Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Backsash Badges 02 - Sam and Willa By CloudWriter All rights of publication belong to CloudrWriter The situations and people are fictitious. These stories are intended for adults only. If the ideas of incest, anal sex, and man-girl relations and any other kind of nastiness that I can concoct are offensive to you, you best stop reading this right now and log off of whatever site you are viewing this on, because it is full of nasty shit like this. You've been warned. Note: A series of sorts... Codes: ff gi inter "Are you ready?" 10-year-old Red-headed Samantha Perkins asked the pretty little cocoa-colored nine year old Willamina Potts. "I guess so, Sam. Let's do it, OK." replied Willa with a deep breath. The two girls were members of the Brownie Scout Troop 69. They were both dressed simply in tee-shirt and jeans and were safely locked into Sam's bedroom. Her parents and her 12-yo brother had left for his soccer game and would be gone for several hours. This was their final practice before their dual Backsash Badge presentation at the coming week's troop meeting. Sam sat down next to Willa on the twin bed decorated with pink and frilly bedclothes and several stuffed animals scattered at the head and foot. She put her arm around the smaller girl's shoulder and drew her close for a deep hug. Then she pulled back a bit and faced the face of the pretty little black-haired, black-eyed child. Sam moved forward until the lips of her mouth lightly touched Willa's thick lips. The two girls started exchanging a loving puckered-lip, closed-mouth kiss that lasted for several long moments. Sam's hands were freely caressing the back of the other girl. Willa's hands rested on Sam's jean-clad legs softly kneading the thighs like a kitten. Before long, Sam's little wet tongue darted out of her mouth and poked around the closed lips of the brown beauty. In response, Willa darted her own pink tongue out and prodded back. The two girls gently traded tongue barbs slightly in and out of each other's parting lips. The small tongue tips danced and twisted around each other. Sam pulled Willa closer and Willa's hands began to move slightly up and down Sam's thighs. The room was very quiet except for the quickened breath of the two kissing children and the wet clicking of their two tongues. After some time, Willa exhaled deeply, sank more deeply into the red-head's arms and pressed her face more tightly against Sam's. Her lips opened wider and her full tongue pushed deeply into the mouth of her lover. Sam responded with a soft moan as her own mouth opened to accept Willa's drive. Meanwhile, Sam's hands pulled up under the back of Willa's shirt and massaged the soft skin there. Up and down the smooth back muscles of the 9-year-old her hands slipped and slid. One of Willa's hands was insistently rubbing Sam's thigh up and down while her other dove under the older girl's tee shirt and encircled the soft torso skin it encountered. The girl's were now seriously lip-locked with tongues stabbing back and forth and around and round each other's. Their kiss was deep and impassioned with their two heads tilting this way and that to engage the other more forcefully. Samantha used her two hands to tug Willa's tee shirt up and over the dark-haired head of the smaller girl. Their kiss broke momentarily as the cloth was pulled, over and off the little girl. Her chocolaty torso was then fully exposed to Sam's wondering hands as the two mouths smashed back together in deep tongue- sucking, spit-swapping warfare. Willa used her hands to drag Sam's top up and over her red-topped head. Again they separated while the shirt was removed and dove back into each other with renewed gusto. Now their two naked tops were fully pressed together as the snogged nosily. The pure and silken white skin of the fair Samantha glowed even whiter as it rubbed against the olive-dark glossy skin of the mixed-raced Willamina. They were rubbing together their little prepubescent breasts. Sam's like two tiny tea cups capped with cherry-sized puffy nipples; Willa's cone-shaped and very pointed with long nipples. Their bodies writhed in such a way that their breasts slipped and slapped each other sexily while their wild kissing continued. Hands roamed freely as they hugged. Willa's hand wrapped around the base of Sam's head and caressed the other girl below her ear with her thumb while her tongue madly plumbed in and out of her mouth. The girls stopped kissing to catch their shortened breathing up and hugged