Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Wildflowers Part 5 by Chris Hailey, Copyright 2016 Story codes: Mfg, sisters, historical, oral Summary: Part five of the epic tale of twelve year old Marilyn and her trek across the United States. Historical lolita erotica in a romantic setting! =============== It were the next day that we come upon the wagon train. We was up on a ridge, and when we crested it, we look down into the valley and there was the covered wagons, stopped in the middle in the wide open and huddled up like they hadn't even left yet for the day, even though it were a nice bright sunshining day which were perfect for moving. And them out there in the wide open of the valley were a problem, because we weren't the first peoples at that there ridge. When we got there, there already was an assembled mass of Natives, a hundred of them at least, and they were dressed up all colorful with their feathers and all. Ready for war, that's what they was. When I sees that their leader was Chief Red Wolf, the Indian man whom we met a few days earlier, my heart fell. He'd told us he'd kill us if he saw us again, and them Indians seemed bent upon killing somebody, and here we were just riding right into their midst like a bunch of fools. But theirs attention was focused entirely on the wagon train below, and it sure looked like they was fixing to attack it. Little Crow quick alighted from the wagon and hallooed out in her native tongue and the Indians all looked over at us, most of them with a menacing scowl. Chief Red Wolf, together with the man we met before who serves as his translator, rode over to us, calling back behind him and a dozen warriors kicked their horses and rode along be. After Little Crow and the chief exchanged some words, the English speaking Indian turned to Dunlap. "We got no business with you. You ride back, where you came, and leave here forever, and Chief Red Wolf say no harm will come to you." "What about the wagon train," I said, nodding down into the valley after the wagons down there. The Indian man looked at me, a bit surprised and perhaps a bit amused as well I suppose, to have a girl so young as me addressing him so forwardly. He exchanged a couple words with the chief, and then said to Dunlap again, "We attack wagons. You gone before it starts." "Please sir," I said to him. "My mama and my sister Jane are in amongst them wagons, and I was just about to set off to gather them up and bring them back to be with us. Could I beg an hour or two of the chief, such that I could ride down and get them before we leave?" Dunlap smiled at me. I could tell he was feeling a bit of pride in his forward wife. Again a few more words in the native tongue were exchanged, and then he turned back, speaking to me this time instead of Dunlap. "Chief Red Wolf say no." "Oh please chief! Don't kill nobody down there, they's good people!" The man shook his head and looked at me, very solemnly. "Not good people," says he. "They have Chief Red Wolf's sons and will hang them dead. We attack now to save the boys." It took me not a moment to come up with my reply: "If Chief Red Wolf will let me ride on down there to fetch my mama and my sister, I swear to you I'll free his sons too. I swear I will. Then nobody needs to die today, not the boys nor the people of the wagons, nor any Indian warriors." A smile crept across the Indian's face, though not as big as Dunlap's grin, and he turned to the chief and spoke the words to him in the Indian language, what I had said to him in English. Shortly the chief was smiling too, and many amongst his men were laughing, which caused my face to go a little red, a bit from embarrassment but maybe a bit more from anger that they were making light of me. "Chief Red Wolf say," the man translated, once he'd managed to stop his own laughter, "you are brave girl. You are like Little Crow." That made me feel proud, and my anger waned. "Chief Red Wolf ask, what is your name?" "Marilyn," I told him. "Mar-lin," the chief said back. Then he spoke a few words in his native tongue. "Chief Red Wolf say, two hours. Ride quick, Marilyn, free the chief's sons. Or we kill all." "Oh, thank you sir!" I turned to the chief himself. "Thank you sir!" I says, giving him a courtesy, which set him to smiling some more. "I will, I will free your sons, I swear I will!" With that I mounted one of Dunlap's big cream horses, which he'd readied for me. And as I kicks the horse to action, setting off down the ridge to the valley below, I hears the sound of a bird a-cawing, and I looks up and I sees a big black crow flying above me. Me and Dunlap and Little Crow all the Indian folk knew that was a good omen for sure. The bird followed sometimes, and led some others, as I galloped fast down to the wagons. When I rode up to them, I found the peoples all gathered together around a big oak tree. Hanging from a stout limb ten feet up were two ropes tied into nooses at one end, swaying in the breeze, with the far end of the ropes tied to a big ox. Below them nooses were two Indian boys, one no older than me, the other round about Jebediah's age. They were tied up at their hands and feet and had a look of terror on their poor faces. One of the menfolk was reaching up to grab a noose, fixing to slip