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I prepared another bottle of 'special' cola and grabbed it and a can of ginger ale for my Carrie and trundled upstairs. Carrie's door was again closed and I paused without, listening. I could hear soft speaking and giggling. I knocked and, again, was asked to wait before the door opened for me. The girls were all in a circle cross-legged on the floor. I could just imagine their cute little-girl pussies spreading out as they sat. I filled up all their glasses. While I was filling Celeste's she touched my hand as she held up her glass and again caught my eye with her grown-up gaze. "Uh," looking around, I mentioned "where's Verne?" Carrie looked up at me said "Verne was a little bored and I told him he could check out some games on your computer, like he has before. That's okay, right?" My first instinct was that it was perfectly fine. He'd used my 'puter before and is a responsible little guy. Then it HIT me. I had not cleared the browser window connected to the dark web site. SHIT! "Uh. Yeah. Uh, no problem, Carrie. I'll take him some more soda." and I quickly retreated from the room heading down the hall with purpose. - - When the door closed behind Tre Taylor, the four pretty moppets arranged around the floor breathed a sigh of relief. Just moments before they were admiring Carrie's birthday gifts. There was the typical pre-teen girlie stuff but the big attraction was the 'special' gift that Bertie had somehow acquired. It was a dildo. Not just any dildo, but high quality double headed vinyl cock about fourteen inches long and a big around as a cucumber. The detail included thick veins and two bulbous heads. In the center there was a representation of a nutsack. This baby was made for Sapphic love. When Carrie unwrapped the apparatus she beamed with lust at the idea of it and of the dirty thoughts of using it right then. She reached under the book by the desk and pulled out the Silver Bullet her father gave her. She was coy with the other girls about how she came by it (as was Bertie in how she acquired her gift for Carrie). But soon enough the glazed, drugged girls, as well as sober Carrie, became entirely distracted by the items. Celeste was fiddling with the bullet and got it buzzing. "OH!" she exclaimed as it startled her, "hmm. This feels pretty good in my hand. Let's see how it works down here." she said that as she lowered the small buzzing instrument to her panty-covered quim. "YIKES! Wow! Oh shit, girls this is excellent!" she droned as she pressed the tool into her stiffening clit. Meanwhile, Bertie and Carrie were fondling the double dong and soon lifted to their mouths and started to go down on it. The girls were eye-to-eye and stuffing the dick ends deeper and deeper into their mouths. Celeste lustily watched with her coal black skinny legs spread out, the bullet clamped to her pantied pussy. Poor little Debra was terribly confused by the carnal activity around her along with the bizarre feelings unknowingly brought on by the drugs, She panicked and rose from the floor, barely noticed by the other lust-crazed kids. "I'm...I'm going to the bathroom." Celeste glanced up and nodded. Carrie and Bertie had most of each of the dildo all the way in their mouths. They were lost to noticing the small, mousy girl leaving the room. In the hallway, Debra went to the bathroom as she said. She did have to pee. After her stream had passed she started to examine her own sex, in light of what she'd just seen. She was rubbing it and the drugs and sex around her began to have its effects. After she experienced her first small but sharp self-induced climax, the girl jerked to some sort of fevered reality and yanked her hand away and fled the small room. Back out in the hall, she heard noises from the master suite mingling with the groans and moans she heard through Carrie's door. She noticed a thin shaft of light where the door down the hall, Mr. T's bedroom door, was open a slight crack. She approached cautiously, her breathing labored and head swimming with images and dark, lustful thoughts. What she saw when she looked in that room rocked her very soul...Froze her to the carpet...And rammed her fist down into her panties. Mousy, tiny Debra was watching Mr. T getting cocksucked by Carrie's cousin Verne. Her poor addled mind snapped as the man's big, wet dick seemed to pulse several times while fully encased by Verne's little face. Then Mr. T crashed back to sit upon the bed... CHAPTER SEVEN Celeste had her panties off now, as did the other girls. She had crammed the bullet fully up inside her twat and her ass was quivering as she leaned over the other two girls on the floor in front of her. She had her hand clamped around the nutsack portion of the dong as Carrie and Bertie both slid the heads into there young cunts. Carrie was still, technically a virgin and she said so. Celeste and Bertie looked at each other and smiled "Not for long, girl." Celeste drawled. With that she started to jam the dildo against Carrie's wet pussy. Bertie had flipped herself around and placed her mouth right above Carrie's clit and lowered her lips and tongue onto the virgin's sex. Celeste