Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Wildflowers Part 2 by Chris Hailey, Copyright 2016 Story codes: fg, Mg, historical, slow, incest (sisters), first Summary: Part two of the epic tale of twelve year old Marilyn and her trek across the United States. Historical lolita erotica in a romantic setting! =============== Mama took a bit of a liking to Mr. Dunlap, and Jane sure did. And me, well, I was entirely smitten. I thought he was the handsomest kindest man the Lord had ever made. I rode with him in his wagon most every day, helping with his kids and his beautiful team of horses, and just talking. Me and Mama and Jane took to sitting around his campfire at night, if only because the meat in his stews was so much better than that of the Stevensons', who rarely had meat at all but mostly just beans and rice. And Mr. Dunlap had a couple of sweet little piglets in his wagon that he said he was going to roast up for us just as soon as they was big enough, and even though me and his kids liked playing with those little pigs, I was looking forward to that meal for sure. But the Ol' Doc and his wife never took to Mr. Dunlap at all. Mr. Stevenson talked down about him to Mama, said he wasn't from where we was from. "He's from further east, you know," he says. I heard all this because I was pretending to be asleep and I heard them whispering so I paid real close attention. "I know his sort," he says to my ma and to lady Stevenson, "and they ain't like us at all. We shouldn't even be lettin' him ride with us, that's what I say. What's he doin' on this trail anyways? I'll tell you, he was run outta town. Peoples like him are getting run out of their towns, for making mischief." Doc Stevenson's beady old eyes got all the beadier 'round right then. I couldn't see them because I has my eyes closed of course, pretending to be asleep, but I knows him and I knows what his eyes are like. "Makin' mischief wit' some man's daughter," he says, "that's what he were doing, that's what all his sort do." "Hush now, Henry," his wife said. "Keep it down, don't want to wake the chil'en." Ol' Doc went back to his whispering. "And you," he says to Mama, "letting your pretty youngest be alone with him all day long, and your eldest, now, you know what she's like. You know what she's doing with that man! She'll be with child soon 'nuff, and what the devil you gonna do then? Marry her off to that man? Like he'll make good on that!" Ol' Doc wasn't much whispering anymore, that's for sure! He'd worked himself into a frenzy, he had. I knew the old man was just sore because Jane hadn't done her thing with him or his half-wit son in the whole week since she started helping Mr. Dunlap in that way. Heck, Mama and Mrs. Stevenson probably knew that, too, but regardless, his words sunk in and we were forbidden to spend any more time with Mr. Dunlap. Then Ol' Doc started making stink to other families, too, about Mr. Dunlap, even to the leaders of the train, and although most of them thought O'l Doc weren't of sound mind, they too didn't like Mr. Dunlap with his fancy team of horses and his handsome way of carrying hisself. Mr. Dunlap weren't a dumb man, of course, and he knew where things stood, and he stayed as far away from our wagon in the train as he could and always took up the rear of the train to stay away from all the others of them. But at least he sent his boy Jebediah over to tell us he was sorry about being away. "My pa wanted me to tell you that we's not gonna be riding near you alls anymore," the boy says to me while also looking a bit longingly at Jane, "and he's terribly sorry about that, and he hopes he gets to see you soon again under better circumstances." Which I thought was mighty nice of Mr. Dunlap, but it sure made me sad and i cried a few tears after that and was very sore with Mama and Mr. Stevenson for being so cruel to such a good man. Funny, after Mr. Dunlap departed, Jane knew all of what happened and she swore to me that she wasn't gonna never help Ol' Doc or his son out again. So even though the old man got rid of Mr. Dunlap, he never got what he wanted from Jane anymore anyways. Which makes me laugh. One night Jane and I were talking in hush whispers while all the others was asleep and I told her about how much I like Mr. Dunlap and how he told me that I was marrying age in his mind and I thought maybe he was going to ask me to be his bride. This made Jane very happy. "He'll make an excellent husband for you," she says. "Yeah, but," I replied, feeling sorry for myself, "Mama and Ol' Doc made him go away and now I don't