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				The 'ABC' Plan 3: Seduction
                        by Clint Kalmkren
                        Copyright 2003

        This sexually explicit story is intended for adults only.  
Copies and redistribution are authorized, but no kind of fee is 
permitted.  The following is a work of pure fiction.  Any resemblance 
to real characters or events is coincidental.  This story is a sequel 
In real life, I do not condone coercion of a subordinate for sex, 
bartering sexual favors, or unprotected sex between strangers.  
However, I do find those things fun to fantasize about.

				Chapter 1

	I roused out of my reverie and focused on the wall clock.  4:58!  
My God, Joe would be arriving any moment!  I jumped up and raced into 
the bathroom.  Quickly I washed off my mouth and chin, and scrubbed my 
face and neck with a wet washcloth.  Then I hastily brushed my teeth, 
hoping that would freshen my breath.  I looked at myself in the mirror: 
mussed hair, damp cheeks, and naked breasts, with round nipples staring 
back at me like a blank pair of eyes.  Rushing back into the living 
room, I cast my eyes about looking for my bra and shirt.  They were 
lying on the floor.  Urgently, I slipped my arms through the bra 
straps, and reached behind my back to fasten the skimpy bra.  Then I 
pulled the tight T-shirt over my head and smoothed it down.  5:00.  
Just time to dash back into the bathroom and brush my hair.

	Finally, I paused for a moment to appraise the visage in the 
mirror: shoulder length brown hair, no makeup, powder blue T-shirt 
molded tightly to the shapes of my shoulders, breasts, and waist, short 
denim cutoffs, and bare feet with red painted toenails.  This was just 
the look Professor Sharpe had chosen for me.  He assured me that I 
looked sexy, and I hoped Joe would like it!

	Then I heard a knock on my door, and froze in momentary panic.  
Could I go through with this?  Characteristically, Joe would have to be 
right on time!  Collecting myself, I stared into the mirror, took a 
deep breath, and told myself silently: you can do this.

	As I walked over to answer the door, I glanced around my studio 
apartment to double check that everything was in order.  Bed made, no 
clothes on the floor, closet door shut, no dishes or food lying around.  
Good, I suspected Joe was a neatnick, and I wanted to make a good 

	I strode to the door, and yanked it open.  There was Joe, all six 
feet of him, with his curly black hair and electric blue eyes.  "Hi!" I 

	"Hi," he replied as he stepped through the threshold and 
unshouldered his backpack.

	"C'mon in," I said, gesturing vaguely toward the couch for a 
place for him to drop his pack.  "Want a beer?"  I asked.

	Joe looked at me uncertainly.  "Maybe we should finish the lab 
report first," he said.

	"Oh, c'mon!" I exclaimed.  "We don't have to start yet.  Let's 
take a couple of minutes to relax and have a beer first."

	I went into the kitchenette, and got two mugs out of the freezer.  
Snapping open two beers from the 'fridge, I filled the mugs.  The only 
difference between Joe's and mine was the inch of high-proof vodka I 
put in his before I poured the beer.  Carrying the mugs back into the 
living room, I wished I had put vodka in mine too, to bolster my 
confidence.  How could the Professor have put me up to this?

	"Wow, frosted mugs!" Joe said.  "I thought you invited me here to 
finish our lab report."  I was pleased to note that he was definitely 
checking me out as I walked back from the kitchen.  My clothes were far 
more revealing than what he was used to seeing me in, and I was 
heartened that he apparently liked what he saw.

	"Let's toast our semester of successful partnership," I said, 
handing him his beer, and clinking my glass against it.

	"Cheers," he said, taking his first swallow.  He regarded the 
drink quizzically for a moment, then took another swallow.  "What kind 
of beer is this?" he asked.

	"Heineken.  Don't you like it?" I said with a trace of unease in 
my voice.

	"No, it's great.  It just tastes a little strong," he said.

	"That's 'cause it's imported," I lied.  To my relief, Joe nodded, 
accepting my explanation.

	"Please sit down," I said, indicating the end of the couch.  
After he sat, I plopped down beside him, so close my leg brushed his.  
He looked disarmed by my unexpected proximity, but I continued 
blithely, "I'm so glad you could come over today.  It's not just to 
finish our lab report.  I really wanted to thank you for all the help 
you've been this year.  Without you, I never would have gotten an 'A' 
in Chem Lab."  I beamed my brightest smile at him.

	"Oh, sure," he said, leaning back from me slightly against the 
arm of the couch.  "I always worry about lab courses, you know, because 
if you mess up just one lab, there goes your 'A'.  I like regular 
classes better, because I only have to study and do the homework to get 
an 'A' in those."

	Yeah, right, I thought to myself.  It must be nice to be a brain.  
I'm only getting two A's this semester: one thanks to Joe in Chem Lab, 
and the other in Calculus because I fucked the Professor.  But Joe's 
not really conceited, he just doesn't realize how some of the things he 
says sound to other people.

	"Wow, Joe, are you getting all A's?" I asked, even though I 
already knew he was.  As I did, I drank a swig of my beer, and made a 
little gesture with my hand to encourage him to take a drink too.  He 

	"Yeah," he said with pride, "I want to maintain my 4.0.  That way 
I can get into a good grad school, or even med school if I want."

	"I didn't know you wanted to be a doctor," I said, touching the 
knee of his blue jeans casually with my hand.  I was trying to draw him 
out while we drank our beers.  Getting past the small talk was going to 
be the hardest part.  I never come on to guys, and I never make the 
first move.  Damn the Professor for getting me into this situation!

	Last week, when the Professor first told me I had to seduce a boy 
my own age, I thought he was joking.  But when he started spinning out 
this whole scenario where I would have sex with the unsuspecting guy in 
one encounter, I realized he was serious, and I almost panicked.  I had 
promised him I would do whatever he asked, but I meant sex with him.  I 
never imagined he would dream up something like this!

	As Joe blathered on about the importance of getting into the best 
grad schools, I noticed he was loosening up.  It probably helped that 
most of his beer was gone.  That was good, because I couldn't afford 
for him to be as starchy and brusque as he sometimes was.  I had never 
thought about fucking Joe until last week, but the Professor insisted I 
carry out his little sex drama immediately, and my lab partner Joe was 
about my only prospect.

	He was down to his last gulp of beer.  If I didn't move now, he 
would probably want to tackle our lab report when he finished his beer.  
Glancing away from him at the closet so he wouldn't see how nervous I 
was, I steeled myself for the pass.  What if he rebuffs me, I wondered?  
I'm going to feel like shit, and what will the Professor do?  Oh well, 
here goes, I thought.

	When Joe paused for a moment to swallow the last of his beer, I 
leaned close to him and looked directly into his blue eyes.  "Joe, do 
you like me?" I asked in my sweetest voice.

	Joe's eyes were slightly unfocused, but he seemed surprised by my 
question and my face inches from his.  "Huh, ... yeah, of course I like 
you Angela," he said uncertainly.

