Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Tongue-tied by Chris Hailey, Copyright 2016 Story codes: Mg12, uncle/niece, very light bondage Summary: The follow-up to my story Hand-tied, this is the continuing saga of a girl and her uncle as she explores a little light bondage with him. ================ "UNCLE MARTEEEEEEEEEE! :) :) <3 <3 <3 <3" It was the first snapchat he'd ever received in his life. An absolutely adorable selfie of his absolutely adorable niece, Amy, with her silly words and symbols typed on top of it. He took a pretty lame picture of himself--really, men his age shouldn't take selfies, you know?--and typed "AMYYYYYYY!" and clicked the send button. "UNCLE YOU ARE ON SNAPCHAT! YAY!" Another beautiful picture. Man, he was going to have a heart attack, or possibly cream in his pants, if this kept up. And, another lame picture of himself. "Yep." In the next picture his niece was hold her hand to her chest, making half of the universal social-media "heart" symbol. She drew a half a heart on the picture, too. He sent her a snap back with the other half of the hearts. She replied with a snap of her beautiful face, with kitten ears and whiskers drawn on it and a couple hearts around it, and "meow" typed on it. He took a picture of the floor and wrote, "How was your b-day party?" "AWESOME!" A beautiful smile-picture, followed by another picture from her, this time with an silly frown. "But wish you'd been here!" A silly frown from him. "Me too!" "Thx for the necklace! <3 <3 <3" In this picture she'd hooked her finger in the neckline of her teeshirt and pulled it down to her sternum, ostensibly to show him how the necklace looked... The fact that she was also showing him a lot of bare skin on her chest was only incidental... Right? "I got you more presents but couldn't send them." She was leaning over in the next picture, arms at her sides and squeezing her breasts together, the camera looking right down her shirt. "Why not?" "they're too naughty" Wide-eyed face shot. "Really?!? <3 <3 <3" "wanna see?" Wide-open mouth. "YES!" He assembled the items on his coffee table: A pink vibrator/dildo and pair of white furry handcuffs. He didn't include the other item he bought, because he wasn't sure what she'd think about it... It was a ball gag. He sent her a picture of the vibrator and the handcuffs. "OMG!" A close-up of the handcuffs. "You like?" "Yes! What's the pink thing?" A close-up of the dildo. "It's a vibrator." "Oh, for... BLUSH!!!" "Yes, for that!" The next picture was of her torso, with her pants unzipped and open, showing little flowery panties. A finger was pointing at her crotch. "For this?" He sent her back a picture of him doing the same thing, pants unzipped and open. "Yes." She had a finger hooked in the waistband of her panties. "Should I?" He did the same. "Yes." The next picture, her pants and panties were around her thighs and she was showing him her sweet hairy little pussy. She had drawn a heart around it and wrote, "I wish we could have sex right now." He snapped her back a picture of his cock. "I wish this was inside you." Pants and panties off now, legs spread open, finger twirling over clit. "OMG!!! YES!!!" Him masturbating now. "I think about you all the time." More masturbating. "ME TOO ABOUT YOU!" "You are so hot!" Little fingers spreading pussy open. "Please put it right here!" and an arrow drawn on the picture and little hearts around it. A close-up of his cockhead with precum leaking out. "I'm going to cum in a second Amy" A finger lodged inside her pussy. "me too uncle marty!" A picture of his face, a bit reddish. "Well, that was fun!" A picture of her face, also reddish. "It was!" "Talk to you soon?" A picture of her making a smootching face. "Luv U Uncle Marty!" "Love you Amy!" "Thanks so much, Martin," his sister Ellen's voice came over his cell phone, "for offering to let me stay at your place. You're a savior! Do you know how much a hotel would cost?" "Now you can spend all that money on partying!' His sister laughed. "Yeah there is a lot of that at a class reunion, isn't there? And I do plan to do my share!" "Good, you deserve to have some fun, sis." "Thanks bro. But there's something kinda strange I need to ask you, too." "Strange?" "Well, odd." "OK, odd then." "So the thing is," his sister said, "Amy asked if she could come along with me for the weekend." "Oh! Well, that'd be fine! You know how much I love Amy!" "Yeah, it's just... Its sort of weird. I mean I'll be busy, I won't be able to do anything with her at all." "Sure, I understand. I'll take her shopping or whatever she wants. Or she can just hang out here." "Martin, you're such a good uncle to my kids! Thanks! But, you know, if she's just going to hang out, why wouldn't she just hang out at home?" He was beginning to feel a little uncomfortable about where this conversation was headed. "Well..." "I'm sorry for being so cryptic, Martin, but I'll tell you what I'm worried about, OK? I'm worried that for some reason Amy doesn't want to stay home with Ron when I'm not there." "Oh?!?" "Do you think that's crazy? I mean, you don't think he might be, I don't know, like, molesting her or something? Or maybe she's worried that he might?" 