Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. The Ties That Bind by Chris Hailey, Copyright 2016 Story codes: Mg12, MF, Fg, incest, uncle/niece, brother/sister, mother/daughter, light bondage Summary: The final installment in the story of Amy and her uncle Martin, this is a follow up to my stories Hand-tied and Tongue-tied. =============== "Oh Uncle! Oh... oh... ooooh! OH UNCLE MARTY!!!" Amy had her hands on her uncle's chest, holding herself above him, as she pumped herself up and down on his thick hot cock. "Oh Uncle Marty, I'm gonna cum!" "You need to be quiet or you're going to wake up your mom," he said. Or, he would have said, if his niece hadn't once again stuffed her wet panties in his mouth, so that it came out more like "mmmm mmm nggh mhg..." He could have pulled the panties out, except of course for the fact that the girl had handcuffed his wrists to the headboard. "Oh my God!!!" the girl practically yelled out loud. She was grinding so hard on his cock it was unbelievable. Whatever angle she'd managed to find must have been hitting the g-spot perfectly and she was a fountain now, soaking his balls and his belly and the bed sheets beneath them with the most remarkably beautiful-smelling girlcum that have ever graced the Earth with its fragrance, as she ground and ground and ground. Eventually she collapsed onto him, pressing her naked chest to his. "Oh wow Uncle Marty," she said. "Wow!" She slid her ass back and forth, just a little. He could feel her pussy twitch. "Oh god," she said, "I'm still cumming!" She continued sliding her twitching pussy up and down on his cock. "Oh god!" "Mmgggrrr..." he grunted through her panties, feeling waves of pleasure as her hot pussy clenched to his thickness, waves that built in intensity with each downward stroke of her body driving his head into the deep reaches of her sex, until she had him there... "Oh god! I'm there! I'm cumming!" He shouted. Well, actually, "Mmm Mmmggr, Mmmm..." "Are you cumming Uncle Marty?" she asked, looking at him with wide twinkling blue eyes. "Mmm mmm!" he nodded vigorously, struggling against his restraints. "Do you want to cum inside me?" she asked, increasing the intensity of her love-making, hard downward strokes slamming her bottom down onto him and driving his cock hard into her tight little fountain of cum. "Mmm mmm!" "You can always cum inside me, Uncle. I'll always let you," she said. Hearing those words from just about anyone would have brought his orgasm to a screaming crescendo. But from Amy? From the prettiest twelve year old girl in the universe? They were enough to send him over the edge and he felt the surge, the building floodwaters, the bursting dam. He exploded, thick hot fluid traveling lightning-fast down his... Knock! Knock! Knock! Shit! Someone's knocking on the door! The first shot surged out of him, filling his little niece full. "Unnnnmmmggg!" he groaned, unable to control himself. "Martin?" came a voice from the other side of the door. "Ugggmmmmmmgggg!" he groaned again, firing an even larger second shot into dear sweet Amy. "Martin? Are you OK?" his sister, Amy's mother, said through the door, turning the knob. Amy rose up on her knees and slammed herself down on his cock to receive the third shot of his orgasm, just as her mom opened the bedroom door. He grunted again as he dumped the third load into her, and Amy turned and smiled at her mom. "Hi Mom!" she said, already lifting herself up and slamming down again. Luckily, he was pretty much done by now so his niece settled down, his cock impaling her, still smiling at her mom. "Whassup?" "A panty gag, Martin?" his sister said to him, sitting cross-legged on his bed a couple hours later. Amy was in her own room, asleep. "A panty gag? Really?" He looked at her sheepishly. "I guess she likes doing it." "That's pretty much what Amy said when I talked with her about... about what you two were doing. She said it was all her idea. She actually used the word 'instigator.' She said she was the 'instigator.'" "She's a smart kid, that's for sure." "You didn't feed her that line, did you?" she asked him. "No!" he answered, incredulous. "So you're gonna tell me she really <i>was</i> the instigator?" "I know it sounds ridiculous, Ellen," he said, "but..." She smiled and shook her head. "It's always the girl, isn't it? How is it you guys get us to believe that? I mean I swear I still think that I'm the one that came on to you back when we were kids." "Well..." She laughed out loud and slapped him teasingly on the shoulder with the back of her hand. "I think we both wanted