Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Room 1302: Posing 01 by CloudWriter All rights of publication belong to CloudrWriter The situations and people are fictitious. These stories are intended for adults only. If the ideas of incest, anal sex, and man-girl relations and any other kind of nastiness that I can concoct are offensive to you, you best stop reading this right now and log off of whatever site you are viewing this on, because it is full of nasty shit like this. You've been warned. Codes: MF ff Mult group orgy interr 1st oral anal One It was a beautiful, cool crisp winter's day in Las Vegas. Vicky Larson's dad, Terrence, had brought 13yo Vicky to town for an equestrian show at a casino/resort that featured an arena for such events. As this was also a birthday event for young Vicky, she was allowed to bring one friend with her on the trip. Vicky chose her pal Lindsey Price. The two girls grew up together as neighbors, schoolmates and teammates in various sports. Lindy, as she was called, had turned 13 about one month prior to Vicky, and was overjoyed to accept the invitation and celebrate along with her best friend, their movement into actual `teen' age. On this particular afternoon, there wasn't any event they wanted to watch and Terry had ensconced himself in a Texas hold-em tournament in the casino. This left the girls on their own. They decided to go to the store across the street from the casino complex and pick up some munchies meanwhile, also just to be out on their own in the big dangerous city. As they stood on the corner waiting for the signal to change they were observed by several horny men passing in their automobiles. What these little nymphets didn't realize was that the sight of them caused almost instant hard-ons in several of the passing cars. In fact, there was a small parade of cars that slipped into the parking lot behind them to catch a better glimpse. Blonde-haired Lindy was wearing a tight tank top which greatly accentuated her two perfect tiny cones against her flat, athletic torso. Below, she wore a flouncy little skirt that waved up and showed her sweet, pink undies as the sprightly girl danced and jumped and generally cavorted in the winter sun. Vicky was dressed in a form-fitting top that highlighted two small, proud, round knockers and the shortest possible jean shorts, perhaps a size too small, that revealingly displayed her long, strong, shapely legs. Her long dark wavy red hair was clinched in a pony tail that waved seductively back and forth as she walked. The girls did notice a set of news racks which held outcall/gentlemen's club freebie magazines. They were looking into the news racks as the men behind them in their cars gawked at their lovely behinds and marveled at their coltish energy as they goofed around before grabbing one magazine from each bin. You could tell they were nervous and titillated by the material as they huddled closely looking with the pages, waiting for the next signal. Before long the light changed and two imps scampered across the street out of the viewing range of the many, now lust-obsessed men in their cars. The porn channels would be busy that night. The two girls brought their bag of unhealthy candies, cookies, chips and sodas (as well as their ill-gotten porno-treasure) back into the casino and walked to the hotel tower elevators. There, they encountered a security guard who checked for hotel keycards. Both girls felt a bit uneasy as the big man with a scary Fu Manchu mustache slowly studied the two slight, sexy girls from top to bottom, from one and then to the other. "What room?" he asked. Vicky answered "1302" He wrote the number down on his pad and passed them through and as they entered the elevator, Vicky glanced back and got a glimpse of the man, his bottom half hidden from others by his podium, he leered after the two girls and adjusted the bulge in his pants. Vicky quickly pushed her way into the lift and wrapped herself around her friend in a girlish way and exploded in giggles. "Did you see him looking at us?" "YES! It was like he was undressing us!" Lindy replied and two girls dissolved into giggles and hugs. Then Vicky added "But you didn't see at the end. He was staring at us and he was HOLDING HIS THING while he did!" Lindy paused her giggling looked into her friend's face and shoved her shoulders with her hands "GET OUT?!?!" Vicky nodded, with an unusual look on her face. The doors opened and the girls giggling wildly burst into the hallway of the thirteenth floor. Two The two thirteen year olds crashed into room 1302 giggling loudly and closely clung together in the manner of such young girls. They threw the bag of crap food down on the dresser, pulled