	"That's good Joe, because I really like you," I replied in a 
husky whisper, as my mouth drifted toward his.  Leaning further, I 
kissed him on the lips.  For a moment, he froze in surprise, and then 
he responded and kissed back.  I slid over, pressing my breasts against 
his chest, and embraced him while maintaining the kiss.  His body was 
stiff at first, but his lips were working, and as we kissed longer, he 
started to relax and mold his body against mine.

	I never start Frenching first, and I usually don't stick my 
tongue into the guy's mouth very far even after he does, but this time, 
I took the lead.  After a slight pause for air, I dived back onto Joe's 
mouth, opened mine, and shot him my tongue.  His lips parted and his 
tongue slithered out to wrestle with mine.  Relaxing further, he put 
his hands on my back and pulled me tighter, emitting a faint but 
satisfied moan.  So far, so good!

	While our lips were locked, I turned so my back was against the 
back of the couch, and Joe twisted to follow me.  This opened a gap 
between our chests, and his hand slid off my back.  I grasped it, and 
pressed it to my breast.  Joe jumped as I pushed his hand against my 
tit, so I jutted it forth to make sure he realized that I wanted him to 
feel it.  When he squeezed it through my bra, I wriggled in delight and 
kissed him even harder.

	So far, I had just been making all the moves the Professor had 
rehearsed with me, trying to glide naturally from one step to the next.  
Now I felt a little flood of passion surge through me as Joe's hand 
kneaded my tit and his lips and tongue massaged mine.  But, with a 
slight twinge of regret, I remembered that I was on a mission.  Keep 
the momentum going, the Professor had admonished me.

	Gently, I broke the kiss.  Joe's expression was kind of dazed, 
probably from the combination of the spiked beer and my unexpected 
passion.  His hand was still on my tit, but he stopped squeezing it.  
"That feels nice," I said with a smile, "but it'll feel even better if 
I take my bra off."

	Joe looked amazed as he watched me stand up, and peel my T-shirt 
off.  My bra was beige, with lacy half cups that just covered my 
nipples, and tiny straps over my shoulders and around my back.  The 
Professor had made me go though most of the bras in my underwear 
drawer, modeling each one, before he selected this one as the sexiest.

	"Why don't I just go bra-less under my T-shirt?" I had asked him.

	"Oh no," the Professor replied, "this is sexier.  It makes your 
boobs really stand out, and I can see every strap outlined clearly 
under your shirt.  He's going to be looking hard to see the points of 
your nipples, and this bra will tease him by hiding those.  Take my 
word for it, Joe's tongue is going to be wagging when he watches you 
take it off!"

	The Professor was right.  Reaching behind my back, I unhooked the 
clasp, and the thin straps went slack.  Joe's eyes bulged as I dropped 
the cups away, revealing my nipples.  They are fairly dark, and 
contrast well against the white curves of my untanned breasts.  Maybe 
because I was nervous or aroused, my nips were erect and pointy.

	"Well, do you like them?" I asked kittenishly.  I cradled a boob 
in each hand and hefted them a little, then turned sideways to let him 
see their shape in profile.  I have lost some weight this semester, but 
fortunately most of it came from my ribs, waist, hips and thighs, and 
so my breasts seem to stand out better than when I was heavier.

	Joe was agog at the sight of my naked knockers.  "Yeah, Angela," 
he stammered, "I never realized you have such beautiful tits!"

	I knelt on the couch beside him so my breasts were pointed right 
into his face.  He was mesmerized by my protruding nipples inches 
before his eyes.  Grasping his head with both hands, I pressed his face 
into my tit.  Instinct took over at that point, because he snapped out 
of his daze and started suckling my nipples, alternating from one 
breast to the other.  He was a bit too eager and sucked harder that I 
would have liked, but I still loved the suction pressure expanding my 
nipples inside his warm wet mouth as he nursed them.

	When he returned to my left breast again, I leaned over and put 
my right hand on his crotch.  I could definitely feel the bulk of his 
stiff penis through his jeans.  Joe jolted when I started stroking his 
manhood through his pants, but I just pushed my tit harder into his 
face and wiggled my body with lust.  I was getting more and more turned 
on, and I needed to communicate that sexual energy to Joe to rev him up 

	My next move would be the hardest of all.  I had to get his pants 
down.  Now I knew how guys felt when they were trying to get my panties 
off for the first time.  Will she or won't she? they must wonder.  Can 
I talk her into it?  Can I trick her into it?  Maybe I can get her so 
hot she'll think it's her idea and take them off.  This was the first 
time the tables were turned, and I was the one scheming to get a new 
partner to remove the last barrier to sex.  With a brief pang of 
retrospection, I had more sympathy for all my old suitors in the 
critical moments of their seduction attempts.

	Well, I'll do it the way men do it, I told myself: I'll take one 
small step after another, and hope he gets carried along by the heat of 
passion so he never stops to consider resisting.  Joe's hands were 
squeezing my ass through my cutoffs while his tongue painted saliva 
circles around my areola.  I stopped crudely rubbing his cucumber 
through the thick denim, and drew the zipper of his fly down.  Joe's 
hands stopped massaging my butt, but if that was meant as a signal to 
halt, I ignored it and slipped my hand inside his trousers.  Now I was 
grasping his prick through the thin fabric of his underwear.  I had no 
room to stroke him inside the tight confines of his pants, so I 
struggled to pull his dick through the slit in his briefs and out 
through his open fly.

	At that point he stopped me, and I felt crushing disappointment.  
Caught with my hand in the cookie jar!  I had been so close to 
succeeding!  Everything had gone just like the Professor and I had 
planned until now.  And I was hot too.  It would be so embarrassing to 
stop at this point, half naked and flushed all over with sexual 
excitement.  If he's mad, or he laughs at me, I think I'm going to cry, 
I thought to myself as I reluctantly looked at him for the bad news.

	"Hey, this is, like really great Angela, but, you know, I don?t 
expect any kind of payment for being your lab partner," Joe said.

	I realized that he thought this sex was just a payback for 
helping me get an 'A'.  If I talked fast, perhaps I could salvage this 
after all.  "Oh Joe, you've got it all wrong," I cooed.  "This isn't 
some kind of favor.  I really like you.  I've wanted you to notice me 
all semester, but you never seemed to get the hint."  This was pretty 
flimsy, because up until a week ago, the only chemistry between us had 
been our coursework, but maybe Joe was naive enough or drunk enough to 
buy it.

	"Really?" he asked credulously.

	"Yeah!  Really!" I said with my sexiest smile.  I leaned over and 
gave him a soft, warm kiss, as sincere as I could make it.

	"Wow, I had no idea Angela," Joe responded, with a hint of 
growing confidence in his voice.

	"Well, you're always so stuck in your books, it's a wonder you 
remember to eat," I chastised him playfully.  The remark struck home, 
and he looked a little sheepish.