it pretty bad," he said. She nodded. "Definitely. I got pretty much addicted to giving blow jobs after you showed me what to do." "I remember." "You do? How would you know? We only did it like a couple times, before you got that girlfriend, what was her name?" "I don't know, Jenny?" he answered. "Yeah, that bitch! You told me she was better than me," she said. "It broke my heart." "Shit, I'm sorry about that sis. It was a lie." "I knew it! I just knew it! You men are all fuckers, aren't you?" She sat up on her knees and moved above him. "I oughtta lock you up, just like Amy did! I should go get those handcuffs!" "What would you do to me once you locked me up?" he asked with a grin. "What would I do? Why do you think I came to see you earlier tonight, when I caught you and Amy?" "'Cause you wanted to handcuff me to the bed and fuck me?" "Well, not exactly," she said. "I thought you might want to revisit 'old times?' A little?" He sat up and looked at her with a surprised expression. "Really?" "It's just... I haven't sucked cock in a long time, not a decent cock, anyway. Ron's was a little too... Well, yours was always my favorite." "It was?" "Yeah. a girl never forgets her first, you know. And you were really sweet, Martin. Most guys are sort of assholes about it, I know Ron was, that's for sure. But you were sweet and gentle with me, and I loved that." She reached out and untied his pajama pants. "Amy says she's given you a couple blow jobs." He nodded. "Yeah." "Is she as good as I was?" "You were the best, Ellen." She smiled, big. "That's just because I was nine, and you like 'em young." "I like 'em any age." His sister slipped her hand down his pants. "I think I've gotten better with experience, and I'd like to show you, if you're interested..." Her hand found his cock, and a smile spread over her face. "Oh my! You <I>are</I> interested!" She pulled down his pajama pants. "Holy shit, Martin," she said, staring at his cock. "I don't remember you being so big!" "I was just a kid back then." She wrapped a hand around his shaft and leaned her head down. "You're definitely a man now, aren't you? I thought it was so big then, I couldn't even believe it." He felt her lips kiss the top of his head, and her hand started stroking. Then her mouth opened wide and slid down onto his head. Jesus, her mouth was so warm! And when she sucked in, it was heaven. He felt a surge, a little mini-orgasm, and a big flow of precum. She sucked and sucked, sliding her lips up and down over his head and stroking his shaft. She pulled off of him and looked up at him. "Oh man Martin, I'm so horny right now! I haven't sucked a cock this nice in so long!" She went back down and sucked for a little bit longer, but then pulled off again. "You never did have sex with me before, Martin," she said. "I always wanted you to, but you never did." She started pulling her pajamas and her panties off. "Will you fuck me now? Please?" It'd been twenty-five years since he'd last seen his sister's pussy. She'd shaved it clean and he could see the red distended flesh of her inner labia folding out from inside her. That was new, she didn't have that when she was nine! He reached his hand out and ran his middle finger between those dark lips. They were hot, and wet. She held her panties up and gave him a smile. "Open your mouth, Martin," she said as she crumpled them into a ball. "Ellen..." he said hesitantly, by way of objection. But he did open his mouth. His cock slid easily into her sopping wet cunt when she climbed on top of him, and the brother and his little sister began to mate. "God that feels good," she said, starting to bounce on him. "I need this so badly!" "Mmmm mmmm!" he said in agreement through her panties. "Oh shit," she said, "I haven't had a decent cock in so long! God Martin, God Martin!!!" She was slamming into him as she rode him hard, and her face was bright red and her body was shaking. "Jesus, Martin," she said with a heavy breath as she slowly came down from her high, "I don't think I've ever had an orgasm that quickly." "Mmmmm mmmmm..." She started fucking him again. "You want to cum, too?" "Mmmm mmmm!" he said, nodding vigorously. She was pumping hard now. "You wanna cum inside me?" "MMMMM!!!" he said, nodding even more vigorously. He was shaking all over, his orgasm was starting. "Come inside me Martin! I want to feel your hot cum shooting in me! Cum inside your little sister Martin!!!!" It seemed like he shot cum into her for a half an hour before he finally finished. "She was pretty chill about it, really," his niece Amy said as