Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. The Fright Night Dance by Chris Hailey, Copyright 2016 Story codes: Ff, Mf, Halloween, oral, public sex Summary: It's daddy's Halloween work party! You'll never guess what Cherise and her daddy are dressing up as! =============== Cherise was so excited when her daddy told her about his idea about the costumes they should wear for the Fright Night Dance, his company's Halloween party. She just knew that they would be have the best costumes at the party! And now, as they walked through the front door of the ballroom together, she felt every eye in the room turn and look at them. It was so exciting! A girl dressed as Frankenstein's bride walked up to them, with Frankenstein himself following close behind. "Well, what do we have here?" she asked, looking Cherise up and down. It seemed like Frankenstein's bride was a pretty college-aged girl underneath her get-up, and she smiled at Cherise with baby-blue eyes twinkling. Cherise's daddy shook Frankenstein's hand. "Your costumes are perfect, Frank," he said. "You know my daughter, Cherise." "Of course I do," Frank said, reaching out to shake her hand. Frank was one of her daddy's best friends at work and Cherise had always liked him. He always seemed to show particular attention to her. "And this is...?" her daddy said, reaching his hand out to Frankenstein's bride. "Mary," Frankenstein's bride said, giving him her hand for a moment, then lifting her orange-colored cocktail to her lips and taking a big sip. She stared at Cherise over the rim of the glass. "Cherise is a pretty name," she said to her. "Thanks," Cherise said. "Daddy calls me Cherry." "Oh! Nice! I like Cherry even better." Frankenstein's bride gave Cherise a big flirty smile. "Is it OK if I call you that?" "Sure!" "So what are you dressed up as tonight, Cherry?" Frankenstein's bride asked. "Wait, let me guess..." She looked over at Cherise's daddy, looking him up and down. He looked perfect: a baby-blue suit with big bell-bottom pants, his white wide-collared dress shirt unbuttoned down to almost his navel, thick gold necklaces hanging amongst his curly chest hair. "You're a pimp, aren't you?" Frankenstein's bride said to him. "That's right, baby," Cherise's daddy said in his perfect Starsky and Hutch voice. Cherise giggled. "And that means..." Frankenstein's bride took another sip of her drink and stared at Cherise some more. "Let me guess, you're daddy's little whore?" "Mary..." Frankenstein chided his bride. "Sorry," he said to Cherise's daddy, "I think she's probably already had too much to drink." "Oh bullshit, Frank," his bride retorted. "That's exactly what you are, isn't it, Cherry?" Cherise felt her face going a little flush, but she grinned and nodded. "See? I told you, Frank! And," she spoke over her drink to Cherise again, "you look perfect. That's just the right costume for you." Cherise had to agree with the lady about that! She thought she'd done a pretty good job with her costume. Her daddy liked it, that's for sure, he'd told her at least a dozen times on the way to the party that she looked perfect. She was wearing a skin-tight black mini-dress that hugged the little curves of her fourteen year old body, leaving nothing to anyone's imagination. The dress's skirt ended three-quarters of the way up her thighs, showing a little flash of the pale skin above the top of her fishnet stockings, which were tight against her long skinny legs down to a pair of four inch stiletto heels. Her otherwise angelic baby-doll face was plastered with makeup: bright red lipstick, way too much eyeliner and even more mascara. Yes, indeed, Cherise's daddy looked just like the perfect pimp, and she was his perfect little teenage whore! "Come on now," Frankenstein's bride said, "let's go dance!" The two couples--Frankenstein and his bride, Cherise's daddy-pimp and his whore, made their way onto the dance floor. As they shimmied to the music, Cherise couldn't help but notice that Frankenstein's bride just kept touching her, sometimes a brush against her arm, but sometimes a hand right on her ass. After the four of them had danced together for a couple songs, Cherise's daddy complained that he hadn't even had a drink yet. "I'm gonna head to the bar. You guys want anything?" "I'll come with you," Frankenstein said, taking his bride's now-empty glass from her. "Another one, my dear?" "Yes please," his bride said. Once