	All this while, my hand had lain paralyzed inside his pants.  Now 
I needed to regain the initiative, before we got sidetracked any 
further.  I gave his erect prick another squeeze, and said in my 
huskiest, most seductive voice, "I'm not done with you yet fella.  I 
know something I'm sure you're going to like."  Looking directly into 
his eyes, I told him, "Help me pull down your pants."

	This was the moment of truth.  If he went for it, we were going 
to have sex.  If not, then I had failed.  His face broke into a sly 
smile, and he unfastened his belt, and undid the button on his 
waistband.  My heart melted with relief and lust.  He lifted his bottom 
off the couch cushion, and I yanked both his pants and underpants down 
to his ankles.

	Joe's erect cock sprouted upward from a nest of black pubic hair 
between his legs.  I'm not exactly sure why, but I like looking at 
men's pricks.  Something about seeing a turgid pole of red meat, all 
swollen and hard, makes my heart skip a beat, and it makes my pussy wet 
too.  Joe had a handsome prick, straight and fairly big; not quite as 
big as Professor Sharpe's, but still a nice size.  The purplish 
mushroom head of his dick seemed especially large, and it was moist and 
glistening with precum.

	I grasped his shaft, and jacked the loose skin up and down 
lightly.  "Wow Joe, you have a big dick!" I said, telling him something 
I was sure he liked to hear.

	"Oh really?  Uh gee, thanks," Joe fumbled in reply to my 

	Time to get down to business, I decided.  Joe was sitting on the 
cushion on one end of the couch, naked from waist to ankles, his cock 
aimed at the ceiling.  I sprawled face down across the length of the 
couch, and positioned my head in his lap, with my mouth poised just 
above the swollen head of his dick.  Not hesitating for a moment, I 
opened my mouth, and lowered my head, sliding his engorged glans 
between my lips and into the warm, wet cavity of my mouth.  Then I 
tightened my lips firmly around his shaft, and sucked hard, molding my 
cheeks and tongue tightly to the blunt contours of his cock.  Joe 
gasped and his dick twitched under the intense stimulus.  I could taste 
the precum that had oozed all over the bulbous end of his penis while 
we were making out.  This was just a tiny foretaste of what I expected 
to follow.

	I began to pump my head up and down, sliding my sucking mouth 
over most of his length with each stroke.  I've been giving my 
boyfriends blowjobs since I was 16, so I'm pretty familiar with what 
guys like.  I wasn't trying to titillate him before fucking -- I was 
trying to make him come in my mouth.  At the top of each stroke, I 
swirled my tongue around the rubbery head of his dick.  On each down 
stroke, I tried to get him as deep into the back of my mouth as I could 
without gagging.  Lately, I've gotten a lot of practice on the 
Professor, and I'm learning to go deeper.  I haven't truly mastered 
deepthroating yet, but I'm trying to learn, because the Professor wants 
me to.

	I was excited by the smooth hard feel of Joe's organ sliding in 
and out of my mouth, but he was taking a long time to come, and my mind 
started to wander.  I imagined what this scene would look like if the 
Professor was in the room watching (in contrast with my view, which was 
just inches above Joe's bountiful pubic hair).  Joe was seated on the 
end of the couch, with his head lolled back and his legs spread.  His 
pants were pulled down around his feet, and his hips and legs were 
bare.  I was naked except for my tight little cutoffs.  I lay along the 
length of the couch with my head bobbing up and down on Joe's cock.  I 
had pulled my hair behind my ears to keep it out of the way.  When I 
pulled my head up until only his glans was locked inside my mouth, the 
thick veins along the side of his shaft would be shiny with my saliva.  
My knees were bent against the far armrest of the couch, with my bare 
feet waving in the air, and my painted toes curled.  One of Joe's hands 
roved over my body, massaging my bare back, squeezing my ass, or 
sliding between my chest and the couch cushion to feel my tit.

	What was taking him so long? I began to wonder.  My mouth and 
neck were getting tired, and I had come close to gagging a couple of 
times.  I needed a short break to catch my breath, so I pulled my mouth 
completely off his cock and turned to look up at him.  The expression 
of torment on his face took me completely by surprise.  How could he 
not like the blowjob I was giving him?

	"What's the matter?" I asked.  "Don't you like what I'm doing?"

	"Oh yeah, it's great," he gasped.

	"Then why don't you come?" I continued, mystified.

	"I want to, but I didn't know whether it was alright to come in 
your mouth!" he panted.

	My God! I thought.  Here I've been, slurping on his dick as hard 
as I can for the last 15 minutes, and he's been holding back because he 
doesn't know whether I want him to come in my mouth!  This was a first 
for me.  None of the men I had blown before have ever hesitated to 
squirt their jism in my mouth without asking permission.  Guys always 
expect to come in my mouth, and they usually want me to swallow it.  
(The Professor is kinky: he likes me to collect all the cum in my 
mouth, and then show him how much he made before I swallow it.)  Joe 
was trying to be a gentleman!  At this point, my sore cheeks and stiff 
neck grated against my awe for his chivalry, but deep down, I was 
touched by his courtesy toward me.

	"It's okay, silly!  Of course I want you to come in my mouth."  
Joe's face brightened immediately.  "C'mon now, give it to me!" I 
commanded, and I plunged my mouth back down on his rod.  I gripped the 
base of his dick with my hand, and locked my lips over the taut ridge 
of his glans.  Jacking him off with my hand and sucking hard, I urged 
him to orgasm.  His shaft was already slippery with my saliva, so my 
hand glided over his prick like the walls of a vagina.

	This time it took less than a minute before I popped his cork, 
and the champaign came gushing forth.  I was ready to keep up with his 
spurts and swallow his pulsating stream of jiz, but just as the first 
burst erupted into my mouth, he thrust his cock up unexpectedly.  It 
hit the back of my mouth and made me gag.  Reflexively, I jerked my 
head up, and my mouth popped off his dick.  His organ continued to pump 
out powerful jets of cum like a loose fire hose.  All the while, Joe 
was squirming and gasping "Uhhhhh!" with every squirt.  Instead of 
tidily containing his mess in my mouth, it was sprayed in my face.  At 
the same time, I coughed on his first shot of sperm, and while most of 
it dribbled out of my lips all over his twitching cock, some of it went 
up the back of my throat into my nose!  Finally I managed to get the 
head of his dick back in my mouth, but by that time his flow of cum had 
ebbed to a trickle.

				Chapter 2

	That certainly didn't go according to plan!  Quickly, I hopped 
off the couch, and turned my face toward the closet so Joe wouldn't see 
me covered in cum.  I raced into the bathroom, and looked in the mirror 
with one eye.  I couldn't use the other eye because it had a big glob 
of jism splattered over it.  My face was salted in little white 
droplets, and shiny rivulets ran from my glistening lips down to my 
chin.  Seizing the damp washcloth I had used earlier, I wiped myself 
off.  Despite losing most of his load, my mouth was coated with semen, 
for the second time that day.  This was another first for me.  The 
Professor had insisted on a quick blowjob earlier, and this was the 
first time I had ever had sex with two different guys the same day.