out a couple of cokes, popped the tops and then threw themselves down on one of the queen-sized beds. In front of them was a collection of tawdry newsprint brochures, each of them with another beautiful, full-figured woman, scantily dressed and posing provocatively. Vicky and Lindy started browsing through the rags noticing the ads for all of the `Gentleman's Clubs'. Some suggested that they were `All Nude'. Some offered `Private Rooms'. In all of the ads the most prominent feature was one young woman or more, decked out in a very revealing costume, usually lingerie, looking at the reader through downturned, demure eyes or directly with a most challenging expression. "Oh, look at that one" Lindy declared. "Doesn't she look like Jenny from our team?" Vicky examined the picture and had to agree. The girl in the image did have a striking resemblance to their friend and teammate, Jenny. Only they had never seen Jenny decked out like this girl was. She wore a crimson teddy. One can easily see almost every bit of her two melon-sized breasts seductively pressuring the skimpy fabric. Only you could not see her nipples, but could make out two marked points where the hardened glands poked against the teddy. The way she was arranged you could tell that if she was wearing panties at all they must be thong type, because you could see all of her left butt cheek from the dark crack and all the way down her shapely leg. On her feet, she wore high-heeled slippers with color-coordinated feather decorations. One of her hands was up at her mouth and her puckered lips were aimed across her palm, offering the viewer a delightfully `blown' kiss. "I never seen Jenny looking like that." said Vicky. "No. And this girl doesn't even seem to all that much older than us, does she, Vicks?" Lindy asked. All of a sudden Lindsey jumped up and rushed into the bathroom. "Be right back" she intoned. Vicky continued to flip through pages until she heard a slight cough behind her. She turned to see Lindsey, standing against the door frame of the bathroom, one long leg visible. Also clear was that her shoulder was naked and she bent her arm so to note she wore no top at all. The clean, strong line from her shoulder down to her waist was very plainly nothing but skin and you could make out just the hint of her panties which she pulled away so as to show the most possible of her sweet, tight buttock. Vicky just stared wordlessly at her friend. She was in awe of how cute she looked. She lifted one of the booklets and saw a young woman just a few years older posed similarly. Suddenly she jumped up off the bed and dug into her purse dragging out her new digital camera. Vicky turned on the camera and set up in front of Lindsey. Lindsey started to slink back into the bathroom, but Vicky chided her, "Come on. You gotta see how adorable you look. This is too cool." Realizing how exciting it was making Vicky...and pose like this she moved back into her previous pose and added a very sultry look right back into the camera lens. Vicky started moving around like she'd seen photographers doing, snapping from various angles all the time encouraging Lindsey to vamp it up more "Move it! Work it, girl! Make me believe it!" Vicky was saying as she hopped onto the bed and crawled on the floor to `get the shots'. For her part Lindsey was writhing against the doorframe, turning and bending and showing more and more of her pretty body. Before long she was standing legs-spread jiggling her pretty cupcake-size titties at her friend's lens. "Take off the panties, Linz. Show me everything." Vicky heard herself saying with a slightly husky voice she barely recognized. Lindsey paused her posing and tilted her head toward her fully-clothed friend, "I will if you will." Three Vicky was taken aback for a moment and then turned and saw herself in the full length mirror. She shrugged and started to remove the few items of clothing she wore. First she peeled off the tight garment that covered her top. As her very cute little tittie-cones came into view, Lindsey moved forward to stand beside Vicky. Lindsey looking at Vicky's little tits in the mirror commented "oh, Vicky your breasts are so adorable." Vicky, always a bit sensitive at their tiny size, blushed deeply red and pulled her shoulders together de-emphasizing them. "No. No. you mustn't do that, Vicks. They are perfectly beautiful and your nipples are so large and red and..." As her voice trailed away, Lindsey's hand was reaching out to touch the bulging tip of her friend's excellent little tittie. "...and hard!" she exclaimed as she grasped the crimson knob between her thumb and forefinger. Vicky looked down at the point of contact and quivered at the electric feeling