Patchwork Princess by Chris Hailey, Copyright 2014

Story codes: Mg(11), oral, first, poem

Summary: The Patchwork Princess and her neighbor make love in this little poem.


Little Patchwork Princess,
    Sits on boyfriend's knee;
Lifting up her pretty dress,
    "Stripey panties! See?"

Patchwork's handsome boyfriend's
    Hands are on her skin
Legs she lifts and knees she bends,
   Letting neighbor in.

Fingers tickle sweetly,
    Privates quickly find;
Pussy wet and clitty wee
   'Gainst his fingers grind.

Patchwork's dress is lovely,
    Colors, all abound.
Oh! it's such a shame to see,
    Puddled on the ground!

Patchwork doesn't mind, though,
    Happy as can be!
What will happen next? You know!
    Boyfriend's cock she'll see!

Girl's blue eyes are shining,
    Smiling up with grace;
Princess sees a long, strong thing
    Hanging in her face!

Upwards, stares, so willing,
    While she sucks his cock;
Come from mouth is out-spilling,
    Eyes go wide with shock!

Princess thinks her man is
   Satisfied with head,
No! The evening's young yet; his
   Girl he takes to bed.

Lovely Patchwork lays in
   Neighbor's marriage bower.
As he with a big wide grin,
   Takes her pretty flower.

Rides his girl forever,
   Princess, she puts out;
Then he comes inside of her,
   Letting out a shout!

Little Patchwork Princess,
   In her neighbor's room,
Pulls back on her little dress
   Semen in her womb!

All you little girls who
    Fancy neighbor men,
You know just what you should do,
    Show your panties! Then,

Open wide your pretty legs
    Neighbor wants to see!
You'll find how your boyfriend begs;
    For your sweet pussy.

Let him have it, sweet miss,
    Then he will confess
Love that never dies for his
    Patchwork Princess!

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