the men had left the dance floor, Frankenstein's bride put her hands on Cherise's hips and started swaying to the music. "Finally!" she said. "I thought they'd never leave us alone!" Cherise could feel the lady's fingers exploring her flesh. "Now, I have to tell you, Cherry, you look absolutely beautiful." "Thanks," Cherise said. "I bet you make your daddy very happy," the lady said with a glimmer in her baby-blue eyes. "I try," Cherise answered. "I bet you do," the woman said with a grin. While they danced, Cherise noticed a man dressed in a glow-in-the-dark skeleton costume looking at her. She gave him a smile and raised her eyebrows, but he quickly looked away. A few seconds later, she noticed him staring at her again. Frankenstein's bride noticed, too. "Ooh, that dude's checking you out!" she said. "He's a pretty good looking guy, too." Cherise nodded. "Yeah, he is." "Why don't we give him something to really stare at?" Frankenstein's bride said, and she pulled Cherise closer to her and planted a kiss right on her lips. Then she looked over at the skeleton and gave him a little wave. The skeleton's cheeks went pink and he quickly looked away, and the two girls giggled. Frankenstein and Cherise's daddy-pimp came back with their drinks, and the two couples wandered off to find a table. Frankenstein's bride made a point of sitting next to Cherise, and as the two of them sipped their drinks--Cherise's daddy had bought her a rum-and-coke, her favorite--she felt the girl's hand slip over onto her knee under the table. As the men chatted with various workmates who passed by their table, all of them checking Cherise out, Frankenstein's bride started slowly inching her fingers up the inside of Cherise's leg. Soon her fingers were above the top of Cherise's fishnet stockings. and they were gently caressing the soft bare flesh of the girl's inner thighs. A moment later they were underneath her dress and a finger flicked over Cherise's pussy. The woman's pretty eyes twinkled and she leaned into Cherise and whispered in her ear, "No panties. I like it." Her finger rubbed up and down over Cherise's wettening lips. "What are you two whispering about over there?" Frankenstein asked. "Oh, it's nothing," his bride answered. "Wouldn't you like to know!" As she spoke, the finger slipped inside Cherise's pussy. "You're up to something, I can tell. Something no good, I'm sure." "Nah," the lady said. "I'm just fingering Cherry under the table." "Jesus, Mary," Frankenstein said. He looked apologetically over at Cherise's daddy. "Sorry... I think I need to cut her off." Cherise's daddy just laughed. "Oh come on, Frankenstein, you love it!" his bride said. Her finger dipped even deeper into Cherise's pussy, and she turned to the girl. "For a reanimated dead guy, he's surprisingly good in the sack." Cherise giggled. "Is he stiff?" Frankenstein's bride laughed. "You know it! All the time!" She pulled her finger out and lifted it into the air for both the men to see. It glistened with Cherise's girlcum. Then she put it into her mouth and gave it a suck. "Oh, she tastes good, Frank!" she said. "You wanna try?" Frankenstein looked over at Cherise's daddy, who grinned and shrugged his shoulders. "Sure," Frankenstein said, "why not?" His bride reached under the table and dipped her finger into Cherise's pussy again, then lifted it up to her date, who gave it a lick. He raised his eyebrows in approval. "How about you, Daddy?" Frankenstein's bride looked over at Cherise's daddy. "You're her pimp, I'm sure you want a taste." "Of course," her daddy answered. Frankenstein's bride dipped her finger in again and lifted it across the table to Cherise's daddy, who gave it a good suck. "She tastes sweet, huh?" Frankenstein's bride asked. "She sure does," Cherise's daddy answered. The girl reached back down under the table and started rubbing Cherise some more. She leaned into her and whispered, "I bet that's not the first time he's tasted your pussy, is it?" "No," Cherise whispered back. "My daddy liked to taste mine, too, when I was your age," the lady said. The woman's fingers were rolling gently around her clit now: circling, then up and down, then two fingers on either side pinching it between them. Cherise felt her face go flush and she started breathing hard. The woman's fingers stopped and she pulled her hand away and took a drink while the feeling of pending orgasm passed unrequited through Cherise's