was working the dick into the tight quim while Bertie was chewing and and licking and nibbling on the birthday girl's now very hard clitoris. Wagging her tongue back and forth across the hot button, Carrie arched her back in climax. When she did the dildo slipped in further aided by Celeste's consistent pressure. Carrie began to moan and tears came to her eyes, "OWWWWWW. OH FUCK. OWWW. That fucking hurts, SHIT, CELESTE! STOP!" The black pre-teen grinned. "Good, baby. That means it's working. It's busting your little pink cherry, bitch. You be liking this real fine in a couple of minutes. Just you wait and bear with this, baby. We won't let you get damaged, Carrie. We all been there." Carrie's cunt was on fire and the whole area around it was vibrating as she spasmed on the invading force in her cunt. Celeste kept pushing as Bertie kept lapping up the juice and overstimulating the pretty little girl. Celeste caught Bertie's eye, held up her middle finger and motioned it poking upwards. Bertie got the idea and moved her hand below Carrie's buttocks...rummaging around for the dirty little hole she hid there. Bertie found the hole and placed two fingers right to it, applying pressure. Carrie jerked with the contact and Celeste, knowing it was NOW, shoved that dildo deeply into the virgin. Just as she did, Bertie clamped her mouth on the clit and sucked in as hard as she could while at the same time ramming her poised fingers right the hell up Carrie's shithole. The girl on the floor exploded. Carrie's mind broke at the intensity of the triple attack on her sex organs. She arched off the floor sweating and groaning as the invading penis devise wielded by her friend started plunging in and out of her no-longer virgin pussy. Bertie could barely keep her mouth on the girl so shifted to full buttfuck mode and began to pound her fingers fully up into her friend. The full-on dildo fucking of her cunt and finger fucking of her ass brought the birthday girl to climax after climax. She was permanently arched and her girl juice was spraying out around the fake dick under extreme pressure, getting all over Bertie's face and Celeste's legs. Celeste too, as Carrie flew off the orgasm cliff, started blasting off from the bullet shivering inside of her. Noticing, Bertie reached out her free hand and plunged three fingers into the blazing red innards of the quivering cunt. She began pounding that cunt hard while continuing to pound Carrie's asshole. Celeste had jammed the dildo into Carrie right up to the nutsack and held it there as her own series of intense cums swept over her. In a few minutes the various orgasms subsided and Carrie collapsed onto her back as Celeste crumpled down to lay across her. The two were face to face then and began very passionately kissing with their tongues driving in out and around each other's mouth. Bertie leaned back and watched a little while feeling left out. She flipped herself around and inserted the other end of the dildo into her own steaming, dripping pussy hole. She pushed herself down onto the dong and felt Carrie jerking around at the other end. When it was fully in the hot little minx she began fucking it with her strong hips rolling back and forth. This caused Carrie to perk up and she started humping back at her friend. The two of them built up a rhythm and got into full-on Sapphic fucking. Their legs scissored together and they were thrashing around the floor while Celeste watched, languidly stroking her own scum-slicked cunt. She looked around the room and noticed that her little, virgin pal, Debra had not returned. Seeing that Carrie and Bertie were totally absorbed in fucking the absolute shit out of each other, the black kid balletically rose and spun around in place, glorying in the bullet still stimulating her inside. She opened the door and looking back to see the two lovers on the floor blasting off more wet, squirting orgasms, she walked out. Pulling the door closed behind her. In the hallway she could still hear the wailing and groaning in the room she left but also heard, from down the hall, the unmistakable grunting and moaning of more sex. She crept down the hall and peered into the room through, again, that slightly cracked open door. The first thing she saw was Tre Taylor's fit, enticing ass with his nuts hanging down. Below him, her mousey, pipsqueak, milquetoast little friend Debra was getting her ass heavily plowed by Tre's thick cock. She was grunting each time he sank fully into her hot asshole. And each plunge in was powerful and definitive. The grunting itself caused Celeste to go off again as she stood at the door. "Why you tricky little slut." She said in a whisper to herself. Just as she was about to push her way into that sex den, Celeste heard from downstairs, a knock on the door. "well I don't know what to tell you, dude, but the man with the money for these pizzas is in no condition to deal with this." The handsome, young delivery boy pulled back the pizza boxes and said. "No pay, no pizza". Celeste meanwhile was looking the fellow up and down. She'd seen him around the neighborhood and knew he went to high school down the street. He was 16 it seems. He was