knocked
from the chair. My daddy had big strong hands he worked
with cement blocks. Now clean up the fucking floor, and go
take a fucking bath.  But I love you daddy, was I not a
good girl.
 Yes yes you were good but I need a drink, so do as I tell 
you, come here and give daddy a hug,you no I love you baby

 "Now I was happy, I made my daddy happy."

  So daddy went into the TV room, and relaxed on the couch.
So I cleaned the cum off the floor then took my bath .Daddy
got me my favorite shampoo today fruity smells.

 "You know my daddy loves me, he really does".

            :  UNCLE RUSLAN :
  I was 6 yrs old now,and in 1st grade in school. Wow I 
was a big girl now.At school all my friends had on there 
uniforms as I did. The girls in light blue skirts, with white
blouses and white knee socks .The boys wore blue pants
with white shirts. Everybody was all so net looking.

I saw my friend jordena, we been friends since we been
very young. She never told me but I new her daddy was mean
to her, I saw blue marks on her legs and arms, but Jordena 
said she fallen out of the tree house.
 Were we lived the houses were far apart very far, I only
 walk to mommas friends houses with momma.
 But momma was not here no more.
 We had big fields of tall grass and hills and lots
of beaches.

   Daddies friend ruslan was over all the time now, that 
daddy said I must call him uncle.I did not understand but
I didn't care it was just an other name.

During the last few weeks I was sucking on daddies cock a lot
and drinking all his cum. He said I was such a good girl,
 that he bought me sum big girl clothing. Sum were very funny
 looking but I had to wear them anyway. Like the panty daddy 
called g-string,they were like that with a string going in my 
butt crack, but it made daddy happy.

 The one  think I wore a lot was stockings with a belt and
 straps to clip on to the stockings.

O ya daddy called it a garter belt. And the body stocking
I wore a lot but was way to big for me, but daddy said they 
did not have my size , so uncle ruslan made it fit better
with clothes pins.

    Uncle I thought was real funny he loved my school uniform,
which he said was the best thing ever made for Lil girls.
Besides my panties witch he liked a lot.
 I would wear all kinds but mostly white cotton with different
 patterns on them.

 Uncle like me in my uniform so I could do spins for him
then he could see my panties. Ruslan always bought me all 
kinds of panties, but he liked the bikini kind  the best,
 he said it showed off my ass the best.

 I was just done getting ready for school when
  Daddy walked in the room and said I had to relax uncle ruslan.

I could see his penis pushing in his jeans, so I knelt
between his legs as he leaned back on the couch.
I pulled his jeans down , he had to help me . uncle never wore

OK mesha you no what to do, make uncle happy.

 I am going to sit and watch, to make sure you do a good job.
 Look mesha I shaved all my hair away you like it.
Ya its like me all smooth. Go on now pump it up and down,
 NOWWWW raising his voice. 
Go on ruslan grab her hair its OK, she a good girl now.

There you go hold her head tight, o ya she sucks good viktor.

I been teaching her about 6 weeks now ruslan. Mesha that 
is nice but watch your teeth girl, and look up at uncle
like I been teaching you. Wait give your panties ,what uncle
I just got dressed. Do as you are fucking told mesha don't
have uncle ask you twice.
So I pulled them down and handed them to uncle.
Do not stop sucking you have school soon, so I started moving my
head up and down faster and faster and sucking harder on his cock.
 uncle ruslan was pulling my hair.
As I went up and down I could taste the precum now more 
and more. Go on mesha lick all around the head.oya that's 
nice mmmmm fucking nice shes a good cock sucker victor.
 "a few min went by" o ya I love Lil girl panties you sniff them to
viktor. Oya I love her smell nothing like LiTTLE girl sent 
in white cotton panties after she wears them all day.

  Sniff sniff sniff aaaaaa mmmm o ya mesha your panties 
smell nice girl,viktor you lucky guy.
His cock was not as wide as daddies but it was longer, and
 the top was reddish not blue like daddies and alot less skin 
on the top part.

 O ya suck it baby girl , go on ruslan hold her head 
tight fuck that face GOOOOD.
 Not seeing daddy get behind me he started fingering
my ass hard, then moving it around inside me, then pound it 
back in so hard i was pushing down on ruslans cock more.

 At the same time uncle was pulling me down on him. O it hurt
my ass ,but my mouth was so full I could not say a thing.

  Ruslan had my pantie over his face holding my head face
fucking me(daddy had me learn these words as we did them).

 Then SLAP SLAP SLAP ouch my bottom, daddy was spanking me
with his finger in my ass I could feel it moving around
inside me, then more slaps.
 Ya viktor slap that girls ass, you like that ha ruslan.
Yes I love seeing a little girls ass all red viktor.
SLAP SLAP SLAP there now its red.