body. Then she reached down and started up again, rubbing, circling, pinching. People were constantly stopping by the table to chat with the men, and sometimes the lady would pull her hand away while they stood there, but other times she would start rubbing even harder, though being very discreet about it, so that Cherise was sure that she was going to cum right in front of the people while they stood there watching. But Frankenstein's bride knew just what she was doing with her fingers, and every time Cherise was close, she'd slow down or stop or pull her hand away entirely. "I think Frankenstein's got a stiffie now," she whispered to Cherise at one point when there was no one else at their table, "and I bet your daddy does too." Cherise nodded and whispered breathlessly back, "Yeah, I bet they do." "I bet we can make them cream their pants if I get you off right now." The woman's fingers suddenly started working very fast. All Cherise could do was nod. She was breathing hard and her face was hot. "Ooooohhhhh," she moaned out loud, leaning her head back and closing her eyes and opening her mouth. "Oooohhhhh!" Her whole body started shaking. The men stared in rapt attention as the fourteen year old girl came right in front of them. "Well!" Frankenstein's bride said as she took her dew-soaked fingers out from under the table and give them a suck. "That was fun! Let's go dance some more now!" She stood up and took Cherise's hand. "You two go ahead," Cherise's daddy said. "Me and Frank'll talk shop for a while." "OK, you party-poopers," Frankenstein's bride said. "Come on, Cherise, let's go!" Cherise's legs were very wobbly as the woman dragged her by the hand back onto the dance floor. While they were dancing, Cherise noticed the man in the glow-in-the-dark skeleton costume staring at them again. "The skeleton's watching us," she said to Frankenstein's bride. "Yeah, I noticed. I think he's hot for you!" "I think so too!" "Well, let's really give him something to stare at this time!" She reached around and grabbed Cherise's ass and pulled her tight against her and planted another big kiss on her lips. This time, they didn't stop kissing; they opened their mouths and their tongues touched, and they frenched each other while the skeleton's eyes went wide. After several wonderfully long seconds of kissing, both of the girls started giggling. The song they were dancing to ended, and the DJ made an announcement: "OK ladies!" he said. "It's time for our special 'Fright Night Dance!' Find yourself a man, and when we turn out the lights, do something to scare him!" "Go ask the skeleton to dance," Frankenstein's bride suggested to Cherise with a grin. "Do you think I should?" Cherise asked her. "Yeah!" "What about you? Who are you gonna dance with?" "I'll find somebody!" she answered. "OK." Cherise walked over to the skeleton, putting one stiletto-clad foot in front of the other, making her narrow hips swing as best she could. His eyes went wide when he realized she was approaching him. "Wanna dance?" she asked him with a little smile. "Um..." He looked furtively around for a moment. "Come on, it's the special 'Fright Night Dance!' You can't leave me without a dance partner!" "Um... I guess... OK..." Cherise took his arm and the two of them walked together to the dance floor. "OK, everyone ready?" the DJ said. "Yes!" all the couples on the crowded dance floor shouted. "Remember, ladies," the DJ said, "when the lights go out, you have to do something to scare your man!" As the song started playing, the skeleton put his hands on Cherise's hips, and she put hers on his chest. Then she pressed her little body up against him. She could feel a hard bulge extending from inside his costume pants. "I like your skeleton outfit," she whispered up to him. "Thanks," he whispered back, his voice wavering. She could feel his warm, excited breath as he looked down at her. She rubbed her belly against him. "I think I feel a bone." She saw his eyes go wide and she felt his cock get even harder inside his pants. She took her hands from his chest and reached down to his hands on her hips and pushed them back, onto her ass. "Go ahead and give me a squeeze," she whispered up to him. "I don't have any panties on. This dress is way too tight for panties." Frankenstein's bride, who was dancing with a wolfman next to them, was grinning while she watched the little teenage seductress in action. Still