that her friend's fingers were causing in her. All at once, Lindsey noticed herself in the mirror and jerked her hand back and slowly said, "Maybe we should stop." Vicky stared back at her in the mirror. Both girls stood topless, staring at each other's pretty assets. Vicky decided right then what to do. She reached down, unzipped and pulled down her flimsy jean shorts and kicked them across the room. Then she slipped her fingers in the waist band of her panties. Glancing over at Lindsey, she said "Well?" Lindsey responded by yanking down her own panties in unison with Vicky. Now both girls stood jay-bird naked staring at each other and themselves in the mirror; comparing each other's bodies. Four No doubt that Lindsey was more developed up top. Her breasts were easily 32-C-cups and were nicely rounded and firm as apples. Her nipples were tiny, like pencil erasers surrounding by a dime-sized pink ring. At this moment they were hard as diamonds. Vicky reached onto the bed for the abandoned camera. Canceling the flash, she framed a shot into the mirror depicting two lovely teenagers on the cusp of womanhood. Before long both girls were again posing seductively for each other raising the stakes as they progressed. Soon enough, Lindsey had herself in an armchair, legs draped over the arms, her darling little sparse-haired sex pouting for the camera in Vicky's hands. Vicky kept getting closer and closer to the exposed privates snapping pic after pic. She looked up into Lindsey's increasingly languid eyes and hungrily said "Open up for me. Let me see you all, now, Linz." The blond reached down with her hands and parted the perfect virgin labia exposing the delicious pink meat within. Clearly visible as she spread widely was the intact hymen and the tiny black entrance to her now oddly pulsing woman hole. Vicky kept snapping. Soon enough, Lindsey had started to explore her sex with her hands, rubbing and fondling herself intimately while her friend gaped and clicked. When Lindsey started really going at masturbating with some abandon, Vicky changed the camera setting to video and recorded it. Lindsey was now fully absorbed at her task and having found her stimulated clitoris was twirling it between two fingers while her other hand pumped two fingers down into her own tight cunt. As Lindsey brought herself to a peak of ecstasy, her butt tightened and lifted from the chair. Her hands pummeled her sex furiously as are cheeks tensed and humped upward. Suddenly, Lindsey gasped aloud and her hips started gyrating rapidly. The muscles on the insides of her thighs spasmed and quivered like jello. Her taut tummy muscles spasmed in waves as the girl experienced her first orgasm. When Lindsey finally opened her eyes, she looked up directly into the camera lens wielded by Vicky. Vicky stopped the recording and looked at her friend. "That was fucking wild, Linz! Have you ever done that before?" Through her drowsy lids, the blonde smiled at her friend and said "No, Vicks, I've never done anything like that. Let me see how it looks." She said as she reached for the camera. "Wait," said Vicky reaching into her purse and pulling out a cable. "Let's put it on the TV and really take a look at it." With that she connected up the camera to the TV and started the playback. The two girls sat closely on the bed staring at the wonders of Lindsey's sexy bits and watching her cum. As they watched, the girls were rubbing their own warm moist places. When the climax scene had ended, Lindsey grabbed the camera and turned it on Vicky. "Now you, Vicky. Let's see how you do it." Vicky simply dropped her back onto the bed and spread her legs. Lindsey started a recording and focused in on Vicky's sex. It was certainly moist and a bit swollen looking and the wispy red hair around it made it appear as if on fire. Having not unplugging the camera from the TV, Vicky was watching herself as she started to handle her excited sex in earnest with both her hands. Before long she had slid back onto the bed more and raised her legs so that her feet were flat on the mattress. Her legs were lewdly splayed as her hands now set to work. She found her aching clit and compared to her friend's it was enormous, perhaps inch long, glowing bright pink and hard as a marble. She really started bucking her hips as her fingers were stroking her little girl dick with purpose. Her other hand was occupied with her middle finger plunging in and out of her dripping pussy. Lindsey, watching this on the camera screen was becoming extremely agitated. Her own puss was dribbling juice into a puddle on the floor between her knees, with a long rivulet tracing her entire inner thigh to the floor. She dug into Vicky's bag and found