it around one of the boy's necks, when the big black crow alighted on the limb, one foot upon the rope the man were fiddling with, and set to cawing in a very loud and obnoxious manner. The people all stared in wonder at the bird, though I was smiling a bit even though I knewed the situation was very serious. "Wait" I hollered as I rode up, a few seconds behind the bird. The crowd parted a bit to let me and the big horse I were riding in. The man grabbing at the noose took his eyes from the crow and looked at me. "Well now, if it ain't the girl what's run off with Jim Dunlap!" says he. "I figured he'd get his fill of you and send you off. Or did he treat you rough until you fled?" "Marilyn!" I hear my mama say at the same time, from somewhere in amongst the crowd. "Mama!" I hollers back at her. "I comes to fetch you and Jane, to see if you would wants to join Mr. Dunlap and me. We's doing well, Mama, and I knows you'd be better off with him than with these folk." "Oh!" I heard Jane's sweet voice, and I saw her standing next to Mama, looking so pretty with her blond hair shining in the sun and her shirt fitting so nice and tight to her bosom. "Mama," she says, "I don't want to be here with these peoples no more. Can I go please? Even if you ain't going?" Mama nodded. She well understood what Jane was meaning. "You go and gather your things, Jane," Mama said. Jane lifted her dress above her ankles and off she went, running through the grass and the sagebrush to Mr. Stevenson's wagon. "I'll be right back Marilyn!" she hollered behind her. I wasn't sure whether Mama would come or not, but she stayed put for now, and I had other things to be thinking about as well. I turned back to the men at the nooses. "You can't hang these Indians," I says. "They's just boys!" "Nevertheless," the man who had grabbed the noose were saying, flicking at the rope in an effort to get the crow to move away, "hang 'em we will." The crow set to the mad cawing again and it seemed like the bird might be crazy. At this, I slipped off Dunlap's big cream horse. "No," I says. "It ain't right to hang them." "I see your time with Dunlap has made you an Indian lover, just as him," the man said. A few in the crowd chuckled at this. "But I didn't know he'd appointed you Justice of the Peace as well!" A bit louder chuckling came from amongst the crowd, but I sensed to me that most of them people were none too comfortable with what was going on with these Indian boys, and maybe was happy that someone was saying out loud that it ain't right. Just like I figure most of them was happy when Dunlap said the same about Little Crow a few days back. "I ain't no Justice of the Peace," says I. "But I knows the Lord's mercy, and I know it ain't right to hang these boys." There was a little murmur from the crowd. "Mercy?" the man said. "Fuck your 'Lord's mercy.'" Many of the ladyfolk in attendance gasped at the man's blasphemous words. "See here," he continued, "these boys come in the middle of the night for to steal our livestock and our food. Where I comes from, we hang Indian thieves." "Stealing food?" I says. I looked over at the boys. They looked better fed than most of the people in the train, it seemed to me. But they sure did look hungry and it occurred to me that they probably ain't ate since these people caught them up. "I ain't sure they's thieves, but I reckon they's hungry. Look at 'em, have you fed them at all? They's look to be starving!" "What's the good o' feeding a savage when we's just gonna hang them anyway?" the man said. And he followed that up by spitting on the ground in front of him. "Besides," says I, sensing now that I had this crowd in my favor, "we're on their people's land right now, you knows. We ought to be treating them hospitable-like and sending them back to their papa, full and content. That'd be the Christian thing to do with a couple of boys like this." Peoples in the crowd were nodding their heads in agreement with my words. Even the big crow up on the thick oak branch seemed to be nodding! "Send them back to their papa?" the man laughed. "That ain't gonna happen, little Indian-lover!" "Then their pa's coming to get 'em," I says. I pointed up the hillside. "He's got a hundred men up there at the top of that ridge, and they're fixin' to come on down here and kill every one of you." Everyone turned their eyes for to look up at the ridge. "You'll all be dead by sundown," I says, trying to sound very matter-of-fact about it all. The man looked around at his partners, and at the crowd. Everybody suddenly started looking a bit worried. "Chief Red Wolf is these boys pa, he's the most powerful Indian in these parts, and when I begged him for mercy he granted it to me. 'Two hours,' he says to me. 