she snuggled up to her uncle on the couch in the basement. Her brother and sister were on the floor in front of the TV, enraptured by whatever movie they had on. "Yeah?" Her cool little hand caressed his chest. "She said she was young, too, when she first started." He nodded. Her hand was on his belly now. He put his hand on her leg. The girl kissed him on the cheek. "She asked me a lot of questions about it." "Like what?" He kissed her on the lips. His hand slid up her thigh and she spread her legs in a subtle, but important, gesture. "Um, like," her hand slipped into his pajama pants, "She asked if you made me do it, or like convinced me to do it or whatever." "Should we get that blanket?" he said, breathing hard and nodding over to the blanket folded up in the corner of the room. His fingers ventured up inside her nightgown and found the hem of her panty crotch, and he felt that wonderful warm humidity of her beautiful sex. Her fingers found his painfully engorged cock. "They won't notice," she said, gasping as his fingers slipped under her panties and found the damp downy fur of her pussy lips. "No, I don't think they will," he agreed, breathlessly. "So what'd you tell her?" His finger slipped between her wet lips into the hotness inside. Her little fist started tugging. "I told her you tied me up and forced yourself on me." Right then they heard the sound of footfalls on the stairs again. He sat up and pulled his hand out of her panties. But Amy just kept tugging on his cock with her little hand inside his pajama bottoms, even as her mom walked into the room. He saw his sister's eyes look right at his crotch, but she made no further indication of noticing. "Whatcha watchin', kids?" she asked as she sat down next to him on the couch. They little ones mumbled something in reply. Amy just kept tugging the whole time. They all sat there watching the movie while Amy held on tight, a very solid grip, and massaged his cock. After what must have been 20 minutes of blissful agony, she'd finally brought him to the edge and he started breathing hard and trying to not groan out loud. His little niece knew she had him there, and she kissed him on the cheek, told him "shh...," and laid her head down on his stomach. She lifted his pajama pants and slid her face down to greet his cock. The moment her warm lips wrapped around his head, he lost it completely, letting out a long, low groan. If he hadn't closed his eyes in wonderful agony, he would have seen that his moan attracted the attention of his nephew, who turned momentarily away from his movie to see what was going on. His hips bucked as he came, shoving deep into the back of his niece's throat and firing the first shot. Amy caught it all, of course, and all the rest, a huge load of uncle-sperm filling her mouth. She sat up with a smile and turned to show him, and her mother watched as well as the sweet girl opened her mouth, letting both of them see that it was full of his viscous frothy cum. Her mom leaned towards her. "Before you swallow," she said, "give a little to me." She opened her mouth. Amy leaned in, too, and right in front of him, they kissed. A mouth open, tongue-lapping, fluid exchanging, mother-daughter kiss. He was glad he'd texted his other sister--"Auntie Suzy'--when he took the littlest kids to the Children's Museum. He was not a fan of children's museums, not at all. They were germ-infested, commercialized nightmares. So, since Susan arrived to join them, he was able to make a polite exit about an hour later and return home. Amy and her mother had gone shopping, so he expected to have the place to himself for at least the next few hours. Which is why he was surprised, when walking down the hall of past the room that Amy was staying in, to hear an oddly familiar buzzing noise coming from behind the cloaed door. Curious, and perfectly aware of what the noise was, he cracked open the door and peeked inside. What he saw was not what he had expected. His beautiful niece was not sitting on the bed, rubbing her pussy with her vibrator, nor fucking herself with it. Instead, she was handcuffed to the headboard, just as he had been the night before. She was also wearing the ball gag, and a sleep mask was serving as a blindfold. Lastly, her panties had been tossed loosely over her nose. She was gyrating and making a little moan from behind the gag, and a bead of spittle was dripping down her cheek. He had to open the door a little bit further to see more of this interesting scene. The girl lay with her skirt up to her waist, naked below that, her legs spread wide. And