Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Wildflowers Part 3 by Chris Hailey, Copyright 2016 Story codes: Mg, historical, slow, preg Summary: Part three of the epic tale of twelve year old Marilyn and her trek across the United States. Historical lolita erotica in a romantic setting! =============== Now it were the next morning, sometime after Dunlap and me'd fixed up a good breakfast of biscuits and beans for everyone, when the Indian woman Andeg was down at the creek a step off, washing some of her and her children's clothes. Me and the girls were playing not far from her, drawing pictures in the sand with our sticks and I were showing them how to write letters and words a bit. And that's when we heard the glomp glomp clomp of more horses hooves coming our way. I could tell immediate that this was more than had come before and I figured it was bad news. And sure enough it was ten Indian man, some of 'em done up fancy with feathers and paint on their faces like they was looking ready for war. Each had a rifle and most had other weapons too, spears or tomahawks or bows and arrows. They rode past without noticing us, on to the wagon not far away. Andeg stopped her washing and started heading back towards the wagon, walking calm but nice and fast. You could hear the men barking at Dunlap in their native tongue, and a couple words in English, and Mr. Dunlap doing his best to calm things down, "Hold on there, no need to be rash." The young girls and me followed Andeg, behind her a good safe distance, which is when we saw one of the Indian men ride right up to the boys and grab the Indian boy Daywaygantig by the arm and pull him up so that he was laying half on the man's horse. He shouted things at Mr. Dunlap, real negative and violent like, and he shook his spear at him and then turned to the other Indian men and shouted at them as well. That's right about when Andeg started doing a little talking of her own. All the Indian men turned to look at her. Then the one holding Daywaygantig answered her back. I felt like he had a tone about his answer that made it seem like he didn't feel she was worthy of much thought. The two of them continued their back and forth for a while, but other of the Indian men seemed a little uncomfortable about it all. The man said something loud and aggressive, I'm sure what he thought was the final word on the subject they were discussing, turned to one of the Indians behind him and spoke sharply. The man he spoke to then turned and addressed Dunlap in English. "Chief Red Wolf say, move your wagon now. We no have fight for you. You be gone though, or we be back and kill you and all your chil'en." And Mr. Dunlap replied: "I'll leave just soon as your chief lets the boy go." The man translated the words to the one whom he'd called Chief Red Wolf. The chief seemed none the happier to have heard Dunlap's words and raised up his spear in a menacing manner. Right then, right when it seems to me and everybody else that things were going to get real bad, real soon, a funny thing happened. A black crow had alighted unnoticed in an old dead tree nearby, and set to cawing. All the Indian men, and everybody else too, all turned to look at this big black bird who seemed to be giving us lengthy commentary on the scene before her. The bird hopped off the branch and glided down, landing on the dusty ground not but fifteen feet from Andeg. She stood there, the black bird did, staring us all down with her cold black eyes like she was empress of the world. The horses that held the Indian men were shuffling, like they was nervous. The men, too, they also looked a little nervous. Even Chief Red Wolf hisself didn't look particularly comfortable. Then Andeg squared her brave narrow shoulders and walked right up to the chief. She and him exchanged a few more words, which ended with the chief giving her a nod, and she reached up and took ahold of Daywaygantig's hand and pulled him back off of the Indian's horse. The chief looked over at Dunlap and raised his spear, but not in such a threatening manner this time. He said some words in his tongue, and the other man translated thus: "Chief Red Wolf say, you must go now. Leave. We return and kill all of you if you not gone." "We'll pack up and go," Dunlap answered. "And if you wish, you take Little Crow. Or if you wish, you send her back with us, to her people." "Little Crow?" Dunlap said. "You mean the lady named Andeg?" The Indian man nodded. "Andeg is Little Crow in the Ojibweh tongue." "I'd like that she can do what she wish," Dunlap says. "If she wishes to stay with us, we'd be glad to have her. If she wishes to return with you, then she should do so with her own free will." The man exchanged a few words with Andeg and the chief, then turns back to Dunlap. "She wish to stay," he says. Dunlap smiled, though not as big as me I'm sure! "Alright then, give us a little while to pack up and we'll be on our