	Hastily, I brushed my teeth, to get the taste of cum out of my 
mouth so I could kiss Joe again.  The Professor likes to French me 
after I blow him, but all the other men I've sucked off have always 
disdained kissing me with any vestige of their sperm in my mouth.

	Well, I had accomplished the first part of the Professor's plan, 
and I hoped he'd be happy about it.  But the Professor's little scheme 
wasn't finished, and I had to get back to Joe and commence part two: 
now I had to get Joe to bring me to orgasm.  I needed it too!  After 
getting used to regular orgasms with the Professor for the first time 
in my life, I had gone for a week without coming.  The Professor has 
ordered me not to masturbate (so all my orgasms come from him), and he 
deliberated avoided getting me off during our planning and practice 
sessions over the past week.

	I sashayed back into the living room, carrying the washcloth so I 
could wipe Joe off if he needed it.  He was sitting forward on the edge 
of the couch with his limp penis dangling between his legs.  "Gosh 
Angela, I'm sorry!" he said with a worried expression on his face.  
"You said it was okay to come, but I didn't mean to choke you like 

	I realized I could turn his apology to my next objective.  "Well, 
that wasn't what I meant when I told you to come," I said with a touch 
of reproach in my voice.  "You're going to have to make it up to me," I 
told him with mock sternness, my hands on my hips above my low-slung 
cutoffs.  Of course, I was still topless and barefoot, so I wasn't very 

	Joe looked at me uncertainly, trying to judge whether I was 
really mad.  "Remember Cameron Diaz in the movie 'Something about 
Mary'?" he asked.


	"Well, um, you still got some stuff in your hair, and I wouldn't 
want it to dry stiff like her hair did," he said with the start of a 

	Oh great!  I had missed some cum in my hair because I was in too 
much of a hurry in the bathroom.  Joe stood up, took the washcloth from 
my hand, and carefully dabbed the blob of goo out of my hair.  He gave 
me a big smile, and we both cracked up, which broke the tension.  Then 
he gave me a big, enthusiastic kiss.

	I broke the kiss, and pushed him away playfully.  "You're not 
getting out of this that easy!" I challenged him seductively.  Then, 
standing a step away from him, I unsnapped my shorts, and wriggled them 
and my panties down to the floor.  Looking directly into Joe's bulging 
eyes as I stepped out of my last scrap of clothing, I said, "I want 
equal treatment!  I'm horny as hell, and I want you to eat my pussy 
right now!"

	Not waiting for his reaction, I plopped on the couch and spread 
my legs wide.  As he gaped in astonishment, I pulled my labia apart, 
exposing my moist pink slit.  "Come on, get down here and suck my 
clit!" I commanded in a tone that brooked no hesitation.  Joe scrambled 
to the floor, and pressed his mouth avidly into my steamy cunt.  I 
hooked one of my legs over the arm of the couch, and thrust my eager 
beaver against his face.

	What Joe lacked in finesse, he made up for in enthusiasm.  His 
mouth bathed my labia and clit in saliva, and his lips and tongue 
rubbed and sucked my most private parts in frenzy.  Despite all the 
head I've given my boyfriends over the years, they have rarely 
reciprocated by eating my pussy.  The Professor was the first man to 
make me come orally, when he did it on our first date a few weeks ago.  
I don't usually climax when guys fuck me either, so I have come to 
believe that I am difficult for men to arouse.  The Professor tells me 
this is nonsense, and maybe he's right, because he always makes me 
come.  He says my old lovers must be inept clods, and that I have to be 
more assertive to get them to give me orgasms, rather than just letting 
them fuck me and leave me unfulfilled.

	"Suck my clit!"

	"Lick it hard!"

	"Stick your finger in me!"

	I ordered him around, and he obeyed.  I had never told a guy what 
to do during sex before, but I was getting carried away by each long, 
hard lick up the valley from my vagina to my clit.  My heart was 
pounding now, and I was panting with the raw pleasure of Joe's oral 
ministrations.  I dug the fingers of both my hands into his hair so I 
could steer his head and press his mouth into my cunt even harder.

	Finally, I pulled the foot that had been on the floor up onto the 
edge of the couch, so I could rock my pelvis up a little higher.  This 
changed the angle to expose my cunt even more completely to Joe's mouth 
between my wide-open legs.  "Stick your tongue in me as deep as you 
can!" I commanded with bated breath, and Joe drilled it into my vagina 
and wiggled it around.  That did it!  An orgasm exploded out from my 
flaming box and swept over my body in a wave of ecstasy.  I was dimly 
aware that I was crying out loudly "Ahhh!", but I couldn't help it and 
I didn't care.  Joe kept burrowing his thick tongue into my vagina, and 
the stimulation was almost too intense to bear.  After I peaked, I 
pushed his face out of my pussy so I could stop writhing with every 
twitch of his tongue and come down to Earth again.

	I had to get the boy to make me come, Professor Sharpe had 
insisted.  I needed to do this to prove to myself that there is nothing 
wrong with me, and I can get just as much pleasure out of sex as my 
partners.  I hadn't really believed I could do this in one afternoon 
with some guy I hardly knew, but like always, the Professor was right 
again.  Joe had gotten me off big time!

	I looked down between my sprawled legs, and Joe grinned up at me 
over my tuft of curly brown pubic hair.  His mouth, chin, and cheeks 
were glistening with his saliva and my pussy juice, but he didn't seem 
concerned about that.  I realized that he had actually enjoyed eating 
me and making me come!

	"Thanks Joe, that was great!" I panted weakly, floating in a 
post-orgasmic cloud.

	"Yeah, I paid you back even-steven," he declared with pride.

	"You sure did!" I affirmed.

	When he stood up, I noticed his cock was semi-erect again.  The 
Professor had predicted this, and I realized with regret that I was 
only done with Act II of the Professor's seduction scenario.  I longed 
to linger in post-climax bliss for a few minutes, but instead I had to 
usher Joe without intermission into Act III: fucking.

				Chapter 3

	I stood up too, hooked one arm around his neck, and pulled his 
mouth to mine.  As I gave him a very appreciative kiss, I reached 
between us and grabbed his prick.  I could smell my pussy all over his 
face, and taste the slight sourness of my cunt secretions in his mouth.

	"There's one more thing I want to do," I declared when we stopped 
kissing.  Squeezing his cock with my hand, I said "Fuck!"

	God! I thought, I hardly ever say the F-word.  Am I becoming some 
kind of slut? I wondered in the back of my mind.

	Joe looked at me in disbelief.  "I don't know if I can do that 
yet," he said doubtfully.  "And I can't believe you want to after you 
just came a minute ago!"

	Once more mustering the seductive attitude the Professor had 
rehearsed with me, I squeezed his hardening cock in my hand again and 
said, "Well this part of you doesn't seem to have any doubts!  And as 
for me, after feeling what your little tongue can do, I really want 
feel your big dick fuck me!"