the clamp deal which acted as a camera stand. She wrapped it around the lamp and pointed the camera at the sexiness of her friend ecstatically writhing on the bed. She kneeled down on the floor in front of Vicky's glowing and creaming sex. She reached up to Vicky's chest, still fascinated by her bulging nipples, now red and throbbing and emitting intense heat. Lindsey wrapped her paw around one of Vicky's little cones and started `milking' it in rhythm to the clit stroking she saw inches from her face. Vick moaned deeply and practically growled at this new erotic sensation. Encouraged, Lindsey reached with the other hand and enclosed the second sensitive tittie, milking it in reverse rhythm. The effect was to drive Vicky right toward a massive orgasm. It shook her to her soul and her body arched up off the bed. As she arched up, Lindsey's face was right there. The spasming pussy mashed right into the blonde's surprised and open, gasping mouth. Overcome by the smells, the sights and sounds of the moment Lindsey clamped her lips unto Vicky's pulsing sex and started to lash at it with her tongue. Five Vicky bucked and squealed as her friend started to eat her virgin cunnie out with gusto. Her hands made for Lindsey's straw like hair and grasped on for dear life. This drove Lindsey further on into the wildly quaking sex. Finally, Vicky, topping out of her massive reverie groaned loudly and collapsed on the bed. While she was coming down, Lindsey had found the girl's engorged clit and was slowly, lovingly sucking it like tiny tootsie pop, licking it and popping into her mouth over and over. Vicky finally reached again to her lapping lover's head and said "Linz! Linz! Stop! Stop please; you're making me fucking crazy! Honey. Please!" Lindsey pulled back her head and stared up across Vicky's heaving chest into the flashing green eyes framed by those wonderful twin cones. "Oh, Vicks, honey. I'm sorry. It's just so delicious and wonderful. I want more and more of it. Oh, honey, I love you so!" Vicky glanced up past Lindsey and saw the scene as it was on the bed in the TV. With her hand tenderly cupping her lover's cheek she said "Stop the recording, Linz. I think we got it all." With that she collapsed onto the bed and passed out. Six When she awoke, Vicky noticed the warm and naked flesh of her friend Lindsey wrapped and entangled with her own. She looked at Lindsey's beautiful face and bent forward to kiss her lightly on her slightly drooling lips. The blond stirred at the contact and her blue eyes gazed back into Vicky's. The girls started kissing for real and their passions became renewed as their hands roamed each other's bodies and their legs and bellies and titties rubbed and mashed and stroked across the flesh of the other. Hands were finding aching pussies when the mood was shattered by a knock on the door. The two sexy lovers froze and stared at the door. The knock came again. This time a male voice from the hall intoned "room service". Seven Vicky jumped up from the bed, slipped on a loose t-shirt and padded over to the door. Looking through the peephole, she saw nothing really but a bottle of champagne. Curious now, she said through the door "we didn't order anything!" The man said, "This is 1302, isn't it? Well this was sent up, let me see, yes, `by courtesy of the staff'." Not wanting to be rude, Vicky motioned for Lindsey to get under the quilt. She then opened the door a crack and peered out. Standing in the hallway was the mustachioed security guard from downstairs. He shoved forward the bottle through the door into the room, pushing the door open enough to see everything inside. His eyes first lit on blonde, beautiful Lindsey, obviously naked holding the quilt up attempting to hide the fact. He looked down now more carefully at the red-headed nymph standing before him. He could see that her tiny titties were wagging free and that long, smooth naked legs came out from below the flimsy shirt. Then he saw the camera attached so as to view the bed where the blonde was. A big smile spread across his face as his 6-foot frame then elbowed all the way into the room. "You girls look like you might be thirsty." He said as he lofted the green bottle up. He closed the door behind him, slipped on the Do Not Disturb switch and latched the security bolt. Turning back to the room, he glanced around for the glasses; approached them; casually popped the cork and poured three full glasses. He picked up two and headed for the bed where Vicky had nervously joined Lindsey. The two girls were quite scared now, but reached out anyway to take the golden liquid from the burly man who had entered their love lair. When the two girls had their drinks the man reached for his