The Cotton Candy Collection

Hi, I'm Candy. It's hard to believe that I'm a married woman now and deciding on grad school. Life is good!


We gave it a shot but no one will publish my autobiography in todayís climate.† So itís your lucky day to be able to read it free for a limited time as so many have before on these pages (click on the book cover at left to open).But if you know of a publishing house that would dare to touch it, please shoot me an e-mail.


You can e-mail me at My e-mail

Candy has been my nickname since I was a little girl, when my dad started calling me that. I hope you like reading my fiction below as much as I enjoyed writing them all.

"Surf's Up" † (Mg, MF, MFg) † She wanted him to teach her to surf...he taught her much more than that

"Four" † (FF, Ff, ff) † Two mothers...two daughters...and a whole bunch of potential combinations

"Kat" † (Mg, virgin, mg, ped) † She asked for his help...he gave it to her

"Violated" † (rape Mg, Mf, MF, hanging) † The sanctity of their home was violated, and then they were

"Adam & Eva" † (Ff, MFf, virginity, swinging, MMf, mf) † They introduced her to sex and their lifestyle

"The Best Dad a Girl Could Have" † (Mf, Mf+, virginity) † A dad was open with his daughter about sex, and then she 'opened up' her friends to him

"Shelly's Mom" † (Fm) † He dated Shelly, but it was her mom he really lusted for

"Aliya" † (Mg, fg, Mgg, Mf) † Even as a nudist, the young girl still had things to learn

"Ruthie" † (fg) † Her brother's girlfriend became her sex teacher

"Sarah Gets It" † (MF, M+f) † Sarah loses more than her virginity

"Pretty Little Thing" † (MF, Mg, prostitution) † Her mother taught her the business...she was a good student

"In April, In Paris" † (Mff, virginity) † Two girls seduce their chaperone on a European trip

"Licks" † (gsolo, gg) † Two cousins make discoveries together

"Gary" † (Mg) † He was a decent guy, but he couldn't withstand his step-daughter's relentless seduction

"1909" † (Mg) † Young Elizabeth learns first hand about race relations in 1909 America

"Uncle Luke Keeps His Promise" † (Mg) † Conclusion of "My Uncle Luke" ...yes, he does!

"Georgie" † (Mg, gsolo) † Georgie may be a tomboy, but she so wants to learn about sex

"Invisible" † (mf) † If I can write about a sex-vampire or sex-werewolves, why can't I write about an invisible boy and sex?

"Ho-Ho-Ho!" † (MF) † I was writing a Christmas short story for school when I got naughty! †My teacher would have blushed if I had turned this in!

"Growl" Fiction (mf, full moon, orgy)

"My Uncle Luke" Fiction (Mg)

"Fresh Blood For Mr. Farnsworth" † This was my first fiction story. † It's kind of crazy: a sex-vampire?