way." The Indian man nodded, and all of the warriors turned their horses and began trotting away. As they did, the big black bird took to flight again, landing on the ground a ways ahead of the Indians and standing there, hoping from foot to foot and cawing occasionally while she stared back at them, like she was impatient for them to pass her by. Before she took to the air again and disappeared, she turned her head to look back at us and gave a loud squack, which set Andeg--Little Crow, I shoulds say, since I knows her name now--that set Little Crow to smiling. I would have sworn that the bird had a smug look on her narrow crow face! With this, Little Crow turns to me and points up at that big black bird. "Andeg," she says, pointing at the bird. "Andeg," I says back. Mr. Dunlap then says, "Yes, the Indian called you 'Little Crow.'" The woman looked at him with a grin. "Lit-Crow," she says. "Right, Little Crow. That's your name?" he says to her. "Lit-Crow," she says back, and nods. Mr. Dunlap laughed aloud. "I'd say, that's a right fine name for you, ma'am, with your dark black hair and your intelligent eyes. And your mysterious ways," he says. "Little Crow. I likes it." "I likes it, too," I says. "I.. lie.. it," Little Crow mimicked what me and Dunlap were saying, which made all the three of us give a good chuckle. So now we knews what the Indian woman's name was in our tongue, too. "What do you think it all means?" I asked Dunlap as we was packing things up and getting ready to leave. "Can't reckon as I know," he answered. "The bird, the crow..." says I, "Why'd it come right then, do you suppose?" "The Indian folk believe they have a connection to the animals. Seems that Little Crow has some sort of connection to that bird, don't it?" "But it could be a coincidence," I ventured. "Or maybe a trained bird? Thems crows are smart I hears. They can be trained." "That what you thinks it is, Blossom?" he says back, "A trained bird, or a coincidence?" "I take it you don't think that's what it is?" I says. "Like I answered before, I don't rightly know. It seems to me, though, we knows what we saw, we can'ts explain it but we knows it. We knows what we saw." I nodded. "Blossom, you ever heard of divine providence?" he asked me, all serious like. "Nu hun," I answered. "It's the notion that things happen because God plans them that way." "Oh sure, the parson back home in Ohio preached about that all the time." "Yes'm," says Mr. Dunlap, "preachers like to talk about that, don't they? But here's the thing, you see, I ain't saying that what that bird just did was from God, neither the Indians' God nor ours. But I can't help but wonder what brung this lady to us, and brung her to wait there in that crowd even while they beat her with a rifle butt, waitin' for... I guess waitin' for me? And for you? After all, Blossom, if it warn't for her, you and me'd not be married now, nor most likely never." "That's true," I said, nodding along and at the same time fidgeting with the ring what was on my finger. What he was saying made good sense to me. Made me feel awful lucky to have that ring upon my finger, or maybe lucky ain't quite the right word. Maybe blessed is a better way to put it. Nightfall, after putting a good few dozen miles between us and that Indian party, found tired little Lucy snuggled up with me in my bedroll again. I was really growing quite fond of the child. She was sound asleep in a moment, but it was still a few minutes before her father joined us as he was out quenching the evening's fire and tending to the horses. I knew what Dunlap was going to be wanting upon joining us, and I was excited to provide it for him on this, the second night of us being husband and wife. He was kind and gentle with me this time, at first at least, and didn't seem in the least bit anxious about it, unlike he was the first time he did it. Me, I was still just as anxious as I was before. I was worried that he wouldn't like me since I didn't know what I was doing at all, but as he climbed onto the bedroll next to me I tried to remember what Jane had told me, that the man would know what to do and I should just let him be in charge and do what he wants. Dunlap kissed me for a very long time, and roamed his hands all over my body, touching every part of me, and encouraging me to do the same to him. I had not touched him before. I didn't touch him at all the first night, and I had not never touched a man before at all, to be honest about it. And it was more than I had imagined! So much more! He was warm and strong, thick and hard. I knew little of what I needed to do to make him feel good, but it mattered none, he knew just what to do and after what must have been fifteen minutes of kissing and touching, he mounted me again. I opened for him as he climbed on top of me. My bloomers were already down to my feet and I kicked them off and spread my legs for him. Then I feels that magical