'Bring my sons back within two hours or we kill you all." The man seemed a little less sure about hisself right then. "I begged him for mercy," says I, looking around at the crowd, "mercy for your lives, and he granted it to me, him the most powerful Indian in these parts. We owe it to him now to do the same for his boys." Everybody were nodding and saying stuff like, "Hear her Jones, hear the girl!" "My time's almost up, old man," I says to the hangsman. "Chief Red Wolf is a good man, but true to his word as you can ever imagine he might be. He's coming soon to kill you all." With that, I walks right up to the boys and I takes out my pocket knife. "You step back there girl!" the man shouted at me, and he raised his fist and brung it down hard on the side of my face. I ain't never felt anything like it, it hurt something terrible and I felt the blood come from my nose. "Jones, you devil!" someone in the crowd said. "You leave that girl alone!" The crow had set to cawing as well and seemed about ready to fly down and attack this man called Jones, while the man who spoke those words stepped forward from the crowd, his hand on his his holstered pistol. Even though I was crying from the pain and the blood that terrible man's fist had caused, I managed to smile at the Indian boys. "It'll be OK," I says to them, wiping my blood on my shirt sleeve. "I'll get you back to your pa in a moment." And I started cutting them loose, and the man who'd stepped forward took out his knife and helped me in the task. "Fuck it," the man called Jones says. "You alls a bunch of goddamned Indian lovers. Get these savages out of my goddamned sight." And he turned and walked away. The man, together with couple of others from the crowd, helped me get the Indian boys up onto my horse. At that moment the big crow took to the air with a loud and self-satisfied cawing and flews away. I asks if anyone has some food we might feed the boys, and some water, because they looked so hungry and thirsty, and soon we had a couple of loaves of bread and a jug of water for them. Right about then Jane comes running up with a sack over her shoulder, and as I took the reigns of Dunlap's big cream horse in my hand, I heard a familiar voice. "Marilyn," Ol' Doc Stevenson said. "Hello, Mr. Stevenson," I answers, looking through the crowd in the direction of his voice and finding him standing by my ma. "Tell me," he says to me. "Would this Mr. Dunlap of yours mind if another wagon tagged along with him? This here train is poorly led and things ain't goin' well for us, and likely things will turn out even worse. I'd be much obliged if me and the missus could join Dunlap for the remainder of our travels." "I'll make your case to him, Mr. Stevenson," says I, barely able to hide my smile at the thought of ornery Ol' Doc, who once hated Dunlap so much, wanting to take up with us. "I imagine he'll be just fine with the idea." A woman standing not far from me, with a baby on her hip, spoke up next. "Me and Ernest, we'd like to join you too," she said. She turned to the woman standing next to her, also holding a baby. "And how about you, Amelia?" she asked. "You and Frank? You've been saying you don't like this train much neither." "I reckon we'll go along too," the other woman said. "We'll come down here in the morning," I says, "assuming Dunlap's good with the idea, which I figure he'll be. Alls who cares to join with Mr. Dunlap, be ready to leave when we arrive." The murmur that passed through the crowd told me that there would be lots of wagons wanting to leave with us in the morning. Holding the reins of the big cream horse with the two Indian boys atop its powerful back, Jane joined me and we started walking out of the crowd, what parted to let us through, and out of the wagons and back up the hill to the ridge. "Look at this, Jane," I said, once we'd cleared the others. I held my hand out to show her the ring Dunlap gave me. "A ring!" she says. "He put a ring on you!" "I'm his wife now, Jane," I said, all smiles. "I knew it! I just knew it, when you went off with him, that he was gonna marry you!" "I'm so happy with him, Jane! He's the kindest man in the world." "I know!" she says, smiling big. "And you know what a man does with his wife? At night?" Her eyes went as wide as her smile. "He's done that to you?!?" I nodded with my huge smile. "Every night. Twice every night." "Oh my god!" "Little Crow, that's the Indian woman we saved before, she says I got a baby insides me already!" "I bet you do!" Jane said, sounding so excited. "And you know how he told me that where he comes from, the menfolk take more than one wife?" "Yes?" she says with the same excitement. "I asks him to take Little Crow as his wife as well," I told her, "and he did." "Oh, the Indian woman? Oh that's so sweet!" "And I asked him if he'd take you as his wife, too, if you were to want it." Jane smiled big. "I don't know about that. I might want my own man." We both giggled, even if I was a bit disappointed at it. I weren't much surprised. "Well," I says through my giggles, "the Lord knows he's busy enough putting a baby inside me, without having another wife to breed." We both laughed mightily at that. Those at the top of the ridge had seen us coming, and Chief Red Wolf gathered his men with him by Dunlap's wagon to greet us. Me and Jane helped the boys off of the horse, and they ran to their father, gabbering away with him in their native tongue while he sat atop his horse. Then he turns to me and held up his hand. "Mar-lin," he says, and then spoke in his native language for a spell. His translator took his turn. "Chief Red Wolf say," he said to me, "Marilyn, you are a brave and cunning girl. You save many Indian lives today, not just Chief Red Wolf's sons but also many warriors." I nodded in acknowledgment of