suppose I'm even in his thoughts anymore." Jane giggled. "I guarantee you that you are in his thoughts. Maybe constantly. And he'll be back for you, if it were meant to be." I nodded, though not necessarily feeling any better about the situation. "But if'n he does wants to marry me," I says, "that makes me real nervous." "Why so?" Jane asks me. "Well, I'll be his bride, right?" I answers. "And you know what man wants to do with his bride." She giggled. "Yes I do!" "That makes me scared," I said. "Scared? Why?" "'Cause I don't know what t'do," I answered. "Oh, don't worry about that, Lynnie," Jane said. "The man'll know all about what to do. You just let Mr. Dunlap be in charge when that time comes." "I know," I whispered back, "but still. I ain't never even kissed a boy. I won't even know how to kiss him." Jane was quiet for a spell, and I wondered if she was thinking, or maybe even if she'd fallen asleep, but then I realized that she moved a bit closer to me in the darkness, and I realized her face was right in front of mine and I felt her lips on mine. "That's how you start," she whispered. I could smell her sweet flower breath and it was nice and warm and I was really happy that she'd kissed me. "But for a real kiss, you let the man put his tongue in your mouth." "Really?" I whispered back. I liked that idea a whole lot. "Yeah, here, open your mouth a little." I opened my mouth a bit and I felt Julia's lips on mine again. And now this time I felt her tongue, too! It was so warm and soft as she pushed it in. She pulled away a bit. "You can put your tongue in his mouth, too," she said. "Try that, OK?" She put her lips against mine again and we just lay there with our tongues going in and out of each other's mouths. I swear we must have kissed for I don't know how long. I think I might have fell asleep with our tongues still touching. The next night I asked her if we could kiss again, and she said of course. When we were kissing then I really wanted to touch her bosom, just like Mr. Dunlap and his son had done, but I was nervous about it. But she wasn't! She wanted the same thing! She started touching mine! Truth is I didn't really have much for her to touch, but she touched me there anyway. "Mr. Dunlap will want to touch your breasts a lot," she whispered to me. "Yeah, I seen him touch yours when you're helping him out," I said. I raised my hands to hers; they were so soft and warm! And so big I could hardly get my hands around them. She gave me a wet kiss on the lips. "He likes 'em. Men do." "I likes 'em, too," I whispered, gently squeezing her bosom. "But he won't like mine, they's such little ones, not even enough of 'em to touch." "Trust me," she said, as she pulled my nightshirt up over my bosom and then pulled hers up, too, so that our hands were on bare skin as we touched. "Men like girls your age. They sure liked me when I was twelve! Mr. Dunlap'll love everything about your body." "I hope so," I said. "I knows so!" One of her hands left my bosom and down my belly and started stroking on my privates. "This pussy?" She tapped my privates with her finger while she whispered to me. "He'll love this pussy so much he'll want to be inside it every day, morning and night!" I giggled. "I don't think he'll fit! His cock seems to be so big, least what I sees of it when you were help him." "I think it's the biggest cock I've ever sucked," she whispered, as she slipped her hand inside my bloomers. "But it's so much fun! It's fun to have to open your mouth really wide to get a big man in. And his tastes so good!" "He does?" I asks, feeling really excited from Janey's touch and from the thought of what Mr. Dunlap's cock might taste like. "Oh yeah, like good clean earth, and like fresh apples." "Apples?" "Yes, apples! And when he finishes, he cums so much! I just love that! His cum tastes really good." I found myself wanting very badly to taste Mr. Dunlap's cum. "If I marry him," I whispered, trying to get my finger to play with her button like hers was with mine, "you can still taste him, OK? I'd like it, if you'd still help him out, even if I'm his wife." "I"d like that, too." "So would he, I think!" I giggled, and Julia giggled, too. Right then Mama rolled over on her bedroll nearby and grumbled, "Girls, hush now." I wasn't even sure she actually woke but it was enough to get us to stop touching each other. Until the next night, that is, when we kissed and touched some more! TempTemp It had been almost a fortnight since I'd last seen Mr. Dunlap when the word spread through the camp that the first Indians we'd yet encountered