quite tall, more than six feet and seemed pretty athletically fit. Perhaps, her sex-addled mind figured, I can save Mr. T some money here. Chapter Eight Never mind that the tall pretty black girl was dressed in only a light blue sundress. Her rock hard nipples poked through the material and, if someone like Dylan, the delivery boy, had noticed they might have seen the rivulets of her girl goo running down her thighs. And, even over the smell from pizzas in his hand, the odor of sex permeated the little girl's area. Indeed, even a mild constant buzzing seemed to follow the girl around from the bullet still humming away in her twat. "Just gimme those boxes and let me go into the kitchen and get together some payment for you, Dylan. You come on in and close that door behind. I think we can work something out." The teen paused for a second and studied the girl. "OK." he said, as he handed the boxes over to the pre-teen "I'll bite. Here you go. But don't you screw me, girl, d'hear?" "Have no fear of that, mister. I will not screw you. Promise." Celeste grabbed the pizzas and made a lovely, perfect ballet move to turn and walk away toward the kitchen. The boy admired the lovely girls trim retreat, the long silky hair and her thin, strong legs as she headed away. He waited by the door, beginning to question his actions when she called out. "Oh, good. I got what I need to pay you. Be right out." Picking up the telephone from wall, the little girl dialed some numbers and waited for the call to be picked up on the other end. "Hi," she said "Dad, I think you need to come over here. Yeah. No, no. Everything is very cool. It's just our little mouse...she's roaring now." She listened for a moment and laughed "Hahaha. Yes, I think so. OK. See you in fifteen minutes. Just come on in. Don't bother knocking. Oh! And dad...You better bring Eddie along, too. OK. Love you daddy. bye." Around the corner she came. five foot three inches of naked Nubian princess came slinking out of the kitchen and toward the boy. Dylan was stunned into silence and backed up slightly as the girl approached. He could see the pair of apple-sized bumps on her chest standing firm and high. Atop them jutted out the most adorable and hard nipples, about the size of his little finger tip and bright pink. Now, when he looked down he could see her pitch black hairless pussy lips, just slightly sagging open with a stream of liquid flowing down from there to lewdly drip down her thin, strong thighs. "Oh shit! What are you doing there little girl?" "Who you calling little, sport?" As she said this, her hand reached out and outlined the hardening shape snaking down the boy's jeans leg. "Let's just see what all you measure little by, huh." With that, the slut dropped to her knees and instantly went about unbuckling his belt and zipping down his pants. She reached in down through the top of his boxers and grasped the prize she found there. Dylan let out a sustained moan as Celeste, demonstrating a practiced expertise, smoothly pulled his dick up and out while deftly pulling down the guy's pants and shorts. As she pushed the pants down, her mouth opened and slurped down the whole of Dylan's rod in one smooth motion. Dylan's cock was about eight inches long but was fairly narrow. He might be called a 'pencil dick'. Near the head, quite unusually, the end dips down for about 2 inches. Celeste noticed right away how Dylan's member was a ideal fit into her swallowing throat. She reveled in gobbling this one down all the way to the root. Soon pubic hair was tickling her nose as she snaked her tongue out and swabbed the boy's bursting nutbag. As she pumped his dick in and out of her mouth, Dylan fell against the door. She would sink him all the way into her throat again and again. Before long as she engulfed his cock she was able to add his nutsack to her mouth and she rolled his balls around with her tongue. Dylan started quivering. He grabbed the girl's head and began to wildly fuck her pretty dark face. His cock was bulging and throbbing as it fucked the cunt's swallowing throat. Huge globs of saliva from Celeste's gullet were covering her chin and dribbling in long ropes unto her perky chest and down her tight abs. She was a gooey mess when she sensed the boy preparing to shoot off. She brought the dick so that her mouth clamped to his knob and her one hand was stroking the smooth, wet length first rapidly and then slowing down to a more sensuous pace and the fast again. The well drilled little cocksucker was playing him like a slide whistle. She was hefting his heavy nuts in her palm while stimulating his 'taint' with her fingers. It wasn't terribly long before the guy was pounding his ass against the door and sweating like a pig moaning out obscenities as this precocious bit of black was pulling him to climax "FUCK. SHIT! YOU LITTLE SLUT. MY Fucking God, GIRL! JEEZUZ!" At this the boy froze. When he did, Celeste pulled that knob from her mouth and directed the pointy end right onto her lovely, tween chest with its two perfect little boobs. The boy grunted and let loose with a huge rope of cum. Then another and before he was done, he'd blasted about a quarter of a cup of