in between those long thin filly legs sat Ellen, his sister snd her mother, holding the vibrator and rubbing it in short small motions over her daughter's clit. She looked up at him when he peered around the door and held a finger to her mouth to say "shh..." and then slipped the tip of the vibrator into the girl's vagina. She pushed it in, Amy's little petals wetly splaying around it, a flower blossom opening in quivering anticipation. Her mother pushed it in, the humming tip disappearing into the little girl. Amy rolled ecstatically from side to side as she was penetrated, groaning into her gag, and her uncle stood in rapt silence, cock rapidly inflating, watching his sister push the vibrator deeper into her daighter, and deeper still, until only the very bottom of it was visible. Then, smiling briefly and almost apologetically at her brother, mother leaned down and pressed her face into daughter's pussy, kissing, licking, while the vibrator hummed away deep inside his sweet child lover. Ellen lapped at Amy's stiff, excited clit, then tasted her adorable down-covered lips, and when little Amy lifted her bottom off the bed, her mother licked down even lower until she had her lips pressed into her daughter's petite pink anus and her tongue came out and gave her little asshole a wet and loving caress. Then Ellen sat up, and she and her brother watched, mesmerized, as the vibrator slowly slid out of Amy's pussy. The little girl was trying adorably to keep it in, using all her muscles she could in a vain attempt to grind on it, but the harder she tried, the quicker it slipped out. Once it had almost fallen out entirely, her mother reached down and pushed it all the way back in. Amy's legs shuttered in response and her ass lifted off the bed and she groaned into her gag, and ground and ground those muscles into the humming toy. And, mother and uncle watched, hypnotized again, as the vibrator slowly slipped out again. When his sister pushed it back in again a third time and the little thing thrashed and moaned, he climbed quietly onto the bed between the filly's legs. He leaned down and licked her bluish bulb. Almost instantly, Amy lifted her bottom off the bed, into the air, and tried as best she could to push herself hard into his mouth. She moaned behind the ball gag, and soon her legs were shaking, then her whole body was shaking, and the girl was cumming. She groaned and shook and came and came. When he lifted his face away a minute later, she collapsed onto the bed, her body convulsing in dissipating twitches. She was panting around the ball gag, spittle running down her cheeks, and mother and uncle watched once again as the humming vibrator slowly slipped out until it exited her distended flower with a wet "splortch" and landed in a puddle of girlcum on the bed between her legs. Uncle leaned down to her face and kissed her. "Very sexy, Amy," he whispered to her. "Mmmmm mmmm!" she said in response. They sat together in the church pew the next morning, uncle, niece, mother, and two little ones, his sister Susan on the other side of the kids, all of them right in a row. Ellen had insisted that they go to church and Martin didn't feel like arguing, so he went along. "Hymn number 427," the cantor announced, and when he and Amy both found it in the book of songs, he turned to her and whispered in her ear, "It's our song!" Amy giggled and slapped him gently on the knee and said "Shh..." and everyone stood and began to sing. "Blessed be the ties that bind..." Amy and her uncle giggled under the breath through the entire song. Back home afterwards, the little kids ensconced in front of the TV in the basement, the blessed ties that bind were put to good use indeed. Amy was strapped down, tight Velcro cuffs around ankles and wrists, straps secured snuggly to bedposts spreading arms and legs apart. She was naked, she was ball gagged, and she was smiling brightly through her twinkling beautiful blue eyes. Uncle and niece watched together while her mother undressed until she, too, was naked. While her body was not quite what it had once been, and was not quite as charming and disarming as her daughter's, she was nonetheless a fine-looking woman with a set of firm round tits and a perfectly squeezable ass, which she displayed quite pleasantly as she turned her back to her brother and held her hands behind her so that he might latch the furry cuffs. Then with his sister on her knees, and his niece strapped to the bed, he himself disrobed, and then little Amy got to watch her mother suck her uncle's cock. Spit flowed down his