own glass and casually plopped down on the armchair that Lindsey had earlier occupied. As he settled in, grinning at the trapped teens, he suddenly noticed that his pants were in a wet sticky spot on the chair. He boosted himself back and ran his finger across the spot. Looking at it carefully, he drew it to his nose and inhaled deeply. "Ah, vintage 1998, I'd say." Then sniffing again, trying to judge the girl's ages, "no. '97. Definitely a 1997! Am I right?" He said, leering directly at Lindsey as he spoke. The startled girl blushed deeply and it showed on her face that it was exactly the year of her birth. The man, Matt Paulson, grinned widely and said, "I knew it. You two looked like a party on legs heading up that hall earlier. For the purposes at hand, you may call me Sir. And who might you be? Which one of you is Miss Larson?" Vicky, surprised at his knowledge of her name softly said, "I-I am, s-sir. Vicky Larson" "And you are....?" turning his head toward the blonde. "I'm Lindsey. And I don't think you ought to be in here!" "Well, we'll see about that as we proceed. You may be right. But I doubt it." This last part was spat out in a most grotesque and blatantly threatening way. "Go ahead" he added, now cheerfully "drink up! This wine wasn't free you know?" Lindsey shuddered a bit and drank some. Vicky too, sipped from the glass. Oddly for as creepy and as dangerous as the situation was, she really rather enjoyed the taste of the bubbly wine and started to drink it less tentatively. "OK, well let's look around here and see what you two little minxes have been up to." Matt spoke as he rose from the chair. Looking back down now at the sticky mess on the chair, he scooped up another finger full, swizzled it in his glass and plunged the finger into his mouth. "Hmmm. That is a tasty combination." Matt noticed the magazines strewn on the bed and the floor and moved over to the camera. He leaned down looking down the sight line from the lens to the bed, where the girls shivered. "Huh? I wonder what all you were shooting from here." Vicky jumped toward getting off the bed, saying "Don't mister. That's mine. Leave it alone." Matt reached out and gently shoved the little redhead back down onto the bed. Her head landed in Lindsey's lap. He glared at her and barked "Stay!" Vicky settled down. Not knowing what else to do, she reached for her glass and took another healthy swig. "Let's just see what we'll see, huh." Matt reached over, grabbed the camera, examining its controls. "Ah well, this seems easy enough. Play" he held his finger poised over the button and looked up at the girls whimsically and said. "That seems like an appropriate term for what we'll see, won't it?" He pressed the button and up on the screen splashed a full color and larger than life view of a very pretty, very red-hair-rimmed, very young, very virgin snatch. "Sweet!" he said looking back at the girls, honing his leering glare directly at Vicky and then dropping it directly at her barely covered crotch. Vicky flushed crimson and nervously swallowed more of the wine. Matt reached for the bottle and topped her glass and added some to Lindsey's as well. Then he turned back to the TV and sat at the end of the bed, right next to where Vicky's glorious sex had been. He put his hand down and grinned back at the girls as he mashed it down into the accumulated lady ooze he found there. Then he lifted his palm to his face and made a grand show of licking his big thick tongue up across it to intake all the delicious juice. "My My!" he said, "that is mighty fine tasting goo you got there, Vicky Larson. Hmmm.. Delicious." Turning back to the video, Matt sat back and loosened his belt and pants, pushed up off the bed and slipped his trousers and shorts down to the floor between his legs. His rather nasty looking manhood sprung up and lewdly stretched toward the ceiling. Now Matt knew his dick wasn't long at about five inches, but god almighty it was thick. His nickname in High School was `Blunt'. As he watched Vicky manipulating her own sex so fervently on the screen, he casually reached down and started stroking his stiff cock. Eight Lindsey and Vicky were speechless at the actions of the crude interloper. But they were beginning to buzz on the wine and seeing again the incredible wantonness of the acts on the TV coupled with the lewd actions of this brute invader, the chemistry of the two teens began to churn up their own libidos again. Clenched together, they began to explore each other with their hands again. Matt was beating off to the best porn he'd ever seen as the blond was milking the redhead's tits and then mouth-fucking the girl right there on the bed next to where he sat. He'd never experienced