'Ron? No! I mean..." "I know it's crazy, Martin. Sorry." "No, it's good that you're worried about it." "Really? You think?" "Yeah. I mean, I'm sure everything's OK, but it's good to be vigilant, right?" "Listen Martin, you're like really close to her. I swear you're her favorite person on Earth. Can you, like, feel her out? I mean, just see if you think maybe there's something wrong?" "Sure..." "You don't have to ask her directly or anything, just, you know, see what you think. See if you think she's OK." "Definitely." "Thanks so much Martin!" "Of course sis!" Good god, Amy was even prettier than he remembered... This thought overwhelmed him as she jumped out of her mother's car when they first pulled up to his house. Even prettier than in her snapchat selfies! Honestly, he'd never seen another girl--or for that matter another woman--as beautiful as his adorable niece. She had the finest blond hair, long silken waves of spun gold hanging around her shoulders... bright shining blue eyes... the happiest, kindest, most infectious smile you can ever imagine... beautiful freckles adorning her cheeks and nose... "Uncle Martin!" she hollered as he walked out to greet them. She charged at him and grabbed him in a great big hug. He saw his sister smiling as she got out of the car, and he couldn't help but wonder if she suspected anything. She did, after all, know a little bit about what he was like... "I was thinking of getting some take-out," his sister said, once they'd unpacked and gotten settled in a little bit. "How does Chinese sound?" "Oh, you should just relax," he answered. "You've been driving for a couple hours. I'll run out and get it." "No, I insist!" she answered. "My friend May is working tonight at The Great Wall, that's her parent's place, if you remember. She and I need to figure out plans for the weekend, so I want to head over there." "Well, why don't we all go? We can eat in the restaurant," he said. "No!" Amy interjected, with surprising emphasis. "I wanna eat here! Let's get takeout!" "Yeah, I agree," his sister said. "Let's take it easy tonight, I'll be going out the rest of the weekend." "Sounds good to me," he said. He waited until his sister finally got out the door to get the takeout, then turned to his little niece. "So, remember those presents I got you?" "Yes! she hollered. "Lets go get 'em!!!" Her eyes sparkled and her braces shone through her smile. "I'll meet you in your room." "OK!" Upstairs, he handed her a bag adorned with little pink hearts and stuffed with pink and white tissue paper. She immediately pulled the tissue out and reached inside, and the first thing she pulled out was a box of chocolates. "Oh, Uncle Marty!" she said, and she lifted her head and stood on her tippy-toes and gave him a kiss, right on the lips. "You are so sweet!" "Anything for my beautiful niece!" She tore open the box and took out a chocolate and put it in her mouth, then took out another one and held it up to him. He opened his mouth, and she set the candy on his tongue, leaving her fingers inside his mouth for just a second and giving him a coy look. "Ib's delitous," she said, chewing her chocolate. He nodded. She reached into the bag again and pulled out the furry handcuffs. She smiled broadly. "You are very naughty, Uncle," she said. She removed the key from the lock and dropped it in the gift bag, which she set on the bedside table. Then she reached out and took his hand, and in one quick motion, clicked one of the fur-covered cuffs around his wrist. "Hey!" he said. "Those are for you!" "I know they are!" she said. "And I'm using them now!" She spun him around, pulling his arm behind him, and he reached his other hand back as well and let her cuff him. She spun him back again and, with a big smile, reached her hand down to his crotch. Her fingers wrapped around his cock, cradling it tightly. "You like this! I can tell!" she said. He felt her fingers explore, tracing the outline of his rapidly-hardening shaft. "You are so horny!" She let go and picked up the bag again, reached in and pulled out the ball gag. "What's this?" she said, surprised. "It's a gag." "A gag?" she looked at it, then looked up at him, and her eyes widened in a twinkling smile. "I know what this is! I recognize it from those videos! You didn't tell me you bought me one of these!" "I wasn't sure whether you'd..." He couldn't finish, because his niece had reached both hands