had been seen and captured by the men. We all run down to see what Indians look like, prepared to set our eyes upon violent savages such as we had never seen before. But it turns out, it weren't nothing like that at all. It were just a young lady Indian, not a whole lot older than Jane, with her belly bursting from being with child, and were two little natives with her, a boy and a girl, neither of them more three or four years old, clinging to her hands with big scared wide brown eyes. The people of the wagon train crowded around in a big circle, including me and Mama and all us, and the men were brandishing their rifles and pistols and shouting at this lady Indian. "Tell us where the rest of your tribe is!" they was shouting. "Tell us where the warriors are!" The woman didn't give them a single word by way of answer, and just tried to pull her children back from these angry gun-wielding men. That's right about when one of the men raised the butt of his rifle and brung it down on the side of the lady Indian's face, shouting "Answer us, woman!" She fell down to her knees and the children started wailing and a big run of blood started from her nose. The man raised his rifle again to bring it down on that woman's face a second time, and I was certain she was going to die before he were finished with her. But right then, a stir rose up from one side of the the assembled crowd as a man came pushing through, and praise the Lord if it weren't Mr. Dunlap, stepping between the Indian woman and the butt of the man's rifle. "What the devil are you doing, Smitty?" he shouted at the man, and I think at all of us in the assembled mob as well. "Can't you see that that this here Indian woman don't speak our language and cannot hope t' answer your questions? Now lower your guns before you do something that you'll regret for all eternity!" A murmur went up around the people there and the men did lower their guns and my heart just burst with pride. Mr. Dunlap looked so handsome as he strove into the center of that mob, and so good with his strong voice, as firm and as solid a man as you'll ever find. He took a kerchief from his shirt pocket and turned to the woman with a kindly smile and wiped the blood from her cheek. Then he helped her stand to her feet and directed her to walk away with him. The guilty crowd obligingly stepped out of the way, but the woman's little children stood stone still, too scared to move. Mr. Dunlap knelt in front of the boy, the older of the two little children, and reached his arms out, offering to carry him. The boy shrunk away from Mr. Dunlap, clinging to his mama's hand, but his mama understood what Mr. Dunlap was about and said some words in their native tongue and the boy allowed the man to lift him up. Holding the boy now, Mr. Dunlap looked back at the little Indian girl. He tried to kneel for her as well but the boy was an armful even for a big man like him, so I just knewed what I needed to do right then. With a couple of "excuse me's." and some sharper than I had intended elbows, I was able to clear the crowd and walked up to the little native girl. She was crying, and I used the grungy sleeve of my dress to wipe the tears from the poor child's face. I felt a little bad that my dress was so dirty, but her and her mama didn't seem to mind. Her mama smiled at me even though her face was all bloody and red from the butt of that horrible man's gun, and when I knelt and reached my hands out to the girl, she just climbed right into my arms, and then I lifted her and she wrapped her arm and legs around me and we walked through the crowd, what all stood there dumbstruck and looking like they was children caught doing something terribly wrong, and we headed out to Mr. Dunlap's wagon which was way on the outskirts of the train. As we made it to Mr. Dunlap's wagon, he called out to his children, telling them to come down and meet their guests. Once the children were out, we all us stood together, and Mr. Dunlap pointed to each of us, telling our names to the Indian woman. First he pointed at himself. "Dunlap," he says. Then he points at me, "Blossom." His boy, "Jebediah." His girl, "Lucy." The Indian woman watched with careful attention, nodding as he spoke. She pointed at him and said, "Dun." He nodded, gave her an encouraging smile, and said "Dunlap." She pointed at herself and spoke words we could barely understand, "Andeg." But Mr. Dunlap responded, "Andeg." The Indian woman's face lit with a smile, repeating the word. Then she pointed to her son. "Daywaygantig," and her daughter, "Nagamoon." Once the