such a sexy situation himself. He was ecstatic about his luck and his hunch about these two. About the time that Vicky was screaming to orgasm on the TV, Matt noticed in the mirror what the girls were getting up to. The two of them were kissing passionately now and their hands were roaming all over each other's backs, sides, necks and breasts. Matt was in heaven. The TV clip ended and as it did, the girls broke their embrace and shuddered at themselves about their own depravity in this situation. Matt looked at them in the mirror and said "Don't stop. Just keep doing what you're doing". After saying this, he turned back to the camera controls and looked at all the pictures available. Some of the pictures were of the two girls as they were before they left the hotel this morning. They were fresh-faced, youthful and girlishly innocent and darling. He spotted where this session started with Lindsey posing at the doorframe and clicked through admiring all the heated poses. He paused at the shot of the two of them naked in the mirror. He marveled at the change that came over the girls and noted how now they were looking much more like women than girls. Then he found the video of Lindsey on the chair and clicked it to play. Matt pulled himself back onto bed fully next to the girls leaned against the headboard. He stretched out and continued to stroke his hard dick, sipping his wine while he watched Lindsey masturbate her obviously virgin sex on the screen while at the same time, the two friends were necking and petting openly now right next to him. After a while the TV Lindsey had finished her cum with loud, sexy groaning, hip thrashing and finally the grand little gush of girl juice from her shimmering vagina onto the chair. Matt stopped stroking his dick, swallowed the rest of his drink and got up to go to the bathroom. Behind him, two lovely creatures were entangled on the bed, their juicy twats rubbing up and down each other's slim thighs. Their lips locked...their hands and arms clinging and petting wildly...their breath ragged and uneven. Matt drained his snake into the toilet and grabbed the telephone off the wall. He dialed 3 numbers and quietly said, "Thirteen Oh two. Yeah! Extremely Hot! Yes. I can pick em. Yes. Bring them too. Just passkey in. See you in a bit" With that, Matt Paulson hung up the phone, turned out the light and exited the bathroom. On his way, he quietly slipped off the security locks on the door, turned and re-entered the main part of the room. Eight When Matt returned to the room, the two girls were grinding their cunts together like a pair of lifetime dykes. Sweat was pouring off both their faces; their hair was plastered to their heads. They were in such abandon that they noticed not the big man remove the rest of his clothing. He kneeled onto the bed next to the writhing bodies. His fat cock waved before him. Lindsey saw only hot meat as it approached her mouth. It was broad and veiny and was slick with Matt's pre-sex ooze. She used her hand to grab at the stout pole and yanks it right up into her gasping, dribbling mouth. As she gobbled down the first cock she'd ever seen, a series of gasping moans came from the girl as Matt stroked his rod in and out her clinging mouth. Vicky was enthralled by the sight of her lover sucking down this stranger's hard cock. She continued to grind herself into Lindy and was pulling and tugging at her own nipples. Her pounding and the salacious act she was viewing kept raising her libido higher and higher. Matt glanced over at the redhead noticing how hot and desirable she was. Against Lindy's grasping will, Matt pulled himself away from her and turned to the right to present his weapon to Vicky. She reached out and fondled his fuzzy sack, grasping him softly and dragged his tool right into her hungry mouth. Vicky had never imagined how she could be feeling at the moment...her pussy was mashing tightly against Lindy's cunt...her mouth was stretched around a huge sausage of a cock. Her mind was spinning, as Lindsey latched on to her sensitive udders and started pumping them for pleasure. The redhead began to squeal around Matt's thumping, driving dick. She clutched at the sheets and stiffened into a huge and satisfying orgasm. Her snatch sliding accelerated and this threw Lindsey over the edge as well. Both girls howled and crashed back onto the bed. They formed a lovely sweaty, gooey puppy pile. Froth had formed between the girls where they connected. Matt looked down on these slutty angels and grinned. His hand stroked and stroked his fat cock with increasing speed. The girls opened their eyes to watch as Matt brought himself off to the massive orgasmic blast that burst from is blunt glans. The