feeling again of him entering me, stretching me with his thickness as the head of his beautiful cock slid into me. Lucy next to us stirred, opened her eyes, smiled, then snuggled against me as her daddy began rocking back and forth. I want to describe for you what it was like, but I ain't all that good with words, as I'm sure you've gathered already with my telling of this tale. I guess I just never felt like such a woman as I felt when my man was inside me. He were laying on top of me completely, Dunlap was, and he were such a big man, and I were just a little girl, still only twelve years old was I. it were almost like he were smothering me under him and I couldn't have moved even if I had wanted to. I was completely in his control and he were so powerful! So big and strong, such a man! I tried to move my hips a bit while he did his thing, just trying to help him get hisself as deep inside as he wanted. Mostly I felt full. Just so full! Down there, between my legs, stuffed full of a man's big cock! And wet. I were so wet! It was just flowing out of me. I just held little Lucy next to me while he lay on top of me and drove his hips up and down, sliding that big thick cock in me. He was inside me for a long time. For a very long time, moving slow, in and out, in and out. It was a magical feeling, to have him sliding inside me, and I was suddenly overcome with the desire to have my dear sister Jane experience this as well, and with this wonderful man. I wanted to share this experience with her. I wanted to share Mr. Dunlap with her! "Oh Blossom," he said sweetly and softly, over and over, his warm, earthy breath blowing gently on my face as he spoke. "Oh my beautiful Blossom, my sweet little love." Lucy stirred again and smiled up at me. I kisses her on the forehead. "Daddy's showing his love to you again," she said. "He is!" I answered. He kissed his little daughter, too, but he was breathing harder now, and moving faster. I tried to be as open for him as I could, spreading my legs real wide such that one of them was even over little Lucy, so that he could do what he needed to do, and do it inside me. "I'm going to cum, little Blossom," he whispered, barely able to form the words for his excited panting. "I want your cum inside me," I whispered back. "I want all of it. Please?" "Oh Blossom! Oh my baby Blossom!" he said, and his face got all red and I felt that warmth, that thick warmth! My man, my Dunlap, was cumming inside me again! It seemed like he pumped his semen inside me forever, and I remembered Jane saying he came lots and lots in her mouth, and that made me smile so big while he finished the act, thinking about how much cum my man makes. We held each other after, all three of us, Dunlap and me and Lucy. He kissed us both lots and tells us that he loves us, until we all fell asleep. Once again, like the night before, he mounted me a second time in the middle of the night. I was half-asleep, unawares of what was happening, but he was in quick. As I lay there with my legs spread for him, I remembered Jane saying he'd want to do it morning and night, and that made me smile again. He didn't take much time. He just went right to work until I felt that warmth coming out of him again. He kissed me sweetly when he was done, then slid off to the side and was fast asleep in an instant. We left early in the morning, a quick cold breakfast of bread and ham and we were off, Dunlap wanting to get as far away from the Indians as possible I suppose. Little Crow and I sat together in the back of the wagon in the morning, and she had a gleam in her eye and a big smile on her face, and she took my hand and set it on her belly and I could feel the baby kick! It was so exciting to feel her little baby kicking. "He kicks!" I said. She gave me a big grin. "Kicks," she said. "Yes! He kicks! Or maybe she, she kicks!" "She kicks," Little Crow said back to me. "Baby," I said to her. "Baby kicks." "Bay-bah," she said. "Bay-bee," I said back. "Bay-bee," she said. "Bay-bee kick." "Yes! Yes! Baby kicks!" Then she put her hand on my belly. "Bay-bee," she said. "Well..." I answered. "Maybe..." She smiled, her pretty dark crow-eyes twinkling. She lifted her hand and extended her index finger, then held her other hand up as well, still smiling so sweet, wrapping it into a fist. She pushed the index finger of her first hand into the fist of her second, slid the finger back and forth in the fist a couple times, then pulled the finger out and held it in the air. "Dun-la," she said. Then she lifted the fist, "Mar-lyn." She slid the index finger back into the fist of her other hand, and then pulled it out and patted my belly. "Baby." I smiled big and could feel my face going red, and Little Crow grinned a great big smile as well, those dark eyes of hers dancing with merriment. "Yes," I said, "Dunlap and me make a baby together." "Make... baby..." she said, giggling softly. She reached out to