	I turned my back to him and walked over to the nightstand.  
Bending over, I gave Joe a nice view of my bare ass, with a sliver of 
my cunt framed between my buttocks, as I withdrew a condom from the 
drawer.  "You're going to have to wear this," I told him as I 
nonchalantly tore open the wrapper.  Kneeling with his cock pointed in 
my face, I grasped his rod and stretched the rubber over the knob-like 
head of his dick.  As I unrolled it down the length of his shaft, I 
reflected this would be another first for me.  Since my mother put me 
on The Pill when I was 16 (when I was still a virgin), I had never 
fucked a man wearing a condom.  Most of the times I had fucked before, 
the men had injected their cum deep in my cunt without any more 
hesitation than when they came in my mouth.  But the Professor had 
insisted on proof that I had carried out his orders and fucked Joe.  
When he told me I had to show him a used condom full of Joe's semen, I 
was mortified.  Not only did I think that was disgusting, but then I 
realized I really would have to seduce Joe and fuck him, because there 
was no way I could lie about that.  After what had already happened, I 
didn't see why this would still be necessary, but I followed the 
Professor's orders.

	Joe seemed dazed as I led him by his rubber-coated prick to the 
side of my bed.  I threw back the bedspread, and reclined on my back 
with my legs spread wide open.  Even though he had just had his face in 
it a few minutes ago, Joe looked at my pussy like he was a dog staring 
at an unguarded sirloin steak.

	"What are you waiting for?" I asked, curling my index finger 
seductively to beckon him.  He startled out of his daze and climbed on 
top of me.

	Feeling the man's prick first work its way into my vagina is one 
of my favorite parts of fucking.  I used my hand to aim Joe's cock 
directly between my legs, and he wormed it into me in a series of 
little thrusts that penetrated deeper and deeper.  Because I had just 
had an orgasm, I was really tight.  My cunt was slippery enough, but 
the condom felt different than the bare skin of a man's penis usually 
feels inside me.  Even so, the length and bulk of Joe's dick felt 
wonderful as he shoved it home and filled me up!  "Mmmm," I murmured 

	Joe's body pushed down on mine, pressing my back and hips into 
the mattress.  My legs were spread, with knees bent, and the soles of 
my feet flat of the sheet on the outside of his hairy thighs.  He 
started pumping his hips up and down, slowly at first, and then faster 
and faster until he was really pounding away.  I loved the slippery 
friction as the length of his cock stroked in and out of the clasping 
canal of my vagina.

	I had deviated slightly from the Professor's script.  I was only 
supposed to let Joe arouse me when he ate me, and save having an orgasm 
for when he fucked me.  The Professor really wanted me to come with Joe 
screwing me.  He says my problem with fucking stems from having a very 
tight cunt.  I always just thought men's cocks were big.  Young guys 
have a hard time lasting very long anyway, and the Professor's theory 
is that my snug snatch makes them come way before I'm ready to climax.  
Compound that with the fact that my old boyfriends seldom spent much 
foreplay time arousing me, and that explains why I so rarely get 

	The Professor's plan for Joe was designed to fix this two ways.  
By blowing him first, not only would I make him happy, I would 
alleviate the pressure in his balls to come quickly when he fucked me 
later.  I was also supposed to make him bring me right to the brink of 
orgasm with his mouth, so I would be primed when the fucking started.  
I thought about stopping him before I came, but his mouth just felt so 
good, I was too horny to hold back.  I didn't expect to come by fucking 
now that I had already had an orgasm, but I thought I would fake one 
for Joe when he came again, just to make him happy.

	Joe lay with most of his weight on me, grunting softly as he 
screwed me.  Passionate heat radiated from both our bodies, and a thin 
film of perspiration was sandwiched between his chest and my breasts.  
His pole felt really good pistoning between my engorged labia, poking 
almost all the way up to my cervix at its deepest.  Still, after about 
15 minutes of continuous hard fucking, neither of us seemed to be very 
close to orgasm.

	I realized that Joe might have trouble coming.  He had just 
climaxed in my mouth (well mostly all over my face) a half hour ago, 
and his prick was sheathed inside a tight rubber raincoat.  I decided I 
was going to have to get off my back and help Joe come.

	"Hey!" I whispered in his ear.  "You've been doing all the work.  
It's my turn for a while!"

	I pushed him up, and we rolled over together, his penis still 
buried inside me.  With Joe on his back now, I straightened up and 
pulled my knees up beside his hips so I was straddling him.  After 
adjusting my pelvis slightly so my vagina was aimed vertically over his 
cock, I started bouncing up and down, lifting my body until the head of 
his dick almost popped out, then dropping back down to impale myself 
deeply on his stiff prong.  Joe gasped as each of my forceful thrusts 
punched his swollen member up into the narrow confines of my aroused 
twat.  He grabbed my bouncing boobs in each of his hands and started 
kneading them and pinching my nipples.  The pace and fervor of our 
fucking escalated.  Now we were heading toward a crescendo.

	I realized that I was going to have to really come to get Joe 
off.  A week ago, the Professor fucked me four times (well five 
actually).  He took a long time to come the last couple of times, and 
he told me later he needed to feel my orgasm to push himself over the 
edge to his own climax.  Given my history, I never would have expected 
to have two orgasms with a new lover within half an hour, but fucking 
Joe launched me upward to another pinnacle.

	My breasts were swaying in his face, and he seized one of my 
nipples in his lips, and tried to suck my whole tit into his mouth.  I 
slammed my bottom down, stabbing his cock as deep into my cunt as I 
could, and my vaginal muscles squeezed tightly on his dick as my orgasm 
started.  Joe froze in a seizure of orgasmic pleasure.  It felt like an 
electrical short circuit arced between our crotches.  Unconsciously, we 
both shouted "Ah! Oh! Uh!" as we came together, our engorged genitals 
throbbing against each other's in wave after wave of ecstatic 

	I slumped on top of him, and we lay cuddled for several minutes, 
feeling our pounding hearts gradually slow down.  Finally, I recalled 
some unfinished business I had, so I roused myself and rolled off him.  
His shriveled dick slipped out of my slick cunt, and I immediately 
reached down and slid the sodden rubber off.  Glancing down, I spotted 
the pearly glob of his ejaculate in the tip of the gooey condom.  This 
was the trophy I needed for the Professor.  I had done everything he 
wanted me to do, and I had final proof dangling limply in my hand!

	The Professor would have made me clean the rest of the cum off 
his dick with my mouth, but of course Joe didn't suggest anything like 
that.  He just stared at me with a kind of stupefied grin.  Finally, he 
spoke, "Wow, Angela, you're like a different girl than the one I had 
for a lab partner all semester!  You're like totally gorgeous, and 
sexy, and, and, so vivacious!  This past winter you were so quiet, and 
you never dressed up or anything, so I had no idea you are a total 
babe!  What happened?"