wide-eyed and breathing even harder now, the skeleton gave her little ass a squeeze. "OK ladies," the DJ announced, "time to give your man a fright!" The lights went out and the room was completely dark. All around them, Cherise could hear ladies screaming in mock terror, trying to sound as scary as possible. But she just leaned up and whispered into the skeleton's ear: "I'm your whore tonight. Does that scare you?" The lights came back up, and she could see that the skeleton's eyes were wide, and she knew she'd scared him more than any of the other ladies had managed to scare any other man on that dance floor. But she just held onto him with her body tight against his and they swayed together to the music. She could feel his fingers gripping her bottom and inching lower. "OK, ladies!" the DJ said after a little while, "here we go again! Scare your man!" And the lights went out. Cherise reached down and pulled her dress up, so that the man's hands were on her bare ass. "See?" she whispered. "No panties." They kept the lights out much longer this time, but the skeleton was too scared to do anything except just leave his hands right where they were, gripping tight to her bare skin. When the lights came back up, she pulled her dress back into place, then wrapped her arms around him and held him tight again. "Have you got your man scared yet, ladies?" the DJ asked. "I think I do," she whispered to the wide-eyed skeleton. "Time to try a little harder, girls!" the DJ said. And the lights went out again. In the darkness, Cherise reached behind her, taking one of his hands and pushing it down between her legs. "Touch my little teenage whore pussy," she whispered to him. While his fingers groped at her wet folds, she slipped her hand down his pants and wrapped her fingers around his stiff bone. "You're so big," she whispered to him, and kissed him right on the mouth. Their tongues flirted inside his mouth while the two of them rubbed each other's sex parts. When the lights came back up, he quickly pulled his hand out from between her legs. But Cherise didn't stop. With the bodies of other couples pressing against them, she knew that no one except Frankenstein's bride would notice what she doing, and she just kept her body tight against the skeleton and continued jacking him off. She was skilled with her hands from many years of practice, and a moment later she felt his hot breath on her face and felt his cock stiffen in her hand and she quickly pulled his head over the waistband of his skeleton pants. His cock throbbed, and he groaned, and she felt his warm cum splash against her dress. When he'd finished ejaculating, she stuffed his cock back in his pants and wiped a big glob of his semen off of her dress. She lifted her fingers to her mouth and licked them, smiling up at him, then turning to smile at Frankenstein's bride. The song ended a moment later, with the DJ blaring about how it was a great Fright Night Dance. She kissed the skeleton on the lips and patted his crotch, where his prominent bone was slowly deflating now. "I think you owe me some money," she whispered to him. He nodded, then reached behind him and took his wallet from his back pocket. His hands were shaking as he took out a twenty dollar bill and handed it to her. She gave him a smile, then she and Frankenstein's bride walked back over to the table where Frankenstein and her daddy were sitting. With the skeleton still standing on the dance floor, watching her with his mouth gaping open, she handed the bill to her daddy. He's her pimp after all, right? "She really is a good little whore," Frankenstein's bride said to her daddy. "She just made a skeleton very happy." "He had a big bone," Cherise said. "I helped him take care of it." "That's my girl!" her daddy laughed. "And you only charged him twenty bucks?!?" Frankenstein said. "It was just a hand job," she said. "What, you think I should have charged him more?" Frankenstein reached back and took his wallet out. "No, seems like about the right price to me." He set a twenty dollar bill on the table. Cherise and Frankenstein's bride giggled, and Charise sat down next to him. She picked up the bill and handed it to her daddy, then reached her hand down under the table to Frankenstein's crotch. "Oh, you are stiff!" she whispered. She unzipped his pants and fished his cock out. Frankenstein's bride sat down next to Cherise's daddy and reached her hand under