up and was pushing the ball into his mouth. "Hey!" he said, turning his head to the side, "that's for you!" "I know! I'm using it now!" He let her put it in his mouth, let her turn him around again, and stood passively while she fumbled for a moment as she tried to buckle the leather straps behind his head. She eventually got it, then spun him around again. "I like this!" she said, grinning. She stood up on her tippy-toes again and kissed him on the cheek, then the nose, then the other cheek. As she kissed him, she put her hand on his belly, then slipped it down into his pants. A moment later she unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down to his knees. She wrapped a little fist around his erection. "Every time you snapchat me a picture of your cock, I get so horny!" she said as she started pumping her fist up and down. "I love how big it is! It's so hard, and so hot!" She reached her other hand down to his ballsack. "And I love how heavy your balls are!" She stepped back and stared as she continued jacking him and fondling his sack. A minute later he was breathing hard. She had him close! Oh my god she had him so close! "Hello-oo!" they heard her mother holler from the entryway downstairs. "I've got the food!" His little niece smiled at him. "I'll be right there, Mom!" she hollered. "Just a sec!" She increased the speed of her thumping fist even as she was hollering. "OK, where's Martin?" her mom yelled up the stairs. "I don't know--bathroom maybe?" "OK!" And right then, his adorable niece got him off. His body shook and his cock lurched and he orgasmed right there in Amy's little hand, with his sister, her mother, downstairs. Amy took her hand away and watched, with twinkling eyes and shiny-braces smile, as the second shot of his cum fired out of his cock and landed several feet in front of them on the bedroom floor. She gasped as she watched the next couple of shots fire out as well. "Wow," she said when he finished, looking at the ropes of cum splattered on the floor. She lifted her hand to her mouth and licked her cum-covered fingers. While she licked, she reached into the gift bag again to get the key. "Oh, that's right, the vibrator!" she said with a big smile as she felt it in the bag. "Next time we're alone, you'll have to show me how to use it!" He nodded in complete agreement. She spun him around and unlocked the handcuffs, then unhooked the gag, and while he pulled his pants back up, she grabbed a pair of panties from out of her luggage and used it to wipe up the cum on the floor. She lifted the soaked panties to her mouth and kissed them, then put them under her pillow with a sly little grin. Then she scampered downstairs and he tiptoed to the bathroom and flushed the toilet, then joined her and her mother for dinner. "May's working late tonight, and nobody else is really in town yet," his sister announced while they ate their takeout, "So I was thinking... Martin, maybe tonight you and I could go out and get a couple drinks? Amy, you'll be OK here by yourself, right? Maybe you can watch some Netflix or something?" "Sure," his niece said, rather unethusiastically. Martin and his sister left a couple hours later, walking to a nearby pub and sitting down at the bar. "Whaddaya think?" she asked him as she worked on a rum and coke. "Huh?" he responded. "Amy," she said. "Does she seem OK? Or do you think..." "She seems fine to me, but..." "She sure likes you, doesn't she?" "What do you mean?" He was once again getting a but uncomfortable with the direction the conversation was heading. "I don't blame her," his sister said. "I sure looked up to you when I was her age." He nodded. "You did?" She just smiled by way of a reply. "Well, you know I adore Amy. I'd never do anything to hurt her." It wasn't really a lie, even if it was a deflection. "I think she'd be disappointed to hear that!" Ellen laughed out loud. "Anyway, keep an eye out and let me know if you think she's got any concerns about Ron." They staggered back home after a couple more drinks to find Amy still awake in the basement, watching TV; he ran upstairs and changed into some PJs and ran back down to join her on the couch under her blanket. Almost immediately, her hand was on his crotch, and his on hers. They kissed while they touched each other. "You taste funny," she said. "Like alcohol." "You taste fantastic," he replied. At that point they heard her mom's footsteps on the stairs, heading down to join them. He disappointingly took his hand away from his niece's humid crotch; she did not do the same to him. She left her hand sitting on his cock, concealed under the blanket, as her mom walked into the room. She flopped down with a thump on the couch next to her daughter. "Whaccha watchin'?" she asked. She had her phone out and was checking Facebook or Twitter