the chief's kind words, my face getting hot with embarrassment. Chief Red Wolf spoke again, and the other translated: "Today you are known to our people as 'Bizhiw,' which means 'wild cat,' or 'lioness,' for you are smart and cunning like the mountain lion. And you are known to all Indian folk now as 'Friend of the Ojiweh' for what you have done for us. You are always safe and welcome on our lands, from this day forever." What could I say or do in response to this? Can you even imagine how my face was red? I gave the chief the lowest courtesy I could manage, which gave him and others around him a good laugh. Then I says "I vow to you, Chief Red Wolf, that I will do my best to live up to these names that you have given me." The chief nodded to me in response to the translation of my words, then set his men about the task of building a big fire and preparing for a feast in celebration. Now I brought my dear sister to Little Crow, who was standing nearby and smiling big at the events of the day. "Bizwah!" she said to me. "Wil' cat! Lioness!" I smiled back at her, my grin just as big as hers. "Little Crow," I says, "this here's my sister Jane." Jane gave a courtesy to the Indian woman, who awkwardly returned the gesture. "Jane," she said. "Sis-ter." "Yes!" I said. "And Jane, Little Crow's children, over there playing with Dunlap's"--I pointed to the children drawing pictures with sticks in the ground, which has been our favorite pastime these many days now--"the boy is Daywaygantig, and the girl is Nagamoon, although I don't know what these names mean in English." With that I turned to look for the translator, and he saw me wave to him and comes over to join us. "Sir," I says to him, "I was wondering if you might know the meaning of the names of Little Crow's children? The boy is Daywaygantig." He looked puzzled, no doubt because my pronunciation of the boy's name were so bad. Little Crow spoke it in a more intelligible manner and the man nodded. "Daywaygantig mean, 'Little Drummer.'" "Oh! How sweet! That's perfect for the boy! And the girl is Nagamoon." That at least I could pronounce decently. "Nagamoon mean, 'Beautiful Song.'" I smiled so big. Little Nagamoon is Beautiful Song! She really is! "That's so perfect!," I says. "Thank you so much, sir!" I gave him my courtesy and although he smiled at it, he nodded his head in a sort of bow in reply. "All I can, for Friend of Ojibweh!" Now I sought out Mr. Dunlap. I had many things I needed to speak with him about, but he was busy helping the Natives build the fire and prepare their meat for roasting. He saw me coming, and took time enough to greet me with a handsome hug and a kiss square on the lips. "I'm so proud of you, my little wild cat," he says. "You have brought great honor to our family today." I was blushing red. "Dunlap," I said, "Mr. Stevenson and many of the people of the wagon train asked me if they could join us on our journey west. They don't likes being in that cursed train and wish to part ways with it, and would like to travel with us instead." He nodded, as if thoughtful. "I told them that if it's to your liking, then tomorrow morning we'll ride down and those that wish can join us. If it is to your liking, of course, sir." His pale blue eyes twinkled as he smiled at me. "I cannot rightly stand in the way of what you wish, Friend of the Ojibweh, not today especially, and not never, I thinks. The decision is yours, if you wish for them to join us." I nodded to him, then stood up on my tiptoes and kissed him on his cheek. The feast and the revelry lasted well into the night, Indian warriors signing and playing drums and dancing, the children--Lucy and Jeb, Little Drummer and Beautiful Song, joining in the pow-wow until their eyes were so sleepy they could barely keep them open. That's when me and Little Crow and Jane decided it was time to get the children to their bedrolls, and we said our good evenings to the men who cheered with shouts of "Bizwah!" and other native words that made Little Crow smile. We readied our own bedrolls, once the children were bedded down, leaving plenty of room for the man of the house when he eventually retired, then Jane and I sat and talked well into the night, listening to the music and singing and storytelling outside. Little Crow listened to our conversation and added words of her own on occasion. She was learning our tongue so well! Eventually we all fell asleep, happily in each other's arms, with the menfolk still dancing and singing outside. I was awaken later by the sound of Dunlap coming in to bed. All was quiet outside now, the revelry having ended. He lay down next to me, quiet-like, unawares that I was not asleep. "Dunlap," I whispers to him as he lay next to me. "won't you be my husband again tonight?" He turns and kissed me. "Little Lioness," he says, "your sister Jane's asleep. I want not to bother her." I kisses him back, then reached my hand down to touch him. "She'll not be bothered," I says. I could feel he was already thick and warm. I knew he wanted to enjoy my body, even though he was being gentlemanly about it. "She'll want to know how much you love me." At this, Jane stirred next to me. Seems she'd been awakened as well! "Of course I won't be bothered!" she whispered. "If you want your