jizz all over the girl's chest and face. He collapsed and slid down the door to heap on the foyer floor. "Dylan," the horny little minx said "I'm such a mess, Dylan. Will you clean me up with your tongue, Dylan? Pleeeese." This last in the most perfect little girl pleading voice she could muster while she coyly arched her back and swayed from side to side. In a few seconds, Celeste was cradling Dylan's head in her hands, kneading his nape and playing with his neck and ears as the boy, not with a moment of reluctance gobbled up all the sperm and sweat and spit on the her torso. He drew her lovely big nipples into his mouth alternatingly and swirled his tongue around them when he wasn't chewing on them or flattening them with his tongue as the girl clutch his head close. Five minutes later, a shaky, sweaty, disheveled Dylan was redressed and backing out the door. Celeste leaned up to kiss him passionately. "See. I said I wouldn't screw you. And I didn't......this time." The girl grinned and the thought of that bent weapon of his stroking in to her hungry little pussy as she watched his trim butt heading toward his car. Celeste looked at the clock and said "Damn." Then she ran up the stairs and turned left toward the master suite. She quietly pushed the door open and saw that all three of the nasty fuckers on the bed were sound asleep. She crept into the room and approached Debra on the king size bed. She put one hand across the little girl's mouth and with the other hooked a finger right up inside Deb's virgin cunt and began to tug her up off the bed by her cunt. She leaned down and put her mouth next to her neighbor's ear, snaked out her tongue and plunged into the ear over and over. Debra roused. Celeste whispered, "well, well, well little mouse. It seems that you've found some cheese you like. Come with!" With Celeste's finger still crooked into her cunt, the two girls quietly left the bedroom with Tre and Verne snoring softly. Celeste led Debra down the hall to Carrie's room and stopped at the door. From within she heard the unmistakable sounds of the two friends abusing Carrie's new birthday toy with complete sexual abandon. There were moans, groans, giggles and grunts from beyond the door. Debra looked up at Celeste. The gorgeous negro looked down at her and put her finger to her lips to silence the smaller girl. "Come on. We got a date downstairs." CHAPTER NINE "Daddy!" Celeste cried as she saw her own father waiting for her downstairs on the sofa. Earl Higgins was a big fella. When standing, he was about 6 foot 6 inches. When laid back on a couch with his legs stretched out and no clothes on, with a raging hard-on he was slowly pumping, he was about 12" tall and about 2 and half inches across. Eddie's head popped up from licking his own nuts when he heard Celeste's voice. In a beat, the 80 pound German shepherd was up on all fours and nudging his nose into his mistress' cunny corner, beginning to lap at her pussy. "Whoa, there Eddie...HEEL!" intoned the girl. The dog instantly quit what he was doing and sank into an attentive sitting position, waiting for further commands. "Hey there honey. Thanks for calling. I see what you meant on the phone." He said as he slowly and lewdly gazed up and down Debra's young stimulated body. Her hair was a mess. Portions of it were matted down with sperm. Around her mouth was red and splotchy with sex abuse. Her pussy, still unfucked, was nonetheless soaking wet and her labia drooped open showing flashes of the pink heaven within. He could see several streaks of cum, mixed with her bowel juices where they dribbled down her thighs. "Indeed girl," the big Negro said in a low sexy voice, "the time has come for you Debra. Get your ass over here, cunt!" he demanded. As in a dream, the small eleven year-old shuffled over to the couch were Earl was stoking his massive boner. Her eyes were locked on the huge rod which was nearly as big as the double-headed dildo the girls upstairs were fucking. She licked her lips as she approached. When she was close enough, Earl grabbed her up like a toy girl and spun her around so that her face was staring at the big 'eye' at the end of Earl's dick. Her tongue hung out of her mouth as her drool leaked down on to her friend's dad's wiry pubic hair. "Lissen here, Debra girl. I been dripping for your pretty mouth and this nasty little virgin cunt of yours," He hooked his own thick finger up into the girl's twat, pulling out a big dollop of her freely flowing girl juice. Debra jerked forward at the contact and found her lips stretching across the head of Earl's cudgel-cock. Earl used his two hands to lift the girl such that her pussy was positioned right above his mouth. Then he dropped the little right onto his lips. His tongue drove out up into the tiny girl causing her to twitch wildly and moan loudly. Celeste and Eddie were watching the show and when Debra began to writhe on Earl's tongue, she reached over and not entirely gently pushed Debra's head down unto her daddy's cock. She leaned over, fucked her tongue into Debra's ear and then whispered, "Isn't that nice, Debra? Don't you love my daddy big cock? Suck that big cock you tricky little