me and lifted my shirt up a bit, exposing my bare belly, and put her hand on it. She looked it me, eyes still twinkling, and then she spoke, reverently, in her native tongue. I could sense that she was saying a blessing or a prayer over the baby that she believed I were carrying inside me even then. When she finished, I reached over to her and pulled her shirt up to expose her big swollen belly. I puts my hand on it, and I spoke: "Lord, our gracious Savior," I said, "Please look over my dear new friend Little Crow, and her little baby in her womb, and make sure they's both healthy for ever and ever, Amen." We sat there with our hands on each other's bare blessed bellies, and she leaned in and kissed me on the forehead. I kissed her back, on her cheek, and then we both settled down and closed our eyes and enjoyed our closeness together. Later when I awoke from a nice nap, I climbed up to the front of the wagon and sat next to Mr. Dunlap. He put his hand on my knee. "Little Crow is learning our language," I said. "Oh?" "Yes, she's learning words!" "I hope she's happy, that's all I wish for," he said. "Mr. Dunlap," I says to him, "you know how you told me that where you come from, sometimes a man might have more than one wife?" "Yes'm," he said back. "You think you might ever take another wife, other than me?" I asked him. "Only if it's to your likin', Blossom," he answers. "I think you should take Little Crow as your wife," I says. "Little Crow?" he answers, with a sound like he was surprised. "Yes! She's... She's a wonderful mother, ain't she? And she's got a baby in her belly, and she needs somebody to look after her, and her little ones. I'd love for her to be a part of our family." He smiled sweetly, looking right at me. "You have such a tender heart, my dear Blossom." "Well, I think you should do it, you should take her as your wife." "If she'll have me, I will," he said. I smiled. "And..." I added, "...I think you also ought take my sister, Jane." "Your sister Jane?" he says, and he gave a good laugh. "I best be careful around you, Blossom, I'm finding that you might want to marry me to every woman in the Nebraska territory!" "No," I says, acting serious despite his teasing. "Just Little Crow, and Jane, and maybe my mama." "Your mama?" "Yes, my mama. She needs a good husband, too." "Well we ain't got Jane nor your mama with us. Maybe we just start with Little Crow, once we can get her to figure out our meaning?" "Yessir," I said. We was silent for a moment. "Dunlap, can I ask you a question?" "Of course, my little Blossom, anything at all." "When two women... when two girls... When they's close, and they maybe kiss each other, kinda like a man'll do to his wife... Is that wrong? Is it a sin or something, for two girls to do that?" "A sin?" he says. "Sin ain't something I know much about. But I think what you's describin' is right and natural, if they wants to do it." "Even if..." I said, real quiet, "even if they's sisters?" I could see Dunlap smiling to himself, and he nodded. "I'd say that's perfectly right and natural, Blossom." "And if a woman is married... I knows she'll never take another man, I knows I don't want any other man inside of me, but... is it decent if a married woman still kisses her sister in such a manner as I describe?" I could see him smiling, but he didn't say anything right off, so I continued on: "And maybe with his other wives as well, if he's a man with more than one? Like is it alright if the wives kiss each other and such?" Dunlap paused for but a moment before speaking thus: "If a man is blessed enough to have more than one wife, or to have a wife with a loving sister such as yours, this man will be mighty grateful and pleased if there were as close with one another as you describe." That was his answer, and what a beautiful one it were! "Mr. Dunlap," I says, "I'd like to find Jane, and bring her into our family. I know she'd love to be your wife. You might think she's a loose woman, because of what she done before, helpin' you and Jebediah out, but she ain't, Dunlap, she ain't at all, she's saving herself for her husband." He nodded some more. "I ain't never thought she was a loose woman, Blossom," says he. "Good, 'cause she ain't. She's saving herself." "Well, maybe we need to catch up with that there wagon train and sees if she and your mama would want to join us." "I'd be very much obliged," I said, "if you'd help me do that." "The train is way ahead of us," he says, "but they move much slower than us. And I understand that we have a ranger with us? One what's skilled at finding a trail?" I smiled. "Maybe so." "Let's find some sign of that train, and follow them and catch up to them, and we can see if'n your sister and your mama would care to join us." "Yessir, let's do that," I said, all smiles now. [If you like this story--or if you don't like it!--please consider leaving a comment at my erotic fiction web site, Thanks!]