tightly, mashing together their four lovely and stimulated titties. Sam's lips found Willa's neck and started to kiss and nibble up and down the dusky skin there. A wet gleam followed the path of her mouth as she licked and chewed on Willa's neck. The younger girl moaned deeply as Sam clamped on to the sexy little earlobe her lips found. She tugged the droopy skin into her mouth and was sucking on it in and out. Willa moaned again and again, as her lobe was fucked into Sam's tight lips. Her own hands were gliding all over Sam's body; one sliding up and down her back, the other vigorously rubbing on Sam's thighs. As Sam plunged her tongue deeply into Willa's ear, the younger girl grunted as deeply and instantly crammed her fist into Sam's warm crotch. This further enticed Sam into stiffly fucking into and out of Willa's sensitive ear. Soon, Sam's legs were spread so that Willa's hand could plunder the covered sex of her mate, while Sam tongue-fucked the smaller girl's ear insistently. "OH, Sammmm. Sammy. It feels so nice when you kiss me like that" Willa moaned as she began to unbutton Sam's jeans. "Ummmmph" was all Sam could say as her tongue continued its attack. Willa's work at Sam's pants progressed until the button and zipper were fully opened. She slid both her hands along Sam's waist and was able to put her thumbs under the waistband of the older girl's panties. She started to tug everything down Sam's hips. Sam helped by leaning back, arching her back and using her hands for support lifting her bottom off the bed so that Willa could bring the pants down and onto her thighs. As this was happening, Sam's proud little titties jutted out. Willa while still working down the pants leaned forward and sucked one it the delicious cherries into her lips. Sam groaned softly and moved a hand to behind Willa's head so as to steady the little girl to her task of mouth sucking Sam's tight little nipple in and out her fat, soft lips. While continuing to mouth-massage the wonderful puffy nip, Willa was able to get Sam's pants down to where the older girl could kick them off completely. Naked now and impassioned with Willa's ministrations of her nipples, first one and then other, Sam's hands began to work at Willa's pants. Soon enough the two girls were totally naked and writhing together laying on the bed. The Stuffed animals passively looked on as the two little girls moaned and gyrated together on the bed as if they were one. Their lips were now once more locked in desperate battle as their hands roamed each other's nakedness. Their legs entwined as their fiery, juicy sexpots scraped up and down against the other's thighs. Sam reached to Willa's bottom and grasped the two orbs of her nascent bubble butt. She then lay back and raised her knee so that Willa was riding her thigh urged by the insistent hands of the larger girl. Sam pumped Willa back and forth as she pumped her own knee up and down forcing Willa's young snatch into frenzied contact. Willa was moaning and slobbering while she chewed and nibbled the nape of her lover's neck. Willa soon stiffened in climax at Sam's focused efforts. Her legs clamped together around Sam's thigh as she experienced the searing pleasure of her pressure charged orgasm. When she started to breathe again, she grasped Sam's head in her hands and kissed her deeply and passionately. As she increased her kissing pressure she adjusted herself and pressed her own knee firmly into Sam's steaming sex. She began to jerk her knee against the redhead's private parts while her kiss transformed into a deep mouth fucking from her talented and hungry tongue. Sam's left hand grasped at her quilt, kneading the fabric into a knot as her young lover pressed forward her passionate kissing and thigh scraping. Her right hand found one of her stuffed dogs and she pulled it close to the chest where it intersected with Willa's. She mashed the soft animal against both their breasts even as her own hips began to twitch up against Willa's leg. She began her own mind-wrecking cum and really began to buck up and down. Sam's mouth twisted away from Willa's when her head began to wag and she grunted out "Ummmmph, ummmph" each time her ass twitched closed and hips bounced up off the bed. The two girls collapsed into a heap of glowing dark and white, sweating skin. Great sighs of breath esacped both girls as they lay spent in each other's loving arms. After a few minutes rest, the two girls gently began to make out again; this time slowly and leisurely, savoring each other's taste and breath. Their legs and