introductions were all done, Dunlap says to me, "Blossom, would you do us the kindness of jumping up into the wagon and grabbing a blanket and some bread and ham?" I sprung to action, so pleased that Dunlap figured that I still know'd right where to get the things, even though I ain't seen him in a fortnight. And soon the alls of us, Mr. Dunlap and his two children, the lady and her two, and me, we were sitting on the blanket together, tearing off hunks of bread and ham and Mr. Dunlap cutting us slices of cheese with his knife. We didn't say much, of course, not knowing each other's language, but we repeated our names oftenly. I had the youngest girl's name down easy enough, Nagamoon. She had mine down good, too, "B'ossom," she said, even though she was so little I'd've hardly thought the thing could even talk, and she had Lucy's down as well, and us three young ladies were fast becoming friends. But neither of us could get the woman's name, nor her son's, and every time we said them it caused them both to laugh. They had similar troubles with Jebediah, though Mr. Dunlap said they could just call him Jeb and this they could say. The lady still called Mr. Dunlap "Dun," and that seemed good enough for him. Round about time to be done with the ham and the bread, and passing the canteen, we heard horses clomping along the path towards us. Mr. Dunlap gave me a look, I'm not entirely sure what the look was meant to convey but pretty much probably just, be on your toes, Blossom, could be trouble. And it were. Three men came riding up with rifles in theirs hands. The Indian lady and all the children looked scared, she gathered them up and held them to her sides, and I put my arms around Lucy and Jebediah and tried my best to look brave for them. "Dunlap," one of the men said, sliding off his horse with his gun still in hand. Mr. Dunlap nodded. "Smitty," he said. I realized this were the man what had struck the Indian woman before. "I'd appreciate it if you'd put that gun down," Mr. Dunlap said. "Let's have no violence in front of the children." The man looked down at his gun. "Ain't no violence intended, Dunlap," he said. "Much obliged by that Smitty," Mr. Dunlap replied. "Best then to put the gun down, and we can do any talking you wish over on the other side of the wagon, so as to not scare the others." "Alright, as you wish, Dunlap," the man said, and he turned and slid the rifle into the scabbard on his saddle, and nodding to the other two men that they should do the same. Mr. Dunlap turned to me and says, "Blossom, you keep our guests comfortable whilst I have a word with these gentleman." I nodded to him. "Yessir." I took a string out of my pocket and me and Lucy started playing string games with the Indian children watching, at first still wide-eyed and scared, then gradually begin to smile and even giggle along with us. The Indian lady watched but kept looking at Mr. Dunlap's wagon, like she could see right through it to the other side and the conversation the men were having. Eventually Mr. Dunlap and the three men came walking back round to our side of the wagon. "Blossom," he says to me, "these men'll take you back to your mama now." I hated to contradict him, but I was still an insolent girl back then in some ways, you know, so of course I did contradict him, no matter how much I hated to do it. "If it's all the same, Mr. Dunlap, I'd rather stay here." "You need to be going back to your mama, Blossom," he said. "I ain't gonna be going on with the wagon train no more." I'm sure I looked like a wide-eyed field mouse right then, the way my eyes popped out of my face. "What do you mean, Mr. Dunlap? Not with the wagon train no more?" "These here gentleman asked me to offer to stay back while the train moves on, and I agreed. Now get along, child." I stood up. I stood there right in front of him and squared my shoulders right at that fine gentleman that I'd come to admire so much. "Mr. Dunlap," I says right to him, "I ain't planning on leaving you. If you ain't going with the train, then I ain't, neithers." He looked at me, and I could see his serious face giving up a little lie as the corners of his mouth turned in an almost-hidden smile. "I'd like to stay with you," I continued, "until death does us part, if you'd oblige me that." That was probably the boldest thing I've ever said in my entire life, at least in the presence of a man like Mr. Dunlap. His eyes twinkled, and now the smile was great big. "Well, doesn't that just about take the cake?" he said. "I'd never imagined in all my life I'd be proposed by a lady, and to have