shaft, lubricating a loose hand, and she pulled on his balls while she sucked on his head. After five minutes of fantastic head, he pulled away and lifted his shaft, presenting his balls to his cock-hungry sister. She ducked down, under him, kissing and licking. Making love to his balls. He was rock-hard now, almost painfully hard, an erection that would not go away until those balls had dumped at least one load into one of his beautiful lovers. He helped his sister onto the bed, where she knelt next to her daughter. He pushed her down so that her face was in her daughter's crotch, and while she kissed and licked that little down-covered pussy, that little flowering twelve year old sex toy, he leaned over the girl's chest and suckled on her swollen nipples, pink and soft, suspended above firm little fatty cones of preeteen breast. Then he stood and walked around to his sister's backside, and while she continued making love to her daughter, he slipped his cock into her pussy, her open, giving sex, and then brother stood and fucked his loving sister while her wide-eyed daughter watched. When his cock was wet and hot with sibling love, he pulled out and climbed onto the bed between his niece's wide-spread legs. Understanding what he planned to do, Ellen moved away from her daughters puss and lay her head on the girl's belly, looking adoringly at her brother's cock. Kneeling, he reached a hand down and put his thumb on his sister's chin and pushed her jaw open, then leaned in and slid his pussy-cum-coated cock into her mouth. He held her head tight with both hands and pumped his hips back and forth, face-fucking his beautiful sister. After four or five solid thrusts, his cockhesd bumping into the back of her mouth, he pulled out and pushed his spittle-and sister-pussy soaked cock into his niece's anxious, impatient sex. Those lips, those succulent flower petals, opened excitedly for him, craving their lover's entry. They quivered as they wrapped around his head, welcoming him, inviting him and even pulling him deeper into her. "All the way, cock," they said. "Come in, come all the way inside. Welcome home." He pumped his hips and fucked his little niece while her mother had the most intimate view, right there, watching her brother's thick hard cock slide in and out of her daughter's little font of love. Eventually he pulled out, and his sister knew what he wanted and she opened her mouth wide and he slid right in. He held her head tightly in place and face-fucked her again, this time pushing in deeper when he reached the back of her mouth. She had little choice but to swallow his head, because he was holding her so strongly, and his cock slipped into her tight, phlem-lubricated throat. It wasn't a good angle for throat-fucking so the best he could do was just slide his head in and out of her tight, muscular opening, her warm tongue gliding along his shaft as he did. While he throat-fucked his sister as best he could, his balls hammered out a steady beat on little Amy's clit. And within a second he was there, he felt his legs start to shake and his balls clench. Almost by instinct, he pulled out of his sister's throat and drove his cock deep into Amy. The girl's back arched against her restraints and she groaned into her gag as her uncle impaled her and he held himself there as he felt that fabulous pump of cum, long and glorious, fill her little uterus. He reared back and slammed in and gave her his second shot. But for the third he pulled out, wanting to cum in his sister's mouth. But alas, he did not have enough time, and the shot fired with full force right onto Ellen's pretty face, covering her in her brother's seed. The forth shot found his sister's mouth, and he finished there. When he'd finished and sat back, mother dove down between daughter's legs and lapped at the cream that leaked out of her. A month later, Ellen's divorce from Ron was final, and they held a party to celebrate. They'd moved in officially now, his quiet and lonely house now filled with the joy of three children, and with three lovers as well. After the celebration, they tucked the little kids into bed and the three of them went to his room. He was tied up this time and mother and daughter took turns sucking his cock until he was so hard and so terribly in need of relief that it hurt, and then Amy climbed on top of him and soothed his aching sex with hers. "Come inside me, Uncle Marty!" she said. Just like she always does. [If you like this story--or if you don't like it!--please consider leaving a comment at my erotic fiction web site, Thanks!]