 Then he pulled my face up to his smooth belly and shot 
a ton of cum  in my mouth, it spit out the sides of my mouth 
and came out my nose ,I was gagging from it going in so 
deep. But he just pulled me in and help my face with his 
 balls on my chin. The cum was spilling out of my mouth.

 I was crying from the pain in my ass and from gagging and now 
cum was dripping all on to uncles belly. You better be 
drinking that cum mesha daddy said.
 I was doing my best.

 SLAP SLAP ,OUCH daddy pulled his finger out fast from my ass.
O ya viktor shes a good girl, dam good FUCK YA.
 I was a mess, I had cum dripping from mouth and nose, my
 blouse and skirt were pulled this way or that way.

 You got 5min to get ready, I got to get your ass to school now .
OK daddy.

  As my panties were thrown at me. You  no daddy loves you,
I love you to daddy, and you to uncle.Ruslan was just sitting
 on the couch looking up at the ceiling and breathing 
real hard. 

I went in to the bath room to get cleaned up,
looking in the mirror I was a mess my eyes were tearing
my face was all red my lower lip was cut and bleeding
a bit, I saw some cum on my blouse that I washed up real fast.

I heard daddy and uncle ruslan talking happy.
Daddy drove me to school that day even tho I walk most days 
it was only about 30 min walk. during the drive daddy was telling me
I better obey ruslan as I did him.

Uncle ruslan stayed at our house that day.



    Well what fun  I had at school that day . In my school
the grades went from 1st to 6th. the older kids were so much
taller than me. 
jordena and I walked home together after school.

OK that's my house jordena I see you in the morning,
 her house was about 10 more min walk ,OK by mesha c ya.

   Hi uncle ruslan .  hi mesha how was your day at school.
 It was fun. 
    Give me your panties NOW (yelling) but why.WHAM ,
I did not see daddy in the hallway as my head was ringing from
his slap upside my head I almost feel over.
 Do as you are told haven't you been told not to ask and just do
 as you are told, DAM IT  GIRL. 
   Pulling  off my white cotton panties with Lil red flowers 
 I gave them to uncle ruslan. Soon as he got them he took
a seat and started sniffing them. o ya little girl sent mm.

  Mesha now go and hang up that uniform, and get back out here.

I went in my room crying a bit asking were are you mommy, daddies
mean again.

   So I changed in to my shorts and tee then walked to the TV room.

 Hey  mesha ever play a game called tie up at school. No daddy
I never did.  OK lets go down stairs, come on ruslan , yup
coming viktor, mmmm damm, she smells good I love Little girls 

Hey daddy its so dark down here its scary , oooooooo a mouse.

Ruslan this is the bench I was talking about when we lifted 
weights,o ya  viktor its a bench press.
 mesha come lie on the bench, so your head is between them two
 bars that are going up and down were the weight bar goes,
 yup there you go, good girl.

 Now we are going to play a game, ruslan and I are going to tie
you up and see if you can get lose. First get up and take that
shirt off. but its (WHAM ) upside my head. Don't talk back.I sorry
daddy. ya the shorts to rite viktor , ya might as well,take 
them off too mesha.

 OK now lie back mesha.  Here ruslan take the rope, lets go around 
her hips then  under the bench, now around her shoulder, lift up your 
arms  mesha. No ruslan a bit lower not around her neck,lol.Now
take her arms and tie them to the bars going up rite, OK 
I got ya viktor, at the wrist and elbow looks good.

 Daddy I can only move my legs now and the ropes are tight.
 Shut the fuck up BITCH,"WHAM" across my face. I got slapped so
hard that I saw stars and my nose started bleeding.

 Dam she looks sexy ha , yes she does ruslan.
 I was in a daze from being slapped so hard I didn't here
 them talking.

    Then I looked up and saw them both stripping. O dam I have
to relax them both I think. I was looking at the ceiling when 
I felt a shock, that made me yelp like a dog being hit or 
something. Daddy had this long black stick and touched
my leg, ouch I got shocked again, it was the same feeling
I got when I touched the two wires that daddy had taped but
I could see the metal.
 O ya look at her jump ruslan, like a fucking cat,lol,

 Again I got shocked, but it was more intense this time 
that I bit Through my bottom lip with my teeth. 

 Now uncle ruslan through his leg over the bench so he was 
 straddling me with his cock right in my face.

  There you go mesha lick it, you no how,be a good girl.So I licked
the tip, it was  all red and dripping that prestuff.As I was 
licking I got shocked again, dam it hurt bad and went right 
Through me.
  Uncle ruslan  was rubbing his cock allover my face now, making 
my face all wet with my spit and the prestuff, ruslan liked 
dripping spit on my face when he face fucks me (oya I forgot
daddy said it was called precum sorry ).