or whatever before Amy could even answer. She squeezed his cock. "Nothing, really. Some old sitcom. That 70's Show?" She squeezed again, harder. Her mom didn't seem to even hear her response, she was too absorbed in her phone. Amy turned and smiled at her uncle and squeezed hard, her fingers digging into his balls. "" he stuttered under his breath. "Shhh..." she whispered, and gave another squeeze. Then she grinned, let go, and gave his balls a little pat with her fingers. His sister seemed to be oblivious to the entire interaction. A few minutes, and a few squeezes, later, the woman's phone made a funny buzz, and she stood up. "I gotta go get a charger!" she said, and dashed out of the room. Immediately, his sweet little niece dove under the blanket, her head on his belly, and she pulled his cock out of his pajama pants. He felt her warm lips wrap around his cockhead. "Oh Amy!" he moaned. She sucked hard on his head as she wrapped her cool little fingers around his shaft and started pumping. Holy shit, Amy did know how to give a fine blow job, especially for such an inexperienced girl. But the truth is that a good blow is as much about inspiration as skill, and the twelve year old sure seemed to like sucking cock an awful lot! He was gravely disappoint a minute later when they heard footfalls on the stairs again and Amy quickly sat up and wiped her mouth off on the back of her hand. She kept her other hand holding tight to his shaft, and as her mom plugged her phone in and sat down in the chair next to the outlet, his niece gave his cock a couple little tugs. He moaned involuntarily. "Shh...!" she whispered again, narrowing her eyes at him. Her mom looked over and Amy immediately stopped tugging. But she did keep her fingers wrapped tight around his shaft, and gave it a couple of discreet squeezes. Her phone charging now, Ellen went back to texting and facebooking and did not seem to take any notice of what her daughter was doing. Amy resumed tugging on his cock, being very careful to make sure the movements of her hand were virtually imperceptible through the blanket that covered both of their laps. After a half-minute of gentle strokes, she moved her hand up, and with just her thumb and index finger in a little circle, glided them over his head, up and down, up and down. Within seconds, this caused the inevitable leak of precum to ooze from his pee hole, and with it the inevitable moan to escape from his lips as well. Little Amy rubbed a finger over his hole, sopping up the sticky liquid, then pulled her hand away and lifted her finger to her mouth. At first, she set the finger against her lips in the universal symbol for "shhh...," then she lowered the finger and licked the precum off while her uncle watched, leaking even more underneath the blanket and trying very, very hard not to moan. Amy reached her hand into the blanket again, and finding his cockhead newly wet, lapped up this new precum with her finger and lifted it back to her mouth. At the same time, his sister set down her phone. "Damn, getting these people organized is like herding cats," she said. He was amazed that she still seemed oblivious to what her daughter was doing! "I could use a glass of wine. Martin, you want one?" "Um," he stammered, nearly unable to communicate, "uh, sure." She stood up and looked at him with a smile. "You seem a little drunk! But OK, I'll get you one." The moment her mom left the room, Amy dove under the blanket again. He instantly felt her tongue licking the remaining precum off his head, and then she opened wide and sucked him in. The little girl was all business this time, gripping tight and pumping furiously as she sucked and sucked "Oh my god," he whispered, after she'd been at it for no more than a minute. "Oh fuck, Amy!" He put his hands on top of her head as he felt the surge of orgasm coursing through his body. His legs shook, his cock stiffened, his balls clentched, and his cum fired down his shaft. He felt her head shutter in his hands as the first shot fired into her mouth, but she kept latched on, still sucking and stroking. By the time his super-charged cock let loose a giant second shot, they heard her mother's footsteps on the stairs. But Amy stayed in place, she didn't stop sucking and stroking until she'd drained him completely. She sat up at the last possible moment, right before her mother walked into the room. After Ellen handed him his wine and sat down next to her daughter on the couch, little Amy looked at her uncle, eyes twinkling, and opened her mouth to show him that it was still full of his cum. She lifted her finger to her lips to say "shh..." again, then smiled and closed her eyes and swallowed. "I used my new vibrator last night when you and mom went to the bar," she told him, those beautiful eyes glittering like