	What had happened to me?  I have never been called "vivacious," 
and not just because I never had a boyfriend who scored over 1400 on 
his SAT before!  I had spent most of my sophomore year mired in 
depression and anxiety as I floundered in my classes.  I lost most of 
my friends, my last boyfriend dumped my months ago, and I even lost my 
appetite.  At least that last part had the beneficial side effect of 
helping me shed the 15 unwanted pounds I had put on my freshman year.  

	Of course, my affair with Professor Sharpe was what turned my 
life around.  Even though I was hopelessly flunking Calculus, the 
Professor let me come to his office regularly for extra help.  He was 
always very patient with me, and I guess I developed kind of a fantasy 
crush on him.  I finally realized I was going to flunk completely out 
of school when I failed Calculus, so I worked up the nerve to offer him 
sex in exchange for a passing grade.  I was so desperate, I accepted 
what he called his "ABC Plan" without even thinking through what I was 
getting myself into.  "'A' stands for 'ass', 'B' stands for 'blowjob', 
and 'C' stands for 'cunt'," he told me.  I had to obey everything he 
asked me to do, and let him come in my ass, mouth, and cunt.  In 
return, he is giving me an 'A' in Calculus for the semester.

	I had three dates with the Professor, and we did his "ABC."  I 
was terrified at first to have to obey all the unexpected, kinky stuff 
he made me do.  But he was always gentle, and he gave me terrific 
orgasms for the first time in my life.  I discovered I liked being 
submissive to him; I guess I really have always been submissive with my 
boyfriends, but they never exploited me creatively the way the 
Professor does.  A naughty little part of me that I never knew before 
likes the surprises and the risks the Professor makes me take.  I have 
learned so much from him, sex will never be the same again.

	After our three dates, he told me our deal was done.  I begged 
him to keep seeing me, but he said no.  I was crushed.  A week later, 
he called me again, and since then we have been having sex whenever he 
wants, just for fun.  He is married and about twice my age, so I know 
we're not going to have a future together or anything.  I just get 
excited when he tells me things I have to do for him, even when they 
are really kinky or scary.  Seducing Joe was almost too much, though!  
I can't believe I actually pulled it off!

	I realized Joe was staring at me, still waiting for my answer to 
his question.  "Well, I've kind of had the blues this semester, but 
lately things have been going a lot better for me," I told him.  "I've 
been studying really hard, and getting my grades up, so now I feel like 
my old self again.  I just want to start having some fun!"

	He laughed and said, "Well, you certainly seemed like you were 
having fun there!"  Then he looked sincere, and said, "I had fun too, 
Angela!  You were so incredible!"  With a bemused expression, he said, 
"I thought I was coming over to finish our lab report!"

	I chuckled at that and said, "Oh, yeah!  I forgot about the lab 
report!  Hey, what time is it?"

	"6:25," said Joe, looking at his watch.

	"Damn!" I said.  "Joe, look, I'm sorry about this, but my uncle 
is visiting from out of town tonight, and he's coming to take me out to 
dinner at 7:00.  I've got to get cleaned up and get ready for him.  
We'll have to do the lab report later."

	"Oh, okay, that's cool.  It's not due until Friday anyway.  I'll 
just take off."

	Joe was obviously disappointed to have to leave so soon, but he 
climbed off the bed, collected his clothes from the floor, and got 
dressed.  I stayed on the bed, naked, and watched until he shouldered 
his unopened backpack and turned to say goodbye.  Then I jumped off the 
bed, threw my arms around his neck, and gave him a bell-ringing kiss.  
I stood on the tiptoes of one foot, with other lifted off the floor 
behind me.  Joe's hands caressed my bare back and buttocks while our 
lips were locked together.

	When we finally broke off, he gazed directly into my eyes without 
talking for a moment.  Then he asked, "Um, Angela, will you go out with 
me sometime?  I mean for a date, like to a movie or somethin'?"

	I smiled back at him and said, "Of course, you dummy!"  I tousled 
his already rumpled hair, and he grinned.

	"Great!  I'll call you tomorrow!  Bye!"  He kissed me briefly on 
the lips again, and left.

				Chapter 4

	As soon as I locked the door behind him, my closet door burst 
open, and out strode the Professor, arms raised in jubilation.  He 
grabbed me by the shoulders, and beamed at me triumphantly.  "Angie, 
you did it!  You just gave that boy the sucking and fucking of his 
life!  He's never going to forget this afternoon as long as he lives, 
and neither will I!  You were great!  You did everything right.  You 
got him to blow his wad twice, and it looked like you came twice too!  
Am I right?"

	"Yeah," I replied.  I was completely drained by the afternoon's 
drama.  The challenge of seducing Joe was more than enough for me, but 
doing it with the Professor watching from my closet had been almost 

	I had been nervous all day.  After my last class, I had come home 
at 3:00, and puttered and fidgeted around the apartment, getting 
dressed, cleaning up, and mentally rehearsing my impending encounter 
with Joe.  I was completely taken by surprise when the Professor showed 
up at 4:30.  At first I thought he was just stopping by to give me a 
last-minute pep talk, but after he finished that, he announced "Angela, 
I'm so excited that you're about to fuck Joe, I can't stand it.  I need 
you to give me some relief right now!  Kneel down," he said, indicating 
the floor in front of where he stood, "and blow me."

	I was so shocked by this unexpected demand, I felt like I was in 
some sort of trance.  It was 4:45 already!  I knelt in front of him 
while he unbuckled his belt, and I helped him pull his pants and 
undershorts down.  He was certainly right about being excited.  His 
cock was already long and hard, and he pointed it right into my face.  
I cupped his balls in one hand, grasped his thick shaft in the other, 
and slid my mouth over his swollen knob.  Fretting about how little 
time I had before Joe was due to arrive, I tried to work fast.  My lips 
clung tightly around the girth of his inflated dick as I cycled my head 
back and forth over as much of his length as I could manage.  At the 
same time, I fondled his testicles through his hairy scrotum and jacked 
the base of his shaft with my hands.

	After a few minutes, he stopped me and said, "Take off your shirt 
and bra so I can see your tits while I come!"  I dutifully stripped the 
shirt off over my head, and shed the bra onto the floor.  The Professor 
reached down and grabbed my breasts in his hands, squeezing them with 
his fingers and pressing my erect nipples into his palms.

	"Good!  Now put your hands behind your back," he ordered.  Dazed 
with worry and uncertainty, I held one hand in the other behind the 
small of my back.  Now I faced his angry prick inches from my mouth, 
kneeling, naked from the waist up.  He seized my head in both hands, 
pushed his dick into my open mouth, and commanded, "Suck hard!"

	I locked my mouth down around his cock and sucked as hard as I 
could.  He began pumping his hips, fucking my mouth.  Long inches of 
his swollen cylinder slid past my lips as his glans reciprocated back 
and forth through the length of my mouth.  With my head locked in his 
hands and his powerful hips thrusting in my face, I was terrified that 
he would force his cock too deep into my throat.  I was defenseless 
with my hands behind my back.  He almost did, but always stopped just 
short of gagging me.