it happen right here, and by a beautiful young girl like you! Doesn't that just take the cake?" I could feel my face glowing red as he said those words. But he turned to the gentlemen and says, "Smitty, Rogers, Arvey it is, right? Would you kindly ride on back down and tell Blossom's mammy that she's going to be staying with me now?" The three men sat stock still for a moment atop their horses, their arms crossed, looking down their noses as the all of us. Then the man Dunlap called Smitty took his horse in rein and turned him and began walking back down the trail, and the other men did the same. Mr. Dunlap turned back to me, still with the big smile, and shook his head. "You know, I ain't seen you in many days, Blossom, and I were missing you real bad, but even I's didn't realize how much I missed you until you stepped out of that crowd to help this little Indian girl. Right then I says, I says to myself, I want to make that woman my wife." I was blushing so hard I was on fire. "Now if you'll excuse me one moment..." He jumped up in the wagon and returned a moment later with something in hand. "This here was my dear wife's, 'fore she died, and I do understand if you'd prefer to not wear her ring. I promise you I'll buy you a proper one of your own if you'd like, just soon as we are amongst a jeweler. But I hope for now this here will do?" Now my heart was beating so hard as I lifted my hand out to him and he slipped the ring on my finger. It was a plain gold band, but I'd never had anything so pretty in all my life. "I love it," I said softly. "I'd like to keep it, if I may, 'less you'd rather I not. I don't mind that it was your wife's, that makes it special I think." He nodded. "I feel the same way, Blossom," he whispered, and I could hear his voice wavering like he's about to start to cry. "I know she'd'a liked you, Blossom. How good you are to her little chil'en, and how good you are to me. She'd be awfully happy to have you in our family." Then the big strong beautiful man reached down and put his hands on my cheeks and gave me a kiss, right on the lips. A bit later on, Lucy and the Indian girl were still playing string games, whilst Mr. Dunlap took the two boys to feed and water the horses, and so we spent the next hour in the beautiful sunshine, until we sees another couple of horses and riders come up over the hill. This time it was my mama and Ol' Doc Stevenson. Ol' Doc had a rifle in his hand now. Mr. Dunlap came walking over from the horses and gave them both a nod. "Howdy," he says. Ol' Doc just scowled, the unpleasant old man. But Mama, she gets off her horse and turns to Mr. Dunlap. "Mr. Dunlap," says she, "I wants to thank you." "Oh?" he says. "I'm much obliged for the way you treated this here Indian woman," Mama said. "It was right of you, and mighty brave." "Well," he says, looking a bit surprised. "It warn't nothing, Ma'am. Just did what my heart told me." "Well, you's got a good heart then. And I'm sore sad that the men have told you to quit the train." "Me too," he nodded. "Me too." "Enough of this conversing," Ol' Doc said from atop his mount. "Let's get the girl and be done with this bastard." Mr. Dunlap looked over at the old man. "Sir," he said, "I'll ask you to watch your tongue in the presence of the ladyfolk and the chil'en. And I'll ask you to put down that rifle, too." "I ain't putting down my rifle," Mr. Stevenson said. "I ain't watchin' my tongue and I ain't puttin' down my rifle, and I'll be putting it to use if you don't step aside so as we can take this girl and quit you forever." Mama gave the old man an unhappy look, then turns and looked at me. "Marilyn," she said, "is all OK with you?" "It is, Mama," I said. I wanted to show her my ring right then, to prove how important Mr. Dunlap was to me, but I held back out of fear for what Mr. Stevenson might say. "Mr. Stevenson here says we ought to take you on back with us and put an end to all this nonsense about you staying here with Mr. Dunlap," she said. I nodded. "I don't intend to go, Mama." "You have always been such a misbehavin' chil'," Ol' Doc says. "I'll take you back, and then I'll take a hickory switch to your behind to learn you a damned lesson." "You'll do no such thing, Henry," Mama said. You know she was feeling angry, because she was using Ol' Doc's Christened name. She turns back to me. "Life'll be very difficult for Mr. Dunlap, now that he's not with the train any longer," Mama said. "I know, Mama," I says. "That's why I will stay with him. To help him with little Lucy, and Jebediah, and with his Indian guests, if they