they always do. "Did you now?" "Uh huh." Her mom had left early the next morning to meet with some friends, and they had the house all to themselves. "Did you enjoy it?" Her wonderful smile broke across her face. "Uh huh!" "Wanna show me how you use it?" She grinned. "You are so horny!" "Me? What about you last night? With your mom in the room!" "That was fun, wasn't it?" she said. "Fun? It was terrifying! You need to be more careful!" "I dunno, I guess I like... it's kinda fun when you might get caught, don't you think?" "NO!" She gave him a big toothy braces-shinning grin. "You loved it, Uncle Marty!" "OK, I admit it. But you're mom's worried about you, you know." "About me? Why?" "I guess she was a little surprised when you wanted to come along with her on this trip." "Oh... because... You think, because, like, she knows? About us?" "No..." He reached out and put his hand on her knee. "No, it's not that at all." "Oh," she said, sounding confused. He stood up and offered his hand to her. "I want you to show me how you use that vibrator now," he said. She took his hand, but still seemed a little perplexed. "Just promise me, Amy, that if there's anything wrong, like maybe between you and and your step-dad, you'll tell me?" "Me and... Ron? Mom thinks there's something wrong between me and Ron?" He lead her up the stairs. "Well, you know, she thought maybe that's why you wanted to come on the trip. Because you didn't want to be home with him when she's away." "Ooohhh," she said, suddenly realizing. "She thinks he like, wants to have sex with me?" "Well," he said, "she wasn't that specific about her concerns, but, yeah, something like that." They were in her room now. "I've never thought about it I guess," she said as she opened the drawer to the bedside table. She took out the fuzzy handcuffs. "He does like to flirt with me, but he's never tied me up and had sex with me like my uncle has!" She reached out and took his hand and clicked a cuff around his wrist. He turned and let her cuff his other wrist behind his back. "Well, just tell me if anything happens. Promise?" "Promise!" she said, reaching back into the drawer and taking out her vibrator. She sat on her bed, her back against the wall, and pulled her nightgown up to her waist. She turned the dial on the vibrator and it hummed to life and she started rubbing it up and down on the crotch of her panties. "Come here, mister," she said breathlessly, and he walked over to her. She reached out and cupped her hand over her cock through his pajama pants while she rubbed her pussy through her panties with her humming vibrator. She pulled on his balls. "Amy..." he playfully objected. "Quiet!" she said, pulling harder, looking up at him with glassy eyes, "or I'll get that gag thing out!" "Yes ma'am," he said with a grin. She loosened the tie of his pajama pants, then fumbled, trying one-handed to pull them down. When his erect cock sprang free, she let out a moan and pressed her vibrator even harder against her panty-clad sex. Her legs started shaking. "Oh god Uncle Marty!" she groaned, "I love your cock so much!" She reached her hand out and wrapped her fingers around his shaft, tugging tightly up and down. "Oh God Uncle Marty," she whispered, "oh God I'm gonna..." He stared in rapt attention as his sweet little niece started cumming. A moment later she lifted the dildo away from her panties, and as her legs trembled, they both stared, watching a wet spot form, and then expand, until her panties were soaked for two inches across with her cum. She took a deep breath. "Oh my God," she whispered. "Damn, Amy, that was so hot!" She gave him a glassy-eyed smile. "Did ya like it?" "Oh yeah!" She set the still-humming vibrator down on the bed and sat up on her knees and pulled her panties off. She held them up, showing him the wet spot, soaked with her cum. He made an exaggerated sniffing sound, then stuck his tongue out and pretended he was licking it. She leaned back and took the panties away, giggling. "You are so horny Uncle Marty!" she said. "Come on!" he answered. "Let me lick it!" He stuck his tongue out again. Her eyes twinkled with that mischievous gleam she gets. "I saw something in one of those videos..." "Yeah? What's that?" "Open your mouth, Uncle Marty," she said. He did, without really thinking about what she might have in mind. She lifted the panties to his mouth, the wet spot right in front of him, but then she crumpled them up into a little ball and pushed them in. "Mmmmhhh!" he protested. She laughed. "Isn't this what you wanted? Does it taste good?" He sucked in, tasting her sweet pussy on her panties, and nodded vigorously. She grinned and shook her head. "You are so horny!" "Mmmggghhh," he protested again. She giggled and sat back onto the bed and spread her legs wide open, showing her