Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Preteen Prostitute (story codes: Mg(10), first, rough, ped) [Author's note: Warning: This story contains descriptions of violent sex between an adult and an underage girl. If such things offend you please do not proceed. Thanks!] You sit down at a table. Your mouth is dry, your heart is pounding harder than you expected. As you pick up the menu and pantomime scanning the items, your eyes flit around the restaurant. It seems like a normal place; there's a couple in the corner, eating their dinner, but no one else is there. It hardly seems like the sort of place that had been described to you. A fat balding middle-eastern man walks up with a glass of water and a waiter's notepad. "What'll it be?" he asks. "I want to order something that isn't on the menu," you say, repeating verbatim the words you were told to say. Your voice sounds shaky. "I want to order the special dinner." The man nonchalantly jots something on his pad. "And how would you like that done?" "Rare," you respond, answering exactly as you were told. "I will have to see what we have," the man responds. He leaves, walking through the swinging doors into the kitchen. You drink the water to wet your parched mouth as you wait. Your heart is pounding harder still. Finally the doors swing open again and the balding man steps out. A small girl follows behind him. He gestures toward you. The girl is looking at the ground but raises her eyes and briefly looks at you. Her eyes are dark, she looks scared. You were told that the girl would be fourteen or fifteen. But this girl looks like she is ten, even nine. She is tiny. She is beautiful. She has shining dark hair, a soft, coffee-colored complexion. She is skinny and long-limbed. Your heart is pounding hard. She walks to you, her head bowed. She reaches a hand out and you take her hand and stand up and follow her through the swinging doors. Still holding her hand, you follow her down a hallway and through another swinging door. On the other side is a large man, a scary-looking man. He says nothing, but holds out his hand, palm side up. The girl pauses, you take out a wad of bills from your pocket and put them in his hand. He counts them--1, 2, 3, 4, 5: $500 dollars. He nods to the girl and she continues walking down the hall and you follow her. She opens a door, holds it open for you. You walk into the room. It is a small room with nothing but a bed, a door leading to a bathroom, and a window looking out onto a back courtyard. She steps through the doorway, closes the door, and turns the lock. You sit on the bed, needing to calm your nerves. Your knees are shaking so badly you could hardly stand. She is leaning against the locked door, looking down at the floor. You want to say something to her, something to comfort her. She is only a child, no older than your own daughter. But what can you say that will comfort her? Nothing. "You should take off your clothes," you say instead. You try to sound authoritative, commanding, but your voice cracks and you sound nervous. She raises her dark eyes, shining with tears, and nods. She looks back down at the floor and begins unbuttoning her shirt. She is wearing a little bra; when she takes her shirt off, she reaches around her back and unhooks the bra. Still looking at the floor, she slouches her shoulders forward so the bra falls off. She has tiny breasts, just beginning to bud, just barely lifting her dark swollen little nipples off of her cream-colored chest. Your heart is pounding so hard now that it feels like your chest is going to explode. Your cock is rock-hard. Your nervousness is beginning to be replaced with something else--with sexually-charged adrenaline. As she begins unbuttoning her pants, you stand up and start disrobing yourself. Your hands shake as you undo your belt. She drops her pants and panties. Her pussy is bare and cream-colored. Your erection throbs at the thought of violating that little child's pussy. You drop your pants and underwear; your cock springs free, standing out proudly, curving upward to point at her. She stares at your manhood, wide-eyed, scared. You are rock-hard, harder than you have ever been. Painfully hard. "Come here," you say, your voice commanding now. She walks to you slowly. She is so very, very scared. You put your hands on her shoulders, you push her down. She is on her knees in front of you now. "Suck me," you command. As she opens her mouth, she closes her eyes. You push your cock into her lips. "Open wider," you say. You grab her hair, you pull your cock back, you push it in again, you start fucking her face. Her beautiful little child's face. After a minute, you let go of her hair and pull out of her mouth. You walk over to the bed, your cock so stiff it hardly moves as you walk. You take a couple of pillows and stack them on the bed, near the edge. You look over at the girl, still down on her knees, staring up at you with a frightened look. "Get on the bed," you say. "Lay down with your stomach on these pillows." She slowly climbs onto the bed and lays face down, her stomach on the pillows. You stand behind her, at the edge of the bed. You grab her hips and pull her closer to you, then put your hands on the inside of her thighs and spread her legs open. There is your prize. There is your bald little cream-colored pussy. Your cock throbs with excitement, adrenaline soars through your body. With one hand on her hip, you