choose to stay." Mama gave me a very serious look, but it weren't a cross look. Just a serious one. "Mr. Dunlap needs me here, Mama," I added. "That's why I gots to stay." Ol' Doc made a grunting sound. "I've had enough of this conversing. We need to pack this child up and head back before it starts gettin' dark. Dunlap, you be a decent man for once an' help us out here now, tell the girl she gots t' leave with us." Dunlap didn't even so much as look at Mr. Stevenson. Instead, he looked at Mama. "I won't override your decision, Ma'am, you're her mother and that means the world. But I do believe her rightful place is with me and my family." Mama looked at me, all silent, for a couple of moments. Then she says, "You promise to take care o' her, Mr. Dunlap?" "I'll do all what's in my power, and all what the Good Lord will add to that." Mama reached her arms out to me. "Give me a hug goodbye, Marilyn," she says, and we hugged and she shed a tear or two and so did I. Then she says, "You be safe, child." Ol' Doc had a sour look on his face, and turned his horse and started riding away even before Mama had got back up on hers. Clouds were rolling in even while we was talking, and pretty soon after the visiting folks had left, the rain started in. So we packed up the blanket and and other things, and all of us climbed into the wagon and started preparing our bed rolls. I was pretty happy to see that Mr. Dunlap made a point of setting up his right next to mine. Even for such a big wagon as this, it was crowded, what with seven people in it, but soon we was all bedded down and the children were asleep. That's when Mr. Dunlap, laying next to me, says this to me. He spoke real quiet-like. "Blossom," he says, "I know we ain't been before a preacher yet, but you're wearing my ring and as far as I'm concerned, that makes you my wife." I had a feeling, I just knew what it was Mr. Dunlap was fixing to say to me, and my heart was pounding really hard and light in my chest right then. I just nodded, as if he could see that in the darkness. "There's something that a man and a woman does, when they's married..." he says. "Yessir," I managed to whisper for something of an answer. "And I ain't been with a woman in that way since my first wife died. Been four years for me." "Yessir," I said again. I was so nervous about all of this that I couldn't come up with any other words. "Blossom, would you do me th' honor of allowing me to lay with you as your husband tonight?" "Yes... yes I would, Mr. Dunlap." He climbed onto my bedroll and put his big hands on my cheeks. They felt and smelled so nice. Apples! Just as Jane had said! I was certain that I was the luckiest girl alive at that moment. Holding my face in his hands like that, he leaned in and gave me a kiss, right on my lips. For a while, it seemed to me that all he wanted to do was kiss me. He didn't bother to do another thing, other than kiss. I was beginning to wonder if this was all he had in mind for what a husband does when laying with his wife! Not that I'm complaining, mind--it was wonderful for me. His kisses tasted so beautiful, like hickory smoke and fresh earth and rainy-wet apples. Eventually, though, whilst he were still kissing me, he reached down and pulled my nightgown up over my waist, and pulled my bloomers down, and done the same to his drawers, after which he climbed on top of me, setting to make me his wife in the most intimate manner he could. I was lucky to have a man so experienced as he. Had it been up to me to do this thing, I would have been in a great desire to do it but would have been lost as how to even start. Luckily, though, Mr. Dunlap was expert. I suppose one might argue that he wasn't quite as gentle with me like a man ought to be with such a young virgin girl, although I figure after four years he must have been feeling very anxious to be inside a woman again. It did indeed hurt me a bit when he first entered, but I will shoot right back to anyone who'd be critical of him that I wouldn't've had it any other way. I was in sore need of a man by that point in my life, and I was in even sorer need to make sure that man was Dunlap, and that he was able to do those things with me that men need to do, that they can only do inside their lady-folk. So yes, it hurt, a bit, when Mr. Dunlap--my husband!