 OK mesha open your mouth WIDE now mmmm that's it, good girl.
YA suck it mesha ya SUCK IT ! YA  suck that cock little girl,
your mouth was made for it, all little girls were made for 
cock sucking right viktor. 
YES they are and more dads should teach them to suck, you 
know they what to but are just holding back from a good 
little warm mouth or they are getting them to suck it
but don't tell the wife,lol.

 He started face fucking me by lifting his feet then pushing
his cock more in my mouth.I new that word FACE FUCK from daddy.
Ruslan would push his cock in till I gag then pull it out some,
then in again, in out in out gagging and spiting up. I sucked
hard for about 5-minutes. Then daddy said OK ruslan cum on the
bitch ( why was daddy being so mean -mommeeee were are youuuu).
   I could feel his penis getting bigger. OK here it comes girl.
As I felt the first shot of cum fly down my throat, ruslan
pulled it out and was moving it allover my face it was still
spiting cum and now covering my face even up my nose it went .
 OK open WIDER mesha, you need more cock in that cute mouth,
mmmmm o ya ruslan said .I felt the cum pumping into my mouth.

 OK swallow it now BITCH NOW, and show your daddy and me your
drank it all. Opening my mouth and sticking out my tongue
I let them see it was all down.

So I did as told, but there so much cum, some of it spilled out
the side of my mouth, my face was covered with cum, so daddy
took his finger and rubbed it in, like suntan cream.

 Ruslan was done cumming, and pulled out his cock, 
 then started rubbing it over my face, smearing the cum
 and spit even more, and then he went with his fingers 
 rubbing the stuff into my hair .

 Here lick daddy's finger,wait heres some more cum mesha, 
 suck daddy's finger, good girl mesha. 

 So I sucked on daddies fingers as he pushed them in my mouth
 tasting and swallowing more cum precum and spit.
  mmm , you no daddy loves you so much.

 Yes I no daddy I love you to, and uncle ruslan.

There your face looks so shinny covered in cum.
Lets have that cum and spit soak into your skin.

Shocked again, this time ruslan was holding the black rod
then again shocked, I was yelping and screeching and cut
my lower lip even more.
  Then he pressed it on my nipple,oooo uuuccchhh eeecccchhhaaaaa 
I screamed. I did not know what I said but it was something.

 It hurt so bad my whole body would jump when it was pressed on me.

   OK  ruslan don't burn out the batteries in one day.
Hey ruslan get more rope and lets tie her legs to the bench legs.

 Ya that's it at the ankles and knees, that looks hot viktor.

 Daddy looked at my nipple that was just shocked,
 they was 2times the normal size.

    OK  mesha now its daddies turn to be relaxed. Straddling
me daddy moved his cock to my lips, then allover my face
smearing ruslans cum and now daddy's precum allover my face,
 daddy was pushing his cock head in my nose and both eyes.

 Then I felt this pinching on my other nipple, it hurt so much
I tried to look but could not. Daddy's cock was on my face,
between my face and my nipple that was burning in pain now.

OK mesha open up that's my girl .Then AAHHGGAGG daddy pushed
his cock in so fast and deep I felt his hairs on my nose,
then out sum then back in. SUCK it bitch, here just suck
the head .Daddy pulled the skin back so just the blueish 
head was in my mouth.
 Suck it hard mesha HARDER HARDER DAM IT.

 Daddy was stroking, as I was sucking and licking the head.

 ooouucchh now my other nipple was hurting like the other one,
 dam it was like a pinching burning pain.
My mouth was so wide open it hurt my jaw now. I watched 
daddy pump his cock faster and faster and could taste more
precum now.

OK mesha daddies going to cum you get ready to 
swallow like a good girl you here me.
 I blinked yes as best I could, then the 1st shot of cum hit
my throat so fast I started to gag.

 Then daddy pushed his cock all the way down into my
throat. I was gagging and tearing but daddy just sat on my
face with his balls hanging over my chin pumping out cum.
 Gagging and spitting as the cum came through my nose and the
sides of my mouth with so much force.

 About 10 seconds past before daddy pulled his cock out.

 I spit up blood and cum.

 " WHAM" rite on the side of my face I got slapped, don't you
ever do that again, I told you to swallow it bitch, dam-it mesha.

yyeess yeess da-daaddyy I am so sorry.

   Now as daddy got off me, I could see why my nipples were
 hurting so bad, uncle had put clothespins on them.
O did they hurt, and were so swollen and reddish looking.

    Daddy and ruslan started going up stairs ?. 
Hey daddy let me up.
 No, no, no Lil one, you need to stay down here a bit longer,
 you need to understand when I or ruslan say something we mean it.
 And up they went.
 off went the lite, daddyyyy itsss daaarrkk, ( The door slammed
shut) then I new, I was alone( MOMMMEEE WERE RRRrr-UUUUUUUUUU).


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