privacy, I can move my bedroll." "Don't you be moving your bedroll!" I answers. "Me and Dunlap don't mind others watchin' us, 'specially not you, Jane. You're family! Family ought to watch us love each other, ain't that right, Dunlap?" "That's right, Little Lioness," he says. He was already up on his feet and disrobing. I done the same, though I were laying down, and then I spread my legs wide for him. I love spreading open for him, so he knows full-well that I am his and he can have me. He knelt between my legs, and I reached out and gripped his cock and started rubbing it. It were so hot in my hand, and so hard. Oh my goodness I couldn't wait to have that cock inside me! "I ain't touched a cock in so long," Jane whispers next to me. "Would you mind terrible, Marilyn, if I were to touch Mr. Dunlap now?" "Of course not, Jane!" I say. "As far as I'm concerned, you can touch him whenever you want!" That made my man give a little groan! It were so cute! Jane reached her hand up and joined mine, and the two of us made little fists around Dunlap's thick long cock and rubbed it together. "Oh my god," Jane said, all quiet. "Your cock is so big, Mr. Dunlap! I've missed him terrible these last few weeks." "He's missed you terrible, too, Miss Jane," he said with a breathy groany sound to his voice. "And I 'spect you'll like him even more if'n you were to oblige me by lettin' me put him inside you." "I got no doubts that's true, sir," Jane responded. "And yet I'm saving my maidenhood for my husband. I'll use my mouth tonight though, if Marilyn wouldn't mind me doin' that." "Yes! Of course!" I say, awfully glad that Jane wanted to do that for my man. And with that, my dear sister sat up and took Dunlap's thick cockhead into her mouth. The man let out a deep, slow sigh, put his hands on her head, and started rocking his hips whilst I continued rubbing his cock with my fist. "Oh Jane," he whispered, "you're so good with your mouth!" "I'd like it if she helps you with her mouth whenever you wants," I says to him. "Blossom, you are the finest wife a man ever had," he says with his moaning tone. I just grinned and pumped on his hot cock as Janey sucked him. At this point he moves his hands up to the top of Jane's head and pushed her down, so that she was laying her head on my belly with her face to the side, her cock-filled mouth right above my sex. Dunlap held her there, rocking his hips back and forth and sliding his cock in and out of her mouth. Then still holding tight to her, keeping her in place, he pulled out of her mouth and slid his thickness into me. "Oh Blossom," he whispers, "your little cunt is so wonderful!" One stroke, that's all, just in and out of me, and he pulls out and pushed his cock back into Janey's mouth. He were breathing hard now as he fucked her face like a stallion, his hips pumping back and forth a dozen times before he pulled out again and slid back into me. It were several strokes inside me this time, then he gave Jane one last taste of the deep insides of her little sister's pussy as it coated his manhood and she sucked on it hard. Then he gently moved Jane's head off of my belly and lay down on me and took full control. As he rode me, Jane reached in between his legs from behind him. I could feel her fingers as she felt his cock and my spread-wide pussy lips whilst my man slid in and out of me. She were finding out what it were like for man to be inside a girl. Then she took hold of his balls. "Your stones are so big, Mr. Dunlap!" she whispered. I could tell by the hoarseness of her voice that she was playing with her button now. "I'm so glad... that you use them... to fill my sister!" Hearing Jane's heavy breathing and Mr. Dunlap's raspy groans was all that I could take and I felt my whole body giving itself over to the waves of pleasure that began flowing through me, a feeling that only became even more intense when I heard Dunlap growl and he pushed hard and deep into me, Jane pulling on his balls as he did, and then I felt that warm wet feeling of his cum, and that sent me over the edge to paradise! "Oh Dunlap!" I shouted. I swear I shouted it so loud the Indian folk camped nearby heard me and knew just what was going on in that there wagon over yonder! And all three of us, Dunlap, Janey, and me, we all came together that night. It was a most beautiful thing. Later on when Dunlap wanted his second round of the evening, he didn't wake me nor Little Crow, but instead he went to Jane. I was too sleepy to do nothing but lay there and watch as she used her mouth to help him out. She caught it all when he came and shows it to him, then swallowed it down in a couple big gulps. "Thank you, Mr. Dunlap," says she. "I've been wanting that for a whole long time now." "I'm glad to oblige a pretty girl like you," he says, and they both giggled a bit and I joined in giggling as well. Dunlap kissed me goodnight and told me again what I was the greatest wife a man ever had before, and as I lay going back to sleep I remembered Jane swallowing and I realized I hadn't never tasted my husband's cum. Heck, I'd tasted his son's, but not his! That's going to have to change soon enough! [If you like this story--or if you don't like it!--please consider leaving a comment at my erotic fiction web site, Thanks!]