Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Backsash Badges 01 - Tina By CloudWriter All rights of publication belong to CloudrWriter The situations and people are fictitious. These stories are intended for adults only. If the ideas of incest, anal sex, and man-girl relations and any other kind of nastiness that I can concoct are offensive to you, you best stop reading this right now and log off of whatever site you are viewing this on, because it is full of nasty shit like this. You've been warned. Note: Chapter One of however many it takes... Codes: f Mast, voy Young Tina Meyers sat on a elegant armchair. It's red upholstery was the perfect backdrop for her full head of silky blonde hair and her grey eyes. She wore a standard uniform the Brownies. The nine year old appeared nervous. She lifted her left hand so that she could feel the sash coming down off her right shoulder. She fondly caressed the fabric with the many badges of merit that adorned the deep brown cloth. Her tenderness toward the garment was evidence of the great reverence she felt for it, the organization and her troop. She smiled thinly and reached under the sash and began to caress her own chest through the khaki brown shirt of her uniform. She slowly squeezed the tiny mound of her breast, through the shirt fabric and her training bra. Tina closed her eyes as she palmed the tiny tit. Her other hand was caressing up and down her skinny thigh; stroking past the hem of her skirt onto the soft, pink skin of her leg. When she stroked back up she pulled that hem higher and higher on her thigh. Her sweet little tongue danced along her lips as she opened two buttons on her blouse and worked her hand onto the skin within. She slipped her hand under the bra's material and jostled it up her chest so that she could fully palm the soft flesh of her tender breast. She could feel the heat rising from her tiny stiff nipple as her palm twisted upon it. Tina's right hand was roaming up and down the crevice between her thighs. Her legs widened as she plunged her fist between them. Tina fully unbuttoned her blouse and had both of her perfect little A-cup titties exposed to the air. Her cherished sash drooped down her arm. Her marauding hand passed between the two sexed up little mounds on her chest. She stopped at the tip of each and pulled the nipple up between her fingers and her palm, roughly tweaking each one before firmly roving back to the other. Her panties were now fully exposed and her hand was rummaging between the vortex of her legs. Her hand was dancing up and down the front of her crotch. A dark, wet spot was starting to form on the filmy fabric. Tina's head was rocking from side to side; her breath was coming in shortened pants as her hands frolicked among her most sensitive spots. She drooled slightly as she reach down through the waistband of her panties and put skin to bare skin. The girl groaned as her own finger attached to her own trembling clitoris. She pinched her nipple hard as her legs widened and her left leg swept up onto the arm of the chair. Now her hand was able to roam freely along her slit below the fabric. The bulging paw could be seen twitching under the cloth as her finger curled up between the lips, tasting the sweet nectar that filled the entrance to her virgin pussy. The girl used her free hand to tug down her panties. Her bottom rose off the chair so she could yank the garment down between her knee-socked legs. She allowed them to slide off one foot. She fully pulled her legs up now and dangled one over each arm of the chair. Her wetly stained panties provocatively poured from her brown loafer. Tina was able to get both hands into the pleasurable act of pummeling her pussy. One hand tweaked and twitched her clit from side to side as the other dredged the crevice of her twat, spreading the lips and teasing at the inside of her cleft. One finger was curled up into her puss and was swiping up and down at the backside of her clit. Tina's head was thrown back onto the chair as her back arched. She was moaning and her tongue hung from the side of her mouth. A sheen of moisture formed on her forehead and her chest. IN the hollow below her neck a batch of her skin glowed redder and redder as she girl pushed her clit this way and that with her two hands. Then the svelte child began to jerk and twitch. Her hand stiffened on her pussy while her head flung forward. She then arched up off the fabric and started to wildly stroke at her full cunt. Her thighs were like cords as the girl banged herself into a mind blasting orgasm. Girl juice spurted from her fiery slit, frothing up around the rapidly pulsing fingers. Tina Meyers gasped out loud and slammed back onto the chair. She had slipped down and her twat was fully exposed. It was reddened and puffy, glistening with her erotic goo. A small stream of it poured from the bottom down onto the fabric of the chair. Her face glowed with sweat and the red spot on her chest was now nearly purple. There was silence. Suddenly a small explosion of applause and hoots came from the eight other girls and full-grown woman sitting opposite the exhausted brownie on the chair. The woman, Gloria Harms, came to Tina's side and put her arm around the grinning child and gave her a peck on the cheek. "That was wonderful, Tina darling. You have studied very well and the amount of practice you have put in is very obvious. All of us here are very pleased and stimulated by your presentation. Girls..." the woman turned to the other little brownies, "Do we all agree that Tina has fulfilled the requirements for first backsash merit badge?" "Yeayyyy!" the assorted young women called back. Tina straightened up in the chair. She tugged her sash back up onto her naked shoulder and brought her legs together to sit straight in the armchair. Gloria leaned forward, pulled back the sash to expose the inner part and carefully used a safety pin to attach a small pink patch on. Tina beamed with pride and joy as the other girls descended on her to see her reward and to give hugs of joy and supportive encouragement. She proudly showed her patch and some of the other girls pulled back their own sashes to show off their own patches, some with several patches of many colors, others had no such patches yet. "Ok girls," Gloria said, "it's time for our Brownie pledge. Your folks will be arriving soon to pick you up. We all meet again next week when Samantha and Willa will be going for their lavender."