	Sometimes the Professor takes a long time to come, but 
fortunately he was quick this time.  Just as I was starting to panic 
that Joe would arrive while the Professor's dick was still in my mouth, 
he let loose.  Suddenly my mouth was full of a squirt of gooey cum.  As 
I tried to swallow it, he shoved his cock forward and forced some of 
the cum out past my lips.  My whole mouth was filled with his pulsing 
prick, and slippery semen coated his dick and my mouth as he continued 
to ejaculate more and more.  "Oh yeah!  Oh fuck yeah!  Uh!  Uh!  Uh!" 
he grunted as he came.

	After another precious minute elapsed, he was finished, and he 
pulled his slimy penis out of my mouth.  Even though I had swallowed 
most of it, my lips and chin were dripping with cum that had squished 
out around the sides of his dick.  A couple of milky drips decorated 
the tops of my bare breasts.

	"Nice blowjob," he said casually, as if he was talking about the 
decor of my apartment.  I was dazed.

	As he pulled up his pants, he told me something so shockingly 
unexpected that I had no reaction.  "I'm going to stay and hide in the 
closet so I can watch you fuck Joe.  Don't look at the closet door or 
do anything suspicious.  Just pretend I'm not here, and do everything 
the way we planned."

	The Professor had gone over dozens of details and alternatives 
when he was planning the seduction with me, but he had never mentioned 
his intention to watch me until the last minute.  I realized he had 
planned it all along though.  My closet door is louvered, so he could 
see out through the gaps between the slats.  With the door shut and the 
closet dark, he could see everything in my studio apartment without 
being seen himself.

	As the closet door clicked shut, I roused out of my reverie and 
realized it was 4:58.  I had to forget about the blowjob, forget about 
the Professor watching from the closet, and get ready for Joe!  I 
needed to wipe the cum off my face, brush my teeth to get the taste of 
it out of my mouth, and get my bra and shirt back on, quick!

				Chapter 5

	"Angela?" Professor Sharpe asked, pulling me back to the present.  
"Show me the rubber Joe fucked you with."

	Gross!  Why would he want to see that, I wondered?  He had just 
watched it, wrapped around Joe's cock, plunge in and out of my cunt for 
20 minutes.  I found the condom on my nightstand, crumpled in a sticky 
heap like wilted yellow plant.  Trying to conceal my disgust, I dangled 
it from two fingers for the Professor to inspect.  He studied the white 
glob hanging in the tip and said, "Not bad for his second load in less 
than an hour.  What happened the first time, when he came in your 

	"Oh, right when he came, he shoved his dick up and it gagged me," 
I said.  "He caught me by surprise and I jerked my head up, so his dick 
came out of my mouth and he shot most of his cum on my face before I 
could get my mouth back on it and swallow the rest."

	The Professor laughed and said, "I thought something like that 
must have happened.  I saw your face when you ran into the bathroom, 
and he sprayed you pretty good.  You had cum all over one eye and a lot 
more running down your chin.  He shot a big load that time!"

	My cheeks and bare chest flushed with embarrassment as the 
Professor reminded me how humiliated I had felt when I choked on Joe's 
cock and had to dash off to the bathroom with my face covered with cum.

	"How did his cum taste?" the Professor asked.

	"Oh, about like usual," I said, unconsciously wrinkling my noise.  
What was I supposed to say?  Give some commentary about subtle flavors 
and delicate aromas like a wine critic?  I don't like the taste of cum, 
and I think it all tastes about the same.

	"No point in letting that go to waste," the Professor said, 
pointing to the tip of the condom.  "I want you to lick the cum out of 
that and swallow it!"

	Oh God!  Where does he come up with these things? I wondered.  
The one thing I most wish I could change about the Professor is his 
obsession with cum.  Here I had just put on a whole live sex show for 
him, and now he was demanding I lick out a used rubber!

	I dangled the condom upside down over my open mouth.  Squeezing 
from the tip like I was working the last bit of toothpaste out of its 
tube, I exuded the glob of ejaculate out onto my tongue.  It dripped 
out in a couple of big, viscous drops.  Unlike the cum I usually 
swallow, this was cold already, and it evoked the nauseating thought of 
a slimy slug crawling across my tongue.  I swallowed, barely 
suppressing a gag.  Then I pushed the condom inside out with my finger, 
and sucked on it, pulling it out through my lips like I was sucking the 
sauce off a fat strand of spaghetti.  Looking up defiantly at the 
Professor, I dropped the empty condom on the floor.  Inside my mouth, I 
wiped my tongue against my teeth to scrape off the cold scum of Joe's 

	"Okay, lie down on the bed.  It's my turn to fuck you," the 
Professor said.

	Although I had already had more than enough sex for the day, I 
complied without a word.  I was still nude, because I hadn't gotten 
dressed after fucking Joe.  Quickly, Professor Sharpe shed his clothes 
and climbed on top of me.  He was stiff already, and made no attempt at 
foreplay.  I spread my legs and he guided his cock to the entrance of 
my vagina and started stuffing it in.  I was surprised that I wasn't 
wet anymore, and of course Joe had come in the rubber so I didn't have 
any of his cum in my cunt for lubrication either.

	My vagina was tight and not very slippery, so the Professor had 
to push and wiggle to work his big cock up inside me.  When he finally 
had it shoved all the way in, he rolled his hips around, pressing his 
groin against my pussy lips and his pubic bone against my clit.  It 
would have felt good if I hadn't just finished fucking Joe 20 minutes 
earlier.  I started to lubricate, and he started sliding his pole in 
and out.  As I got slicker, he fucked faster, until after a few moments 
he was really pounding away on me.

	The Professor started talking while he fucked me.  "Angela, you 
did a good job of keeping the action visible while you were fucking 
Joe.  Even though it was all the way across the room, I could see your 
mouth sliding up and down on his dick very clearly when you were 
blowing him.  He's got a nice big dick, doesn't he?"

	"Yeah!" I panted.

	He paused for breath for a moment while still screwing me, then 
continued, "But I really got a great view while you two were fucking.  
The closet is right across from the foot of the bed, so I was looking 
right up between his legs when he was fucking you from on top.  He was 
stuffing your cunt pretty good, wasn't he?"

	I grunted affirmative.  It was weird to listen to the Professor 
recap Joe fucking me at the same time he was fucking me.

	"I really liked when you climbed on top of him.  It was great 
watching his cock disappear up inside you every time you humped your 
ass down!  And I almost had an orgasm myself when you guys came!  It 
sounded like you both came really hard, even though it was the second 
time for both of you!"

	After that, mercifully, the Professor stopped talking.  He just 
lay on top of me, and kept up a steady fucking rhythm.