first blast smacked right onto Vicky's little titties. Then he turned and splashed a nice big glob right atop Lindsey's round bosom. He kept spurting and the girls lunged to get the man juice into their mouths. When he was done, he was shaking his dripping snake over the two beautiful little virgins. From behind him a booming voice said "What the fuck are you all doing here?" Nine Everyone on the bed startled alert at the sound. The three men who had entered the room were dressed like Matt had been. Their badges all indicated "Security". The one that spoke, Karl, was about 6 ft 4 with blond hair. The second guy, Mac, was short and swarthy, with a goatee. Finally, the third emerged from behind them, another 6'4 giant, as black as the night. His name is was Bull. The girls were frightened again a bit and knew that they looked like total skanks as they were with Matt's cum dripping from their chins and their own froth and goo oozing everywhere. Matt sensing their unease tried to settle the girls back down. "It's cool darlings. Be cool. This is just gonna be a fun little party and you'll be doing just a whole lot more of what you been doin' already. You don't know how much fun you're gonna have. Look, they brought more bubbly wine. Relax." "But my Dad... He could show up any minute" Vicky whimpered. Karl responded with a giggle and said, "Don't you worry about your Daddy, girl. He is very busy right now and happy and will be for some time." Bull piped in with a surprisingly high voice, but a still very sinister tone. "So we got us all afternoon to play. Won't that be fun, girls?" Matt picked up the camera and started up the first of the two videos were Lindsey rubbed out on the chair. "Here, dudes, check this shit out." Looking the girls in their eyes, but speaking to his pals, he said, "That little girl there on the TV had never done ANYthing like that before in her life. Neither of them did. Now they have discovered a few good games. It's time they learnt the rest." "Yeah babies, when you leave Vegas, what we teach you here right now will stay with you forever. Enjoy, Babies" said Mac as he descended to the bed next to Lindsey. His hand wrapped around her shoulders as he watched the ripe young nymph on the screen. He looked at Lindy's face and said, "Start with my shoes, baby. Make me naked like you are." Lindy looked up at Mac, then around at the other hungry-looking men in the room, then at her own image raging to a full speed orgasm on the TV. Finally she turned to her friend Vicky. Her best friend's mouth was being stuffed full of Matt's thick penis. Her cheeks were hollowing and her throat was swallowing while Matt slid in and out of her pretty face. Lindy took a second and turned to the job of making Mac naked. The other new guys were stripping for action while watching young Lindy shoot her wad. Bull said to Karl, "Oh shit dude, look at that juicy fucking twat. She's blowing out cum like a man...shit...look at that hot little bitch go." This was music to the young girl's mind. She was now lost in the bosom of depravity and had resigned to live it all to the limit here today. Seeing the four big men around her, she knew she had little choice anyway. Lindy removed Mac's shoes and socks and had unbuckled his belt and unzipped him. "You be careful, there missy. Don't want no zipper burn." Carefully she was able to get his zipper down and reached inside. Laying there semi erect was a swarthy dark, 7-inch dick. Lindy pulled the cock up and leaned over to plop the head of it into her mouth. She swabbed her tongue all over the head of Mac's dick. She was sucking hard and Mac could feel his glans stretch and be slobbered on by the thick tongue. "Oh fuck man" he said, looking over at Matt "You saying this little cock sucker never had a dick before today? Sheeeet, oh man, suck you little mouth fucker." Now Lindsey was bobbing up and down swallowing his whole cock and stroking back up to the head. While she sucked she pulled down his pants and straddled his legs on her all fours. Her sucking was fast and noisy now. Now naked and fisting their dicks, Karl and Bull turned toward the action as TV-Vicky blew off loudly into her TV-Lindy-caused tremors. Karl was closer and got down behind Lindsey and pressed his face directly into her sweaty little crack and battered her anus with his sharp tongue. Lindsey jumped at the rapid contact and then moaned deeply around Mac's dick. She pushed her ass backwards and started humping against Karl's talented tongue. Her mind was exploding with sensation while the wet invader stroked in and out of her puckered back sex. She wildly fucked back at him when he jabbed his long thumb down into her shitter. Again her mind snapped