grip your cock with your other hand and position yourself at her opening. She whimpers into the bedsheets as you rub your cockhead in between her bald pussy lips. Once you have it positioned correctly, you push into her. She cries out and moves forward, resisting. With the tip of your cockhead still in her pussy, you take hold of her hips again and pull her back into position. Then you reach one hand out and grab a large clump of her hair. With your other hand you grip your cock again. You push in, hard. She cries out again, but before she can lunge forward to resist, you pull back on her hair, pulling it towards you. She cannot move this time. Your stiff cock bows under the pressure, and yet her hymen is still intact after your second assault. Your heart is pounding, your adrenaline is coursing through you, causing your entire body to shake. You are on fire. "Give it up, you little bitch," you say. You hadn't meant to say it out loud, and your voice sounds strange, scratchy and aggressive. Once you've said it, though, once it's out there, you feel the need to say it again. "Give it the fuck up, you whore!" you shout, gripping your cock and shoving in hard, pulling back forcefully on her hair. The young girl cries out a third time, but it is too late for her innocence now. You feel her maidenhood tear. You pull back, shove in again, she sobs. You fuck her for a dozen strokes, pulling her hair back hard with each thrust so that she cannot resist. Then you pull out. Your cock is covered in blood. She lays there, her face in the bedsheets, sobbing, as you go into the bathroom and wash yourself off. You wet a towel and return to the room and gently wipe the blood from her vagina. You sit down next to her and put your hand tenderly on her back. "I'm sorry if I hurt you," you say to her. She turns her face, opens her dark, beautiful, childish eyes and looks at you. She stops sobbing. "What's your name?" you ask her. "Sirah," she says. "You are very beautiful, Sirah," you say. "Thank you," she says quietly. She looks at you with her shining black eyes. "And what is your name?" You tell her your name. She repeats it in her sweet little voice, as if she wants to remember forever the name of the man that deflowered her. You lean over and kiss her on the cheek. Then you put your hands on her shoulders and roll her off the pillows towards you. When she is on her back on the bed you lean over her and take her nipples into your mouth; first one, rolling it between your tongue, then the other, feeling their soft, spongy flesh. Then you sit up, on your knees, and move over to her so that your cock is above her face. "What do you think of my cock, Sirah?" you ask. "It is big," she says. "Do you like it?" you ask. She looks up at you, her dark eyes wide. "Do you want it inside you again?" She doesn't answer, she just looks up at you. "I'm going to put it inside you again," you say. She nods. "I'm going to fuck you," you say to her, looking down at her face underneath your cock, "and then I'm going to finish inside you. I'm going to come inside you." It gives you a thrill to tell the little girl that she's going to have your come inside her. She nods again. You lift the shaft of your cock so that your balls are in her face. "Kiss my balls," you command. She lifts her head and kisses your scrotum. You sit back. You put your hands in her armpits, moving her so that she is laying in the middle of the bed. You climb between her legs, spreading them open with your knees. You grip your cock and lean over and push into her again. She turns her head to the side but she does not cry out this time. You enter her; you are gentle at first, a slow, cautious pace, letting her stretch open and lubricate, enjoying the feeling of her hot sticky lips sliding along your cock. Your cock is throbbing. He wants you to fuck her. None of this pansy-ass gentle shit, he likes it rough, he wants a woman to know he's inside her. And no matter what you want to do, he is ultimately in charge. He gets what he wants. You lay down on her, wrapping your arms under her shoulders and up over her head, holding her in a head-lock. You start slamming into her, one hard thrust after another, the weight of your whole body driving your cock into her. She grunts painfully with each thrust. "Tell me you want my come," you snarl in her ear. She says nothing, just grunts, her head to the side, looking at the wall. You grab her face with your hand, a thumb on one cheek, fingers on the other. You squeeze her face hard and turn her head so she is looking up at you. "Tell me you want my come inside you," you hiss. "I want your come inside me," she says mechanically. "Tell me you want my sperm!" you say loudly, slamming into her repeatedly. "Tell me you want my sperm, you little whore! Tell me you want to have my baby!" "I want your sperm," she says, grunting with each thrust, "I want to have your baby." "Oh my god you're such a fucking whore!" you shout as you start orgasming. You unload, filling the little girl with your come, several huge, glorious shots, slamming hard with each one, then several smaller ones. You pull out of her. Your cock is bloody again. You go into the bathroom and clean it off, then climb on the bed and kiss her cheek. "Thank you, Sirah, it was very nice," you say. She manages a little smile. [If you like this story--or if you don't like it!--please consider leaving a comment at my erotic fiction web site, Thanks!]