	I like the Professor to fuck me, and usually I find it very 
arousing, but at that point, after the strain of seducing Joe and two 
orgasms, I wasn't in the mood.  I didn't just lay there, I rocked and 
made little grunts with his thrusts, but I wasn't getting off again.  
After fucking me for a while, the Professor stopped and asked me, 
"What's the matter?  Don't you like fucking two guys in a row?"

	"Oh, it feels nice, but I'm really tired and I don't think I can 
come again.  You just go ahead and come whenever you want," I replied.

	"Okay," he said, pulling out of me, "Get on your hands and 

	He got off the bed for a moment.  I rolled over and got on all 
fours, with my knees wide so he could fuck me from behind.  When I 
looked back at him, I was surprised to see he was unrolling a condom 
onto his dick.  The Professor had never fucked me with a condom before, 
and I didn't understand why he would start now in the middle of a fuck.

	"What are you doing?" I asked as he produced a tube of 
lubricating jelly and put a dollop on the end of his latex-shrouded 

	"I'm going to fuck you in the ass, and I didn't want to take the 
time to give you an enema, so I'm going to use this condom to keep my 
dick clean," he answered.

	Oh God!  The other big thing I would change about the Professor 
if I could is his predilection for anal sex.  The first time I ever did 
it was on my third date with him.  I had promised to let him fuck me in 
the ass as the final part of my deal to get an 'A' in Calculus.  That 
night he gave me a surprise enema, bent me over the back of my couch, 
and pounded his cock up my ass for what seemed like an hour.  My 
anxiety beforehand was much worse than the actual discomfort of anal 
intercourse, and eventually we both had huge orgasms.  Since then he 
has fucked me in the ass several more times, and I'm getting used to 
it.  I wish his dick wasn't so big, but when he stimulates my cunt 
while he is fucking my ass, I come really hard.

	This time I was completely unprepared.  He rubbed lubricating 
jelly around my asshole with his finger, and then poked the finger into 
my rectum and wiggled it around.  I quelled a rush of panic about my 
imminent anal invasion, and tried to relax my sphincter muscles so he 
could stretch me open less painfully.

	After a minute he yanked his finger out of my ass, and knelt 
behind my buttocks.  I felt the wet tip of his jelly and condom coated 
cock poke against my asshole, and he grabbed my hips in both hands to 
brace me.  The force of his blunt dick pushed hard against my poor 
puckered little asshole.  I pushed back like I was trying to shit to 
make the muscles dilate.  Abruptly, the head of his prick punched 
through the tight ring of my anus, and I gasped as it stretched around 
his fat circumference.

	"Uh! Oh! Wait!" I pleaded, but once the head of his cock had 
forced its way past my asshole, he pulled my hips back and shoved more 
than half his length up my butt.  At that point he poked into something 
inside me that hurt even more than the burning sensation of my taut 
anus and rectum.  He pulled back, shifted his angle slightly, and 
thrust forward again, this time sinking home all the way until his 
hairy groin slapped against my smooth butt cheeks.

	I could only moan with the incredible fullness my ass felt, 
stuffed to the hilt with the Professor's long, fat dick.

	"I hope you're not bored anymore Angie!" snarled the Professor 
behind me.  "Since you were tired of getting fucked in the cunt, I 
thought I'd see how you liked getting your ass fucked instead."

	He started screwing my ass fast and hard.  As his cock stroked in 
and out, the burning sensation caused by the sudden stretching of my 
asshole gradually diminished.  It was replaced by that numbing sliding 
friction and the bruising feeling of his cock probing deep inside me.

	"Rub your clit!" he ordered.  I lowered my shoulders and lay my 
cheek on my left forearm on the bed.  With my right hand, I reached up 
between my legs, spread my pussy lips open, and pressed three fingers 
against the hot, moist nubbin of my clitoris.  I was plenty wet now, 
and I began to push my swollen clitty around and around in fast little 

	I have to admit that, after a while, getting fucked in the ass 
started to feel good.  My cunt was engorged with blood, and my labia 
and clit throbbed with my pounding heart.  I was bent at the hips so my 
shoulders and head rested on the bed, and my breasts swayed with the 
Professor's thrusts, brushing my hard nipples lightly against the 
sheets.  Meanwhile, his hips made regular smacking noises against my 
butt cheeks, and his balls gently slapped my cunt from behind.  I 
noticed we were both moaning and panting hard.

	Finally he stopped, and I wondered whether he had come.  "I want 
to finish in your cunt!" he declared, and pulled the whole length of 
his pole out of my ass with a rude slurping noise.

	I looked back again, and watched him peel the rubber off his cock 
and toss it away.  And then he aimed his bare dick back into my cunt, 
and thrust it home.  My rectum contracted hard around the void left by 
his withdrawn prick.  I was still rubbing my clit with my hand, and the 
jolt of his cock spearing into my vagina catapulted me into orgasm.  
"Oh, oh, oh!" I exclaimed, but I didn't even hear myself, because the 
Professor was shouting, "Ah, fuck!  Oh, fuck!  Oh, yeah!" over the top 
of my cries.  As he fucked his dick in and out of my cunt, it suddenly  
felt much slipperier inside me.  Some part of me realized he was 
squirting cum in my cunt, and that made my orgasm even better.

	As soon as he finished, he pulled his cum-coated cock out and we 
both slumped down on the bed.  I fell asleep for a while, and he 
probably did too.  When I woke, he was coming out of the bathroom, 
still naked.  I lay nude on the bed and watched him dress.  When he was 
ready to go, he came over a sat on the edge of the bed beside me.

	"Angela, you are one hot chick!" he said.  "You have the power, 
the looks, and the techniques to have whatever kind of sex with whoever 
you want whenever you want.  If you didn't learn that today, you never 
will.  Don't ever let me hear you say you have trouble having orgasms 

	"I've got to go now.  I want you to invite Joe over and let me 
watch you have sex with him again.  Next time, I want you to let him 
fuck you in the ass."

	Without waiting for a response from me, he unlocked the door and 
walked out.

	I was left staring at the door, thinking.  Had he done this to 
help me?  Was this really some kind of lesson to empower me?  I felt my 
burning rectum, still smarting from the reaming by his cock.  I felt 
the moist stickiness on my thighs from his cum oozing out of my cunt.  
I remembered the flood of his cum, squishing out of my lips and down my 
chin when he fucked my mouth.  And I remembered stripping for Joe, 
sucking Joe, fucking Joe, while the Professor watched us, hidden in the 
closet.  Was he really mentoring me, or was I just a sex toy for him to 
use to act out his fantasies?

	The most disturbing thing wasn't that I didn't know which of 
these alternatives was the truth.  It was the uncomfortable realization 
that I wanted to be his sex toy.  Even though I liked Joe, and it would 
be nice to have a boyfriend my own age again, I desperately wanted to 
keep seeing the Professor, and let him control me, use me, even 
humiliate me.  I was becoming a slut, and I was starting to like the 
idea of being a slut, just so long as I was the Professor's slut.


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