as the stiff member in her mouth started to swell and her bum screamed with the pressure and pleasure flooding it. She felt Mac's hands on her head and his motions quickening. "Oh, man, this little cunt is gonna drain me. Shit she sucks like an Orrick, this one. Fuck!....UGHHHH CUMMING!" Mac pushed Lindy down his shaft and blasted off into her throat. She fought up coughing and spewing his sperm as he shot another thick rope across her face. As Mac was blowing his nut all over her face, Karl yanked her back toward the edge of the bed and easily hoisting up her ass. He placed his twenty-three centimeters of hard German inches up against her slimy butthole and twitched his ass, forcing his meat in her behind. Lindy was hollering on Mac's knees as Karl completed his task of butt fucking this 13yo virgin. His cock sank fully to his nuts into the little girl. Ten Vicky was groaning loudly around Matt's fat cock buried in her throat. His hands were entwined in her thick red hair as he twitched his buttocks forcing more and more of his raging dick into the girls face. Mac slid out from under Lindy's howling, humping buttfucked form. He went over and grabbed the camera as Bull came to the bed and slipped into where he had been. Lindsey's eyes were closed as Karl thumped his hips onto hers over and over. His big, hanging nutsack smacked against her throbbing clit over and over. She was losing her mind lost in the incredible passion of feeling the big man's long cock filling and vacating her previously virgin bunghole. Slobber was drooling from her mouth. Feeling a big body settling on the bed, Lindy opened her eyes. Staring back at her was the biggest cock in the room. Twelve inches of black-as-pitch fuck meat was winking its single eye, dribbling juice right at the oversexed young girl. Around the cock in her mouth Vicky watched as her friend dove onto Bull's huge cock. She could only get the head into her little mouth, but her cheeks hollowed as she tried to suck it in further even as Karl continued to ram his hose up her ass. Mac moved around the bed to where Matt was mouthfucking the lovely little redhead. 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"No, I don't think so...Thank You, Sir...Thank you for making me a woman... and Lindy too." Matt turned to her and lifted her chin in his hand, leaning down close. "You girls still ain't you are just little butt slut cocksuckers. We saved you for some other man to finish that job, honey. Enjoy the pool. I'll call to get this room cleaned. It smells like a fucking whorehouse in here." With that, Matt rose up, turned on the TV, pressed play remote, straightened his coat, blew Vicky a friendly little kiss and headed out the door. Thirteen Vicky turned to see the TV screen expecting to see she and Lindy with the men. What she saw on the screen shocked her to her soul. Her own father, Terry, was sitting in a big, comfortable easy chair. In his hand was a tall beverage of some sort. In his lap was the bobbing black-haired head of a woman in a hotel uniform! The camera pulled back and moved aside so that Vicky could see, briefly, her dad's big dick plunging into the pretty face of a hotel maid. Her uniformed gaped as one of her hands fondled her own breast. The other cupped Terry's ballbag. Pulling back further, the camera exposed a large screen TV that Terry was looking at as he got his dick sucked. On that screen, Vicky could make out the movements of several people having sex on a couple of hotel beds. The camera stayed on the TV screen for a while and suddenly Vicky realized that the scene being played out was she and Lindy both doubled up sucking and taking cock up their behinds. Vicky felt kicked in the stomach and started to feel sick as Lindsey jerked awake. "What...where...are they gone?" She languidly moaned. Looking around she noticed Vicky staring at the screen and followed her gaze. As she looked on, her own small body was being double plugged by two huge cocks, her face was contorted and eyes bulging, her muscles spasming wildly in waves. "Shit." she said "look at that. That was so fucking wild, Vicks." Suddenly, Vicky started looking around the room. She realized that the view of them on the beds was not from her handheld camera. It was from a hidden wide-angle lens up in the corner of the mirror. "Son of a bitch" she mumbled under breath. Meanwhile the image on the screen shifted back to the visage of Vicky's dad with the maid lost in passion on his throbbing cock. He lifted his glass and said out loud "Nicely done, girls. You've made your old man very happy, Vicky darling. Relax now. I'll see you in a couple of hours. Go to the pool. Have some other kind of fun. There's a cabana ready for 1302."