arms twisted and sensuously slid against each others. Their breasts mashed together and the sweat on the skins mixed in a frothy sheen. Their kissing began to charge them up again and two girls' hands and legs started moving much more intently against each other. Sam breathlessly looked up at Willa and murmured, "Now, Willa, now. Turn around, honey so that we can really earn our badges. I want you so bad, girl." Lithe little Willa slithered about atop and young Sam and was soon repositioned. Her knees straddled Sam's red-haired head and her face was poised above the sex parts of her troop mate. Sam shoved her stuffed dog under head so that she can easily reach her mouth to Willa's exposed and dripping sex. Sam's snatch was glowing red and was ringed with the slightest downy coat of soft red hairs. Willa admired the glowing skin and pouty pussy lips that gaped slightly open. With Sam's heavy breathing it almost looked as if her sweet little virgin sex was breathing on its own. Willa lowered her head and dabbed her tongue down at the top of the crevice. As she did, Sam wiggled her hips and Willa pressed her tongue in harder. She could now feel the hot little nub of Sam's clit. It was like a little pebble lodged between the soft lips of the puffy pussy. Willa dug her tongue deeper and started to flick the nasty little bud back and forth. Sam twitched at each jab of Willa's sharp tongue. Then Willa sank her head and started to swab her tongue fully up and down the juicy slit, eating out young Samantha's pussy and drawing forth the creamy juices that lurked within. Meanwhile, Sam, using her thumbs, was pulling Willa's thick, dark lips apart and letting the clear and salty juices from the younger girl's cunt dribble into her mouth. She moved up and shoved her wet tongue up into Willa's sopping sex. She wriggled her tongue straight up into the canal of the girl's twat, and began a slow, full fucking motion in and out of the enflamed cunt. Soon she was jamming her tongue faster and deeper into the delicious confection of Willa's pussy. She was drawing out more and tastier Willa goo and greedily swallowing it down her throat. Sam used her thumb to mash down Willa's big-for-her-age clit. She mashed it and flicked it and twisted it with abandon. Willa was grunting and groaning into Sam's sloppy pussy even while Sam moaned and groaned into her own. The two girls were lost in Sapphic joy while each clasped mouth to wet, hot, sloshing cunt. Their actions increasing, their moaning and groaning soared as the two girls pushed each other closer and closer to another pair of crushing orgasms. As Sam was being quickly brought up and up by Willa's very hungry and talented mouth, she reached up her other hand and started to poke around Willa's tight little butt. As she mashed up the clit and sunk her tongue into full depth, she suddenly pressed her middle digit full on into Willa's sweaty bottom hole. Willa gasped and wildly sucked and lapped at Sam's now quivering pussy. The two girls roared into vast climaxes at the same instant kicking and bucking. Willa's thighs clamped down on with painful pressure on Sam's head but the pulsating girl just channeled the pain into the crashing cataclysm that enveloped her soul. Willa screamed into Sam's twat as the blast of orgasm shot colored flares into her clenched eyes. . . . Three days later, Samantha Perkins and Willamina Potts stood together hand in hand, naked and trembling before their troop. Their faces gleamed with the goo of the other girl and rivulets of their own cum slithered down the insides of their thighs. They wore only their Brownie Sashes, turned inside out. Each of the sashes displayed only the pink oval patch. Troop leader Gloria stood next to the girls. Her own blouse was unbuttoned with one perfect breast hanging out. Her face was flushed red and a bead of sweat adorned her brow. She spoke, "Ladies, let me say that we've had many lavender ceremonies, but I am sure that all of your troop mates will agree that yours has been among the most very stimulating. We all congratulate you on your success at mastering the skills of Lavender level." With this she leaned forward and pinned the oval lavender patch to each backsash. She completed each pinning by planting a deep and passionate lip to lip kiss on the girl. And each kiss was returned with equal ardor. Gloria looked to the troop, shoved her breast back into her shirt and buttoning it and said "Ok girls; straighten yourselves up, next week Lori will be going for her red ring badge. Good night, darlings."