the table. "Your pimp's pretty big, too," she said. The girls both giggled. As the girls started sliding their fists up and down on the men's cocks under the table, Frankenstein's bride looked at Cherise's daddy. "I bet Frank would like to have his cock in your little whore's pussy. What would you charge him for that?" "Mary..." Frankenstein scolded her. "I'd give him the friend's discount," Cherise's daddy answered. "Fifty bucks, and he's already given me a twenty." "So you'd let him have some pussy for only thirty dollars more?" she asked. "Sure!" Cherise's daddy said. Frankenstein's bride picked up her purse and took out thirty more dollars and laid them on the table. "There you go, Frank," she said. "You owe me!" Frankenstein watched wide-eyed as Cherise's daddy picked up the bills. "How... How's this gonna work?" he asked. But right then the DJ announced, "Time for the last dance of the night! And this one will be the scariest, too!" All the lights went out, except for strobe lights all around the hall, pulsing white light illuminating thick fog that was filling the room. As couples surged forward to the dance floor, Cherise stood up and pulled her dress up a bit, and then sat down on Frankenstein's lap, straddling his legs and facing away from him. She reached between her legs, lifted herself up, and slipped his cock inside her. "Oh my god!" she heard him whisper. She put her hands on his knees and started pumping up and down on his hard-on. "See what a good little whore I am, Daddy-pimp?" Cherise said to her daddy Her daddy smiled while Frankenstein's bride kept jacking on his cock. "You're the best, Cherry baby," he said. "She is, isn't she, Frank?" Frankenstein's bride said. The man just groaned, "Oh my god!" "We'll take that as a yes!" the lady said, and she and Cherise giggled. Pretty much everyone in the room was dancing now, the strobe lights and all their costumes creating a very weird effect on the dance floor, and nobody was paying any attention at all to what Cherise was doing. So she started riding Frankenstein's stiffie hard, pulling all the way up, then slamming back down. "Oh my fucking god!" the man grunted. "You go girl!" Frankenstein's bride said to Cherise. Then she turned the Cherise's daddy. "For fifty bucks, does he get to cum inside her? If you say 'yes,' I'll take your load in my mouth!" "Damn right!" her daddy said enthusiastically. "Fill her full, Frankie, fill her full!" Frankenstein's bride slid off her chair and under the table, just as Frankenstein grabbed onto Cherise's hips and shouted, "Oh goddamn! You fucking whore!" She slammed down so that he was impaling her completely and felt his cock pulse and throb inside her, stiffening even more. "Fill me full, Frankenstein!" she said. "Fill me full!" "Uggggg!" the man shouted as he unleashed a stream of cum inside her. At the same time she heard her daddy grunting and she knew Frankenstein's bride was getting him off with her mouth, too. When Frankenstein was all done cumming, Cherise stayed on his lap with his cock still twitching deep inside her. Frankenstein's bride stood up from under the table and sat down in the chair next to Cherise and Frankenstein, then leaned over and kissed Cherise on the lips. When they opened her mouths together, Cherise realized that the lady's mouth was still full of her daddy's cum, and they started passed it back and forth over each other's tongues. The lady reached down and started rubbing Cherise's clit, and by now, Frankenstein had gone all soft, and his little cock slipped out of her. She felt a glob of semen leaking out between her pussy lips. Frankenstein's bride caught it with her fingers, then lifted them up to Cherise's mouth. Cherise sucked Frankenstein's cum off of them, and then they kissed again, with the cum of both men on their tongues. When the last song of the day ended, Cherise climbed off of Frankenstein's lap and he stuffed his little cock back in his fly. Her daddy stood up. "Time to go home, Cherry," he said. "I was awfully nice meeting you," Frankenstein's bride said to Cherise. "Let's do this again sometime!" "Definitely!" Cherise said. "This was the best Fright Night Dance ever!" Everyone agreed completely. Then Cherise pulled on her daddy's hand. "Come on, Daddy, let's go home and make it even better!" [If you like this story--or if you don't like it!--please consider leaving a comment at my erotic fiction web site, Thanks!]