now-naked sex to her uncle. Then she picked up the vibrator--still humming away-- and pressed it against her bare clit. Almost immediately, her eyes rolled back in her head, and she rubbed the dildo up and down over her little nub and he watched in fascination as the dildo pressed between her pussy lips, her breath becoming labored. Eventually she pointed the tip of the toy towards her vagina and pushed it in, and as it burrowed into her, she let out a long moan, then reached her hand back to his cock and started tugging on his shaft again. As she jacked on his cock, she cranked the little knob to full and slid the dildo in and out of her pussy. "Oh my gosh," she whispered. "This is so awesome, Uncle Marty!!!" Her face was dark red and trembling when she stopped fucking herself with her new toy, leaving it lodged deep inside her, buzzing merrily away. She still had a firm grip on his cock. "Mmmm mmm-mmmm!" he responded. She was panting as she smiled at him. She sat up on her knees and the vibrator began slowly sliding out of her. She reached down and caught it before it fell, pulled it out the rest of the way, and turned the dial to "off." Then lifted it up to her mouth and licked the side of it. "Do you want to lick my vibrator, Uncle Marty?" she asked him with a big grin. "Mmmm mmmm!" He nodded vigorously, if only because her panties were making it hard for him to swallow, and he wanted to get them out of his mouth. She sat up and held the dildo in front of his face, then reached up with her other hand, her thumb and finger grabbing a little pinch of her panties, and she slowly pulled them out of his mouth. He took in a couple of deep breaths, and she took the opportunity of his mouth being open to slide the vibrator in. "Hold it in your mouth," she said, letting go of the vibrator. Then she turned him and pushed him down so that he sat on the edge of the bed, then gently pushed him back until he was laying down. She hovered above him with a big shiny smile, her eyes twinkling, and she pushed the vibrator deeper into his mouth. "Does it taste good?" she asked him. He nodded, sucking, tasting her sweet pussy. She pulled the dildo back, then pushed it in. Back, and in again. She was grinning. "It's like your giving a blow job!" she said. "It's like your giving me a blow job! This is so much fun, Uncle Marty!" Then, holding the tip of the dildo with one hand and still sliding it in and out of his mouth, she leaned over his cock. He felt her warm breath as she opened her mouth, and then he felt the paradise of the young girl's lips as she wrapped them around his head again. "Uggghhh," he moaned around the sweet-tasting vibrator lodged in his mouth. Little Amy stroked and sucked, and she pushed her dildo in and out of his mouth, in a strange and wonderful version of 69, as he sucked the inspiring sensuous taste of her pussy off of her toy, while she sucked his from his cock. He was nearly ready to explode when she reached the fingers of her other hand up to fondle his ballsack. That was all that it took, and he felt that wonderful surge, that release, as his semen expelled out of him, pump upon pump, and into his beautiful niece's mouth. When he was finished, she sat up, looking at him with her mouth slightly open. A thick glob of his semen stood suspended on her lower lip. "'ou 'ike 'umming in my mouff, don't 'ou?" she said. And as she spoke, the glob of cum slipped over the edge of her lip and began flowing down to her chin. She sucked it back in, then closed her mouth, shut her eyes, and swallowed. She opened her eyes again and her face erupted in a huge smile. She leaned over and kissed him on the cheek as she pulled her dildo out of his mouth. He kissed her back. "I do like cumming in your mouth," he answered. "And I love it when you do!" she said as she retrieved the key to the handcuffs from the drawer. They spent the rest of the day playing together--he took her shopping to the mall, they went to the zoo, they had dinner at a fancy little place near his house. During dinner, she got a text from her mom: "Hi sweetie I hope you're not bored" "No! We're having a blast we went to the zoooooo!!!!" "Awesome! Make sure you tell Uncle Martin thanks" "I will!" "I'm gonna be out late tonight dear so don't wait up OK?" "Sure no prob ma" "Be good for your uncle" "I will!" They held hands when they walked back to his house after dinner. He felt like a love-sick schoolboy; his heart was light and he felt like he was floating ten feet in the air. When they got into his house, he kissed her on the forehead and tried very hard to compose himself. "I think we should take a shower, Amy," he said. "Together?" she asked, looking up at him with wide blue eyes. "Yeah..." Fingers danced amid cascading water. Petite fingers, soft and curious, like a little ballet