--put his penis inside me. Actually, I should say his cock, that's what he prefers that I calls it when we're laying together. So it hurt a bit, sure, when he pushed his cock into my vagina for the first time. He lay on me there on my bedroll and reached down 'tween his legs and mine and next thing I knew there it was, pushing in and making me all wet and open and a half second later I felt it going past my maidenhead and right on in, stretching me wide in ways I ain't never know what was possible before. Within a few seconds he was moving that big cock of his and oh my! Oh my. It still hurt, I suppose is true, but oh my. It felt like nothing I'd ever felt before and I ain't never felt like such a woman as I did right then. As he moved inside me, he pushed his hands up underneath my dress to touch my bosom. It was like Jane told me, she was so right, even though my bosom was so small it barely even made a difference on my chest, Mr. Dunlap seemed to enjoy it as much as you could imagine, holding and squeezing and rubbing. Right 'round a couple minutes time into our moment, I see Mr. Dunlap's daughter, little Lucy, come walking over from her bedroll. Feeling womanly then, maybe even a bit motherly I suppose, I reach out my hand to her and she takes it. "What's Daddy doin'?" she whispered, watching her father moving his hips back and forth as he lay down on top of me. With this, Mr. Dunlap first noticed his daughter having joined us. He turned his head so's to look at her and, even though he was breathing awfully hard and--and, well, fucking me, if you'll pardon the expression, like a man that hasn't had a woman in four years time, he smiles so sweetly at her. And he says to his little girl, "Darlin' Lucy!" and she smiled back at him. And I says, to answer the little girl's question, I says, "Your Daddy's... showing me how much.... he loves me." my words broken up because the big strong man was just near knocking my wind out of me the way he was working at his act! "Oh," little Lucy says, watching us for a couple seconds. "Does he love you lots?" "I... I..." And just right then Mr. Dunlap seemed to have lifted his head in the air and made some noise like a wolf or some such, like a howl, and I knew the kind, brave, beautiful man was cumming inside me and I was so happy, I squeezed Lucy's hand so tight and I says, "He does, Lucy... Oh he loves me lots!" Right then I felt it, I felt it get real wet, deep inside, and I knew what it was that I was feeling. It was his semen! He stayed inside me and I felt it get even more wet as he kept cumming. I felt an overwhelming feeling right then which I can only says was love. I felt like I was totally in love with Mr. Dunlap. Of course I'd been in love with him since that first day back in the rainstorm when he helped me get Mr. Stevenson's team of oxen moving, but this was more. This was love, but with my whole body now. Every part of me. When he was done, he stayed inside and leaned over me and kissed me on the forehead. "I love you, my little wife," he whispered. "I love you, too, Dunlap," I said. Then I turns to Lucy, whose hand I was still holding, and I said, "I love you, Lucy." This I says because I realized right then that this overwhelming feeling of love I was having wasn't just for him. It was for everything about him, including his dear little family. What was my dear little family, now. Lucy had a big smile on her face. "Are you my mama now?" she asked me. "I am," I whispered. "She is," Mr. Dunlap whispered too. "I love you, Mama," Lucy says, and as she said it she climbed right onto my bedroll as well, laying down right next to me, and Mr. Dunlap slipped out of me and rolled off to my other side. I held his little daughter in my arms, and he held me in his arms, and the three of us lay there holding each other until we all falls fast asleep. Sometime in the middle of the night I got woken up when Dunlap climbed out of the bedroll and stepped outside of the wagon to relieve himself. When he returned, he climbed back in and I was on my side, facing away from him and holding tight to little sleeping Lucy, and I could feel his cock. Dunlap was hard again. He took my hips and pulled them back a bit, and lifted my leg a bit, and then he was slipping inside me again. It hurt more this time, well, different anyway. I was sore I guess, and I wasn't ready, by which I means I wasn't wet yet when he entered me. But I held tight to Lucy, feeling all sorts of love for her and her dear daddy, and he made his love so plain to me until finally I felt that wetness fill me again. He kissed me on the cheek and told me he loved me, before he and I went back asleep together, the three of us all snuggled up tight just like a little family. [If you like this story--or if you don't like it!--please consider leaving a comment at my erotic fiction web site, Thanks!]