whore. If you do a good job...well I can see that you will do a good job." Debra's head was now bobbing up and down on the thick shaft, her mouth obscenely stretched over the head and able to gobble down the first couple of inches. As the girl continued, she kept taking just a bit more with each stroke. Her moaning and groaning while sucking created a great deal of saliva goo gushing from the corners of her stuffed mouth-hole. Meanwhile Earl was eating the girl like a starving man. He would suck her stiff clitty up between his lips and use his tongue to pummel the little bead until the girl was going mad. Debra opened her eyes at one point and directly in her field of vision she saw her best friend Celeste kneeling over her big dog Eddie. Eddie was on his back and Celeste was in the process of sucking the dogs fully erect, thick six-inch penis into her mouth and massaging his big nutsack with one hand. Her other hand was wildly frigging her own cunt. Debra lost it and exploded into a magnificent orgasm. She was slamming her spurting cunt down on Earl's face as she took two more inches of Earl dick down her throat...swallowing like Tre taught her. Now it was Earl's turn to buck. His tight butt rose off the couch driving his dick more into the, horny grasping mouth cumming around his shaft. Debra grabbed hold of the shaft and started to stroke it rapidly. "Urrgrghhhh! FUCK, LITTLE ONE! YOU is soooooo FUCKING HOTTTTT!" the man growled as his floodgates opened into Debra's mouth and throat. The girl started to choke and gurgle with the massive quantity of man juice that Earl rewarded her with. Sperm shot out of her mouth wherever it wasn't crammed with cock. Earl's spend dribbled down his big dick, drenching his pupes with cum and girl spit. Across the room, Celeste had leaned forward over the seat of Tre's easy chair, her knees spread lewdly, two fingers of one hand pulling her cunt lips apart as the shepherd's long tongue plumbed the familiar depths of the sex-crazed chick. Her face was jammed down into the leather where Tre Taylor normally sat. She could smell the man as the dog ate her to creamy cum after creamy cum. She reached down, pushing with her cunt to extract the buzzing bullet which had been massaging her twat now for almost an hour. A big glop of juice followed the bullet out. Eddie made fast and thorough work of that. Celeste was ready. "Mount!" she ordered the dog. With no more prodding the horny dog, his dick dripping precum, jumped his front paws onto the chair on either side of the girl. He reared up and with a well-practiced, smooth motion fully sank his nasty doghood into the grasping cunt of the beautiful, horny girl. Almost immediately Eddie began to rock himself with almost blinding speed in and out of Celeste. The girl was lost. She was wailing constantly and added heavy grunts as Eddie continually rammed himself in as far as he could go. Almost, now, his whole sheath had disappeared into the girl. Then it happened. Eddie punched in one more time. Deeper than ever and his big balls began to throb. The dog was nutting the bitch hard and deep. His knot lodged up into the girl's pussy as he drained his balls into the human cervix he was clamped to. He whimpered. Earl had spent the last few minutes thoroughly overstimulating the little girl attached to his face. He was tonguing her hymen deep over and over, each time loosening that thin membrane just a little more. The girl was watching the utter debauchery of Celeste getting mated by her big dog, while her own cunt was being driven wild with lust. Earl was using three fingers to fill the little bitch's ass and was plunging in and out of that hole as he slurped down her gushing goo. When Eddie finished with Celeste, Earl said, "Ok little mouse. The undercard is over. Now it's time for the big event." With his words he re-grasped the tiny girl with his big hands and lifted and placed her facing away from him so that her sopping wet cunt, now gaping and ready was perched atop his mighty iron rod. "You sink down on me girl. Do IT!" Debra was humping herself down and up but couldn't get the fat head to go in. Earl grasped her hips and used all his strength to yank that cunt down over his glans and on down the shaft. Debra screamed as the giant black cock filled her pussy right up to her soul. As her precious cherry burst a squirt of blood, mixed with her own sex juice oozed out and trailed down the man's dick. She wailed and moaned as Earl lifted her back up the shaft. She let out a tremendous grunt as he slammed her down again. He practiced her up and down his shaft several times until her instincts caught up and she started rolling her hips up and down on him. Before long she was fucking him in earnest and stiff dick was driving her mad with passion in her tight cunt. To sweeten the pot, Earl stuck his fat thumb up her nasty little gaping shitter while they coupled on the couch. "SHIIIIT!" Wailed the former mousey little girl as she burst into another huge orgasm. Clap. Clap. Clap. "Very nice job, Earl." said Tre Taylor as watched, buck naked from his seat on the third stair, watching the grotesque actions of the two girls, the hung man and the large dog.