dancers, dipping and twirling over broad, strong shoulders, down thick, masculine chest. "You're so big!" little Amy whispered. "So strong!" And big strong fingers, solid and comforting, sliding over little shoulders, down to even smaller breasts. Little hands, in the warm falling water, found thick cock, held shaft tight, fondled balls. "You're so big!" little Amy said again, then sunk to her knees in front of him. Little kisses, down one side of his cock from the head to the base. Then little kisses back up the other side. A single lick, right on his hole, tasting a drop of precum. Then little kisses down the underside. She nuzzled into his ballsack, kissing and licking. Sweet little Amy, his beautiful niece, a little ball-licker! He pulled her up after a little while and fell to his knees in the cascading water. His kisses now, nuzzling into her little patch of first-pussy-hair, tongue out, licking her lips. Her little clit poked out to greet him from behind her sheath, inviting him to play with her. They went into her bedroom when they were done. He opened the drawer and took out the handcuffs, and she turned her back to him and put her hands behind her back, and he clicked them onto her. He took the ball gag out and she stood with her backwards still and opened her mouth to let him put it in. After he'd buckled the straps, he put his hand on her back and directed her to the bed. She climbed awkwardly onto it, kneeling at the edge. He then gently pushed her down, so that her face was in the sheets and her ass up in the air. He entered her so easily, standing behind her. Her pussy was wet, and open, and accepting, but nonetheless excruciatingly tight, and he was almost instantly leaking into her as he began to fuck his little niece. "Oh Amy," he said, as he grabbed her ass cheeks with his hands, digging his fingers into her. He held her tight in place as he slid his cock in and out of her little pussy, driving all the way in until his head plunged into the soft flesh of the back of her vagina and his balls nestled up against her, then out, then back in deep again. She set a steady pace, using her exactly how he wanted to, enjoying her hot and soaking wet cunt. Eventually, ten minutes in, he stopped. He held himself all the way inside her, impaling her, as he took ahold of one of her hips and turned her over, onto her back. Her eyes were wide and twinkiing; spittle was flowing out of her mouth around the ball-gag. With his strong hands under her arms he pushed her back into the middle of the bed, and then climbed on top of her. She spread her legs wide. The little girl opened herself completely for her uncle. She let him have her, let him take her, and let him finish inside her when he was done. He grunted as his first shot filled her full. He grunted again, even louder, as he plowed hard into her, as deep as he could, and the second shot fired right into her cervix, injecting his sperm into her preteen womb. They mated that night, uncle and niece, lovers forever united inside her. He lay on top of her entirely, holding her head tightly to his chest as he continued pumping his sperm into her beautiful body. They kissed and held each other, after he finally climbed off of her and unlocked the handcuffs and removed the gag. Eventually she fell asleep, and then he kissed his little angel on her forehead, put away their various toys, and slipped out of the room. His sister came home not long afterwards and they sat in the living room, sipping wine, while she told him about her disappointing day. "I hate reunions," she said. "Why did I come to this one? They're so stupid." He nodded. "So what do you think about Amy, Martin?" she asked him. "Do you think she's OK?" "I think she's just fine, Ellen." "Yeah," his sister nodded. "I'm sure I'm just paranoid. But why do you think she wanted to come along on this trip so badly?" He shrugged his shoulders. His sister smiled at him. "It's because she likes you so much, Martin." He gave a little laugh. "Maybe so." She looked at him sideways, then took a sip of her wine. "I remember what you're like, you know," she said. He nodded. "We've never really talked about what we did," she said. "No," he responded. She smiled at him. "Does it make you uncomfortable to talk about it?" "Well..." "Don't worry, I'm not angry. I learned a lot from you back then," she said. "I never regretted it. Not ever, not once." He nodded. "Me neither." She downed the rest of her wine and let out a deep breath. "I'm gonna go to bed now, bro. I just want you to know that I think you're a good man, and I'm glad that Amy likes you so much." He sat and sipped his wine and smiled, imagining what the future might bring... [If you like this story--or if you don't like it!--please consider leaving a comment at my erotic fiction web site, Thanks!]